The End of the Wait by rikai

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Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Latina, Oral Sex, Young

I awaken, turning onto my side to avoid the glare of the sun as it pierces the curtains, invading our personal space with its sharp rays. I take your beautiful face in, glowing with the light of the sun. Brushing a strand of hair out of your face, I press my lips against yours. You stir lightly in your sleep, then are still. I slip out of bed, not wanting to wake you any more than I already have.

Walking through the room, scarcely lit by the dawn, I notice our discarded clothing. Last night’s events raced through my mind. The long drive through the early morning, racing to finally see the one that had all of my attention. The slow morning, waiting for you to arrive. Our simple lunch, where we laughed more than ate. The walk to the beach, where we sat for hours as the surf rolled over our ankles. Your laugh as I fell backwards, letting the tide soak my clothes thoroughly. Your look of surprise as I pulled you down onto me, kissing you for the first time in forever. The small fire warmed us as we climbed in the warm blankets, falling asleep to the sound of the water rushing at the shore.

I feel your arms around my waist, your head on my shoulders. Turning around, I embrace you, feeling your body melt with mine. My lips are on yours, hungrily biting and sucking as you open them to moan. We backtrack our steps, returning to the bed we had just left. I’m on top of you kissing your neck hard as your hands dig into my scalp. My moans turn to growls, as I bite harder. I move from your neck to your earlobe, then down to your shoulder. I feel the warmth of your body joining mine as we start to perspire. My body moving easier against yours now, I start to slide down. My teeth leave little bite marks as I move from your lips to your chin, your neck to your collar. As the tip of my tongue gently slides down your torso, I feel you sit up. You urge me down faster, pushing me down more urgently. I slow down my descent, prolonging your torture.

My mouth finds your clit, my tongue is pressed against it. Your moans turn me on, making me even harder. In turn, I close my lips and suck lightly as my fingers brush against your opening. Your hand urges me inside you, pushing slowly. My fingers slide in and out, getting slicker and slicker with your wetness. I lift my fingertips to your lips, waiting for you to suck them clean. As you lick them off, my tongue slips into you. I use my hands to spread your legs wider, pushing my tongue as deep into you as I can. I hear your moans grow louder, my tongue moves to your clit. With my fingers sliding in and out of you, deep and hard, I suck your clit between my lips and lightly bite.

As you dive over the edge, I continue licking. I feel your legs close around my head, forcing me to slip my head down and out as you clamp your legs harder. I take a deep breath, climbing on top of you and kiss you. You kiss back, and I know you taste yourself on my lips and tongue. I lay next to you, exhausted.

“How about a nap?” I ask, stretching my arm out.

“Or just a chance to snuggle.” You reply.

I wrap my arm around you, covering your waist with the other. I feel your body against mine, and I start to get excited. You must feel it by now.

“Down, boy.” You say. “After we rest a bit.”

I suck on your neck, biting gently. You move even closer to me. The heat we made continues to warm us through the cool morning. When I’m certain you are asleep, I sneak out of bed, careful to not disturb your slumber. I walk down the hall, to the bathroom. I turn the shower on, feeling the warm water cleaning me. Sweat, dirt, sand, and everything else from yesterday’s adventure runs down my skin, chased away by clean water. I run soap over my chest, discovering a few new bites I didn’t know I had. I rub the soap over them, wondering at what point last night had you bitten me. I was the scratches to my arms thoroughly, managing to get the ones on my back as best I can.

With the shower off, it’s eerily quiet. I walk through each room, taking in its contents. The living room, clean as normal. The hallways are empty of obstructions, the windows are all clean, even the decks are free of sand. Such a feat must take a lot of dedication. Everything was pristine. Nothing was out of place.

I move to the kitchen, hoping to quietly have breakfast ready before you awaken. The potatoes are peeled, washed, and cubed. The biscuits are prepared, set in a small metal pan ready to bake as soon as a button is pressed. The carrots are steaming, a slight amount of garlic added to the water. The sausage is cooking in the skillet, bacon ready to take its place at a moment’s notice. The eggs are set aside, the final piece. I cut and dice the cheese, green chili, onion, and mushrooms, mixing them all in a bowel.

Removing the sausage, I place some on two plates. As the bacon cooks, I crack open the eggs, pouring them into a bowl. Once I’m sure all the shells are removed, I stir them, until it is a solid yellow, ready for pouring. I lay some of the egg into the pan, allowing it to cook. I place the chili, cheese, and mushroom mix on top of it. As it cooks, I fold the edges of the eggs over it, making the omelet. After both are made, both are set on the plate. The bacon joins. After making the gravy, I pour it into a serving bowl and begin cleaning the dishes.

By the time it’s finished, it’s nearly seven in the morning. Carrying both plates, silverware, and the serving bowl, I make my way down the hall. Setting it all on your desk, I walk down the hall again. I return with two cups, a container of orange juice, and some toast. Pouring the juice, I notice you as you stir. I grab your plate, walking over to your side. I kiss you, hoping to gently stir you awake. As your eyes open, a smile spreads across your face as you see what I hold. After you sit up, I hand you the plate, spreading a tray over your lap. I grab my breakfast and sit next to you.

We eat in silence. We need no words.

We spend the day exploring the beach. Everywhere from the caves in the cliff to the shore. We spend a long time sitting in the small pool of water, heated by the sun. At my urging, you sit in my lap. I check around one last time, seeing no one is around to observe us. I slip aside the bottom piece of your swimsuit, feeling the moisture that isn’t from the water. You sit back against my, riding my finger slowly.

“Faster,” I order you. “Ride it faster!”

You slide up and down harder, groaning in lust. I move my hands to your hips, squeezing. I move my shorts down just enough to get my hard dick out, and line it up to enter you. I lower you slowly, filling your body grip me like a glove, one that was several sizes too small. As you stretched to fit me, my teeth began digging into your back. The water covers my legs, washing away the sand. I rub your thighs as you start bouncing up and down in my lap. Wordlessly, I help you turn to face me, your legs wrapped around my waist as I bury myself deeper inside you. I kiss you harder than I had the previous morning, crushing our bodies together as I growl, my teeth at your throat. I feel it building up, I lift you up to prologue it. You lay on your back, inviting me with your eyes. I straddle you, dragging my swollen tip from your neck down to your stomach, then slide it inside your wet pussy. I slide inside, deep but slow, enjoying the feel of you underneath me, your breath on my neck, and your moans in my ear. You wrap your legs around my waist, tightly as I thrust into you. Your moans grow as you come closer, right on the edge. As I push into you one last time, I begin filling you with my hot seed as you climax, squirting your cum all across my dick.

I roll over, laying in the sand. After we fix our clothes, we walk to the shore line to use the tide to clean us. The cool water chills us, giving our skin goose bumps. As we walk the distance back to your home, we moved closer to each other. First my arm to your waist. Then your hand on my arm. We sit on your deck, the ocean is our music. The moon is our candles.

My fingers untie your top, tossing it away, and I bury my face between your breasts, biting and licking. Tracing the curves of your skin all over, everywhere. I kiss your nipple, taking the entire thing into my mouth as I bite hard, then release. We roll over, you on top. My hands on your hips, guiding you to my swollen dick. I watch as you lower yourself down on me slowly, agonizingly slow. I thrust my hips up, trying to push into you, needing inside of you now more than any other time I have in my life. I sit up, grab your hips, and forcefully lower you until I’m as deep inside you as possible. You let out a loud moan as I kiss your neck. As you start bouncing up and down, I finger you fast and hard. Quickly, your orgasm arrives.

As I pull out of you, I pull you to your knees. With you in front of me, I push my hips forward, aiming the tip of my dick at your lips. As it brushes against your lips, they part to allow me inside. As you suck at the head, I feel your tongue brush against the sensitive spot on the underside of the shaft, flicking it across several times before sliding half the shaft into your mouth. I place both hands on either side of your head, gently pushing into your mouth, sliding in and out slowly. I pick up speed, slowly going deeper each time. As I push deeper into your throat, I feel you start to gag. You swallow it, taking it into your throat. I pull out quickly, then push back in, picking up speed. Pulling all the way out, I reinsert the tip. As you suck the tip, I push the back of your head down. As my cum squirts into your mouth, I feel your tongue circle the tip, cleaning it off fully. I grab your hand, lifting you up and kissing you. We move to the bed, slowly making our way. I lay you on your back, kissing lightly. The blankets cover us. Our shield against the oncoming light of the sun, which we know will invade us at its first possible chance.

I slip my arm under your neck as you drift off to sleep. I watch you move lightly, closer to me than last night. I kiss your neck lightly again, then your lips. I smile as your eyes close, you drifting off to a restful sleep. I shifted next to you, sleeping peacefully.

Rating: 50%, Read 71870 times, Posted Sep 15, 2012

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Latina, Oral Sex, Young


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