Defining Distance Part 1 by Akeelah+Merin

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Defining Distance Part 1


The wind howled, a storm had set in. Rain pelted his car. It was late. Too late. Emily would have gone to bed by now – but his job had kept him. Hell, this was probably why his wife had left him. Fuck. Not Emily too – not his beloved daughter. She meant the world to him. The entire god damn world to him. The garage door rumbled up – two months had passed since it started. The words, even in thought, still ground at him. The fear of the taboo – of the wrong. Was it so wrong to love someone so completely? A national park visit had blossomed into something so much more beautiful and terrible – a monster in secret form. A wife who he had heard nothing from in weeks. No divorce papers, no contact. If he would be locked behind bars it would be for love, and somehow, he found solace in that.

The rain ceased as the garage shielded him from the visibility defying droplets. It was muffled now by the roof and rafters. The car’s engine went off – and the sound intensified. It beat upon the roof as the thoughts crashed upon Ryan’s scalp. What were Grace and Claire doing – his two youngest? It would be Claire’s birthday in a few short months – Grace was his stepdaughter or had been. Grace was a month behind Emily. He’d miss them turning the corner, becoming-woman. The sadness welled at the top of his vision, bleeding out of him in thick droplets of saltwater. He didn’t blame Emily – that would be absurd. Sometimes he wondered if it was worth it. Soon – even Emily would be off into the chaos of college. A maelstrom of masters and missives.

Did she need a future – he could care for her. That was of course until mortality took hold, and then what? She couldn’t collect his pension – not unless the laws irrevocably changed. He wanted to keep her there, didn’t he? Wanted her all to himself. No – he shook his head. She would be able to explore her sexuality – he couldn’t deny her the youth that blossomed about her so beautifully. Some other man would touch her, caress her, love her and more – and he had to be okay with that. Right here, right now he was ready for that.

Stepping out of the car door he shut the garage with a flick of the opener above him and stepped into the cold confines of the garage, finally stepping through the door into the kitchen. He was greeted with the darkness. A room full of shapes and little else. His elderly eyes were straining to find the light switch. Click. The room erupted into view. His eyes fell on a pool of beautiful blond hair, framing a gorgeous face. She was unbelievable – his heart skipped a beat as his eyes beheld her. His cock twitched as he saw her yoga pants and see-through night blouse. Her perfect round tits and nipples poking out at him from the thin fabric. They were familiar by now – and he knew it was all worth it. It was always worth it.

He planted a kiss on her forehead – he should take her to her room. Let her sleep. For all that his cock wished to do to her – oh god, he could cum right now, touching her. Just feeling her soft skin beneath his lips. The stiffness in his pants grew tantalizing and titillating. A tightness consumed him, heat and power – and her beauty mixed in a devastating desire. He broke the kiss, caressing her hair behind her ears. She moaned – a pleasant whisper of one anyway that ran down his spine. He was going to have to share this beauty with some other guy – he knew it. But for today she was his. He picked her up and made his way upstairs. Dinner could wait – hell it could be until the morning before e ate again. He had feasted upon her body and that could sate him for a while.

He took her up to the top of the stairs. To the left was her bedroom, all neat and organized. To the right was his – a beautiful example of how much he needed a house cleaner. He sighed and made his way to her bedroom when she stirred. Her eyes opened, beautiful crystal blue orbs of enticing beauty.

“Daddy,” She moaned. “I waited – I must have dozed off.”

“It’s okay sweety – its time for bed.” He replied.

A smile crossed her face, “Your bed.”

This was something they had yet to do. They had yet to sleep together. They had had sex all over the house – everywhere. Even on her bed, but never on his. Not yet. The reason? Perhaps it was some superstition, some permanence that would bind all that they had done. Make it truly real. It was time. He turned and walked down the hall to his room, shutting the door with a back kick and placing her on the cushy mattress – on his wife’s side. EH – screw it. His wife wasn’t half the woman his daughter was. Never would be. Such thoughts were almost paralyzing. This had become the norm and it was wonderful. Desirable even. He wanted her forever.

She smiled and sat up, leaning against the pillows. Those beautiful breasts jiggling ever so slightly with her motion. Ryan could feel his girth twitch in response. If he got much harder his cock would all but burst from his pants and assault her himself. God damn. She was beautiful. His heart swelled with joy – that kind of wonderful adulation that filled one’s soul with promises of wonder. He went through his evening routine quickly – and came out.

“How was your day, Dad.” She stretched her arms – and her belly button peered through her shirt.

“Good – same old shit different day.” He sighed.

“Are Henderson industries still causing you grief or is that kerfuffle put to rest.”

God she cared so much she remembered, was she an angel, “No – they are still being a hindrance. The last shipments were somewhat less than they had been promised by the CEO – and of course, I’m the one they yell out.”

“You are the factory director, dad.” She cocked her head at him. “It’s your job.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved her off, “but I can’t program the machines to work any faster and I can’t force the union workers to work more hours than they are due. They can deal with their mega shipment being a few days late.”

She smiled. “When are we going to meet your boss and his wife – you said they had asked us out to dinner.”

“They asked myself and your mother out to dinner – and ever since she walked in on you and me fucking, she has been less than amicable.” He sighed.

“Do they really need to know who I am?” She smiled. “We don’t have to kiss, or anything.”

“It might be seen as inappropriate.” Ryan wanted to, he did, but society did not see him and his daughter as what they were – and if they did worse things would head their way. ‘Besides being in your presents and not kissing you would be a feat of one of the great heroes of Greece.”

“Charmer,” She sat up.

“Yes, I am.” Ryan had always been good with his words. “But I have so much to work with anyone could merely observe you and see nothing but an angel.”

They moved closer to each other, her face was inches from his, he could feel her breath on his face.

“Your angel.” Her voice was barely audible as her eyes closed, and she leaned in.

Ryan met her lips with his own. She was his perfect angel. Her lips were supple and soft, wet and welcoming. Like a pool waiting restfully after a long day’s hike. Her scent swirled about him – sweet perfume mixed with the oily aroma of human skin and hair. The picture was locked, the moment never to be forgotten. Like a time, capsule that would shut and never open. He prayed for it never to open – that they might feel this beautiful moment for eternity.

Two hands touched his shoulder, sliding and slinking their way to his back, the kiss didn’t break. Her tongue slipped into his mouth sending serene sensations boiling around his body. He could feel her rough tongue and taste her saliva pour into his mouth. A waterfall of lust washed over him. The hands clutched him, pulling him closer. His chest was against hers and their kiss remained. He wrapped his hands around her body – her soft, supple form serenading him with its shape as her curves and pumps slid beneath the palm of his hand. Skin. He felt its warm touch, sliding beneath it. Welcoming warmth pouring over his fingers like an oven. She was a temple to his soul – he was a monument to her splendor.

The kiss broke. They eyed each other, their breath short and sanctified with lustful lament. There was a fire burning within him, pulsing and pleading with desire. He would protect Emily from anything – but who would protect her from him. Should anyone. He didn’t want them to – he desperately desired her. His cock yearned to sink deep with her warm wet well and fill her belly with his seed. He also didn’t want to take his eyes off her. He wanted to see her face – pure perfection wrapped in wondrous shape.

“I love you.” The words came from somewhere deeper than his heart – a realm of truth – it was a statement that defied souls.

“I love you too.” Her smile ghosted across her face as her breath took over – her heart pounded at her chest – he could hear it.

Her hand slid from his shoulder and traced his body to his belt where it undid the binding leather. Oh god. Ryan felt his body roar in anticipation, blood racing to his cock, hardening it like stone, waiting for her touch, for her love. His pants were pried apart and pulled down, and his cock finally leaped into the fresh air. Its thick, vein laced shaft rising above the cavernous cover of his foreskin. The head gleaming with moisture – precum seeping from between his glans. He was ready – not just ready, desperate for her love, for her touch.

She gently caressed his cock, sending waves of heaven throughout his body, slowly stroking the shaft, her eyes lit up with desire – their blue gaze enraptured by Ryan, every so often glancing up at his face, as her hand slowly pulled pools of precious precum from his urethra. A guttural moan escaped the paralyzing pleasure, issuing out into the air. It was embarrassing to be reduced to such instinctual rabid and rapturous desire. There was something beautiful about being human – about being able to let go and embrace the lustful nature of the body.

Then she sunk his cock deep into her mouth. The shock of warmth that engulfed him raged about his body. His manhood radiated pleasure, her tongue dancing around his shaft and glans drawing irresistible iterations of carnal cravings. He wanted her more than ever. Her hair was soft and silky between his fingers, as Ryan grabbed his daughter's head, thrusting forward, thrusting to find perfect adulation within her mouth. He pulled, letting go of his human inhibitions – he became a beast betrayed by his lust. He began to thrust into her, forcing his cock into her throat. She chocked and gaged on him, but he could feel it. Deeply. Every moan, every clasp of her throat sent waves of pleasure erupting through his body.

“Fuck.” He heard himself say. “Just like that. Fuck.”

And like that, all thought of the world beyond the room vanished. They became animals, defined by their desires. He was ready to cum, to explode. He stopped, skidding to the edge of orgasm. He could feel his cock swell, but it didn’t erupt. He pulled away, gasping. Precum and saliva dripped from the edges of Emily’s mouth, and her blue eyes met him, and she smiled. Thick clear liquid slid from his penis, dangling from his purple-hued head. Emily slid a finger under his twitching member and caught the strand on her hand, and then bought it up to her mouth holding it above like it was a noddle of pasta, then sucked the slimy string from her hand, and swallowed. He burned at the sight.

“Fuck.” Ryan gasped.

Emily smiled, and pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her perfect perky tits as the blouse came free, falling to the floor. They were like mountains against a silk desert. Her nipples rose to greet him, reaching out to either side of her body. Her stomach was toned, the shallow etched muscles pushing up against her flesh with salivating symmetry. Then her yoga pants slid off – she wore no underwear. She didn’t anymore. The sweat nectar between her thighs gave off a seductive scent that called to him, as she spread her legs.

There a red slit ran from her the shadow her pubic hair gently cast to the base of her asshole. Fluid seeped from withing, it was a milky white, soaking her cunt in a serenading sauce singing to his twitching member. Emily smiled as her finger ran the length of her womanhood, causing her face to slip into satisfaction for a moment. Ryan couldn’t wait. He should make her cum – but he couldn’t wait. He needed to be inside her. To feel her body around him.

He crawled onto the bed as he had done before – and every time it was beautiful, it was perfect. He grabbed his cock and guided into his daughters’ entrance, touching his head to her slit.

Pleasure washed across her face – he couldn’t wait. He thrust. His cock plunged inside her. Her body enveloped him, engulfing him in a warm soft sensational salvation. He began to pump. Her eyes widened; her breath came in quick heaves as he thrust. Moans sliding past her lips, drawn from her by Ryan’s continued pounding movements. Her legs wrapped around him. He had to hold on – to make her scream in pleasure. He couldn’t just dump and run. Grabbing her shoulders, he pushed deeper, sliding inside, lubricated by the juices she brought forth from her body. Her moans grew louder, deeper. The blue orbs lost focus, glazing over, her mouth hanging open, whines hissing from her throat in deep animalistic pleasure. He thrust harder. She gasped, her legs clenched around him, the sheets of the bed bunched in her hands, she gritted her teeth, crying.

“Fuck me daddy – fuck yes!”

Her back arched, and electricity ran through her body as a scream echoed into the room. It pierced the air with beauty, and Ryan felt his cock gripped by his progeny’s pussy, as she pulsed around him.

“Fuck yes – oh god!” She gasped.

Ryan slowed down feeling himself closing in on his ecstasy. He gasped and pulled out – waiting for his body to back away from that edge. He didn’t want this to end.

“Why did you stop.” Emily panted.

Sweat beaded all around her body, pooling beneath her breasts, “I didn’t want to cum yet.”

“Role over,” Emily asked.

Ryan rolled off her, his cock now raised to the ceiling. Emily grunted as she crawled on top of him. Her glistening slit placed above his cock. She breathed heavily, her breast rising and falling with her lungs. Gathering her stability and shifting position to ensure his entry inside of her, she descended. Once again, his penis penetrated her pussy. The warm sensation was joined by a thick, slick coating of her liquid lust. He raised and she pressed down. A sharp intake of air brought him from his desire, she was gazing down at him. She slid down a little further and she flinched in pain, and then she pressed down again, clenching her entire body around him. His head pressed up into her cervix – this had been the first time they had tried cowgirl.

“I took all of you.” She winced.

“If it hurts, don’t kiddo.” Ryan moved to push her off.

She refused to budge, “Fuck me as hard as you want, dad.” She moaned.

Oh god. Did she. He thrust up and she cried out again and again as they began to role with each other in a dance of dangerous joy. She ground against him, as he thrust up. They were in a titillating tango. Her pussy clenched around him, his head crashed against her cervix. A groan erupted from his throat. This was so right. SO perfectly right. Right here was perfection purified by their taboo. They moved and gasped together as the pain on Emily’s face was replaced by jubilation. Her wincing cries became pleasurable oscillations.

“Oh god.” Ryan gasped. “Oh fuck.”

He could feel the heat building in his urethra as cum began to pool. His daughter's heat seemed to yearn for his excretions. She rode harder, her moans begging him to cross that edge – to leap into the freefall of orgasm. Her thrust up harder – he was so close. SO damn close. He grabbed her hips, his thumbs nearly met, just above the single line of pubic hair that she kept. He pulled her down as he thrust up, pressing against her cervix. If biology allowed his cock would pierce her womb, he was so deep. The thoughts burned at the tip of his penis, pulling him closer to climax.

“Oh, fuck me, dad.” She cried above him. “Oh god, I want you.”

“I’m so close, kiddo.” He gasped. “So, fucking close!”

His cock started throbbing, pulsating. It sent Emily over the edge. Her cunt contracted around him, gripping his shaft with throbbing extasy. It was too much, as a tsunami of his daughter's juices coated his cock he felt his cum shoot up his shaft in explosive ecstasy. He thrust up once more, cried out.


Then his cock erupted inside her. Thick, hot white slush exploded from the tip of his cock coating her cunt with copious amounts of cum. He grunted as his cock exploded with ecstasy, she pressed against his chest, grinding constantly on his throbbing member. She slowed down, as his own body finished its shuddering, shooting the last of his seed deep inside her. How many dreams did Emily make a reality? Infinite.

Finally, she rose off him. His cum slid down her leg and dripped from her pussy. He was exhausted. A few moments later they were beneath the covers. Ryan pulled her body close, wrapping his hands around her, exploring her body with intimate familiarity. They kissed again – as Ryan ran a finger past her wet pussy, soaked with his seed and her cum. He knew – a worry deep inside – but he knew. They had done this too many times. They had to have made the greatest mistake they ever could. His hand stopped over her stomach, feeling its warmth against his palms. They had gone too far, too many times – and Ryan realized he did not care. Thinking of another child that could be growing inside his daughter, he drifted off to dreams of desire.


The last few months had been anything but logical. Nothing made sense. Mother had found them in the middle of the night, carried them off to her parents’ house and then disappeared. Even Grace had been confused. Her stepfather was anything but perfect – but what the hell. What had he done that had pushed mother away so completely? I mean, mother tended to be atrocious with her demands. They had all experienced it – but this seemed a step too far. Claire’s hands clutched the steering wheel as they shot down the I-5. It was night, no one was there to slow them down, and the speedometer sat comfortably at 70. They were done with this nonsense. Mother had disappeared and they were going home.

There was also the strange question of where Emily was in all this. Two months, and not a word from them either. It was something out of a Jack Ryan novel. Or worse. The figure next to her stirred, and the curly blond head of Grace looked up from her bundle of coats. She was ridiculously skinny. Like Claire could broadly break her with a well-placed slap. God, she was so perfect. Her thin lines and slender arms matched by her pleasantly small bust made her the ideal athlete – and yet she stayed all day in the corner with her pimple-covered nose in a book. Granted her visage had been pockmarked by puberty – but she was still adorable. Claire was bulky. She had muscle. She was a wrestling champion, weight 145 pounds, had abs of steel and short hair. She was often mistaken for being a guy. Yeah okay, Claire was a Tomboy and she was proud of it. A cigarette smoking, weed infatuated, tomboy. Boys ran from her as if smelt like rotting flesh – though to be fair she usually smelt like a locker room. Its what happens when you practically live in one. She was going to get a full ride on her wrestling scholarship. AT least as soon as she graduated – she was supposed to this year. Grace, on the other hand, had been taking college classes – and graduated when she was sixteen – but college life didn’t suit her. SO instead she got an internship working at a computer company. Hello – why was Claire so fucking useless?

She glanced at the google maps on her phone. They were passing Olympia – dad was asleep by now. They’d stop and grab a hotel. She pulled off the I-5 and headed into Olympia central. It didn’t take long before a Laquita. Everything changed in the house after Dad and Emily had vanished off to Glacier for ‘bonding time’.

“We there?” Grace asked.

Claire shook her head. “Too late. Gonna grab a room.”

“We have the money for that.” Grace sat up.

“No,” Claire said. “But we have mom's credit card.”

With that Claire slid out of the SUV and dropped to the ground and ran inside. The main lobby was nice and smelled of cheap air freshener. The atmosphere was warm and depressing. Maybe it was the situation that they were in that made everything feel like it was about to collapse around them.

“Hello, can I help you?” The clerk asked.

“I’d like a room for two,” Claire said pulling out the credit card.

“Can I see an ID with the card.” The clerk asked.

Fuck. Could she punch her way out of this – no – punching was bad. “It’s my mom’s.” Claire pushed across her driver’s license.

“I’m sorry.” The woman said, “If it’s not your name on the card, we can’t accept it.”

Appealing to these corporate drone humanity seemed a waste of time, “Fine,” she took the card back. The car would be.

Defeated Claire sauntered back to the car and got in. “No, go, kid.” She sighed.

“Well, we have to drive up to Tacoma and then what?” Grace asked, “Sleep on the porch.”

“I’m sure they would let us in.” Claire sighed.

A knock on the window opened Claire’s senses. She jolted, reaching for her pocketknife. Outside the driver side window stood a rather portly man – with jet black hair almost shaved to bald, and a ghost of a goatee framing his mouth. His muscles rippled along his arms like some kind of hulk from those superhero movies.

“Claire.” He said.

How’d this fuck know her name?

“It's me, Erick.” The man said.

Oh – the fat-rich asshole that Dad enjoyed hanging with so much to chat about fishing or fucking or whatever the hell they talk about. Claire huffed. He reeked of cologne, almost eye wateringly so.

“Oh,” Despite a load of muscled lard – how could you have ripped muscles and a pot belly – she did feel slightly more at ease now. “What can I do for you?”

“I was down here for personal reasons,” He glanced back at the hotel, “But it looks like you could use a hand. Any friend of Ryan’s is a friend of mine – and I’ll guard you like daughters. Need a room for the night?”

“Sure,” Claire said. “What do you want in return.”

“Just flash me that gorgeous smile, Claire – Kim would love to see you sometime – she always looked up to you.”

“That's her first mistake.”

“Take a compliment sis,” Grace rolled her eyes.

“Yeah – thanks,” Claire said.

Erick reached into his wallet and pulled out leaf after leaf of cash beforehand Clair almost four hundred in twenties. He snapped the leather wallet shut and pocketed.

“This is a lot of money dude.” Claire expected he wanted something else. “We aren’t hookers.”

“While the dreams of an old man are vibrant, I am not hiring you – your family – I’m your bloody godfather, and I know Susan – sorry your mother – left somewhat rapidly.” Erick smiled and turned around.

“How do I pay you back?” Claire called after him, she didn’t want a second shoe falling on her extremely well put together hair – all two inches of it.

He turned and shrugged, “Don’t worry about it.”

“You should flash him your tits or something.” Grace laughed.

“For four hundred – I’d flash him anything he wanted. Come on little sis, we have a room tonight.” Clair pulled the Forester into a parking space and stepped back into the hotel.

She handed a hundred and twenty over for a two-bedroom and they clambered up the stairs with their backpacks. Once in the room she collided with the closest bed and stared at the ceiling taking in the acrid aroma of false cleanliness. Still, it was better than sleeping in mom’s cigarette smoke-infused car. She wondered what Emily and dad were doing right now. The lucky bitch hadn’t had to deal with an insane mother for the past ten weeks. Claire leaned back against the pillows – the one downside was she was going to lose her solitary room. Grace and she had always shared their room at home. Though she wouldn’t mind seeing Grace strip some more – as she was doing now. Even from her vantage point on the wall-length mirror, she could see the side of Grace’s breast. So small and supple. Barely anything at all. She had inherited mom’s tiny tits. Even at eighteen they almost didn’t exist. Claire could feel the heat growing between her legs as a bit of fluid began to build between the lips of her lust. Fuck not now – this would be a difficult enough night as it was. Being hot and bothered by her sister was not on her agenda.

Claire looked away and focused on the ceiling. There was heat that dripped out of her now – as she thought about all the things she would want to do with Grace. Why was she so fucked up? There were plenty of partners that weren’t her older sister, her older, untouched sister. The girl who wouldn’t ever engage in sex because it didn’t involve a book. Forbidden fruit dripped all the sweeter, and the nectar threatened to defile those that yearned it. Grace did read a lot of hot and steamy romance novels. Perhaps she was more versed in the ways of love than her shy demeanor let on. Perhaps she a secret slut. The thought made her smile – Grace going down on a dick would be like watching a dog talk. It would be cool – and yet her brain wouldn’t quite believe it.

Her sister was out of earshot. The shower went on. Oh, how she would want to be a fly on that wall. Drowned perhaps, but her final view would be tantalizing perfection. Clair swept a finger along her slit – it wept thick desire. She could almost feel Grace’s fingers parting her lips, curiously looking inside her completely coated cunt. Feeling her explore. Claire poised her finger over her entrance – she wished it was Grace’s – or frankly anyone’s. Someone who could relieve the ache that conflicted her cunt. She drove her middle finger into her body, gasping slightly as her body sent waves agonizing ecstasy through her body.

She slid in and out, slurping and sucking her fingers with her pussy. Her imagination raced to past loves and present desires as her body churned with chaotic ripples of desire. Her body tensed, a shudder went through her, and she bit her tongue to stop from moaning – instead, letting out a silent hiss in its place. A second finger slid in, boiling her insides with ballistic pleasure, rocketing her towards hat ever beautiful and endless horizon.

The edge came and so did she. Her pussy clenched around her fingers, and her free hand bunched the sheets beneath her. Ecstasy threatened to explode from her lips – but her throat remained silent. A gentle wave of nectar flowed between her fingers, soaking into the panties that surrounded them, coating her inner thighs in a beautiful warmth – that quickly began to cool and stick. She retrieved her fingers from her pants. They were glistening with clear cream her pussy had produced. She rubbed it between her fingers and licked the salty sauce from her hands and lay back. Her thighs were now chilled by the cooling liquid lust that had seeped from her slit. Grace stepped out from the bathroom.

“You okay Claire?” She asked.

“Fine, kid.”

“When are you going to stop calling me kid? I’m older than you.” Grace chuckled.

“By less than a year.” Claire laughed. “Dad knocked mom up with me a minute after she popped you out.”

“Seriously though.”

“When I stop beating up the bitches that tease my sis for her reading habits.” Claire gave her a wink.

They would be up early tomorrow – and then they would head up to Tacoma to see Dad and Emily. Claire could only hope whatever happened wasn’t so terrible that father and her older sis were jailed or dead or something. She had a secret fantasy that Ryan was a super-spy – not a boring old factory director. That would be fun. Like True Lies or something. Claire dozed off to sleep, pants full of her lust – clinging to her skin as she clung to her dreams. Fuck if Claire understood the world – maybe that was the whole point.


Ryan opened his eyes – Emily was gone. His alarm clock read 7:30. Strange his daughter usually slept until eight or nine. Perhaps they had tossed and turned a bit too much at night. A sound ripped through the air. The sound of agony and expulsion. What the hell. The sound pierced the air again, and then he heard tears, stifled, muffled torment issued from the bathroom door, punctuated by another hurling gasp. Fuck. Ryan swung his naked body out of bed and stumbled into the door unlocking it. Hunched of the toiled, clutching her stomach with one and toilet seat with the other was Emily.

“Don’t look at me,” She begged – and the proceeded to expel bile from her lips into the toilet.

“When did this start?” Ryan asked.

“A few days ago – I thought it was the flu.” She coughed but expelled nothing.

Ryan grabbed a towel – he knew what this was. Emily’s mother, his first wife, had reacted the same way when she was pregnant with her. Ryan swallowed. He had cum inside Emily so many times – and never once asked if she was on protection. It didn’t occur to his small dick yearning brain. How could he? He did this to his daughter. However, there was a part of him that swelled with joy – Emily was going to bear his child. He had marked her with his love permanently. A preposterous pondering, but it filled him with a fundamental joy.

“Every time you and I,” He made some lackluster sounds to imitate sex, “were you on protection?”

She shook her head, “Wait am I?”

“When was your last period?” Ryan asked.

Her eyes widened, “Months ago.”

Ryan knelt next to her and wiped her face and brushed her hair out of her face, “I’m so sorry.”

“For what?” Emily leaned forward against him, “For what daddy?”

“I think I got you pregnant.” He whispered.

There was a severe silence, as they knelt together on the bathroom floor. Their heads touching. Ryan’s fingers brushed her golden locks over and over again as if the stroking could undo the monumental mistakes they had made. He hated himself – how could he? He should be shot on site.

“Are you upset with me?” Emily asked.

“What?” The words took him by surprise. “NO! God no, I bear so much of this responsibility.”

She pierced him with those blue eyes. “Do you want to keep it?”

“Do you?” He asked.

She smiled, “It’s a piece of you inside me. I want it. I want it so much.”

Ryan wrapped her in his arms, clutching her bare chest against his. Her breast pressed against him. Maybe this was the best thing in the world. His hands hurriedly explored her smooth back – feeling her warm body. Oh damn – he felt heat hurry to his cock, swelling it with desire. He was such a fucking animal. This all started with him jacking off in the night to this sleeping beauty and now the most wondrous gift humanity could bestow upon a couple had been generously gifted. A child was growing in his daughter’s tummy – his child. Planting a kiss on her forehead he stood up and offered a hand to her.

But as always, his big old head got in the way. His cock had grown large enough that the glans had begun to peak from his foreskin. He had put it right at eye level. She smiled at him – and reached out to grab it. Her touch sparked an explosion between his loins. Heat burst fourth filling his member with desperation. It reached for her.

“You don’t have to,” Ryan said.

“I want to.” She whispered. “You’re the father of my child.”

Fuck it pushed him over the edge. His taboo desires erected his cock like a tentpole. The hideous head now sat dripping with precum, inches from his daughter’s face. She slid her mouth around it and engulfed him in erogenous extasy. He pressed against the wall as his daughter desecrated his cock. Looking down at her head bob back and forth and hearing the guttural sloshing of her saliva against her throat and his member drove him right to the brink.

“Fuck.” He gasped, “Why are you so perfect?”

She engulfed his cock with her throat, sinking to the base. A groaned gurgled from his gaping jaw as his semen pooled in his cock, seeping its way into his urethra. It began to spasm, as the gaging and gargling of his dominated daughter sputtered from bellow. His cock jumped in her mouth in desperate depravity – and then he exploded down her throat. He heard her choke and cough under the torrent of semen shot down her throat.

“Yeah fuck – suck it dry!” He demanded.

She did. Every last drop of his semen was gone when she relaxed, and his cock fell free, sliding back into the shelter of his foreskin. She smiled – what kind of demented fuck was he. Demented fucks, were they? Bird of a feather – almost literally.

“I love you.” He panted as she rose to her feet, “Morning sickness and a blowjob. You are fucking tough.”

She smiled, “I’ll have to be.” She put a hand on her belly, “I’m carrying your child – and you are a handful.”

“Or a mouthful.”

They chuckled for a moment. Then she embraced him. For a harmonious moment of contemplation, they clutched each other. He loved every inch of her – every millimeter of her body was the apple of his eye. Perfection promoted by his perception. There was no mountain, not enemy, no god, and certainly no man that could stop him from protecting her. He would shatter stars and break a bone for her. In his arms – there was no force on this small blue marble that could touch her. He kissed the top of her head and breathed in her unwashed scent.

Then there was knock on the door – it shook him from his philosophical ponderings – did he hear that right? Was that their door. The doorbell rung out again. Emily and Ryan stared at each other for a moment with bated breath. Then they sprung into action to dress. Who could it be? Ryan’s phone buzzed. He ignored it.

Disheveled and distracted Ryan stumbled down the stairs, his mind whirling with recent events and pleasures. The doorbell rang again. Ryan straightened his wrinkled shirt and unbolted the front door. Claire? Grace? The two girls stood there – Claire had her signature short hair, that swirled about her head beneath the beanie she was wearing. Her loose shirt and baggy jeans hanging onto her body through a miracle rather than physics it seemed. Grace – on the other hand. She shone with elegance. She wore a dress, several decades out of date, with her frizzy hair tied behind her in a blue bow. Her face pocked by acne – but not so much to distract directly from her beauty. Merely smudge it a bit.

Shock. That was the only de***********or. Mouth agape. Where was Susan? Why were they here? More important what did they know? However, the door was always open to his daughters, step or blood. Pulling the door wide he ushered them inside.

“Come in.” His shock shook his voice as they stepped in.

“Hey, daddio.” Claire snapped her fingers and gave him a wink as she walked in and huffed her bag onto the floor.

“Dad.” Grace smiled.

She had been a baby when Susan and he married. Like Emily, she had come from a different relationship Susan had had before them. Claire was the youngest – though she didn’t act like it. But She was Susan and his, hence her darker hued skin to match her mothers. Regardless most of his family was back under one roof – and that was not bad.

“Where’s your mother?” Ryan asked at length.

“Probably in a crack house high AF.” Claire coughed.

“Hey,” Grace insisted.

So, she relapsed – was that his fault. She was a grown-ass woman who knew what she was doing. Fuck.

“Claire – don’t talk about your mother like that,” Ryan said. “Did she relapse?”

Claire nodded. “It got really bad in the end. Her parents kicked her out and then us.”

Fuck them. Ryan snarled to himself. Those were their grandchildren. They weren’t the best people, to begin with. To be honest, hearing that Susan was in no shape to bother his daughters was a good thing. However, the bank account would have to be put into motion – and divorce initiated. That would be unpleasant. Without warning, Claire wrapped her arms around Ryan. He returned the hug. They stood there, embraced for a moment.

“Where Emily?” She broke the hug.

“Right here.” Came her soft and supple voice from the stairwell.

She had cleaned up perfectly. Her hair was combed, and her clothes were changed. She shined with sinful beauty – and in such a short time. The two sisters embraced each other. It was a bonified family reunion. There were complexities. Soon Emily would start to show her condition and the truth would either come out – or a really good story concocted.

“Yo sis!” Claire exclaimed. “You look dope as hell!”

“Thanks, Claire.” Emily smiled.

“Nice use of the English language.” Grace snickered.

Ryan opened his arms to grace. She hesitated, and then hugged him briefly, before throwing the backpack on the couch and sitting down. Grace was always a tad shy – and that was okay. She was so bright. Book smart and smitten with characters beyond the boundaries of the world of the novel. The question would be, how would they both react when they discovered the truth – as Ryan knew these things had a way of coming out.


A week had passed since Claire and Grace had gotten home. Dad and she had to find what little time they could to have some fun. Finally, she dropped the book and lay back against the couch and put a hand on her stomach. She could feel a protrusion – a slight knoll that raised her stomach ever so slightly. She was ten weeks in, or so said the doctor. Telling her sisters was out of the question – she didn’t want to be labeled a slut or something. This was put there by the man she loved – who had loved her since the moment she entered the world. So very slight. Fathers baby. She caressed it gently. What would be her name – she was convinced it would be her. Emily glanced at her phone again – it was a tinder profile she was creating for her dad. Even though she wouldn’t be that far away, college was going to be an experience. Father would be stuck here alone and unloved. Not that any harlot on the web would be in love with him. Right? She created the account.

She had fourteen more hours before her first day – maybe Ryan would come to her dorm and they would fuck like rabbits over her roommates’ desk or something like that. What would people think of her pregnancy? Did she even really care? She would be home for Thanksgiving – god that seemed so far away. How would she make it that long without Ryan – without feeling him inside her? How big would her belly be by then?

“Hey, sis.” Claire plopped down on the couch next to her.

"Hey, sis,” Emily replied and opened her eyes.

“Who’s the dad.” She pointed at Emily’s stomach.

“What? No one.” Emily felt terror jolt through her.

“Sis, you glow like a lamp and your belly is starting to show. I’m bi, not blind.” Claire pulled her beanie off waving her crazy short, and yet chaotic hair, around.

“If I told you you’d lose your shit.” She wanted to tell her – to be a happy family. To have Claire leap into the air with joy at having a little brother.

“I will beat him up if you want me to.” Claire laughed.

Emily shook her head, “No. God no.”

“You love him?” Claire crossed her arms, “Sis – you might be the oldest of us, but your nineteen. You aren’t ready for this.”

“I am.” Emily insisted. “I love him – more than anything in the world. I want to carry his child.”

“You sure.”

Emily nodded.

“All right Sis – I hope he is a great guy.”

“The best.”

Claire hopped up, “We are here for you. I look forward to meeting my niece – or nephew.”

“I’ll name ‘em after you?”

“Don’t do that – my name is boring.”

“Your name is sexy.” Emily slapped at Claire.

She laughed, “Look I’m gonna take a shower.”

Claire, still giggling clambered up the staircase throwing a wink down at her older sister. Emily looked down at her phone. Despite everything it was good to have her family home – at least the better part of it. Maybe the world was gonna be okay – maybe dad was going to be fine. Maybe the baby was going to be fine. Deep breath Emily, she told herself. Deep breathes. The world is changing fast but not so fast. Maybe things were not as scary as they seem. A kiss landed on the back of her neck.

“Dad?” Emily asked.

“Yeah just got home – you seemed to be lost in thought.” He whispered in her ear.

“A little yeah.”

“Excited for college?”

Emily didn’t know – she knew she wanted to do something with her life but wasn’t sure what. A hand slipped over her belly, and she leaned back, looking up at her father. His green eyes gazed down at her with a desire so deep it seemed to overwhelm his face, lust hanging on the edge of his smile. Her insides burned with erotic heat that hemorrhaged nectar from her slit. How little time they had had this week – how much she yearned to feel him inside her again before the time had gone.

“Claire is taking a shower,” Emily whispered.

“Where is your step-sister?” Ryan glanced around – putting a hand on her shoulder.

Emily dragged his hand to her breast, and left it there, “Out with friends.”

The sound of the shower running trickled in above. Ryan’s fingers tightened around her breast, a rush of exhilarating pleasure burst on the edge of pain as Ryan began to massage her. The fire he was kneading into her, escaped from her lips in an approving moan. She could feel her body pool its pleasure in her stomach as her lust leaked from her lips between her legs. His thumbs slipped across her nipples – a burst of pulsating pleasure raced through her.

“Yes.” She whispered to her father.

“I want you,” Ryan replied in a hushed tone, glancing up at the running water. “I want to drive my cock into your cunt so bad.”

Oh god! Ryan had come so far – it wasn’t that long ago he blushed bright red when they wanted sex. He wasn’t the shy flustered father anymore – he had become a man for her. The kind that lusted and desired her as a woman. She traced his face with her hand pulling him into a gentle kiss from above. Warm, rough hands rubbed her soft skin. She drank of her father – his tongue slipping past her lips and toying teasingly with hers. Oh, she wanted him between her legs, using it to lick up the liquid that was pooling on the sofa. She wasn’t wearing panties, just for this occasion.

Their lips parted, “Then fuck me, daddy.”

It wasn’t the first time she had been fucked on the kitchen table, but Ryan pushed her face-first onto it, a hand on the small of her back. His zipper was unzipped a moment later, and jangling of father's belt coming undone echoed behind her. Her skirt was pulled up, and cold air rushed past her ass. There were no more words – just animals lusting. Then her pussy was pushed open with pulsing pleasure. Father’s cock rammed into her, sending waves washing over every nerve ending in her body. The table whined and ground on the hardwood beneath, and his body slapped against hers. They didn’t have time for foreplay or lustful exchanges – but they had time for this.

“Yes.” Emily moaned, “Fuck me.”

“God damn it!” He gasped. “Fuck your pussy is perfect.”

His hot cock clobbered her cervix with each thrust, jolts of plain wove with the pleasure to produce an exotic eruption inside her. Suddenly she was convulsing on the table, grabbing its edges as she let out a cry – she could have been heard but it was too much to stay silent. He didn’t slow down as her cunt continued to grip Ryans cock as her orgasm rushed over her. She wanted more. God's father could last long. His penis plowed through her cunt extracting ecstasy from every entry. The sound of the shower disappeared. She clasped a hand to her mouth and cried into it as her pussy pulsed again, sending an orgasm over her body a second time.

“Oh god.” She yelled. “I’m cumming! Fuck!”

“Yeah kiddo! Cum for me.” Ryan groaned.

Pleasure surrounded her, as her body was rubbed against the table with every thrust from her fathers’ cock. It drilled deep within her, touching her very core. Her juice seeped in long sticky strings to the floor, pooling below in clear coagulated liquid. How much was fathers precum and how much was her cum was anyone’s guess? Her legs grew weak under the powerful waves that crashed against her brain. Her third orgasm approached. She braced herself again.

“I’m cumming again.” She hollered.

Father sped up, pushing harder, pounding faster. His cock’s edge struck a nerve that sends a river rushing through her, and another cry escaped her lips. Liquid leaped from her body, almost as if ejaculating.

“Oh fuck baby!” Ryan gasped. “I’m so close.”

Then he was there. His cock throbbed within her, pressing against her walls, and then warm hot liquid pooled inside her, washing through her. Hot and satisfying. She gasped, as he thrust again, pumping more cum inside her. He grunted, and then his cock slid out. She still gripped the table, breathing like she had run a marathon. Slowly she regained her composer and stood up.

“Fuck.” Ryan gasped as he zipped up his pants.

Dad’s love slid down her leg. She turned around and threw her arms around her father. They hugged. Emily didn’t want to go to college. It was so far and so scary. So terrible a fate to be parted from moments like what she just had.

“I don’t want to go.” Tears pooled at the edge of her vision. “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want you to be alone.”

“Oh, baby.” Ryan held her tight. “I’ll be okay.”

“I made you a tinder profile,” Emily whispered in his ear.

“Why?” Ryan asked. “All I need is you.”

“We both know what a horn dog you are.” Emily kissed him on the neck, “Just don’t fall in love with any of them.”

“You’re my number one kiddo,” Father replied. “Always for you.”

Claire appeared at the top of the stairs a few moments later. Emily could feel her father's cum sliding down her leg. Shit! Would Claire notice? Surely, she would with such a short skirt around her. She shifted uncomfortably against Ryan as Claire waved.

“Hey – it’ll be okay,” Claire replied. “You’ll be home in no time.”

Emily nodded, sniffing in, “Yeah I guess so.”

The rest of the day was silent – they packed their things and prepared for her to leave. Gone for good. Emily could only hope all would be well. Just like the world change forever.

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