The Bounty Hunter_(1) by PapaLoveGood

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Fiction | Alien, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Male, Rape, Reluctance, Teen Female, Violence

Your name is Eric Jaks, you're a space bounty hunter. You're 5'8, 29 years old, medium built, brown hair and green eyes. You were born in a space colony and lived there all your life. You got your space bounty hunter badge at the age of 16 from the International Space Bounty Hunter CORP. You started with a partner until you went solo at the age of 21. Through out the galaxies, there's always someone to catch. After receiving a tip from your former partner, your current target is the largest bounty you have ever taken on.

You have been tracking a fugitive on a planet called Kumaj. The fugitive's name is Khorm Kilak, he's a serial rapist and a murderer. He loves to kill his victims with a blunt weapon after he rapes them. Unless his victims made an special impression on Khorm, he rarely lets them live. Khorm is wanted alive for 40 million credits, one of the biggest pay out there is in the galaxy. With that much money, you could retired early, settle down and possibly start a family. That or drugs and hookers, if you choose.

Khorm is to be brought to justice on the count of 316 rapes and 327 murders. He's is the most vile scumbag fugitive you have ever track in your whole bounty hunting career.

The area you're tracking him is in a indigenous jungle you've never seen any thing like before. The jungle is filled with alien creatures that makes your hair crawl if you have no idea what you're doing. Unfamiliar with the area, You have to be cautious treading through the jungle.

You had been on foot for 4 days straight because you had to leave your ship behind so you could track with the element of surprise. Khorm would have spotted you on a ship coming 100 miles away in a jungle and you would had been 100 steps behind every time.

You are tracking Khorm using your AemBrace, which is an advance electronic multi-task bracelet on your left forearm with many utilities uses that includes, tracking, GPS, scanning and auto-language translation and much more. You also have a pouch containing essential survival kit, ranging from medicine to ropes to small handy tools.

Four days with no sleep, you felt exhausted but you are so very close to the target to take a rest. It looks like your tracking from your AemBrace lead you to a cave. This is it, your adrenaline starts pumping through your body. You turned all electronics off for better stealth tactics.

Carefully you entered the darken cave with one eye closed. It is a bit dark inside the cave but you'll have to make due. Slowly moving into the cave, you started to see artificial lights. You opened your closed eye as you heard a man shouting, "Yeah ya whore, take it in the arse!".

You moved closer to the voice and started to hear a girl crying in pain. You wanted to rush in and stop him but you have no idea who's with him. You decide to be safe than dead.

Slowly approaching you heard a table thumping and the girl's cries got louder. When you have vision on the man, he is 7'2, half bald, weigh 300+ pounds and maybe a scar on his left cheek. You are 99% sure that is Khorm Kilak.

With very little lighting you could see he has his left hand pinning the girl down on the table. His trousers on his feet and his infamous 12 inch cock is pounding in and out of the girl's behind. The girl appears to be young, maybe 18 to 24 years old. She is binded by ropes. She is laid on the table with her front torso is on the table. Her arms tied behind her back while her legs were spread apart and tied to each of the legs of the table. She is crying through her gag and wildly shaking her head no. "Your arse is so tight! Yeah, take it ya slut! How do ya like being fuck in the arse for the first time bitch?!", Khorm yelled. You still trying to observe the inside of the cave for more threats. With a loud groan, Khorm came inside the girl's ass.

"I'm so lucky to have ya girls with me in this lovely paradise planet all by myself. I probably won't kill ya both after all", he snickered. That was your cue. Pulling out your phaser, you rush out to him. "Freeze, ISBH you sick fuck!!!", you surprised him.

He froze as you requested. "Whao there mate easy with that Gov'na", Khorm tried to calm you. He has an accent, maybe British, you don't know. He then slowly pulled out is nasty cock out from the girl's butt. His cum leaked out of the girl as his cock popped out of her rear. "ISBH huh?, I'm surprised you bloody tracked me all the way in this lonely part of the galaxy", Khorm said. He then try to reach for something on the side of the table. "I said freeze you fat fuck!", you yelled at Khorm. "Is the name calling necessary ya bounty wanker? Besides, Ya don't want to kill me. Ya kill me, ya don't get paid", he tried to reason with you. "Who says anything about killing you?" You quirk back him.

In the heat of the moment your dumbass forgot to set your phaser on stun. You pointed your phaser up side way and switch your phaser to stun. During so, Khorm grabbed an arm length wooden club besides the table and rush at you. Quickly you aim your phaser at Khorm and fired at him, hitting his metal plate on his chest, knocking him out. He dropped like log. Relieved, you said "fucking pig", and spat on him.

You stepped on him and walk to tend to the lady on the table. She is still crying and shaken. "Hey, lady are you alrigh...", you stopped talking as you got a closer looked at her. She has baby blue skin, peach blonde hair, pointy ears and a tail.

In shocked you said "What the fuck?". She's not human. You looked at her again and observed her body. It seem she's one of the indigenous people in the jungle. Her species looks a bit familiar to you. Then you remember from your space geography class, she's an Alkanian species from the planet of Kumaj. Their species lives in the area of the jungle you are currently in right now. They tend to live either in groups of tribes or by themselves in a secluded area in the jungle. They are still living in the primitive era with sticks and stones.

There is a law in ISBH called 'The laws of Interference' which states that all members of ISBH shall not encounter with unintelligent life form on duty unless its falls under necessary circumstances on the section article of 296.34. Which you are not sure if you are going to be pardon from. Eventually, Khorm is gonna talk when he is on trial but you're willing to face the consequences if it should be dealt to you.

The girl turns her head towards you and looks at you while still crying with the gag still in her mouth, tears were falling from her eyes. Every part of her eye balls was pitch black except for the iris, which is yellow. She looks terrified of you. "It's okay I'm here to help you", you said it as calmly as you can even though you have no idea if she understands you. She whimpers as you got closer to her.

You got behind her and she shook her head no and whimpers thinking you're gonna do evil intent. Calmly, you untie her binded arms. The binds on her arms were incredibly reinforced. It took you a while to undo them. You'd finally finish untying her arms and then you bend down to untie her legs from the table. Before doing so, her tail accidentally swipes you on the face softly, tickling your nose. Her tail has a patch of pink like fur at the end of it. The fur patch of her tail has an broad head arrow shape to it. You turned your head and sneezed. Flustered you looked forward.

With your face eye level to her private areas, you stared at her reproductive organs. Despite their light blue skin color, facial looks, pointy ears, four fingers and a tail, You were astonished because their female body parts looks exactly just like a female human. You stared at her blue bum hole. It was gaped, swollen, redden and leaking out Khorm's cum to her pink tight vagina. Snapping out of it, you continued to untie her leg binds. She got off the table, removes her gag from her mouth and coward onto the floor away from you.

You pressed on your AemBrace and scanned her. The AemBrace displayed, 'Species: Alkanian, Planet: Kumaj, Region: Harbaj, Sex: Female, Age: one hundred and twenty one years old'. "What?! She's 121 years old!", you said in shock. Stunned, you looked at her again and she doesn't look a day older than 17, maybe younger. To refresh your memories, you read the Alkanian's bio on the AemBrace. It reads, Alkani species age slower than humans. Their life span goes up to 600 to 900 years old in human years. They aged closed a hundred times slower than humans. They don't reach their adult form until they are almost 400 years old. "Wow..", you said in astonishment. There was more to read but you'll read it later in your free time.

You examined her body curiously. She has light blue skin, yellow eyes that glows faintly in the dark, pink pouty lips, peach blonde hair that reaches to her breasts. She's has 4 nipples, two on top and two on the lower abdomen of her abs. She has perky breasts larger than baseballs on her chests but the two breasts on the bottom of abdomen are flat, not even a little bump. The bottom breasts don't grow until they have their first child. The bottom nipples are closer together than the top and are placed almost near the crotch area. Her areola has a pretty pink color just like her lips, which makes them stand out with the blue skin around her body. She has four fingers on each hand. She has a bit thick legs with a firm round butt. Her abs shows she is often active in the jungle. Their facial and body type looks almost like a human except they're blue with a tail and pointy ears.

You said, "Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna hurt you" As you try to calm her with both your hands up. You slowly holstered your phaser. She looks at you and started screaming "oku makini, oku makini!". Remembering so little of the Alkanian language. You struggled to understand what's she is saying. Still repeating herself, it sounds so familiar to you but then you realized you have a translator on your AemBrace. You turned it on and the AemBrace repeats aloud, "bad man, bad man". "Relax, I'm not a bad man. I'm here to help-", you stopped talking to her as she points behind you.

Your eyes widen and turned around. Khorm swings his club at you and you raised your left forearm to parry it. His club clashed with your AemBrace, softening the blow on your left forearm. You pulled out your phaser and pointed at Khorm but he swung his club again hitting your phaser out of your hand. Khorm then swing the club hitting your left thigh. You grunted, taking that hit you dropped on the floor holding onto your left thigh. Khorm then lifts the club up over his head and prepares your demise. *Ya should've never come here bounty hunter. After I kill ya, I'm gonna rape ya bloody fucking corpse", he gloats at you. Immobilized and no other options, you accepted your fate and closed your eyes.

You than heard a screeching sound and open your eyes. The girl has lunged on Khorm and planted her finger claws into Khorms right leg. Khorm let out a inhuman scream through out the cave. Giving you a window, you look to your phaser on the floor and painfully crawled to it. Once you got to your phaser, you grabbed it, sat upright and pointed at Khorm.

The girl still has her fingers in his leg, you aimed at Khorm's chest and held your breath for more accuracy. You pulled the trigger and shot a hole through his metal plate, obliterating Khorm's heart. Khorm drops dead where he stands. The girl quickly crawled away from Khorm's body and into the darkness of the cave. Lowering your phaser, with your eyes about to pop out. You looked mortified. You looked at your phaser and it was set on to lethal. Khorm must have hit your phaser, stun to lethal when he knocked it off your hand with his club. "Fuuuuccck!!!!!", you screamed, and it echo through out the cave. There goes your 40 million credits. Disappointed and extremely exhausted you dropped down on your back and passed out.

You woke up a couple of hours later. The daylight is nearly gone in the cave if there's any at all. You opened your eyes and you felt super disoriented, you look and saw two pairs of yellow eyes in front of you. Rubbing your eyes, trying to see clearer and you look at them again.

There's the girl who you rescued earlier, but there's two of her now. The one you rescued was on the right and the other on the left, she looks just like the one on the right but younger and more slim. 'The one on the left was probably tied up some where else in the cave while you confronted Khorm and the one on the right went to rescued the younger girl after you passed out', you thought.

The younger one looks no younger than 16 years old but probably at least 100 years or so in human years. The younger one looks like she just begun in the of process of starting puberty. Both of them are staring at you with their faintly glowing yellow eyes. You were sitting down and leaning your back against the cave wall at a 45 degree angle. You assumed the girls put you there.

You tried to stand up and a unbearable pain struck your left thigh. You groaned painfully and collapse back down. You remembered Khorm smacked your left thigh with his club from earlier. The girls look frighten and back away.

Trying to calm them you said, "I'm not angry, I'm hurt. Look". You pointed to your left thigh hoping they would understand. They look at your thigh and then to each other. They started speaking to each other in their language. You have no idea what they're saying as they spoke too fast. They both nod to each other and girl on the right starts massaging your left thigh. You groaned in pain, "no, no, no, don't touch. You're hurting me. It might be bruised or broken", you tried to say it in a low voice not trying to scare them. She stops massaging you.

Realized you and the girls cannot communicate properly, they could not help you. It suddenly popped in your head, "my translator!", you said. You look at your left forearm and try to turn on your AemBrace. There's a huge crack on the screen and all you heard is static noises. "Fucking nice", you groaned. "Could it not get any worst?", you ask sarcastically.

You want the girls to go home instead. Trying to remember the word home in their language you said, " that's not the, ESKANIE!" You remembered the word. You pointed the to the cave's exit and said the word, "eskanie" Hoping they would understand you want them to go home to their family. They slowly looked at each other and then suddenly they started sobbing and crying. "Oh got worst" You said to yourself.

You assumed Khorm probably killed their whole family while kidnapping them. Feeling like shit, you tried to calm them down. You tried to remember the word calm. Hoping it's the right word, you said "ma..makniho, makniho" you also grabbed the air in front of you hoping it's the correct hand symbol for calm. They both stop crying, looked at you and started laughing. You looked puzzled. "Did I said something funny?" You ask.

In unison, they both said "makniha" and in harmony. They started rubbing in the middle of their chest in circles with their hand. "Oh right, I remembered now...makniha!" You said and started rubbing your chest in circle. Both the girls giggles and smiles at you with their mesmerizing black yellow eyes. Just now you realized how cute, pretty and innocent they both are. No wondered Khorm kidnapped them, they're both adorable. That's his kind of meats. You thought to yourself, 'I got to remember what makniho means later though'.

Still feeling exhausted and incapacitated, you decided to go back to sleep until morning. If the girls don't have home to go, at least they could stayed with you and keep you company while you slumbered into a deep well deserved sleep, you hoped. You leaned back against the wall while both girls stares at you. You smiled at them, closed your eyes and put your right forearm over eyes and slept.

You had a nightmare that night. Khorm was raping both the girls on the table. You in horror, rush to save them. As you ran, you were moving backwards instead. Screaming angrily you wanted to save them no matter what the cost. You are now moving further and further away from them. Suddenly Khorm appear behind you and smack you in the back of your head with his club. You fell to the ground. You are now on the ground, your legs are spread wide apart. Khorm is in front of you and lifts his club up high. "After I kill ya, I'm going shoved my banger in them girls' twats until they bled to death", says Khorm. You looking at him knew that he's gonna with that club. "You can't, you're dead!", you screamed at him. You tried to get up but you can't. You are stuck in that position. "You can't!!", You kept screaming. Khorm swings down very hard and smashes your crotch with his wooden club.

"YOU'RE DEAD!!!", you woke up screaming and sweaty. You got up and looked at Khorm's corpse where you killed him. Realizing it's just a dream, you laid back to the wall relieved.

You felt something is not right. You felt something small and warm around your penis. You look down at your crotch, your zipper is torn opened and the younger girl is on her stomach, laying between your legs. Your eyes widens as she have her pink little lips around the tip of your fully erect 8 inch cock and her right hand held on to your cock. You looked for the older girl and she's sleeping besides your right. The younger girl froze when she heard you screaming waking up. Bothered by her very young childish looks, even though she's definitely over 100 years old, you said, "Hey! Stop that! Take that out of your mouth!"

She just stares at you with the tip of your cock in her mouth. You just stared back at her waiting for a response. She looks at you for a bit and goes back to sucking you, bobbing her head up and down on your prick.

You realized she couldn't understand you and decided to psychically stop her yourself. You leaned forward to push her mouth off you. She feels your hand on her head trying to push her off your cock and she angrily growled. You can feel the vibration from her as she growls with your cock in her mouth.

You paused for a bit and looked at her while she's growling with your hand on her forehead. Then you tried to push her away again. She raised her hands above your waist and her razored sharp claws retracted half an inch outward from her finger tips. You stopped and retreated your hand back in fear. "Is she really gonna hurt me if I try to stop her" you said to yourself.

You moved your right hand back to her. She spit out your cock from her mouth and growls at you loudly showing her small canine teeth. You looked at her canine teeth and it retracted out a bit like a vampire. Calling her bluff, you reach to her face with your right hand. She swipes your right hand, clawing it and left three bloody marks on your hand. You winced in pain holding your right hand and leaned back onto the wall. "Shit, that fucking hurts!", you screamed. Her claws probably have some venom properties in them or something because the pain is unbelievably excruciating. You just figured out why Khorm tied the older girl's arms so damn well.

She retracts back her claws into her fingers. She then went back down to your crotch and start sucking your cock again. Hoping she also retracted her canine teeth back before she sucked your cock, you sighed in relief as she did. She also started massaging your cock with both her hands like she's trying to milk you. Laid back at the wall, you were holding your bleeding right hand. Despite her young looks, it felt really good with her tiny mouth slurping on your cock. Only 3 inches can go into her mouth as she bobs her head up and down on your cock. Her beautiful waving peach blonde strikes your attention as her head moves up and down. Her hair moves so effortlessly as her head moves. You just watch helplessly as she aggressively sucks on your cock hungrily as she looks at you in the eyes, like she's begging for something. Then it hits you. 'She's not giving you oral sex, she's trying to breastfeed off of you', you thought. Since they been kidnapped, who knows how long since they've been fed. She must be starving.

Remembering from alien anatomy class, that's how Alkanian breastfeed their young ones from their bottom teats. Their bottom teats grows longer as they are ready to feed. Then their teats shrinks back to normal after feeding. They don't stop feeding on their mother until the age of 150. The young ones massages their mothers teat and sucks on it for milk just like what she's doing you now. She probably doesn't know you're not a female, because you're a different species from her. You felt really guilty that she thinks your dick is a teat.

Thinking how it happened, she probably woke up hungry, thinking you were her mother, trying to find her mother's teat, she rips your zipper and found your penis instead and started sucking on it. You found it odd she behaves like a dog when she's feeding. Untrained Dogs tends to get aggressive towards anyone when they're eating.

Staring at her, she's getting annoyed that there's no milk coming out from your cock. Wanting to explain to her that she's not getting any milk from you, you said "ako chiki, ako chiki" hoping it means not female. Ignoring you, she's kept sucking your cock and massaging it in a faster pace. You are now leaking precum from your cock, she tastes it in her mouth. She apparently like the taste of your precum and hungrily wants more. Thinking there's more to come, she sucks on the tip your cock hard like a straw. She also massages your cock roughly, stroking it up and down while twisting her both her hands around your cock. Feeling her doing that, you lost concentration to stop her. You are now getting close to cum. You felt her canine teeth poked you but thankfully not puncturing your cock. She is now getting frustrated about not getting any milk from sucking your cock. She then angrily swallows your cock as much as she can into her throat, possibly half of your fully erect cock or more. That was the breaking point for you and you came several mouthfuls of cum into her throat. Her eyes widens happily finally getting milk like she was hoping for. She pulled your cock from her throat, so that only the tip stays in her mouth. Her cheeks got plumped up from your semen.

You watch her as she gulps your semen several times. Satisfied with her breakfast, she pulled out your cock from her mouth. Your cock is covered in your cum from her mouth and she happily smiled at you. You can see your semen dripping to her chin from her pink lips. You have a mixed feeling if you're happy you fed her or felt guilty ejaculating in her pretty little mouth.

The older girl started to wake up. She rolled over her head to your lap. Still half asleep, she saw your slimed semi-hard cock and she slowly took it in her mouth probably thinking it's a teat. She's probably starving too. Not wanting to be mauled again you decided not to bother her. The older girl was making a yummy noise when she tastes your cum on your cock. She was sucking on your semi-hard cock for a bit until she fully woken up. She realizes what's she's sucking on, she blushes and reluctantly spit out your cock from her mouth. Looks like she can tell that your cock is not a teat thanks to Khorm. She sat up and looks at you with her reddened blue face, said something gibberish while hovering her hands on your cock and shaking her hands side ways, probably apologizing to you. She is more matured than you thought.

She saw your bleeding hand after she apologized. She grabs your right hand and looks at the wounds. Then she looks at the younger girl and sees your semen on the younger girl's lips then to her fingers with your blood on it. The older girl yelled gibberish at the younger one. The younger girl stayed quiet and looks down at the ground. The younger girl looks very guilty with remorse. The older girl slaps the younger girl in the face and draws back for another swing. "Hey! That's not necessary!", you yelled at the older girl while catching her hand mid air.

You realized you used your right hand to catch her slap, you winced in pain because of the wounds on it. The younger girl starts crying while she held her slapped cheek. You yelled and then into a calm voice, "makniha!...makniha.." You then rub both their chests with each of your hand. Both of them calmed down. In doing so, you unintentionally groping both their breasts with your hands.

After noticing what you did, you removed your hands from their chests. Both girls giggled at you. The younger girl laughs and said, "makniho" and gropes your chest. You just figured out what makniho means now.

The older girl starts saying something to younger girl. Younger girl looks down and shook her head no slowly and said"ako...ako". The older girl grabbed your right hand and pulled it to the younger girl's face. Having no idea what's going on, you just watch what is happening.

Reluctantly the younger girl looks at you with her entrapment black yellow eyes, stuck out her red tongue and slowly licks your wounded hand. You thought it was gonna sting even more but it felt soothing instead. The pain is actually gone now and your hand slowly stopped bleeding. Slowly she slobbered her tongue all over your wounded hand, leaving much of her saliva on it. Your hand wasn't completely healed but it stop bleeding and it doesn't hurt anymore. You brought your right hand to face and just awe at it. "Bloody hell..", you said. You assumed their saliva must be the antidote for the venom in their claws.

You've made a splint from ropes from the kit and parts of the table the older girl was raped on. You carefully put it on your left leg. It wasn't much but it's better than nothing. At least you're able to stand. The blue girls squabbling at Khorm's corpse. They were talking to each other and the their tone was quite angry. Suddenly their claws retracted out and started slashing his corpse. Grabbing a rock on the floor you threw it at them, hitting the floor by their feet. "Hey, stop that! I need his body!", you yelled at them. The girls cowers away from Khorm's body. Even though you're not getting paid for Khorm's bounty. At least you can bring in his body intact for proof that he is dead. Also the family of his victims can finally have closure. It can even possibly boost your reputation so you can have opportunity for higher pay bounties from high roller clients.

You just can't call them girl 1 and girl 2. You want to find out what's their names are. You limped to the girls and introduce yourself. You pointed to yourself and said "Eric". You repeated a couple to make sure they understood you. The younger girl pointed to herself and said "Erac". "No, no, I am Eric", you said trying to correct her. They both pointed to you and said "Erac". Giving up, you said "Close enough". "What's your name?", you ask them as you point at them. They both just looked at you and pointed to themselves and said "Erac". "I don't think this is going anywhere", you said to yourself. Trying to remember the word for name in their language, you said "Byough" and pointed to yourself and said "Eric". They both understood you and said " Byoojh, Erac". Finally making progress you said " yes! Byoojh Eric!" pointing to yourself. You pointed at them and said "byoojh?" The older girl pointed to herself and said "byoojh, Nakiti". The younger girl pointed to herself and said "byoojh, Nyajih". "Nakiti and Nyajih" you said to them and they smiled at you and said "Erac".

Limping out of the cave you wonder if you can carry that 300 pound son of bitch back to your ship. Not chance, even if your leg wasn't injured. With four days walking non-stop, you highly doubt it. Your best option is to walk to your ship, fly and land it close to the cave. Then you could just roll Khorm's body out to the ship or something. But what about the girls, you can't just leave them alone with no family. You can't take them with you due space international laws, unless you have special papers or passport. You wonder if other tribes would take them. None of that matters if you can't communicate with the alien natives. First you have fix your AemBrace with proper tools and spare parts back your ship.

You went back inside the cave to gather your stuff and get ready to go to your ship. The girls were following you like puppies in the cave. You try tell them to stay in the cave but they wouldn't listen. They were going to go with you no matter what. You gave up and let them.

Before you head out you noticed Nakiti was also limping as she walks. 'She could had been injured during the fight with Khorm, she may need a splint too', you thought. You walk to her and feel her thighs to her feet to save time from asking her nonsense questions. If she feels a twinge when you touched the spot on her then you would know where to put the splint at. You felt every inch of both her thighs to her toes and you couldn't find her injury. In confusion you ask her "where is it? Where's your injury? Why are you limping?". Nakiti just look down at you innocently with her yellow eyes as you felt up her legs. You pointed to your injured leg and ask her where is her injury. She turns around and bent over.

You found out what's making her limping. Her anus was swollen and bruised from Khorm. "I don't think I can fix that with a splint, Nakiti", you said to her. You check in your first aid kit in your pouch. You found some medical ointment in a packet. You hand it to her and told her to apply some to her wounded area by pointing at it. She took it and bites it. "No, that's not food", you said and snatch it from her mouth. "I guess I'll have to do it for you'", you said to her.

You lay Nakiti down on her stomach on the ground of the cave. You apply some ointment on your index finger. "I don't know if it will sting you, but please don't hurt me if it does", you said to Nakiti hoping she understands you. Calmly and gently your ointment coated finger touches her swollen outer ring of her anus. Suddenly Nakiti growls and her claws retracts out instantly. In fear you immediately rolled on the ground 10 feet away from Nakiti. Your heart is pounding so fast. Adrenaline is rushing through your body as your left thigh is hurting from the rolling. Getting clawed by Nyajih earlier, the pain was unbearable. You rather be shot by your phaser on lethal than getting mauled by claws on the girls again.

Nakiti sat up facing you and giggles. You looked at Nyajih as she starts to laugh. Confused, you stared at them as they laughed at you. You realized you got played. Nakiti raised her hands in front of her and retracted her claws back in her fingers. She then motions you to come back to her with her hand as she giggles at you. Embarrassed, you threw the ointment at Nakiti. "Apply it yourself", you said to her. Nakiti grabs the ointment in front of her and crawls seductively towards you. You watched as her tits sway side to side as she crawled to you. When she got to you she placed the ointment on your hand, turned around and bent over in a doggystyle position. You ogled at her perfect shape round ass with her tail repeated swayed slowly left to right . You applied a bigger size glob of ointment on your hand. "You two have a weird sense of humor", you said to them.

You applied thoroughly around Nakiti's butt hole. She moaning as you insert your finger into her ass. You don't know if it's pain or pleasure but you just want to finish up applying the ointment. Nakiti's head went down to the floor as you, you shoved in your finger all the way to the knuckle. You are rock hard from hearing Nakiti moaning. You thought you applied enough on her and retreated you finger from her butt. As your finger slid out Nakiti grabs hold of your retreating hand. Nakiti turn her face to you and blushes. She didn't have to say anything but you already know what she wants just from looking at her expression. With your left hand you unzips your pants and pull out your fully erect cock. She looks at your 8 inch cock, she's intimidated by it but she didn't move away. You positioned your cock on her swollen anus entrance. You had second thoughts because she's still recovering and now you're gonna make her even more sore? Nakiti couldn't wait anymore and pushes herself back on your cock. Your head slowly popped in her ass. Nakiti moans as it went in. The ointment is actually working very well as lube. Slowly you thrusts in half of your cock into her ass. Nakiti's claws suddenly came out. You stopped what you were doing. She then buried her claws into the ground to assure you she wouldn't use them on you. With a quick thrust, you shoved the rest of your cock into her ass. You heard Nakiti groans as you went balls deep in her ass. With a good rhythm, you started to pound her ass with your thighs slapping her ass. On the edge to cum, you grabbed her tail and a final thrusts you came inside her ass. Unleashing your love juice into her butt. You feel her ass muscles twitching around your cock. She must be cumming too. Nakiti sounds like she out of breath when she cums. Her eyes were rolling up. Finished cumming in her, you collapse on her back. Rolling onto her side, you two were face to face. Nakiti smiles at you. You leaned forward and kiss her on the lips and she returned the favor.

Rating: 88%, Read 32171 times, Posted Jan 09, 2020

Fiction | Alien, Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Male, Rape, Reluctance, Teen Female, Violence


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