My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 17 by vanessa.evans

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My Boyfriend likes to expose me

or perhaps it should be called

The exhibitionist in denial

by Vanessa Evans

Part 17 – More denial – and a lot of fun


The crotchless leggings


The weather took a turn for the worse and Ryan got worried about me cycling around the neighbourhood in such a short skirt with nothing underneath. When we talked about it he told me that he’d get me something that would keep me warmer but not stop my fun.

I was a little surprised when he brought home a couple of pairs of little girls black leggings.

“They’re way too small for even me,” I said, “and they’ll stop me from riding my bike.”

“Not after you’ve modified them.”

“In what way?” I asked.

Ryan opened one of the packets and pulled a pair out. He opened them out and put his hand in the waist part.

“What you need to do is un-pick the seam along here then sew the ends so that they don’t come undone any more. You can do that can’t you?”

“Of course I can but am I supposed to wear these with a skirt?”

“No, of course not. Girls wear leggings without skirts don’t they?”

“Well yes, but these are so small and thin that they’ll be see-through.” I complained.

“It’s okay, no one will notice. From a distance you’ll just look like any other young girl wearing black leggings.” Ryan said.

I wasn’t sure, but I knew that Ryan would get his way. Over the next 2 nights I managed to turn those leggings into crotchless leggings. I waited until Ryan was home to try them on. I have to say that the first time I put them on I really did have to stretch them to get them pulled right up. When I looked in the mirror they were quite see-through and if I opened my legs even a little bit I could see my pussy with my clit poking out and my chain hanging down. The other thing was that I was wearing a top that only comes down to the bottom of my ribs; and because the leggings were for someone small than me, they only come up to my hips; there was a good 9 inches of flesh showing.

Blankety blank, did Ryan really want me to go out like this? I certainly hoped not; but I was wrong. As soon as Ryan saw me in them he grabbed my hand and led me outside and down to the pub. I had to sit (thankfully) there being careful to keep my legs together. I wasn’t lucky all the time, Ryan had me get the drinks and I could feel men’s eyes burning into my butt and crotch as I walked to the bar and back.

Okay, I was getting excited knowing that I was being looked at but it was quite embarrassing. When we walked home my pussy so hot that I forget that the leggings are crotchless

Ryan’s taken me to the supermarket with me wearing those leggings. It’s so easy to forget that they are crotchless and a few times I got strange looks from people and had to quickly close my legs. The most embarrassing time was at the checkout when I was just stood there in front of this young girl. She’s obviously realised how see-through the leggings were and that they were crotchless because whenever I looked at her she was looking at my crotch. It took us ages to pay for our shopping that day.

Town was just as bad. Of course Ryan wanted to go by bus rather than take the car, and of course Ryan wanted to go up the stairs before me, and of course he wanted me to sit facing the door in McDonalds, and of course he wanted things from the bottom shelves.

I have no idea how many people stared at my butt or pussy; I just hope that it wasn’t more than one or two.

Ryan bought me those leggings so that I could ride my bike in the colder weather and I have to admit that they do keep my legs warm as I pedal along. I wanted to wear them with a skirt but Ryan wouldn’t let me. I’m sure that anyone followed me and looked at my butt would be able to see that I had nothing on under the leggings.

The other bad news is that I have to wash the leggings each time that I wear them because they absorb my juices as they run down my inner thighs. If I wasn’t wearing them the breeze would have dried my thighs.

Tom comes to live with us


Ryan’s brother begged Ryan to let him stay with us while he’s at university. I wasn’t keen on the idea because I believed that it would spoil our fun. Ryan said that nothing would change and that we would carry on as if Tom wasn’t there. How could I wander around the place naked, sit on the stool in the kitchen with the dildo inside me or ride the exercise bike whilst it fucked me as I pedalled, with Tom there? And what about when we fuck in front of the television? Was Ryan really expecting me to do all that with his brother watching?

Yes he did. As soon as Tom moved in Ryan told me to stop being silly and to stop covering myself whenever I went into the same room as Tom. I wasn’t happy but I did as Ryan asked.

When Tom first saw the bike and the stool in the kitchen he had a little snigger then pretended that they weren’t ‘different’. I on the other hand avoided going anywhere near them for over a week.

I couldn’t even get up early and exercise on the bike because it’s in our living room very close to the sofa that Tom sleeps on.

At first I wore a little dress round the house but Ryan kept pulling it off me. When I objected Ryan said,

“Don’t worry about Tom; he’s seen you without your clothes on loads of times; and I’m sure that he’s not embarrassed by you being naked, are you Tom?”

“Not at all Ryan.” Tom said, “It doesn’t bother me. I don’t want you to change anything because of me, just pretend that I’m not here.”

“But I get embarrassed,” I said, “and I can’t go sitting on that thing (pointing to the stool), or exercising on my bike with Tom here; it’s too embarrassing for me.”

“Honest Tanya,” Tom said, “It doesn’t bother me and there’s no reason why it should bother you. I know that it’s a girl thing; a girl need. It’s just part of life; don’t feel bad or embarrassed; just do it and ignore me.”

“I can’t.” I said.

“Yes you can TT.” Ryan said; “just pretend that Tom isn’t here; like you do with Mr. Perv over the road.

“Who’s this Mr. Perv over the road?” Tom asked.

“Oh it’s just an old man, a voyeur, in one of those apartments over the road who watches us with binoculars; we just ignore him.”

“Do you want me to get some mates and go over there and beat him up?” Tom asked.

“No Tom,” Ryan said, “You’re not going to beat anyone up. Just ignore him; like Tanya’s going to ignore you and go back to being naked all the time and pleasuring herself on those (pointing to the stool) things; aren’t you Tanya?”

Ryan held onto my dress and wouldn’t give it back to me. I spent the rest of that day slowly getting used to Tom seeing me naked all the time.

A couple of days later Ryan started giving me some grief about getting fat (hardly fat at 92 pounds) and I eventually admitted to myself that I’d have to get on the bike and that Tom would see me fucking myself with the dildo.

It’s one thing Ryan stripping me and fucking me in front of his brother but me to fuck myself is something else. With Ryan’s instigating it I can at least blame him; but if I’m doing it to myself that’s completely different.

Anyway, I knew that I’d have to get on my bike sometime so I deliberately picked a time when Tom wasn’t home and I really hoped that I’d get my time in before Tom got home.

Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky. I was well into my routine and approaching my first orgasm just as the front door opened and in walked Tom. What was really bad was that he had one of his mates with him.

When the saw me, and what the bike was doing to me, they just stopped and stared. I on the other hand was too far gone to stop. Seeing them seeing me just pushed me closer to cumming and that’s just what I did about 20 seconds later.

Yet again Ryan had been the cause of me getting very humiliated in front of someone other than him.

As the speed of my peddling slowed and I started to get back to normal, the embarrassment took over.

Tom and his mate continued to stare at me as my pedalling slowed and stopped. I stood up on the pedals and lifted myself off the dildo and got off the bike then said,

“Hi Tom, who’s your friend?” Then turning to him I continued, “Sorry that you had to see that, I wasn’t expecting Tom to get home so soon. I hope that I didn’t embarrass you.”

I had to play it cool but inside I just wanted to crawl into a corner and die of shame. I walked out of the room leaving them just staring at me.

I didn’t shut the door to our bedroom and I stood near the door hoping to hear what they said to each other.

Tom’s mate was the first to speak,

“Fucking hell Tom, you weren’t kidding. She’s a right little hottie. Does she often walk around without clothes on?”

“Ssh, we don’t want her to hear us; and yes, she is naked most of the time.”

“I bet that you must have a hard-on most of the time.”

“I did at first but I’m starting to get used to it; except that walking in the door and seeing your sister-in-law fucking herself on a bike certainly doesn’t help. But hey man, its’ free board and lodgings so I ain’t complaining.”

“Yeah but she’s a right little cute chic.”

“Where did you get that word from? You been talking to your granddad again.”

“But she is.”

“Yeah I know. She fucks good too; a right little go-er.”

“You fucked your brother’s girlfriend?”

“Ain’t saying.”

“Yeah okay then. I don’t suppose I should expect you to admit to that.”

My mind went back to the time when Tom visited us for a couple of days and Ryan had be tied to the bed and blindfolded. I got fucked and I was never sure who had fucked me. Ryan knew but he wouldn’t tell me.

Was Tom just admitting to his mate that he HAD fucked me?

I got a little wet rush and realise that my hand was rubbing my pussy.

Later that day, when we were eating and Tom’s mate had left, I asked Tom to let me know if he was bringing one of his mates over. I told him it had been embarrassing.

“Ryan laughed and told Tom that I’d loved getting caught like that.”

“No I don’t. You’re not a girl so you couldn’t possibly understand.”

“What I do know TT, is that you get so horny when other people see your body.”

I blushed and quietly said,

“No I don’t.”

So, within a week or 10 days it was back to normal with me being naked all the time, impaling myself on the stool and riding my bike in front of the window. Ryan even fucked me in front of his brother whenever he was in the mood.

Tom pretended not to stare at me but I caught him looking a couple of times. I shouldn’t complain, after all, he’s a man and I was a naked woman.

Tom brought some of his mates over occasionally; each time I was naked and I got quite embarrassed. I didn’t use the stool or the bike when they were there.

Another cheap holiday


One day Ryan said that he needed a holiday in the sun; I agreed with him and after talking about it for a while we decided that we’d like to go house-sitting again. We’d both really enjoyed our time in Magaluf but neither of us expected to have another free holiday with as much fun. I hoped that I wouldn’t have as much embarrassment as well.

I left Ryan to look at the same web site and see what he could find. A couple of days later he came home with a list of dates and places and asked me to pick one and see if I could get the time off work. After a bit of discussion at Ryan’s work, and my work we all agreed on a couple of weeks off that would be spent in a villa in Ibiza. The Villa was round the coast from San Antonio and in what looked like a relatively quiet area.

Ryan organised everything, even a hire car to get us around. He also got me put on the insurance so that I could practice driving while I was there.

Ryan’s also bought me some new clothes. We went together and got a skirt that was very short and very light, but we couldn’t find anything else. Ryan went online and bought me a couple of bikini bottoms and a new swimming skirt. He wouldn’t show me the bikinis (I guessed that they’re quite brief) but he wanted me to try-on the swimming skirt because he wasn’t sure if it was too big for me.

When I opened the bag I was surprised to see that it was very light, and VERY short; it must have been no more than 5 inches long. When I slipped it on we discovered that it was quite loose, I couldn’t feel any tension at all. Ryan pulled it down VERY easily. It’s got this 2 inch elasticated band round the top and about 3 inches of thin, stiff material that sticks out a bit like a tutu skirt. I couldn’t see my pussy but I was worried that others would be able to see both my pussy and butt.

“So TT, what do you think?” Ryan asked.

“I like it, but it’s too short, look, you can see my crack, and bet that you can see half my butt as well; and it’s too loose; look.”

I put my hand down the front and easily pulled the skirt away from my stomach.

“Hmm, I thought that you might have that problem, but the ones with smaller waists were even shorter, and the longer ones had bigger waists. This was what I thought was the best compromise.”

I walked around the room and it didn’t fall off. It did slide down a bit but I wasn’t worried about that because it meant that my cracks weren’t quite as visible.

“Shall I take it back?” Ryan asked.

I thought for a second thinking that for most of the time that I’d be wearing it I’d be in the water, so I said not. Ryan’s face beamed and I knew that my decision had made him happy.

We set off for the airport with me wearing only shoes and my favourite summer dress. It’s made of light-weight cotton and has a faded flower pattern. It’s not a tight fit but it’s also not too loose. The top is elasticated so it doesn’t need straps but it’s short enough for me to have to think before I bend over.

Ryan got me to charge the clit ring before we set off and he wanted me to wear all my clit and nipple jewellery as well. When we were queuing to go through security I remembered what I was wearing and hoped that I wouldn’t have a problem.

I did, the alarm went off and I had to go and be frisked. This fat woman with a face more ugly than the ugliest man ran that wand thing over me and it too beeped when it got near my tits and clit. The emotionless woman then ran her gloved hands over my tits and felt the jewellery. The bitch then put her hand on my pussy. Okay, it was over my dress but she was touching me up through my dress.

My eyes went wide open and I was about to say something when she backed off and waved me through.

I told Ryan what she’d done but he just laughed and asked me if I’d enjoyed it. When I told him that I hadn’t he laughed again and said that she could have strip-searched me if she’d wanted to.

That thought took any thought of making a complaint out of my head and we headed to the bar. As we were walking I had the thought that I was grateful that the clit ring hadn’t decided to zap me while she was groping me.

The flight was crowded, but not too long. There was a constant stream of people going to the toilet so no chance of a renewing any memberships.

Ryan did have his hand on my bare thigh, and just touching my pussy, for most the flight; much to the delight of the man sitting on my other side; I kept seeing him look down at my bare legs.

Each time that the clit ring zapped me Ryan would squeeze my thigh then press his hand harder against my pussy.

How I managed to hold back the impending orgasm I will never know.

We picked up the hire care and I had to show my driving licence for the first time. The woman didn’t even notice that it was only a provisional one.

Ryan offered to let me drive to the villa but I declined saying that I wanted to start somewhere quiet. I had to settle for sitting in the passenger seat with my feet on the dashboard, spread enough for Ryan to finger fuck me as he drove.

It was then that I discovered that my top had come down a bit and that my nipples were just out of the top. Ryan told me that it had happened when I got up out of my seat on the plane. I thumped Ryan’s arm and told him that he should have told me. He laughed and said that he’d enjoyed watching the cabin crew, the passport control man and the car rental people when they realised that they could see my nipples.

When we eventually found the villa we were met by the agent who showed us around and reminded us of what we had and hadn’t to do, then she left us to enjoy our holiday.

Almost immediately after the agent had gone there was a knock on the door. I was nearest to I went and opened it.

“Hi there, is your mummy or daddy there.”

Before I could answer Ryan appeared and said,

“Sorry about my little sister, she can be a real pain at times.”

“That’s okay; my name’s Roger. My family is next door and I just wanted to welcome you here and to let you know that if you have any problems or want to know anything all you have to do is ask.”

“That’s very kind of you. My name’s Ryan and the kid is my little sister Tanya. I got lumbered with taking her on holiday. She can be a bit of a pain at times and she has an aversion to wearing clothes when it’s warm; but apart from that she’s okay. Will her wandering around without clothes on be any sort of problem to you?” Ryan asked.

“Err no, I guess not. My sons are here but I’ll tell them not to hassle her.” Roger said. “Anyway, the wall at the back’s quite high so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s okay, a bit of company her age might be a good thing for her.” Ryan said.

The conversation went on for a bit longer and when Roger left I was a bit mad with Ryan. He’d just about invited 2 boys to hang out with me while I was naked. I just hoped that they were young enough not to know anything about sex. I didn’t want any sexual harassment from them.

“So, you’re expecting me to get naked in front of 2 boys are you?” I asked.

“Don’t be such a drama queen TT. You knew that you wouldn’t be wearing anything most of the time that we’re here and it’s nothing new to you to have a few young kids looking at you. Besides, you’re an exhibitionist, you like being looked at.”

“No I’m not; you know that I get all embarrassed.”

“Yeah, but that’s what turns you on. You get all randy with them looking at you then you come to me and we have great sex.”

What could I say? Of course I get turned on when men look at my body; every girl does. That doesn’t make me an exhibitionist but I just can’t get Ryan to understand.

Just then the clit ring zapped me and I gave a little shudder.

“Come on TT, let’s have a better look round the place then get some food and start that tan.”

I was quite pleased when I saw that the back of the villa is totally enclosed and not over-looked. That meant that we could stay naked all the time without fear of anyone seeing us. Ryan could see what I was thinking and he came and gave me a long kiss and pulled my dress down. I stepped out of it then unfastened his shorts and grabbed his cock as the shorts stopped being an obstacle.

We had a quick fuck on the grass before going inside to see if there was any food in the fridge.

Later we took a beer outside and started our tans.

While we were relaxing Ryan asked me if I knew anything about Ibiza’s history. I said no he explained that the island was ‘invaded’ by hippies in the 60’s and 70’s. Their ‘live and let live’ attitude and their attitude to nudity had left a legacy of the Spanish people not caring about people who wander around naked.

I was interested, and should have expected what Ryan said next,

“Tanya, I dare you to stay naked for the whole of the holiday.”

“No way, I’m looking forward to wearing some clothes on this holiday. Okay, I’ll happily get naked in the villa but I want to be like other people and wear clothes when I’m out.”

“Well, I tell you what,” Ryan said, “how about you only wear clothes for a maximum of 3 hours a day. This is a dare, and you know that you like dares.”

“Well yes, but staying naked for 21 hours a day; that’ll be difficult, especially if we go to a club or big town; and with these in.”

I lifted my nipple chains and gave them a little tug. Then I lifted my clit chain and tugged it.

“These will stop people from thinking that I’m a kid.” I continued.

“Okay, take them out; but you’re not taking your clit ring off.” Ryan said.

“I don’t think that I could get that off even if I tried.” I said.

“Can we exclude clubs and big towns please, I don’t want to get into trouble or get arrested?” I asked.

“Okay, but I get to choose what you wear to clubs and places like San Antonio and Ibiza town.”

I thought for a minute then smiled.

“You’ll do it then, you’ll take the dare.” Ryan said.

I knew that I’d have to, Ryan always gets his way; and besides my all-over tan would be better if I didn’t wear clothes for most of the time. And it was a dare; and I love dares.

“Okay, on one condition. If those kids next door start being a pain then the dare is off, okay?”

“Okay.” Ryan said, and proceeded to remove my jewellery for me. That got me aroused and I got him to fuck me again.

That evening we went for a walk to get the lay of the land. It was quite warm so Ryan said that I had to go as I was; naked.

‘Our’ villa was down a quiet street and we didn’t see anyone until we got to the main road. It was quite busy but we could see a pedestrian bridge over.

It took about 5 minutes for us to reach the village centre where all the shops and bars where. We stopped and had an ice cream. Ryan was disappointed that no one took any notice of my lack of clothes.

I got a bit more attention when we went into a bar. There were a few drunken youths and they made a few rude comments about the kid that was naked. Ryan wasn’t upset; he was too busy watching them watching me.

The walk back was incident free and we went skinny-dipping before going to bed.

The next morning Ryan asked me to go and get some armpit bread. I was a bit nervous going down to the shops naked. It was different the night before; it was dark and Ryan was with me; but off I went. I didn’t see anyone until I was going over the bridge. It was an old woman wearing a sarong. She ignored me.

So did the people doing their shopping.

The girl in the supermarket stared at me for a second then continued and served me.

On the way back there were 2 men on the bridge and I was sure that one of them turned and watched my butt as we got further apart.

As I walked down our street I saw some activity at the villa next to ours. As I got closer Roger turned and looked at me.

“Oh hi Tanya, I see what Ryan means, I didn’t think that he meant out here though. Never mind, no problem. This is Ben and Sam and my daughter Kate. Say hello kids.”

Three slightly confused looking kids finally said hello then Kate said,

“Can I walk around without clothes on daddy?”

“Yuk! Don’t you dare sis.” Ben said.

I ignored them and went through our gate.

When I’d shut that gate I heard the older looking Sam say,

“Wow, I’ve got to see that again.”

I told Ryan what had happened and that I didn’t want 2 young men perving at me nor young woman with bigger tits than me asking awkward questions.

Ryan put his arms round me, kissed me and asked me if I was jealous of her tits.

“Hell no, it’s just that kids that age tend to ask awkward and stupid questions and I want this holiday to be about you and me.”

“I know, and it will be about us; but we can’t completely ignore them.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Let’s just try to keep out of the way and if we bump into them we’ll just have to humour them. Talking about humouring people can you put the charging knickers on? I want it fully charged and you all horny.”

I kissed Ryan, squeezed his package and went off to find those damn knickers. I wished that there was an easier way to charge my ring.

After breakfast we decided to go and explore the beach. Taking the knickers off and getting the first zap we set off.

We found a load of sand dunes, a beach side car park, lots of paths through the dunes and a long sandy beach. We decided to explore the dunes. I was surprised by the number of single men just wandering about, some of them naked, and even more surprised by the naked gays making out in the hollows. Ryan wasn’t impressed and said that we’d keep away from that area.

Closer to the beach we found more heterosexual couples and I felt more comfortable. So comfortable that I pulled Ryan down; pulled his shorts down and started to play with his cock.

I wanted him, he wanted me; we fucked.

We fucked until we’d both cum then looked up and saw 2 men watching us; one was one of the men that we’d seen walking in the dunes on his own. Ryan shrugged his shoulders and we walked onto the beach, dropped Ryan’s shorts onto the sand and went for a nude swim.

I just love the feeling of swimming naked; especially in the sea.

After a while we walked along the beach until we got near a little village. Ryan put his shorts on and we kept going into the village and stopped at a little café. We had an ice cream sat at a table out on the street. No one seemed to care that I was naked. Ryan even talked me into sitting with my legs open so that my pussy was on display. My little clit ring was making sure that my AF level wasn’t too low but the warm, sunny day was drying my juices as quickly as they came out of me.

We walked out of the village, up onto the main road and back towards our villa.

It really felt good walking in that warm, sunny climate without the hassle of clothes. I understood what those hippies must have been feeling. I wondered if the women had some way of making them feel horny all the time like my clit ring was.

When I told Ryan that he laughed and said that he was glad that technology had moved on and there were things like clit rings and remote vibrators. That reminded him that he’d packed one of my remote vibes and when we got back to the villa he got it out and left it on the kitchen table to that I could anticipate what it would be doing to me quite soon.

We swam a little then walked round the places that we hadn’t been to before. We found another café and had some food with me still as naked as the day I was born. No one seemed to care about my state of undress but a couple of men did have a long look at me.

The next day we thought it would be nice to have a drive up the coast so I put a couple of towels, some water and suntan lotion in the car and we set off with me in the passenger seat and my bare feet up on the dashboard. Ryan kept putting his hand between my legs and playing with my clit. That combined with the clit ring zapping me every so often made sure that my AF was quite high most of the time.

We found a lovely little beach area down from some little cliffs and parked under some trees. There was a little landing stage where boats from San Antonio (probably) brought people to sunbathe. We were stood at the top of the little cliff at the top of the steps from the little landing stage and I noticed that a lot of the people coming up were looking up at us. After they’d all come up Ryan asked me if I realised that I was standing with my feet well apart. I hadn’t; I’d just been enjoying the gentle breeze on my whole body, not even thinking about sex (well not much at that time). I giggled a bit and said,

“Ooops. I hope that I didn’t upset anyone.”

“Impossible; no one could be upset by such beauty.” Ryan said.

I put my arm round him and kissed him.

We found a space on the beach and spread our towels then settled for some serious sunbathing. Ryan covered me with suntan lotion and me with him. It was only after we’d been there for about an hour that I realised that I was the only naked woman there; we’d accidentally gone to the prudes end of the beach. When I told Ryan he looked around and then said that it was okay; there were a couple of naked young people.

I saw them and said that they looked quite young.

“And you look like you’re quite young as well.” Ryan said, “Forget it; tell you what, let’s go for swim to cool off and I’ll fuck you while you float on your back.”

How could I turn-down an offer like that?

Ryan did fuck me while I floated on my back with us surrounded by people swimming and messing about. One or two people stared at us but they could only guess what we were doing; the actual fucking was just below the surface.

I wondered if the man with the face mask that I’d seen earlier was anywhere around.

After that we decided to go for a walk along the coastal path so we dumped our stuff in the car and headed off up the path. It was very rocky and hilly so we didn’t get very far before turning round and going back.

We were hot so we headed to the only café there. To get there we had to go passed a sort of bus stop. There were loads of people there and from the café we watched a bus arrive and fill up.

In the café we sat and had a drink and an ice cream. Why does Ryan always get me to sit facing the door when I’m naked or have a very short skirt on; and why does he always want me to sit with my legs open? I’d noticed that before but never got round to asking him. This time was no different but it was too warm to risk getting into an argument so I let it slide – again.

My clit ring kept on reminding me that it was charged, and I jumped a bit just as a couple were coming into the café. The woman was startled but the man just smiled at me.

Ryan said that he wanted to head back to the villa because there was something that he wanted to do. He didn’t tell me what but he didn’t seem to be in that much of a rush. So much so that the drive back took twice as long as we went the scenic route.

I went and lay on one of the sun loungers while Ryan went and did whatever he’d remembered. It took him about 10 minutes and after about 5, I went for a swim.

When Ryan came to the pool he had one of my remote vibrators and a pack of batteries in his hand.

“I’ve had an idea that you’ll love TT. Tomorrow you’re going to have some real fun.”

The little clit ring was causing me enough problems; I’d even hoped that Ryan would forget to pack the charging knickers but I’d already discovered that he hadn’t forgotten them.

“Can you tell me about it tomorrow please Ryan; I’d like to get plenty of rest before you start torturing me with that?”

“Okay my love, but it’s not torture; it’s pleasure. You know that you love the orgasms.”

“Yeah I do, but it’s where you give me them and how many that you give me. You’re always making me cum where people can see me and it’s so embarrassing.”

“Hey TT; when you cum in front of others it’s always a good, strong cum; not one of these quick shivers.”

“I can’t deny that, but it’s so embarrassing. Please don’t make me do it.” I pleaded.

“You never try to stop me so I’ve got to assume that you’re loving it; and you will love it when I make you cum tomorrow. Yes, I’ll let you relax and build up your energy for tomorrow. Come here and give me a kiss.”

I got up and went and hugged and kissed Ryan. I just knew that I was in for a rough, embarrassing time. I didn’t really want to think about it.

Ryan’s ‘idea’ set a pattern for the rest of the holiday. Whenever we went to a beach he’d usually take me to the clothed part and we’d lay there sunbathing for an hour or so. I’d have the vibe inside me but not switched on so the only sexual stimulation I’d be getting was the random little zaps from the tiny clit ring and because I’d keep my legs shut no one would have been able to see that.

Sometimes we’d walk to a café or a beach stall and get an ice cream but no one really took much notice of the naked little girl.

When Ryan thought that the time was right he’d sneakily switch the vibe on to low. Usually he did it without me seeing him and I’d jump or gasp a little.

After a while my AF would start to rise and I’d feel my nipples get hard and my pussy start getting wetter. As my AF rose higher and higher I’d realise that my legs were drifting apart. By the time I was about to cum my feet would be at least two feet apart and I’d be desperate for Ryan or my hands to be playing with my clit, but that wasn’t going to happen. Hell, we were on the clothed part of a public beach; if a hand started playing with my pussy someone would call the police and we’d get locked-up.

When I was really close my head would start going from side to side, my hands would be clenching then relaxing, and legs would be going all stiff then relaxing; until I couldn’t hold back any more.

As the orgasms hit me I’d start doing what I normally do when I have a strong orgasm, shouting ‘yes, yes’ and my body spasms would be quite apparent. My pussy would be gushing and contracting and relaxing trying to suck in a cock that wasn’t there.

Just about every day I’d attract some sort of attention and people would stare at me. Sometimes people nearby would ask Ryan if I was okay. Three or four times Ryan got asked,

“Is your daughter okay? She doesn’t look at all well.”

Ryan would always reply with,

“Yes she’s okay, she gets these fits but the medication keeps them under control. She’ll be fine in a minute.”

Other times it wasn’t a question, just comments like: -

“If she were a lot older I’d swear that she was cumming.”


“What’s that between her legs? It looks like she’s had her little clit pierced. I can’t believe that a parent would let daughter, regardless of her age, have that done.”


“Bloody hell, she’s creaming.”


“Daddy, is that girl poorly?”

Once a woman was so concerned that Ryan had to get me away from her. He put his hand on my forehead and told her that I was burning-up. He then picked me up and carried me into the sea; all whilst I was cumming and jerking about. The thing was that the vibe was still on full and I kept cumming and cumming. Ryan had to bring me to the water’s edge and go and get the control.

Most people would just stare and as I calmed down the embarrassment and humiliation would take over. I felt like everyone that was looking at me knew the truth.

Ryan would usually take me for a swim to wash the sweat off and let me get away from the people who had watched me.

Twice Ryan did that to me twice in the same day. I was glad that we’d moved along the beach between those times.

We went to quite a few nude beaches as well, and Ryan got naked each time. The problem with that was that he kept getting a hard-on and he had to spend most of the time laid on his stomach or in the sea.

The beach that I liked the most was Ses Salinas down in the south west corner of the island. The beaches and beach bars are great and we could walk for miles either through the wooded area, or long the coastal path. I really liked the remnants of the hippie era with women selling clothes from under big umbrellas. They had some really colourful, very skimpy bikinis and cover-ups that I enjoyed trying on. Ryan bought me one and of course it had to be see-through.

During the days that we didn’t go to a beach we found other things to do.

One day we went to Ibiza town. Ryan got me to travel there naked and he drove round the town looking for somewhere to park. I’m sure that some people saw that I was naked when we stopped at traffic lights.

Ryan had packed a skirt for me to put on when we got there. I’d suspected that it would be my new swimming skirt so I convinced him to pack a bikini bottom for me to wear under it. He got one on my new ones (that I hadn’t yet seen) and put it in the bag. I should have known that he was up to something by the speed that he agreed to let me wear a bikini bottoms.

When we finally parked the car I asked him for my clothes and he didn’t try to persuade me to walk around naked. When I opened the bag I realised why. The bikini bottoms are just edging elastic, no material. They aren’t even joined under my crotch; and it was the swimming skirt; no top. I put them on but still felt very exposed.

As we walked around I kept adjusting the skirt to try to cover more skin. After about 30 minutes Ryan told me that my continual playing with the skirt was attracting attention. I gave up and just accepted that anyone who looked from the right angle would be able to see my pussy and butt.

Ibiza town has some amazing clothes shops and I just had to go into a couple to try on some. The strange thing was that in the 2 we went in there were no changing rooms. When I asked the girl where I could try a dress on she just said,

“Right there.”

I looked at Ryan, then back to the girl but she’d turned her head back to the magazine that she was reading.

“I guess that you’re going to have to strip right there.” Ryan said.

The thing was, it was a small shop with big windows. It didn’t matter where I was people passing by would be able to see me.

Ryan followed with,

“At least you don’t have to get completely naked; you’ll be able to keep your bikini bottoms on.”

I just laughed then pulled my tiny swimming skirt up over my head.

At one point the girl looked over to me and stared for a few seconds. After we’d left Ryan said that he bet that the girl would have seen hundreds of naked women in the shop.

The other shop was more of a kid’s clothes shop but it had a dress in the window that I liked that looked like it might fit me. Ryan persuaded me to go in and try it on.

When I asked the girl if I could try that particular dress she looked me up and down, and I swear that her eyes lingered on my little naked tits, then she walked off and came back a couple of minutes later holding out the same dress. I assumed that she’d guessed at my size.

Again I looked for a changing room but found none.

Ryan shrugged his shoulders letting me know that I’d have to strip right there and then.

As I took my skirt off I saw that the girl was watching me. When she saw my bikini bottoms she smiled at me.

As I tried to get the dress on it soon became obvious that the girl had misjudged my size; the dress was too small. As I struggled to get it on the girl came over and without asking she started helping me.

Now I’ve had strangers helping me get dressed when I worked in that clothes shop back in England but this somehow seemed different. The girl wasn’t like a parent looking for clothes for their kid; it was like being dressed by a girl who fancied me. I say that because of the way that she was looking at me and running her hands all over me. As she tried to get the dress on, then fastened, her hands were everywhere. She rubbed my nipples, pussy and squeezed my butt.

She said something in Spanish then pulled my bikini bottoms down and lifted my legs to get them completely off before trying with the dress again.

It was an impossible task and when she realised that she muttered something then started taking the dress off me, again groping me as she did so. As she rubbed my pussy she pressed a finger in between my lips and stopped dead when her finger found my clit ring.

She looked up at my face, smiled and licked her lips before continued taking the dress off. When she finally got it off she stood back and looked me up and down. Her eyes lingered on my crotch and for some stupid reason I slid my feet apart. I felt the air on my spread pussy and watched the girl smile then turn and go to the store room.

“She fancies you.” Ryan said.

“I know,” I said as I picked up my skirt and bikini bottoms. “Let’s get out of here.” I continued as I quickly walked to the door.

We were both outside waking down the street with me holding my skirt and bikini. I stopped round the corner and put my clothes on stood between 2 parked cars.

“Didn’t you fancy her then?” Ryan asked.

“No I did not.”

Ryan laughed, hugged me and said,

“I didn’t either.”

Ibiza town was a very interesting day. My feet hurt because of all the walking and I’m sure that dozens of people must have seen my butt and pussy. With my ultra-short skirt, all those hills in the old town with people following me up, and the warm breeze, I wouldn’t be surprised if that dozens was hundreds. It was a good job that I kept telling myself that it was what Ryan wanted; but it was a good day. It wouldn’t have been if Ryan had got his other request for the day – that I wear the remote vibe.

We tried to find the bar that Vanessa Evans described, ‘Groper’s Palace’ but couldn’t. I think that Ryan wanted to watch me getting groped by strangers. He got his wish a little bit; we stayed in Ibiza town until late and went to some of the bars down by the harbour. They were quite crowded and drinkers were over-flowing onto the streets. As we were squeezing through a crowd of young men I felt a couple of hands on my butt and between my legs for a few seconds. When I told Ryan he asked me if I wanted to go back for another go. Of course I said not; but after we’d finished our drinks Ryan led me out the same way.

The crowd closed in on us and I was stood there for ages getting groped. One cheeky bastard even managed to finger fuck me for a couple of seconds. I was shouting to Ryan for help but the music was too loud for him to hear me.

When I finally managed to get free my skirt was up round my waist showing everyone around that my bikini bottoms had no material in them.

Ryan hugged me and told me that I was fantastic. Then he let me pull my skirt back down.

Ibiza town at night is a different world. As we were walking around the bars we saw all sorts of ‘unusual’ people. The number of men dressed as women was amazing and the costumes that people were wearing was unbelievable. Some of them almost made me feel over-dressed in just my VERY skimpy skirt, bikini bottoms that covered nothing; and shoes.

In a way I wanted to stay there all night but we were both tired and about 1 o’clock we headed back to the villa.

Our evenings were usually spent at the villa or at the nearest café / bar. But a few times we went to San Antonio. That was VERY interesting; all those drunken noisy people out having fun.

One time that we were there we were walking down this street that was crowded with young people from all over Europe; all out having a noisy, good time, when Ryan suddenly stopped and said hello to 3 young men. It turned out that he went to school with them and they were on holiday in San Antonio. Of course Ryan had to go and have a drink with them and we ended up in a reasonably quiet bar with the 4 of them catching-up while I stood around like a spare part.

Ryan had talked me into wearing his string vest with a belt; and all my jewellery. Of course it’s see-through but that wasn’t a problem; it was quite dark and we didn’t intend to stay in one place for very long. That wouldn’t have been a problem before we met his old school mates.

Standing around while Ryan and his mates talked about old times meant that I got hit on a few times and some of the more sober guys realised that I wasn’t wearing anything under the vest. Of course that doubled their attention and I had to use all my persuasive powers to get rid of them.

Ryan’s old school buddies also realised what they could see and for a short while their conversation was all about my jewellery. It was so embarrassing.

We met those 3 guys the following day as well. I hadn’t heard them arranging it but they turned up on the beach that we were on the next afternoon.

Ryan had taken me to that beach with the steps down to a little landing stage that is used by boats from San Antonio and we’d set up on the clothed area again. I had the remote vibe inside me and it was gently and slowly pushing my AF up. The next thing that I knew Ryan’s school buddies were blocking the sun from me and staring down at my naked body. By that time my legs had opened a bit and they must have had a great view.

After a few minutes one of the guys decided that they needed to go to the café and have a drink. Ryan told me that they’d only be gone a couple of minutes and they all walked away.

That couple of minutes got longer and longer and the vibe was slowly getting my body close to losing control. When I realised that I was getting close I looked for the control. I didn’t want to cum if Ryan wasn’t there or his mates were there.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I tried to fight it but the inevitable happened and I started to cum, spasms hitting me and me failing to keep quiet.

One orgasm became two, then three, then four. By then I could vaguely see 3 or 4 people looking down at me. One woman was bent down touching my face.

“She’s so hot.” The woman said.

“Maybe it’s sun-stroke.” A man said.

“I don’t know what it is, but she’s burning up. We need to cool her down.” The woman said.

“I know,” a man said, “let’s get her into the water.”

“She’s too big for me to lift her.” The woman said.

“Here, let me.” The man said.

He picked me up and carried me down to the water with me still cumming in his arms.

I got lowered into the water with the woman holding my head out of the water and me still cumming.

I don’t know how long I was in the water or how many orgasms I had because I blacked-out.

When I came round I was still in the water but Ryan was holding me and the vibe had stopped. I was so relieved; but so knackered.

“I’m so sorry Tanya, I shouldn’t have left you.” Ryan said. “Are you okay?”

“I think so,” I said as I tried to stand up; but I was too knackered.

“You’re going to have to carry me.”

“Let me;” one of his mates said, “it’s our fault for dragging him to the bar.”

This mate of Ryan’s is a big bloke and he easily scooped me up into his arms and we started walking back up the beach.

“So what caused that little ‘episode’” the big mate asked as we walked.

Ryan must have heard because he said,

“Tanya goes through phases of suffering from something called ’Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder’.”

“Ryan! Do you have to?” I pleaded.

Ryan ignored me and continued,

“It’s a rare problem that causes the sufferer to have orgasms for no apparent reason. The weird thing is that it just hits her at the strangest times; even at work or when we’re out shopping. The poor thing gets so embarrassed; having said that I sometimes think that she actually enjoys it. ”

We’d got back to our towels by then and Ryan’s mate lowered me down and Ryan straightened me out. The thing was, he opened my feet about 2 feet. I only realised that when I started to get some energy back and lifted myself up onto my elbows. I quickly closed my legs.

All that time Ryan was telling his mates about the times that I’d cum in public. It was so embarrassing listening to him talk about some of those humiliating experiences.

Ryan and his mates had sat around me, 2 on each side. If I’d had the energy I’d probably have got up and gone for a walk leaving them to get on with their talking.

After a while one of Ryan’s mates said,

“So Ryan; does that thing on her clit help with this Persistent Genital Cumming Disorder.”

“Oh that;” Ryan said, “One of the doctors said that amputating her clit might help. Of course we both refused to let that happen so he said that putting a little ring on it to restrict the circulation a little bit might help. Do you want to have a closer look at it?”

I glared at Ryan but I was too knackered to object as Ryan lifted my left foot and spread my legs even wider.

“Lay back Tanya so that they can get a better look.” Ryan instructed me and they all bent over, one by one, to have a better look.

I was too knackered to object and just dropped back and let them use my body for a female anatomy lesson.

“And does it?” The mate said

“Does it what?” Ryan said.

“Does it stop her cumming so often?”

“No, but she likes the look of it don’t you Tanya? So we got the doctor to leave it on her.”

As if by command the damn clit ring chose that moment to zap me and my lower half spasmed and pussy clenched for a second.

“Wow! Did that ring thing do that to her?” Another mate asked.

“Yeah, it’s supposed to stop the orgasms but I think that it just causes more.” Ryan replied.

“Wow, that must be fun for you Tanya.”

I didn’t reply.

Another of Ryan’s mates said,

“That isn’t what I saw you wearing last night, it’s a lot smaller.”

“No it isn’t,” Ryan relied; “that was her clit ring.”

“But you said that that (pointing to my pussy) was her clit ring.”

“Ah yes, it is. Right, you guys are probably making the same mistake that a lot of people make. What is commonly called a clit ring isn’t actually a clit ring it’s a clit hood ring. Here, I’ll show you.”

Ryan picked-up our backpack and got my bag out. He rummaged around in it and pulled out one of my barbells, stirrups and a chain. Holding it up he said,

This is what she was wearing last night.

“So where does that go?”

“Not in her clit, that’s for sure. If she had her actual clit pierced she risked the chance of destroying the nerves that give her so much pleasure; and we don’t want that do we love.” Ryan said as he squeezed my thigh. “This is where this goes.”

With that Ryan used one hand to spread my lips and thread one end of the barbell with a stirrup on it through the piercing, stretched my flesh, slipped the ring of the chain on then the other end of the stirrup then screwed the other end of the barbell on.

Ryan’s 3 mates just stared at me in amazement.

When it was correctly in place Ryan dropped the chain and let them have a good look. Then he picked up the chain and pulled it in all directions.

“It only hurts if the chain gets pulled too hard; and I’d never do that.”

“Ryan,” his big mate said; “you always were a lucky bastard and you’ve done it again. That’s one hell of an amazing woman you’ve got there.”

I nearly blushed.

“She certainly is.” Ryan said; “and I’ve taught her a nice little trick as well. If you guys could be bothered to go to a gym, what piece of equipment would you go running on?”

“A treadmill; why.”



“Nooooooo!” I said as the inevitable happened.

The 4 of them stared at me as I started to cum, my body shaking and my pussy muscles having spasms.

After I’d started to come down from my high one of Ryan’s mates said,

“Fucking hell, every time someone says ‘treadmill’ she cums.”

Back up I went.

“She certainly does. Please don’t say that word again, the poor dear’s knackered.”

Thankfully, the anatomy lesson ended and I was left to relax and enjoy the sun. The strange thing was that I never closed my legs. I left them wide open all the time. I didn’t even worry about anyone passing by and seeing my jewellery.

Eventually the 3 mates decided that they should leave us alone and the left, promising to keep in touch. As they left one of them said,

“I hope that your err ‘problem’ doesn’t spoil your holiday Tanya.”

I almost laughed.

When we decided to leave we got all the way back to the car before I remembered that I had my clit jewellery in. When I told Ryan he said that he’d seen a couple of people looking at me in a funny way.

Ryan let me drive back to our villa; it was funny driving on the wrong side of the road and Ryan had to tell me to get back the correct side of the road a couple of times. It was also funny driving when I was totally naked.

One day when we’d been to a beach for the day, we got back to the car and looked through all the flyers that people had left on the windscreen. One was for the Hippy Market at Es Cana and I fancied going there. When we got back to the villa Ryan looked at a map and decided that it wasn’t too far to drive, so a couple of days later we got up early and set off. Ryan wanted me to be naked all day but eventually we agreed on me just wearing my swimming skirt and all my jewellery. Okay, I knew that the skirt doesn’t really cover me but at least it was something. I didn’t worry about my jewellery being on display because it was a hippy market. I suspected that there’d be quite a few people there wearing non-conventional clothes.

I was right; some of the women there wore as little as I did so I didn’t feel out of place or under-dressed as we wandered round. There were some really nice clothes there, holiday clothes that I could never wear in England but I still bought a sort of bikini. It consists of 3 rectangles of material that just cover my interesting bits when I stand still. Of course Ryan wanted me to try it on; right there outside the stall. It felt a bit strange being naked with all those people walking right passed me.

Well, I guess that it had to happen. On the middle Friday we heard a knock on the door and when Ryan answered it there was our neighbour Roger. I was hiding behind the door (I was naked), but Ryan invited Roger in. When he saw me he said hello but ignored the way I was (not) dressed.

“I wonder if I could ask you for a favour?” Roger asked.

“Sure,” Ryan said, “what’s up?”

“Well, the boys and I are flying over to Barcelona tomorrow to watch the grand prix on Sunday, but Kate doesn’t want to come with us. Now I have no problem with Kate being home alone, she’s a sensible girl, but could I ask you to look in on her a couple of times just to check that she’s okay?”

“Of course we will, maybe she’d like to hang-out with Tanya for a while.”

Roger looked over to me, then up and down me, then said,

“Yes, that would be nice; although I can’t see her wanting to run around dressed like you are Tanya.”

I smiled and thought,

“You dirty old man, you just had a vision of your daughter naked didn’t you?”

“Don’t you worry about Kate; Ryan said, “we’ll make sure that she’s okay. Would you mind if we took her to the beach or somewhere?”

“No of course not; I’ll be leaving her some money so she shouldn’t cost you anything.”

“No problem; I wouldn’t have minded going to see the grand prix myself. Have a great trip.”

After Roger left I said,

“Thanks mate! That’s all I need.”

“Hey, I’m sure that it won’t be that bad. All we have to do is look in on her a few times. She’ll probably have what she wants to do with her couple of days of freedom all planned-out; and I bet that those plans don’t include us.”

“I hope not.” I said.

The next morning we got up late and as I was walking back from the shop I saw Roger and his boys drive off. After breakfast Ryan decided that we should go next door and let Kate know that we’d be calling in on her. I said that I was sure that Roger would have told her but Ryan wanted to go anyway.

Ryan put some shorts on, but he said that as Kate had already seen me naked it was pointless me putting something on. I couldn’t argue with that, and Kate is a girl, so off we went.

When we got there Kate didn’t answer our knocking so we went round the side of the villa and got quite a surprise. There was Kate laying on a sun lounger, mp3 player plugged into her ears, feet firmly on the ground either side of the sun lounger, totally naked, bald pussy, her left hand playing with her left tit, and her right hand pushing a cucumber in and out of her pussy.

We just stood there watching for about a minute before she must have caught sight of us in her peripheral vision. The cucumber came flying out, her feet went up onto the sun lounger as her legs clamped together then her hands went to her tits and pussy as she shouted,

“Oh fuck, OMG, oh no. Please don’t tell my daddy.”

“Relax Kate,” Ryan said in a calm voice, “you’re not doing anything that I haven’t seen Tanya doing dozens of times and I’m NOT going to tell your father. It’s perfectly natural for a girl to want to experiment with her body and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”


“But nothing Kate; you were experimenting and having some fun whilst doing so. There’s plenty of other ways that you can get some pleasure as well, and I bet that you’ve already thought of a few haven’t you?”

“Well yes, but it’s difficult living with your father and 2 brothers.” Kate said, “Hang on a minute, did you just say that you’ve seen Tanya, your little sister, use a cucumber on herself?”

“Yes, and lots of other things as well. Think about it Kate, girls have been having the same thoughts and desires as you’re having for thousands of years. You’re not the first girl to experiment. There are probably thousands of girls around the world pushing things like cucumbers into their vaginas at this very moment; but that’s not important right now;” Ryan continued, “what is important is that you relax and don’t feel guilty about wanting to have some fun. Why don’t we go to our place and have a drink and talk about it?”

“Okay then; I’ll just go and put something on.”

“No need Kate;” I said, “I haven’t got anything on have I?”

“Well no, but…. Well okay then.”

“Don’t worry Kate,” Ryan said, “I’ve seen lots of girls naked and I’ve got this one who likes nothing better than wandering around dressed in her birthday suit.”

As we walked round to our villa; with Kate still covering her ‘bits’, Ryan got her to tell us a bit about herself. That seemed to relax her a bit and when I took some drinks out to the pool she had dropped her arm and her A cup tits were pointing at Ryan.

We talked for a while, Ryan dodging any questions about Kate believing that I was his little sister. After a while Ryan asked Kate,

“So what other things have you dreamed about doing?”

“Well… Ever since I saw you Tanya, walking back from the shop stark naked I’ve wanted to try it myself. I’ve thought of doing something similar before but having the family that I have there has never been any opportunities.”

“Tell you what Kate,” I said, “how about we go for a walk right now; then tomorrow morning you can come to the shop with me.”


“Come on Kate,” Ryan said, “If you don’t do it now you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life; and besides, who is there around here that you know?”

“Good point… Maybe a little later.”

“You’re stalling aren’t you Kate?” I asked

“Well, yes. I guess that I am. I want to but…”

I stood up, held out my hand for Kate and when she held it I gently pulled her up.

“Yes, I’m going to do it.” Kate said.

Holding hands, Kate and I walked out of the villa’s grounds and onto the street.

As we headed towards the beach Kate said,

“Wow, this is amazing, I feel so alive, so excited, so fucking …….”

“Horny!” I said,

“Err yes, does it have that effect on you too?”

“Yes,” I said, “especially when there’s men around.”

“I don’t know that I could do that.” Kate said.

“Ryan’s been looking at you.”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought about that.”

Just as we got to the entrance to the beach Kate said,

“You know Tanya, for a kid who looks about 12 you sure do have and adult way of thinking and talking.”

I looked at Ryan, then back at Kate and said,

“Kate, I’m going to tell you a secret that I want you to promise not to tell anyone; okay?”

“I can keep secrets.” Kate said.

“By the sound of it you think that I’m 12 or 13; and the rest of your family probably do too. So do most people that I come across; but the truth is that I’m a lot older than that. Ryan isn’t my brother; he’s my boyfriend and has been since we were at university together.”

Kate stopped, turned and looked me up and down then said,

“Wow, you sure did fool me. So why do you act like you’re 12?”

“Ryan likes me to, and I enjoy it as well.”

“Ha!” Ryan said, “finally you’re admitting that you’re an exhibitionist are you?”

“No I am not. I just like the freedom, the feeling of the fresh air on my, my pussy.”

“I like that too.” Kate said.

“Hang on a minute;” Kate said,” you’re a grown woman and you’ve been walking around the streets naked; wow….. Well I can see how you’ve been getting away with it but blankety, blank; you’re so brave; I could never do that.”

“Why not?” Ryan asked.

“Because I don’t look like a 12 year old.” Kate said.

“Only because you’ve got an adult haircut and you walk like a grown up;” Ryan said, “put your hair in pigtails and use some of those mannerisms that you’ve grown out of and you’d get away with it.”

“But what about these?” Kate said cupping her A cups.

“12 year-old girls have tits that big these days.” Ryan said.

And he was right, I’ve seen some; but I wasn’t sure that Kate could get away with it.

“Why don’t you try it Kate?” Ryan said.

“I’d love to,” Kate replied, “but I’m nervous and I don’t know that I’d get away with it.”

“Only one way to find out.” Ryan said.

By that time we were well into the sand dunes and a naked man was coming the other way.

“Just ignore him Kate.” I said.

“I can’t, I can see his cock bouncing around. Ooooh.”

We passed the man and Kate turned and looked at the man’s butt.

“And he could see your bald pussy and tits; and so can I.” Ryan said.

Kate looked down at the sand as we quietly walked onto the beach proper.

“You 2 go off for a little walk,” Ryan said, “I’ll sit here and enjoy the sun.”

Kate and I walked up and down the beach talking about all sorts and comparing men’s cocks. When we got back to Ryan he’d taken his shorts off and was lying there stark naked. We sat either side of him and I couldn’t help notice that Kate was staring at Ryan’s cock.

“Stop staring Kate,” I said, “You’ll make it go hard.”

Ryan smiled as Kate bent over and had a closer look.

“You mean like this.” Kate said.

The inevitable happened and Ryan’s cock started to rise.

“That’s your fault Kate.” Ryan said.

“Sorry Ryan.”

“I’m going to have to go for a swim.” Ryan said. “Anyone else coming?”

As Ryan got up and ran to the sea we both followed. It didn’t take Kate long to tell us that swimming naked felt wonderful. I wanted Ryan to fuck me in the water but he kept pushing me away saying that we shouldn’t.

After about 30 minutes of splashing around we got out, collected Ryan’s shorts and headed back to the villa. On the way we saw a man sat looking at us and wanking. Kate stopped and wanted to watch but I pulled her by her arm saying that she’d get lots of opportunities to see things like that.

“Can I watch you and Ryan fuck?”

I gave Ryan an evil look but he just smiled and said,

“I guess so.”

Bloody hell, I’ve had to endure female anatomy lessons, humiliation by public orgasms and now giving a sex show. What else can Ryan make me do this holiday?

Anyway, we went to our villa and I got some drinks while Ryan and Kate went for a swim in the pool. Ryan had taken his shorts off and all 3 of us were now naked. When they got out of the pool and got their drinks Kate asked,

“Are you okay Tanya? It’s just that I keep seeing your face contort as if you’re in pain.”

“Yes thank you Kate, I’m fine.”

“It’s her little clit ring that keeps zapping her.” Ryan said; “it can even make her cum if she’s in the right frame of mind.”

“Thank you Ryan,” I thought; guessing that he was about to embarrass me – again.

I was right,

“Tanya, lie on that sun lounger and spread your legs so that Kate can see.”

I didn’t want to, but I knew that I would. Ryan was about to give another female anatomy lesson at my expense.

Kate certainly learnt something that day as Ryan showed her the difference between a clit ring and a clit hood ring. As half expected when he started, he got me to go and get my clit hood barbell, stirrup and chain. He also got me to get my ones for my nipples and put them on for me as well.

By the time he’d done that lot he was fully hard and Kate just sat there as the effect of Ryan fondling my tits and pussy got the better of me, and Ryan, and Ryan started to fuck me.

I hadn’t wanted to get fucked in front of Kate but my urgent desire got the better of me, and Ryan.

After we’d both cum and I’d started to come down, I looked at Kate. She was lying like we’d found her by her pool but instead of a cucumber, her fingers were giving her pussy hell. She was too far gone to stop and we both watched her cum too.

When Kate got back to normal she was embarrassed about cumming in front of us.

“Relax Kate;” Ryan said, “we’ve all cum in front of each other so we shouldn’t be embarrassed.

“Yeah, you’re right; but so much had happened in the last few hours; I need some time to take it all in. I need to go back to our villa and think about things.”

“Fair enough;” Ryan said, “you know where we are if you want to talk or anything.”


With that Kate slowly walked away. When she was out of sight I said,

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting our little visit to turn out like that.” I said to Ryan.

“Me neither.” Ryan said. “Maybe it would be nice to hang out with her for a while until her family get back.”

“I’d rather be with just you.”

“It isn’t as if she hasn’t seen us fucking so we wouldn’t have to limit what we do.”

“Well yes, err no, I wouldn’t want her watching me while you’re making me cum on the beach.”

“Why not? She’s seen you cumming.”

“Yeah, but not while other people were watching us.”

“I don’t see the difference.” Ryan said.

“You wouldn’t, you’re a man; you don’t understand these things.”

“Hmmm.” Ryan said, “let’s take it as it cums; I mean comes.”

Ryan put his arms round me and gave me a big hug.

“Let’s go and get a McDonalds and then go and find a quiet beach.”

“Yeah, but can I at least wear my swimming skirt please?”

“Into McDonalds, but that’s all.”

“Okay; thank you Ryan.”

I was happy; okay I was still going to have to be naked most of the time but I’d had a little victory; even if the skirt doesn’t cover my butt or pussy.

I was a bit pissed, but I should have expected it. In McDonalds one of the staff came and pointed out where the kids play area was. When she’d gone Ryan burst out laughing but I was annoyed.

We headed south looking for a beach but before we knew it we were back at Ses Salines beach. It was hot in the car so I was grateful to get out. We’d stopped at the little shop where the bus stops and quite a few people watch the naked little girl walk into the shop with a young man walking next to her with his arm round her shoulder. I wondered what they were thinking.

We bought a cold drink and went and parked the car in the car park.

Ryan got naked as well and we grabbed the backpack and set off walking to find somewhere quiet.

About 10 minutes later we found a vacant sandy area in amongst the rocks and settled for some serious ray catching.

Life was bliss for an hour or so until Ryan got restless. Within a few minutes Ryan had got the remote vibe out of our backpack and was holding it up in the air. I looked round and saw 3 separate men looking at us.

“Ryan, put it away;” I said, “there are people looking at us.”

“Okay,” he said.

He leaned over and gave me a long kiss. As he was doing that he put the vibe between my legs, eased them open then eased the vibe inside me. At least it wasn’t visible to the people looking at me.

The kiss went on and Ryan’s hand moved away from my pussy. I started to think that maybe Ryan was going to settle down and let me relax in the sun; especially when he lay back and closed his eyes.

How silly of me. Five minutes later I got a jolt as the vibe was switched on.

“Ryan, no, please leave me alone for a while.”

“But you like getting worked-up and cumming.”

“Yes, but…… Oh fuck. You’re a devious bastard, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes beautiful; you just lay there and enjoy yourself.”

I knew that I couldn’t do anything else so I had a quick look round to see just how many people were watching us. At least only 4 people would see what Ryan was doing to me.

I started feeling good and let my legs drift apart. I wanted to reach down and play with my clit but somehow I managed to resist the urge. It wasn’t long before I reached my peak, jerking and moaning.

Something attracted my attention and I saw a young man and woman walking out of the sea right in front of me. Both were naked and carrying masks and snorkels. I wanted to clamp my legs together and even roll over; but I just couldn’t control my body.

“Is she alright?” I vaguely heard.

“Yes, err yes; thank you; just another episode. She forgot to take her meds this morning; she’ll be just fine; thanks again for your concern.”

I lay there with my legs open and the vibe still purring away inside me. The inevitable happened and my AF went from a horny 8 to the edge of a 10 - again. This time though, I couldn’t keep quiet.

I was beyond caring then, but as I came down I started to get embarrassed, I felt humiliated. I rolled over to Ryan, grabbed the control, switched it off and turned onto my stomach; covering my face with my arm.

Ryan left me alone for a couple of minutes then started kissing my neck. That always works and I was soon turning over onto my back and kissing him properly.

“Shall we go for a walk?” Ryan asked.

“Okay then.”

Ryan put our towels in the backpack and we set off walking along the cliff path. We walked for ages, passed a beach that was obviously used by gay men then a long narrow beach full of naked people. Before we knew it we were in a little village and Ryan started feeling self-conscious about being naked; I wasn’t happy either. Ryan was lucky because he had his shorts in the backpack but I had nothing. As Ryan put his shorts on I had to stand there in my birthday suit.

“Don’t worry TT; I’m sure that no one here will object to a little girl with no clothes on.”

“They might not, but what about me? I’m the one that’s naked in public – again.”

“Come on TT, think of that all-over tan you’re getting. Hey, let’s find an ice cream shop then find another way back to the car.”

In the shop the locals just ignored the fact that I was naked, but some of the other tourists stared at me. It didn’t help when Ryan took me outside and we sat on the footpath curb to eat our ice creams. Apart from the fact that the concrete curb was hot on my butt I couldn’t cross my legs because they would have been in the way of people passing by. I had to sit with my knees bent giving anyone who cared to look a great view of my pussy.

At least my pussy was dry, the lovely warm breeze had seen to that as we walked along the beach.

Well it was dry; when Ryan finished his ice cream I thought that he was just putting the wrapper in our backpack. He was, but he also switched the damn vibe on. I nearly dropped what was left of my ice cream as the jolt hit me.

“No please Ryan, not here; not with all these people around” I pleaded; but Ryan just grinned.

At least the vibe was set to low speed.

I managed to finish my ice cream then stood up hoping that we’d get gone before I got humiliated – again. No such luck,

“Oh good,” Ryan said, putting his hand in his pocket. “Can you get us a big bottle of cola for the walk back please?”

I looked down at Ryan. Putting my hand out for the money I said,

“You bastard; you’re loving this aren’t you?”

“So are you my love.”

In the shop I got the bottle out of the chiller and went to the counter and had to wait while another customer got served. As that customer left and I moved to the counter I suddenly gasped and shivered as Ryan switched the vibe onto full power.

The shop man looked me up and down. I’m sure he thought that I must be some sort of nutter as he held out his hand for the money.

I could feel my nipples aching and my pussy throbbing as I willed the man to hurry-up. I had to get out of there fast.

As soon as the man turned and gave me my change I was out of there like a shot.

Ryan was just outside the door and he hugged me as I went over the top; the cold bottle of cola pressing against my stomach.

Ryan slowly released me as I stopped shaking then turned the vibe back down to low.

“You really can be a bastard at times.” I said.

“Yeah, but you love every second of it.”

“No I don’t.”

“Do you want me to finger you here to prove you wrong?” Ryan said.


I pulled away from Ryan and said,

“Okay know-it-all, which way back?”

We walked back to the car park through the pine forest listening to the crickets. It was so peaceful and so romantic. I just wanted to stop and fuck Ryan right in the middle of the forest but there were too many other people walking around. Most took no notice of the naked young girl; if only they’d known how old I really am.

Back in the car park Ryan gave me the car keys and told me that I was driving back. He said that I had to drive with the vibe turned on so that I’d get used to feeling horny while I’m driving. When I said that the vibe was stronger than the clit ring he just said that if I get used to the vibe then the clit ring shouldn’t cause me any problems back in England. I could see some logic in that but I got him to promise that he wouldn’t turn it up to full.

I did quite well really. I got all the way back to the villa with us and the car in one piece; although there was a stain on the driver’s seat when I got out.

Needless to say that my AF was quite high and as soon as we got back I squat down and fished the vibe out. I needed something more life-like in my pussy.

One of the sun loungers got tested to see how it coped with both our weights as Ryan gave me the relief that I needed.

We didn’t see Kate until we were returning from one of the cafés where we’d eaten and had a couple of drinks. As usual I’d not put anything on and no one had taken any notice. While we were sat there drinking Ryan had said that he was a little disappointed that no one was looking at me and he suggested that I wear some of my jewellery the next night. I said that I wasn’t keen on the idea because people would get suspicious. After all, how may 12 year-old girls wear clit and nipple jewellery?

Fortunately Ryan agreed but he did get me to promise to wear it all on our last night.

As we were walking back to the villa we turned a corner and nearly collided with Kate. After getting over the initial shock I realised that it was Kate and that she was as naked as I was.

“I just wanted to know what it was like to walk around the streets at night totally naked.” Kate said.

“It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it Tanya?” Ryan said. “It makes you feel so free and horny doesn’t it? Well that’s what Tanya keeps telling me.”

I smiled and wondered if Ryan was ever going to try it.

“So how far have you walked?” I asked.

“All over; I even saw you two in the café.”

“You should have joined us.” Ryan said.

“Oh, I couldn’t have done that; I’m way too shy to do that; and besides, with these things (she cupped her tits) I look quite a bit older than Tanya does.”

“I think that we could do something about that.” Ryan said. “What do you think Tanya?”

“Well there’s always pigtails; and make sure that you’ve not got a 5 o’clock shadow. If you walk like I do and keep putting your finger in your mouth I’m sure that you’d be okay.” I said.

“Tell you what, come over first thing in the morning and we’ll do a little experiment.” Ryan said. “Oh, and make sure you’ve had a shave. If you forget I’ll have to shave you myself.”

“Ryan!” I said and thumped his arm.

By the time we got back to our villa and Kate had gone to hers I said to Ryan,

“I sort of like the idea of watching you shave someone else instead of me. I wouldn’t mind if you fucked her as well.”

Ryan said the right thing,

“There’s only one girl that I want to fuck, and she’s about to bend over that table so that I can do just that.”

I did, and he did.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of someone splashing in our pool. When Ryan and I emerged we saw Kate messing about in our pool.

“Is that what they call a morning woody?” Kate asked.

“Yeah, but it’s mine.” I said as I grabbed Ryan’s cock.

“You can take care of it if you want; I don’t mind just as long as I can watch.” Kate said.

“I’ve got us some fresh bread for breakfast.” Kate continued, pointing to the table.

“Did you go like that?” Ryan asked Kate as she climbed out of the pool.

Kate was naked and she’d done her hair into pigtails.

“Wow! You are feeling brave this morning.” I said.

“Yeah, it was what you two said last night. I decided to give it a go. I nearly chickened-out a couple of times and I could hardly talk when I told the man what I wanted; but I did it and I feel so proud of myself.”

“And quite justified too.” Ryan said.

Kate and I went and got breakfast ready then brought it out to the pool. By that time Ryan’s hard-on had gone down and Kate looked a little disappointed.

In between mouthfuls Ryan asked Kate what her next challenge was.

“To walk about in a very public place totally naked.” was Kate’s reply.

“I think that we might be able to arrange that.” Ryan said.

As we finished breakfast Ryan said,

“How about the hippy market or a water park?”

“Like this?” Kate said. Looking a bit surprised.

“Yeah, if Tanya can do it why not you?”

“What about these?” Kate asked while cupping her tits.

“I see that you shaved this morning so there’s no problem there; your hair looks pretty childish so that just leaves the things that you do. Let me get a piece of paper and a pen and we’ll brainstorm childish mannerisms.”

When Ryan got back we managed to get the following: -

Skipping along instead of walking.

Walking at a uneven pace and not in a straight line.

Always looking at the floor.

Picking your nose.

Sitting with your legs open.

Lip pouting.

Asking stupid questions.

We had a bit of a laugh as both Kate and I practiced some of the things, then we continued talking about where we could go for the day. Kate mentioned the water park again. She’d been to one with her family and seen lots of topless girls and a few young kids with nothing on. We played rock-paper-scissors and Kate won. A water park it was.

Kate went and got her stuff and when she came back Ryan asked her what clothes she’d got in her bag (she was still naked).

“None” she said, “I didn’t want to be in a position where I could chicken out.”

“Good for you.” Ryan said.

It wasn’t far in the car and before long we were queuing to get in. Kate admitted that she was nervous standing there totally naked with people watching her. I was a little pleased that I wasn’t the centre of attention for a change, although my nipples were rock hard and ached a bit.

Kate’s nipples were rock hard too and she told us that she was ‘excited.’ I knew just how she felt.

“Remember to act like a kid.” Ryan whispered.

I laughed when Kate loudly said,

“Daddy, why do we have to stand here? I want to go in and play on the slides.”

When we got to the front of the queue the woman looked at us and said,

“Two kids” to Ryan.

He agreed and paid for us all.

We were in and we went to put our bags into a locker then off we went to have some fun. Hardly anyone was looking at us; I guess that they were all concentrating on their own activities.

“Remember, you’re kids so let’s go to the kid’s area first.” Ryan said.

We followed the signs then Ryan stood and watched as we joined the other kids doing the stupid things that please their little minds.

After about 15 minutes Ryan called us over and we sat on the grass and talked.

“Enjoy yourselves kids?” Ryan said.

“Very funny.” I said.

“Actually, I did” said Kate; “I was running around without a thing on and no one gave a damn; I felt so free. I never thought of sex once.”

A man near us heard the word ‘sex’ and turned and looked at us.

“Daddy, why is that man looking at me?” I said.

The man turned and walked away. Both Kate and I giggled. I looked at Kate and saw that her nipples had just got hard. Mine had too. Ryan noticed and said,

“I see that you’re both thinking about sex now. Come on, let’s go and join the queues for the slides.”

There were some young men near us in the queue and it didn’t take long for them to notice Kate’s tits and their rock hard nipples. Kate saw that they’d seen her and started to blush.

“Feeling horny?” I whispered to her.

Kate nodded and started chewing her index finger as Ryan moved to one side so that the youths would get a better view of both of us. Some of the youths kept staring at us until they got to the top and went down the slides. The youth controlling when people went had a good look at Kate and glanced at me. I was pleased that I wasn’t the centre of attraction for a change.

At the bottom Kate came running over to me and said,

“That was amazing; the water pounding my pussy nearly made me cum.”

“Want another go then?” Ryan asked.

“It is nice isn’t it?” I said; “next time keep your legs as far apart as you can.”

We went on the slides 2 more times before Kate said,

“Sorry, but I can’t go again. If I do I’ll cum and I don’t want to do that.”

“Why not?” Ryan asked, “Tanya cums in public all the time don’t you sexy?”

I blushed and didn’t say anything.

“I know what,” Ryan continued, “let’s go back to the lockers; I want to get something.”

I had an idea what Ryan was on about but I still followed him back to the locker rooms. When we got there Ryan opened our locker and my fears were confirmed. He got out the remote vibe and held it up.

“No Ryan,” I said, “not here; please.”

Kate just stared at us for a few seconds then said,

“What’s that?”

“It’s a vibrator.” Ryan answered.

“I can’t see a switch on it.” Kate said.

“It’s remotely controlled.” Ryan said as he got to control out and switched it on.

The vibe started vibrating and Kate went,

“Ooow; that could be fun.”

“Sometimes.” I said.

“Come on Tanya, you know where it goes.” Ryan said.

“I can’t do that here.”

“Yes you can, it’ll only take a couple of seconds. Just do it.”

“If you don’t want to do it can I try it please?” Kate asked.

I looked at Ryan with relief on my mind. Ryan was quiet for a few seconds then said,

“Okay then, but you’ll have to put it in right here, and now.”

Kate grabbed the vibe from Ryan and squat down. I looked round and saw an old man staring at us. The vibe disappeared and Kate stood up.

“Ooow, that feels nice.” Kate said.

“Wait until it’s been there for a while; you’ll not be thinking that then.” I said.

Just then Ryan switched the vibe on and Kate screamed.

“Fucking hell, I wasn’t expecting that.” Kate said’ then after a few seconds,

“Wow; that feels nice.”

I smiled as I knew just what Kate was about to experience. I looked at Ryan and said,


Ryan nodded.

“Come on,” Ryan said, “lot’s more rides to go on.”

We walked out of the locker room, passed the old man who just kept staring at us. Kate had a ‘satisfied’ smile on her face.

“Remember that you’re kids girls.” Ryan said as we joined a queue for one of the rides.

Some teenagers joined the queue behind us and I heard one of the guys whisper,

“Seen them bro.”

“Leave them alone idiot; they’re only kids.” One of the girls said.

I smiled and looked at Kate. Her face was glowing and her nipples were rock hard.

“Daddy,” I said, “can I ride with you this time?”

“Sure princess. I’m sure that your sister can manage on her own this time.” Ryan said.

We went on a few more rides then Ryan asked us if we were hungry. We were although Kate sounded a little distracted so we went and got out backpack and headed towards the café.

“Kate,” Ryan said, “would you like to go and get us some burgers while we find somewhere to sit?”

“I’d rather not if you don’t mind, something’s been building up inside me and I don’t know if I could get through that without exploding.”

“I’ll go,” I said, “burgers and cola all round?”

I got some money from Ryan and went and joined the queue. When I’d been served I went looking for Ryan and Kate. I found them sat on a grassy area surrounded by families. Kat was flat on her back on a towel and she looked like she had a raging fever.

“You all right Kate?” I asked.

“I don’t think that I can hold it any longer.”

I put the tray down, got the corner of the towel and stuffed it in her mouth.

“Go for it girl!” I said.

I saw Ryan turn the vibe to full and within seconds Kate was cumming’ her legs spreading and bending at the knees and her flat stomach going up and down quickly.

I looked round and saw that no one was looking at us. I felt happy and sad; happy that no one had seen Kate cumming and sad that no one had seen Kate cumming. She hadn’t experienced the embarrassment and humiliation that Ryan so often puts me through.

“Come on kids,” Ryan said, “eat up before it gets cold.”

Ryan and I started eating and as Kate opened her box she said,

“That was so awesome; but can you turn it off for a while please Ryan. I’d like to fill my stomach before you make me cum again.”

I laughed and said,

“See if you feel the same when he makes you cum with people watching you.”

“That sounds awesome; I can’t wait.” Kate replied.

“Are you serious?” I asked, “won’t you get all embarrassed?”

“I don’t think so.” Kate replied.

“Even if it’s someone that you know, maybe your father or brothers? Ryan asked.

“Hadn’t thought of that;” Kate said; “If you hear screaming and shouting from around our pool you’ll know that I’ve done it and someone wasn’t happy.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Why not?” Kate asked.

“Wow;” Ryan said, “I’d love to see that.”

As we were finishing our food Ryan asked what we could do to make the day more exciting. I got a little worried knowing where silly ideas could go, but Kate jumped in with,

“How about a game of truth or dare?”

“What!” I said.

“That sounds fun,” Ryan said, “but there’d have to be a couple of rules. Firstly, nothing that could get us arrested; secondly, nothing that could get us thrown out. Everything would have to look like a kid’s game or an accident; okay?”



“So who’s going first?” Kate asked.

Ryan got a Euro coin out of his pocket and tossed it in the air.

“Kate; heads or tails?”

“You lose; Tanya you go first.”

“Right Kate, truth or dare?” I asked.


“Have you ever flashed your family?” I asked.

“Easy; no, well not knowingly; but I’m going to put that right soon. My turn; truth or dare Tanya.”


“Err…… How many times have you cum with strangers watching?”



“She sure has.” Ryan said; “and she loved every one of them.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Don’t you believe her Kate; look at her, she’s naked in a water park with hundreds of people all around her and I bet that she’s aroused; aren’t you Tanya? Look at you Tanya; you’re sat there with your legs open and your nipples are rock hard. Tell me that you’re not enjoying yourself?”

“I am enjoying myself; but not because I’ve got no clothes on, because I’m here with you two. Whose go is it?”

Ryan smiled and Kate said,

“Yours I think.”

“Okay,” I said, “truth or dare Kate?”


I had to think for a minute then said,

“Okay, I dare you to flash your pussy to at least 2 men when we go to the next ride.”

Kate thought for a couple of seconds then said,

“Easy; how do you want me to do it?”

“Well,” I said, “that’s up to you but they have to get a good look at your spread pussy for at least 5 seconds; and it has to look accidental.”

“Come on then guys, let’s do it.” Kate said.

“Hang on,” Ryan said, “let me put the backpack away then we can go and see if Kate dare do that. Oh, and remember that you’re kids.”

“Yes DAD.” I said.

We went over to the slide that you come down on a rubber ring and Kate went and stood next to one that was on the floor. She looked round and waited until a group of 4 youths walked her way. When they were about 10 feet away she spread her legs then bent at the waist with her back to the youths. She stayed like that as the youths walked towards her.

It didn’t take long for 1 of them to realise what he could see and he stopped and told his mates. The rest of them stopped and stared at her as she tried to lift the rubber ring. She was struggling but still trying as one of the youths finally walked to her and asked if he could help her.

Still bent over with her spread butt to the other youths she said,

“I can’t seem to lift it but it doesn’t look that heavy. It must be stuck on something.”

The youth squat next to her, getting a close look at her butt and he too tried to lift the ring.

“I see what you mean.” He said as he leant back to get another look at her butt.

Kate was still bent over and I could see her looking between her legs at the other youths who had got very close to her. I could also see that the reason why she couldn’t lift the ring was that she was stood on one of the rope loops.

The youth obviously didn’t want to push his luck and he said,

“I’ll tug it very hard and see what happens; okay.”

“Okay mister.”

The youth tugged and Kate went flying back. I don’t know how much of that she’d planned but she went flying back into the 3 youths behind her. Two of them grabbed her, stopping her from falling onto the concrete. In doing so each of them managed to grab a tit. They slowly lifted Kate to her feet and the first youth passed her the rubber ring.

“Good job you guys were stood there, I might have hurt myself. Thank you; and I’ll forgive you for grabbing my tits and, to the first guy, thank you for helping me.”

With that Kate skipped off with the ring to join the queue for the slide.

I looked at Ryan at the same time as he looked at me.

“Bloody natural tease that girl.” Ryan said. “You’d better go and join her; I’ll wait at the bottom.”

I ran after Kate and we joined the queue and had a fun slide down. Ryan later told me that the youths had just stood there talking for ages before going and joining the queue. Apparently they accused each other of being perverts and paedophiles. One of them had said that he didn’t know about that but her tit sure did feel good. Another of them said,

“Fucking hell; I could get arrested for cradle-snatching if I did what I’ve just thought about doing.”

“Shit man; the little girls never looked that good when I was her age.”

“I bet that you never saw a pussy when you were her age.”

“Yes I did.”

“The internet doesn’t count mate.”

As Kate and I got to the bottom of the ride a man helped us out of the ring.

“Thank you mister.” Kate said and we walked over to Ryan.

“Okay girls,” Ryan said, “we seem to be running short of opportunities here for you to flash your goodies so I think that we should find somewhere else.”

“Oh goodie,” I replied, “does that mean that we can go back to the villa?”

“No Tanya, I’ve thought of a place with lots of horny young men and women and more than likely, no kids, so let’s go.”

We went to the locker room and got our stuff and went back to the car. During the walk I wondered where Ryan meant, and the more I thought about it the more I got worried. I convinced myself that Ryan was going embarrass me mega-style.

As we approached the car Ryan said,

“Before we go anywhere I think that you should give Tanya the vibrator back Kate.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes, I think that you’re horny enough already; and besides, you’re not backwards in coming forward to tease men are you?”

“It’s fun.”

Ryan opened the car and told Kate to sit on the passenger seat with her legs out and to spread them.

“Right, stick your fingers in and fish that vibe out Kate.”

Kate’s fingers disappeared and groped around insider her pussy as both Ryan and I watched.

“I can’t get a grip on it.” Kate said, “Can you get it for me please Ryan?”

“Tanya’s more experienced at this than me but what the hell.”

Kate’s fingers came out and Ryan’s went in. After about 30 seconds Ryan said,

“I see what you mean Kate.”

I looked at Kate’s face and saw that she was about to cum.

“Keep going Ryan;” I said, “She’s gonna cum soon.”

Ryan looked up at Kate’s face just as she started to cum. It was good job that no one was around as I would have got embarrassed; and I was just stood there watching.

“Got it!” Ryan said and his fingers came out gripping the vibe.

When Kate had got back to normal Ryan said,

“Right girls, swap places.”

We did and I opened my legs and Ryan gently pushed the vibe in then switched it on to low.

As we left the car park Kate asked if we could stop somewhere to get an ice cream.

“Good idea;” I said, “and while we’re there I need a drink, a strong one, I think that I’m going to need it.”

“Where did you get that vibrator from?” Kate asked.

“Write your email address down and I’ll send you the details.” Ryan replied.

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