Becoming Jane by maverick1989

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Fantasy | Transgendered, Transsexual, Transvestite

Becoming Jane

Part 1

John had always been a little bit different. At a young age he had discovered porn. It started with pictures and magazines. Then the internet brought him movies. He became addicted. First it was straight porn, then interacial. Then he discovered strapon femdom witch quickly led to transexual porn. Soon he began sneaking around wearing his mothers panties and playing with his ass.

At 17 he was still a virgin until he joined an adult dating site and met an older man. He lied about his age and met up with him. The older man had been his first. John had been nervous in the back of the Jeep Cherokee as he kissed the man and then lowered his lips to the man's seven inch cock.

John took the man's cock and sucked it. Getting his first taste was exciting. John's small four inch cock grew hard as he sucked and jacked the cock in his mouth. Then the man had out him on his knees and pressed his cock against John's asshole.

With lots of lube and a little effort the man entered his virgin ass. It hurt like hell and was over quick. John said his goodbye and drove home with semen leeking from his asshole.

He felt dirty but was horny as ever. He drove home and masturbated furiously reliving his deflowering. Several months went by before he worked up the courage to try it again, bit eventually he found himself outsode Chyna's house. He had met her online. He was now 18 and no longer needed to lie about his age. He shut his car off and nervously walked up to her door.

He raised his hand to knock but she had been waiting. She opened the door. John layed his eyes upon the tall black woman. Her long shapely legs, curvy firm ass. Her black hair flowed down her golden brown skin and ended just at her large sumptous breasts.

She was wearing a skirt and a tank top. She felt a hotness growing between her legs as she looked at the young man. He has long blond hair. His youthful features were still soft and untouched by the hardness of adulthood. She smiled at him.

"Come in," she said opening the door and stepping back.

John stepped inside nervously. She stood there eyeing him over.

"Well let me get a better look at you honey," she laughed in a deep, but feminine voice.

John looked confused. She stepped in close to him and ran her hands gently over his chest.

"Let's get you out of these clothes," she said with a devilish grin.

She pulled his shirt off and John nervously fumbled with his pants, finally getting them off. He stripped his boxers and socks off standing nude in front of her. She ran her hands over his bare flesh. She took his hand and lead him into the bedroom. She sat down on the end of the bed and invited him to join her.

He sat down on the large comfortable bed. A tv in the room was on and he could her the faint sound of the porn movie that flicked across it's screen.

"Are you nervous," she asked?

"Yea, a little," John replied.

"It's nothing to be nervous about honey, it's just a good time. Have you ever done this before," she asked sliding her hand between his legs.

She began to massage his cock and balls as he told her about his one encounter before. His cock sprang up with the attention she gave it. It felt so damn good. The man before had shown him no reciprocation.

She let go of his cock and stood. She pulled her lacy panties down. John watched as a thick ten inch cock sprang out from between her legs. It was beautiful. A drop of precum began to run from the head of her massive dick.

He got up from the bed and stood in front of her. She put her hand on his neck and pulled him close as she kissed him. Her tongue darted in his mouth. She let out a light moan as his hand found her dick.

It felt heavy in his hand. It was warm and slick... and big. She pulled her lips from his and gently pushed him down. He dropped to his knees. The massive cock bobbed in front of him at eye level. He pumped it a few times pulling her foreskin back.

He eased closer to her. He kissed the head of her dick illiciting another moan from her. He ran his tongue around the head and then slowly lowered his lips to it.

He sucked the head of her cock as he continued to pump her shaft. Her precum tasted amazing as it danced around his tongue. He slowly worked his mouth further down her cock. He could feel it filling his mouth and hitting the back of his throat.

He gagged lightly at first but soon found his wat around the massive black dick in his mouth. He felt dirty and horny, like a slut. The thought drove him crazy with lust, his small cock growing rock hard as he forced her massive member further and further into his throat. She moaned and began pumping her hips as she ran her fingers through his long blond hair.

She held his head firmly as she began thrusting into his mouth. His hands left her cock and ran up her thighs. His fingers found her firm round ass and squeezed as she continued fucking his mouth. Her moans grew louder as her thrusts grew faster and deeper. He did everything he could to relax his throat to accomodate her cock.

She grabbed his hair roughly and pulled his mouth to the base of her cock. She shrieked an "oh fuck" as she shot cum down the back of his throat. He reached down and squeezed his aching cock as he felt the hot spunk hit the back of his throat. It was salty and warm. He did his best to swallow all the cum down.

She pulled her softening cock from his mouth. She grabbed him by the arms and assisted him up. She pushed him back on the bed. She stroked her cock with one hand as she stood over him.

"Fuck honey, that was amazing," she said, "you're a natural at sucking dick."

"Thank you," he said blushing.

"You got me all worked up. I want some of that white boy booty," she said as she rubbed stiffening cock against his asshole.

John let out a moan as he felt the heat of her cock against his body. She gently rubbed her shaft across his balls and against his shaft. She grabbed a bottle of lub. She squirted some on her hand and rubbed it around his asshole. She slid a finger inside him.

"God damn you're tight," she said as she fingered him.

He moaned and ran his hands across his body as the played with his ass. The she slid a second finger in. It felt amazing. She continued to finger him for a few minutes, getting him ready. With her other hand she stroked her cock. When it was fully erect she slather lube across it and pushed the head against his asshole.

"Are you ready honey," she asked as she began pushing the head in?

"Oh god, yes Ms. Chyna," he moaned as her head began spreading his asshole.

His moans made her hotter as she worked half of her cock inside of him. He winced in pain at first. The pain slowly faded to pleasure as his ass stretched out around her massive black cock. She began to pick up the pace. She thrust faster and a little deeper each time. John was hit with waves of pleasure as she worked her cock all the way inside of her.

He moaned loudly as her balls began slapping against his ass.

"Fuck Ms Chyna, your dick feels so good," he moaned.

"You like that big black dick in your tiny little white ass," she moaned as she fucked him harder?

"Yes Ms Chyna!"

She could feel herself about to cum. She pumped hard and fast into him. He only moaned louder as her giant cock filled him up. He could feel her inside him. He could feel the heat from her cock radiating through his body. She grabbed his tiny erect dick and pumped him furiously as she hammered his asshole.

It was to much for John. He grabbed the bed and squeazed. His whole body shook as his cock erupted all over her hand and his stomach. As he orgasmed the muscles in his ass took a death grip on her cock. It was to much for her. With one final, violent thrust she erupted inside of him. He could feel the burning hot cum fill him up.

She stood there for a moment before withdrawing her cock from him. When she did she flopped down on the bed beside him still reeling in extasy.

"Fuck that was amazing," she panted, "I can't believe you took the whole thing. Usually i have to get guys drunk before they can take all of it."

She through her arm around John and pulled him close to her. Her ebony skin a stark contrast against his tan skin. He rolled on his side as they're bodies rubbed against each other. Her lips found his and kissed him passionately. He could feel her cock rubbing against his as they kissed.

After a moment she pulled away from him.

"I need a cigarette," she said getting up from the bed.

"I could go for one myself," John said getting up.

He could feel as cum began leaking from his ass. She saw the look on his face.

"Do you need to get cleaned up," she asked him.

"Yea, I think i do."

She showed him to the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet. His asshole felt huge as a fart came out followed by cum running out. He cleaned himself up and walked back into the bedroom. He followed Chyna out onto a covered porch. She lit a cigarette and handed him one.

Still naked they sat and smoked.

"Do you have a girlfriend," she asked?


"Have you ever been with a woman?"

"Not yet," he said.

"But you definitely like cock."

"Does that make me gay?"

"Not necessarily," she said, "so many people want to use labels. I think of itas just being sexual."

"I like that," John replied smiling.

Chyna crushed out her cigarette. John did the same. She watched as his bubble but swayed while he walked back in the house.

"Do you have anywhere to be," she asked.

"Not really," he replied.

"Well then, let me get some more of that booty," she said smacking his ass.

The sharp pain from the smack only turned John in more. Before he knew it they were back in her bed. John was laying on his stomach. She lay on top of him, her breasts pressed against his back and her arm around his throat as she began pounding her hips driving her cock deeper and deeper into him.

"You love that dick," she whispered in his ear?

"Oh god yes, he maoned, please dont stop."

"Are you gonna be my little white boy slave?"

"Yes Ms Chyna."

"You gonna give me that ass whenever I want it?"

"Yes ma'am."

She pounded harder and faster. John could feel her massiveness inside of him. Fuck it felt so good, filling him up inside.

"What do you want from me," she whispered?

"I want to be your fuck slave, I want to be like you."

"Like me?"

"I want to be a wonan like you?"

"You want me to feminize you? Make you a little sissy slut cock slave," she asked as he moaned?

"Good yes, more that anything!"

"Oh god," she moaned as she pumped her cock into him furiously shooting her load in his ass.

She way on him gently rocking her hips. He could feel her softening cock sliding in and out of him.

"Where do you live," she asked?

"I'm crashing at a friends house."

"You have a job?"

"Yea, part time cashier."

"If I make you my girl, are you gonna do anything I ask?"


"You willing to fuck my friends, fuck anyone i ask you to?"

"Yes, I would do anything for you Ms Chyna."

"We'll see," she said, her cock stiffening again.

She picked up her pace and fucked him until she shot another load inside of him. She rolled off of him. She pulled him close against her. She ran her fingers through his hair.

"We shall see," she said as they drifted off to sleep.

Rating: 94%, Read 78062 times, Posted Oct 04, 2016

Fantasy | Transgendered, Transsexual, Transvestite


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