Apples and Oranges part ii by Toen

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Fiction | Anal, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, School, Spanking

Tristam walked over to the door, I couldnt believe it, as I stared at his naked sculptured ass walk away, and as I tasted his cock in my mouth, I couldn't believe that I had done it. I had gotten my forbidden fruit, I had never been so proud of myself in all my life.

Tristam had some bravery I'll tell you that, not many straight *cough* boys would walk to a door with their cock on show and another guy on all fours behind them, what if someone walked in. Right at that moment, I didn't care..I didn't care who saw us, or who found out. All I cared about was Tristam. He came back over, it was then that I realised that I still had one burning question, what did Tristam's sweet ass taste like, cos if it tasted as good as it looked I would be in ecstasy.

'Hey big boy....I said I wanna taste your ass, now turn round you sweet piece of fuckable, edible man candy.' Tristam turned around. Now I was facing his ass, I moved at lightning speed and delved my tounge straight into his hole, as I did I heard Tristam gasp. I ran my tongue all around his hole and tasted every inch of it. I wanted to savour this moment for the rest of my life, I started to kiss his asshole, prentended it was a mouth and his butt-cheeks were the lips. My tongur thrust rapidy in and, in and out, round and round, round and round. Tristam was moaning in ecstasy. I reached my hand round to his front and felt his hard cock carress my palm. I grabbed onto it and moved my hand up and down, slowly at first, then faster and faster....

'OH FUCK MAN...YOU ARE SO GOOD, SOOO GOOD YOU FUCKING MONSTER, YOU'RE DADDY'S LITTLE BOY AREN'T YOU' Tristam was screaming b now, how nobody heard us god only knows. 'Wait..' I thought, 'Did Tristam just say 'You're daddy's little boy....''' I had no idea he was into that kind of thing, well it was my moral duty to oblige. I pulled my toungue out of his crack and stopped beating his dick. 'Don't stop...' said Tristam in a breathy voice I hardly heard, 'Please don't stop...' Now was the time t swoop in...

'I have to stop Daddy, I have to do my homework...' I said in a child-like voice

'What,...what the fu- did you just call me daddy?' Said Tristam

'Yeah, that is your name....don't you remeber, I'm your little boy...'

An evil smile crep onto Trsitam's face.

'Yeah, I remeber, you are my little boy, now what's your homework'

'Science daddy, biology...'

'And what homework is it...'

'Well...we learnt all about a man's body and what happens when he gets excited, but we also learnt that it's not only a man and a woman who can have sex...two men can do it too, we saw a video about it and our homework was to try it...but I'm stuck Daddy, it's really hard on my own, will you help me...?'

Tristam ran over to me and pinned me to the ground, he was more excited than I had ever seen, he was panting and red in the face.

'Do you want Daddy to show you where the parts of you body are son..?' said Tristam.

'I sure do Daddy...I sure do..' I said.

Tristam yanked down my pants and boxers and pointed to my (hard) dick and said, 'This is your dick son, you're excited I can tell 'cos it's all hard, that's called a boner, you know what boners are really good at being?'

I shook my head.

'Lollipops' said Tristan, 'Do you want me to show you how good a boner is at being a lollipop?'

I nodded enthusiastically. Tristam buried his head between my legs and sucked my cock, his tongue felt so damn soft running around my cock, I thrusted my hips into his face and started to moan...

'Oh Daddy....' I cried.

'Daddy, Daddy, suck my lollipop for me, you want me to get good marks for my homework don't you, don't stop, keep going, I;m trying to get extra credit, suck me...oh..oohhh...' I sought out Tristam's hole with my foot, (I'm very bendy) and stuck my big toe into his crack. Tristam suddenly looked up and pulled my toe out of his ass.

'That's Daddy's special place!' he said, 'You must never touch it unless I say understand?' said Tristam.

'Yes Daddy' I replied

'Now you've been a bad boy and you must be punished!' said Tristam, he walked over to his bag and pulled out a 30cm plastic ruler. He sat on a chair and said, 'Because you've been such a bad boy I'm going to have to spank you, now bend over my knee so your ass is in my face..'

I was taken aback by this but decided to go for it, after all, I'd never get this chance again, would I?

'Im sorry Daddy, I deserve to be punished.' I ben over Tristam's knee and he brought the ruler down onto my butt cheeks with a crack, it hurt, but it was good pain.

'That's it Daddy...' I said, 'I was really bad, treat me like the bad boy that I am...'

Tristam brought the ruler down again, and again, each one harder than the last. I cried and moaned in ecstasy as my ass cheeks burnt, 'That's it Daddy, don't hold back...I was really bad, spank me Daddy, spank me harder.'

After Tristam has stopped spanking me I got up off his knee and said, 'You still haven't helped me with my homework Daddy....I had to see how two men have sex.' I said

Tristam turned round and smiled, he walke back towards me, still brandishing the ruler, and said, 'get on all fours, son, Daddy will make sure you pass this homework...'

Rating: 79%, Read 24082 times, Posted Jun 21, 2006

Fiction | Anal, Boy, Gay, Oral Sex, School, Spanking


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