Dad dupes Daughter by pronos

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Dad Dupes Daughter

Chapter 1

"Dick, you must find a way to help me," complained Sarah to her husband. She felt she was fat and needed help to shape up.

Dick was happy his plan was working. He had deliberately made comments to give her that impression, that she was fat and needed to exercise to reduce her weight.

"You are not really that fat," said her husband, deliberately sounding unconvincing.

"Oh yes, I am! You yourself have said that many times," insisted Sarah. "I weigh 150 lbs! And my tits are so big!"

"But you are... well, perhaps a bit stout, but you have a very good figure. You have your waistline, a very buxom chest and shapely thighs for a 32 year-old. You are big-sized but very attractive and sexy."

"No, you are just saying that to please me. You have avoided having sex with me for a couple of months. I think it's because you think I'm fat."

"No, not really," Dick didn't want to deny completely. As much he desired her hot body for sex, he had deliberately abstained from having sex with her because he wanted his plan to work.

" Look at Angel, our daughter. She weighs only 120 lbs."

"But she has a buxom chest too, " said Dick.

"I know, she's only 16 but boasts of 38DD breasts. Probably she has inherited the gene from me."

"So, what's your worry?"

"But she weighs only 120 lbs and is so shapely, compared to me."

"But Angel is only 16 years old. You can't compare yourself to our daughter."

"But I want to shape up and try to be like her."

"You mean you envy our daughter?"

"Yes and No."

"What do you mean?"

"Yes, I envy Angel's beauty and body. She is so beautiful, so curvaceous, and has such a voluptuous body. I envy all that." Yes, Dick knew that his daughter was young, beautiful, sexy and voluptuous. That was why he had formulated a plan. He hoped it would work out well.

"But you also said, yes and no. What's the no all about?"

"At the same time, I don't envy her... in fact I'm proud to have such a gorgeous daughter. All her girl friends at school envy her... and the boys and male teachers at her school think she's the most beautiful and sexy girl."

"How do you know all that?"

"Remember, recently I was called by the school? They wanted to talk to me about Angel's studies?"


"That was when her class teacher told me about all this. She told me to keep an eye on our daughter because boys and men might seduce her into sex activities." Dick didn't want the boys and men to teach her sex. She was his daughter.

"Well, we don't have to worry about that. I'm sure she is a bright girl and knows how to look after herself."

"That's where you are wrong, Dick. The teacher told me that Angel may be the most beautiful and sexiest girl at school, but she isn't very clever in studies and in reasoning. "

"What do you mean?"

"The teacher said that Angel is very gullible and na?. She tends to easily believe what she is told without thinking much about the consequences." That suited Dick's plan.

"Really? A bit like you were when you were at school? Getting easily seduced by men?"

"Don't bring all that up now," retorted Sarah, a bit angrily. "Weren't you also at fault for seducing me, when I was only 15 years old?"

"But I've been honest and married you."

"Yes, I know, I thank you for that. But you can't blame me for the men before you. I was so young and men took advantage of my innocence and uncontrollable desire for sex."

"Do you think our daughter has inherited your uncontrollable desire for sex, as you say?"

"It is possible, Dick. That's why we have to be protective her."

"Yes, you are right. I must protect my daughter. She's all mine." He hoped Sarah didn't catch the real meaning behind his words.

"Now, coming back to the question of shaping up my figure. Do you think you can find out about some fitness centre that could help me... and Angel too?"

"Why Angel too. She has a perfect figure already."

"Yes, I know, but she could have inherited my gene to put on weight... and may become fat like me unless she exercises regularly."

Dick was happy his plan was working out as he had expected. This was an excellent opportunity for what had been on his mind for a while. And what had been on his mind was Angel, his daughter. During the last two years she had been developing into an exceptionally beautiful and shapely girl. He found her very sexy and her body very voluptuous. She possessed her mother's uncontrollable desire for sex, he thought. Unknown to Dick, this was true. Angel was hot, very hot. Frequently she got sexually aroused and many times she masturbated at night in her bed or in the bathroom to seek release.

Dick had worked out his plan mainly because of his lust for his daughter.

"Yes, Sarah. I think you may be right. You and Angel need to exercise. I'll talk to some friends who run fitness centres."

"Yes, Dick, please try your best. I need to shape up. I want to see whether I can get back my former figure which was like Angel's... so that we can have sex again." She didn't know that her husband had deliberately abstained from having sex with her to force this situation. In fact Sarah was a very shapely voluptuous woman hungering for sex.

Next day Dick talked to one of his good friends and formulated a scheme. It involved money, but Dick could afford it, and if the scheme worked it would be worth the money. So, in the evening, after dinner he brought up the subject when he was watching tv with his wife and daughter.

"Sarah, I've spoken to a friend about your need to join a fitness centre."

"Good. What did he say."

"He said he has special fitness programmes to help people to be fit and shapely, but they may be expensive since you and Angel want to exercise."

Angel asked, "Why, daddy? Why must I also exercise. I'm okay. Only mom is worried about her weight."

Her mother explained, "Angie, you could have inherited my tendency to put on weight. If you don't exercise to keep fit and shapely, you might grow fat and will regret later."

Angel's father added, "Yes, you might become as fat as Mrs Thompson." She was a very fat, ugly neighbour.

Angel shrieked, "YUK! OH NOOOOO!"

Her mother said, "Then you'd better exercise with me to keep your shape."

Angel happily agreed, "Yes, yes, I'd better. Daddy, please arrange the fitness programme for me also."

Her father said, "Well, I'll see what my friend tells me tomorrow."

The next day, Dick and his friend cooked up a so-called fitness scheme. When he returned from work, he informed his wife and daughter that the fitness specialist would be coming to the house later in the evening to talk to them.

After they had had dinner, the fitness specialist, Steve Cockrin, arrived. He spoke at length about his fitness programme "for fitness, enjoyment and shapeliness." Sarah asked several important questions. Some of the questions and answers went like this.

Sarah asked, "Do you mean the fitness programme will be different for each individual?"

"Yes, the fitness programme for you will be different from that for Angel for obvious reasons. You are older and heavier and need a programme to reduce your weight and re-shape your body... But Angel's needs are different. She needs a programme to maintain her excellent figure and develop her other potentials. That is why you two will have to come at different times."

Sarah asked, "You had said that a man will assist me to do the exercises."


"Can't my husband assist me?"

"No, first because he is not trained. Secondly I should take responsibility for my programme, and not a member of your family."

"But can my husband come and watch?"

"Definitely not. My fitness programmes are private and confidential. I don't want spectators who may copy my ideas."

"What about Angel's programme. Can her father be present."

"I'm sorry, no. Only our man will assist her."

"Why can't I and Angel have women to assist us? Why must the assistants be men?"

"The fitness programmes are such that only men will be suitable."

After a few more questions Sarah said, "All right Mr. Cockin, we will let you know tomorrow."

"All right, Mrs. Kant, I hope to hear from you tomorrow. I strongly advice you and your daughter to come for my fitness programmes. By the way, my name is Cock-rin, and not Cock-in."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Cock - rin."

When Mr. Cockrin left, Dick was relieved. The bluff that he and his friend had cooked up came through clean. Sarah was in for some surprises but, knowing her, he knew she would be a willing victim.

After Mr. Cockrin left, Sarah said, "I'll take the programme. I think I'll need it."

Angel said enthusiastically, "Yes mom, I too want to take the programme. I don't want to become fat like Mrs Thompson next door."

Unknown to the females, Dick's plan was to get Sarah away from the house for a couple of hours each day so that he can open up opportunities for himself with his young hot daughter.

So he objected, "No Angel, I don't want you to take the programme."

"Dad, why? You yourself told me that I need to exercise to keep fit and shapely."

"Yes, I know. But this programme is dangerous for you."

"What do you mean?"

"You see, you are supposed to be assisted by a man and do the exercise in private. With your beauty and exceptionally voluptuous teenage body, the man might be tempted to seduce you. No, you don't take this programme."

"Dad, how can you say that? What about mom? She will also exercise with a man. How is it it's okay for her?"

Her father explained, "Your mom is older and... she needs the programme more urgently... moreover she's experienced enough to take care of herself. You are too young and innocent. No, not for you."

Angel appealed to her mother, "Mom, please talk to dad. Persuade him to let me also take a fitness programme."

Her mother said, "No, Angel. I think your father is right. You are too young and too sexy... I don't think any man can resist the temptation to seduce you. We better not take that risk." Dick was happy that his wife supported him.

"But mom, if I don't exercise now I may become fat."

Her father added, "But now you are absolutely fine in beauty and shape. So, there is no urgency for exercise now."

A very disappointed Angel started crying and ran up to her room.

"Dick, why don't you go and talk to her. Explain to her that our decision is for her good."

Saying, "Okay," Dick went to his daughter's room. He found her lying face down on her bed, sobbing. He closed the door and approached the bed. His daughter's curvaceous body excited him. Her tight blue jeans fitted snugly to her magnificent shapely thighs and buttocks. Her admired her beautiful back for a while and said, "Angel, my darling."

"Go away, daddy. You don't love me."

He went and sat beside her and placing his right hand on her right shoulder said, "Angel, I'm sorry. I do love you, darling."

"Then why? Why you won't allow me to keep fit? You would if you care for me."

"Do you really want to do fitness exercise?" He wanted to put his plan to trap her.

There was a ray of hope that her father might agree. So, Angel rolled over on to her back and asked, "Yes daddy, I want to very much. I don't want to become fat like Mrs. Thompson."

Angel was wearing a loose blouse but because she was lying on her back the blouse fitted itself around her body. Her chest bulged upwards, her blouse clung itself around her massive 38DD tits and falling away to her flat tummy and curvy hips. Dick took in the exciting body of his daughter as he looked her in the eyes. Her face was wet with tears.

Smiling lovingly Dick gently wiped away her tears from her young tender cheeks, and said, "I'll find a way for you to do the exercises, darling."

A gentle smile broke over the lovely teenager's face. "Really, daddy? You mean I can join the fitness programme?"

"Yes and No. I'll explain my plan to you tomorrow. We must keep this secret. Meanwhile we'll let your mother believe that you have accepted her decision not to do the exercise."

"I don't understand, daddy."

"We'll talk about it tomorrow. Your mother might hear us now. For now, just tell your mother that you respect her concern for you and that you've accepted our decision not to join the fitness programme."

"All right, daddy." Angel smiled. She raised herself and gave her father a hug saying, "Thank you, daddy, I love you."

Her father hugged her, conscious of her big breasts pressing against his chest, and said, "I love you too, darling." Dick was happy that his plans were working out the way he wanted. Then they went downstairs to meet Sarah.

Sarah was happy to see her daughter relaxed and smiling.

"Has your father explained to you, darling?"

Angel rushed to her mother and giving her a big hug said, "Yes, mom. I understand your concern for me. I won't join the fitness programme, mom."

"That's a good girl."

The next day Dick made arrangements for Sarah to go to Mr.Cockrin's place at 8 pm for her first lesson. When she arrived there, she was greeted by Mr. Cockrin and they sat on the sofa in the living room.

"Today, we won't start any lesson but get our agreements signed."

"Okay, Mr.Cockin."

"I'm Cockrin... not Cockin, Mrs Kant."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Now, for how long do you want the fitness programme?"

"How long is your programme normally?"

"The lessons would be two-hour lessons everyday from Monday till Friday for 3 weeks in a month. Then you should have a break to coincide with your monthly problems. Then after your period, we continue for another three weeks and so on."

"So, it's only about 3 weeks in a month?"


"How do you charge?"

"It's $5000 per month."

"It's expensive."

"I know, but you will enjoy it. But I can give you discount if you take for six months."

"How much?"

"$5000 for first month and $1000 only for each of the subsequent months."

"That will be $10 000 for 6 months."

"Yes, but if you pay now, I can give further reduction."

"How much?"

"$8000 for 6 months. That's a real bargain. Otherwise at $5000 per moth one has to pay $30 000 for 6 months."

"In that case, I'll pay now for 6 months." She took out her checkbook and wrote out a check for $8000." Sarah did not know that this money would be returned to her husband because he had already paid Mr. Cockrin to get his wife into this so called "exercise" scheme.

Then she signed the agreement forms without much reading it through. She was given a copy.

Then Mr. Cockrin made a phone call and an elderly lady came in to take measurements to make special clothes for the exercises.

"Since we'll start lessons from tomorrow only, I'd like to show a tape of women who had taken my fitness programmes and had benefited."

Mr. Cockrin showed a tape of beautiful women, first there were a string of gorgeous models, then a number of beauty queens and finally the tape showed beautiful actresses. He told Sarah that all the women she had seen had taken his fitness programmes. Gullible Sarah believed the lie. And was impressed.

"There is one more tape... but I don't think you"ll want to see that," said Mr. Cockrin.

"Why, Mr. Cockin?" She realized her name slip and added, "Mr.Cock... rin, I mean." She had to pause after Cock to get the rin correct.

"Because this tape shows some of the women who became so beautiful and shapely that they became porn stars. I'm sure you wouldn't want to see them. Some women like to see them but I don't think you dare to see them, Mrs. Kant."

Sarah did not want Mr. Cockrin to think that she was not as daring as the other women. "Well, I'm an adult. So I suppose I can see them."

"All right then. It may have some naughty scenes... since they are porn stars... I hope you don't mind... ignore them... just see how beautiful the women have become after taking my fitness programmes."

The tape showed young women about Sarah's age in skimpy clothes hugging and kissing men, then the scenes showed them being hugged and kissed by naked men, then she saw scenes where the men sucked the tits of the women, then there were scenes where the women sucked big cocks. Sarah was very aroused by then. She felt too shy to continue in front of Mr. Cockrin.

"All right Mr. Cockrin, that's enough. I know... they are beautiful."

He stopped the tape and said, "Yes, better... the rest are love making scenes... some very wild ones... if you still want to see them I can lend the tape to you... you can see it at home."

"No, thanks, Mr. Cockin... I mean, Cock... rin." She just couldn't get his name right. Cockin sounded so vulgar!

Sarah got up to go home. Mr Cockrin said, "I've to ask you one more thing."

"What's that, Mr. Cock... rin." Yes, she got it right now.

"You need a male partner for the fitness exercise. Any preference?"

"What do mean?"

"You see, I have several groups of men, of different ages and professions. Some are older men, some young men, some college boys and some are even school boys. They all have been interviewed and put through physical tests to make sure they are good looking and physically in top condition. Do you have any special preference?"

"What do you recommend for me?"

"I have a group of 18 and 19 year olds. College boys who need extra money. They are handsome and being members of the football team are in excellent physical condition."

"They are young."

"Yes, but during the interview I found them to have a fondness for beautiful young women between the ages of 30 and 36. You are 32, so these boys will be good for you."

"What do you mean?"

"They will like you and help you to exercise enjoyably." Sarah thought that there was some suggestiveness in the words of Mr. Cockrin. And it excited her.

"But you said I need only one male partner."

"Yes, at any one time. I recommend that you exercise with a new boy each day. A new partner each time can inject freshness in excitement."

"So, you recommend that an 18 year old boy will be good for me?"

"Yes, to start with. Later, if you would like older men, I can arrange for you."

"I don't think I would like old men."

"No, Mrs. Kant. I wouldn't recommend very old men for you, but there is a group of truck drivers between the ages of 30 and 40."

"They'll be rough men."

"No, not really. I have selected them for their rugged attractiveness and muscular physique. I would recommend that you to try them sometime. They should be good for you also." How suggestive his words, thought Sarah.

"I think I'll start with an 18 year-old first." All this talk of boys and men was exciting Sarah.

"All right, but I cannot guarantee though. You see, my boys and men are in great demand by other women. So, while I try my best to get the person you want, I may be forced to provide you with someone else. I hope you understand that."

"Yes, I do. I leave the choice of my partner to you."

" But remember that everything that we say and do here must be confidential. That's part of the agreement you have signed. Not even your husband and daughter should be told anything. You have signed an oath to that effect in the agreement form."

"All right, Mr. Cock... rin."

" All right, I'll see you tomorrow evening at 8 pm."

Sarah thanked Mr. Cockrin and left for home.

Now we pick up the story at an earlier time of the evening when Sarah left the house to go to Mr. Cockrin's place. As soon as she left Dick went up to his daughter's room to talk to her. He found her in her silk pajamas. She looked as beautiful as always and greeted her father eagerly.

"Yes, daddy... please come in. You said you wanted to tell me something."

Dick's eyes roamed, as if casually, all over his daughter's gorgeous body. The silk pajamas covered her body but did not hide her sexy curves and bulging chest.

Having succeeded in sending his wife to a friend's house where she will be taken care of, Dick started to put his scheme into action. He started to tell his daughter a tall story about the fitness exercises so as to suit his design to enjoy his daughter.

"Yes, darling. I have good news for you... about your fitness exercises."

"You mean I can join Mr. Cockrin's fitness programme."

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"You can't go to Mr. Cockrin's place. Your mother won't allow that, you know."

"So, what are we going to do?"

"You see, when your mother goes to Mr. Cockrin's place, you can do the exercises here in the house. So your mother won't know about it."

"But how can Mr. Cockrin be in two places at the same time?"

He lied, "No, he won't be here but after much persuasion and a lot of money, he has agreed to show me how the exercises are done so that I can get you to do them here."

"Oh that's very good. How much did you have to pay him, daddy?"

"$50 000. It's a lot of money."

"Oh daddy, you shouldn't pay so much, just for exercises."

" I've already paid him the money."

"Oh daddy, why?"

"Because you want it so much. When I saw you cry last night, my heart ached painfully. I love you, darling. So, I'm prepared to pay any amount of money to make my lovely daughter happy."

"Oh daddy, that's so nice to hear."

"So do you agree to do the exercises here? It's second best I know, but it is better than nothing."

"Mr. Cockrin had said that I'll need a male partner. Will he send one here?"

"No darling. That will cost another $50 000."

"So, what are we going to do, daddy?"

"How about me, your father, as your partner?"

"But you are not trained in the activities, daddy."

"Every day during lunch break, I'll go to Mr. Cockrin's office. He will show be a tape of the exercises for the day. And I'll get you to do them in the evening when mom's away." That was how Dick planned to enjoy his daughter.

"Oh, I see."

" So, is it all right? Will you accept me as your partner? You better agree, darling. Otherwise I'll lose all the money that I've already paid. It is non-refundable."

"Oh daddy, of course I'm happy that you will be my partner. I'm sure you are better than a stranger. And you'll be more caring."

Dick was happy that his scheme was working out nicely. "Thank you, darling."

"Oh daddy, I'm the one who has to thank you." His daughter hugged him thankfully, giving him a kiss on the cheek. This was the first time for several years that his daughter had kissed him. Dick could feel the big firm breasts press and rub excitingly against his chest.

He too hugged her and kissed her on the lovely young cheek. "I love you, Angel. I really do. Thank you for the hug and kiss."

"Oh daddy, I love you too." His daughter gave him another hug and another kiss to which he responded by kissing her tender cheeks.

Unknown to Angel, her father's manhood was swelling into erection inside his tight brief. The physical contact with her father was giving Angel a warm happy feeling... They parted, laughing softly. Dick hoped his daughter wouldn't notice his flush of sexual excitement.

"One Mrs Brown is supposed to come at 9 to take your measurements."

"Why, daddy?"

"To make and buy suitable dresses that you are supposed to wear for your exercises."

Just then the doorbell rang. Mrs. Brown was invited in and she followed Angel to her bedroom to take her measurements. Then she left.

"Daddy, thank you for taking so much trouble to help me keep fit."

"You are most welcome, darling. I'll do all I can to help my beautiful daughter to keep fit and maintain her wonderful body."

"Oh daddy, that's nice to hear. I've heard others praise my beauty but they don't give me as much thrill as your praise. It's nice to know my own loving father is saying that I'm beautiful and that my body is wonderful."

"Can daddy then praise you often?"

"Of course you can, daddy. I'll only be thrilled to hear compliments."

Dick approached his daughter and cupping her lovely face said, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world!"

Angel smiled happily and saying, "Thank you, daddy," kissed her father on the cheek and hugged him once more. Her father hugged back, kissing her soft cheeks several times, and enjoying her hot body against his body.

"I love you, Angel. I love you very much. Thank you for your hugs and kisses, thank you, darling... thank you... thank you... I'm grateful to you... thank you..." Dick's manhood was throbbing gently.

Angel was very touched by her father's words of thanks. "You don't have to thank me for hugging and kissing you, daddy. I'm your daughter. You can hug me anytime you want to. I love you very much also, daddy. "

"Really, darling? I've been afraid that you might not like me to hug and kiss you."

"If you long to be hugged, just tell me. I'll hug and kiss you... on the cheek. Okay?" Angel smiled happily at her father.

"Thank you, beautiful," said her father.

"Yes, I mean that, daddy. Here, let me give you another hug and kiss." Angel wrapped her arms around her father and hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. She was very happy that her father had arranged the exercises for her.

"When you hug me, can I hug you back, darling?"

"Of course, daddy, it takes two to hug. I'll be disappointed if you don't hug me."

So, they hugged. Angel was feeling some strange warmth in her body which she didn't realize was sexual arousal. Dick's manhood was of course bloated and throbbing fiercely as his daughter's sexy body rubbed against his body.

Then they sat down to watch tv while they waited for Sarah to return. It was a family film and there was a scene where the father gives his teenage daughter a kiss, a short loving one, on the mouth.

"Daddy, is it all right for a father to kiss his daughter on the mouth?"

"Of course, it's okay darling, especially if they love and care for each other very much. It's a natural expression of love."

"Do you love me and care for me very much?"

"Yes, of course, darling. You are the one I love most dearly in life."

"Then, why haven't you kissed me on the mouth."

"I've been longing to kiss you on the mouth for a long time... for years in fact. But I've been afraid that you may not like it, darling. Afraid that you don't love and care for me as much as I care for "

"Oh daddy! I do love you most dearly. I do care for you most dearly."

"Then, will you kiss me on the mouth? Can daddy kiss you on the mouth?"

"Of course! Oh daddy, I love you." Angel leaned over and kissed her father on the mouth and sat back smiling, "There, I have kissed you... on the mouth."

"Now, let me kiss you," said her father and kissed her on the mouth. The two mouth kisses were quick ones but they had made important breakthroughs. Dick was aroused by the possibilities that the mouth kissing could open up.

Just then there was a lover's type of kissing scene on the tv. A long passionate kiss.

"Angel, look at this kissing scene. It's a long and deep kiss... see how they do it."

"Yes, daddy." Angel knew that this was a kiss of lovers.

"Yes, darling, this is different from the short kisses that we exchanged a moment ago."

"Why, daddy? What's the difference?"

Her father explained, "A short kiss is merely an expression of love and care but a long and deep is a true experience of love and care."

"What do you mean by experience of love and care, daddy?"

"When I gave you a short kiss on your mouth a while ago, did you feel anything in your body?"

"I think no, daddy."

"You are right. I too didn't feel anything when you gave me a quick kiss on my mouth. Because what we did was merely to express our love and care. But if we really want to give our love and care to each other we must do more than that."

"What must we do, daddy?"

"We must kiss in such a way that our bodies experience our love and care for each other."

"And how do we do that, daddy?"

"By kissing long and deep... by hugging and caressing our bodies while we kiss... by sucking at our mouths... by exchanging tongues in our mouths... by sucking each other's tongue... that is, by kissing like the lover's did on tv just now."

"But daddy, we are not lovers. How can we kiss like that?"

"We ARE lovers, darling. I love you, so I'm your lover... now you tell me, do you love me?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Then you are my lover. Don't you see? Lovers merely mean two people who love each other."

"You mean we are lovers?"

"Yes, if we are not then you don't love me."

"Oh daddy, I do love you... very much."

"And I too love you very much, darling. That's why I say we are lovers. Do you agree?"

"Yes, daddy... I never saw it that way before." Innocent Angel believed what her father had said.

"You haven't seen it that way because you are young and still learning about a lot of things."

"Yes, daddy, you must teach me."

"I'm willing, darling. For a start you must learn to kiss in such a way that we, as father and daughter, experience our love for each other."

"Why haven't you taught me all this earlier, daddy?"

"In fact I've been longing to kiss you like that for years but I wasn't sure you were ready for it. Your mother too wouldn't have approved?"

"Why, daddy?"

"Probably she would have become jealous because I would have wanted to kiss you more often than her. She might think that I love you more than her. So we mustn't hug and kiss in her presence."

"All right, daddy, we won't do it in front of her."

"That's a good girl. But can daddy hug and kiss you often... whenever I like?"

"Yes, but only in private when mom is not around."

"Thank you, darling. Now, what about this long and deep kissing?"

"What about it, daddy?"

"Do you know how to do it?"

"I have never kissed on the mouth before daddy. Even the quick kiss I gave you on the mouth earlier was my first experience."

"Do you like to learn?"

"Learn what, daddy?"

"How to kiss long and deep... so that our bodies can experience our love for each other."

"Yes, daddy."

"Let's stand up... we have to embrace and hug nicely first."

They got up and Dick took his daughter's hand and slowly drew her gorgeous sexy teenage body towards his. He held her by the hips and drawing her hips against his, said, " Bring your hips against daddy's, darling... yes press against daddy's body... that's right..." Dick's manhood throbbed and swelled.

"Now bring your chest against daddy's..." Her father kept watching her bulging chest as it drew closer to his chest.

"Press your chest against daddy's chest. Shyly Angel did that. Her father embraced her and caressing her back smiled at her.

Just then the door bell rang, "Rrriiinnnngggg... rrriiiiinnnggg..."

"Mom is here, daddy."

"All right, darling, I'll teach you how to kiss tomorrow."

They separated and went to open the door for Sarah. Sarah looked happy and told them that her fitness exercise would start from the next day and that was why she was back early.

The next day was a day of great anticipation for Dick. He had everything planned for the evening; plans that would allow him to enjoy his voluptuous daughter's company.

As soon as Sarah left the house at 7.30 pm to go to Mr. Cockrin's place for her fitness lessons, Dick called his daughter into the living room to talk to her.

Angel was in her pink silk pajamas, the pants and blouse-like top accentuated her voluptuous full shapely figure. Of course she was wearing her panty and bra. The under-sized cloth bra was filled to bursting by her 38DD tits. They pushed brazenly against her pajama top.

Angel was surprised at the way her father was dressed. Usually he was fully dressed in front of her. But today he was half-naked. He was bare from waist upwards. He was wearing only his pajama bottom and it displayed very clearly his bulge. The bulge was big and evident in spite of his brief. Angel couldn't help taking note of her father's broad bare chest and his obvious bulge. Angel felt a bit embarrassed to see her father half-naked. The bulge in particular drew her eyes often. But her father appeared normal.

"Angel, come and sit here," he said, indicating the couch which he had placed close in front of his own couch.

"Daddy, let me pull back the couch... it's too close to you."

"No, darling. I've purposely pulled your couch close to mine. I like to sit close to my daughter."

"But our legs will be in the way, daddy."

"No, you sit with your legs between my legs."

The lovely sexy teenager sat in front of her father. Her bent knees were between his spread open thighs. He was exposing his bulging loins area. In fact Angel's knees were close to her father's bulge and she realized that and felt shy.

"Yes, daddy, what news have you for me?"

"It's all set, darling. We can start your first lesson now." Her father placed his hands on her knees as he spoke.

"Oh daddy, that's wonderful. Have you found out how it's done?"

"Yes. Let me explain what happened today. During lunchtime I went to Mr.Cockrin's office. He gave me the dresses you are to wear for the exercises today. Then he showed me a tape of a man and a girl doing the exercises of the first lesson. We are to do the exercises like that." All were lies. In truth they were all his own ideas.

"Good, daddy. That means we can do it now."

"Yes, but before that, let me tell you what else he had said." Her father's hands remained on her knees, gently caressing them. Angel's eyes dropped for a moment onto her father's bulge near her knees.

Quickly she raised her eyes to look at her father. "What did he say, daddy?"

"You see, there are three important things about the exercises."

"What are they, daddy?"

"First, you are to wear clothes that will give your body some exposure. Your flesh and skin must get much fresh air to improve their tone and freshness. So, some clothes may be a bit daring. I hope you don't mind." Angel saw her father looking at her chest, his hands gently squeezing her knees.

"I don't mind, daddy, if it improves my skin appearance." Her own eyes looked at her father's bare chest.

"Good, I'm proud of your attitude. I've always longed to see you in daring clothes."

"You seem to have longed for a lot of things, daddy." Angle looked directly into her father's eyes with a cheeky smile. They laughed and for a moment her knees pressed against her father's bulge. Angel quickly withdrew her knees.

"Yes, darling, because you are a very beautiful daughter. (Her father caressed her face to indicate that she was beautiful). You are also well built (his hands ran down the sides of her upper body and pointed to her chest area)." His hands then went back to her knees, a bit higher up this time.

"What's the second, daddy?" Angel was feeling a bit aroused with the way her father was looking at her and the way he was touching her body and legs.

"It's exercise for your body... for muscles, nerves, joints etc... for your chest (he pointed to her chest)... for your thighs (his hands ran up and down both her thighs)... to improve your fitness and stamina for physical activities." Angel didn't understand what physical activities her father had meant.

"What's the third?" her father's hands stopped midway on her thighs.

"The third is the most important... it has multi-functions." He seemed excited and moved forward so that Angel's knees were unavoidably pressed into his bulge. Then her father sat back as before. Angel was feeling uneasy because she was feeling things.

"What are we to do, daddy?"

"Together we are to do exercises that will excite and stimulate your body (his eyes were on her chest)... and make you enjoy the stimulation (his hands caressed her mid-thighs)." Angel saw her father's eyes drop for a moment to her loins as his hands caressed her thighs. Luckily her thighs were together and didn't give her father much of a view.

Angel was surprised by the words "excite and stimulate your body". In fact her father's hands were already stimulating her. "Why must we do that, daddy?"

"So that your body will produce happy and healthy hormones... the right hormones. From now onwards we'll call these right hormones RH. This RH is said to keep your body healthy and shapely. It seems the more stimulation your body gets (her father's hands caressed her thighs again as his eyes looked into her eyes), the more RH it will produce... and the more shapely your body will become." His eyes fleeted over her huge chest.

Dick's manhood was already bloated inside his brief with the mere thoughts of stimulating his daughter's voluptuous teenage body. In his excitement he opened out his thighs wider. This made his bulge more visible. Angel noticed her father's thighs opening out and her eyes dropped to her father's bulge for a moment. And Angel was thinking over what her father had said about stimulating her body.

"But daddy, can't we just do the physical exercise and leave out the stimulation part?"

"No darling. Physical exercises alone will build up muscles and make you look like a body builder. The sexy shapeliness, the type of body you now have, will not be maintained and developed. For that we need the body to produce RH."


"Yes, that's what Mr. Cockrin has said. He also said that women who like and enjoy stimulation are also the shapely ones. The reverse is also true... that shapely girls like and enjoy stimulation. The two go together and are inter-dependent."

"I see." Innocent and gullible Angel believed her father. Moreover her own condition seemed to confirm what her father had said. She often got sexually stimulated, and this must have produced RH. That was why she was shapely, she thought.

Her father again ran his hands along the sides of her upper body and then along her full shapely thighs as he asked, " So, do you want to remain very shapely and sexy... like you are now?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Then you must get stimulated, the more the better, says Mr. Cockrin."

Angel was a little worried about the stimulation part. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to get stimulated in front of her father? And how was the stimulation to take place? Is her father to be involved in any way? Oh God!

"Daddy, is it possible to cancel the programme?"

"Can darling, but I'll lose $50 000 which I've already paid to Mr.Cockrin. Do you want me lose that money?"

"No, daddy."

"Why, darling? I thought you were very keen for this fitness programme. Why don't you want it now?"

"No, daddy. I want the programme but... but..."

"But what darling?"

"It's just that... doing the things you said, especially with you... I... I..."

"Why, darling? Do you mean you don't want me to be your partner? Because you don't like me?"

"Oh, daddy! No, no... I do like you... very much..." Her father's bulge seemed to draw her eyes once more. The bulge was very obvious.

"If you like me enough you should agree to do the exercise with me, darling... but if you still don't want to, never mind... I'll tell Mr. Cockrin tomorrow to cancel the programme. "

"But you'll lose $50 000, daddy."

"Yes, but never mind. I only want what you want... because I love you more than anything in the world." Her father appeared very disappointed. "It's just that I feel disappointed." Her father took his hands away from her thighs.

Angel felt guilty. She felt sorry for her father. How could she be so unkind to her father? After all, what he was doing was all for her good.

"I'm sorry, daddy. I will do the exercises... with you as partner."

"But are you sure? I don't want you to start reluctantly and stop after a few lessons."

"No, daddy, I won't stop. I'll go all the way."

"Promise?" Her father took both her hands in his hands, in an expression of thanks.

"Yes, daddy, I promise," said Angel smiling.

"That's good! (her father placed both her palms flat on his spread open thighs and held her palms there). I want my darling daughter to remain beautiful and shapely." Her father's eyes again travelled all over her body... her chest, thighs and loins.

"All right, daddy, I promise to do the exercise with you." Her own eyes roamed quickly over her father's bulge. Oh God! It's bigger than before!

"Oh, I'm so happy. I'll do the best I can... as a father... to stimulate you as much as possible. Let daddy hug and kiss you to thank you." Her father got up. His big bulge was for a moment at her face level, inches away. Angel smiled and got up also.

As Angel waited for her father to kiss her, her father said, "One more thing, darling."

"What's that, daddy?"

"Remember, yesterday I was about to teach you how to kiss long and deep? When your mother came in and interrupted?"

"Yes, daddy." In fact Angel had been thinking about it the whole day.

"Let daddy teach you now. But before I teach you, can I ask you for something?"

"Yes, daddy, you can."

"Remember, you've said that we can hug and kiss anytime I like?"

"Oh daddy! Of course, I remember," said Angel smiling at her handsome father. "Eager to hug me, right?" teased Angel.

"Yes, darling but I want us to experience our love when we hug and kiss."

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"When we hug and kiss we must exchange our love for each other... so, we must kiss the way I'm going to teach you to. Okay?"

Smiling, Angel said, "Okay, daddy."


"Yes, I promise..."

"Let daddy now teach you how to kiss."

Her father placed his left hand on her right hip and said, "Come close and press this part of yours ( with his right hand he pointed to his daughter's frontal region below the hips, effectively her loins area)... yes, this part... press it against daddy here (he pointed to his frontal region below his hips, effectively his bulging loins area.) "

Angel moved her lower body against her father's. "Okay, daddy?"

"Not quite, come closer... (he pulled her at the hips)... make contact with daddy... yes, that's right... ( he pressed her loins area against his bulge)... press tightly against daddy... good... that's the way... (his hands cupped her buttocks and pulled her tight against his loins)... now keep your lower part pressed against daddy."

The way her loins were pressed against her father's big hard bulge excited the young girl. Angel knew that their body contact was a bit sexual. But how could she tell her father off?

Putting his left arm around his daughter's exciting body, Dick said, "Now press your chest, yes this big beautiful chest of yours (with his eyes he indicated her bulging tits)... yes, darling, press your lovely chest against your father's chest."

Angel pressed her bulging chest of tits against her father's chest and said, smiling, "Daddy, must we hug like this?"

"Yes, darling... otherwise our bodies will not experience our love. All right, darling?"

"All right, daddy." His daughter put her arms around his body.

"Are you experiencing something already?"

Angel just nodded, feeling her father's bulge rubbing against her and exciting her.

With his left hand he held her tight against his body. With his right hand he caressed her cheeks and cupping her face by the chin area he said, "Now, let me kiss you on the mouth... gently open your lovely lips."

Angel gently parted her full moist sexy lips. "Yes, that's good... when I place my lips on yours and kiss, you also kiss back, a sort of sucking kiss... do as I do, darling." Angel nodded.

Dick slowly kissed his daughter, pressing his big lips against her soft succulent lips and sucked gently. After a few seconds, he spoke into her warm mouth, "Kiss back, darling... kiss back the way I've kissed you."

Angel now kissed her father the way he had kissed her. She slowly sucked her father's lips and together they mashed their mouths and kissed. She felt her father's hands caressing her back and drawing her body tightly against his. Her big tits, through her pajama top, were rubbing against her father's chest.

"Rub your lower body against daddy, darling," urged her father. Lower body must mean her loins, Angel realized. Slowly she rubbed her loins against her father's loins, against his bulge. Angel was aroused by the body contact and by the kissing.

"Oh God! You learn fast, darling" Then he continued to hug and kiss her, sucking her soft sweet lips again and again while his manhood throbbed heatedly inside his brief. And after a while they separated.

"Do you like kissing like this, darling?" Shyly, Angel nodded.

"But there's some more, darling. Let daddy teach you. Come let's embrace as before."

Her father again drew her sexy body against his body. "Yes, darling, press your lower part against daddy and while we kiss keep rubbing gently against daddy." Gently Angel ground her body against her father's bulge. She knew that that was what her father wanted her to do.

"Good, yes that's good. Your body will experience daddy's love. Now, press your lovely chest against daddy. Yes, like that... that's good... you can also rub your chest against daddy's chest." His left hand held her tightly as he cupped her chin around the mouth with his right hand.

"Now let us use our tongues to explore our mouths." Her father slipped his long fat tongue inside her young warm wet mouth and licked all the inside of her mouth. It was exciting, thought Angel.

After a while he said, "Now use your tongue to explore daddy's mouth." Angel did just that. She slipped her young sweet tongue into her father's warm mouth and licked as much of the inside as possible. As she did that she felt her father rubbing his body against hers. She could feel his bulging loins against her body.

Then her father said, "This time keep your tongue inside for daddy to suck your tongue."

Again Angel slipped her lovely tongue into her father's mouth which he now sucked and sucked and sucked, trying to draw the whole of her tongue into his eager sucking mouth. Angel was excited. When her father next slipped his tongue into her mouth she knew what to do. She sucked her father's tongue as vigorously as her mouth could manage.

Both of her father's hands were rubbing her back and pulling her body tightly against his body. They kept exchanging their tongues in their mouths and sucking and kissing. Angel was sexually aroused. Her whole voluptuous young body was squirming and writhing against her father's body. She felt good but was also worried.

Her father didn't seem to want to stop. And Angel was getting very, very aroused. So finally, after quite a while, Angel broke the kiss and said, "Yes, daddy... I now know how to kiss... to give love."

Her father reluctantly released her. Shyly Angel stood away from her father and lowered her eyes. She saw her father's pajama bottom spotting a huge bulge!

Her father asked, "I'm glad you learnt very fast how to kiss to give love. I experienced your love in my body. Did you experience daddy's love in your body?"

All she knew was that she was wildly aroused. But she nodded a yes, shyly. That might be what her father had meant by experiencing love. Young and innocent as she was, how could she doubt what her father had said?

"This is the way I've been longing to kiss you. Do you like kissing like this, darling? "

How could she say no after all the good things her father had said about kissing like this to exchange love? So, she nodded, smiling.

Angel looked at her father's bare chest. With his pajama bottom spotting a huge bulge, he said, "Come then, let's kiss again. Bring your body (pointing to her loin area) and press against daddy here (pointing to his bulging loin area). Let's hug and kiss again... since you like it."

In spite of her innocence Angel knew that this would only get her and her father more excited sexually. So she tried to stall the kiss. "Next time, daddy, I hope you don't mind? Otherwise we may not have time to do the exercise before mom comes back."

"All right, darling. We'll hug and kiss afterwards... to exchange our love... now you know how to do it properly. Would you like that, Angel? Kiss again afterwards?"

How could she say No? Shyly she nodded, and to change the subject she asked, "How about doing the exercises, daddy?" She didn't know that it was going to get wilder.

"All right. We have to wear the attire for the exercises. They are in my office bag in my study. I'll go and get them."

"Where are we going to do the exercises? Here in the living room?"

"No, darling. In the bedroom."

"In whose bedroom, daddy? Yours or mine?"

"We won't do things in my bedroom. If anything is messed up, your mother might notice and become curious. Remember, we are not to let her know about the exercises."

"Oh yes, you are right."

So, we'll do in your bedroom, darling."

"Is my bedroom suitable enough?"

"Yes, darling. You have all the necessary furniture, a big dressing table mirror and another big ceiling mirror above your bed. We can watch ourselves in the mirror as we do the exercises."

"Yes, that will be nice."

" And, most important of all you have a very good bouncy big bed. We specially bought it for you last year since we love you very much."

"But I thought mom was against buying the bed?"

"Yes, but I insisted on buying it for you. I've been hoping for an opportunity like this." Angel wondered what connection the bed would have with the exercises.

Her father got his office bag and as he approached her, Angel could see his bulge swaying under his pajama bottom. They went up to Angel's bedroom. Angel was feeling shy to take her father to her bedroom because of the way he was dressed.

Dick followed his daughter from behind. She was a gorgeous sight from behind also. The silk pajama bottom clung lovingly to her lovely round buttocks and shapely thighs. His brief was filled full by his swollen manhood.

In the bedroom Dick said, "Remove your pajama top and bra... after that I'll give you the top to wear for the exercise."

Angel said, "Turn around, daddy." Her father obeyed her.

Facing her father's back, Angel removed the pajama top and bra and gave them to her father who extended his hand behind him. Her huge breasts stood out boldly, round and firm and gorgeous. Why shouldn't they? After all they were 38DD tits.

"Give me the blouse, daddy." When she received it, Angel saw that there was no bra but only a short tube top. "Where's the bra, daddy?"

"No bra, darling. Remember, the exercises require your body to have freedom to move... that includes your chest area... so, no bra, darling. Just put on the tube top." What could she do but obey?

The tube was a small one, just wide enough to cover her two huge breasts. It covered her huge breasts loosely but did not conceal them completely. The fabric was utterly thin. Her pinkish-reddish nipples and aureoles were visible! Oh God! They were! But Angel knew that she couldn't refuse to wear that top.

"What next, daddy. "

"Remove your pajama bottom and panty and give them to me."

She did. Her father then handed to her the short hot pants to wear. "Where's the underwear, daddy?"

"No darling, no underwear. Just wear the pants."

Angel got into the short hot pants. It was really short, very short., just about covering her lovely buttocks and loins. It was made of thin stretchable white fabric that clung like second skin to her buttocks and frontal loins region. There were no seems in front or back. She bent down to look. The fabric clung to her flesh so intimately that her pubic mound was clearly outlined, including her cunt lips and slit. Oh God!

Angel looked at herself in the mirror. Because of the revealing top and small skin-like hot pants, she looked like naked!

"Daddy, must I wear like this?"

Her father turned around and looked eagerly all over her gorgeous body. He loved the way the thin tube top and skin-like short hot pants increased her sexy voluptuous appearance.

He lied, "Yes, darling... that's the way Mr. Cockrin wants you to wear for today's exercise." He looked happily at her breasts and loins and added, " But you are gorgeous, darling... you have a superb body!"

"Thank you, daddy. That's nice of you to say."

"Now, you turn around while I change into my attire. I'm your partner, remember?" Angel turned her back to her father.

After a while her father said, "All right, Angel. I'm ready."

Angel turned around and was shocked by what she saw. Her father wore a short shorts similar to hers. It was short, it was white and it was thin and it was very stretchable. It clung to his manly loins and what shocked Angel was the obvious way her father's manhood was outlined. Obviously he was not wearing any brief because she noticed that her father's massive manhood was gently lifting up the fabric and pressing against it was the big knob!!!

Dick let his daughter look at his body for a while and then asked, "Ready, darling? To do the exercises?"

"Yes, daddy."

"You see, Mr.Cockrin has said that I too can do some of the exercises that you do so that I too can remain fit and shapely."

"That's nice, daddy. That's good. Yes, I think you should do the exercises also."

"But I'll need your help?'

"What help, daddy?'

"Can you help me to do some of the exercises after I have helped you to do them." Dick wanted to get his daughter to agree to this request so that he can have more fun.

"Yes, of course. I'll be happy to help you." Not suspecting her father's intention, Angel agreed.

"Thank you, darling. Let's start then."

Initially her father got her to do some simple exercises like raising the arms forward, upward and sideways. Her father stood in front of her, with his hands on her hips and asked her to do some body shaking exercises. "Now shake your body up and down, and then sway your body left to right... keep doing the upward and sideways movements alternately".

Her father held her by the hips as Angel swayed her upper body upward and sideways. The tube top was loose over her breasts. So, the big vibrant breasts swayed and caused the tube top to slide down. Her big breasts threatened to pop out of the top. Her father looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Lovely, darling, lovely," he said smiling at her and looking at her bouncing breasts.

Angel kept adjusting the tube top to keep it in place. Again and again her father smiled at her and dropped his eyes to her chest. He was watching her breasts jiggle and roll as she did the exercises. She also saw her father looking intently at her visible nipples and aureoles. He looked happy.

After a while she was allowed to stop. "Beautiful, Angel... beautiful." Angel adjusted her tube top.

"Now, let's do the bending exercise."

"How, daddy?"

"Let me show you. You bend your body forward at the waist."

Angel put her hands on her waist and bent forward.

"No, that is not enough. You must bend forward until your upper body goes down a lot. But this will make you lose your balance. So, let me hold you from behind."

Her father stood behind her and held her by the waist.

"Stand with your legs spread out... you'll have better balance."

Angel spread out her legs.

"Now, bend forward."

Angel bent forward. As she did so, her father closed in against her behind. She felt his bulge between her buttocks.

"Bend down some more, Angel... drop your upper body down."

Angel did that. Angel felt her father hold on to her waist, felt his thighs press against the inner sides of her thighs and felt his bulge press tightly into and between her buttocks. Angel felt shy but was excited.

"Hold the position for a few seconds, Angel."

Her father held her like that for many seconds. Angel was very conscious of her father's bulge against her buttocks. He seemed to press into her.

"Now, straighten yourself, darling." Angel straightened herself.

Still holding her from behind her father asked, "How about a kiss for daddy?"

Since she had agreed that her father could kiss her anytime, Angel turned her head and offered her sweet young mouth. Her father and she kissed with open mouth, sucking at each other's tongues for a while. It was all so exciting for Angel as her father hugged her from behind and kissed her. Then her father released his hold on her and broke the body contact.

Angel found that her loose tube top had slipped down over her breast, exposing them right down to the aureoles. Quickly she adjusted the tube top and her father smiled at her as she did so. Angel smiled back.

"This exercise is good for your abdomen and waist line."

"Is that so, daddy?"

"Yes... So, shall we do it again... do it a few more times?"

Angel nodded smiling. The thought of her father pressing his bulge into her buttocks again made her feel embarrassed.

Again her father stood behind her and held her by her waist.

"Spread your legs, darling... a bit more... yes, that's good." Her father immediately moved his body against hers, his bulge rubbing excitingly against her full buttocks.


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Chapter 2

"Now, bend down as before."

As Angel bent forward, her father held her by the waist and fitted his bulge tightly between her ass cheeks.

"Good, darling... good. Now hold the position for a while."

For a moment Angel lost her balance. She didn't realize that her father had deliberately made her to lose her balance by loosening his hold on her at the waist.

"Daddy!" shrieked Angel, thinking that she was going to fall face down.

Her father laughed, "Ha ha ha... Don't worry, darling. I did it purposely... scared you, did I? Ha ha ha..."

"Naughty, daddy!" Angel chided her father playfully.

"Daddy will hold you, don't worry."

Her father took this opportunity to pull her behind tighter against his bulge. Angel was still bent forward and the movement of their bodies allowed her father to rub and jab his bulge intimately against and between her ass cheeks several times. Angel was aware what her father was doing and she was getting excited more and more.

After at least a full minute her father allowed her to straighten up. But still hugging her from behind, he asked, "Can daddy kiss you, darling?"

Angel turned her head and they kissed, open mouthed, exchanging tongues in their mouths and sucking each other's tongues. The hugging and kissing was very arousing for Angel. After a while, her father released her and stood in front of her.

Again Angel had to adjust her tube top. This time even her nipples had slipped out. She saw her father look at her chest and smile at her. She smiled back as she adjusted the tube top. At the same time her eyes seemed to be drawn to her father's loins area. She could see the bulge... the big round head of her father's manhood was pushing his pajama bottom outward and upward. It must be a big head, thought Angel.

"Shall we do it again, darling?" Her father smiled at her and slowly dropped his eyes to her chest.

Smiling, Angel nodded, again her eyes seemed to drop to her father's bulge.

Her father again went behind her body and asked her to spread out her legs. This time he did not hold her by the waist. Instead he put his arms around her waist, his fingers and palms resting on her bare body below her navel.

"Bend forward, darling... yes, that's good... now hold the position for a while as before." Angel slowly let her upper body drop forward and downwards and stayed that way.

Angel felt her father again adjust his bulge between her ass cheeks. Yes, she did feel the head of his manhood slowly rub and jab against her. At the same time his hands were caressing her bare flesh below the navel, going down to the upper edge of her pubic mound.

"Good, darling, good... this will develop your muscles... here... yes, all over here... (his hands rubbed generously her flesh below the navel to indicate what he meant by " here").

Meanwhile he was rubbing his bulge against and between her buttocks. Because of the thinness of her pants and her father's shorts, Angel could feel the hard manhood against her firm tender flesh. Then suddenly, he pretended to drop her down.

Again Angel shrieked, "Daddy!!!"

He laughed, "Ha ha ha ha..." And held her again.

"Naughty, daddy! Naughty... naughty... naughty..." laughed Angel.

As they laughed and their bodies struggled to regain stability, Angel felt her father hugging her tighter and, keeping her body bent forward, rubbing and jabbing his bulge more forcefully and more intimately now. His hands too were caressing her bare torso generously. He caressed her bare flesh from below her breasts to her pubic mound at the edge of her pants, gently squeezing her smooth tender flesh. Angel of course was stimulated and her juices were wetting her hot pants around her cunt opening.

"Good, very good... do you like this exercise, Angel?... do you like this?" Angel wasn't sure whether "this" meant the exercise or the caressing or the jabbing of his bulge.

"Hmmm." She was shy to say anything else.

"Good... I'm glad you like this... I too like this... this is good." To what did "this" refer, she wondered.

After a while her father said, "Straighten yourself, darling.:

Angel straightened herself but her father still hugged her from behind, pressing his bulge against her buttocks and kept caressing her bare flesh below her navel, way below.

"Another kiss, darling?"

Angel again turned her face and offered her mouth. Her father kissed her eagerly and she responded with equal eagerness as she experienced thrill upon thrill. Only after a while he released her.

Angel found that both her nipples were again uncovered. Her father came around to stand in front. He smiled at her and she smiled back as she adjusted the tube top. Again her eyes dropped to her father's huge bulge. The thin fabric of the shorts was well lifted up by the head of her father's manhood. She blushed as she realized that the bbig knob she was looking at had been rubbing up her buttocks.

"Shall we do the exercise again, darling?"

This exercise was stimulating her too much.

"Daddy, this exercise stimulates me a lot."

"Then it's good, darling. Remember what Mr.Cockrin has said? Stimulation produces RH, and RH helps your body shape and sexuality?"

But Angel wanted to change the exercise.

"We have done this exercise tree times. How about doing the next exercise, daddy?"

"How about one more time, darling? I like it very much. Please, Angel... I like to do it once more... please, darling... please."

Well one more time wouldn't make much difference, would it? And her father's "please" softened her.

"All right, daddy... let's do it once more."

"Let's make his one a bit extra nice, darling."

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"You still bend forward, but this time you do so differently."


"You stand near the bed and, by leaning forward, rest yourself on your elbows on the bed."

Her father made her stand facing the bed, bend down and support herself by resting herself on her elbows. This thrust her bottom towards her father. He stood behind her and placed his hands on her full lovely pants covered buttocks.

"Now spread out your legs, darling... yes, a bit more... yes, that's good... now relax while I hold you from behind." Angel knew that her father was going to do more than just hold her.

"In this position you can't scare me, daddy... by pretending to drop me... ha ha ha," laughed Angel.

"Well, we'll see." Angel wondered what other tricks her father had.

Just then Angel felt her father caressing her tender ass cheeks and pressing his bulge against her buttocks.

"Is this more comfortable, darling?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Relax and enjoy yourself, darling."

She felt her father's hands gently parting her ass cheeks and pressing and rubbing his bulge up and down the crevice between her cheeks. After several seconds he asked, "Like this, Angel?"

Of course she liked that. But she couldn't say yes, could she? So, Angel didn't answer the question.

Then she felt her father spread apart her cheeks wider, adjust the knob of his manhood deep between them and then release her cheeks. Her ass cheeks trapped his knob between them. Her father's hands then returned to hold her by her bare waist.

"Good... very good... this is a good exercise, Angel... I like it... do you like it also?"

"Oh Daddy!"

Her father now began a steady rocking of his loins so that his trapped knob pressed in and relaxed, and did this again and again between her ass cheeks. As her father pressed in he also pulled her at the hips; when he relaxed he didn't pull her. So her buttocks rocked back and forth in rhythm with her father's pressing in and relaxing of his knob between her ass cheeks. Angel was getting very wet and her juices were soiling the fabric over her cunt lips.

"Oh God! You are good Angel... very good... in doing this exercise... I like doing it with you."

Her father continued his rhythmic rocking into her buttocks. And Angel was very stimulated and was concentrating on her father's bulge in her cheeks. She didn't realize that each time her father pulled her at the hips, he also kept pulling her hot pants down over her hips. Eventually he managed to pull her pants down over her buttocks but his bulge between Angel's ass cheeks was in the way. So, he pulled out his bulge and pulled down her pants, completely baring her buttocks. But her cunt was still covered by the fabric of her pants.

It was then that Angel realized what had happened. She panicked.

"Daddyyyyyyyyyyy..." She shrieked and flopped face down on the bed and tried to craw farther into the bed by pulling up her right thigh. This only helped to open out her thighs and bare ass cheeks.

Her father quickly fell on top of her, fitting his thin fabric covered long hard manhood between her naked ass cheeks. And lying with his face close to hers, he gently started to rub his bulge into her buttocks.

"Daddy, my pants are down. Please let me up."

"Let's kiss for a while first, darling... please."

Angel knew there was no other way to get her father off her virtually naked body. So, she turned up her face and they mouth kissed. Her father was rhythmically pumping his bulge between her naked ass cheeks, wildly stimulating her. Angel kissed back, sucking her father's tongue when it explored her mouth. Her juices were wetting her hot pants over her cunt.

"Good... very good, Angel... I love this exercise... I'm also producing a lot of RH." What he meant was that he was also getting very stimulated, Angel knew.

"Daddy, please let me up."

"Yes, darling but let's produce a bit more RH... is daddy stimulating you enough... to produce RH?"

"Yes, yes... but daddy this is very sexual." Her father was continuing to rub his bulge into her bare lush buttocks.

"It has to be, darling... to get you stimulated... to produce RH." He started to kiss her again and she responded. Yes, she was very stimulated. Inwardly Angel loved the thrill.

Finally her father got off her body and pulled her pants up into place. Angel raised herself up and sitting on the bed adjusted her tube top. He father smiled at her and she smiled back.

"Lovely, darling. I love doing this exercise with you... it's so exciting!"

Angel just smiled.

"Are you enjoying yourself? Do you like doing this with daddy?"

Angel just smiled and nodded, too shy to speak.

"Do you want to do it again? Or do you want to do the next exercise."

"The next exercise, daddy." she smiled at her father.

"All right, Angel. Come and lie down on your back across the bed... yes, that's good... now pull up your legs."

Her father made her lie on her back, her head resting on a high pillow. He pulled up her legs, by bending them at the knees. He placed her some distance inside the bed deliberately.

"Now we'll do exercise for the hips."

"What am I to do, daddy?"

"Daddy will help you." Her father stood close to the bed and reached forward and placed his hands on her knees.

"Now the exercise will involve opening out your thighs as widely as you can, holding that position for a while and then closing your thighs together. And we do that several times. That will exercise your hips."

Her father smiled at her. She too smiled although she was feeling uneasy because she knew that opening out her thighs will give her father a good view of her loins where the skin-like fabric will show the outline of her cunt lips and slit.

"You just relax, darling. Daddy will help you to open out and close your thighs." Again he gave a smile and she smiled back.

Holding her knees, her father's hands slowly opened out her bare beautiful thighs wider and wider. At the same time her father's hands kept descending along her bare sensitive inner thighs until her thighs were pointing out in big V and her father's hands were resting on the bare innermost sensitive parts of her thighs on either side of her loins. Because he had deliberately placed her some distance inside the bed, he had to lean forward and downward. This brought his face close to her loins.

Holding her thighs opened out like that her father, looked up and smiled at her, and she smiled back. Then his eyes went back to her loins, looking closely and intently at the cunt lips and slit, clearly outlined by the wet skin-like fabric which, wetted by her excited secretions, was now quite transparent... The touching hands and the close looking of her loins were arousing Angel. She was producing more juices and wetting the fabric more and it became more transparent.

Only after a while her father asked, "Can I close your thighs, Angel?"

The excited and embarrassed Angel said, "Yes, daddy, yes." Her father brought his hands back to her knees and closed the thighs, and smiled at her.

Her father let her rest for a while like that. "You do this exercise very well, darling. But you have to do it several times... to exercise the hips. Rest your thighs for a while and then when you are ready tell daddy to open out your thighs again." Oh God! She has to ask her father to open out her thighs!

When Angel didn't respond for a while her father said, "We cannot wait too long, darling. We have several exercises to do before your mother comes back." He smiled, encouraging her to say what he wanted.

"Yes daddy, you can open out my thighs now."

Again her father slowly opened out her lovely thighs until they were wide open. He slid his hands along the bare inner thighs and rested them on either side of her loins and caressed her there. Her father's face was once again close to her loins.

Angel knew she was very wet there. Her father could probably see her cunt lips and opening through the wet fabric. She blushed with the realization.

Her held her in this position and said, "Good, very good, Angel" and looked up to smile at her. Angel smiled back, not knowing what was good, the fact that her thighs can open out widely or the view of her loins.

Saying, "You must hold this position for a while to strengthen the hips," her father lowered his face close and kept looking intently at her loins.

"Lovely, darling... yours is lovely." Now she knew that her father was admiring her loins. Her cunt lips and slit were clearly seen through the thin wetted transparently clinging fabric. Sexual arousal assailed the hot young teenager and she exuded more juice.

Her father was looking at her loins for so long time, that at last she had to say, "Daddy, can you close my thighs?"

And he closed her thighs, but he kept opening her thighs several times, getting bolder and caressing the inner thighs next to her loins as he looked at her loins closely. And he kept saying, "Lovely, darling... wet and lovely..." Angel was very aroused. Finally, Angel herself wanted to bring it to a stop.

"Daddy, can you do it for the final time? My joints may ache otherwise."

"All right, darling." This time, keeping her thighs spread out, and with his face close to her loins, he looked up at her and asked smiling, "Can daddy touch you, darling? Please..."

"Is it part of the exercise, daddy?"

"No, but I love to touch you, Angel... please... I really love to."

"But it's wrong, isn't it, daddy?"

"It's wrong if I hurt you... but I promise not to hurt you, darling... please."

"I don't know, daddy..."

"Just for one minute... for one minute only, Angel. Please... please... please, darling."

"All right, daddy... for only one minute."

"Thank you, darling. You are a wonderful daughter."

Her father used the index finger of his right hand to touch her vagina lips through the already transparent thin fabric. He kept running his finger up and down the tender young lips and then up and down the wet slit, making sure that the finger made contact with her clitoris through the fabric again and again. Angel was already twisting her body feeling much aroused. A gush of juices exuded.

"Lovely, Angel, lovely... thank you, darling, thank you very much... you are wet and nice... you feel very nice to the touch."

What could she say except smile at her father. She had thought one minute was a short time but the way the finger was caressing her along the slit and the clitoris, it seemed an hour. She knew she was wetting herself. She liked it and this embarrassed her. Finally when her father stopped, she wasn't sure whether she really wanted him to stop fingering her.

Her father now said, "Angel, can you now help daddy to do this exercise? To strengthen my hips?"

Angel couldn't refuse, could she?

"All right, daddy."

Her father now lay as she had done on the bed. "Come and hold daddy's knees and then open out my thighs." He was smiling at her and looking at her chest where the skimpy top revealed much of her big breasts.

Slowly Angel opened out her father's thighs. "As you open out the thighs, run your hands down the inner sides, like the way I did to you." Again her father smiled encouragement.

So, as her father's thighs slowly opened out her soft young hands slide down along his firm bare inner thighs until they rested on either side of his loins. She had to lean forward to do what she was doing and this brought her face close to her father's loins.

"Hold daddy's thighs like that for a while, darling."

What Angel saw embarrassed her. The fabric of her father's shorts was extremely stretchable. So, her father's monstrous manhood was practically upright, pushing up the fabric, the huge head or knob, (whatever they call it, thought Angel) clearly outlined! He too had secreted his pre-cum semen and wetted the fabric, making it transparent. The big knob and its opening were visible.

"Thank you for helping daddy with the exercise, darling," said her father, smiling at her. Then he added, "Press your hands against daddy's inner thighs a bit harder."

So, Angel pressed the firm bare flesh of her father's thighs on either side of his loins. While doing that she had to look at her father's monstrous erect bulge! God! He was a very big man!

After a while her father said, "All right, Angel, you can close the thighs... unless you want to look at daddy a bit longer." She closed her father's thighs quickly.

"Angel, you are doing it very nicely. Thank you. I would like to do it a few more times to exercise the hips. So, when you are ready, you can open out your father's thighs again... and look at daddy." Why did her father say "look at daddy'? What has that got to do with exercising his hips?

Might as well get this over quickly, thought Angel. So, she again opened out her father's thighs, sliding her hands along the sensitive inner thighs until her hands rested again on either side of the massive erect bulge. Her face was again close to her father's loins.

"Angel, darling, can you please rub the thighs where your hands are... massage the area a bit." Her father again smiled.

Angel rubbed gently her father's flesh beside the loins. The huge bulge, especially the knob was clearly seen by Angel. The wet fabric was transparent. The knob jerked and jerked, lifting up the fabric rhythmically. Her father's manhood was alive!

Angel saw that the constant lifting of the shorts by the knob enlarged the leg hole of the shorts. And lo behold! One of her father's big hairy balls slipped out into the open, and made contact with her hand.

"Enough, daddy?"

"A bit longer, dear. Rub the flesh... the innermost flesh... give it some exercise."

As Angel rubbed the flesh on either side of her father bulge, the upper side of one of her hands kept brushing against his bare ball, the one that was out of the shorts. Angel also saw her father's knob jerking up against the wet fabric again and again. He has secreted more pre-cum semen and the soiled fabric enabled Angel to see the whole of the huge knob.

After a while she asked, "Enough massaging, daddy?"

"All right, darling. You can do it again later." He smiled again. Angel smiled back, and closed up her father's thighs.

"Daddy, do you want to rest for a while, or do you want me to open out your thighs again?"

"I like you to open out my thighs again, darling. I also like you to massage daddy a bit more and look at daddy a bit longer."

Again Angel opened out her father's thighs and rubbed his flesh beside the bulge. In the process her hand kept brushing against that bare ball. Close up, she couldn't avoid looking at her father' manhood. It kept jerking non-stop under the now transparent wet fabric. Mighty big manhood my father has, thought Angel.

She had to open out her father's thighs several times and rub his flesh close to the bulge each time. Finally she wanted to put a stop to it. So she said, "Let me do it for the last time, daddy. After that let's do the other exercises before mom comes back."

"All right, darling."

Angel opened out her father's thighs and was looking closely at her father's knob when her father said, "Can you do me a favour?"

"What's that daddy?"

"Touch daddy's manhood, please."

"Is it part of the exercise?"

"No, not really but... daddy would be very grateful to you... I've longed for your touch... please, Angel."

"Daddy, I'm not sure it is right for me to do that."

"Please, Angel... touch the head... for only one minute... please, darling... for only one minute."

Her father's pleading softened the young girl. Angel used her index finger to touch the knob through the fabric. Immediately it jerked and shook and escaped from her finger.

"It's so big, daddy... and so alive!"

"Yes, but you'll like its size... later... ( Angel didn't understand what he had meant by that)"

Several times Angel placed her finger on the knob and each time it jerked and escaped from her finger.

"Darling, hold it still by cupping the head with your hand... cup it, darling."

Angel cupped her father's big knob. She could feel it throb in her hand. She looked at her father who smiled at her, "That's good... thank you... now keep squeezing the head again and again for one minute, Angel."

When she didn't do it immediately her father said, "Please, darling... keep squeezing and releasing the head... please."

So, Angel, smiling at her father, started squeezing and releasing the knob again and again. It throbbed and jerked in her hand. She felt her father's pre-cum secretion wet her hand but she continued, knowing that her father was secreting semen fluid. To Angel it seemed a long time before she stopped. All the time her father was smiling at her and thanking her. Then they sat on the sofa together.

"Daddy, couldn't we have done the exercises on our own?"

"Yes, we could have, but it wouldn't have served the purpose."

"What do you mean?"

"Remember? I told you earlier that the most important part of the exercises is to get your body to produce RH?"

"Yes, I do."

"And the only way to get the body to do that is to arouse or stimulate the body. Tell frankly, were you aroused when daddy touched your inner thighs, looked at your loins closely, and finally touched your vagina?"

Shyly Angel nodded.

"That means your body must have produced RH to main your shape. Doing exercises on your own will not help... you need daddy to stimulate your body."

"I see."

"When you touched daddy's inner thighs, looked at my manhood, and cupped and squeezed the head, I too got aroused. I too must have produced RH."

"Come darling, let us now do the next set of exercises." Her father took her by the hands and, watching her jiggling breasts visible through the tube top, took her to the sofa. Angel in turn couldn't help noticing her father's manhood swaying and pushing out the stretchable shorts.

Her father made her sit on the sofa and lean back against some pillows in a reclining position. He then knelt on her right side close to her body, facing her. Leaning close and caressing her face, he said, "You are very beautiful, Angel. You have such succulent lips. I love kissing you."

"Thank you, daddy." What else could she say?

"As I told you I have been longing to kiss you on the mouth for a long time, darling. Shall we kiss like we have been kissing... that is, shall we kiss like lovers?"

"Lovers?" She asked with a cheeky smile.

"I've always been your lover because I've always loved you. Only you haven't loved me."

"But I do love you, daddy." She said on a serious note.

"Then you are my lover, Angel. So, we must act like lovers."

"Okay, lover," laughed Angel, teasingly.

Her father continued, "Thank you, Angel. I've always hungered for your love. I hope you don't mind giving daddy lots of love."

"No, daddy, I don't mind. Let's begin with the exercises."

"Okay, darling. These exercises we are going to do will involve kissing and caressing. Some of them we can do together but others I'll do first to you and then you do it to me after that."

"Must we kiss and caress?" She saw her father looking at her breasts visible through the tube top.

"Yes, Angel. Remember what I told you earlier? The most important thing is to get your body to produce RH?"


"I also told you that this can only be done by stimulating your body?"

"Yes," replied a shy Angel.

"So, the kissing and caressing are to stimulate your body. Okay?"

Shyly Angel nodded.

"So, you also must do to me what I do to you... to stimulate my body... to produce RH."

Oh God! What am I in for, wondered Angel.

"Now daddy is going to kiss you on the mouth like before... you kiss back also, darling."

Her father leaned over and caressing her face with both hands kissed her on the mouth. It was not a hurried kiss. It was slow and wet and his mouth gently opened up her young wet lips. Willingly Angel offered her mouth, caressing her father's face. When her father gently sucked her she also gently sucked back.

After a while her father placed his hands on the sides of her body below the armpits and explored her mouth with his long fat tongue. Angel also placed her soft hands on the sides of her father's bare body below his armpits and used her tongue to explore her father's mouth.

The kiss was arousing Angel and unknown to her it was exciting her father too. Now they began to suck each other's tongue. Suddenly, while she was sucking her father's tongue, both of her father's hands cupped her huge breasts.

"Daddyyy..." moaned Angel into her father's mouth.

"Remember, darling... I have to stimulate you... to produce RH... now put your tongue inside daddy's mouth... let me fondle your breasts."

What could she do but obey? Angel slipped her young tongue into her father's mouth. Her father sucked on her tongue. He sucked and squeezed her breasts, sucked and squeezed her breasts, sucked and squeezed her breasts. He did that very gently and lovingly. Yes, her father was successful in stimulating her, thought a very aroused Angel.

"Now, it's your turn, Angel," said her father and slipped his tongue into her mouth. Angel placed her hands on her father's chest. Then she sucked his tongue and squeezed his nipples. She did that for a while. Then it was her father who sucked her tongue and this time he caressed and fondled her breasts more intimately, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and fingers, tweaking her nipples and repeating his fondling again and again.

"Hmmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm..." moaned Angel, very aroused, as father and daughter sucked each other's tongues and fondled each other.

"Like it, Angel? Like it?"

"Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm..." Angel was moaning but she knew that her father would take that to mean she liked what he was doing. But that would also be true because she did like what her father was doing.

Her father fondled her breasts and she his nipples while they resumed kissing.

After making sure that he had aroused his daughter enough, Dick stopped. "Let's rest for a while, Angel, before we do the next exercise."

Her father got up, went to the kitchen and came back with two small glasses of wine. As he walked towards her, Angel saw that her father's massive manhood was pushing his thin shorts straight out. The knob was visible as the fabric was still wet and transparent.

"Have a drink, darling. Good to sip something while we do the exercise."

"What drink is that daddy?"

"It's wine."

"Mom says I'm too young to drink wine."

"In that case, we won't tell your mother. But as far as I'm concerned you are ripe and ready for adult activities."

Young innocent Angel didn't catch the full import of what her father had meant by "adult activities". She thought he had meant that she was ripe and ready to drink wine. But Dick had meant that his daughter was ripe and ready for sex!

After the drink, her father filled the glasses again and placed them on the dressing table in front of the mirror. He had a plan.

Then he came back to the sofa and said, "Lean back against the pillows... yes, like that... we'll do the next activity."

Angel lay back, her huge breasts again drawing the attention of her father. He now sat facing her close to her body. "Ready, Angel?"

"For what daddy?"

"For daddy to stimulate you..." Her father smiled, and Angel smiled back.

Her father bent over and kissed her for a while and then his mouth descended along her chin to her throat. He licked and licked and licked all over her throat. He alternated the licking of her throat with sucking of her throat flesh, exciting the hot young daughter. Then he used both hands to caress her breasts. Angel froze for a while.

"Darling, you have magnificent breasts... big and beautiful. Daddy has been longing to kiss your breasts also for a long time... Can daddy kiss your breasts?"

Would her father listen if she said no? Definitely not. So, she just smiled.

"Luckily you have agreed to do these exercises... I can fulfil my long time longing... to kiss your breasts." Oh God! Angel was shocked to know that her father had been longing to kiss her breasts too!

Slowly and lovingly her father kissed her right nipple and its surround flesh through the thin fabric of her tube top. Then he did the same to her left nipple. Both her nipples turned turgid as her sexual urge intensified.


Her father ignored her. He continued to kiss her nipples for a while. Then he started to lick the nipple and its surrounding flesh of one breast and then the other. Angel's sexual excitement increased. Unknown to Angel, her father's manhood was throbbing as well.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

Her father ignored her and continued to lick, using plenty of saliva. The fabric over her nipples, aureoles and surrounding flesh was thoroughly soaked with saliva and became completely transparent. Her father's tongue repeatedly lashed against her nipples keeping them rock hard.

"Daddy... daddy... daddy..." moaned Angel, her hands behind her father's head, her finger's running through his hair, unknowingly exciting her father by her actions.

Dick knew that he had to slow down a bit before his daughter loses control of herself. He wanted to enjoy her breasts for quite a while. So he stopped licking Angel's breasts. He smiled at his daughter who smiled back.

"Liked it darling?" Shyly Angel nodded.

"Come, let's have some wine," said her father and took her by the hand and raised her up. With his left arm around her bare waist, he took her to the dressing table and stood her in front of the mirror.

"Look Angel... aren't we a good pair of lovers?"

"We are father and daughter, daddy."

"Yes, that's what I mean... we're father-daughter lovers."

Angel didn't know what to say. She just smiled. In the mirror she saw her father's shorts sticking out, sticking way out, his huge knob still visible, the fabric still wet and transparent. The clearly outlined knob of his manhood was jabbing the fabric again and again. Dick noticed his daughter looking at his bulge. So, casually he scratched the knob and it jerked more visibly. Angel noticed it. Quickly she looked at her father hoping he hadn't seen her watching his knob. But his smile showed that he had seen it all. Angel blushed.

Then her father went behind her. He put his hands on her bare hips and stood against her behind. Angel was a little taller than her father, so his bulge fitted between the crevice of her lovely buttocks.

Angel tried to move forward to avoid contact but her father followed up against her until she was close to the mirror and couldn't go anymore forward. Her father's bulge was still in contact with her buttocks. She tried to move out sideways but his hands on her hips held her there.

Angel stood still and their eyes met in the mirror. Her father smiled. Angel smiled back.

"Angel, your nipples and aureoles show through clearly because I've wetted the tube top with my saliva when I licked... I'm sorry for having licked so wetly... I'm sorry, dear... I'm very sorry... I didn't do it deliberately (a lie, he knew)... I'm sorry... but you are lovely."

Four times he had said sorry. So Angel said, "It's all right, daddy... I understand." Yes, her nipples and aureoles were completely visible. Obviously her father liked her that way.

Her father's hand now came up and cupped the big breasts on their underside and gently lifted them up. The massive breasts bulged out some more. The nipples and aureoles pressed against the saliva soaked fabric and became more prominent and more visible.

"You have wonderful breasts, darling."

"Thank you, daddy."

Gently his hands squeezed her breasts. Looking at her breasts in the mirror he said, "They are big and beautiful... some have big breasts but not beautiful ones... others have beautiful breasts but not big ones... but yours are wonder breasts, Angel... they are both big and beautiful... just what I love."

"Thank you, daddy." What else could she say to compliments?

Her father's thumbs and fingers now rolled her hard nipples as he said, "Lovely nipples, Angel... pinkish and hard... lovely aureoles too."

"Thank you, daddy." Oh God! What was her father saying and doing?

"I like your nipples, aureoles and breasts, Angel... I enjoyed kissing and licking them a while ago." The thumbs and fingers were still rolling her nipples.

"They were part of the exercise, weren't they, daddy?"

"Yes, I know. I'm going to do more after our drink."

When her father mentioned about drink, Angel quickly said, "Yes, daddy, let's have our wine."

Her father released her nipples, took the two glasses and gave one to Angel.

"Wine mustn't be drunk but sipped slowly," said her father. "So, let us sit down."

Her father sat on the only stool in front of the dressing table. Angel was wondering where she was to sit when her father said, "Sit on my lap, Angel."

Angel saw her father's bulge sticking upright. Holding the glass Angel tried to sit on her father's thigh avoiding his bulge but her father had other ideas. As she was sitting down he gently pulled her at the hip with his free hand to make her sit directly on his hard bulge. Angel didn't struggle for fear of spilling the wine.

"Now sip your drink, darling," said her father smiling at her in the mirror. Angel did just that, feeling her father's hard manhood wedged between her full buttocks. In the mirror she could see her father's big knob sticking out between the V of her thighs at the crotch. Oh God!

Angel looked down to make sure. Yes, there it was, the big knob, close to her vagina! Luckily they were both wearing shorts.

"Angel, I have been longing for you to sit on daddy's lap like this."

"Daddy, you have been longing for all kinds of intimate things with me... you naughty daddy!" Angel laughed teasingly. She could feel her father's hard manhood was throbbing against her buttocks

Her father raised her hips to rub his manhood more intimately against her buttocks as he said, "Yes, Angel... because I love you and adore your gorgeous body."

What could she say to that? "Do you like me that much?" Her father's free hand came up to caress her nipple again.

"Yes, Angel I like you... I love you more than anything in the world... I don't know how much you love me."

"Oh daddy, I too love you."

By now Angel had finished sipping her drink. "Shall we continue with the exercise, daddy?" Her father finished his drink and placed his hands on her hips.

As she got up, his hands, as if by accident, slid down her hips, pushing Angel's shorts down over her hips. Before Angel could realize it, the shorts had come all the way down over her buttocks at the back and down over her pubic mound in front.

"Ooops, I'm sorry, darling, " said her father, as if it had happened by accident. "Let me fix your shorts"

Her father's hands quickly went to work. One hand pulled up the shorts at the back, caressing her buttocks as it did so. The right hand cupped her loins for a moment and rubbed upwards as it pulled up her shorts in front. Angel felt her father's fingers caress upwards her cunt lips and slit.

"There, darling, it's okay now." He smiled at her. Angel smiled back.

"Thank you, daddy. Can we continue with our exercises?"

"Come, let daddy take you to the sofa to continue with the exercise."

This time her father did not let her walk to the sofa. Instead he carried her with one arm under her upper body and the other under her thighs. Angel put her arms around her father's neck and allowed herself to be kissed sexily on the mouth, partly because she was aroused and partly because her father wanted to kiss her.

It was an arousing kiss. They were exchanging tongues in their mouths and sucking at each other's tongue.

As her father put her on the sofa and made her lean back against the pillows Angel asked, "What are we going to do now?"

"Daddy is going to mouth your wonderful breasts some more," he said smiling at her.

"But you have already kissed and licked them, daddy."

"Yes, but I haven't done the other important thing yet."

"What's that?"

"I have kissed and licked but... I haven't sucked your breasts, Angel. So, let me suck them properly now, the way I have been longing to suck your breasts." He stressed the italicized words.

"But is it part of the exercise, daddy?"

"What? Hmm... ah, yes, dear, yes... it's on the tape I saw... it's exercise for your breasts... to stimulate you to produce RH." It was all a lie, of course!

"Then it's okay, daddy." Innocent Angel didn't suspect anything when her father hesitated in answering her.

Her father kissed her on the mouth for a moment and then lowered his mouth to her chest. As before he licked and nibbled her nipples for a while, stirring up Angel's sexual urge. Then her father's mouth slowly locked on to her right breast, sucking the nipple and the surrounding flesh into his warm mouth.

Her father sucked her breast very excitingly. His mouth was big and sucked up quite a bit of her breast flesh. And his tongue was licking the nipple and the flesh all around it. The fabric of the tube top was being saliva coated and this was aiding intimate contact of her father's tongue and mouth with her breast flesh.

"Daddy, is this really necessary?"

"Yes... I want to suck your breasts... I've always wanted to... I want to stimulate you, Angel... tell me, is daddy succeeding in stimulating you?" He didn't say anything about the need to produce RH.

"Yes, daddy, yes..."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes... I suppose I'm producing the RH." Angel wanted to remind her father why she was allowing him to stimulate her.

"Good... enjoy yourself, darling..."

Now her father was sucking her left breast. Oh God! It felt good! Her father's mouth was good. She liked the way her father sucked. He sucked and sucked very stimulatingly.

"Angel, daddy is now going to caress your loins."

"Is it part of the exercise, daddy?"

"Yes, of course... to stimulate you some more... it's part of the exercise..."

"In that case all right, daddy." At least there was a reason for letting her father touch her loins.

"Also I've always wanted to caress your loins, Angel."

Oh God! Angel didn't know what to say to that.

Her father's mouth now sucked her right breast while his right hand cupped her loins. Slowly and stimulating he caressed her loins, his fingers rubbing her tender cunt lips up and down through the juice soiled thin fabric, causing her hips to shake and writhe.

"Is daddy doing a good job of stimulating your loins?" Oh God! What a question?

"Yes... yes."

"Do you want daddy to stimulate you some more?"

"YES... YES." Then she realized that her eagerness for thrill showed in her voice. So she added, "If it's part of the exercise, daddy."

"Yes, Angel, it is... it is, indeed... "

The well-aroused Angel wanted some more. "Then go ahead, daddy, stimulate me some more."

"Yes, I will... enjoy yourself, darling."

Her father's thick middle finger embedded itself along her slit and rubbed the stretchable fabric inwards. The finger sunk deeper inside the wet groove of her slit and rubbed her up and down slowly and stimulatingly. Angel's hips jerked as her sexual arousal received new impetus.


"Is it nice, darling?"

"Hmmmmm... Yesssss..." Now her hips were lifting up again and again to welcome the finger.

Rhythmically her father rubbed her, making her wetter and wetter. After a while the finger bent and slipped inside to the knuckle, pushing in the stretchable fabric.

"Oooooooo... daddyyyy..."

"Like this, Angel?"

"Hmmmmm... yes..." Oh God!

Then her father started to move the finger in and out slowly, rhythmically. Angel's hips bucked up to meet the finger at each inward thrust. Her father started to suck her breast, the sucking matching the finger thrusts.

"Daddy... daddy... this is good... I like this... I like this exercise..." Angel thought she had better mention that it was exercise. She hoped that her father wouldn't realize that it was the sex part that she liked.

"Angel, why don't you now help daddy... to exercise also."


"Do to daddy what daddy is doing to you."

"You mean... ?"

"Yes, Angel... fondle daddy's manhood... the way I'm fondling your loins."

"Daddy, must I?"

"Yes, darling... stimulate daddy... to produce RH."

Oh God! That RH again! What else could she do but do to her father what he wanted.

Her young soft right hand cupped the knob. Immediately it jerked and throbbed.

"Fondle the head... "

"You mean the knob?"

"Yes, the knob, rub it nicely... and then grab the stem and stroke it up and down, Angel." Her father went back to sucking one of her breasts and finger thrusting her wildly convulsing wet vagina. Her juices were flowing freely.

Wildly aroused, Angel cupped and caressed her father's knob through the thin fabric for a while. Then she wrapped her fingers around the stem. Her fingers didn't succeed in going all the way around her father's manhood. It was that thick. And it was alive in her hand, jerking wildly. She held it as best as she could and steadily stroked it up and down. Her father's hips writhed with the stimulation she was giving him.

"Am I doing right, daddy?"

"Hmm... yezz... yezz..." moaned her father with her breast filling his sucking mouth.

Her father's finger began to move faster and faster... in, out... in, out... in, out.

"Faster, Angel, faster, faster," moaned her father, not releasing her mouth from her breast.

Wildly shuddering with arousal Angel stroked her father's manhood faster and faster, matching her father's finger in her vagina.

"Daddy... oooo... oooo... hhmmmm... ooooo..." The stimulation was getting very intense. Something violent was happening inside her vagina. Her whole body was rushing towards...

As Angel approached her orgasm she started to squeeze her father's knob rhythmically and pumped his manhood violently and he too was rushing towards...

They both exploded!



Angel was shivering and shuddering, her vagina pouring out her climatic cum in profusion. Her father's manhood squirted and squirted, the sperm soiling her hands. Angel cupped the knob to stop the flow, cupped and squeezed but her father still shot out his juice, flooding her hands and the cum dripping down profusely. Angel and her father cummed and cummed for a full minute.

Finally her father removed his cum coated finger from her vagina and Angel released her father's knob.

Kissing her on the mouth, her father asked, "Did you enjoy that, Angel?"

Kissing back, she answered, "Yes, daddy... very much... but... but..."

"But, what darling?"

"We climaxed, daddy... isn't it wrong?"

"No, because we produced RH also... for our good... What is important is that you enjoy climaxing. Did you?"

"Yes, and what about you? Did you enjoy also, daddy?"

"Yes, very much... I have been longing to do this with you for a long time." Oh God! What was he saying?

"Would you like to do this again?"

"Yes... if it's part of an exercise."

"Yes, of course. Shall we now clean up and dress up for the next exercise?"

This time Angel wore another tube top, smaller than before so that the upper and lower mounds of her big tits were left uncovered. It was also sheerer than before, so that again her nipples and aureoles were clearly visible. The bottom shocked her. It consisted of strings that held a small sheer mesh fabric smaller than the area of her palm that just about cupped her intimate loin area. The stretchable sheer mesh allowed clear view of her cunt!

"Daddy, do I have to wear like this? It's so revealing."

Her father turned around and looked at her near nakedness with delight. "Yes, dear... this is what I want you to wear..."

Angel looked quizzically at her father.

"I mean Mr. Cockrin wants you to wear for the next exercise."

"I see."

" The skimpiness makes you voluptuous, Angel... you are hot!." Her father's eyes were on her breasts and loins again and again.

Then she turned around while her father wore his attire. When ready he said, "I'm ready for you, darling. you can turn around."

Angel was shocked by what she saw. Her father wore a special kind of brief. It was all strings except for the front part which consisted of two portions. The lower part of mesh fabric contained his big balls. The upper part was a cylindrical sheath of mesh fabric. It sheathed her father's long fat manhood. The sheath, like a condom, allowed the erect manhood to stand outwards and upwards from the body. And the mesh fabric allowed Angel to see quite clearly her father's manhood and big knob. Dick watched his daughter look at his manhood. He was proud he had a good cock.

"Ready, Angel? To do the next exercise?"

"Must we be dressed like this?"

"Yes, darling. Mr. Cockrin's instruction," he lied.

What could she do but nod agreement.

"This exercise is for your knees, Angel. Do as daddy says."

"All right, daddy."

Then her father sat on the floor with his legs stretched straight out. Angel was asked to stand over his thighs in front of him close to her father's face.

"Now raise your right thigh and place it on daddy's left shoulder. "

When Angel did that, her loins, visible through the skimpy mesh fabric, was close to her father's face. "Come closer, darling, until you make contact with daddy's face."

Her father adjusted her until her right thigh went farther behind him and her loins came flush against his face. Oh God!

"Hold daddy's head for support... (Angel put her hands behind her father's head) that's right... now, keep straightening and bending your right leg at the knee." Even as her father spoke his moving lips were rubbing against her flesh through the mesh fabric.

Slowly Angel began to straighten and bend her leg at the knee. As she was doing that she realized what else were happening. Her father's hands had gone behind her and were cupping and caressing her bare buttocks and gently pulling her loins tighter against his face. Her father's face had gone a bit lower. His open mouth was right over her cunt lips and slit. Oh God! Only the small mesh fabric prevented raw mouth contact with her cunt, but the sheerness of the fabric allowed intimate contact of her father's mouth with her hot flesh.

Her father spoke against her cunt, "Keep straightening and bending your leg, darling... yes, that's good. " His mouth was rubbing intimately against her cunt through the sheer fabric. Angel was stimulated. But that's what the exercise was supposed to do, wasn't it?

To maintain balance Angel held tightly to her father's head. This only served to pull his mouth tighter against her loins. Her father now locked his open mouth over her cunt, sucking a lot of the mesh fabric and cunt flesh into his mouth, sucking gently, sucking and sucking and sucking. Oh God! It was nice, thought Angel. Her hot stimulated cunt seemed to welcome her father's hot mouth.

"Daddyyy..." A pleading of sorts.

Angel's thighs quivered and her cunt convulsed with intense stimulation. She felt as if her cunt was deep inside her father's sucking mouth. Her leg kept a rhythmic straightening and bending. During straightening her father's mouth relaxed and during bending her father's mouth sucked her cunt into his mouth.

On and on her father sucked, and Angel's hips bucked with wild arousal. Dick didn't want his daughter to climax yet because that might end the fun too early. So he stopped sucking and said, "Let's rest for a while."

Angel removed her thigh from her father's shoulder and again stood in front of him. "Was that nice, darling? Did you like it?" asked her father smiling. Shyly she nodded.

"Now rest for a while. When you are ready and want to do the exercise again, tell daddy."

Her father waited, with his hands on her hips and looking smilingly at her. Her hands were still on her father's head and her loins close to his face. Her mesh fabric was thoroughly saliva wetted already.

After a while her father asked, "Ready, darling? For daddy to help your body to produce some more RH?"

Angel nodded, partly to get this over with and partly wanting the thrill.

Her father said happily, "Good. Now place your left thigh over my right shoulder... yes that's right... bring your loins against daddy's face as before... yes that's right... now hold daddy's head like before... yes, that's right"

Again her father's hands cupped and caressed her bare firm buttocks. "Shall we begin the exercise, darling? To produce the RH in your body?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Okay then... start straightening and bending your knees... daddy will help your body to produce the RH... by sucking and stimulating your cu... body." Angel knew that her father had almost said 'cunt'. But then, if he had said that it wouldn't have been wrong, would it? After all it was indeed her cunt that he was going to suck and suck and suck. Angel was very aroused.

Her father's open mouth locked on her cunt and started sucking in rhythm with the bending of her knee. He started doing more this time. His long fat tongue was out, licking her cunt lips up and down. The mesh fabric being so thin allowed Angel to feel her father's tongue on her hot flesh. Angel's hips shuddered with wild excitement. The tongue was licking so intimately!

Now her father's tongue, pushing the thin stretchable mesh, slipped inside her slit and licked there.

"Daddyyyyyyyy..." Oh God! Her father's tongue was right inside her vagina!

Her father stopped, and looking up at her, smiled and asked, "Yes, darling? Did you call me?"

"No, daddy."

"Can daddy continue to help your body to produce RH?"

"Yes, daddy."

"So, can daddy suck and lick your... your thing... properly?"

Oh God! How could she say no. "Yes, daddy."

"Yes what, darling?'

"You can do it."

"Do what, Angel?"

"You can help my body to produce the right hormones."

"How do you want me to do that, darling?"

Oh God! Has she to answer that? Okay, she might as well say it since her father wanted to hear that... "By stimulating me, daddy."

"How do you want me to stimulate you, Angel?"

"By suck... oh daddy, don't be naughty! Please don't let me say it. I feel shy."

"I'm sorry, darling. I'm sorry."

"Thank you... just do it, daddy, just do it... just do what you have to do." Angel realized that she was in fact asking her father to suck her cunt!

"All right, Angel. Swing your leg and hold tight to daddy's head. I'm going to suck you fiercely but nicely."

Angel started to straighten and bend her leg. Her father caressed her bare buttocks with one hand and the fingers of the other hand pushed the stretchable mesh inside her cunt slit. Then he inserted his long fat tongue inside. Angel's hips bucked but her father's hands cupped her buttocks and held her cunt tightly to his mouth. His tongue began to plunge in and out of her cunt, the plunging in of his tongue was in rhythm with the bending of Angel's knee.

Wildly stimulated Angel held tight to her father's head, pulling him so that her father's mouth was glued to her cunt, the tongue wild inside her hot wet cunt. Angel loved the wild sexual thrill.

Softly Angel began to moan, "Hmmm... hmmm... hmm... hmm... hmm..." Each "hmm" was in response to each thrust of her father's tongue into her hot juicy cunt.

Unknown to Angel, her father was delighted by the wild sexual response of his young daughter. He had been longing to do this to his daughter for so long. At last he had found a way. His plan was working out nicely.

"There's more to come, Angel, much more," he told himself. The way her body was responding, he was sure that she must possess her mother's uncontrollable urge for sex!

"Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm..." Angel continued to moan as her father continued to thrust his tongue inside her young hot cunt.

Suddenly her father stopped and a frustrated Angel screamed silently within herself, "No daddy, noooooo, don't, don't, don't stop..." But there was no sound from her throat. Her father made her stand again in front of him.

"You did that exercise very well, darling."

"Thank you, daddy."

"Now you decide... whether you want to rest a while... or whether you want to continue."

"I don't want to rest. I want to continue, daddy." Oh God! "Did I sound eager for my father to tongue my cunt?" Angel wondered silently.

"I know you like this exercise, darling. Now, place you right thigh on daddy's shoulder and hold on to daddy's head" She did just that.

" Let daddy make it very good for you this time. Enjoy your exercise, darling."

As before, her father again started to suck her cunt lips, lick them and thrust his tongue inside her very wet cunt. There was only a thin fabric between the inside of her cunt and her father's tongue. Her intense stimulation caught fire again.

"Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm..." On and on she moaned. She wanted to control the rising stimulation that was beginning to shake and convulse her whole body. But she was losing control and yielded to the wild stimulation, moaning and moaning. How long could she control? At last, after several minutes she suddenly lost complete control. A violent orgasm erupted deep inside her cunt.

"DDDDDAAAAAAADDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..." Dick was delighted! He had succeeded! He had tongue fucked his young daughter to orgasm!

Angel was embarrassed! But the pleasure was great! Thank you, daddy, she said silently.

For a full minute her body vibrated, her cunt gushing forth copious amount of juice while her father's tongue continued to work inside her cunt.

Finally her orgasm subsided but not her arousal because her father's tongue had made sure of that. Shyly Angel removed her thigh from her father's shoulder, forcing his tongue out of her vagina. Then she stepped aside.

"Daddy, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry!" Angel saw that her father's lips and the surrounding areas of his mouth were covered by her creamy white cum.

"Darling, no need to say sorry. I'm happy what happened."

"Oh daddy! How can you say that?"

"Yes, darling. It meant you reached maximum stimulation and therefore your body would have produced maximum amount of RH to maintain your shape. That's good, isn't it?"

"Yes, I suppose, but..."

"Moreover it was part of the exercise."


"Yes, darling. Did you enjoy the exercise? Tell me the truth."

Shyly she nodded.

"That's good. The enjoyment part is the most important, don't you see? The more you enjoy, the more RH you produce."

"Shall I go and clean up, daddy?"

"All right, darling. Clean yourself and then wash the bottom, rinse it, squeeze it dry as much as possible and then wear it back."

"It will be wet."

"It's okay. It will dry on your body. It's only a small piece."

Angel went and after a while returned wearing the wet mesh over her cunt. It seemed to cling more revealingly to her loins. Meanwhile her father had cleaned his face of the cum.

"Come, darling... now help daddy to do the exercise... Let's reverse our roles."

Oh God! He is going to put his thigh on my shoulder and press his loins against my face, thought Angel.

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Chapter 3

"Sit here... yes that's right. Now let me place my thigh on your shoulder."

Her father stood in front of her. Encased in mesh sheath, his huge erect manhood was pointing towards her face, the knob clearly visible. When he placed his left thigh on her shoulder, Angel just sank downwards because his thick solid thigh was too heavy for the young girl.

"Oh Angel, I'm sorry."

"Your thigh is too heavy for my shoulder, daddy... and for this exercise." Angel thought she could avoid doing this exercise with her father.

"Yes, you are right. So, we will modify the exercise a bit."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll just stand in front of you and keep bending and straighten one leg at the knee."

"That means you can do it on your own, daddy."

"Not quite, darling. You see, you must help my body to produce RH."

Angel knew what he would want her to do. Pretending she didn't know she asked, "What do I have to do?"

"You have to do to daddy what I did to you."

"You mean..." Angel said, looking at her father.

"Yes, darling, you have to stimulate daddy."

"You mean by..." said Angel, this time looking at her father's manhood sheathed in the see through mesh.

"Yes, Angel, by sucking daddy... the way I sucked you... please, Angel... help daddy... please... help daddy to produce RH."

Angel knew she couldn't refuse; not after her father had said "please" and not after what he had done for her.

"All right, daddy... I'll suc... I'll help you." She had almost said, "I'll suck you."

Her father made her sit on a couch, saying that she would be more comfortable that way. Then he stood in front of her, his mesh covered manhood close and in front of her mouth. Because the mesh fabric was thin and see through, her father's manhood and the knob were clearly visible.

Her father put one hand behind her head and said, " Take this fellow (pointing to the clearly visible cockhead) into your mouth, Angel... when you are ready. "

Oh God! She had been asked to decide when she wanted to suck her father's manhood.

"But it's so big! The knob... so big... too big for my mouth, daddy."

"Yes, I know it's big... but you can do it, Angel... get the head into your mouth first... then slowly suck it in... try, darling."

But her father didn't wait for her. He slowly moved forward until the knob rested on Angel's full moist lips. Without saying anything, she gently parted her lips, allowing the tip to enter the oval opening of her parted lips.

Angel kept looking up at her father who kept smiling at her. "Very good,... you are doing it very nicely, take more into your mouth, Angel."

Angel didn't take more into her mouth. Instead she wrapped her young soft lips around the warm vibrant knob and gently sucked and sucked and sucked, feeling the knob throb and throb and throb. It was getting bigger than before.

"Darling, that's better still. Yes... suck the head for a while, I feel nice. Oh God! It's so, so good! You suck so nicely!"

Angel sucked her father's knob for about 2 minutes, feeling it throb and noticing that her father's hips were shuddering with thrill. Then she stopped, released her father's knob from her lips. Her father's knob was clearly visible through the saliva-wetted fabric. She looked, as if angry, at her father.

"Why, darling? Why have you stopped?"

"I'm angry with you, daddy."

"Why, Angel?" Her father appeared to panic. Angel didn't know that her father. He was afraid that she might have realized that he had been deceiving her all along.

"I'm angry because you are not doing your part... while I'm doing my part."

"What do you mean, darling?"

"You are not doing the exercise... you are not bending your knee."

Dick was relieved! "I'm sorry, darling... you made me feel so good, I forgot."

Angel smiled at her father and said, "All right, you naughty boy... this time don't forget to do the exercise."

Happily her father used her right hand to guide the mesh-covered cockhead into his daughter's young warm wet mouth. This time Angel took quite a length of her father's manhood inside her mouth.

"Suck me darling, suck me."

Angel sucked and sucked, but her father was still not doing the exercise. So, she used her right hand to tap his left leg several times, indicating to him that he should start bending and straightening his left leg.

After saying, "Sorry, Angel, again I forgot," her father raised his left foot and started to bend and straighten.

And Angel continued to suck her father's manhood. It seemed to jerk and jump inside her mouth. Because of the wetness and thinness of the mesh, Angel's sucking mouth could feel the hard but vibrant flesh of her father's manhood.

"Angel, I feel unsteady standing on one leg. How about holding on to daddy?"

Angel put her hands on her father's hips to hold him but her father took her hands and made her cup his bare buttocks. "Cup daddy's buttocks and pull... this will keep daddy's manhood in your mouth... for you to suck nicely."

Her father kept praising her and she responded by sucking hard. Her father's hands were pulling her head closer to his loins trying to push as much of his manhood inside her mouth... And Angel's young mouth sucked her father's manhood quite excitingly.

"Oh God! You suck so well... only 16 years old... only a schoolgirl... but how well you suck... I'm glad you are my daughter." Thrilled by her father's words, Angel sucked more vigorously.

Her father was shaking and started moaning her name, "Angel... yes... yes... yes... yes..." Each "yes" matched each suck Angel gave her father's throbbing manhood.

After a few minutes her father pulled his manhood out of her mouth. Angel saw the knob and some length of her father's manhood more clearly than before as the mesh was thoroughly wetted by her saliva.

"Angel, my darling, you are superb! You can do this exercise wonderfully well. You suck superbly."

"Thank you, daddy. Was that enough?"

"No, darling... but I would like you to rest your mouth for a while. When you want... yes, when you want to suck daddy again let me know."

Oh God! Her father made it sound that she wanted to suck his manhood! What could she do?

"Daddy, you haven't exercised your right knee." That should signal to her father that she was ready to suck him again. Might as well get this over with, she thought.

"But do you want to suck daddy's co... manhood?" Her father had almost used the word "cock" again.

"You mean, am I ready to help you to produce good hormones?" She wanted to divert the focus from sucking.

"Yes, by sucking daddy's manhood." He re-focussed on sucking.

"Yes, I'm ready... to suck you." Angel was surprised by her bold words.

Her father caressed her face and guided her mouth to the clearly visible wet knob of his manhood. Angel opened her mouth and closed her lips over the bulbous knob. What a big knob!

"Thank you, Angel... now suck your daddy's co... manhood." Angel knew that he had again wanted to say the word "cock". Naughty daddy, she thought.

Angel concentrated on sucking her father's manhood. The warm knob swelled and throbbed. The whole manhood jerked and jumped in her young sweet mouth... Her father was gently pushing the knob in and out, in and out of her mouth. Each time her father's manhood went in Angel sucked it deeply and her father moaned, "Yes." And this went on again and again.

Dick's cock went wild and he was losing control. His daughter sucked him to intense stimulation.

"YA... YA... YA... YA... HAH... HAH... HAH... HAH... HAH... OOO... OOO... OOO... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." Her father froze still. Angel continued to suck her father's cock.

. Her father's cock exploded. Shot after shot of cock juice squirted with violent force. Because of the mesh fabric, Dick's cock juice seep through the porous mesh and flooded his daughter's young hot mouth.

Angel wanted to withdraw her mouth but couldn't. Her father held her head tight and buried his manhood inside her mouth. Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo... he kept squirting his cum endlessly into her mouth.

"Swallow, darling... swallow... swallow daddy's love juice. It's good for you."

Angel had no choice but to swallow. Otherwise she would be choked. For a full minute her father flooded her mouth and Angel kept swallowing.

Finally, her father pulled out his manhood from her mouth. It was covered with a lot of white creamy stuff. Some had escaped from Angel's mouth and had dripped down the corners of her mouth.

"Fantastic, Angel. You suck so well. You are an expert in sucking co... manhood. Thank you, darling. Thank you for helping daddy... I must have produced a lot of RH."

Angel said to herself, "I don't know about RH, but you certainly produced a lot of cum juice."

Angel just smiled at her father. He knelt down and wiped the dripping cum around the corners of her mouth. When he finished, she said, "Thank you, daddy."

He kissed her wetly on the mouth and said, "In fact, I must thank you, darling. For sucking daddy's co... manhood so well. I'm a very lucky father."

"I'm glad to have helped you to produce RH, daddy." She thought mentioning the RH would make it less sexual.

"Did you like sucking daddy's co... manhood?" But her father made it sexual.

What else could she say except to nod a yes. A no would have offended her father.

"Thank you for swallowing my love juice. Did you like daddy's love juice?"

Again a no would have offended her father. So, again she nodded.

"But daddy, is it proper to swallow cum?"

"Yes, darling... it is good for you."

"How can it be good?"

"You see, swallowing cum will make your body desire sex... and sex will give pleasure. The two are related."

"Are you sure, daddy?"

"Yes, darling. Take vitamins for example. Taking vitamins is good... each vitamin is good in its own way. Vitamin C is good for the skin, A is good for eye-sight, and D is good for the bones."

"Yes, I know. But cum?"

"Similarly, cum is good for the development of your sex urges. When you swallow male cum, your body will hunger for sex with males. And having sex with men is good because it gives pleasure."

"I never knew that, daddy."

"I can understand that, darling. You are still young and have a lot to learn, especially about having sex with men for pleasure."

"Thank you daddy for teaching today that swallowing come will help me to like sex."

"Yes, darling. The more cum you swallow, the greater will be the development of your body's capacity to enjoy sex."

"But am not too young to learn all this."

"No, Angel, no. If you don't start now, you will not like sex next time. Which will mean you may become a frigid girl or woman. Everything is best learnt when you are young. That's why we go to school when we are young."

"Is that so, daddy?"

"Yes. What is the use of having a beautiful shapely body if you don't crave for sex pleasure. That will be the most important thing now and next time. That's why you must drink plenty of male cum to help develop your body to crave frequently for sex with men for pleasure."

"But is that good?"

"Yes... your men friends will love you for that... when you marry, your husband will love for that... even after marriage, your men friends will love you for wanting sex with them."

"But how to get more cum, daddy?"

"You must suck co... I mean manhood often to swallow plenty of cum. That will develop and increase your hunger for sex... and sex with men next time will give you wild hot pleasure."

"All right, daddy."

"Does that mean you want more cum? Now?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Does that mean you want to suck daddy's co... manhood? Now? Again?"

Shyly Angel nodded.

Before they could do anything, they heard Sarah's car drive into the garage.

"Daddy, mom is here."

"Sorry, darling. there's no time for you to suck daddy's cock. (Angel realized that her father had at last said the word cock). You can suck my cock tomorrow, Angel." Again he had said cock.

Her father ran to his room and quickly got into his jeans and shirt. Meanwhile, Angel also got into her jeans and t-shirt. They both went down to meet Sarah who had just entered the living room.

Sarah looked tired. Her husband Dick knew why but Angel thought that her mother looked tired because she must have done vigorous exercises.

The focus of this story is on Angel and her father and not on Sarah. So, I will narrate only briefly how Sarah had fared with her exercises.

When she arrived at Mr. Cockrin's residence, she was welcomed into the living room by the man himself.

"Thank you for keeping your appointment."

"I'm keen to do the exercises."

"Good. But I must apologize for not having been able to get an 18 year-old boy as your partner."

"So, what happens now?"

"But I've got a 15 year-old boy. He's a bit young I know, but he is handsome and well-built and all my female customers who have had him have been very satisfied. So, you are actually lucky to get the boy. I'm sure he will satisfy you tonight." Very suggestive language, thought Sarah.

"But isn't it illegal for such a young boy to work?"

"Yes, it is, but the boy needs some pocket money and I can't get anybody else today. So, I hope you'll keep this confidential. No one should know. And you will be doing the boy a favour by helping him to earn some cash."

"Is it really safe?"

"Yes, he has worked here for some time now... he won't talk... it's very safe... women have enjoyed him many times and no one else has known about it." Again Sarah was surprised by the words of Mr. Cockrin. What did he mean by "women have enjoyed him"?

Sarah said, "Well, if you say it's safe, I'll take your word. After all doing exercise is nothing bad."

"That's right. Let me take you to the bedroom. The boy is already there waiting for you."

They went up the staircase. Mr. Cockrin said, "He's young... be nice to him... don't let him be embarrassed."

"All right."

They entered the bedroom. It was well furnished with a big bed right in the centre. Sarah gasped when she saw the boy. He was wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. He was very handsome. For a 15 year-old, he was well-built and his youthful bare body was exciting to see. She felt excited.

Mr. Cockrin introduced them. "Rod, this is Mrs. Kant (he had made her name sound like Mrs. Cunt)... and... Mrs. Kant, this is Rod, your partner for the evening."

They greeted each other and shook hands. Mr. Cockrin said, "All right, I'll take leave. Mrs. Kant, I'll leave you with Rod. He is an experienced boy and will take care of your needs." Oh God! What words to use! Then he went away.

The boy took command. At his instruction she wore a skimpy blouse without any bra. Her massive tits bulged out, splitting the wide V-neck opening even wider, exposing a lot of her tits. Then she had to wear a micro-mini flaring skirt without any panties. The already aroused Sarah didn't object to what she was asked to wear. She was worried that the boy might laugh at her modesty if she didn't wear what he asked her to wear since other women would have worn like this for their exercises.

She looked at the mirror. She did look good, very sexy good.

"You are beautiful, Mrs Kant (again it sounded like Mrs. Cunt). You are very sexy."

From then on the boy moved very cleverly on Sarah with the excuse of doing exercises. And Sarah, on her part was getting excited by the sight of a near naked boy in a bedroom and by her near nakedness. Her uncontrollable hunger for sex took over.

Within minutes he got to hugg her, then kiss her and within half an hour the young boy got to suck her huge tits and cunt, making her climax several times. Within the next half hour he had her suck his cock, exploding several times in her mouth making her swallow his cum.

Within another half hour he had fucked her twice, making her scream and scream for more hard fucking. Within another half hour he had fucked her doggie style twice, pumping a lot of his cock juice deep into her fuck hungry cunt. One of the best fucking sessions she had ever had in her life.

Before she left, she met Mr. Cockrin in the living room.

"Hello, Mrs. Kant. Did you enjoy yourself?" After a short pause he asked, "Did you enjoy doing the exercises?"


"Was the boy good? Did he satisfy you?" Oh God! What a question! Did he know what she and the boy had done. Sarah wasn't sure. So she played along as if she that kind of talk was normal.

"Yes, Mr. Cockin, he was very good. He did satisfy me. Can I have him again for tomorrow?" Sarah put on a straight face, as if there was no suggestive meaning in her words.

"I'll try, but if I can't get him I'll get another boy."

"Is he equally good?"

"Yes, definitely. He might even be better because he is a bit bigger."

"Is he an older boy?"

"No... in fact he is younger... he's only 14 but very good... in what he does... I advice you to try him tomorrow. I'm sure he'll give you a good time... a very good time."

"All right, I'll come tomorrow... please try your best to get this boy for me."

Sarah was fully satisfied sexually but exhausted by the wonderful 15 year-old, who had amazing prowess in fucking. That was why she appeared tired when she arrived home.

The next day the alarm went off early morning, waking up Sarah. Normally she would get up, make breakfast and send Angel to school. But this morning she was feeling the tiredness of the previous evening's sex activities with the boy. So, she woke up her husband.

"Dick, I feel tired this morning. Can you help? Prepare breakfast and send Angel to school? And let me sleep a little longer?"

"All right, Sarah. You sleep. I'll take care of things." He was happy to be with his daughter. He quickly went to the bathroom, had a quick shower, dressed up and went to the kitchen. On the way he saw the light in Angel's room. She must be up and getting ready for school, he thought.

Dick was waiting with breakfast ready when Angel came in. She was wearing her school uniform, the pink blouse tucked into her beige skirt. Her bra and blouse failed to prevent the massive outward thrust of her huge breasts. The narrow waistline and curvy hips and shapely thighs showed how voluptuous Angellooked.

"Good morning, daddy," smiled Angel. She felt shy and embarrassed as she thought of the sexual activities with her father the previous night.

"Good morning, darling... come let daddy give you a good morning kiss. He gathered her voluptuous body against his. "Kiss me with love, the way we kissed yesterday."

"But mom... she might see us."

"No, she asked me to make breakfast for you... she wants to sleep a bit longer... she won't come down."

Angel wrapped her arms around her father and kissed him on the mouth. They sucked at each other's lips, explored their mouths with their tongues, and sucked each other's tongues, stirring each other's sexual desires.

"Daddy, I love you... you make me feel so nice... I like this." She spoke into her father's kissing mouth.

"You feel nice because it's daddy's love... but if you can get aroused, better still... it will be good... you will produce RH."

"Yes,... I am getting aroused... thank you, daddy... I like the feeling... I like kissing like this." Just then they heard Sarah coming down the staircase. They separated and sat at the dinning table. Angel started to eat her breakfast.

After "good morning" greetings, Sarah went to get a bottle of milk from the fridge.

"Sorry Angel, I'm too tired to make breakfast for you and send you to school. I did tiring exercises yesterday. Is it all right if your father takes care of you this morning?"

"Yes, mom. You can go to sleep again." Sarah went up to her room with the milk bottle.

Dick sat next to Angel and put his left arm around her waist as she ate her breakfast.

"Did you like what we did last night, Angel? Did you enjoy what daddy did to you?"

"Daddy, it was too sexual... sucking and all that."

"But you need that, Angel... to produce RH... to maintain your shape and sex drive."

"Yes, I suppose... Do we have to do some more exercises tonight?"

"Yes, of course. I'll be seeing Mr. Cockrin today to find out about the exercises and clothes for today."


"Do you want to complain about anything? I've something to complain about last night's exercises."

"What's that, daddy?"

"You see, when I sucked your breasts and vagina, the cloth covering them got into the mouth and spoilt the feeling. Hope something can be done."

"Yes, you are right, daddy. When I sucked your... manhood... the cloth sheath was messy in the mouth. Hope Mr. Cockrin will find a solution... hopefully, he'll abandon these exercises."

"All right, Angel, I'll tell him and see what he says."

"Thank you, daddy," said Angel and turned her head to give her father a full kiss on the mouth.

After the kiss, her father said, Thank you, Angel... thank you very much... each time you kiss me, I'm very happy... I love you."

"Oh daddy... you can kiss me anytime you want... I've told you that... but make sure that mom is not around, that's all."

"I understand. Now finish your breakfast and I'll take you to school."

Before they went out of the house to the car, her father kissed her again for a couple of minutes. Then they were on the way to her school. Now and again her father turned his head to kiss Angel on the mouth, his free hand resting and caressing her thigh through the skirt.

"Are you still aroused?"


"Then how are you going to concentrate on your lessons at school?"

"No, I can't... that in fact is my usual problem, daddy."

"What do you mean, darling?"

"You see, I get aroused very often... at school several male teachers come into the class to teach. They smile at me and keep looking at my chest while they teach... and I get aroused... and I can't concentrate on the lessons... that's why I don't seem to do well at school. I'm sorry, daddy."

"No, darling, don't say sorry. It's understandable with your beauty, figure and age to get aroused often."

Angel felt comforted. Her father was not angry. Instead he seemed to be very understanding. She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, dropping one hand on his thigh.

"Your frequent arousal just proves that you are very healthy sexually... and your body needs some sexual responses."

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"What do you do, when you get aroused? Do you masturbate?"

"Sometimes," she lied. In fact had masturbated many times.

"You shouldn't masturbate, Angel... it will distort your enjoyment of sex... self gratification is unnatural."

"Then what must I do?"

"To avoid becoming a freak psychologically, you must get a man to help you natural satisfaction."

"You mean I must get a boyfriend?"

"Do you prefer a boy rather than..."

"Rather than what, daddy?"

"Rather than your own father who loves and cares for you? Don't you like your own father for a boyfriend?"

"Oh daddy, I didn't mean to say I don't like you... I only thought I shouldn't do sexual things with my own father."

"But last night I gave you two good orgasms... and you enjoyed them."

"But they were part of the exercises, daddy."

"All right, in that case can we come to an agreement."

"What agreement?"

"Let's agree that if the exercises require that you have to be stimulated and satisfied sexually, then I'm allowed to do it, although I'm your father."

"I suppose so daddy, since you are my partner." Angel was wondering what her father had meant by "satisfied sexually".

"Thank you, Angel. I'm so happy you allow me to stimulate you... and satisfy you."

"Only if the exercises require that, daddy."

"Yes, I know."

"Daddy, does that mean I can get a boyfriend... to stimulate and satisfy me at other times?"

"I think you had better not, Angel. First you are only 16... still young and only a schoolgirl. Daddy has to teach you a lot about sex through the exercises. Secondly, boys are not fully developed for maximum satisfaction."

"What about a man?"

"Most men are crude... they usually abuse young girls and discard them for other young girls. I am your safest bet, dear."

"All right, daddy, if you say so."

"Don't worry, Angel, I'm sure that through the exercises I can stimulate and satisfy you enough so that you don't have to look elsewhere for more."

"All right, daddy, you take care of me."

"That's my girl. Now you go to school and your mother will fetch you after school."

"Okay, daddy. Hope you'll bring good news from Mr. Cockrin."

"I will, darling. I'm looking forward to being with you this evening." They kissed before Angel got out of the car and went into the school building.

That evening Sarah left to go to Mr. Cockrin's house for exercises. Thinking of the wild sex she had had the previous evening with a 15 year-old boy, Sarah was quite aroused by the time she arrived at Mr. Cockrin's house. Today he had promised a 14 year-old. Would he be good also?

When Sarah entered the house, Mr. Cockrin told her, "You are in luck, Mrs. Kant. I've managed to get the 14 year-old. He's already waiting for you in the bedroom. You can go up now."

"Thank you, Mr. Cockin." She started to go up to the room.

"You are welcome. Have a good time." She just gave a smile and went up to the bedroom.

The boy was waiting for her, but he was fully dressed in long pants and shirt. He was very handsome, well built and young.

"I'm Mrs. Kant. What's your name?" she smiled.

"Buck... I'm happy to meet you."

"How old are you?"

"Eighteen." He lied.

"Don't lie... tell me the truth."

"If I tell you the truth, I hope you won't send me away."

"No, I won't. I like you."

"Thank you. I was 14 last week."

"You are very young... can you handle me?"

"Yes, I think I can... give me a chance to prove myself."

"But do you like me? I'm older than you."

"Yes... I like women of your age... I like you... you are full bodied, sexy and voluptuous..."

"Then, come to me and show me how good you are."

Sarah became the aggressor. Within minutes she had him and herself undressed. Thereafter Sarah got the boy to suck her tits, cunt and clitoris for a few climaxes. Then she got him to fuck her in various positions. The boy was equal to her sexual demands. Surprisingly he had a big cock and stamina. During the two hours the boy gave her multiple orgasms.

She enjoyed herself so much that she gave him 200 dollars, not knowing that he in fact had paid 100 dollars to Mr. Cockrin for a hot woman. Buck was a rich boy and he had been lusting after his mother. But since he dare not make advances on his mother he had bought women in the image of his mother for sex. Mrs. Kant was the best he had had so far.

On the way out Sarah met Mr. Cockrin in the living room.

"Mrs. Kant, how was Buck? Was he good?"

"Yes, Mr. Cockin."

"Did he satisfy you... fully?"


"What about tomorrow?"

"Yes, I'm coming. Can you get one of the boys? Buck or Rod?"

"In fact they are both available tomorrow. Would you like to have them both together?"

Fun with two boys? The thought excited Sarah. "Is that possible?"

"Yes, in fact I have young wives who want me to arrange two men. They like two men to do to them at the same time."

"Do what?" asked Sarah, worried that he might know about her sex activities with the boys.

"Do exercises," lied Mr. Cockrin. He didn't want her to know that he was running a sex trade.

"Oh, all right. Can you then arrange for both the boys to do it to me tomorrow? That will be great! Any extra charge?"

"No, with my compliments. Since your husband is a friend of mine, I would like you to enjoy yourself. I'll get both boys to give you a good time tomorrow."

"Thank you very much." She went home, already aroused for tomorrow. She assumed that Mr. Cockrin didn't know about her sex activities with the boys.

When Sarah was in her room dressing up to go for her third day of "exercises", Dick quietly whispered to his daughter, "Angel, in a while mom will be away. Why don't you go up to your room and wear something nice for daddy?"

"What about mom?" Angel asked in whispers. Thereafter they spoke in whispers.

"I'll see her off. You stay in the room. After she had left, I'll come to your room."

"What do you want me to wear?"

"One of your school uniforms... this morning you looked lovely in your school uniform, as you always do... and I love to see you as a school girl."

"Okay daddy," she said and before she started to go, her father said, "How about wearing last years uniform?"

"But that will be a bit small for me, daddy. I've developed much since a year ago."

"That's why I'm asking you to wear last year's uniform. Being small for your body it will make you look more lovely and more sexy."

"Oh naughty, daddy!" she smiled.

"Please, darling. Wear the old bra and old panty also."

"Okay, but make sure I'm not called down when mom is still here." Angel ran up to her room.

She rummaged through her cupboards but couldn't find her old school uniforms as her mother had thrown away the old ones as they were too small for Angel. Then she remembered that two years ago, when her mother wanted to throw away her old uniforms, she had hidden one set of uniforms behind her books on her bookshelf. This set had made her look very attractive and sexy for a rapidly developing fourteen year-old two years ago. And she had kept the set for sentimental reasons.

Angel wore the bra. It was originally a small triangular cloth bra without any padding. It was now thin and threadbare. It covered only about one third of her now huge breasts. While her arms managed to go through the shoulder straps, the body strap wouldn't go around her body as her breasts were too big now. She wanted to change her bra but her father had asked her to wear the old bra. So she took a pair of scissors and clipped away the body straps. This meant the shoulder straps alone held the tiny triangular cups loosely on her breasts.

Then she struggled into her white blouse. It had press buttons, but because of the massiveness of her breasts only the buttons above and below her breasts could stay pressed. Those over her breasts came undone easily and caused the blouse in the middle section to spread open widely. And her breasts tended to bulge out of the blouse. Luckily, her nipples and the surrounding areas were covered by the triangular cups. Again and again she had to press up the buttons.

She now got into her old cotton panty. It was small, thin and threadbare as well. Her thighs, now more full than two years ago, wouldn't easily go through the leg holes. Angel used force to pull up the lower part of her panty right up to her crotch. In the process the elastic linings of both leg holes burst. Angel removed the elastic linings by ripping them away. In the process the lowest part of the panty got torn inwards to her crotch.

Then she pulled up the waistband, forcing it over her full buttocks and body. Now the waistband burst and Angel ripped away the elastic. The panty got torn some distance downward along the seam on the hip side. The top could only come up to several inches below her waist. It was a wonder how the panty stayed on without the elastic linings.

Angel looked down and saw that the fabric over her cunt had rolled up and covered her inadequately. Using both hands she held the fabric on either side and pulled sideways to spread it and cover her cunt properly. But, the force tore the panty right down the length of her cunt slit, which became exposed. Angel tried to readjust the fabric but without much success. Suddenly, a naughty idea came into her mind. She told herself, "Why not?"

She deliberately made the tear longer and wider to completely expose her cunt... lips, slit and all. The panty seemed to resemble a crotchless panty! Just for the thrill of it, she thought. Her father wouldn't see it because she was going to wear a skirt.

The blue school skirt came down to her mid thigh only since she had gained much height during these two years. It still had some flare and it couldn't be zipped up on the side completely, her waist was not as narrow as it was two years ago.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Yes, she looked a very sexy schoolgirl.

When Sarah came out of her room she heard Angel in her room. "I'm leaving now, Angel."

"Angel shouted back from inside her room, "Okay mom, have a good time."

"I will, darling. Do some studying. Hope you learn something extra tonight."

"Yes, I will, mom." Angel was sure she would learn something, but not from the books as her mother was thinking. It would probably be from the exercises that her father would be teaching her to do. Last night he taught her how to reach orgasms by allowing her father to finger and suck her vagina. He had also taught her how to stroke and suck his manhood to give him climaxes. Luckily they were part of their exercises, otherwise it would have been sinful, she thought. Naively she had fallen for the crab her father had been telling her.

When Sarah left the house, Dick quietly went up to his room, got into a thin silky pajama bottom. Since he didn't wear any brief, the pajama bottom allowed his cock to stand up freely and push out against the thin fabric. And he wore it very low down his waist. He was eager for some good fun with his daughter.

He went to Angel's room door and knocked, "Angel, your mother has left. May I come in?"

"Yes." She stood near the dressing mirror.

When her father walked in, Angel saw her father's bare body. He only wore the pajama bottom. Oh God! The manhood was pushing out his pajama right outwards. And the top edge of the pajama was very low, just above the manhood. This exposed a good patch of his pubic hair.

"Come to daddy, Angel.," her father said, smiling at her.

As she walked towards her father, her big breasts jiggled and several buttons over her chest came unpressed. The middle part of the blouse opened out widely exposing much of her breasts, including the small bra covered nipples.

Angel tried to press back the buttons. "Sorry, daddy... the old blouse is too tight here (she indicated her breasts)... the buttons come undone easily."

"In that case no use fixing back the buttons, Angel... they'll come undone again anyway... so leave your blouse open like that... please... I like you like that." So, Angel left her blouse open in the middle, giving her father a good view of much of her breasts.

Her father held her by her hands and looked happily at her body, especially at her gorgeous breasts... bare except for the small triangular bra patches.

"Angel, you look lovely. I love your breasts... they are big and lovely... you are a gorgeous school girl... you are the sexiest school girl in the world."

Angel was pleased to hear her father say that. "Thank you, daddy."

"Let me tell you one important thing that Mr. Cockrin told me today."

"Yes, daddy, tell me "

"He told me that we must use the proper four letter words... he said we must not... he emphasized, we must NOT use words like penis, manhood, vagina, breasts, etc... we must not use them."

"Then what words must we use, daddy?"

"We must use words the correct words like cock, cunt, clit, tits, suck, fu... etc"

"Why, daddy? They are dirty words!"

"Perhaps, but they are also erotic words and help us to produce RH."

"All right, daddy... if Mr. Cockrin says so."

"Come, let's sit down. I want to tell you about today's exercises."

"Where shall we sit?"

"I'll sit on the chair, you sit on daddy."

Her father sat on the chair, near the mirror, and asked her to sit on his lap. Angel saw the upright bulge of his pajama and the exposed pubic hair. She was about to sit sideways on his thighs when her father guided her.

"Sit over daddy's thighs... straddle daddy..."

"You mean facing you?"

"Yes, stand over my thighs... that's right... now let me slide up your skirt..."

"Why, daddy?"

"So that you can sit properly (her skirt was raised up, exposing almost all of her thighs)..."

"You are exposing all of my thighs, daddy."

"Have to... so that you can sit properly.

Angel was worried that her father might see her torn panty and her exposed cunt. So she quickly sat down near his knees. The position spread out her thighs and opened her cunt lips as well.

"No, not so far away... sit close to daddy' body... yes, sit on this (he pointed to his bulge)..."

"You mean on your... ?"

"Yes, sit directly on top of this, Angel... (again he pointed to the bulge)."

"Why, daddy?"

"Then only you'll be close to daddy..."


"Because I want to kiss you while we talk... can daddy kiss you?"

"Yes." She had agreed before that he could kiss her any time.

"Now sit... so that this (his fingers cupped her loins to indicate what he meant by this)... oh, you're naked Angel (his fingers felt her naked cunt through the big split in the middle of her panty)... did you dress like this for daddy?" His fingers kept caressing her naked wet cunt lips and slit, arousing Angel.

"The panty is old... when I adjusted it, it got torn accidentally, daddy... it happened accidentally."

"Oh, I see. I'm disappointed... I thought you loved me so much that you had deliberately torn the panty over your cunt... so it was not because of your love for me." He took his hand away from her loins.

Angel felt she had given her father the impression that she didn't love him very much. So she decided to tell the truth. That might make him happy.

"In fact... the panty tore a little bit only... but I deliberately made the tear longer and wider, daddy... I did it deliberately... for you." Immediately her father smiled and returned his fingers to her loins and started caressing her cunt lips which were getting wetter now.

"Did you really do that? Did you deliberately tore the panty to expose your cunt... for daddy?"

Aroused by the caressing fingers on her cunt, Angel whispered shyly, "Yes."

"Why, Angel?"

She didn't answer the question. She merely smiled at her father.

"I see, you are shy to tell daddy... I'm sure you wanted daddy to touch your cunt like this ( his fingers caressed her loins between the wet cunt lips.).

"Daddy... god!" A pleading.

But her father pretended to misunderstand her and said, "Yes, I know... you want daddy to touch you like this (his fingers moved upward and touchde her swollen clitoris).

"Daddy, daddy..." More urgent but softer.

Dick knew his daughter wanted him to stop but he pretended otherwise. "Yes, I know you like it... I know you want this also (his fingers rubbed the clit generously)."

Angel's hips were writhing with the stimulation in her cunt. "Daddy, I mean, oh... oh... daddyyy..."

Her father, ignoring her, continued, "Yes, I understand... you like this... you want this... (his middle finger lay deep along her cunt slit, pressing gently inwards again and again)

"Daddy, your middle finger..."

"You mean you like what daddy's middle finger is doing? You like it?"

"No, no..."

"You mean you don't like the finger to stay there? You want it to go inside?"

"Oh God!" He was misunderstanding me, thought Angel, squirming with thrill.

Happy he was able to finger his daughter's cunt, he pretended and continued, "No, I won't insert the finger inside... but I'll do this... and this... and this ( he kept running his fingers in the wet slit and rubbing her clitoris several times).

"Daddy, my God!"

"Did you want daddy to do all these to your cunt? Is that why you tore the panty wide open? Am I right, Angel?"

The young girl, wildly aroused, wasn't in the mood to answer any more questions. Instead she kissed her father on the mouth and hissed, "Daddy... please... enough... for now." Oh God! Did I mean he could it again later?

Her father took his fingers away and said, "All right, now sit on daddy... place your naked cunt on daddy's cockhead." He was using the dirty words, Angel realized.

Not knowing what was happening Angel allowed her father to pull her and seat her on his bulge.

"Let me adjust your cunt and my cockhead," said her father. Dirty words again.

"What do you mean, daddy."

"I mean this... (he adjusted her so that his covered cockhead pressed right in her naked cunt opening)... that's right... this is what I like... do you feel comfortable and nice, darling?"

"Daddy, we mustn't sit like this?'


"Because we are father and daughter."

"You mean you want to refuse your father this sitting position?"

"I didn't mean refuse..."

"You mean, I'm hurting you?"

"No, you are not hurting me."

"Then do you mean you don't love me enough to sit like this?"

"No, I didn't mean I don't love you enough."

"But then why, Angel?'

Angel didn't quite know what to say. So she said, "Because I'm naked there... you shouldn't place your manhood there."

"Don't say manhood... say cock."

"All right... you mustn't place your cock in my cunt."

"But my cock is covered with my pajama, Angel. So, it's okay."

"You think so, daddy?"

"Yes, darling... remember we are father-daughter lovers... so it's okay for us to sit like this... with my cockhead at the entrance of your cunt... I've wanted to sit like this for a long time, darling."

Angel knew she couldn't talk her father out of it. Anyway it was very stimulating. So why all the fuss?

Angel just smiled while her father put his arms around her and pulled her upper her body against his chest. Her breasts mashed against his bare chest and several more of the buttons came undone causing the blouse to open out completely over her breasts.

"Let's talk while we kiss each other." Angel nodded. They kissed sexily for a while and talked into their mouths while they kept kissing.

"Angel, I couldn't concentrate on my work today." He kissed her on the mouth.

After the kiss, with their mouths still in contact, she asked, "Why daddy?"

"I've been longing for you... I've been wanting to hold this hot young body." He kissed her.

"Daddy, it isn't nice to long for my body... I'm your daughter." Angel kissed back.

"But I want to help your body to produce RH."

"Oh, I see." Angel sucked her father's tongue.

Her father's finger went to her cunt, spread open the lips and pressed the bulbous head in.

"Daddy, what are you doing?"

"Placing the cockhead inside your cunt opening."

"Daddy, you shouldn't! I'm naked!"

"It's okay... my cock is covered by my pajama cloth."

"The knob is too big daddy... it can't go in."

"Let daddy try... I'm sure your cunt is hot enough to take the head."

"You think so?"

"Yes... ( he pushed the covered cockhead right inside the entrance and the naked wet lips of his daughter's cunt wrapped themselves around it)... there... it's done... do you feel nicer now?"

Yes, it did feel very nice. But she didn't say that because of her shyness. She just smiled and kissed her father suckingly.

Her father diverted her attention. "What about you, Angel? Were you able to concentrate on your lessons today." He pressed his covered cockhead in the warm wet entrance of his daughter's cunt.

"No daddy."

"Why darling? Tell me the truth."

"I kept thinking of you... of what you did to me... last night." She spoke into her father's mouth and kissed him eagerly.

"You mean you kept thinking of the way I sucked you tits?"

"Yes" Angel kept kissing her father.

"And were you also thinking of the way I sucked your cunt?" Her father breathed these words into her mouth, stressing the last three words.

"Yes... and I also kept thinking of what I did to you..." she said with her father's tongue in her mouth, which she sucked now.

" You mean you kept thinking of the way you sucked my cock?" With her tongue in his mouth, her father stressed the last three words.

"Yes... yes..." The words "sucked my cock" excited Angel and at the same time she felt her father press his cockhead in her naked cunt opening. Involuntarily her cunt pressed back against the exciting knob.

"And what else, darling?" There was another push of his cockhead in the entrance of her aroused cunt. Her cunt pushed back in response, getting aroused more and more.

Angel spoke hoarsely into her father's mouth, "And I got aroused, daddy... (the cockhead jabbed at her clitoris several times)... yes, daddy... I got aroused... very aroused."

"That's good, Angel. You must have produced a lot of RH."

"Yes, daddy... I must have."

"Are you also aroused now?"

"Hmm, yes."

"Good... while we keep producing RH, let me tell you about my meeting with Mr. Cockrin."

Her father's hands crept under her skirt and cupping her buttocks pulled her cunt tighter against his cock. Because of the pajama, only the cockhead was inside the entrance of her naked wet cunt.

Her father again kissed her, slowly rubbing his cockhead in the wet cunt opening. After the kiss they spoke again.

"What about today's exercises, daddy?'

"They are more or less the same as yesterday's, but the positions are different."

"But what about the fabric? Did you tell him that they were in the way... they were a nuisance in the mouth... when we sucked?"

"Yes, I did. He said that others have complained about that also."

"Good. Hope he has discarded those activities."

"No... but he has a simple solution." Her father's cockhead was throbbing in her cunt.

"What's the solution, daddy." Angel liked the way her father's cockhead was throbbing at the entrance of her cunt.

"He said we must suck without any cloth covering."

"You mean... ?" Angel wondered whether she understood what her father had said.

"I'll show you when we do the exercises. I've seen the tape of tonight's exercises."

Angel wondered what was in store for her and her father that evening.

"Angel, do you want to start the exercises now? Or, do you want to sit like this for a while longer... and enjoy the nice feeling... enjoy daddy's cock in the entrance of your cunt for a while?"

Angel wanted to continue sitting like that. The kissing and her father's cockhead in the entrance of her cunt were very stimulating. But she felt shy to say that she wanted to sit like that for a while longer.

"I don't know. You make the decision, daddy."

Her father said, "I like to sit like this for a while, Angel. May I?"

"All right, daddy, if you like."

"Do you mean you don't like?"

"I didn't say that, daddy."

"Can I then assume that you like?" Her father gently thrust and rolled his cockhead in the entrance of a very wet hot cunt.

Shyly Angel kissed her father and whispered into his mouth, "Yesss."

"Good girl. Now I want you to make the next decision. Okay?"

Not knowing what her father was going to ask, Angel just said, "Okay."

"How long more do you like to sit like this, Angel? One minute, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes?"

Angel started to think. "For how long do you like, daddy?"

"How about for one minute more?"

Angel was disappointed. One minute was too short. "Daddy, since you like to sit like this, I don't mind sitting with you a bit longer than one minute."

"Thank you, Angel. Then, how about 5 minutes? Would that be long enough for you?"

Angel really wanted some thrill for a while longer, but wanted to sound as if her father wanted to sit like that longer.

" I know you like to sit like this, daddy... so, we can sit for longer than 5 minutes."

"You decide, Angel. You tell me for how long you like to kiss and sit with daddy's cock in your cunt."

Angel put her mouth to her father's mouth and hissed, "For 10 minutes, daddy... or longer... if you don't mind... and if you like."

"That's a good decision... it shows you like daddy, and... and..."

"And what, daddy?"

"You like kissing daddy, and... and..."

"And what else, daddy?"

"You like daddy's cock... in your cunt."

What her father had said were true! So, blushing with embarrassment, Angel kissed her father. After the kiss, her father spoke into her mouth, "Move your hips, Angel... move your cunt... rub it nicely all over daddy's cockhead."

Without saying anything, Angel pressed her cunt harder on her father's cockhead and gyrated gently, making the inner walls of the entrance of her cunt rub the trapped cockhead. Her father's hands cupped her buttocks and guided her movements.

Angel kept kissing and moaning, "Hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmm... hmmmmm..."

"Feeling nice, darling?

"Hmm... hmmm... yezz... yezzz... hmmm..."

"Like this Angel? Like to do this with daddy?"

Her father's cockhead was jabbing rapidly in the entrance of her cunt. Again and again it was jabbing at her swollen clitoris.

"DAD... OH GOD, DAD... DAD... DAD... DAD... DAD... DAD... HMMM... HMMM... OOOO... OOO..."

"What are you trying to tell me, Angel," her father spoke into her moaning mouth.


Her father's hands went inside her torn panty and rubbed her buttocks and bare hips. She could feel her panty, already torn on the side, getting more torn. Oh God! In fact her father's hands were tearing it apart to expose more of her flesh for him to caress and fondle.

Wildly aroused Angel hugged her father and kissed passionately, moaning all the time.

"Do you like this, Angel?"


"Then, whenever we kiss next time, we must kiss like this."

Angel was far gone into her arousal to bother what her father was saying. She was now concentrating on the mad violent on rush of her orgasm.


Angel orgasmed, her cunt boiling over with white hot creamy cum.

At the same time her father froze stiff and shot out his sperm juice moaning endlessly, "AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK... AHK...". Each AHK matched each shot of his sperm On and on father and daughter climaxed, moaning incoherently and kissing wildly.

Finally, panting, Angel said, "Sorry, daddy... I'm so sorry."

"Never say sorry, Angel. I'm glad you climaxed. You must have produced a lot of RH."

"I lost control, daddy."

"I know, and I'm glad you did. I too lost control, Angel... you were so good on my cock."

Angel wanted to change the subject because her father's cockhead was still in her cunt and was hard and throbbing and was arousing her once more.

"Shall we do the exercises now, daddy?"

"Alright, let daddy clean you up."

Her father, holding her skirt up, took her to the bathroom and used a wet towel to clean her loins of all cum but left the torn panty in its place. Then he let the short skirt fall over her loins and brought her into the bedroom.

"Mr. Cockrin wants you to wear the school uniform for today's activities. That was also one reason why I had asked you to wear this uniform."

"But this is an old uniform."

"Yes, he did say you must wear an old one so that it will be a small one. One more thing."

"What is that, daddy?"

" Let me adjust your dress as Mr. Cockrin wants."

Her father looked at her chest where the partially open blouse exposed much of her breasts that were loosely covered by the triangular bra.

"You have to leave the blouse unbuttoned all the way down... but keep the lowest button."

"My blouse will open out completely, daddy."

"Yes, that's the idea. Let me do it for you."

Her father slowly undid the buttons except the lowest one. Angel's breasts were so big and thrust forward so much that the two sides of the blouse were pushed to the outer sides of her tits. Her huge firm round tits were completely uncovered except for the small triangular bra cups.

"Your tits stand out beautifully, Angel."

"Thank you, daddy."

"Now... we had complained about the cloth getting into the mouth when we suck... Remember?"


"So Mr. Cockrin has asked you not wear this (pointing to her bra)... let daddy remove your bra."

"But, daddy..." By then her father had removed her bra and he threw it on the bed. Her magnificent 38DD tits stood out in all their glory... round, smooth, firm and thrusting forward boldly.

"Magnificent tits, Angel... lovely nipples... now the bra won't get into my mouth when I suck..." He smiled at her, looking at her bare tits. Oh God!

"And one more thing Angel."

"What is that, daddy?"

"Remember your panty got into my mouth yesterday?"


"So, for today no panty... let daddy remove it also." Oh God!

Her father knelt and put his hands under her skirt. On the pretext of removing her torn panty, her father touched her intimately, the fingers fondling her cunt lips and slipping into her wet slit for several seconds before removing the panty.

"You are now ready, Angel. Look at yourself in the mirror. See how hot you are... you are ripe and ready, Angel..." Angel didn't understand what her father meant by " ripe and ready". Ripe and ready for what, she wondered.

"You wait for daddy, darling. I'll go to my room and wear my attire and come."

When her father left the room, Angel looked at herself in the mirror. Her short skirt exposed her gorgeous shapely thighs from mid thigh down. Her blouse opened out to the sides completely exposing her tits. They were big, they were firm, they bulged out beautifully, and her father would be sucking them soon... as part of the exercise. Angel shuddered with the anticipation.

Soon her father re-entered the room. Her was wearing a short silk dressing gown that came down to mid thigh level. It was held by a sash around the waist. The gown was lifted up at the loins. Angel knew that her father's cock was doing that.

Her father took her by the hands and guiding her towards the sofa said, "Let's have some fun."

"Daddy, we are supposed to do exercises."

"Yes, it's the same thing, Angel. Tell me, why do we do the exercises?"

"To produce RH?"

"Right. And how do we produce RH?"

Her father was looking at her naked tits. Angel didn't answer his question.

"Have you forgotten?"


"Then tell me, how do we produce RH?"

"By stimulation."

"By what kind of stimulation, Angel? Is it by mental stimulation or by spiritual stimulation or... by what?"

Angel started shyly, "By... by sexual sti... by sexual stimulation, daddy." Angel blushed.

"Yes, you are right. You want to produce RH."


" So you want me... your father... to sexually stimulate you..."

Shyly she said, "Yes."

"You want it badly, don't you, Angel?"

Angel wasn't sure what her father had meant... whether she wanted to produce RH badly or whether she wanted sexual stimulation badly. Probably he had meant the latter. Angel just smiled.

Dick took Angel to the couch and made her sit. Then he knelt in front of her between her knees and thighs. Angel's skirt crept up exposing her thighs. Her father looked at her naked tits and smiled at her.

"Let's do the first exercise."

"What's that, daddy?"

"Exercise for your tits... to keep it firm, big and lovely."

"What are going to do, daddy."

"First, I'm going to caress and fondle your tits nicely... relax and enjoy yourself, Angel."

Her father's hands cupped her massive bare tits and fondled them lovingly. "Big tits, Angel (his hands caressed the smooth vibrant flesh)... lovely and firm (his hands gently squeezed her tits)... your nipples are hard already (his fingers were rolling her nipples)... are you getting aroused, Angel?"

Shyly Angel nodded, smiling at her father.

"Good... you are then producing RH. Let daddy arouse you some more." Her father's hands and fingers played all over her bare tits, cupping them, squeezing them, tweaking her nipples and lifting and rolling her massive tits.

After a while, her father smiled at her and said, "Now daddy must exercise the inside of your tits."

"How, daddy?"

"By kissing, licking and sucking your big lush tits." Oh God!

Her father's warm hot mouth descended on her right tit. He kissed and licked it all over for a while, concentrating on her nipples. Then her father did the same to her left tit for a while. Angel was now aroused. Her hands went to caress the back of her father's head.

Her father looked at her and asked smiling, "Like it, Angel... do you like daddy sucking your tits?"

Shyly she smiled and nodded.

"Want some more?" Angel just smiled, caressing the back of her father's head.

Her father took her left nipple into his mouth and slowly started to suck it. First the nipple, then the nipple and aureole, and then a good deal of her tit flesh as well. He sucked excitingly and the aroused teenager caressed her father's face.

Her father stopped sucking and said, "Is sucking your bare tits nicer than yesterday?"


"So, thank you."

"For what, daddy?"

"For wanting to go braless... for wanting to open out your blouse completely (her father pulled the sides of the blouse wider, undoing the bottom buttons so that the blouse was totally pulled out to the sides completely exposing her chest)"

Her father smiled at her and continued, "Thank you for wanting your tits to be naked... and most important of all..."

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Chapter 4

Her paused, looked smilingly at Angel and said, "Most important of all, thank you..."He paused, looking lovingly at his daughter.

"For what, daddy?"

"For wanting daddy to suck your naked tits."

Oh God! Did she want all that? What was her father saying? She had thought all these were part of the exercise.

"Aren't all these part of the exercise, daddy?"

"It's the same thing, darling. You want to produce RH, don't you?"


"So you also want daddy to suck your tits."

"I see," Angel didn't know how to butt her father.

"I tell you what. I won't suck your tits until you tell me that you want me to." Her father waited for her to speak. Angel knew that if she wanted to continue with the exercise she had to say what her father wanted her to say.

She smiled at her father, and caressing his face said, "Yes daddy, suck my tits."

"Are you sure you want me to?"

"Yes daddy... I want you to suck my tits... please daddy... suck me good."

"All right then. You put your tit into your father's mouth." He opened his mouth and waited.

Angel put her left hand behind her father's head and pulled it nearer so that his open mouth approached her right nipple. At the same time she used her right hand to lift and guide the nipple into her father's mouth. Still her father didn't close his mouth on her tit.

Angel placed both hands behind her father's head and pulled, pushing her chest forward at the same time so that nipple, aureole and tit flesh filled her father's mouth. Still her father's mouth didn't suck although it was fully stuffed with her tit.

"SUCK, DADDY... PLEASE, SUCK ME (he started to suck slowly)... YES, YES... SUCK ME... PLEASE, DADDY... SUCK HARDER..." moaned Angel, aroused and wanting to encourage her father.

Her father didn't disappoint her. He sucked and sucked, his tongue lashing against her nipple. The sucking gradually increased in intensity and Angel couldn't control her arousal and moaned softly, "HMM... HMM... HMMM... DAD... DAD... OOO... OOO... YES... YES... HMMM... OHHH... YAA... YAAA..." Her body was writhing and her hands pulled her father's head close to her chest. After a while her father released her tit from his mouth.

Looking at his daughter, Dick asked, "Did you like that, Angel?"


"Do your tits want some more sucking?"


"Tell daddy... tell me what you want daddy to do."


Her father eagerly took her left tit into his mouth and sucked with passion. And Angel went wild with delight, hugging her father's head and urging him to suck and suck. Her father now kept switching from one tit to the other, stimulating his daughter more and more. After several minutes he stopped.

"DADDY... ?" A pleading, as if to say, why have you stopped?

Her father was looking at her big tits, all wetted by his saliva. "I know you would like to continue but let's do the next exercise, Angel."

"What's that, daddy?"

"Exercise for the leg. Do you want to exercise first... or... do you want to help daddy to exercise first."

"You mean the one we did yesterday? "

"Yes, only the positions will be different today."

"You decide who should exercise first," said Angel.

"Since daddy has just exercised your tits, we will let your arousal cool down a bit before I work on you."

"You mean you want to exercise first, daddy?"

"Yes, Angel."

Then her father sat on a chair and made Angel kneel in front of him between his legs. "Untie the sash and open out daddy's gown, darling."

Angel did that. The dressing gown opened out completely making her father naked. His cock stood erect, swaying slowly. It was long and thick. The bulbous cockhead was reddish and throbbed with need.

Caressing her face, her father said smiling, "It's all yours, Angel... be nice to daddy's cock... "

Pretending she didn't know what she was to do, Angel asked, "What do you want me to do, daddy."

"For a start, kiss and lick daddy's cock."

Slowly Angel lowered her mouth and kissed the red bulbous head. It twitched and jerked.

"It's moving, daddy."

"Yes, I know... it likes your mouth... hold it, Angel... wrap your fingers around the stem... then kiss and lick the head."

Her father took her right hand and wrapped her fingers around the stem of his cock.

"The fingers won't go around completely, daddy."

"Then use both hands to grasp the cock, darling. Then kiss and lick daddy."

With her father's help Angel wrapped both hands around her father's thick cock stem. "There... that's it... hold the fellow tight... yes, like that... now give daddy a good time."

Angel started to kiss her father's cockhead. Her father kept telling her what to do, "Kiss the tip... yes, that's right... form an O with your lips... right... now cover the head with your lips..."

"But it's SO BIG, daddy!"

"I know... but you managed yesterday... take the knob inside your open lips first... yes,... keep the head inside your lips... now use your tongue to lick the tip of my cock... yes... yes, that's it... lick the head all over... yes, you are doing it nicely... wonderful, Angel... you are a good daughter... lick the head thoroughly... yes... yes... good... I'm glad you like to lick your father's cock."

Angel just licked and licked looking at her father who kept caressing her cheeks.

"Angel... please suck daddy's cockhead... take it inside your mouth and suck nicely..."

Angel released her father's cock from her mouth and said, "Daddy, you are not exercising your leg."

"Oh yes, I forget... you suck your father's cock... I'll bent my leg now." He started to bend and stretch his right leg and smiled at his daughter.

Her father caressing her cheek said, "Go ahead, Angel... you show me how good you are in sucking your father's cock."

Her father guided his cockhead into her mouth. It throbbed inside her mouth.

"Suck it, Angel... your father's cock has been waiting for this moment for a long time now."

Ignoring what her father was saying, Angel concentrated on sucking her father.

"Is this better than yesterday? Without any cloth? Is the naked cock better for you... to suck?"

Angel nodded and hissed around the cockhead, "Yezzzz,"

"There... I knew you would like to suck naked cock... that's why I've wanted to be naked today."

Angel was confused by what her father had said. Did Mr. Cockrin want her father to be naked or did her own father wanted to be naked? But whatever, it didn't matter anymore. She just sucked and sucked. Her father's hands were now fondling her bare tits.


On and on Angel sucked. Her father's cock kept going deeper and deeper into her mouth and it kept jerking and jumping inside her warm wet young mouth. Her father had managed to bend down and use his fingers to rub her clitoris which immediately swelled more and throbbed fiercely. Angel kept sucking while her father kept fondling her clitoris. Both father and daughter were wild with sexual stimulation.

"Angel, my hot young daughter... daddy is going to give you some cock juice in your mouth... swallow it darling..."

Angel wanted to take the cock out of her mouth but her father held her head and, thrusting the cock deep inside her mouth, started to squirt his sperm. Shot after shot of thick creamy cum flooded her young mouth.


Angel swallowed and swallowed. Oh God! So much to swallow, she thought. The creamy cum coated all the inner walls of her mouth and some trickled out at the corners.

Her father kept urging her, "SWALLOW... GOOD... A BIT MORE... A BIT MORE... I'LL FINISH IN A WHILE."

Yes, she kept swallowing for quite a while. That was how much cock juice her father jetted into her mouth.

Finally her father withdrew his cock from her mouth and used his dressing gown to clean her mouth of the dripping cum and then wiped clean his still hard cock.

"Marvellous, Angel... you suck cock very well... thank you, darling... I wish you can suck my cock often."

Embarrassed and shy, Angel wanted to change the subject. "What's the next exercise, daddy?"

"It's yours... on the bed."

Her father took her to the bed. "Lie down on your back... that's right... rest your head on the pillow... yes, like that."

Her widely opened out blouse fell on the sides of the body. Her massive firm breasts stood majestically pointing upwards.

"Can I button up the blouse, daddy?"

"No, Angel... keep your tits bare... you will want daddy to play with them, won't you?"

Angel tried to pull down her skirt which had crept more than half way up her full shapely thighs.

"What am I to do in this exercise, daddy? Bend my legs?"

"Yes, but first we adjust your skirt." Her father pushed her skirt to her waist, exposing her naked loins.

"Now we raise your loins." He put a pillow under her buttocks and raised her naked loins.

"Now bend your legs." Her father bent her legs at the knees.

"Now open out your thighs." He spread apart her naked thighs exposing her naked cunt to his view.

"Daddy, do I stretch and bend my legs?"

"Don't worry about that, Angel"

"But that's the exercise, isn't it?"

"The aim is to produce RH... so, concentrate on the sexual stimulation that daddy is going to give you. You'll see that the exercise for the legs will come naturally."

"What are you going to do, daddy?"

Her father knelt between her thighs, wrapped his arms around her full naked thighs and lowered his mouth close to her naked cunt. From there he looked up at his daughter, smiled and said, "Daddy is now going to lick and suck you cunt... concentrate on the sexual thrill and enjoy yourself, darling."

"Daddy..." Angel didn't know what to say.

"Yes, I know, darling... you want this... it will be better than yesterday because you are naked... and daddy's tongue can go deep inside your naked cunt... you'll like it darling... enjoy yourself."


"Yes, I know you want it now..."

"Daddy, if you hold my thighs like that I can't exercise... I can't stretch my legs."

"Forget the exercise, Angel... enjoy daddy's mouth and tongue in your hot young cunt... concentrate on the oral sex daddy is going to perform on you."

Her father slowly and wetly started to lick her cunt lips along the slit. Her hips shuddered and twitched with thrill as her father kept licking and licking and the tongue kept slipping more and more into her wet hot slit. After a while her father stopped and looked at Angel.

"Are you enjoying yourself, darling? Do you like this?"

Of course she was enjoying herself. Of course she liked it. But she felt shy to say it aloud. So, she just smiled at her father and nodded.

"Good... I know you will like oral sex... you are ripe and hot for sex, Angel." Oh God! What was her father saying?

Her father's mouth returned to her aroused cunt. This time his mouth was a bit wilder, sucking vigorously and plunging his long fat tongue faster into her juicy cunt slit. Angel began to moan and her body began to writhe and her thighs shake and shiver

Pushing her cunt up into her father's mouth, Angel moaned continuously, "HMM... HMM... HMMM... OOO... OOO... OOO... DAD... DAD... DADDY... DADDYYY... YES... YES... YEZZ... AHH... OHHH... GOD... YES... GOOD... YES."

Just then her father stopped, smiled at her and said, "Like oral sex, darling?"

Angel just nodded, smiling.

" Good... now I'll release your thighs... you can exercise them... you can thrash them about as you enjoy daddy's tongue..."

Her father took away his hands that were wrapped around her thighs. But his hands now cupped her naked buttocks, pulling her cunt towards his mouth.

"Want some more, darling?"

Blushing, Angel nodded.

"Good... feel free to tell me what you want me to do... since you like oral sex... let your hair down and enjoy yourself, Angel... don't be shy."

"Oh daddy!" What her father said made sense to Angel.

"Relax and have fun... you have a hot cunt... it likes tongue fucking... "

Her father's mouth went back to her wildly aroused cunt and started to tongue fuck her vigorously. Her thighs shook and thrashed about as her father pulled her by the buttocks and plunged his long fat tongue deep into her very juicy cunt. Her inner cunt muscles were convulsing and flooding her cunt with juice.

"DADDY, YES... OOO... OOO... SUCK MY CLIT... YES, THAT'S GOOD... HMM... OOO... SUCK HARDER, DADDY... YES I LIKE THAT... YES, YES... YOU CAN PLUNGE YOUR TONGUE IN AND OUT... YES, LIKE THAT... AHHH... YES... OOO... FASTER, DADDY... TONGUE ME FASTER... GO DEEP... DEEP, DADDY... DEEPER STILL... PLEASE... YES, YES, YOU'VE GOT IT... OOOO... GOD, YES, YES, YES... I LIKE THIS... DADDY, YOU ARE GOOD... I LIKE ORAL SEX... I REALLY DO... OOO... HMMM..." Angel kept urging her father while her body shook and shuddered and her cunt went crazy, several mini orgasms flooding her cunt with creamy hot cum.

After many, many wonderful minutes, wild hot Angel lost control. Her body was raked by violent orgasm.



Non-stop Angel screamed out her orgasm. It took quite a while before her orgasm slowed down. But her father kept tongue fucking her cunt all the while and her cunt was fully stirred once again and she wanted more tongue fucking.

"MORE, DADDY... I WANT MORE ORAL SEX... TONGUE ME SOME MORE." But to her disappointment her father stopped.

Her father raised his head and looked at her. His mouth and the surrounding area were covered with creamy cum.

"You do like tongue fucking, don't you?"

Embarrassed and shy, Angel smiled back, "Daddy... I love you."

"I love you too, Angel. I'm so glad you like daddy's tongue in your cunt. Want some more... oral sex?"

"What about the next exercise?"

"For tonight, the exercises are merely repetitions of what we've done."

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"You keep sucking my cock and I keep tongue fucking your cunt... that's all the exercise for today."

."But you have already climaxed, daddy."

"Yes, but I want to climax a few more times in your mouth... and I want to tongue fuck your hot cunt a few more times... to make you orgasm several times."

Her father removed his dressing gown, going completely naked. "Remove your blouse and skirt, Angel. Let's be totally naked to enjoy oral sex."

"Must I, daddy?"

"Yes, Angel... you want daddy to enjoy your body, don't you?" Did she want that?

Her father removed her blouse and skirt. Then he lay on his back on the bed and said, "Kneel over, daddy... no, turn around (her father adjusted her so that they were in the 69 position)... now, lower your cunt to my mouth... right... now while I tongue fuck your cunt, you suck my cock. Together we'll have oral sex."

Her father opened out her cunt lips and plunged his tongue deep into her cunt. Angel lowered her mouth and took her father's bulbous cockhead into her young mouth and sucked. Thereafter, father and daughter wallowed in oral sex, sucking and tonguing, caressing and moaning as their bodies built to explosive climax after climax. After several climaxes, they fell apart on their backs, panting.

Angel loved oral sex. "Daddy, I love this exercise... thank you."

"Thank you too, Angel for sucking daddy's cock and I'm glad you like daddy to tongue fuck your young hot cunt."


"You love cock... and you love sex, Angel... I'm happy to be your father... I'll give you all the sex you want."

Before Angel could find out what her father really meant, they heard Sarah's car arrive outside the house. Father and daughter quickly cleaned up and dressed decently before Sarah entered the house.

As they went down the staircase, Angel and her father spoke in whispers.

"Daddy, don't tell mom."

"Don't tell what?"

"What we did in the bedroom."

"Okay... we'll keep our sex activities secret."

Giggling, Angel poked playfully her father's ribs and said, "I mean the exercises, you naughty daddy..."

Just then Sarah entered the house. They greeted each other and had supper. Sarah kept telling that she had a tiring evening of exercise.

"Dick, tomorrow morning you prepare breakfast for Angel and see her off to school. I want to wake up late. In fact you do this every morning from now onwards. I've done it for 16 years for Angel. From now onwards you take care of her."

"Yes, darling I'll be glad to. Since you are doing exercises, you better rest... sleep nicely and wake up late. I'll take care of Angel in the morning." Angel saw her father smile happily.

"Is that okay, Angel? I hope you are not angry with mom," said Sarah to her daughter.

"No mom, I'm not angry... I understand... I'll be fine with daddy."

Then she turned to her father and asked with a meaningful smile, "Daddy, I hope you don't mind... taking care of me?"

"Angel, you are my daughter... it will be my pleasure to take care of you."

"Thank you, daddy." Angel knew that her father was as happy as she was. He would kiss her plenty at breakfast and she would love it, she knew.

When Sarah arrived at Mr. Cockrin's house she received good news.

"Mrs. Kant, I've managed to get the two boys for you today."

"Thank you."

"In fact, other women had wanted the boys today... they even wanted to pay extra to the boys, but the boys have preferred you... they like you more than the other women."

"Oh, I'm very glad to hear that."

"The boys must have really enjoyed doing it with you." Sarah gave Mr. Cockrin a quizzical look.

"I mean doing the exercises with you."

Sarah just smiled. "Are they ready? Can I go up to the room?"

"Yes, they are waiting for you in the bedroom. Please go up."

As Sarah climbed up the staircase, Mr. Cockrin wished her, "Have a good time, Mrs Kant."

She turned, smiled at him and said, "Yes, I will... I hope your boys will be really good tonight."

"If they don't satisfy you... fully... let me know... I'll reduce their payment."

But they did. For the next two hours the two boys kissed her, licked her, sucked her and fucked her and she fucked them. Yes, the young boys really satisfied her.

When she came down to go home, Sarah met Mr. Cockrin.

"Were the boys good? Did you have a good time, Mrs. Kant?"

"Yes, Mr. Cockin, thank you. The boys were very good indeed."

"Do you find that doing it with two persons is better than with one?"

"Yes, indeed. I don't mind having them again for tomorrow."

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Kant. The boys have already been booked by two other women. But I can get you a man."

"Is he good?"

"Yes, he's a very rugged but handsome truck driver. He's very good... in what he does... you will like him... do it with him and see... the exercises, I mean... you will enjoy it very much."

"All right then, if you say so." Why not try and see how good the truck driver was, thought Sarah. Then she went home.

The next day Angel woke up earlier than usual. The orgasm of the previous night had given a good night's sleep and she felt fresh and vibrant after a bath. She dressed up in her school uniform. Thoughts of the previous night's wild sexual activities with her father made her feel embarrassed and stimulated. Shyly she went downstairs.

Her father was already there with breakfast set out on the dining table. He was wearing only his dressing gown.

He spoke softly, "Good morning, darling. Let me give you a good morning kiss."

He waited with open arms. Angel drifted into her father's arms. Her father hugged her body to his. Angel wrapped her arms around his hard body. She could feel his hard manhood pressing against her lower body through the clothes.

"Lover's kiss... okay, darling?"

"Mom may come down for her milk, daddy."

"No she won't. I told her not to."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I told her, "Don't come down until Angel has left for school. Otherwise, she might think you care to come for your drink but don't care to prepare breakfast for her." The trick worked. So she has agreed not to come down."

"Oh, naughty, daddy."

"Because I want to kiss you nicely before I take you to school, darling."

"Daddy, do you really like to kiss me that much?"

"Yes, Angel... it's such fun for me. So, shall we kiss? Like lovers?" Angel smiled and nodded.

So, they kissed like lovers. They kissed passionately, exchanging tongues in their mouths, sucking each other's tongue and caressing their bodies through the clothes.

Then her father said, "Eat your breakfast now. I've already eaten mine. I'll sit with you."

Her father sat on her right side, close to her body and put his left arm around her waist. As Angel tackled her food with spoon and fork, her father's hands were on her body.

His left hand slowly caressed the under swell of her big left breast through the blouse. "Lovely tits, Angel (her father's hand caressed the breast again and again)... I love your tits (both hands now cupped both tits and gently squeezed them)... your tits give me pleasure (his fingers were tweaking her nipples through the blouse and bra)." Angel just smiled and chewed her food, trying her best not to show her sexual arousal...

"I'm eagerly waiting for evening," said her father, gently rolling her nipples between his fingers.

"Why, daddy?"

"So that I can suck these lovely young tits."

"Daddy, you mustn't think like that. I'm your daughter."

"But I want to help you to produce RH."

"Oh... I see."

"In that case, is it all right, Angel?"

"Yes, daddy."

Her father's right hand now dropped to her right thigh and caressed the sensitive inner flesh through the skirt. "Gorgeous thighs... (his hand was moving up and down the inner thigh)... I love your thighs, darling (both hands were now on her thighs and gently squeezed the sensitive inner thigh flesh)... you have hot thighs (the hands were caressing and squeezing flesh of both thighs)..."

Angel was almost finished with eating her breakfast. She was drinking her milk when her father said, "I'm waiting to lick and suck your thighs... to lick and suck your hot cunt this evening, Angel"

She almost choked herself hearing that. But then he would say he wanted to help her to produce RH! So Angel just ignored what he had said and finished the drink. By now her father had aroused her quite thoroughly.

"Let me brush my teeth before going to school," said Angel. Then she went to her room and came down after a while. As she waited in the leaving room, her father came down all dressed up. But he was spotting a big bulge! Angel looked at it and gave her father a surprised look.

He smiled at her and whispered, "I'm not wearing any brief."

"Why?" Angel asked in a whisper.

"I'll tell you in the car."

In the car while her father was driving her to school, Angel looked her father's bulge and asked, "Why, daddy?" The bulge was very pronounced.

"Why what?"

"Why are you not wearing a brief?"

" I love you, Angel. Do you love me?"

"Of course I do."

"Can you then do daddy a favour?


"Touch me, please."


"Touch daddy here," he said pointing to his big bulge.

"Daddy, It's not nice... surely not in the car... people might see... moreover it's not exercise time."

"Please... people can't see... I need some exercise... please give daddy some extra exercise... please, Angel."

Angel found it hard to refuse her father. If she refused he would be very disappointed. "What do you want me to do?"

Her father took her right hand and placed it on the bulge. "Caress it... (he moved her hand all over the bulge)... squeeze it, Angel, squeeze it again and again (he pressed her fingers to make her squeeze it several times)... stroke it along its length (he moved her hands up and down the length of the bulge)... I'm going to release your hand... but keep doing all that to your father's cock... please... please, darling."

How could she refuse? So, Angel started to caress, squeeze and stroke her father's cock through the slack.

"Thank you, darling, thank you... I'm so glad you are suck a good daughter... yes, keep exercising daddy's cock."

After a while her father said, "Why don't you unzip and pull out daddy's cock... give some exercise to the naked fellow." Oh God! Surely she shouldn't do that!

Her father pressed her hand, urging, "Please, Angel... unzip... please."

As her father was insistently pressing her hand, Angel slowly unzipped the slack.

"Put your hand inside."

Angel slowly pushed her soft hand inside. Immediately her hand came in contact with her father's massive hard jerking cock.

"Grab the cock and pull it out, Angel."

Angel wrapped her fingers around the cock stem as best as she could and pulled it out into the open. It kept swaying and jerking.

"Good, darling, good... now your father's cock is naked for you to play with... play with the fellow... caress, squeeze and stroke him... to show that you like him... make your father happy."

Oh God! But Angel did what her father wanted. She herself was aroused by then. She cupped the cockhead, caressed it and squeezed it several times. Then she stroked the cock up and down, at first slowly and then gradually faster and faster. She kept repeating the caressing and squeezing of the cockhead and stroking the cock.

Her father was driving slowly, moaning softly and urging Angel to stroke him faster and faster. After several minutes, her father moaned, "Angel, I'm going to explode... I'm going to cum..."

"Daddy, don't... you'll soil you slack..."

"Yes, but can you help?'


"Let daddy's cock explode inside your mouth... you can then swallow the cum... my slack will be saved."

Before Angel could say anything, her father's hand was pushing her head down to his cock. Angel just opened her mouth and took the cockhead inside her mouth. Her father pressed her head farther down and pushed a good length of the cock into her mouth.

"Suck, Angel... suck daddy's cock... suck out the juice, please."

Angel sucked and sucked and sucked but it was only after several minutes that her father's cock erupted, squirting endless jets of cum into her mouth. Angel quickly tried to swallow all to prevent any cum escaping her mouth and soiling her father's slack.

As she kept sucking and swallowing her father's cum, he kept praising her, "Good daughter... thank you... I know you like to help daddy... you suck and swallow so nicely... thank you, Angel... please swallow every drop."

Angel did just that, she made sure she swallowed every drop of cum. She squeezed the cock several times to get out every bit of juice and licked them up. Then she dried her father's cock with issue. It was still hard and erect. So she had a difficult time pushing the cock back inside her father's slack and zipping it up. After that she cleaned her mouth with tissue.

Just then the car arrived at the entrance to the school.

"Thank you, Angel. This evening I will pay you back your favour... by loving your body."

"Don't forget to find out the exercises for today from Mr. Cockrin."

"I will. In school, keep thinking of daddy and the fun daddy's cock is going to give you tonight."

" Goodbye, you naughty daddy!" She laughed and walked into the school compound and her father drove away. Angel knew that her already aroused body would make her think only of sex during all her lessons.

That evening Sarah dressed up and left for her "exercises" at Mr. Cockrin's house. When she arrived there she met Mr. Cockrin.

"Yes, Mrs. Kant, I've got the truck driver for you. Hope you enjoy doing it with him today."

"Hope he's good... like the boys."

"He should be better, in fact. He has experience, size and stamina... he will keep doing it to you the whole evening... the exercises, I mean." Sarah was aware of his suggestive words.

"I hope he's as good as you recommend."

"Satisfaction guaranteed, Mrs. Kant. If he doesn't satisfy you... completely... by doing it as much as you want... you just let me know... I'll sack him."

Sarah just smiled and went up to the bedroom and met this rugged but attractive bull-like man about her age. Sarah walked up to him smiling, hoping for wild hot sex with him...

As soon as Sarah left the house, Angel and her father looked at each other.

" Ready, Angel?"

"For what, daddy?" Angel asked smiling cheekily.

" For fun... with daddy."

Smiling teasingly she said, "I'm ready for the exercises, daddy... to produce RH."

"But I'm ready for fun," said her father, grabbing and hugging her young voluptuous body. They kissed sexily.

Even as he kissed his daughter, he hissed into her mouth, "Mom is away... we can play."

"Mom is away... we can exercise." Angel said teasingly.

"Yes, father and daughter can do bedroom exercises..."

"Are the exercises good for today, daddy?"

"Yes, the best so far... we are going to have a wonderful time on the bed."

Her father carried her up the staircase, kissing her while he did so.

"Daddy, I was thinking of you all the time at school today."

"I too was thinking of you and your body. I just couldn't concentrate on work."

"What does that mean, daddy?"

"It means we love each other... and we need each other."

"You think so, daddy? Do you really need me?

"Yes, darling... I need you... and your body... for fun."

"For fun?"

"Yes, for fun and pleasure."

"Oh daddy, what are you saying?"

"Let's go to the bedroom... and do the exercise." Her father changed the subject.

Her father carried her into the bedroom and letting her down said, "Today, you wear the same old school uniform... but..."

"But what, daddy?"

"No bra and no panty... and make some alterations to your blouse and skirt."

"What alteration, daddy?"

"Wear them first... then I'll do the alteration."

Angel removed all her clothes and got into the old school uniform that she had worn the previous evening. As before, the blouse was tight against her big breasts and her skirt came to mid thigh only.

Her father took a pair of scissors that he had kept in her room. Smiling he came close to her. "Now we open out your blouse (he unbuttoned and opened out the blouse)... now we cut like this (he cut off two inch strips from both sides of the blouse)... now the blouse becomes an open coat."

"Daddy, the blouse cannot close and cover my breasts."

"Yes, that's good... after all you want daddy to exercise your its... you want me to suck them, don't you, Angel?"

"Is that part of the exercise for today?"

"Yes, of course... probably your breasts will be well sucked today." Angel just smiled.

Her father knelt in front of her. "Now to alter your skirt."

"How daddy?"

"By reducing your skirt to half its length... stand still while I use the scissors."

Making an insertion half way up the skirt he scissored the skirt all the way round and removed the lower half of the skirt. What remained was an utterly short skirt that came down to just about cover her naked loins. At the back it seemed it was shorter and it exposed the lower swells of her smooth buttocks.

"Daddy, it's too short! I'm practically exposed!"

"But you have to be like that, darling. There's one more alteration."

"What? More?"

"A slit for your skirt."

Her father slit the short skirt over her right thigh all the way up to the waist. Her right thigh almost popped out of the skirt. In fact, the skirt parted as she walked, exposing all of her right thigh and her naked loins.

"Daddy, I'm practically naked!"

"But you have to be like that, Angel. In fact I'll have to be more naked than you."

"What do you mean?"

"You turn around... I'll wear what I have to wear and you'll see."

Angel turned her back to her father. She heard him remove his clothes and after a while he said, "You can look at daddy now."

Angel turned and looked. Oh God! He was naked... except for the sheer condom-like sheath over his long erect cock. The sheerness of the sheath made visible her father's cock completely Angel could see the thick stem and the bulbous head. All the rest of him, including his balls, were bare.

"Do you see it, Angel? You are better than me. I'm more naked than you... do you agree?"

Angel just nodded, her eyes still on her father's visible cock. What a big cock!

"Do you like it, Angel?"

"What?" she looked up at her father.

"I asked, Do you like your father's cock?"

"Oh daddyyy..." squealed Angel, shyly.

"Come darling... let daddy take you to the bed and kiss you."

Angel let her father take her by her hands and walk her to the bed. She could see her father's cock swaying as they walked. Her father was looking at her exposed thighs and jiggling naked breasts.

Her father stood her against the side of the bed and made her fall back on it. She was on her back on the bed from buttocks upwards. Her legs and thighs hung over the edge of the bed. Her skirt parted widely exposing her naked loins and the blouse was lost on the sides of her body, baring her buxom chest. Her father put a thick pillow under her head.

Her father looked at her naked loins and naked tits and smiled at her. Angel smiled back. What else could she do?

"Angel, you have a voluptuous body for a sixteen year-old school girl."

"Thank you, daddy."

"And thank you for wanting to lie naked for daddy." But it was her father who wanted her to lie naked like that but she didn't say anything. It would have made no difference.

"I'm waiting for exercise, daddy."

"Yes, I know... you want daddy to give your body sexual thrill... that's the exercise for today."

Her father stood between her hanging legs, his sheathed cock close to her loins, and bent over her naked body to kiss her. As they kissed sexily, he took her legs and wrapped them around his hips. This brought his cock in contact with her naked loins.

Aroused, Angel wrapped her arms around her father and kissed him sexily, exchanging their tongues in their mouths and sucking their tongues. Her legs around her father's body pulled him towards hers. Dick was happy his daughter was a hot teenager. He kissed her wildly and ground his cock against her cunt.

Angel kept moaning, "Hmm... hmm... hmmm" as they kissed. After a while her father moved his mouth to her neck and chest, kissing, licking and sucking at her tender flesh.

"Daddy... daddy... daddy..." moaned Angel as her father kissed her and rubbed his massive hard cock against her naked cunt.

Her father now locked his mouth on her right tit and sucked it eagerly, taking as much flesh as possible into his mouth and licking the nipple thoroughly. He kept switching his sucking mouth from one tit to the other.

"Like it, Angel?(hmmmm, she moaned)... Like this sucking? (he sucked vigorously her tit, and she moaned hmmmmm))... do you like this also? (he ground his cock against her cunt and she hissed yezzzz)... want some more?( she moaned yesss and pushed up her cunt against her father's rubbing cock)." Angel was too aroused to bother what was happening. The thrill was all that mattered then.

To Angel's disappointment her father's cock broke contact with her cunt as he lowered his mouth to her lower body below the navel, kissing and licking. Slowly his mouth descended to her naked loins. From there he looked up at his daughter and smiled. She smiled back.

"Are you waiting for daddy to lick your cunt, Angel?"

"Naughty! I'm waiting for exercise," said Angel, smiling meaningfully.

"You mean your cunt want's tongue exercise?" said her father smiling cheekily.

"Daddy, don't talk too much... do it... just do it now." She caressed her father's face lovingly.

"Do what, darling?"

"Do what you want to do... to my cunt... with your mouth."

"I want to lick, suck and tongue fuck your cunt... may I, darling?"

"Y-E-S... PLEASE," pleaded the teenage daughter, unable to control her desire for thrill. "SUCK ME DADDY... SUCK... SUCK MY CLIT... TONGUE MY CUNT!"

Her father wrapped his hands around her full shapely thighs and opening her out wider started to lick her naked cunt lips, his tongue licking up and down the wet slit, each up stroke lashing at her swollen clit. Angel's body shuddered and shook. Her father's tongue was getting wilder, slipping now and again into the cunt.

"DADDY... YES... YES... YAA... YAA... GOD... YES... IT'S SO GOOD... YES, DADDY... SUCK MY CLIT... YES, THAT'S RIGHT... SUCK LIKE THAT... YES... SUCK HARDER... HARDER PLEASE..." On and on Angel writhed and moaned urging her father to suck her swollen throbbing clitoris.

After a while her father started to plunge his tongue in and out of her boiling wet cunt.


Her father stopped and asked her, "Do you like this, Angel. Do you like daddy doing this to you?"


Dick had other plans for his daughter so, just before she lost control of herself, he stopped tonguing his daughter's cunt.

"DADDY! WHY? Why have you stopped?" A disappointed Angel tried to pull her father's head back to her loins.

"We'll do the next exercise, Angel," he said, looking up at her between her thighs.

"What's that, daddy? Hope it's as good as this."

"Better than this... it's for your cunt... it's to exercise your cunt."

"But you just gave it some exercise... with your tongue... are you going to tongue me some more?"

"No, the tongue is too short to give exercise deep inside your cunt. Your cunt needs exercise deep inside."

"How, daddy?" Her father crawled up and lay beside her naked body and kissed her on the mouth, his right hand fondling her big right tit. Then he talked to her.

"By using daddy's cock... it's long and fat... it will go deep inside here (one of his finger now slipped into her cunt)."

Angel twitched her hip in response to the finger in her cunt.

"Daddy's cock will fill your cunt (his finger slowly moved in and out, exciting her some more)... and give good exercise to your inner cunt muscles... especially when I move my cock in and out of your cunt... like this (his finger moved in and out to let her know what he meant)."

"Daddy, you can't do that! That will be fucking!"

"No darling, it won't be... it will be exercising." Her father removed the finger from her cunt. Angel was disappointed.

"Daddy, is it really the exercise that Mr. Cockrin wants us to do?"

"Yes, darling, yes... it will produce RH... it will also help to develop your sexuality... so that you can enjoy wild hot sex now... and this will help you to enjoy wild hot sex when you grow up."

Angel asked, "Daddy, I can understand that when I grow up, I want to enjoy sex... but why must I enjoy sex now?"

Her father explained, "It's like your lessons at school, Angel... in school you learn new words and knowledge and use them now... you will also use them later in life. Right?"


"So you must learn to enjoy sex now in order to enjoy it later in life."

"Are you sure, daddy?"

Her father now kissed her on the mouth first and then sucked her tits for a while. Angel caressed her father's face. She felt her father's hard big cock pressing and rubbing against her body.

Her father stopped sucking her tits and said, "Yes, don't worry... relax and enjoy what daddy is going to do to you."

"Will you keep the sheath over your cock? At least that will give me some protection."

"No darling... the fabric will bruise the inner walls of your cunt... I've to do it with my naked cock."

"But daddy, that will be like fucking."

"It will be FUCKING, I know. But we have to fuck, Angel... and fuck properly for your good." Her father cupped and caressed her loins, maintaining her wild arousal.

"What do you mean for my good, daddy."

"This is your fist time, right?"


"So, we must make you really enjoy the fucking, so that..."

"So that what, daddy?"

"So that you will want to fuck often... with daddy."

"Daddy, what if mom comes to know about it?"

"She doesn't have to know, Angel. We will keep this our secret... and fuck in secret."

"Daddy, are we going to exercise or fuck?"

"In name we will call it exercise but in truth we will fuck. I've one good advice for you."

"What's that, daddy?"

"Forget about the exercise thing. Concentrate on sex and fucking... this way you'll derive maximum pleasure..."

Her father went down between her thighs and slipped his tongue once again in and out of her cunt for a while. Angel writhed with intense excitement. Then he stopped and lay next to her, fondling her tits.

"I'm worried about mom, daddy."

"Forget about her, Angel. Just concentrate on sex... let daddy fuck you properly..."

"Daddy, I feel very strongly that we shouldn't fuck."

"Why, darling?"

" I'm only 16... I'm still a schoolgirl... and I'm your daughter, daddy... "

"That's exactly why I love to fuck you. Please, Angel. Please, darling." His finger was again moving in her hot cunt.

"Do you really want to fuck me that much, daddy?" She raised her cunt to welcome her father's finger inside her cunt.

"Yes, darling, I've been longing to fuck you for a long time. Please. Angel."

"Oh daddy, you make it very hard for me to say no."

"Then, please agree, Angel. You are my darling daughter, aren't you?"

"Since you want to fuck me so much, may be we can compromise, daddy."

"What do you mean, Angel?" Her father removed his finger from her cunt, disappointing her.

"May be I can let you fuck me once... only once, daddy... but not ever again today or another day."

"Oh darling, once won't be enough, Angel. I want to fuck... a few times. Please, Angel. Please, darling, I beg you."

"In that case, only tonight, daddy... you can fuck me a few times... but only tonight... but not tomorrow or any other day."

"All right, Angel. That will be fine."

"Promise, daddy?"

"Yes, darling. I promise but on one condition."

"What is that, daddy?"

"Since I can fuck you only tonight, you must make it good for me, darling"

"What do you mean, daddy?"

"While I fuck you, you must also fuck back... fuck daddy willingly... so that we can really enjoy ourselves."

"All right,... but you must teach me how to, daddy."

"That's my daughter... yes, darling, I'll teach you how to fuck for pleasure."

"Thank you, daddy, but only tonight... you promised, remember? "

"Yes, I know. I've promised. But you must also promise something."

"What, daddy."

"You must promise to fuck eagerly... to wallow in sexual thrill... to speak freely... to keep telling me how you want daddy to fuck you."

"OH daddy! Must I?"

"Yes darling, you must... if you love daddy... I want you to enjoy our fucking..."

"Oh daddy!"

"Yes, but if you don't enjoy the fucking, then tell me also... I'll stop..."

"Can I, daddy?"

"Yes but you must be honest and truthful..."

"Okay, daddy, but please don't tell mom, please."

"I won't, darling."

"Thank you, daddy."

Her father squatted in front of her. "Please remove the sheath." He pointed to his huge erect sheathed cock. It was swaying with anticipation.

Her father took her hands and placed them on his hard cock. Immediately it jerked.

Her father smiled at her. "It likes you, Angel. It's all excited... to love you."

Angel smiled back at her father and slowly pulled the sheath out, releasing the mighty long fat cock. It kept jerking and swaying.

"Daddy, it looks bigger than before."

"Yes, because it is more excited than before."

"Daddy, isn't it too big to go inside my..." Angel hesitated to say the word.

"Cunt, you mean?"

"Yes... it looks too big. The head is so bulbous!"

"It is big, I agree. It is 8 inches long and 2 inches across. That's big by any standard. But you will like it, Angel. The big bulbous head will thrill you."

"Are you sure, daddy?

"Yes, I'm very sure. My tongue has found that you have a very hot cunt. It will love daddy's big cock."

Her father now brought the cockhead close to her face and placed it between her parted lips.

"Give your father a good suck first, darling."

Smiling at her father, Angel wrapped her young soft lips around the cockhead and sucked and sucked wetly.

"Good daughter... good girl... yes suck daddy for a while." He kept caressing her tender young cheeks while she sucked his cock. Then he pulled out his cock.

"Let's fuck now, darling."

Her father made her lie down on her back, her head resting on a pillow. He knelt between her bent legs and spread open her gorgeous naked thighs and caressed them lovingly along the inner sensitive flesh. Angel's thighs quivered with anticipation, seeing her father's monstrous cock close to her naked loins.

"Daddy, I'm afraid."

"Yes, I understand. But don't be, darling. Daddy will be slow." He used his fingers to gently spread open her cunt lips and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance.

"Relax, baby... relax... so that you can enjoy daddy's cock going in."

"Daddy... please... please, don't hurt me."

"No darling, no... I won't hurt you... relax and enjoy daddy's cock." Angel relaxed.

Her father slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her hot moist cunt. "How do you feel, Angel?'

"All right, daddy... a nice feeling."

"Can I push the cockhead inside?"

"Hmmm," nodded Angel. Her father held her by the hips and gently pushed the cockhead inside her cunt. The bublbous cockhead got lodged inside and her cunt lips spread open and wrapped themselves around the it.

"It feels tight, but no pain, daddy."

"Good. Now I'm going to push in a bit more... relax." Her father pushed in a bit more of his cock. Angel was feeling nice already.

"Do you like this, Angel?"

"Yes, daddy, it's okay... I like it... it feels nice."

"Now I'm going to pull out a bit."

"No daddy, don't... it's nice this way."

"I know, but I have to pull out and push in again and again... only then daddy's cock can slowly go deeper and deeper."

"Oh! I see."

Her father pulled out and pushed in several times. Only the cockhead was moving in and out of her cunt, exciting her. Angel put her hands on her father's buttocks and kept pulling him towards her.

"Do you like this, Angel?"

"Yes, daddy... I like the way your cockhead is moving... I like it... there's no pain, daddy."

"When my cock goes in deeper it will rupture your hymen... and you'll feel some pain."

"No, I won't daddy. I've already ruptured it."

"How? Have you been masturbating?"

Angel nodded and smiled shyly at her father. "I'm sorry, daddy."

"No need to say sorry, darling. If you have been masturbating, it means you have wanted to be fucked. In fact, I'm glad you ruptured your hymen."

"You don't mind?"

"Of course not. It means you are ready for the sensations of pleasure without pain. "

"Yes, daddy, I'm feeling very nice already."

"All right, now I'm going to fuck you a bit steadily. Each time I thrust my cock inwards (he pushed the cock inwards a bit)... you push up your cunt so that daddy's cock can slither in deeper inside your cunt."

Angel pushed up her hips, feeling her father's cock fill her cunt and exciting her. "Good, girl... that's the way. Let's now do it several times. As I fuck in you fuck upwards."

Her father started a slow but rhythmic thrusts of his huge cock and Angel thrust her cunt upwards at each inward thrust of her father's cock. Steadily her father fucked her but not going deep into her cunt. Angel's body rocked steadily with her huge bare tits rocking and rolling with the rhythmic fucking.

"Good, Angel... good... you are learning to fuck back... that's good. Do you like this, darling?"

Angel was very excited now. "Yes, daddy, yes... oh god... it is wonderful, daddy... I feel very, very nice..."

"This is fucking, Angel... I've been wanting to fuck you like this for a long time... I've been lusting for your young voluptuous body..."

"Daddy, you've been naughty... you should not have lusted for your own daughter," teased a wild hot Angel, smiling cheekily at her father.

Her father slowly started to plunge his cock deeper and deeper and Angel felt nicer and nicer. Her huge tits shook and rolled because her body rocked with the deep thrusts of her father's cock. Angel's wanton need overwhelmed her.

"OH YES... MOVE YOUR COCK DEEPER, DADDY... IT'S NICER WHEN DEEPER... OH YES, YES,... I LIKE IT DADDY... I LIKE THIS..." Angel was moving her hips rhythmically as her father kept thrusting his cock deeper and faster.


Pumping his cock steadily into his 16 year-old hot daughter's cunt, Dick leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. They kissed sexily and nosily. Angel writhed wildly as her father fucked her at a faster rhythm, his huge cock going very deep into her convulsing cunt.

"Angel, my darling daughter, you are wonderful for fucking... you are young and hot... daddy likes the way you fuck... are you enjoying my cock, darling... do you like fucking?"


Her father now sucked her tits even as his cock kept plunging faster and faster, deeper and deeper into her cunt. Her body bucked wildly as ecstatic stimulation overwhelmed her. Almost all of her father's 8 inch cock was working fast and deep in her wanton young cunt.


Her father now cupped her delightful buttocks and fucked her rapidly, so rapidly that Angel was rocking with delight and panting, "Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm..." Each hm was in response to each cock thrust in her wild hot cunt.

Her father too was panting as he pumped his cock into her cunt, "Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah..." Each ah accompanied each cock thrust into a wonderful cunt.

Angel suddenly realized that something explosive was about to happen. Her body was shuddering, shaking and erupting. She hugged her father and screamed, "DDAADDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..." Angel kept flooding her cunt with her hot orgasmic cum.

Her father plunged his huge cock into her wild cunt, held it deepest and screamed, each scream accompanying each spurt of his hot cock juice, "AHHHH(spurt)... AHHHH(spurt)... AHHHH(spurt)... AHHHH(spurt)... AHHHH(spurt)..." On and on he panted AHHHH and kept spurting his sperm for each AHHHH.

Angel could feel her father's cum shoot and splash against her cunt walls. She responded to each AHHHH of her father with DADDY. So father and daughter climaxed with, "AHHHH(spurt)-DADDY... AHHHH(spurt)-DADDY... AHHHH(spurt)-DADDY... AHHHH(spurt)-DADDY..." Angel thought her father would never stop spurting! And she loved it. And she didn't want him to stop either.

Eventually, father and daughter ended their climaxes, kissing gratefully for the fantastic pleasure they had derived from each other. They separated and lay down on the bed on their backs, panting from their fucking exertion. After several minutes they recovered their composure. Her father leaned over her naked body and kissed on the mouth.

"Shall we fuck again, darling?"

"Yes, daddy, yes... I never knew fucking is so good."

Her father turned on her side, lifted her leg and thigh and inserted his cock inside her cunt.

"Do you love daddy's cock?"

"Yes, daddy... it's big but thrilling."

Just then they heard footsteps outside the door. Father and daughter panicked!

"Daddy! I think mom is here!"

Her mother was approaching the room door, calling, "Angel, are you there?"

Dick quickly dropped himself on the other side of the bed and hid himself there. Angel pulled up the blanket to cover herself and pretended to sleep just as her mother opened the door.

"Are you sleeping, Angel? With the lights on?"

Angel didn't answer and continued her pretence of sleeping. Thinking that her daughter had really gone to sleep early, Sarah switched off the light and went downstairs to have a drink before changing her dress.

Dick quickly rushed out to his bedroom got into a decent set of pajamas.

That night Angel had a restless sleep. Again and again she woke up very aroused sexually. The one wild fuck with her father had triggered her uncontrollable urge for fucking. She wanted, nay, she hungered for another good fuck. Her father had actually wanted to fuck her several times but her mother had interrupted their fun.

Her father too took a long time to sleep. He was very disappointed for not having taken advantage of his daughter's promise to let him fuck her several times that night. Angel had said that she wouldn't allow him to fuck her after that night. Sarah had spoilt a good opportunity.

Angel was very shy and embarrassed the following morning as she came downstairs. Sucking her father's cock and letting her father tongue her cunt had already embarrassed her earlier. Now she had also fucked with her father, and she had loved it. And she had wanted more! Oh God!

Breakfast was already laid out on the table but her mother was not there that morning.

"Where's daddy, mom?"

"He's in some mood this morning. He wants to take a day off from work."

"Let me go and see him."

"No need, Angel. It's nothing serious. Better take your breakfast and I'll send you to school."

So, after breakfast her mother sent her to school. Angel wondered why her father was not feeling well. Was he angry with her for not letting him fuck her several times last night? But that wasn't her fault, was it? It was her mother who had interrupted them. Or was the fuck so demanding that he has fallen ill?

That evening when she returned home from school, she found that her father had gone out.

Her mother said, "He has gone out to see a friend. He'll be back before I leave for my exercises at Mr. Cockrin's place."

Angel thought that her father might have gone to Mr. Cockrin's place to find out about tonight's exercises.

Her father came just before her mother left for her exercises and, after greeting Angel and Sarah, went to his room with his office bag. As soon as her mother left, Angel ran upstairs and found her father in her bedroom. Angel rushed up to him, hugged him and kissed him on the mouth.

"Daddy, why? I missed you this morning."

"I'm sorry, darling."

"Why, daddy? Why didn't you give me your love this morning? I missed your hugs and kisses."

"Sorry, darling. I was too embarrassed to face you this morning. After what I had done to you last night."

"Daddy, I too was embarrassed to see you this morning. But all day I've been longing to see you."

"That's nice to hear, darling. I too have been longing for you but I know I must keep my promise."

"What promise, daddy?"

"I have promised, as you had wanted, not to fuck you today or ever again."

Angel smiled coyly at her father and said, "But you didn't keep your word last night, daddy?"

"What word, darling?"

"You said you would fuck me several times last night but you did it only once."

"I know but your mother interrupted us... and I'm very disappointed to have lost my opportunity... don't worry, darling, I'll keep my promise not to fuck you after last night."

"But I want you to keep your word of last night, daddy."

"What do you mean, darling?"

"I want you to fulfil your word to fuck me several times. It was almost a promise, daddy."

A very excited father smiled broadly and asked, "You mean I can fuck you several times tonight? Are you giving me one more night?"

"Yes, I want you to fuck me several times tonight and... and..."

"And what, darling?"

"And I want you to carry forward some to tomorrow night, and to other nights also." Angel smiled meaningfully at her happy father.

""You mean... ?"

"Yes, daddy, I want you to fuck me every night mom is out."

"Why this change of mind, darling?"

"Daddy, I never knew fucking is such wonderful fun. You and your monstrous cock gave me pleasure I never dreamt existed. And I want more and more of that pleasure. Please help me, daddy. Please fuck me. Please fuck me a lot... fuck me often... but don't let mom know."

Her father hugged and kissed her. Angel was delighted, excited and aroused. It was not long before Angel found herself on her knees and hands with her father's massive cock plunging in and out of her hot young cunt. Father and daughter screamed, panted, and fucked again and again... that night and other nights.

Angel was amazed at the number of fucking positions her father taught her. She was amazed at the virility and stamina of her father. The young 16 year-old schoolgirl daughter was insatiable in bed. And became her father's "Nympho Daughter."

The End

Note: not my story and it's not real

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