The Abduction of Vickie by BO+GUN

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Hardcore, Submission

The Abduction of Vickie

by bo gun©

After I stopped drinking, the bars and that bar scene just lost the attraction that used to afford me. Now I was still young and needed a social outlet. So as a replacement I started going to those trendy coffee shops. Mostly just to read and drink coffee, which was my new addiction, but also to watch the ladies.

One of my favorite places to go was the Café Moon. Café Moon was the epitome of some non drinkers’ meat rack. Every evening after 5pm, the place would be jammed with secretaries, business men and woman of all ages and status. Making contacts and socializing, like one would in some smokey wall street martini bar. An upward mobile places, that attracted the usual business crowd with a craving for caffeine and sex.

My normal routine was to go to the Moon, grab a table and just read my paper and girl watch, until about eight or nine p.m.. That’s when most everyone normally went home anyway.

While sitting there one night, enjoying a cup of the house blend, my favorite choice of swill at the moon.

Inadvertently over heard a group of what appeared to be five or six secretaries talking up a storm. At first they would be whispering. A whisper that was barely audible. This was then followed immediately by shrieks of loud laughter and shy giggles, coming from their table. This only made me more curious and self -conscious. One immediately thinks when a people whisper they are talking about you. I listened more intently. Craning my neck and mentally tuning up my ears, I focused harder and began to get the drift of the conversation.

It seems these nice young professional women were comparing their favorite sexual fantasies.

This was like being a fly on the wall, I found myself privy to a whole world of esoteric knowledge that few men get to experience.

Now most of their fantasies were typical and run of the mill, still I loved hearing them. These nasty young ladies wanted two men at the same time. They wanted two women at the same time. One even wanted to fuck her husband’s boss. Each time one lady spoke, the next one would try to top her fantasy. Kinkier and kinkier, from sex on top of parked cars to blow jobs under tables at the fanciest restaurants in town.

On and on they went, all but one that is, the quiet one who sat with her back to me.

Her friend noticed she was not contributing and began to chide her into coming clean. “Come on Vickie we know you’ve, got a good one, now tell us it.”

Vickie must have had some reputation, from her friends reaction to her silence this made her sound like she was the queen of kink. All of the ladies wanted to know what Vickie had to say. Suddenly Vickie spoke,

“I want to be forced!” “What!” said some of her friends in utter disbelief.

As I spit my coffee onto the sport section.

Vickie repeated herself “I want to be forced.” Vickie went on to explain“I want some strange guy I just met or hardly know to tie me up and make me his sex slave.”

One young lady roared “that’s rape and that’s sick.”

Vickie defended her self, “Rape is violent I said nothing about violence. Ok maybe a little smack on the ass and a pinch of the nipple but, . . . What I truly want, is to be ravaged by someone. Somebody that I don’t have to pretend with. Pretend that I don’t like it. Just like we all do with guys we dated and our husbands.”

.I could not believe what I was hearing. This sweet little voice with a face I could not see, was most defiantly my kind of lady.

I needed to see what she looked like. All my mind could see was, some woman with tits that came bulging out of a blouse that was way too tight, wearing some cheap skirt way too short. Some really tasteless bitch with way too much makeup

Slowly I tried to move without being noticed. It would be so embarrassing to be caught eavesdropping on their conversations. I got up and took my paper and ordered another cup of coffee. On my way back to my new seat I saw her.

Much to my pleasant surprise, she didn’t look anything like what my mind predicted she’d look like.

From my new seat I could look right at her, she sat at the very edge of the booth so I got to check her out from head to toe.

Vickie looked like a little Irish waif. With her long red mane, which I’m sure many women would have killed to have. She had petite tits that push hard against her tight tee shirt, I could see her pink nipples and the shape and size of her areola. Vickies’ legs were long and shapely. Which she accented with a pair of those fuck-me heels, that I do love so much. Shiny patent leather ones, with a tight ankle strap and at least five inches of heel. Don’t get me wrong Vickie was hot, I’d even say she was dam near-perfect. She was sexy, and innocent all at the same time. If I were to cast her to a porn flick, it would have to be. Irish Catholic school girls in trouble.

I was staring once again, and if I wasn’t careful I was going to get caught.

Vickie went on telling her friends how she would be abducted and her abductor would bind and gag her. Making her, his helpless prisoner.

Not realizing it but I was staring right at Vickie, her porcelain skin those piercing blue eyes and that sweet angelic voice. All of which had me hypnotized. Vickie looked up and caught me. I must have been sitting there with my mouth open engrossed in her tale. Surprisingly Vickie gave me a wink and smiled. I turned every color of red, I was so humiliated.

Allowing myself a few moments for my rock hard erection to subside.

Rising from my table and in an effort to save face Casually I walked over to their table and told all of the ladies that I hoped all their fantasies would come true. Then looking directly into Vickies’ sharp blue eyes, and I said, especially yours. Then I smiled turned and walked out as all the ladies turned as red as I had, just minutes before.

Weeks had past and I had seen Vickie on and off at the moon. We always gave each other a flirtatious smile or an approving nod. Just letting the other know it was ok to look and flirt.

At some point I made a conscience decision, to make Vickie’s fantasy come true. It was probably made the night, I first heard it. In some way it was also fulfilling a fantasy of my own. But how was I to do this and not be mistaken as a rapist. What if she didn’t mean what she said. There must be a way to test the waters, before I committed myself. Once I crossed the line there would be no turning back , she would love either it or I would be going to jail.

One evening while milling around at the Moon, I tried giving Vickie a test. In a flirtatious way

I struck up a short conversation, while we were ordering coffee at the counter. “Hi there” I told her, as we waited for the counter girl to take our order. Vickie replied in kind “Hi you’ve become quite the regular haven’t you.” Quickly I seized the opportunity and replied. “ Well how else could I fulfill your fantasy.” Vickie stepped back.“Oh God you remember that.” I could see she was kind of embarrassed. Yes and I especially remember yours.” Vickie was quick, and with an inviting smile. She said just what I needed to hear too.“Then we should not talk any longer so you can remain a stranger.” Because only a stranger can make my fantasy come true.” With that she smiled and walked away. I felt heat rush through my body . The heat of arousal flushed over every inch of me. My ears grew unexplainably hot. God I was just basically given permission to make both our dreams come true.

Weeks went by Vickie continued her cock teasing and inviting innuendo. Little did she realize all this time I was preparing my trap, and an evening of total lust.

The anticipation drove me for weeks as I set up my basement like some sex club dungeon. Purchasing one of those love swings, the one with hand and ankle supports as well as two padded body supports Vickie would literally be suspended in the air once she was tied into the swing.

This was only the beginning of what I had done to prepare. Over the past few weeks I must have hit every sex shop in the metropolitan area. Like some wandering degenerate searching for the perfect sex toy.

Walking in looking around. Always looking over my shoulders. Working up the nerve to make the most simple of purchases.

The owners and cashiers of these shops must have thought of me as some kind of freak. All the time I was praying I didn’t see anyone that I knew, while in the stores. God forbid anyone would see me with a package as I’d leave in a rush.

Hurrying down the street to my car. That I never parked in front fearing someone would recognize it.

Now it was not like I had never been to those places, it was just I felt so guilty for being so turned on by what I was planning.

Some of my most embarrassing purchases consisted of things like vibrating nipple clips, ball gages, and dildos. The worst however was the butt plug and lube. Clearly that was the hardest thing to buy.

It always felt like the whole place was watching every purchase.

Never will I forget the look on that cashiers face.

That poor old lady, what she must have thought of me. I know she thought it was for self use, oh my god! I wanted so to explain every purchase, but I knew this would only be more humiliating.

Fantasizing about how I would use each and every item on Vickie, was the only thing that gave me the strength. The strength I needed to make it passed the cashier and out of the store.

The basement was all cleaned and readied, with dim lights and scented candles. I had the sex swing set up in the center of the room. The track lighting was connected to a dimmer, and the spots were focused on the swing so it would illuminate Vickies hot porcelain body

Nearby was a table positioned just right, so the inventory of new sex toys would be at my disposal.

Now I wasn’t fooling my self, thinking I would be able to use all of those sex toys. But I would sure as hell try to use as many as I could. My main concern was that Vickie is to have the best sex of her life.

I had to make certain, that she would, get the best fuck of her life. Toys were just one way I would assure her complete satisfaction. Prolonging myself had always been one of my best abilities.

However a doctor friend of mine had invested heavily in some drug company, and he received some samples of Viagra. He was handing it out like it was candy, and gave me some samples one night. Now I was definitely, going to be the perfect sex toy.

My van was set-up just so.

If someone got into the back the door couldn’t be opened from the inside.

The trick was to get Vickie into the van.

Luck once again was on my side . Vickie and I were both at the café late one night.

She had parked right across the street from my van.

When we both left, we nodded to each other and ran to our cars.

It was poring out, and I got soaked just crossing the street.

It was one of the summer rain storms that seemed as if they would never end. Lightening cracked the sky and thunder roared before each flash. The air had that dusty smell summer rains always have.

Though the foggy windows of the van I saw my opportunity.

Vickie had popped the hood of her car and got back out.

Quickly I made my U-turn so I would be the first to offer her some much needed help.

After all this was some sexy young woman wearing high heels, a leather skirt and a light Mellon colored tee shirt. Standing by her disabled car in the rain.

This was a scene from a porn flick I thought.

What guy I his right mind wouldn’t stop to help.

Vickie was getting soaked and her tee shirt was now practically see through.

As I pulled up she was bent over the front of the car. Bent over so far I could see she wore no panties.

Vickie fumbled around in an attempt at fixing her car.

I positioned the van so that the side door was even with the front of her car.

“Hi stranger need help?”

Vickie smiled. “Yes this dam car won’t start.”

I pretended to look around the engine checking the battery and the belts and such. As soon as I thought that it looked like I tried my best I said.“ Sorry I don’t think I can fix it in this rain you want a ride.”

Vickie replied.“I don’t really know you but ok.” And then she smiled wickedly.

Opening the side door and let her into the van. Slamming it quickly behind her.

Vickie quickly realized that there was no way out of the van as I jumped in the front.

Shit! Vickie said

Please don’t hurt me!

To calm Vickie down, and realizing how scarred she must have been.

I told her that this was her fantasy and it was not to be violent.

“Maybe a spank of the ass or a pinch of the nipple.” Using her words in an attempt to ease her mind. “But no violence.”

Vickie grew quiet after that she said nothing, though the drive was short.

Had to have been about nine thirty when we got to my house. Pulling the van around the back so we could use the back entrance to my basement. Making sure I carefully parked with the vans sliding door in front of the basement door. This way no one would even see Vickie come out, and she would know that nobody knew where she was. She would be truly at my mercy. Before we got out of the van I ate the Viagra and told Vickie she was to do as I said . Vickie submissively nodded in agreement.

Opening the side door to the van I fully expected Vickie to try and bolt free or attempt some kind of escape. Much to my surprise Vickie didn’t even try. As a matter of fact she requested my permission to leave the van. In what I believe was a sweet attempt at being so submissive.

She was playing right along with me, this was to be one hell of a night.

Forcefully I pulled Vickie down the narrow basement stairs. As I turned the lights on it illuminated both the sex swing and the table of sex toy and lubricants that awaited her.

Vickie gasped!

I pulled Vickie over to the swing and just tied her hand to the wrist support of the sex swing.

Vickies tee shirt was still soaked from the rain. Through the wet fabric I could just make out her erect nipple, pushing the cold damp shirt away from her

With my teeth I tore a small notch at the center of the v-neck tee shirt.

Grabbing the tee shirt by the top of her collar with both hands, I ripped the tee shirt open exposing, Vickies pink nipple and petit little tits. With my pocket knife I cut the rest of her wet tee shirt off.

Vickie once again asked that I not hurt her, to which all I did was hold my fingers to my lips and told her “shhhh”.

Softly and slowly I massaged Vickies tits. She closed her eyes threw her head back and moaned in a whisper “yes.” My massage increased in its vigor as Vickie became lost in each slow caress.

My hands made love to her small sexy tits as my fingers teased around her pert nipples. Vickies moans became louder and more uninhibited, with each pinch of her nipples.

Working my way with one hand down Vickie’s soft sleek silky belly. Down to the top of her leather skirt.

Although at the same time with my other hand, fondled her left and more sensitive tit.

Undoing the snap and zipper to her skirt. Vickie without any prodding or hesitation closed her legs allowing the skirt to fall to the floor. Immediately after her damp skirt hit her ankles, Vickie stepped out of it, and spread her legs wide once again. She was so obviously anxious. Consumed by the moment, she needed to be naked.

Stepping behind Vickie I continued to cup and massage her aroused little tits. Tenderly squeezing her nipples, not in a painful way only to the point of erotic pleasure .

Now however I also lightly kissed and nibbled her neck from behind.

I could see the little hairs on Vickies’arms standing on end.

Once again I slowly slid my hand down her belly ,but this time all the way to her well groomed fiery haired pussy.

She was a natural red head for sure.

Vickie lunged forward, her pussy was aching to be touched. Sliding my hand between her legs. I could feel how moist her pussy already was. At this point I could have taken my fingers and drove them all the way home into her wanton wet pussy. I wanted to drive her crazy, to make her wait just a little longer before feeling anything fill her juicy hole.

Lightly the palm of my hand rubbed the outer lips of her pussy. With each stroke I pulled my hand back so the tips of my fingers could brush by her clit.

Vickie pushed herself up on the toes of her heels. In an attempt to grind her pussy harder into my hand and fingers. This I allowed her to do, I would be able to gage just firmly to push on her button by how hard she thrust her pussy into my hands.

Moving around in front of Vickie I knelt down on the floor. Now with a better angel I was ready to play some more.

Using my finger tips like little tongues, I teased and spread Vickies lips open.Vickie was so wet and so open I couldn’t resist slowly inserting one finger just halfway.

Pushing my finger in slowly, Vickie moaned with approval, she loved and needed something in her pussy. Deeper and deeper in at a gradually pace. Faster and fast my one finger fucked her. Her whole body began to shake as if she were about to have an orgasm.“No not yet.” I told her pulling my finger from her now sloppy pussy. Just once I spanked her swollen hole to calm her down. All Vickie could say was, “fuck!”

This was the time for me to get some things ready..

Quickly I undressed, slipping into a pair of latex crotchless Boxers.

Using a microwave I heated some baby oil up, until it was just slightly hot to the touch.

Laying Vickie back into the sex swing. Adjusting all the supports so she would be securely restrained and suspended in mid air.

Vickie giggled and mumbled something about the fact that this was going to be great. I smiled and finished my preparations for the rest of her fantasy. I now blind folded Vickie and placed the ball gag into her mouth all I would hear now were her moans and sighs.

What a picture Vickie made lying suspended in that swing. Her legs spread wide open and her wrists and ankles bound to the swing.

Stepping between her legs with the hot baby oil in hand, Vickie quickly adapted to being blind folded, she felt my presence and lifted her hips. This was her attempted at showing me how willing and open her pussy could be. She was so wide open even as air passed from between her wet

lip, her pussy just sucked more back into itself

By now the viagra had kicked in and my cock was as hard as a rock and it bounced up and down as I with every movement I made. As I moved in to reach for her tits my cock rubbed and bump into her clit. So tempted I was to just ram my cock deep inside. But I wanted to explode my wad all over her face and I was determined to build up a huge money shot.

As I dribbled hot baby oil on Vickies tits my throbbing cock slapped and poked at her still moist pussy. The hot oil had the same effect as dripping hot wax on her tits and acted as a lubricant at the same time. The lubricant allowed me to continue my erotic massage. This time with a some what new twist. Dibbling hot oil and then massaging the oil into Vickie’s aroused nipples with the fingers on one hand and massaging some more hot oil into her clit with the fingers of the other. Vickie was once again thrusting her hip and grinding her way up into my fingers.

Vickies body was squirming in the swing muted moans came from behind the ball gag she need to have something in her cunt now. Using only one finger for now, I started once again to slow fuck Vickies cunt. Vickies hip move into my finger as guttural sighs came from her throat. She pumped her wanton pussy faster than I would allow my fingers to fuck her. Arching her back in an effort to get more of my hand stuffed to that box. Obviously this made her so crazed , I inserted another finger in an effect to ease her desperation.

This still did not quell her need so I added another and fucked her with three fingers gradually faster and deeper like I had done before.

Vickie was so in need of an orgasm.

She was breathing so hard and fast that, I mercifully reached up and removed the ball gag from her mouth.

“FUCK ME!” She screamed “PLEASE FUCK ME!”

I stopped fingering her. Slowly withdrawing my finger from her now frothy pussy . I reach for a nice eight inch jelly dildo. Furiously lubing it up as fast as I could, so my slave would not lose the mood that I worked her up to. Patiently I inserted this thick pliable latex cock. Little by little until Vickies cunt sucked the entire length leaving me just enough to hold as I fucked her and licked her clit.

Vickie squirmed and screamed approving of everything I was doing

Even when I stopped briefly leaving the dildo shoved deep inside her leaky cunt she expressed her approval.

Vickie squeezed that dildo with her pussy and held it while I got some new toys

I reach over to the table and grabbed the clips and clamps. There was set for her nipples, those were the clips. And the set for her clit ,that was the clamps. They were adjustable clips that would pinch only as hard as I set them for. It took just a little patients and some feed back from Vickie, but I got them just right she especially like the clit clamp this made her clit protrude forward, and become more sensitive to the licking I gave it.

Fucked her a little more with the dildo but this time I knelt down and ate her asshole. I stuck three fingers up her well oiled ass with no problem or complaint from Vickie.

The only sounds she made were her exquisite moans. Moans from her next building orgasm. An orgasm I would not let her have yet.

Pulling my fingers slowly from the ass of my willing slave I again went for another toy.

This time however it was a butt plug, short and fat.

Pouring the remaining baby oil on her pussy and rubbing it in between the cheeks of her ass with the butt plug and my hands . Making certain that her ass was well lubed. Gently I pushed the butt plug up Vickies ass. She cried out that it was so big, but she pushed back on it and it slipped in nicely. In and out I work that plug reaming her ass over and over. One more time I grabbed the dildo in her pussy. And I fucked both her holes hard and fast while she came all over her toys.

Vickies body shook and contorted with such powerful orgasms. She was so multi-orgasmic and insatiable, she screamed her approval of my actions over and over.

With a slow steady hand I removed the butt plug during her climax which just served to intensify it more.

As I pull the dildo from her pussy, I was taken back because. Vickie was capable of ejaculating . She was a gusher girl I loved it.

I untied Vickie and flipped her over on her belly. She lied there hanging on to the swing spread eagle as I started to fuck her in an standing doggie style. Vickie was quick to reach yet another orgasm.

I withdrew my cock from her cunt, and walked to the front of her. Vickie knew just what to do, she took my throbbing cock in her mouth. Sucking me all the way in until she gaged. Vickies eyes teared as I force fucked her face. Not once did she try to stop me with her now freed hands. She just sucked me as I pumped away.

My balls ached and I needed to blow a load, or I felt they might just explode. My hips flew back and forth. My balls hit up under Vickies chin. Now I was about to cum.

Pulling my cock from Vickies mouth I blasted all over her face. Hot clumps of cum dripped down and off Vckies nose and chin. Vickie grabbed my cock and sucked every drop out.

For a while Vickie and I said nothing. I don’t think either of us had the strength to talk. Fifteen minutes later I introduced myself. Then Vickie broke her silence by saying “oh my god that was the greatest sex I’ve ever had.” Vickie then look down at my cock and seen it was once again hard. Looking up at me and all I said to her was “Viagra.” All Vickie could reply with was.“Great more.”

Vickie and I fuck the rest of the night and she left sometime in the afternoon the next day. Often I go back to the Cafe Moon hoping to find her, but as yet I’ve never seen Vickie there again. Still I keep my basement set up, it has seen many other nights of sexual bliss. The real reason I keep it that way is, because one day I’ll find Vickie again.

Rating: 86%, Read 16500 times, Posted Jan 21, 2014

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Hardcore, Submission


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