Milk and Honey by Abhinow79

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True Story | Lactation

Milk and honey

Chapter 1

Event year: fall, 1999

Place: bhagalpur, bihar, India

Neelam was my neighbor and girl friend since 6 months now. Her family had moved in the duplex adjacent to ours 6 months back. On the second day I proposed her and she accepted. A week later on we had first sex and then i got to know she had been drilled earlier as well. Though she maintained she ruptured her hymn in cycling but a guy can tell i suppose. Anyway it did not matte much cause i wasnt going to marry her or anything. She was a great lay though.  If you saw her in public, dressed in a knee length top, leggings and combed hair, you would never guess what a wild kid she was underneath. Her role models were Marie Curie cause like her she never shied from experimenting and Sharon Stone cause like her she never wore panties. However this is not story of Neelam and me, but of Neelam, her sister Mausmi and me. 

Her sister was married and settled in Bokaro. She was visiting her parents and since then Neelam's visits had reduced a lot. She sneaked out only on second or third days and only for an hour or two. She said it was because her sister had few months old  kid who needed lot of attention and she couldn't just leave her sister doing everything alone. Well fare enough. 

One afternoon when she had come over and we were done she said

"didi (elder sis in hindi) wants to meet you"

I dropped her breast that i was fondling. 

"why does she want to do that" i asked in a horrified voice. You never know with girls when they start seeing marriage as the bright end of an affair. In that case its usually a sibling or cousin who is first taken in confidence. 

"i dont know " she said casually, brushing her nipples on my lips "one day she asked me where do i go on afternoons so i told i come to meet you. Then she said she wants to meet you too"

There I was in a pickle or so i thought. Until that time my experience with relations of my other dates was very harrowing with most of them giving lengthy lectures on limits of boy-girl friendship, need of decency and such loads of craps. I thought to temporize it somehow but next time when Neelam came she said Didi was threatening if I did not meet her she would tell about our affair to both of the families then I agreed. 

It was decided that Neelam will admit me through the back door of her house, while her sister would keep an watch on others. Then i would proceed directly to the second floor, second room in the right wing and wait there. 

I followed the plan to the letter and did not meet any obstruction in reaching to me interview room. It was a large lavender shaded room with a King size bed in middle, a dressing table on left, a crib on the right, a pram nearby and some female clothing including a red gown and a cream color panty on a chair along. I dont know why i am describing all these in detail. Perhaps because the room oozed out an intense feminity. Whatever. I didnt have to wait long. I heard some voices, laughter and  footsteps. The door opened and Mausami came in. Clad in a pink saari, She looked intensely feminine alright. She was rather tall, slightly plump, very curvy, very fair,  dark hair with curls falling on cheeks, heavy breasted, with a tiny tummy bulge just below navel, a surprisingly slender waist and  two big eyes that measured me from head to toe in first two seconds, beating my measurement of hers by well over a second. But she had breasts and buttocks and i didnt. 

I know i am awkward with girls who impress me a lot so I didnt try to start conversation. 

"Hi. I am Mausmi" she said in a rich warm voice that reminded me of  taste of warm milk and honey from childhood. She had proffered her hand. I took it and it sort of melted in my clutch. Another sign of intense feminity! 

"Hi. I am Neelam's illegitimate friend" i said with a smile

"what?" she raised her eyesbrows in surprise

"well, legitimate friends come from front doors and illegitimate from back side"  

She tilted her head and looked at me from droopy eyelids. Then she let out a ringing laughter. "i like you" 


Neelam joined us shortly and we three jabbered there for next 45 minutes. 

"didi liked you a lot" she told me next day after sex. "she said you have amazing sense of humor" 

"thanks. Tell her she is very beautiful too" 

I met mausmi two more times  over the week in the same way and she grew more warm towards me each time, giving me close soft hugs from second visit onwards. The question that botherd me was 'why' or rather 'whats the use'. 

Exactly a week after my first meeting Neelam called me in morning "didi is asking can she come over to your place today?" 

"Alone?" i blurted and then rectified "yes, why not. You will come too i hope"

"of course u chum" she laughed. I got a knot in stomach and knew something is not only cooking but about to boil over. 

I suppose i forget to mention that my parents were posted in Patna- capital of Bihar and 220 km from Bhagalpur. I was to join them after completing my 12th, the final exam being still almost a year away.  So for all practical purpose i was living alone since a year now. 

Back to the event. The door bell rang at 11 am and i opened door in my best casual clothes- cargo shorts, round collar tee and a checkered shirt. But i nearly whistled at sight of the two sisters.  Neelam was wearing a thigh length lacy dark greenish frock. And mausmi was wearing a knee length figure hugging  flannel overcoat firmly tied at mid riff. Together they pushed a pram that had Mausmi's 5 months daughter sleeping and came inside. 

"its hot, isnt it" Mausmi said  and she unknotted her overcoat. It wasn't hot until then but suddenly everything smouldrered.   She was wearing tight black hot pants and a dark purple satin shirt that reached her mid riff, exposing her navel open. The dress Contrasted fabulously against her smooth white skin and its fitting accentuated her every curve and line. If my eyes didnt pop out then credit goes to glue our creator uses in fixing them. I breathed heavily and said

"sorry ladies, the ramp is not ready yet, but your photographer is. You can start the Catwalk" 

Mausmi laughed heartily , patted my cheeks and said "i really like u" and she proceeded to altogether remove the overcoat. "show me your ....... house" she said and smiled. 

It was difficult. My attention totally captured by her Scantily clad body, i let Neelam be the guide. Finally we reached my room. 

"so here you two....spend most of your time" Mausmi smiled meaningly. By then i had got some of my tongue back. 

"no, we spend it all over the house" i said looking at Neelam. Both sisters looked at each other and they broke in joint laughter. 

Mausmi went over to my computer  and uncertainly pressed some keys on the keyboard. "nice" she muttered  "you guys watch movies on it?" 

I quickly looked at Neelam. We did watch lot of porn stuffs on that and it looked like she told Mausmi about it. but i did not want to overguess myself so i waited for Neelam to respond. 

"i have told didi about your collection" she whispered. "She asked if she can watch some"

So there it was. I asked the, to sit on bed and With a throbbing mind i searched through my collection to put the best and absolutely hottest video. Just Before i loaded it on windows media player i turned back and said to them "if u want i will go out of the room" 

Mausmi moved from the edge of bed to its center and gently patted the vacated spot besides her. 

I double clicked the stuff, went over with slightly shaky legs and sat at the patted spot. The movie i played was a threesome featuring Giana Michales and Carmella Bing, when both of them were youngish. It started with the usual jig of girls bouncing their tits, kissing each other and slapping the guys face with their tits.  Then the ritualistic blow job routine began, when girl trying to cannibalize the guy's dick, and another smothering him by sitting right over his face. 

All three of us were sitting perfectly tight, without speaking a word like watching a sacred ritual. After blow job routine the girls started to assume doggy style position. I knew the next 40 minutes would be pure hard core so i said 

"we should close it now" and intended to get up. 

At this instant Mausmi gentally touched my wrist. She did it without looking at me or changing her expression. In her touch she did not exert slightest bit of pressure. A feather falling on my hand would had more force. But so powerful was her unspoken will that i felt unable to move a bit. We sat like this for sometime while the full hardcore action underwent.  Eyes on the screen, mausmi's hand on my wrist, god knows neelam's hands where, and all of us breathing heavily. The tension was so thick that it could counterbalance a black hole. Well 2 blackholes to be precise. 

Then suddenly a thin wail rose and developed into a full scale baby cry. Mausmi's daughter had woken and was crying hard. 

It broke our reverie and we all stirred up, but avoiding each others eyes if we could help it. 

"looks like zanu is hungry. Neelu, can you get her over here please?" 

I sat there and watched Neelam put the baby in Mausmi's lap,  adjust a bib around her neck and Mausmi fumbling with top button of her shirt. It was then it hit me the meaning of this. She was of going to breast feed the baby. Suddenly feeling like an intruder i rose 

" uhm...uh.i am..i will..i am going out..outside..Outside the room i mean " i fumbled and tried hard looking at ground for my slippers that i had kicked under bed. 

Mausmi was adjusting some piece of baby's clothing. Without raising her head she said softly in her warm fruity voive "you can stay if you want to. I dont mind if you watch"

Then she tilted her head slightly and gave a glancing smile. "come sit near me"

It was then that i realized my own will had left me for good and i was hopelessly under the hypnotic charm of this enchanting seductress. I quietly sat down besides her and looked on. With infinite care and patience she unbuttoned her shirt till midriff, pausing betweeen each button she opened.  with elegant maneuvre she slightly removed its left flank to expose the white silky smooth skin of her stomach that gleamed like polished silk.  She adjusted her shoulders a little more and i got first glimpse of her full bosom, swelling up proudly in confinement of a soft pink bra. With utmost leisure she opened the front clasps of her bra and then pulled the the head of baby under its flap. 

I sighed down and felt a drop of sweat trickling at bottom of my spine. The sheer erotic tension of the situation was not only choking me but had left Neelam speechless too. She was standing at other side with a submissive look that must be reflected in my face as well. I heard a continuous slight suckling sound and though i did not try to peer too deep, my gaze was fixed at her bosom. 

"what happened. Why you two have gone dumb suddenly" she asked in a voice so calm and composed that if i had been listening her first time, i had thought it artificial. 

"nothing. We.. Uh.. We dont want to interrupt your baby in her lunch time" it was a lame attempt at humor. 

"really! we will never talk much then. Mah zanu neva leaves momma long, iznt it sweetu" the last part was addressed to  baby. 

"ting ting. time to change the supply line. Ting ting" she trilled in a sing song voice and opening the other flap of her bra she flipped the baby round. the baby mewled

"no no..momma is giving more milk, good milk to baby. Here take it" Mausmi cooed, rocking the baby gently as she fed her other breast. Her free tit also swung lightly, and it came out now completely in open. It was a proud and beautiful tit.  white,  big, beautifully round,  and sagging a little under its own weight. The areola, light brown and nipple dark pink, was standing an inch long. It had a gleam of saliva on it and a thin white line that was still wet. 

"see how angelic she looks drinking her momma" she looked at me "come over here and see yourself. 

I leaned over to her and she in turn moved towards me and now my face was right next to her gorgeous naked breasts. if i stuck my tongue out i could lick her nipple. I looked at the baby sucking at mausmi's tit, i looked at streams of milk falling off her chin and i looked at Mausmi who was looking at me tenderly. "come, suck momma's milk" she said and pushed her nipple in my mouth.

End of chapter 1

Rating: 87%, Read 48183 times, Posted Dec 21, 2012

True Story | Lactation


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