Picture Day by Impax

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Tina was touching herself in her room, and the door was wide open. She thought she was alone in the house, because her father was at work and her brother was at baseball practice.

Brian was not at practice, however, as it got canceled due to probable rain in the afternoon. He came upstairs to his room, but in the hallway outside his sister’s room, he saw what she was doing and stopped to watch, fascinated with the sight of his sister in the nude.

Her fingers were busy rubbing the outside of her pussy, and he could smell her arousal. Her bare breasts were heaving with each breath.

She let out a low moan and whispered her brother’s name.

“Oh, Brian, yes, touch me right there!” She gasped, and Brian could hardly believe his ears.

“Tina, are you okay? “ he asked.

Her eyes flew open and she sat up, covering her breasts with both hands. All she really managed to hide were her nipples; her breasts were quite large. A big C cup was her bra size, when she deigned to wear one. They were very firm and stood up off her chest without any help, and she didn’t like the feeling of being constrained, so she usually didn’t wear one.

“Brian, what are you doing home?” she blurted out, shocked at being caught. “You’re supposed to be at practice!”

“It’s canceled.” He explained. “Are you okay? Do you need any help?”

“You want to help me?” she asked, surprised She felt a sudden gush of heat in her belly at the thought of her brother seeing her like this; of him touching her and making her come.

“Well, you said my name.” He told her, coming in to her room. “I'll help, if you’ll let me.”

“Okay.” She smiled. “What do you want to do?”

“Well, the first thing I want to do is get these pants off.” He said, unbuckling his belt. She could see a massive bulge in his underwear as he let his pants fall to the floor and stepped out of them.

“I want to see it.” Tina said hoarsely. “Take your underwear off, too!”

“Okay, but only if you don’t hide your breasts like that. I like looking at them.” He said. “They’re beautiful!”

She moved her hands away and let him look, so he pushed his jockey shorts down and exposed his 11 inch cock to his sister.

“Oh my god, it’s fuckin' HUGE!” she gasped. “Can I touch it?”

“Sure.” He said, coming closer. She reached out and took it in her fist, but couldn’t quite close her fingers around his massive girth.

“Can I touch you, too?” he asked, but didn’t wait for an answer. He reached down and began rubbing her pussy the same way he’d seen her doing it a few moments before.

“Mmm, that feels nice.” She moaned, opening her legs to give his hand more room. His middle finger found her opening and pushed inside.

“That’s where this is supposed to go in.” she said, giggling as she stroked his cock. “Do you think it will fit?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” He said. He got up on the bed with her, and lay down between her legs.

She still had her hand on it, and moved the head up and down over her pussy. When she had it at her opening, he thrust his hips forward a little and pushed it inside her.

She grunted as she felt herself stretching in an entirely new way, so he stopped, afraid he was hurting her.

“Are you okay?” he asked. She looked under at him and bit her lip, then nodded. “Ready for a little more?”

She nodded again, so he pushed it in some more.

“Holy shit, look at you two!” said a new voice. “Brian, you’re fucking your own sister!”

Brian leapt from the bed, and turned to see one of his best friends, Pete, standing in the doorway with a big, shit eating grin on his face. He also had his camera with him and was taking pictures of them.

“What are you doing here?” Brian asked, but then he remembered that he’d invited Pete over after practice had been canceled.

“Don’t stop on my account!” Pete grinned. “Go ahead and finish, or I’ll tell everyone we know what I saw here today. I’ll show them these shots of you fucking, too.”

“You want us to finish?” Tina asked, hiding her breasts again. “You want to take pictures of us while we do it?” She thought that being photographed in the act was the coolest thing she’d ever heard of. Both boys could hear the enthusiasm in her voice.

“I insist!” Pete said, still grinning. “I get to watch, or I’ll go tell!”

“Don’t tell anyone; don’t show the pictures around, and you can watch.” Brian agreed. Tina nodded her agreement as well.

“Cool, this will be better than any porno I’ve seen on the internet!” Pete said gleefully. “Go ahead, Brian, fuck her!”

Brian got back on the bed and opened up his sister’s legs, moving between them once more as Pete came into the room with them. He came right up to the edge of the bed, and was about to get on it with them, but Brian warned him off.

“That’s close enough, pal.” He growled. “Touch us and you die!”

“Okay, okay!” Pete assented. He was satisfied with the view he had, less than two feet away. He could see between Tina’s legs and Brian’s giant cock about to go inside of the girl’s pussy, and he could smell her juices clearly. He got several good shots of her pussy, close up like that.

Tina took his cock in hand and guided it into place, then Brian began pushing it in. This time, he speared her with a forceful shove and broke her cherry right away.

She grunted with the pain of it, but it passed rather quickly, and was replaced with a delicious friction as Brian began to fuck her, using half his length inside her.

“Give her more of it, Brian.” Pete said. “She can handle it.”

“Yes, give me more!” Tina exclaimed, wrapping her legs around Brian’s back and trying to pull more of him into her.

Brian obliged her, shoving the whole thing inside his little sister. Her pussy gripped him like a velvet glove, tighter and hotter than he could ever have imagined. As he stroked back and forth, he could feel himself getting close to coming, but he wanted to make sure that his sister came first.

He needn’t have worried; Tina came about three times while he was fucking her. The feeling of his huge cock stirring her guts was more than enough to bring her off several times. Brian held back as long as he could, but soon enough, his balls erupted.

He shot his was deep inside her, hosing her fertile womb with his potent sperm. Pete saw the white spunk flow out of her and pool between her asscheeks and took a lot of pictures of it.

“Hell yeah, dude! You fucking filled her to overflowing!” Pete crowed. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

Brian pulled out, and a lot more of his spend flowed out.

He got off the bed and turned to his friend. “Okay, Pete, you had your show. Now get out. Leave me alone with my sister.”

“Sure, I’ll go.” Pete agreed. “Thanks for letting me shoot it. That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” Pete left the house and immediately his cell phone began to ring.

Rating: 87%, Read 56115 times, Posted May 11, 2017

Fiction |


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