Morgan's Rape by WombPainter

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Morgan's Rape

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With flowing brown hair and dark penetrative orbs, Morgan texted one of her first friends. Since high school, the two of them had become inseparable and even on a sex forum she discovered he had an account. Back and forth, the messages traveled, eventually leading up to a date and time both agreed to meet.

"I want to see you, for real." She typed.

"Well I happen to be a couple towns from you in California", he texted back.

She knew the butterflies in her tummy weren't aching to be released for no good reason. He is special. I've told him my darkest secrets and not once has he tried to throw them at me. I should give him something special as a thanks.

It took them a couple hours, but sometime in the afternoon, January 11th 2011 they met for the first time in years. Jacob had grown up from his out of shape self and someone taught him how to dress. Or maybe he always knew but never could afford better clothes.

Morgan wore her best outfit, the one that emphasized her youthful tits and pert round butt like nothing else could. It was a black tube top she'd bought at the mall yesterday and a short frilly purple skirt. The hem barely covered the bottom of her ass. He'll like this. When he sees me, I'll convince him to pop my cherry. She turned to where he approached from and hugged his waist tightly.

"Hi Jacob! It's been a long time."

"You've grown! I like those boobs too." He said and groped them underneath her clothing. She did nothing to stop him. Her panties clung moistly to her sex and emphasized the coldness of a breeze. They stood together in the doorway to a diner where he planned to treat her to lunch. Morgan's jacket sat atop a stool inside the restaurant and she returned to claim it. My plan worked. Jacob's gonna take my virginity.

It was this side of chilly, but nothing mattered when his hand was in hers. The pronounced tips of her nipples pushed against the malleable material and betrayed Morgan's contrived confidence. They ordered and sat across from each other in a booth. Due to their positions, he caught glimpses of her toned thighs beneath the table when she glanced away and allowed her legs to part absentmindedly. His head peeked, as if he dropped something under the sturdy piece of oak furniture.

I hope he notices how soaked my panties are. It is because of him looking at me and wanting me so badly that I'm turned on. She childishly kicked her feet loosely and turned to meet his gaze with hers. "I've desired you for a long time, Jacob. All the other girls thought you'd go steady with them and I believed differently."

"How so?"

"Do you remember Caitlin?"


"Weren't the two of you going out at one time?"

"I fucked her a couple of times and she found someone new, but because I was popular that girl claimed we were still together after we had broken up."

"Aww. I didn't know that. Everyone said you were a couple for months and months. If I'd known you weren't, I would have let you know I liked you."

Her feet grabbed onto his and held them.

"I want something today and feel free to say no." She said as her fork picked up the last bite of food. "Since I could remember, I've fantasized about having you inside me. There were many guys that I thought could replace you and I denied them the one thing they thought I would give up. I need you to pop my cherry, Jacob." Her voice dropped to a low hushed volume and she had leaned closer. "What do you say? Am I asking too much?"

He looked at her and took one of her hands in his on top of the table. "Your place, I hope. Unless you want to travel with me about an hour from here. I have a car and..."

"No, my place is fine. No one is home until tonight. We'll be okay as long as there isn't too much noise. The family beneath me has young children and they'll think I'm being hurt or something."

Jacob chuckled and paid for their bill at the register. "Keep the change." He calmly said, dismissing the few dollars for a waitress that took their order.

They walked five minutes to a house on a culdesac. Morgan cradled his arm and directed it down the front of her panties. He immediately knew what to do. One finger played with her dripping wet pussy and diddled her obstructed hole. She nearly dropped to the ground near her front stoop but thought better of it. He really knows what to do. I'm in good hands.

The two of them undressed in the living room and kissed as she tumbled onto a couch. His hands mauled her chest unintentionally. It had been a few years since he'd poked a girl and having someone as attractive as Morgan needing him to do the one thing nobody else would allow, Jacob almost raped her. His cock jostled her tummy and she recoiled a little on the couch, with her legs impeded by his toned musculature, keeping them splayed uncomfortably wide.

Her ability to scream couldn't have stopped him from driving his prick inside her latina pussy and ramming it through her sensitive cherry in a swift thrust. She cried, her raw cunt burned for a few minutes and Morgan begged him to slow down. He stifled her screams by kissing her, his fingers helped ease her pain as they strummed her teen clit like guitar strings. Jacob enjoyed making her horny much to her chagrin.

There was no way he'd last more than a minute or two inside of her sloshing pussy and his sperm started to flow up his pee hole. She gave a last effort to push him off her but failed. He kept her arms pinned above her head and sucked on each boob as he came hard. Jacob's seed invaded her fertile innards, seeking to impregnate her on its first journey. She writhed in disbelief of the whole situation. He couldn't have raped me. I thought it would be romantic. Oh god. How do I tell mom that I was knocked up by some guy I knew in school?

His cock slipped out and she moved to get up. "I'm not done yet, Morgan. Stay right there. You and I have some fun games planned. That ass of yours is getting a cock up it before I leave and I'll try until your stretched enough for me. Be it today, tomorrow or the next."

She sobbed and shook her head with a renewed determination.

"You're denying me?" He angrily barked and grabbed a clump of her hair in his fingers. "Do you realize who the fuck you are talking to? You wanted me to travel and meet you, offered me your virginity and now don't want me to take it?"

Morgan looked away from him and wiped the tears from her eyes. He turned her over and stood. They walked to the back of the couch and he bent her over it. She heard the clanging of his belt as he unstrung it from his jeans. Oh no. He's gonna spank me. Please don't spank me. I'll be good I promise. Please don't. Her voice pleaded and she cowered into the couch to find some sense of comfort.




Her round booty was red and stung badly. Though her Puerto Rican heritage gave her a beautiful tanned complexion, it now donned a reddish hue across the full and sizable cheeks of her ass. "Please! No more! I promise I won't refuse you!" She shielded her backside but he shoved her hands out of the way.

"Under one condition. I want your ass wrapped around my cock right now, so you're gonna be a good girl and take my prick up that tight little pooper." He grabbed onto it from behind, on his knees and licked from her crotch to the end of her dark crack. The tip of his pink appendage touched her crinkled crevice and made it slick. "You should be ready." He growled and probed the narrow hole with two fingers.

She visibly tensed and noticed something larger than that was poking her butt. "Easy! It hurts!", Morgan cried, unable to stop him because after all she promised.

He inched roughly up her tender shitter and loved the way it struggled to fit his girth. "You love it, don't you." She heard him grunting lewdly, his palms slapped her cheeks one at a time as he drove entirely up her reluctant chute.

"Oww! It hurts! Pull it out! Oww!" Morgan hated being fucked in the ass and refused to be quiet about it. Her voice grew hoarse from the constant yelps of pain and eventually she gave up trying to make him take his raping cock out.

His oily cream shot out in a hurried mess up her shit hole before it dawned on her. She fell to the floor limply and oozed cum onto the carpeting. "That's all you're good for. That's all you'll ever be good for. Now make sure you clean up before mommy and daddy return. You know how they are about cleanliness." He chided her and spread her legs wide before he dressed.

Rating: 55%, Read 40985 times, Posted Jun 06, 2011

Fantasy | Anal, Coercion, Female, First Time, Latina, Male, Pregnant, Spanking, Virginity


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