Skirts n Shirts 1 by Captain+Nobody

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Fiction | At work, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism

Kevin stifled a sneeze as he walked down the dusty hallway. It was a brand new building, and there was godawful somethings floating in the air all around him. It could be worse, he thought to himself. I could be stuck back in Lou's Garage with my stepdad and a whole mess of drunken lunatics. Kevin shook the thought away and stopped at an unusual silver sculpture to make sure he looked okay for meeting his new boss. He stood a good 6' 2" but was lanky, lacking a lot in the muscles. It was something he had come to hate about himself. His hair was short, trimmed and a mixed brown color, with every patch being radically different no matter where you looked. Kevin looked at himself and realized that he was a handsome guy, but in no way a hunk. Reality closed its icy fingers around him again and he was back in his gray suit with his gray bag over his shoulder spiraling into a gray unknown in a gray building. He sighed heavily and marched once more towards his new boss's door. Within minutes he was in front of an oddly out-of-place red-stained oak door with a heavy brass handle shaped like a reclining nude woman. Kevin almost felt perverted touching it, but he did anyway. But just as he did, he heard screaming of an unnatural sort inside the room.

"I don't care who you screw over, but you can't do that!" It was a woman, middle aged by the sound of her voice, but feisty.

"Listen, lady," the man said 'lady' with a sort of mocking reproach, "I'll do whatever the Hell I want with this place and you ain't gonna do jack shit about it."

"Lady? Listen to me you sunuvabitch..."

"That is it!" The man shouted, followed by what seemed like an eternity of screechings and hollerings, punctuated with the here-and-there crash of foreign objects. At long last, Kevin was nearly killed when the heavy door swung open. Kevin went to the door to greet to woman who had obviously been fighting with his new boss. Instead, however, he found himself staring into the eyes of a three hundred-and-something pound man bearing down the hallway and shoving Kevin aside.

"You deal with that bitch!" he muttered upon passing. Kevin stood and thought for a moment and started running figures in his head. He strode into the office and realized he was right. His new boss was a woman. She was currently bent over her desk and Kevin got a full view of her magnificent cleavage. Her round, supple breasts were tucked neatly away and seemed remarkably perky for a woman her age (Kevin guessed early forties). Her long, red hair fell across her chest as she raised up and Kevin could see her entire body, the sensuous curves rising and falling about her in such a powerful and sophisticated manner. She carried herself like a goddamn goddess and had all the right in the world to. His eyes remained glued to her astounding physique. She cleared her throat and Kevin nearly fainted. Something about this woman thrilled him and frightened him at the same time. He snapped to attention and found himself staring straight into the brightest pair of green eyes he had ever seen. There was a power behind those eyes and Kevin doubted his ability to perform this job the moment he made eye contact. Finally she broke the silence.

"Mr. Foster, I presume?" she said coldly. Kevin sat in the nearest chair when she motioned and stood as erect as his dick was getting. He prayed to god she couldn't see the throbbing bulge in his pants at this point. She didn't seem too interested and conducted the interview/automatic hiring with professional ease. He introduced himself and made a list of his accolades and achievements, stumbling over every word like he knew he shouldn't. Within minutes he was putty and she was pointing towards a door. He was given the names of his new co-workers and sent in to fend for himself. Kevin emerged from this newest door into a copy room. He immediately locked his eyes onto the beautiful ass of a bent-over blonde. She turned around and shrieked.

"Jesus Christ," she said, gathering the papers she had thrown into the air, "you scared me half to death!" She bent down and started scuttling across the floor in a squatting position to collect her papers. Kevin admired the wonderful view he got of her massive bosom. To his delight, she hadn't worn a bra that day and he could just barely make out the top of her giant nipples. He sighed slightly and his cock now raged in his pants leg, ready to rip free. Kevin never thought about it until he was erect just how big his dick was. Fully erect it was a solid 10 inches long and almost as big around as a woman's wrist. Apparently, he realized it was hard just about the same time the woman ran into it with the top of her head. She raised her head up ever so slightly and gasped audibly. Kevin noticed her breathing becoming erratic and he quickly repositioned himself and proceeded to the door at the opposite end of the room. Just as his hands closed around the knob, a slender hand caught his elbow. He turned around and the girl was smiling.

"I'm Susan," she said lazily, as if they had just seen each other for the first time. There was a brief silence before she asked mockingly, "Habla Ingles?" Kevin blushed profusely before jutting his hand out in front of himself and rapidly introducing himself.

"I'm Kevin," he said, struggling for conversation with yet another beautiful woman. "Who was that?"

"That was Shauna," she replied, motioning toward the door, "our supervisor. Say, how old are you?"

"Twenty-five," he blurted.

"Me, too!" she squealed. Kevin sincerely doubted she was 25, but didn't argue with the busty blonde leading him through the door and into his new workplace. As they were rounding the curve into his cubicle, Kevin tripped and fell on the ground. His eyes caught a heel jutting out and in seconds he was on his stomach with Susan rushing to his side to help him. She bent abnormally low and proceeded to squeeze her arms, mashing her tits together and giving Kevin quite a show. Her efforts unknowingly displayed her entire chest to Kevin, and he was soon hard as a rock. Susan helped him up and dusted him off. Kevin shuddered as she dusted off his crotch area, lingering just a little too long for a simple courtesy. She stood up, gave a short farewell, and left. Kevin stared down at his massive erection and wondered just what the hell was going to happen here.


Three days later, Kevin was in his cubicle everyday from 9-5 constantly typing. His co-workers were friendly people but Kevin had never been very sociable. He had to admire, however, that there wasn't any shortage of smoking hot babes around. Everywhere he turned there was another wonderful set of breasts staring him the face as they laughed at someone's lame ass joke. He almost turned into a peeping tom, every now and then purposefully shuffling some papers off his desk to get a nonchalant view of their ass as they bent over. Never did he try to approach any of the girls because of his anti-social nature, but he started fantasizing about them.

In fact, one night, he was pulling an all-nighter, finishing a project before he would go over the deadline. Of all things, he didn't want to upset Shauna. That's when his mind flashed to Shauna. Those perfect tits and wild red hair. His dick poked at his zipper and Kevin snapped back to his work. Susan was just leaving and bid him farewell, glancing down at his pants. Was that a smile?, he asked himself. He shook it away and worked for another three hours.

At 11, he decided it was time for coffee, a few more minutes of work, and then back home to his meager apartment. As he poured the pure energy into his mug, his thoughts drifted back to Shauna and a wicked thought crossed his mind. The building was empty, nobody else was within earshot, not even a janitor, why not pull off a fast one and get back to work. Hell, he thought, I could use a little relief right about now. He made one final survey of the floor outside before closing the break room door and un zipping his pants. His giant prick was pressing so hard against his boxers that it nearly tore the fabric. He slid his boxers down to his knees and let his enormous dick spring out. His filthy thoughts had already glistened the tip of his enormous head with precum. he smeared the clear liquid al around his shaft and began a slow, rhythmic pumping, losing himself in his public passion. The only thing in his mind was bending his boss over her desk and fucking her cross-eyed. He thought about her shapely figure, those perfect breasts, her beautiful snatch most likely covered in fiery hair to match her spirit.

"Yeah," he muttered. "Take it you bitch!" He began stroking faster and faster, his hand a blur as it pumped his rod harder and harder. He let out an audible moan as he neared climax and panicked as he realized he had no place to shoot his load. He scrambled, still pumping furiously, over to a nearby trash can and finally reached his peak of arousal. With an "Aw, FUCK!" he began to shoot stream after stream of sticky jizz into the trash can, splattering the inside with cum. IT seemed to go on forever as the goo kept rocketed out of the tip. When he was finally finished, Kevin fell backwards onto the floor, breathing heavily. He Regained himself and zipped up his pants. As he brushed off his suit, he swore he heard a giggle outside the break room.


For the following few weeks, every so often, during one of his all-night stints of work, Kevin would jerk off to thoughts of his sexy co-workers. Nobody ever bothered him, until the night before the quarterly report was due. Of course, Kevin was working until the wee hours of the morning trying not to fall short of what was expected. Anyone who didn't turn in a finished quarterly report had to meet with Shauna to discuss the future of their employment. As much as Kevin would have loved to be in Shauna's office, he didn't want his termination to be the reason. Of course, after his thoughts drifted to Shauna, his dick began poking the underside of his desk. He glanced around, a nervous habit, and rushed into the break room to tug one off. He already had his dick in his hand when he ran in and whacked it real fast into the trash can, missing the actually trash can and hitting the wall most of the time. Fuck it, he thought, I'll clean it up later. He rushed back to his cubicle and didn't even hear the soft footsteps hastily trotting away as he exited. After a few minutes, Kevin realized he had actually forgotten his coffee. As he neared the break room, however, Kevin heard some strange noises. He crept up stealthily and poked his head around the corner. What he saw shocked him.

Right there in the break room, crouched beside the wall was a woman. Kevin kind of recognized her but didn't really recall anything about her except that she had a medium sized bust, maybe C. She was short and had a bit of a large ass, but Kevin was into anything as long as she wasn't fat, and this girl was athletically trim. She had the most beautiful brown hair Kevin had ever seen and it feel to her shoulders in almost sensual, inviting soft curls. Kevin would have commented on her eyes, but the girl had them closed. He had to stifle his reaction as he realized she was masturbating. Her skirt was yanked down to her ankles and one shoe was dangled by the toe as she had her hand in her underwear and was furiously fingering her cunt. Kevin's cock stood at attention in a matter of seconds. She started muttering, too.

"Oh my God!" she screamed. "Yes, oh, give it to me hard! Fuck ME! FUCK MEEEEE! OH God, yes, Kevin, FUCK ME!!!! Stick your giant tool in my pussy! Fuck me HARD, Kevin!!!!"

Kevin nearly exploded in his pants when he heard the name. And if he hadn't grabbed his cock to control it, he would have blown right there as she lifted her free hand to the wall and began to scrape his cum off. She hastily jammed the finger in her mouth and repeated, cleaning the wall off in expert time. "Kevin, your cum is so good. I want to suck you so bad!!!" Kevin was leaning in now, trying to get close to the girl, but didn't want to alert her to his presence. He was still shy, no matter what. Instead of advancing, he whipped his cock out and began stroking it in the doorway. He listened to the girl as the sounds slowly got louder and hotter. She must be reaching her orgasm, he thought and stroked faster. He became so involved in himself that he didn't hear her stop. Suddenly, Kevin's heart leapt into his throat as a small hand wrapped around his shaft. His eyes snapped open as he saw the brown haired girl look at his cock hungrily. Her light brown eyes met his.

"Thank God you're here," she said, pulling Kevin into the room by his prick. Before he could say anything she stuck the tip into her mouth and began flicking her tongue across the sensitive underside of the head. She managed to fit a little over half of his tool into her mouth before she started bobbing up down on his cock. Every chance she got, she would stop and flick the underside, throwing Kevin into a heated world of passion, where he didn't give a flying fuck where he was or what/who he was doing as long as he was doing something. She slid her hand down her panties again and began frigging herself like before. Her muffled moans wrapped around Kevin's member excited him further. She started bobbing faster and Kevin began grunting and moaning. He bucked his hips and thrust upward to match her bobbing and before long he was ready to pop.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!!" he shouted as his nuts shriveled and he began to pump his seed into this stranger's throat. The woman was obviously surprised at the amount. She couldn't swallow it all and began to gag. Kevin's cock popped out of her mouth as she was gulping down huge loads of semen, and the last several squirts caught right in the face, around the eyes. She took her free hand and smeared it around her cheeks and mouth before licking her fingers as she too erupted in a fit of screaming thanks to an earth-shaking orgasm the likes of which Kevin had never personally seen. He'd been with a handful of girls, but none this crazy.

They both sat there for a moment before Kevin went to close his pants in panic, realizing this was against corporate policy. Coworkers can't have relationships together. It was a rule and Kevin had already broken too many by himself, not to mention it was also criminal. The girl reached out and grabbed his cock, cause it to twitch and began to stiffen. Kevin moaned and looked at her. She stared at him, looking like a sad beggar.

"My name is Kaylie, and now that the formalities are over with, I need this! Please, Kevin, fuck me. I need this BAD," she said, stroking his cock with expertise that only comes with experience. Kevin looked down at the twenty-something woman. She was hot. He was horny. His rationale did battle with his lust and his lust beat the every living shit out of his reason as he reached down and pulled her shirt up over her head. He tugged at the back of the bra until he freed her perky breasts. They bounced out and he took one in his hand and one in his mouth as he kneeled down to where she was and started flicking his tongue across one nipple while rolling the other in between his fingers. Her breathing became rapid and when Kevin moved his free hand to caress her now swollen cunt, he found that she was quite wet. Kevin tore her silk under wear away and began to explore her region. He searched until her found her clit and began using the same rolling method he was using on her nipple. Kaylie went nuts. Her hips bucked and she let out primal screams. Within minutes, her body shuddered with an immense orgasm. She fell back and caught her breath. Kevin stood up and stood proud. He was in control and he liked it. Unexpected however she launched herself at him and bowled him over to the ground, locking him in a rough passionate kiss. He was taken completely by surprise and she couldn't honestly have cared less. The only thing in her mind was Kevin's dick and when she sat up it was positioned right between his stomach and her thousand-degree snatch. She ground her hips a few times to get a noticeable reaction from Kevin before she stood up a little bit and guided Kevin's cock to her luscious pussy lips. His head was positioned at the entrance for a few seconds before she let it slide in. Kevin shut his eyes and marveled at the sensation he hadn't felt in months.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kaylie let gravity do the work and impaled herself on Kevin's dick. She didn't skip a beat as she started to bounce up and down on Kevin’s massive erection. She threw her head back and wailed in ecstasy. Kevin snapped out of his trance and reached up to massage her tits, marveling in the experience. Kaylie continued to bounce faster and faster. Sliding up and down constantly on Kevin's rod. Kevin began to thrust upward to match Kaylie's bouncing. Only a few minutes passed before she was racked by another orgasm. She collapsed onto Kevin's chest.

"Oh. My. God. What are you?" she said, sliding off and rolling onto the floor next to him. He was speechless, but still needed his own satisfaction. Kevin sat up and gripped the edge of the nearby counter to help himself. He grabbed Kaylie's shoulders and hoisted her up. She saw him flick his head towards the table and immediately knew what to do. She staggered over to the table and laid across it, ass in the air. Kevin stared hungrily at her exposed cunt and walked over to her. With a grip that betrayed his frail appearance, he grabbed her ass and positioned his cock at her hole. With one deft motion, he thrust himself to the hilt into her pussy, drawing a scream of excitement from the girl as she started thrusting backwards. Kevin pulled out almost all the way, leaving only the tip of his head in before plunging all the way in again, driving Kaylie crazy. She was completely insane at this point, lost in the moment.

"Fuck me, Kevin! FUCK ME!!!!" she screamed. "Pull my hair! Ram my cunt! Oh GOD! I'm CUMMING!!!" Kevin obliged as he twisted her flowing brown hair into his fingers and began furiously pounding her with all the strength he had, constantly ramming and ramming her cunt. She bucked wildly as yet another explosive orgasm rocked her body and all her muscles contracted at once. Kevin continued his sexual onslaught until his balls tightened again and he started unloading his cock into her tight twat. The feeling of his hot sperm hitting the walls inside her sent Kaylie into another sexual frenzy and under the intense strain, she passed out, with Kevin clinging to her back for dear life trying to recover.


Moments later, Kaylie was drenched in water and Kevin was standing over her, fully dressed. She looked down at herself and found that all her clothes were on as well, but with her underwear torn off, she could see Kevin's cum leaking out of her pussy. She looked up at him and looked down. Kevin saw and started to apologize, but she cut him off.

"Don't worry, kid. I prefer it like that. I'm on the pill. No worries." She couldn't make long sentences and could barely speak at all. Kevin glanced at his watch. It was now 1 o'clock in the morning and he let Kaylie know. To his surprise, she smiled.

"You do know that means we only have 6 hours before we have to get back here. And who the Hell are you calling kid?"

"In my opinion, it means we have 6 hours before everyone else gets here," she responded, finally able to stand. Kevin merely smiled.

Rating: 75%, Read 32021 times, Posted Dec 15, 2005

Fiction | At work, Cum Swallowing, Female, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism


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