Finishing the day out by rcr007

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Finishing out the day at my neighbors house. I left off in my first story where I had just finished suckin the cum out of my neighbors dick and he noticed my little hard on.

As he rubbed his hnad across the crotch of my shorts feeling my little boner. He said that he would like to see my little 9yo peepee. I was kinda embarrassed cause he was in his mid to late 60's and had a bigger weiner. So was kinda shy about him pulling my shorts down. He removed my shorts and undies anyhow and took two fingers and stroked my little pecker. It surprisingly felt good and tickled and tingled and made me feel wierd.

He said climb on up here so I can reach it better and he pulled me up and sat me on his lap. He said oh yeah that's much better now. And I could feel his still soft limp dick pressed against my ass. We sat there under that tree for a couple more minutes as he played with my little boner and kept shiftin his weight around and I could finally sense what he was doing. His dick was starting to get hard again and he was postioning it between my butt crack. I culd see the head of it under my tiny nut sack. He told me I had such a hard dick and asked if I liked it when he stroked it with his fingers. I knodded my head yes. And he had me reach down and grab his dick fromunder my tiny nut sack and pull on it some. As I pulled. On it more of it came out from under my nuts. He told me to keep jerkin of the head of it and he started to moved me back and forth on it. He said. Oh yes that feels so good against ur soft butt crack.

He told me; once again I had him hard and ready to cum again. And he had me get on my hands and knees and he got on his hands and knees and told me to crawl up under him from the front so I got up by his head and ducked down and started to crawl under him until his dick poked me in the head. He said that a boy now take it back in ur mouth and suck on like u did before. So I looked at his dick and the head of it was brushin against my lips and cheeks as he moved it around. I went to reach up and grab it and he said no just open ur mouth and line it up and take it in so I did and started to suck on the head of it again and then he started to hump his hips and started to get more of in my mouth and. He said it was just like fuckin a ittle hole. He was grunting and groaning as he humped his dick in my mouth.

Then I felt a warm sensation on mu butt. He was kissin my butt checks and spitting in my crack. I heard him say something again about little holes and felt a sharp pain in my butt and I started to gasp with that uncomfy feeling and with his dick in my mouth. The more I felt the burning pain the more I scooted away from there and ended up gaging myself on his dick. I finally culdnt take it anymore and pulled off his dick and the top half of my body fell to the ground and my ass stayed in the air. He kept saying damn that is one tight hole and I laid there yipping and tellin him that it burned. He said it wuld be ok that he just has his finger in my butt hole. I told him that it was still hurting and that I didn't like it. He just kept sayin that it was going to be ok. He told me that he wanted to cum in my butt. He said that it wuld make it feel better. He then postioned himdelf behind me and started to rub his dick up and down my ass crack and once in a while I culd feel the pressure from him pushin the head of his dick against my butt hole. He said he wuld luv to be able to stick it in me and show me how a man and women fuck. But he wasn't sure if he culd get it in me.

I just laid there with my head on the grass and my ass in the air and kept feelin him spit on my hole and rub his dick in it and just kept doing it and the burning and pressure at my hole intensified.

I let out a gasp and started to squeel as I felt the burning and pressure and I culd hear him saying; oh my god ur takin it, oh my god I never felt a hole this tight. As I laid there grunting and tearing up from the pain I felt his dick start to move in and out just a little. I dman near collapsed to the ground when I felt the head of his cock pop the whole way in my butt hole. He kept trying to get more in and I kept grabbing and pulling at the grass and grunting and groaning and tellin him it hurt. But with that he seemed to try a little harder. He said my noises and movement was making him so horny. He said he always wandered what it was like to rape a little boys butt. He told me to keep saying no, no stop, stop it ur hurting me. In all reality it was. Then I felt it come almost all the way out and heard him spit and felt it around my hole again. This time when he slid the head all the way back in it didn't burn but the pressure was still there.

I could here him start to maon and groan as he moved his cock in and out little by little and wuld hear him spit occationaly. He had ahold of my hips and started to pick up the pace more. He wasn't gettin anymore of his cock in my ass but was enough to make me whimper and grunt from the pressure.

He told me I was so tight and it was squeezing his dick right behind the head and he was so ready to put his load in my virgin hole. He started to grunt and moan loader and I culd feel his balls slappin my ass lightly. He said oh damn boy this feels so good I wish I culd bury it in ur ass and his hands tightened up the grip on my hips and I felt this warm flood through my ass and he grunted and growled and it brought my head right off the grass and made me scraem and yell for a few seconds. I culd feel his dick pulsing in my ass and feel some of his cum leakin out and running down my crack over my balls. And he just knelt there behind me motionless and breathing heavy. I started to move a little and he said no no don't move. I want to feel it go limp in ur butt hole.

I laid my head back down in the yard with my whole body trembling and the pain in my ass was significant. Then I felt him start to move around a little and his dick was a little softer and some more of it slid in me and I just kinda let out a gasp and he was sayin. Oh yes that felt so good. You made me very happy. And asked if it felt better now. I said that it was sore and burned and he slide his cock a little bit more back and forth. He said my asshole was stayin open some now. Now that I was worn out I was relaxed. He finally withdrew his limp dick from my ass and his cum spood out all over.

He asked if I was ok and said that I was a very strong boy. And that I made him very happy. He asked if I would ever try that again. And I told him I wasn't sure. Cause it hurt a lot. He said it wuld get easier with time and practice.

We got up from under the tree and put our shorts on and walked to the house. Well I kinda hobbled a little. He said he had to get me cleaned up before I went home. We got in the house and into the bathroom and had me undress and he took a wash cloth and cleaned me up and then he had me clean his cock with a wash cloth. I couldn't help but stroke it and pull on it as I cleaned it off. He told me I was so good at doing that and that part I enjoy the most. I liked feelin his dick in my hands and rubbed against my butt. I liked the tickling feeling. But the suckin part and the head of it in my little ass didn't care much for.

But looking back on it. I culd of made him a very happy man that day if wouldn't of been such a sissy. Wish now he would of just fucked the shit out of my ass. His dick was about the perfect size for fuckin little boys and girls. But at the time looked huge.

Only helped him a couple more times that summer and sucked him off both times. But never got his dick back in my ass. The last time I sucked him and played with his dick he appologized for our first meeting and how he made me take his dick deep in my throat til I gagged and forced it into my butt. He later moved away to the sunny retirement. The day he was packing up the car I went over to say good bye and let him know I would never forget him and that I wished he would have fucked me in the butt again. I reached down and rubbed his cock and turned and went home.

I wonder how many more he got to fuck and if they let him stick his hole dick in them and let him fuck the shit out of them.

Rating: 26%, Read 17419 times, Posted Jul 24, 2011

True Story |


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