Paint it Summer by Mafia+Bitch

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When I was eighteen I got a summer job with student employment painting houses. It was the best job I have ever had . There wasn’t any boss to put pressure on us every minute. The foreman for our crew was actually a twenty-one year old woman who was in college and had worked painting houses every summer. She was a bit slim and had very small boobs which didn’t bother me at all. She had beautiful brown eyes, a very hot ass and sensual long legs. She had the most amazing red hair that fell to her shoulders which she tied in a ponytail to paint. I had a slim body, smallish boobs but full hips and a tight round ass, perhaps my best feature. I turned a lot of heads in my bikini.

Her name was Lucy and she took a shine to me right away, which was kind of nice. By the second day I figured out that she was into girls because of the way she kept checking out my ass. I mean several times a day if I was bending over a paint tray there was Lucy checking out my tight teen ass. So by the second week I decided to push the issue, I started wearing shorter and tighter shorts, and made a no underwear pact which meant that when Lucy checked me out she might have just as well have been looking at my bare ass.

She soon started working with me, and at every chance she got she would touch my shoulder or arm and when my back was turned she would often give my ass a little love tap or a little squeeze. It was always when there was no one else around and she wasn’t a perv about it. I guess a straight girl would have cried sexual harassment but I loved every bit of attention she sent in my direction.

I liked the idea of turning on an older girl. It felt risky and sexy to garner her attention. Then one day, one of the hottest days of the summer. Wendy and I stayed at a house to finish up while the rest of the crew moved to the next house to set up.

We had been painting the house for two days but I wasn’t looking forward to finishing up. The family had two children an eighteen girl and a son who never seemed to be around. The girls name was Summer.

On this hot day Summer laid out a towel in the back yard and was sunbathing while sucking lemonade through a straw. Summer was sure an eighteen year old hottie with blonde hair tied up in pony tail, c cup titties and a killer ass.

I smiled at her every chance I got, giving her little complements such as “That bikini is perfect for you” and” “Your name really suits you, cause you are so hot”. I spent my breaks talking to this beauty about what kind of music she liked and where she got her make-up and If she had a boyfriend. Summer kind of blushed at that question, and just shook her head.

I noticed summer’s eyes when I was close to her, how they lingered over my tities, tummy and crotch. After a break I went back to painting but before I did. I calmly unzipped my shorts and pushed them down my legs, bending over just a few feet from Summer, so she had a perfect view of my ass and my dampening slit. When I turned around her face was flushed and she was squeezing her thighs together like she was turned on.

As I squatted to paint below a window I spread my legs to give Summer a close up view of the tight fabric of my bikini grabbing at my wet pussy lips. In spite of the sweltering heat I could feel my nipples growing stiff; something that I was sure wasn’t lost on summer. With my peripheral vision I could see her eyes were large and she was taking in every inch of my body which was on display for her.

Sweat was running down my tummy and I put my brush down, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by showing this lovely girl my body.

I looked at her and said, “Oh summer it is a hot one isn’t it?”

She was all eyes as I took a cloth and dabbed the sweat from my chest, while at the same time flicking my finger nails over my hard nipples. I let my hand move the small cloth over my flat tummy, spreading my knees wider apart. I moved the cloth to each thigh, whipping the sweat on one then moving up the inner thigh of the other leg. I had Summer’s rapt attention.

“You know Summer I can’t remember when I’ve ever felt this hot, this wet, “with that I quickly moved aside the crotch of my bikini bottom and plunged a finger deep into my soaked cunt.

Summer’s eyes went wider and her moth dropped open. I pulled out my finger and brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. “Mmm now that’s the taste of summer, “ I hissed, looking her right her beautiful blue eyes.

“I-I- I have to go…uh… into the…house,” Summer stammered and scrambled off her towel.

I sighed as I watched her tight ass disappeared in the back door of the house. I smiled, it was our last day on this job and I was sure I had given Summer a thrill she wouldn’t soon forget. But then there was the issue of my dripping pussy.

I had only a bit of edging to do on another wall then my part of the job would be done. I set up the ladder trying to get Summer’s hot body off my mind. I smiled at the thought of tasting her hot little cunt.

I was using a brush to “edge in” spaces left by the rollers around a window. The curtain was closed in the window but as I climbed level with the top of the window I peered in the gap over the curtain rod and to my surprised delight there below me was the Summer, who I had just exposed my cunt to. She was laid out her back propped against the headboard holding an issue of Penthouse (no doubt from her absent brother’s collection) between her hands.

I smiled and hooked my paint can on the ladder; I wasn’t going to miss this for anything. I was very still so as not to attract Summer’s eyes with a sudden movement. At that moment Lucy came around the corner of the house, she stopped still looking up at me in just my bikini, a lustful grin forming on her beautiful lips. I brought a straight finger to my lips to warn her to be quiet, and then I curled a finger to indicate I wanted her to join me on the ladder. I didn’t want to move and I had a feeling that Lucy would enjoy the view as much as I did.

Lucy put concrete blocks to support each foot of the ladder then she climbed slowly and quietly up the ladder until her feet were on the rung below my feet. She was wearing a bikini top and short shorts and I felt the heat of her body press against my back as she peered over my shoulder.

“Oh fuck that is hot,” Lucy sighed near my ear, her hand reaching around and slipping it into the cup of my bikini tweaking my nipple.

Summer had removed her bra top and was slowly squeezing and pulling on her firm round tities, as her blue eyes poured over the pages of the magazine.

I sighed as Lucy balanced the weight of her body against mine then moved her free hand onto my other breast. The dexterity of her fingers was remarkable how she slowly kneaded my small breasts then narrowed the pressure of her fingers to the aching points of my stiff nipples. I could feel my pussy drip into the crotch of my bikini.

“I’ve wanted to do this to you for weeks,” Lucy hissed into my ear as her tongue traced droplets of sweat up my neck, and then she pulled on my ear lobe with her teeth.

I could feel my legs begin to tremble, when I noticed Summer changing her position. She quickly removed her bikini bottom and turned over on her front , pushing her perfect round bum in the air and spreading her legs apart allowing Lucy and I a perfect view of her wet pussy lips and clit.

“Oh fuck, look at that teen ass, it’s so nice but I know one that is so much nicer…” Lucy turned my head and kissed me hard pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, then vacuuming my tongue into her mouth letting it scrape over her teeth. She nipped my lower lip hard between her teeth , I stifled a cry of pain.

Lucy stepped down the ladder a few rungs and to my surprise she pulled my bottoms all the way down and slowly lifting my feet removed them jamming them in the top of her shorts. Without hesitation she grasped my tight teen ass and squeezed it hard. She opened her mouth and began leaving tongue kisses all over my ass, letting her tongue play with the curved flesh of my tanned butt.

I gasped and looked down on Summer. The magazine was spread in front of her, a hot lesbian pictorial; I could make out the image of a brunette eating out a blonde’s cunt. Summer had two fingers moving up and down her slit, first playing with her perfect pink clit then slipping them into her tight cunt hole. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was. I smiled knowing that I had something to do with that.

Lucy’s tongue was now circling my puckered ass hole, the feeling was like nothing I had ever felt. Never had I touched myself there when brining myself off or when making love with a guy or a girl. It was as if a new part of my body had been awakened, and everything had just gotten brighter, more intense.

I covered my mouth as Lucy forced her slick tongue into my ass hole spreading my ass cheeks wide to get the tongue deeper. I clutched to the ladder my knees nearly bucking at the flash of pleasure that coursed through my body. I looked down to see Summer parting her slick cunt lips to pinch her clit between two fingers. As she moved the fingers up and back she began grinding clit between her fingers. My mouth opened and my tongue flashed over my lips, oh how I wanted to taste that pussy flesh.

Lucy continued to lavish attention with her tongue on my tight little butt hole. It was making me crazy then without warning she twisted two fingers deep into my sloppy cunt, and I stifled my moan against my shoulder. Lucy knew exactly what I needed and I felt that it would be a race to see which of us would cream our cunts first, Summer with her clit play and finger fucking or me with Lucy’s tongue up my ass and her fingers hitting my g-spot with every hard thrust.

Summer’s pretty face was buried in a pillow as she now worked both of her hands over her cunt her right continued to put the squeeze on her trembling clit while she rammed two fingers deep into her glistening cunt.

Summer’s ass was humping up and down on her fingers and by the jerkiness of her motions I knew she would cum soon. At that instant I felt Lucy’s tongue enter my ass again, with her fingers moving in unison to the thrusts of her hot tongue. Without warning Lucy captured my slick clit between two knuckles on her free hand again leaning against the ladder for support she began to grind away on the my sensitive clit without mercy.

I cast my eyes over the hot blonde who was my age as she moved her fingers from her cunt and drove them deep into her hot gaping asshole. I heard her muffled cries even where I stood as her little cunt convulsed and sent forth a fine spray of girl cum. I climaxed at the same instant hugging the ladder pressing my ass and cunt into Lucy’s face as I squired cum like rain all over her face and onto the rose bushes below.

I groaned and shifted away from the window not wanting to be found out. My entire body was trembling from my toes to my shoulders and holding back my cries made the pleasure run deeper in my body. When my trembling subsided I looked down to see Lucy’s smiling face, shining with cum and sweat. She began moving down the ladder.

I glanced through the window to see Summer still laying face down now gently patting her creamy pussy. I gasped as she brought her wet fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. It was truly beautiful. On shaky legs I climbed down the ladder and embraced Lucy kissing and licking my cum from her face.

Lucy was desperate said she would finish up in the morning but right now we needed to fuck. She drove me over to her apartment and I licked and fucked her to a crashing climax then we slept and when we awoke at it all over again. When it started to get dark and I had to head home, exhausted yet completely sated.

That wasn’t the only time we had sex on the job, but then that is another story.

Rating: 92%, Read 127161 times, Posted Dec 22, 2011

Fantasy | Extreme, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Voyeurism


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