Girls at my work (Part 3) by PunkBonerBoy

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Fiction | Anal, At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Threesome

After that last night at work, I couldn’t bring myself to masturbate, all I wanted to do was to fuck those girls again, but what really got to me was what Ashley had said, “Next week, we’ll do something different, maybe we’ll all take it up the ass.”

The other girls didn’t really say yes or no to this idea, but Ashley seemed to want my cock in her ass. The next time I worked, I only worked with Ashley and then two other girls, so I didn’t know what was going to happen. I had thought about what I could do, and I remembered that it wasn’t uncommon to send all but one person home if most of the work was done and I wasn’t finished with the paperwork. So, depending on how Ashley was acting that night, I was going to take my time with the paperwork and hopefully fuck Ashley up the ass.

The night came and everything went as usual, Ashley was wearing a push up bra and was leaning over more than usual. She even kept asking me questions that I knew she knew the answer to, but she would get really close to me and push her bouncing tits up against me. She knew that was making me hard so she kept doing it.

Then finally the end of the night came and when the cleaning was done I sent the other two girls home and then Ashley came into the office where I was doing the paperwork.

“I’m glad we’re finally alone. I’ve had fun fucking you with Erica and Maria, but I do just want you for myself. Is that okay?” Ashley said.

“Ashley, of course it’s okay. I liked fucking 3 girls at once, but now we can have our special moment together. Would you like to help me with the paperwork so we can take out the garbage faster?” I said.

“Oh yes!” She said and got down on her knees and she began undoing my belt and my pants. This was not what I was expecting, but I wasn’t about to stop it. My cock was pretty hard by this time anyway, and then just the idea of her sucking on it finished the job.

She undid my pants and pulled them to mid-thigh and then she took ahold of my hard cock and began rubbing it vigorously. I tried to do the paperwork and enjoy what was happening but it was very difficult. I printed the same paper 3 times before I realized what I had done and then she stuck my cock deep into her mouth. She almost got it all the way in and then she pulled back and it made a popping sound. She kept on sucking on my cock, urging me to cum. I felt the incredible sensations building up inside of me, my body was urging me to cum, I wanted to cum so badly but I needed to finish the paperwork. As I clicked print on the last paper, I couldn’t hold it any longer, I exploded. I felt my hot cum shoot into her mouth 4 times and then it throbbed with excitement, squeezing the last few drops out. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked it clean.

She looked up at me and asked, “Can we take the garbage out now?”

“Yes.” I said and pulled my pants up.

We gathered the garbage and threw it all away. Then we went into the back room and almost instantly Ashley was taking off her clothes. She then produced a large tub of Vaseline and handed it to me.

“I looked up anal fucking online and people usually need a ton of this stuff, so lube up. I don’t want it to hurt too bad.” Ashley said and bent over.

She spread her ass cheeks for me revealing the puckered hole where I was about to jam my now throbbing cock. I opened up the tub and applied a generous amount all over my cock, until it was basically coated in about a quarter inch of Vaseline.

“Put some on my ass too!” Ashley said from the floor.

I did what I was told and applied a fair amount on her ass, then I decided to explore a little. Slowly I put my finger on the puckered hole and pushed. It went in with ease as my finger was covered in Vaseline. I heard Ashley moan and say, “Is that your cock?”

“No, it’s my finger.” I said.

“Put your cock in.” Ashley said.

Slowly I put the head of my covered cock to the puckered hole and then pushed, there was a squelching sound and I pushed my entire length up into her tight, tight anus. She moaned with pleasure and said, “Oh fuck that feels good.”

She was holding onto the counter and then I began to slowly thrust my cock in and out of her as, each time she grunted and moaned in delight. I pushed deep inside her and began to grunt my pleasure. We were so intent on what we were doing, we didn’t hear the footsteps in the store walking back toward us. I kept on grunting and I said, “I’m going to cum!”

She said, “What the fuck was that?” and pulled away and then I came all over her ass, legs and back. She turned around as I squirted my last load onto her stomach and then she gasped.

I turned around and saw Alice, one of the other girls that worked tonight. She dropped her bag and then looked at Ashley covered and dripping in cum, and then at me with my cock long and hard and covered in cum and Vaseline. She stared for a moment and then said, “Holy fuck! How long have you two been doing this?”

We looked at each other and went red. Now, I liked Alice, but I had never really thought about fucking her, she had nice tits and a pretty face, but I never really worked with her so I never really considered her. Alice spoke up to break the silence.

“Look, I forgot my wallet in my locker, and I can’t believe you two were back here fucking! But Jack, holy shit your cock is huge! Do you mind if I touch it?” Alice asked.

I was shocked, she wasn’t going to rat us out. She wanted in. I nodded and then she was on her knees with a few paper towels to wipe it off. It felt good to have her clean it so much that I almost came again. When she was done cleaning, she looked at it and then asked timidly, “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes. Yes I do.” I said without hesitation.

“Good.” She said as she took her clothes off, Ashley then had me sit in the chair and told Alice what to do. Ashley then guided my cock into Alice’s dripping pussy and then Alice went to town on my throbbing cock. She was going up and down at an alarming rate and I could only watch her bouncing tits in pure pleasure.

She screamed, “This is my first time! Thank you Jack!”

I grunted my approval and then grabbed her ass and held her close to cum. I rammed my throbbing, aching cock deep inside of her and groaned. I felt myself shoot 3 times deep inside of her, then I could feel the cum dripping out. She was panting and then groaned and pulled me close, I could feel her juices all over my hard cock.

She sighed in pleasure and got off of me. I looked down at my hard cock and felt it begin to go limp, I sighed in relief and then looked the girls. They were both grinning. Ashley had cleaned the cum off of her and Alice was looking at me in amazement. We all got up and put our clothes back on without another word and walked out.

As I drove home, I realized that I had fucked four of the 10 girls I worked with. I started to think about all of them and I found that I would fuck every single one of them. So I thought to myself that I would try and fuck all of them before the month was over, and hopefully at least once, all of them at the same time. I knew that might be overkill, but I didn’t care, I had for sure 4 sexy 18 year olds at my disposal and hopefully six more on the way.

Rating: 88%, Read 11300 times, Posted Nov 03, 2014

Fiction | Anal, At work, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Threesome


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