Teenage Tokyo Street Fighters & Fuckers: Part 1 by Mafia+Bitch

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Fantasm | Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism, Written by women, Young

Bzzzz..” Slap snooze button!


“Bzzzzzzz...” Slap snooze button again!



“Oh fuck, I’m going to be late!”

This was the way most mornings at the Shannon family started, but this would not be a typical morning. I was at the second floor, most of my clothes already on for school, looking at my watch as I stood at the door of the bathroom. I smirked. 7:35 A.M. I love how Terri exaggerates. School doesn’t start until 8:30, but I guess I could’ve been wrong about that. I can never really get on time either, but today I was hoping on changing that.

Terri my hot short-haired girlfriend sped out of her bedroom, literally ramming into the wall in front of her door, then bounced back off it to run my way. She only had on a large t-shirt and as she ran by me. I don’t think she even noticed me standing there until I spoke up just as she slammed the door shut.

“Congratulations, Terri! You’re only going to be 5 minutes late for school if you hurry up!”

“Oh, shut up, Alex,” she shot back in a hurry, the sound of the shower water immediately following afterwards. “You’re certainly not being much help, now are you?”

My mind was racing, if only I had x-ray vision and could stare at Terri’s hot body. She would be rushing through her shower, quickly soaping down her firm little tities, were her nipples hard as her fingers brushed over them?

I checked the door handle, open! She had forgotten in her rush. I opened it slowly, just a crack to see through the rising steam to Terri’s hot body. She was indeed applying soap to her firm round tities shaping the soap to her nipples and then unexpectedly pulling the stiff nipples with her fingers.

Oh my Terri we will be late now, I thought but loved it. It wasn’t the first time I had peeked while Terri showered, I wonder if she knew, and enjoyed it as much as I did.

My cock was hard and I unzipped my pants hoping Mrs. Shannon wouldn’t decide come up the stairs. As Terri turned I almost moaned when I saw her perfect little ass. It seemed slightly large for her small frame and ledged out from her lower back so round and firm. Then I say her red finger-nailed fingers appear between her legs trapped between her bare pussy lips. It was almost too much my cock was throbbing in my hand, as Terri spread her legs to reveal the pink bud of her of little clit. She trapped her flesh button between two fingers and began to slowly pull it back and forth, a soft groan echoing off the shower walls.

Terri brought her free hand over her ass squeezing both cheeks and then giving both a playful slap before she brought to fingers to the entrance of her pussy.

“Oh yes fuck yourself,” I hissed softly below the sound of the shower.

Then she did plowing two thin fingers into her velvety-pink cunt hole. Terri’s back arched as she moved the fingers in and out and pinched her clit harder between her fingers.

I knew I couldn’t hold out too long but I wanted to cum with Terri. I always felt that we were bound, destined to be lovers to spend our lives together, even though we had never fucked.

The sight of Terri pumping her cunt furiously while she was grinding two knuckles on either side of her clit, while her perfect wet ass bobbed up and down was an amazing sight.

I spit on my hand one last time and grabbed the head of my cock circling it over my wet palm before flashing my hand up and down the shaft with amazing speed. Then I saw Teri’s ass rise even higher in the air as her voice rose in a soft, high pitched wail, her whole body was trembling and jerking. I got down on the floor propping my ass against the wall so my throbbing cock was above my face. I pulled once and my creamy cum spewed all over my face with some landing in my mouth. My chest was heaving as I swallowed my own tasty cum, as I righted myself and righted myself, taking one last glance at Terri’s trembling body I silently closed the door and did up my zipper.

My smirk grew as I collected the remaining cum in the palm of my hand. I decided to leave Terri to her business, so I straightened out my navy blue uniform jacket and headed down the stairs to the lower level of the house. As I reached the bottom I looked at Terri’s eight year old sister Suzie, as he sat in front of the living room TV, staring at it with almost godly devotion. She is always like that. Whenever he had even a second of free time there she’d be, either playing video games (where I’d join along with her, if I had the time) or watching cartoons. As usual she was only wearing a night shirt and from past experience I knew she never wore panties. I straddled her back as I at down pressing my crotch into her firm little ass.

“What’s on Suzie?” I asked softly into her ear.

“Uh, game show,” she grunted.

This was the response I was hoping for. Suzie was in her TV trance; she loved Japanese game shows and was in zone out city…she was mine.

Hey , I have some yogurt for you, I know how much you like yogurt.” My tingling cock was now rising again, against Suzie’s firm little ass.

I brought my cupped hand around her body holding it open for her just below her chin so not to obstruct her view of the screen. Almost immediately her soft wet tongue began lapping at my palm, slowly slurping up every drop of my cum. It made me wild.

I lifted her shirt, my heart pounding. I could hear Mrs. Shannon moving in the kitchen only a few feet away. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out again. Lifting Suzie’s sweet little ass I brought her to my lap, then in one move pressed the head of my cock against the hairless, velvety softness of her pussy mound. I hissed in her ear…fun times…just watch the game show. She looked down at my cock once then back to her show.

I filled my now empty palm with spit and rubbed it all over Suzie’s little cunt then placed the tender strand of my cock head there; pressing and rubbing into the excruciating softness of her slit and clit. My hand when under her shirt and found a pouty little nipple I held it in my fingers and pulled gently.

Suzie was breathing heavy but didn’t move or take her eyes off the TV screen. Suddenly I knew I couldn’t take any more of her soft pussy on my cock head. I moved the head up to her soft flat tummy and stroked once, cum spurted wildly from my throbbing cock head; I groaned kissing her graceful neck.

“Good girl, Suzie, good girl.” I whispered between deep breaths.

I then captured my thick cum and feed it to Suzie as she sucked and licked my fingers without question or pause.

I got up. Thank god Terri wasn’t out of the bathroom yet.

We are expatriates, Terri’s Mom teaches ESL here in Japan. So did mine until they were killed in a freak train crash six months ago. I’ve been here since I was six. Terri and I are 14 now so we have lived in Japan longer than we have in the US. We speak fluent Japanese and have mastered the martial arts nd love nothing better than a kick-ass Tokyo street fight but we are still American’s through in through. You can take the kid out of the states but… well you get the picture.

Looking down at Suzie I noticed a drop of cum on her soft lips I captured it on my fingers and rubbed it over my lips. I walked into the kitchen, where Terri’s mother Nora was busy cooking breakfast, just like most mornings. Since technically I’m the guest of the house (even though I live here now), I decided to say hello.

“Ohayougozaimasu, Mrs. Shannon,” I politely said to her she likes it when I practice my Japanese. Also I was checking out Mrs. Shannon’s amazing ass, it was like Terri’s to times magnified. In her tight white skirt I could see the line of her hot white thong.

“Oh, hi Alex,” she whispered, turning around to pucker her lips. It had been our mourning tradition to hug and kiss each morning. I was feeling so horny after what had just happened I leaned into her feeling her big tits against my chest and pressing my cum- laced lips hard into hers. She held it for a moment then stepped back gave me the most lustful look.

I sighed to watch her lick her full lips, did she taste my cum?

“You know you look a little undone,” she stepped forward and adjusted my tie, her tits were now pressed against me.

“It’s nice having a young man around the house, one who is growing so quickly.” She ran her hand through my hair.

She held her hand against my lower back and suddenly began grinding her cunt into my crotch.

“I saw what you did to my little daughter Suzie and it was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen!”

She lifted her skirt and sat back on a stool. “See how wet you have made me?”

Her thong was translucent and I could see her naked pussy underneath. Mrs. Shannon grabbed my hand and guided me to her pussy my mouth was soon pressed to her crotch and I instinctively began licking tasting her juices through the fabric. Immediately she pulled aside the crotch and I buried my twisting tongue in her set cunt hole. She gasped and slammed her cunt lips against my face.

“What a good boy you are. Oh fuck yes it feels so good. But I have to cum fast, suck here on my clit and shove three fingers into my pussy now!”

I could understand her desperation, Terri could come in at any second. I soon had two fingers deep inside her fueled by the thought that what I had done to her sweet little daughter had made her wild like this.

My moth closed over her large engorged clit and I sucked hard and long letting my tongue flick mercilessly over the smooth clit flesh. Mrs. Shannon was rocking on the stool press the back of my head hard into her cunt. I loved the taste of her the overwhelming smell and texture of a woman’s cunt. It was almost too much I was getting light headed.

“Suck harder you nasty little bastard, make m y cunt cum all over your face. I have strong arms and I was knifing my fingers in and out of her cunt with a ceaseless thrust. Her mouth opened on a silent scream and I let my teeth close, nibbling on her tender cunt. She flopped her body down and sank her teeth into my shoulder through my jacket to keep herself from screaming. More cum flooded from her cunt wetting the stool and dripping onto the floor. The second convulsion pushed my fingers out and splattered a few feet of the kitchen floor. She pulled me up and kissed and licked her cum from my mouth.

“Oh fuck I needed that….by the way have you fucked Terri yet?”

“No,” was all I could get out.

“ What to fuck are you waiting for? Be sure to let me know when it happens so I can watch,” she gave me another long tongue swapping kiss then fixed herself then got a cloth and got on her knees pressing her lips to my hard on.

“I will deal with this after school,” she sighed

She began whipping up her own cum from the floor as Terri bounced into the room,

“Hi mom, what did you spill?”

“Only some juice sweetie,” she said smiling up at her daughter.

“Okay, bye mom!”

I grabbed an apple and was going to ask if Terri wanted one when she hand grabbed my arm. The next thing I knew to I was being dragged effortlessly out of the kitchen and eventually out of the house. I was barely out of earshot when I caught Terri’s mom’s “Alex, remember to come straight home after school...”

Rating: 87%, Read 28429 times, Posted Jun 07, 2012

Fantasm | Reluctance, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism, Written by women, Young


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