No Regrets by SecretObsession

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Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex, First Time, Male, Teen Female, Virginity, Written by women, Young

My name is Amie Henshore, I’m thirteen years old and I live with my mom, dad, twin sister Leah and older sister Jordin. I have bleach blonde hair, Leah dyed hers dark brown so people could tell the difference between us. We’re both 5’3 and weigh in at about 110 pounds. Jordin has blonde hair just like me but she takes after my dad so she’s 5’8.

See it all started last week when Leah revealed her secret to me.

“im not a virgin anymore,” she said with a big grin on her face.

“what! What do you mean?” I asked her.

“I’ve had sex,” she said proudly.

“with who?”


Dan Johnson is Leah’s boyfriend and the most popular guy in school, which is why everyone is jealous of them. Guys want to be with Leah and girls want to be with Dan. I know what you’re thinking, if we’re identical twins then why don’t guys want me. They do, but I let them know when we start dating that there will be no sex till were in a solid relationship. Some of them think they can change my mind but they try and never succeed.

“how could you do that? Remember the pact we made?” I shouted at her. Leah and I did everything together so we promised to do it on the same day so we could share the details with each other.

“well im sorry Amie but I cant wait around for you to be in a “solid relationship”” She said using her fingers as quotation marks.

“whatever” I said to her. Leah and I shared a king sized bed. I turned my back to her and pulled my blanket over my head.


The next day I got up and went straight to the shower. Normally I would wake Leah up and we would shower together, but I was still in a mood with her so I didn’t. When I was finished I walked out of the shower and accidentally bumped into Tyler, Jordin’s boyfriend.

“Watch where you’re going gorgeous” he said with his hands on my hips stopping me from falling, I felt a little bit embarrassed because all I was wearing was a towel. He always called me beautiful or gorgeous but every time he said it, it would make me blush and send butterflies to my stomach.

Leah was awake when I went back to the bathroom. We just looked at each other for a few seconds and then we carried on with what we were doing. I pulled out a sky blue thong and a matching bra from my drawer and put it on.

“im really sorry about what I said last night,” Leah said to me. “I know we made a pact but Dan and I felt like it was the right time to do it” I tried to act like I was still angry at her but we just looked at each other and laughed.

“im sorry for going in a mood with you. You can tell me how it went on the bus” I said to her and we embraced in a long sisterly hug. While Leah went to the bathroom and had a shower, I curled my hair at my dressing table still wearing nothing but my thong and bra. Someone knocked and opened the door. I turned around to see Tyler standing there.

“oh im sorry, I didn’t realize you weren’t dressed” he said covering his eyes.

“no its okay,” I said standing up and covering myself with my towel.

“Jordin said breakfasts ready”

“okay” I said. I might have acted calm but inside my heart was thumping. Tyler had dark brown hair, mesmerizing blue eyes and the greatest body. For him to see me in just underwear was nerve racking but it also made me a little wet between my legs. That always happened when I saw him but I didn’t know why.

Later that day when I went home, I realized that I was going to be alone till about 9pm. Mom, dad and Jordin were at work and Leah went to her best friends house. I asked my best friend, Chloe, to come to our house but she was going to visit her grand parents for the weekend with her parents. I didn’t really mind being alone because I had a lot of revision to do. I was sat in the kitchen with my laptop when there was a knock at the door.

“Hey” I said to Tyler. “Jordin’s not here”

“I know. She said she’s finishing work in about 15 minutes, I thought I would wait here for her if that’s okay with you” He said.

“Yeah sure. Come in”

Great! This was both my dream and my worst nightmare. If he started to talk to me I would blush and stutter but on the other hand I was glad that we were alone together at last. We sat in the kitchen and he watched me do my homework for a while before he talked.

“Could I please have a drink?” I don’t know why he asked me to get it for him because he could have made it himself, he knew where everything was.

“what would you like?”

“just a few shots of vodka” that wasn’t unusual for him to ask for alcohol because whenever he was here he would drink it with my parents and Jordin. I got the vodka out of the alcohol cabinet and placed it in front of him. Then I bent over to get a shot glass.

“nice thong” he said to me.

Oh my gosh. I thought to myself. I was blushing when I turned around. He laughed at me and I calmed down a little bit and laughed with him. He had a shot of the vodka and asked me if I wanted some.

“go on” he gave me the puppy dog eyes. I couldn’t say no to him well, more like I didn’t want to say no. Tyler poured me a shot and I took the glass in my hand, closed my eyes and drank without stopping. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever tasted and he laughed at me when I choked a little.

Half an hour later I had drank two more shots and my head was spinning. When I stood up to go to the bathroom, my knees wobbled. Tyler offered to help me get up the stairs. Afterwards I went into my bedroom and he was sitting on my bed. He used his index finer to beckon me and patted the bed to signal to me that I should sit next to him. When I did, he got up and stood in front of me. I looked up at him. He pushed at my shoulder with his hand and I fell back on the bed, before I knew what was happening he was lying on top of me and kissing my neck.

If I wasn’t so drunk and I didn’t enjoy him kissing me, I would have asked him to stop. I didn’t know what was going to happen or what I should do so I let him take control. It was pretty obvious what he wanted when he started to push his hand under my school skirt and hook his fingers onto my thong and pull it down to my knees. He massaged my vagina with his fingers making me moan out loud. When he insert a finger into me I had mixed feeling; pain and pleasure. Leah told me that Dan had done this to her and that it felt good but she didn’t mention the pain. I felt him stretching me down there when he slipped a second finger in, I was already wet which made it easer for him to finger me. When he pulled out his finger, I had a feeling of emptiness that needed filling. Tyler pulled my thong completely off and threw it on the floor, then he started to unzip his jeans and pulled them down to his feet. I started to get nervous. When he pulled his boxers off I could have fainted. This rock hard thing stood tall pointing to the air and it was at least eight inches long and three fingers wide. How the hell was that going to fit in my small, untouched hole.

He put his big hands on my hips and guided himself into me. His cock felt so big inside me and it made his fingers seem like nothing. I tried but failed at holding back the tears, they were rolling down the side of my face. His cock hit something inside me and he came to a holt. Then with one last hard thrust he broke my hymen and was penetrating me balls deep. I screamed out loud and he covered my mouth with his hand. More and more tears came flooding out and I just lay under him in pain. He kept still until the pain had subsided which was about five minutes later and then he started to take short, slow thrusts.

“ow, ow, ow” I said. Tyler responded my rubbing my clit which made the pain go away a little bit by replacing it with pleasure. After a while he started fucking me properly, making me moan . “oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me” I said as I reached my firs ever orgasm. Leah was right, sex was fun. The best part was when Tyler had an orgasm as well, I was at my peak and he started thrusting hard and deep into me and at his last thrust we both came at the same time and I dug my nails into his back, under his t-shirt. He groaned and collapsed on top of me with his thing inside me and we both lay there panting. But only for a nanosecond because the next thing we heard was a car door closing and the front door unlocking. Tyler and I just stared at each other.

Part two coming soon if I get good reviews.

Rating: 91%, Read 54742 times, Posted Sep 11, 2010

Fiction | Cheating, Consensual Sex, First Time, Male, Teen Female, Virginity, Written by women, Young


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