Me and my Neice and Nephews Part 7 by horny+guy+writing+stories

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Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Female, First Time, Gay, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Old Male, Oral Sex, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Virginity, Young

The Night Time Orgy

We then spent about 10 minutes talking to ensure all were good with what happened, and EVERYONE was fine. I was going to love this group going forward. I then said we should get ready for bed…since it was late and we were going to want to be rested for tomorrow…as we planned on leaving to be home for dinner…we would have only a few hours to “play”. They all knew what play meant and I am sure wanted the same.

I said since it was about 930, we should play a bit more, but we do it in the dark, and not knowing who is doing what to who. It was dark, and hardly any stars out, so it was close to pitch black away from the fire. I said we will all stay naked, and I led them over about 100 feet from the fire. I said now nobody can talk from here on in…we will simply do whatever we want to whoever we find. All fun and games…the fun will not knowing who is doing what. I could not see any looks on their faces cause it was too dark. In reality I knew this would not be anonymous…I was far and away the tallest and biggest (only adult), Belle had the only tits and long hair, and Greg was the needle dick of the bunch…but it seemed like fun and a way for me to get Belle’s tight cunt without the boys knowing so it was ON.

I started by feeling around, finding a dick, and dropping to suck. I KNEW it was Cecil by the size, but simply started sucking like crazy to get the party started. I made sure to make sucking noises so the remaining two knew it was go time.

Now I can only relay what I was doing, because I could not see the action, but you should be able to deduce that the two remaining kids were active with each other.

I went down on Cecil for all I was worth..deep throating his impressive kid cock, massaging his nuts, and slurping like crazy. I then plopped it out, stoop, and put a hand on his shoulder to let him know it was time to swap…ad he did it. He fumbled around, and had a hard time finding my dick with his tiny hand and then with his mouth too (still new at this for sure I thought), but soon I felt his hot tight mouth sucking half my cock. He was sucking very slow, tentative, and not with much suction or depth, but it still was fucking nice.

I put my hand on the back of his head, and fed him more and more of my dick until I had him gag on it…and I smiled as his throat spasmed as he was not used to having a dick in it. This was going to be an interesting night I smiled as I continued to feed as much of my grown dick as this preteen could handle. I then felt a hand on my ass, and slowly reach around to my dick…so it was Greg or Belle looking to switch. I pulled out of Cecil’s mouth and put my cock in this hand.

Instantly my cock went to a mouth, and I realized without a doubt it was Belle. She wanted a bigger dick than Greg could give her, so she was the FIRST to go to swap…I almost laughed out loud. She was sucking me like a pro…and I was in heaven. No need to feed her, she was almost nuts deep with me on the third suck…man she was a born cock sucker I thought. I let her suck me for about 3 minutes, and I think I heard gurgling and swallowing with the other two, so I imagined one of them had just come in the mouth of their cousin…but that was only a guess on my part. I pulled Belle off me, and gave her a passionate kiss. The taste and smell of cum was very obvious, but I was loving it.

I reached my hand to her tiny mound, and put one finger in her, man was she wet. My finger slid in to the knuckle with ease as we frenched, and I began to finger fuck her. She was moaning as we kissed, and I felt her cum on my finger. Man I wanted to fuck her so bad. I was thinking about doing it right then, but I felt another hand on my leg, and knew it was one of the kids looking to switch so I quickly pulled my finger out of her and broke our passionate kiss. I touched the other hand, and figured I was about to get head, but soon this hand moved my hand to his dick, so I guessed he was thinking the same…would this be a battle of wills, or should I simply submit. I did not want to wreck a good thing, so I gave in, and dropped to my knees.

As I took the dick, I KNEW it was tiny little Greg, so I deep throated him noisily and eagerly sucked him for all I had. I know Cec and Belle had to hear and know that we were really into this, so I hoped this would ensure they also got REALLY into it. I took my cummy finger from Belle’s snatch, put it in my mouth with his cock, and sucked hard as I could. I am sure Greg was wondering WTF, but went with it. After about two minutes I felt his cock spasm a bit, and the little shit pulled out and sprayed me with his cum. I kept my mouth open, but it landed on my chin, lips, cheek, and in my mouth. He was such a little imp I thought as I took my nephew’s load on my face. Then he rammed it back in and pumped my face. What a fucker I thought, then I figured that must have been Cecil that I heard come earlier, because he would not have blown again that quickly if it was him coming in Cecil’s mouth.

I rose up, reached and felt for him, and gave him a big kiss. I made him taste his cum as I was tasting the remains of Cecil’s load no doubt. We kissed for a bit, and I could hear Belle still sucking Cecil, so I broke our kiss and reached for where I heard the sound. I felt around and found them…Cec was sitting and Belle was laying down sucking his cock (based on how it felt since I could not see). I thought I would join Belle on his cock, and lowered down and found her bobbing. I pulled her gently off, and started to suck his cock. Then Belle and I kissed, and began to share his cock between our mouths. We each had one side of his cock and were bathing him with our tongues and mouths. This kid must have been in heaven I thought…many men would kill for a double BJ like this, and he was getting it at the early age of 12…WOW I thought. Belle and I continued this, and then began one sucking and one licking nuts, and switched around a bit…we were at this for about 7 minutes and I remembered Greg and wondered where he might be…either off spent, or off moping…either way I did not care right now. I gave Belle one more good kiss, and figured I would go for some head from Cecil now since he owed me…LOL.

I rose up, felt around and felt an ASS…WTF I thought, then remembered Greg…he was standing and getting head from Cecil…LOL. I moved around til I was beside him…felt for Cec and his head, and felt him bobbing for all he was worth…man he was getting into this and becoming a fast learner. I grabbed his hair gently and moved him off Cecil and onto my raging cock. I was DRIPPING precum and he had to taste this with the first suck for sure. I felt him gag on the first suck, so I knew he was horned up and really into this now. I figured I would help and began to hold his head and PUMP my cock into his kiddy mouth. I hit thoat with each pump and had him gag each time. Greg and Belle had to hear this and I was hoping it would make them more horned up as a result.

Cecil moved off me and back to Greg…I am not sure if he pulled Cec off or if Cecil was doing this naturally, but for the next 5 minutes he was rotating our cocks, and I had to assume Belle was still sucking his cock (that would explain why he was so horned up…such a hot talented mouth on his kid cock).

I looked in the direction of where Greg should be, reached, found his shoulder and PUSHED him down…he knew what to do. I felt his tiny tongue dart out, hit my cock, and he licked it. I then pushed my cock in his mouth and put my hand on his head and made him suck me. I felt for Cecil’s head with my other hand, and had both heads in my hand. I then began to feed my cock to one, then the other. This was awesome…then I push both heads to my dick and had them each on one side…licking it, as I moved their heads with my hands to get what I wanted, which was to get head from them both. This was mind blowing…and they were cock blowing.

This went on for about 5 minutes, and I felt Belle put her hand on my ass, so I figured she wanted some of her uncle’s cock. I let go of both their heads and moved toward Belle. I found her, took her hand, and led her about 5 feet away from the boys. I kissed her, instantly reached for her cunt, and inserted a finger in her tight cunt. I could not wait to fuck her. I broke our kiss…sat down, pulled her to me…and had her about to straddle me. I leaned in to her, began to kiss her, as I held my raging hard on and aimed it at her…she was wet as hell, so I knew I would be able to enter her without too much trouble. I aimed, and pushed and it plopped in…she let out a gasp, as I felt her cunt muscles clench her uncle’s dick.

I pumped up and down, and was simply using her at this point as a fuck toy. I held her ass and began to thrust for all I was worth, and I was almost balls deep in her and she was loving it, moaning and gasping on each upthrust. I had no idea what Greg or Cecil were doing, but did not care now…I was fucking my niece and loving it. I was about 4 minutes into this, when I heard movement, and a hand touch my cheek. Our kiss was broken, and suddenly a cock was between our mouths. I almost froze (I did not want the boys to know about fucking, I wanted them only for head with Belle and I), and here I was nuts deep in her (good thing it was dark and we could not see). I imagined was Greg giving us cock, since he was the bad ass of the group, but based on cock size, I was imagining it was Cecil. Belle and I had his dick pressed between us, so we did what comes naturally and licked and bathed his nice cock. I must say, it was awesome to be in that tight cunt with a nice cock to share too.

We then took turns sucking his cock, and licking his nuts…he was getting the full works for sure. As Belle was sucking and I licking his nuts, I felt his sack contract, and I knew he was gonna cum, so I POUNDED UP into Belle and held it nuts deep in her as he emptied his load in her mouth. This made her gasp and it leaked out and dropped on my face and in my mouth…she then regained her composure, sucked tight, and swallowed the remaining. He pulled out with a plop, and I expected Greg to now step in his place. Then I felt a lick on my nuts…WHAT!!!!

Greg had found us, and must have been laying down between my legs as I fucked his sister and was licking my nut sack. Did he know that we fucked? Did he know we were fucking now? Was he getting her cunt too when I was not around? I decided to not worry now and simply go with the flow as he licked me as I pumped her. I then pulled out of her and let it wag…Greg without hesitation gobbled my man meat…sucking better than he had ever before as I kissed Belle. I pulled out of his mouth and rammed it back into her, I then felt his licks on the outside of my cock. I imagined he was also licking his sister cunt too, intentionally or accidentally, it did not matter. This just kept getting better.

I was about to cum, but wanted to hold out as long as I could. I rotated between snatch and mouth a few times, and was ready to pop…I RAMMED up her cunt…plowed her 7 times and blasted her cunt full of my cum. I held me cock deep in her and shot my biggest load in YEARS. I pulled out and was expecting to relax, but had Greg on my cum covered cock and sucking me clean. WOW, maybe this shit was liking cock more than I thought. He lathered my dick for at least two minutes, but I was done…I lifted Belle off, pulled myself up to my elbows, and away from his eager mouth. I would have loved to see Belle with her smashed cunt, Greg with his cum covered face right about now…but the darkness kept it all up to my imagination. I was DONE…I could not cum or fuck anymore…I was not like these kids I thought as I stood and walked to the fire. I expected them to follow…but they did not…I could only imagine what they were doing…but they did it for another 45 minutes or so before they all came over and joined me. We got dressed, went into our tents, and went to sleep….all totally spent for sure.

Saturday in the woods

We woke up the next morning around 8 AM, and I am sure the kids did not know what to expect after the orgy the night before. I got out of my tent and kind of expected that the three of them may be going at it…LOL. I walked over to Belle’s tent, and she was laying in there awake, but alone. I then walked up to the boys tent and could hear muffled sounds, so I undid the flap and saw that Greg was laying on his back and Cecil was sucking his cock on top of the sleeping bag…I smiled as Greg looked at me and smiled back. He was far and away the horniest boy of the lot I I stood and watched for a bit. Cecil must have sensed my presence because he stopped and looked back, but instead of last night when he would have jumped and ran, he looked me in the eye, grinned a bit, then turned around and went back to sucking Greg’s tiny cock.

I was not real horny yet, so simply watched a bit, then turned and left. I went over to start the fire, and Belle joined me. About 5 minutes later, Greg came out BUCK naked followed by Cecil (who was dressed). Belle looked, then Greg smiled and said “horny little Cecil just sucked me off, man, what a morning it is” and laughed. Cecil kind of looked down embarrassed and all, as Belle and I both chuckled a bit and I said “we all love each other so much” and put my arm around Cecil to let him know all was well.

We made small talk a bit, got the fire going, had a quick bite to eat, and now was time to talk to make sure all was well with the pedophilism that was happening. Quick survey of them all, they all were fine, had fun, would not tell a soul, and want to keep it going. I smiled as they all were horny and eager as hell…but who could blame them.

Cecil looked at Greg, and nodded, at which point Greg said “so do we get to screw Belle too like you did last night”? So he did know I thought, as I looked to Belle who smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to say why not. I laughed and said “well your sister and cousin seems to want to, so it is unanimous”. The boys high fived and started to stand up…”whoooaa boys I said, you need to learn before you dive in like that”. I then told Belle to strip and she stood to do so as all eyes were on her. In a minute she was buck naked, her hairless twat showing along with her baring budding tits. I motioned for her to come to me and she stood by me as I started my sex ed training with my nephews.

I pointed out her snatch, explained that this is how babies are made, but she is too young yet so we are safe, showed them the lips and clit, rubbed it, poked it, and generally explored it to show them. I told them that we eat this like she eats our cocks, and we can stick our birds in it from a number of angles and ways, and can go slow, medium, or fast when we are in it. We can CUM in her cunt, on it, etc. How one can be in her and one can lick her, and I pointed out how Greg did this last night. I let them know that we all love each other and all do everything with each other so if someone is down there he should be taking care of Belle by licking as well as whatever guy is in her fucking her…that his cock and nuts can be licked, sucked, etc. Again, I explained how great Greg was last night sucking and licking away. That gave me an idea…time to keep Greg in his place…

“Cecil, since you blew Greg this morning, you get first shot at Belle today. Get naked and come lay on the ground here”. In a flash he as naked and laying down as I kissed Belle and whispered in her ear “you ready to fuck your cousin now” and she moaned that horny moan that makes me hard. Cecil was already hard, so no head needed…but Belle was not wet yet. I had her stand over Cecil and told him to explore her snatch to get her ready. He rubbed it etc like he saw me do a few minutes before. I continued to kiss Belle, and she reached around and was massaging my now growing cock through my PJ bottoms.

I told Belle to lean forward, and she did now exposing her ass and twat that Cec was playing with. She looked between her legs to see her hot cousin teasing her twat, not really knowing WHAT to do, but doing as good as could be expected. I pulled out my cock and stepped up and began rubbing it up and down that tight twat. It took all my will power NOT to shove it in and fuck her there. Cecil would move his hand in motion with his uncles cock as we teased Belle together. I was loving the scene but a sucking sound grabbed my attention as I now noticed Bell was now sucking Greg as this was happening…I was not sure if she motioned for him or he took the initiative, but I stopped this quickly. “No Belle, you are NOT to suck Greg right now”. She complied, and he pouted as he backed away. Her slit was now wet enough to take Cecil.

I told Belle to ride Cecil and she turned around, looked Cecil in the eye, leaned in and gave him a good kiss, and as she broke the kiss, she took hold of his cock, held it up, and lowered her cunt onto only the second cock she had EVER had in her (unless her and Greg were doing it without me knowing of course). The look on Cecils face was PRICELESS as he probably almost came right away…LOL. She lowered, rose, and within a minute had a rhythm going as she fucked her cousin for the first time. I then said “Now Greg be a good boy and lick Belle and Cecil like I KNOW you can do”. He sneered at me (still hard from the bit of head earlier) and laid down between Cecil’s legs and started on either snatch, nuts, or cock (I could not see as I was still in front of Belle). Belle was in heaven, eyes closed and bouncing on cock, so I took my cock and pressed it to her lips…without opening her eyes or missing a stroke of Cecil’s cock she started sucking her horny uncle.

I looked down at Cecil who looked at me, then his cousin who was sucking my cock, then tried to see the twat and Greg’s mouth, but could not see much I am sure. He was in heaven there was NO doubt. “Cecil, make sure you take turns in Belle and then Greg’s mouth. He had you suck him today already, so take turns okay”. He muttered something like sure, and I saw him lift out and I have to assume get sucked. This meant Greg was sucking the cummy cock of his cousin that just pulled out of his sister…HOW FUCKING HOT IS THAT. Oh yeah, as I was getting sucked by her…DAMN.

We continued this position for about 5 more minutes….and I imagined that Cecil was not too far from cumming. “Cecil, I want you to CUM in Belle and keep your cock in her until you are done. Then Greg will suck you clean and lick out his sister to clean her up too”. Greg said “wait now, when is my turn”, and I said “when I say and ONLY if you do a good job”. I then smiled at Cec and Belle as they looked at me. They must have known what I was up to…LOL.

About 2 minutes later Cecil was dumping his first ever load in a cunt, and his hot cousin was taking this willingly. I saw him shudder a bit, so I pulled out of Belle’s hot throat, and walked around back. I looked down at Greg who was lapping at clit and cunt (not doing very well but trying at least). I said “NOW cecil, pull out so Greg can SUCK YOU CLEAN”. He pulled out with a plop, and his cock was COVERED in cum from him and Belle, without any hesitation Greg did as any good boy would do and slobbered on this cock and sucked it clean in about 4 strokes. As he was, I could see cum about to drip out of Belle. I took a hold of Greg and SHOVED him under his older sister’s cunt and pressed her down a bit so she was squatting directly on his face. He was EATING the cum out of her cunt. I could not stand it, I was rock hard and horny as hell. Cecil started to get up to stand and watch, but I simply put a hand on his shoulder, walked into him, and aimed my cock head at his mouth. “Suck your uncle now Cecil” and the horny boy obeyed. He took my head, then about 3 inches, then 4, and finally about 5 inches and began to bob on my cock. He was becoming a VERY fast learner. I loved what I was seeing, and could only imagine that this could NOT get any better. Me being older and without the ability to cum as OFTEN as these kids, I did not want to waste the day by dropping a load too quick, so I pulled out and Cecil had the puzzled look about him like there was something wrong.

I said “that is all for now guys, lets get dressed and go for a hike and swim”. They all looked disappointed as they obviously wanted to stay and play more…but we had all day and night so I KNEW we would be…LOL.

We puttered around for the morning and part of the afternoon, little fishing, lots of playing (ass slapping, groping, etc), we all knew that we were FAR from done with sex this weekend. We were getting a bit careless (thinking we were alone) when out of the blue we hear voices, and were surprised to see 2 men hiking not more than 50 feet away. My first thought was “how long were they near us, and what if anything did they see and hear”. I looked at them, they at me, and we simply nodded and carried on in different directions…WHEW, that was close I thought. I gathered everyone up and said we should head back to the camp site, and they all were EAGER to do so…LOL.

I looked back as we were heading, and saw the two guys looking back at us..but thought little of it.

Rating: 86%, Read 45848 times, Posted Mar 31, 2012

Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Cum Swallowing, Female, First Time, Gay, Group Sex, Hardcore, Incest, Old Male, Oral Sex, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Virginity, Young


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