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Fiction | Incest


The sight of male members makes mom horny beyond her control!

By Oediplex 8==3~

Inspired by the il-lust-rations of Pandora’s Box, the world’s greatest incest artist


Slightly dated as to current plot of the series, this does not effect the action between mother and son.

My mom and I love to watch “Desperate Housewives” on TV. I think three out of the four main ladies are hot, and I love the sexy things that go on in the series. My mom loves the hunks, and dirty laundry plot lines. Mom is a blond; with a build like Susan; and a sex drive like Gabrielle. Fortunately, she is not as compulsive about the house as Bree is, but she does keep things nice.

Mom and dad divorced when I was 16, three years ago. Since then, between work, keeping house, and raising me, she has not had any time for romance. But she was a “flower child of the boomer generation” as she puts it, and is fairly liberal about a lot of things. So it was not a shocker, when she and several of her women pals went out to a male stripper club, a couple of weeks ago. It was a birthday bash for one of the gals.

In one episode, Bree commented to her marriage councilor about what she liked about having a male making love to her; that might have sparked something in mom’s thinking, because she made a “Hhumm” sound, after hearing that remark. After this last week’s program was over, mom turned to me, we were both sitting on the couch together as usual.

“Danny, would you do me a favor this week, sometime?”

“Sure, mom, what?”

“Well, it’s a little embarrassing . . .”

You don’t have to be embarrassed with me, mom, I’m 19 now. You always said we should be honest and open with each other; ‘cause we are all we’ve got, just each other.”

“Well, it’s not always easy to discuss personal things, but I know you’re old enough to understand. Something Bree said tonight, reminded me of the outing we girls had the other Saturday.”

“When you guys – I mean ladies – went to the stripper show.”

“Yes, I really got . . . that is . . . well, I had forgotten how much I liked looking at men’s . . . at men.”

“At men’s members.” I used a polite term to spare mom any further difficulty in expressing her request.

“Yes, thank you. I’d do this myself but I get embarrassed in public about such things. Would you buy me a copy of ‘Playgirl?’ Oh! And you can pick up a copy of ‘Playboy’ for yourself . . . if you want – I’ll pay for both of course.”

“Sure, no problem, mom. I understand. But you were out in public looking at pubic that night!”

My humor hit its mark and mom laughed, the tension being released by having gotten her shy plea out in the open, and my funny punny remark. “Yes, but that was different. I was with my best friends, and there it’s expected.” She giggled again. “I certainly got an eyeful! I haven’t seen so many cocks, since I went to Woodstock!”

“I saw the movie last month on TV. Weren’t you that girl running around with nothing on but body paint?”

“No! That wasn’t me! Besides I never took my shorts off.”

“Then you were topless?”

“Just for the communal bathing one day. We all went down to the brook, but they didn’t get that into the film. I’m only in the crowd shots. Even if you know where to look, you’d need a magnifying glass.” She stood up, “I’ve got an early morning appointment at the office tomorrow, so I’m going to bed. Remind me to give you the cash for the magazines, before I go.”


But I slept late, and one thing led to another. So, it was yet another week, before I had gotten the publications that were to change things for the two of us. Once again, we were on the couch together, for our favorite show. I was in my baggie shorts, and mom wore one of dad’s old tee shirts, with just panties underneath.

As the show ended, I told mom to stay seated on the couch, and scurried to my room. I sped back with the magazines. “Here you are mom, I didn’t forget. Does ‘Playgirl’ have a fold out like ‘Playboy’?

“Didn’t you look at it, when you brought it home?”

“No, I just got them yesterday, and I was too busy looking at my copy of ‘Playboy’ when I brought tit home!”

Mom chuckled, “You and your puns! Well, let’s see . . . yup – there is a foldout. MY!” mom’s eyes got big, and her brows arched, “That’s some kind of beefcake!”

“Yeah, but even though the picture is pulled all the way, he still isn’t full extended!”

“I get it. Yes, too bad. What about the one in yours?” I opened the ‘Playboy’ to the centerfold. “Humph! And your girl isn’t completely spread, even though her photo is fully opened!” We both laughed at the double meaning / double jokes we both had made. Then mom made a quick survey of the magazine’s articles and items, with little time spent perusing the pix, which she obviously had desired the journal for. I read her a couple of jokes, from the other side of the Playboy centerfold. She shared a few of the cartoons in Playgirl, which she found funny.

Then she said she wanted to retire. She took the magazine with her, and I could imagine what she planned to do, in the privacy of her bedroom. Just what I had done, when I had gotten home, and gone through the male version, of the kind of adult material she was scrutinizing tonight. I snuck out into the hall, to listen at her door. Sure enough, soon I heard her turning pages, and making little comments to herself about what she was viewing.

Not long after, her tone changed. She began to make soft sounds and murmurs, and say, “Oh yes! . . . uhh huh! . . . and gasps coupled with moans. She was clearly masturbating. By this time, I was too, with my shorts around my ankles, and my hand stroking my hard-on. I was picturing mom with her legs spread wide open; the ‘Playgirl’ in one hand, and the fingers of the other in her pussy or playing with her clit. There was a noise like that of the magazine falling to the floor, then her quite distinct cries and yelps, of mom in the throes of her climax. Hers peaked my own cum, and I spilled a big gob of jism on the hallway carpet.

I guess I had made some sort of whimper, when I popped my pecker, because I heard the bedsprings creak and footsteps crossing the room toward the door. I started toward my room, and almost tripped on my shorts! I stepped out of them, grabbed them up, and stark naked zipped around the corner. I was out of sight just before the door clicked open. I held my breath, afraid to move, lest mom come around the corner and catch me! She made a funny sort of sound, and then I heard her distinctive chuckle, and she closed the door.

I was so relieved not to be found out, that I went back to my bed and fell asleep. I dreamed that mom was Gabrielle, and I was the teenage gardener, and that we were doing it in our upstairs hall, outside her door, right on the floor! In the morning, I wondered which of the guys in the ‘Playgirl', mom had masturbated to, and what he looked like.

That summer I was at loose ends, and had not found work yet. So I was around the house a lot, while mom went to her job as a manager with a local manufacturing firm. I did a lot of the chores, to relieve her of those drudgeries. This gave me the idea to put mom’s sheets in the laundry that day, and see what kind of a wet spot she had left. While mostly dry, there were actually two rather big ones! Mom had had double fun last night. She must have masturbated a second time, after I went back inside my room. Hot momma!

I found the magazine on her night stand, and flipped through it, to see if I could detect where she had been studying the guy’s dicks the most. Sure enough, there was one fella, where the pages were messier and more wrinkled than the rest. Surprising – he kind of looked like me!! Though, his dong was not as long as mine. I’m no Goliath in the shlong department, but I measure a respectable seven and half inches at peak.

I stripped the sheets, and put them in the washer. I hoped she would repeat her activities, and thought about how I could put her ‘in the mood’, as I made her bed with fresh linens. I wondered if she would like some more graphic pictures, which I could get from the web. Perhaps I could suggest helping her to search for those images. It turned out though, that which became instrumental to heighten mom’s horny mood, was something entirely accidental and even better!

An hour before mom was due home, I went and took a nice hot shower. I almost jerked off under the spray, but wanted to save it for the evening, if mom gave a repeat performance. I thought about trying to record the sound of her cumming too. I didn’t bother with a robe, or using the towel as a wrap, as I would have if mom were around. Still with semi-stiffy, I opened the door to go back to my room. As I was stepping out like the proverbial jaybird, without anything on, I almost knocked mom over. We were both surprised.

She had gotten off work early, and entered our home while the water was running, and I was under the spray. I had not heard her, so there I was, with a half erect dick, and not a stitch to hide it. Mom started at first, but recovered enough to stare down at my cock. “I guess I’m getting another eyeful today!” she said with a lilting laugh. She boldly reached down, and grasped my woody with her slender delicate fingers. It stood at full attention instantly.

“Didn’t it have enough fun, listening at mommy’s door last night? I stepped in a puddle when I opened the door. Next time, bring a towel to wipe up – and get a towel now too, to cover up. I think that I’ve gotten quite a show, for the moment! You're very handsome Danny, you’ve got a lovely . . . member. However, as delightful as this surprise has been, I’m still your mother.”

“Didn’t you see it plenty of times when I was a baby and when you gave me baths as a kid?” I stalled trying to have her continue to gawk at and fondle my prick.

But she put her hands on my shoulders, turned them and pointed me toward my room. ”Yes, but that was before your grew to man size and sprouted that hunk of pussy pleaser!” Now get some clothes on, then come down, and set the table for dinner. She slapped my butt cheek to send me on my way. “Nice buns too, kiddo!” She said to my retreating backside.

Just outside my door I turned back toward mom, she was still watching her naked son. I struck a body builder pose for her, and said, “Beefcake!” She laughed, and went into her bedroom to change.


At the supper table, I managed to raise the subject of pictures from the Internet, and tendered my offer to help her find sites where she could download things. She said that she could likely manage on her own. Since the PC was in the family room, and she would prefer privacy when looking at photos of naked men (or couples engaged in sex), that was why she had asked for the magazine, to have it available in her own room.

I replied that I would gladly stay in my room if she wanted privacy in the family room for such purposes. “Oh! Like you gave me last night, after I retired to the privacy of my boudoir? Thank God, doors don’t have keyholes anymore! You would have been the one getting an eyeful last night.”

“Like you got this afternoon?”

“Honey, you were hard and hot, but you were not masturbating.”

“Well if there was a keyhole, last night you could have seen me doing so too!”

“Let’s not go there, that’s a little too intimate, even if you are nineteen. I am your mom. By the way, thanks for changing my sheets.”

“I also did the linens in the laundry.”

“Well that was real sweet of you!”

“Mom, when I was in your room, I glanced at some of the pictures in ‘Playgirl’ – just for comparison sake – you know to see if I . . . measured up.”

“You do, babe, don’t worry – I saw you at your full fledged tumescence.”

“Thanks, but . . . uh . . there’s a guy in there that looks a lot like me . . . “

“Yeah, kinda . . . I sort of got off on him. He reminded me of your father.”

“I do look like dad, don’t I.”?

“Yes, you do. Do you want to know if you’re bigger than that guy in the magazine? Well, ya are. In fact, you’re even bigger than your dad was! I thought that was what you wanted to ask.”

“Thanks, mom, that’s interesting to know, but I . . .sort of . . .”

“Go ahead, you can say what you want.”

“I was going to ask, if maybe you wanted to . . . masturbate looking at a real live penis.” I got the words out, and waited for mom to explode, or laugh, or just shrug it off with no interest. It could go either way, but I wanted to take a shot while things were open and on a ‘mature adult’ level.

Mom just sat there for a long and silent moment, almost no expression on her face. Finally, she said, “Well, I guess you mean yours, as the male ‘member’, and me masturbating to the sight of it rampant. What will you be doing, while I get myself off? Striking a pose like a beefcake photo, or stroking your poker like you did last night, listening to me in the heat of passion?”

“What would you like?”

“I know what you hope I’ll say. But don’t forget I’m your mother, and I still make the rules around here.” She paused in thought again then she bent her head toward me, and whispered in a conspiratorial voice, “I’ll tell you a secret. I went back and diddled myself a second time last night, just thinking about you jerking-off outside my door, listening to me. I know that it’s not right to think of you that way, but I couldn’t help myself. It was the lure of forbidden fruit, I guess.” She continued in a more normal but slightly stern tone, “ So, okay – I’ll allow it . . . but no touching each other, and just this once, not ever again. I’ll have you get me some porno flicks, and then it’s back to the privacy of my bedroom. You can watch them on your own, and won’t have to listen at my door anymore.”

Thus was our incest, set in motion.


By mom’s request, we met at the couch at 8:00. She had on a silky diaphanous robe but with nothing on underneath. I wore my skivvies, which I shed, as quick as we sat down. Looking at mom so scantily attired I instantly got a boner. Seeing me in the buff, mom took off her negligee, and let me get my own eyeful of my sexy mom; for the first time in-the-altogether in front of me. I automatically began to pull my pecker, but mom stopped me by laying a hand on my wrist, and said, “I want to look for a moment.”

As she did, she began to slide her hand down through her fuzzy triangle, and opened her legs a bit. She spoke softly, “Do it slow, don’t cum too fast.” I used just my thumb and index finger to encircle the proud pike and obeyed my mother. She flexed her legs somewhat wider, so that now her digits dug into the area of her pleasure bud. Her breathing was increasingly deeper, and a fine mist of perspiration was like a delicate dew, on her brow.

“Let me see you, too!” I said in a hushed tone. She opened her thighs, and reached all the way to her pink slit, and stroked. Then mom gave a couple of tweaks to her clit.

“Is that what the ‘man of the house’ desired? Is it as pretty as those girls in ‘Playboy’?”

“Much hotter, mom! And I love the fact that we are sharing this together. I love you mom!” I began to increase my speed, up and down my spike of hardened flesh. Only with increased action, came more friction. “I need some oil, mom.”

“Okay, there’s some lotion on my nightstand, you can go and get it.”

“Why go all that way there, when you have plenty for both of us?” I asked with an arched brow.

“Oh! Of course! Here, I’ll get you some.” Mom reached inside her slick lips, and withdrew a small amount of her personal lubricant. She smeared it on the tip of my dick. “More in a moment,” she twiddled her button, and gasped at her manipulations. A new flow, from her well of womanhood, trickled out. She captured the surge, and this time as her palm went to spread it on my cock, I took my hand away. The effect was, that she used her hand to spread the liquid of her love slit, and giving me a momentary hand job.

I reached toward her, and eased a finger into her pussy. “Now Danny, I said no touching!” Mom said without being cross, like she was reminding me to keep my hands off the candy at the store, when I was a kid. This was sweeter stuff though!

“But mom, you’re touching me! I’m just trying to help you get your juices flowing.”

“My vagina flooding quite well, thank you. The sight of your erection is really turning me on, and I want to see you make a puddle right on mommy’s tummy!”

While she was telling me this naughty wish of hers, I added a second finger, and sawed in and out of mom’s cunt slowly. “I know a better way to get my dick all greased up . . .” I left the obvious solution to mom’s imagination.

“I’m your mother, Danny, and while we seemed to have ended up mutually masturbating one another, no way am I going to let you fuck me!”

“I didn’t mean make love,” (I gave the ultimate sex act a nicer connotation) “just a few strokes to get the poor thing completely coated, so I don’t get an abrasion by rubbing it too much.”

“You could use the hand emulsion in my bedroom.”

“Yes, but . . .” I leaned toward her and whispered in her ear as conspiratorially as she had earlier, “what if you might want to suck on it a little? You wouldn’t want any artificial ingredients, on your hot-dog would you?”

Mom leaned back, and laughed loudly. “Don’t tempt me, you mischievous young man! Still, that would be a fun way to wet your flute, with my saliva.”

“Not the same, spit’s too watery. Here’s a way to tell. I withdrew my fingers from her nether cavity, and buttered one nipple with her own lub. Then before she could protest, I gave the other breast a dead center suck, and left a dollop of my spittle on it. Then I reached for both tits, and rubbed the erect rosettes with my thumbs. “Feel difference!” I looked at mom’s face, for her reaction of my touching her, in yet another intimate and sexual way. But her head was tilted back, and her eyes closed, in obvious enjoyment of the pleasurable sensation my administrations were giving her.

“Yes, I get the point, on both points. Kiss the other one too!”

Mom had clearly relaxed the uptight standards on the ‘no touching rule’. I made for the neglected twin of her pair; a pear of delicious succulence with eager tumescence. I sucked the rosette. I switched from one to the other, to provide equal attention, not playing favorites. Mom finally drew my head up, and began French kiss me passionately. Then she pushed me, so I lay on my back. She bent over my middle, and went down on me. With my head on the armrest, I watch my gorgeous mother lick and mouth my penis. It was just like the way she did one of those frozen ice bars, we would split. She seemed to be enjoying herself, I know I was!

I wasn’t about to blow my wad like that though. I understood that if I did, the evening’s fun and games might be over. Soon, mom’s mouth got tired, and she took a breather. I laid her back, and asked if she wanted to see me cum on her stomach now. She nodded ‘okay’, and smiled. I got over her, between her legs, and then said, “But while my cock is covered with saliva, it still needs the other kind of lubricant to do the job right. I made my point, you said. Please mom . . . just let me put it in for a moment to get slick.”

“Danny . . . I’m your mom . . . we can’t . . . we shouldn’t . . . we mustn’t . . . (She made a long thoughtful pause.) But we already have gone too far, I guess. Oh! All right . . . but just for a minute to get it really wet and ready. Promise you won’t cum in me. Promise!”

I simply nodded my head and leaned toward her.


She put both her hands on my shoulders both to help support me, but also perhaps to have some vestige of control of the situation, still. I propped myself on the back of the couch with one hand, and with the other steered my boner toward the red maw of my mom’s pussy. With my fingers having scouted the territory, her labia were fully blossomed, her channel was open and ready. The whole area glistened with her sex dew, and the hair was matted around the entrance, making her crotch seem like an oval target for my Cupid's arrow. Make that spear. I had never felt my cock so extended and sensitive. It wasn’t just the physical stimulation, which had made it so, but the thought that I was going to get to plug that penis back where it came from.

It was also the very first time I ever had sex. I expected the slipperiness. I knew that her cunt might not be as tight as a young gal’s, since she had born a baby – me. That child was now poised to reenter. I had dreamed, fantasized of this moment. Of actually having sex, of being intimate with my mother, of putting my ‘member’ deep into her accepting vagina. My tip probed the furrow of her femininity, and we both moaned at the erotic touch. With a little more pressure the head popped in, and I paused to let the moment be etched into my brain. Mom put her hands on my buns, she gave a gentle pull, to indicate I should continue my progress. There was no resistance to the advance of my lance, as it smoothly slid down the engulfing sheath. Once more, I stopped motion; like a freeze frame of a porno tape.

What I had not expected was the HEAT. When I stroke myself, things get warm. when some chick (now, I could include mom too!) gives me a blow-job, it's even better and wetter. Mom’s pussy was exquisitely hot, like a real steamy bath. But, it was snug too; tightly gripping me all around, every part of my dick felt that soft insistent pressure. The juices had made the journey a slide into paradise, that was frictionless. Yet, the sensation rolled along my skin, so that I felt every millimeter as I was enveloped by my mother’s flesh. I felt mom tug at my haunches again, harder this time, and I knew what she wanted. I pushed slow and hard, all the way up her opening, until my sacks were flush with her derri?. I held there, pressing as firmly as I could; so that all seven and a half (it felt like I was even eight) inches, were socked home, in the place I had been conceived.

“Okay now, Baby,” whispered my mother in my ear, “just a few strokes, to get that sweet hunk of meat completely soaked with my secretions. She, herself, began to move her hips, so that with my counter motion, I was now withdrawing and entering, in a rhythmic dance of loins joining and parting. Mom’s arms went to my back, in a hugging clinch. I wrapped mine under her shoulders, for more leverage. ‘Several’ strokes didn’t take but a minute at that pace; but each was the finest physical feeling I had ever had in my life. Any second, I expected my mother to call “stop”, and I would have to do with ‘coitus interruptus’, and jerk-off over her tummy. But she didn’t make any noise, except her grunts and pants, as I thrust time and again.

I began to realize, that she was having as much fun as I was. It had been a long time for her, since she had sex, and I knew she was as horny as me. I suddenly understood, that she had capitulated to the sensuous desires of her body. She had been overcome by the need to fuck, and cum, even if she was copulating with her own kid. Maybe, I wondered in a moment outside of myself, in the sort of split consciousness that sometimes occurs, maybe it even turns her on that she’s balling her baby? I was getting off, on the fact that I was doing it with my mom, the woman I love the most in the world. Would she be turned on, by the fact that she was giving me such a thrill to be in her? Would she be beyond caring, because of the hunk of salami thrusting into her guts, was what she had been hankering for ever since that strip show? Ever since my dad had died?

I knew with those thoughts, that whatever the reasons for my mom to allow this act of incest to come to culmination, that we would be compelled to finally cum with one another. The completion of our consuming lust, that complimented our erotic love for each other. With that I began to bang away at her frothing cunt, with my pounding dick. Of all the sex before those moments, good as any had been, this topped them all, way and above the best of the rest. I now knew why people went almost crazy to have sex when ever, where ever, and as much as possible. But giving bodily ecstasy and mental mind blowing orgasms, to the person whom you loved, made it that much better. Because you were in partnership with them, and they were trying at the same time to make you feel as good, as you were making them feel.

Jeez!! It felt so good from my dick to my ass, head to feet, and through and through. I wanted it to last forever, but at the same time I had to cum. I concentrated on looking into mom’s face, to hold off a little bit longer, from blowing my wad. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth open, as gasps and whines escaped, indicating her pleasure. Our hips moved in coordination like dancers, the bare flesh making a clapping sound. Sweat drenched us both, in the exertion to race this round of fucking to its finish. A drop of my perspiration fell from my chin, on to my mother’s cheek. She opened her eyes, they got big with emotion, shining out; and the light went into mine own eyes, and straight to my heart.

“Oh! Yess! Baabby!! Fuck mommy! Fuck me good! God! I can’t believe how big you feel in me. I can’t stop you . . . I don’t want to stop you! Put it to me, Honey. Make me cum. Take me – take me, I’m yours! I have no defenses anymore. Make me yours darling, take mama, make me climax, and cum in me deep. Give me all your hot sperm. Do it to me, I need it so bad! Yes baby, yes . . I’m almost there . . . don’t stop! Oh! Ahh! Yeesss - just like that! Now .. uhh .. nnooowww!” A shrill squeal in rising tones punctuated the meaning of her raw words, as her body went into spasms and involuntary jerks, with the climax that overwhelmed her.

This set off my own peak, as I sailed out over the cliff of awareness, in the free fall of extreme physical pleasure. I felt mom’s pussy contracting in spasms, as I continued for several more strokes. Until I had to lock in as far as I could go, as tight against her as possible, so deep my hard-on touched the very opening of her womb. The bottom of her vagina was, bumped against by my dick, as I let go with a torrent of cum. I poured all my love for her into her hole, squirting like some kind of fire hose that throbbed, as it pumped gallons of thick cream into a foaming well. My balls were bouncing like giant jumping-beans and my asshole was zinging with a wild odd exhilaration. The discharge of tension in my prick, was like a huge elastic band had been released from my groin, and sprung forward like a bungee cord that had been let go from one end.


But we weren’t yet finished. My mother held me to her briefly, the sweat making a slippery feeling, like that of how we had connected with my drill in her core. Mom’s breasts were delightfully squishing, and sliding as they rubbed against my chest. Then she indicated that I should back off of her. I had a moment of concern, that she had suddenly had regrets, but she rolled to her hands and knees on the couch. She was facing the wall, with her rear thrust back at me. She turned her head, and looked at me with the most lewd and mischievous expression on her face, and said one word. “More!” Her pussy was dripping our combined fluids, and her anus was the perfect pink rose bud. My target was a ruddy slit, who’s pink interior played peak-a-boo, as my mother’s hips rolled with her parting her knees, for better stability. At the apex of her thighs, was my prize.

The thrust was different in sensation, but even more of a definite entry to her tunnel of love. My cock was resurrected (rez-erected), to a firm enough stature, that it had no difficulty reentering the place that gave it life. The feeling was the same, yet different, the boundary between our bodies was more distinct, and the strokes more pronounced somehow. My nuts swayed, and began to ricochet off her mons; drubbing mom’s clit I had no doubt. This seemed even dirtier, more animal like; and thus, more of an even greater erotic turn-on than before.

I was a rutting beast, rampant and raging, as I gave vent to my natural mating instincts. My mother, was the proverbial she-cat in heat, offering a piece of tail to the dominant male. Our vocalizations were in tune with that imagery. There were grunts and wordless calls, heavy panting and cries, that audibly marked the peaks of elation; and purring moans of our physical gratification. Mom finally wailed the words, “I can’t stop cumming, baby! God! I don’t believe it, I’ve never cum so much in my life!!”

My own orgasm had been hanging fire, but with these words of bliss it arrived like a cannon shot. No tympanic pounding of kettle drums this time, a clean burst of my seminal projectile. The balling was ended with a bombastic burst of oral hysteria, that came out of my mouth, and a blast of sperm that discharged from the end of my prick, injected into the very womb I was conceived in. We collapsed in a tangle of limbs, and engaged in a exchange of a plethora of kisses. Our hands caressed each other in after-play, with the afterglow of great, no, super sex. Satisfied, satiated and so much in love, we were. Man and woman, mother and son, soul mates and lovers. We were bonded forever in incest and lust, intimacy and love.

Mom wasn’t going to be desperate for a male companion, manly member, or partner anymore. And I wasn’t going to be sleeping in my bed anymore either, I was sure.

“There’s just one thing, I’m wondering about now,” spoke mom, breaking the silence.

I was confident now that it wouldn’t be anything negative. Curious as to what thought had surfaced, after all of the wild fucking we had engaged in, I asked, “What’s that, Mom?”

“Well, on ‘Desperate Housewives”, we all know that Bree and George aren’t going to work; he’s way too smarmy and self-centered. I was wondering, when they break-up, do you think that she might have an affair with her son, Andrew?”

“If that happens,” I replied, “then it would be a case of art, imitating life!”

That made mom laugh. Then she got up, and so did I. We hugged, naked and happy. Then mom took me by the hand, and led me to her bed. We slept together, and in the morning showered together too, and we were both late for work. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why. I’ll leave that to your naughty imagination; don’t hold back, we didn’t!

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Fiction | Incest


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