My daughter Judy by DONNIE

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My daughter Judy was twelve years old when she happened to catch me masturbating. I was embarrassed at first, but she seemed interested and came right into the room, confessing that she had thought there must be something wrong with her because she had been playing with herself "down there" lately at night and in the shower when she washed herself.

I told her it was perfectly natural to play with yourself, and that all women did it. I asked her if she had ever had an orgasm, to which she replied that she didn't know what I was talking about.

"Well, did it feel good when you played with yourself down there?"

"Yes," she said, "But what is an orgasm?"

I told her about the wonderful feeling you could have when you stroked your vagina just right and found the clitoris, a little nub at the top of your vaginal slit.

Then I demonstrated for her, running my fingers into my vagina and quickly giving myself a cum, feeling extra turned-on by the fact that my 12 year-old daughter was watching me.

Judy was fascinated, and started playing with herself as she watched me writhe and wriggle in my orgasm. She said what she was doing still felt good, but that she didn't feel anything like what I was apparently feeling.

I had her lie down on the bed next to me, and I gently took her fingers away from her pussy and ran my hands up between her legs, which she willingly spread open to me. I caressed her inner thighs and gradually worked my fingers up until I was stroking her hairless pussy, which was already nice and juicy with her vaginal secretions.

Then, after running my fingers up and down her slippery slit several times I found her little clitty and began stroking it. After a few strokes her little bottom began to fidget and squirm, and I kept it up until she gave a pleasurable gasp and her whole body tightened around my strumming finger. At last she relaxed, and I continued to stroke her pussy until she calmed down.

"Whew, Mom!" she said. "That was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had!" Then I kissed her and told her to go back to bed. That was just the beginning of our mother/daughter fun together.

The next morning, Judy came down to breakfast in just her panties and a t-shirt, her pert little breasts poking little bumps through the thin material. "Gee, Mom, that was wonderful last night, but now I feel kinda itchy down there and keep wanting to play with myself some more."

I told her that it was okay to play with herself whenever she wanted to, as long as she didn't let other people see her. She sat down at the breakfast table and I saw that she had one hand in her lap, apparently strumming herself to satisfy that sweet pubescent itch.

I was wearing only my silk nightie, which left nothing to the imagination, and I could feel Judy's eyes on me as I moved about the kitchen preparing our breakfast. It made my nipples pop out and my pussy leak to realize that my twelve year-old daughter was ogling me with lust in her eyes.

By the time we finished eating breakfast and put the dishes away, I was feeling hot and squirmy, and I could tell that Judy was feeling the same way. I suggested that we go up to my bedroom and I would show her something new. She eagerly led the way up the stairs, and I couldn't take my eyes off her cute little butt as she swayed up the steps. Her little ass cheeks were just starting to round out a bit, and she already had that sweet feminine sway we all develop at about her age.

Upstairs I sat on the bed and drew my daughter to me, hugging her and cupping her cute little bottom in both hands. I pressed her against my breast, and she giggled as her face cuddled into the thinly covered material of my nightie. I kissed her lovingly on the neck, then her cheek, and finally kissed her mouth, lingering in a more than motherly smooch that let the tip of my tongue reach between her eager, hungry, youthful lips.

She gasped when we finally came up for air, and Judy said, "Wow, Mom! I've never been kissed like that before!"

Then my hands worked their way down over her butt taking her panties along with them as they went. By the time the panties were in a puddle at my little girl's feet, she was eager to step out of them, and as she did, I lifted her t-shirt over her head to reveal my lovely pre-teen in all her nakedness. I invited her to dance around and show me her moves, and as she did I took off my nightie and laid it aside. Then I rose and danced with her, pressing her young body close to mine and letting our pubic regions touch so she could feel my pudenda against her bare pussy.

When we got tired of dancing we both collapsed on the bed and I moved down to kneel between her legs, which she eagerly spread apart for her adoring mother. Actually, I pushed my knees lower down so that I was lying with my head between her legs, gazing up at her sweet slit, pink in its bareness, inviting in its peach-like roundness. Her labia had not grown yet to the point of sticking out, but I knew they were there just inside the puffy pubescent lips of her vulva.

As I had the night before, I reached up and caressed my daughter's inner thighs, eventually finding my way to her virginal pussy. When I started stroking her slit with my finger, she opened up like a little flower in the sun, and then I could see the little developing labia that enclosed the sweet honey pot that awaited within. But this time I simply held the puffy lips apart while I moved in closer with my face, and after planting a loving kiss on my daughter's virgin pussy, I let my tongue lap at her slit and eventually enter the nether regions, there to encounter the bud of her clitoris, which throbbed to the touch of my tongue.

I began licking and lapping at the delicious slit, and strumming the little clitty with my tongue, holding my daughter's ass cheeks in both hands and feeling her excited writhing in the pleasure of her first oral orgasm. It lasted longer than the one the night before, the one that I had engendered with my fingers. I smashed my face into her sweet little pussy and felt the lovely cum juice slather over my cheeks and chin until she eventually came down from her cum and lay gasping for breath.

Then I crawled up and planted kisses on both her little titties and on her mouth, once more letting my tongue part her lips and enter her mouth, giving her a taste of her girly cum juice, which she apparently savored, because she accepted my juicy kiss and wrapped her arms around her loving mother in complete acceptance of my amorous actions.

After we had both rested awhile, it was my turn to be the recipient of a little oral attention, so I asked Judy if she wanted to try doing to me what I had just done to her. She eagerly assented, and crawled quickly to a position between my legs such as I had occupied between hers.

Her small hands took their time wandering and exploring over my body. I asked her to kiss my nipples and suck on them the way she had as a baby, and she was pleased to resume her nursing technique, having only given it up a few years ago. My nipples stood proud and tall as my daughter lovingly licked and then sucked on them, one at a time.

Then she kissed her way down my stomach, pausing at my naval, and going all the way down to my feet. There she began a slow search of my inner legs, moving her small hands up closer and closer to my womanly womb. She was amazed at the amount of pubic hair I have, and she ran her fingers and her chin through the auburn curls before bending lower to inspect the motherly cavern beneath my pubic hair.

Her little hands felt heavenly on my inner thighs, and when she finally reached my pussy lips I was wet and already squirming to her touch. Judy looked up at me adoringly as she bent her head and took a little lick at my pussy lips. That seemed to set her off, and before long she had her face buried in my cunt just the way I had been buried in hers a short while earlier.

Her tongue instinctively found my hot button and lapped me into a frenzy, making me squeeze my young daughter between my thighs and hold her in place with my hand on her head while I soared to a wonderful orgasm. When she finally came up for air, her face as all juicy and wet, and I pulled her up to kiss me as I had kissed her.

My daughter and I have been lovers ever since, and we have managed to initiate some of her friends, and mine as well, into our mother/daughter lovemaking.

Rating: 85%, Read 134176 times, Posted Apr 17, 2006

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Girl, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex


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