A Love Letter by swingtacts

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Fiction | Blowjob, Domination, Enema, Female, Oral Sex, Transvestite

The Start.

I would kiss you and slowly undress you kissing you all over as I go, then we could go take a shower together where I would soap you up and massage your breasts and between your legs probing your pussy with my fingers. Then licking my way down your body kissing and sucking your nipples until they are hard and tingling then further down as the water runs over your body, to lick at your pussy probing it with my tongue flicking your clit and lapping at your wet pussy lips, till you cum then turn you round and lean you against the wall so I can run my tongue down your bum crack and run the tip of my tongue over you asshole and into your pussy again, then I’ll stand up and slide my hard cock into you from behind as I fuck you in the shower rubbing your nipples with my hands as you push back onto my cock. Until we both cum hard and I can feel my hot spunk pulsing into you.

We finish showering and, wrapped in warm fluffy towels, go into our already warm bedroom to have a glass of ice cold champagne while looking through the new toys available for our pleasure. Our bed is already prepared with pure clean sheets and soft lighting with sensual smells of warm oils. After making our choices, I will go into the bathroom and fill the enema ball with warm water. Telling you to lie on a towel on your side on our bed, I will gently insert the tube into you, push the warm water into you back passage while encouraging you to enjoy - but not spill. Once full I will gently rub my finger around your anus ensuring tightness of the sphincter. Only then will you be allowed to go to the bathroom and relieve the mounting pressure in you back passage - I may ask you to ask nicely and say please. Coming back to me clean inside and out.

When I went into the bathroom I found a small pile of women’s underwear with a note on the top that said “put me on”, so after I had cleaned myself up I put on the suspender belt and stepped into the stockings you had picked for me then put on the pants soft and silky against my cock and balls, you had picked well and my cock was hard just from the feel of the soft material. I only had one last thing to put on and it was the flimsy silky top you had chosen and I was ready to be your sexy slut for the night.

I walked into the bedroom and you patted the bed for me to sit down beside you, you stroked my stocking covered legs and ran your hand up to my silky covered cock and balls. My whole body was tingling with excitement as you laid me down and started to kiss me on the lips your tongue finding mine and we shared a wet sensual kiss, all the time your hand was inside my pants playing with my hard cock and gently caressing my clean shaved balls. Your finger was slowly massaging my ass to making me harder than ever.

My hands all the while are playing with you hard nipples but you won’t let me play with your pussy just yet, you move down the bed and start to kiss around the top of my legs teasing me then you slowly pull my pants down just enough to let my cock spring free but keep my balls covered in the soft silkiness of the pants.

Just looking at you dressed in silk and stockings, lying on our bed awaiting my pleasure, makes me so wet I want to have you inside me there and then.

I slide two fingers inside myself feeling the wetness then rub my wet fingers gently across your lips before kissing you long and slow. I slide my fingers inside your pants feeling the material straining against your rock hard cock. I lick gently round the seams of your pants, my tongue probing your ass and sucking your balls in and out of my mouth. Taking a mouthful of icy champagne I suck your cock deep into my mouth swallowing the bubbly and pushing against you until I want to gag again and again.

I tear at your stockings. Unfastening your suspenders and pulling your pants off while sucking you harder and deeper into my mouth. When I have you naked, and panting for more I tell you to stop. I tease your anus very gently while I strap on our double ended dildo. I can't wait to feel this, knowing that I will be inside you while I feel the dildo inside me. I want you on your back so I can see your face and I can tease your cock with my oiled hands........

You have me on my back and you lean forwards and hold my head and feed the end of the strap on into my mouth making me suck your rubber cock I push against it so you can feel the other end pushing into your wet hot pussy your sweet pussy juice coating the hard plastic cock inside you,

When you have pleasured yourself in my mouth you slide down my body and place the end of the dildo against my waiting ass,

You push gently into my well oiled slippery anus holding my cock and balls out of the way so you can watch the dildo slide up my ass.

Your inside me and slowly start to fuck me, whilst wanking my hard cock, I am using my hands on your breasts rubbing them and rolling your nipples with my fingers. I ask you if you like fucking your dirty bitch and you tell me you love to fuck my ass and you want to make us both cum, you start to move faster as the dildo moves deep in me and in you with each thrust, your wanking my cock hard and we are both close to cuming when you stop, you pull out on me and tell me to get on my hands and knees.

Leaning you over the end of our bed whilst running my hands all over your waiting body, I lick down your back till my tongue is teasing your quivering anus. My hands cupping and squeezing your balls while pre cum drips from the end of your cock. Rocking backwards and forwards, the strap on slides between you legs and touches your hyper sensitive ass again and again. I tell you that I want to fuck you. That I am going to have you and you are going to say please. .

The tip of the strap on is touching your oiled anus. I can see your fingers gripping the end of the bed. You are panting in anticipation. I want to hear you say please...

I slide the dildo into you, slowly, enjoying the feeling as you take the full length, withdrawing, and then sliding back into you while you groan with pleasure and the need for release. There is no sudden thrusting here, just rhythmic moving in and out of you. Deeper and deeper while one hand wanks you and the other rubs your pre cum into your lips ready for me to taste.

You want to come. I know you want to cum.

I want to taste you on your lips.

I want to come.

You move away from me and lay down on the bed on your back, your hard dildo standing straight up from your pussy I turn and crawl over to you I lick your thighs and can taste your cum that has run from your wet pussy.

I kneel above you, my ass over the plastic cock I slowly lower myself on to it and it penetrates me slowly. I’m down sat astride you and start to rock slowly as we both enjoy the feeling of the double ender in us, you reach down and start to wank my hard cock as I hump up and down on yours, I’m begging you to make me cum, you are now pushing up into me and wanking me fast as we both start to build up to our shared orgasm, you tell me you like fucking your dirty slut in the ass and you want me to cum, as we both cum together I can feel the juices flooding from your pussy as I shoot squirt after squirt of my hot spunk on your tits and stomach, I lean forwards and lick at one of your nipples my mouth is coated with my cum I can taste it on my tongue you pull me to you and we kiss as you run your tongue into my mouth and we share the taste of my cum.

The End, for now?

Rating: 65%, Read 24089 times, Posted Oct 21, 2008

Fiction | Blowjob, Domination, Enema, Female, Oral Sex, Transvestite


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