Savanah and her Step Dad by jwells6995

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Savanah and her Step Dad (Chapter 1)

Savanah was a happy girl. She lived with her mom and step dad in Washington State. She liked to hang out with her friends, play volleyball, and go swimming a lot. Her mom had remarried a nice guy named Jay a year back and he loved Savanah like any dad would.

They lived in a quiet neighborhood where not much happened. They had a nice big house with a swimming pool that they and their neighbors enjoyed. Jay had watch Savanah grow up from when she was younger and only recently he began to notice her womanly figure start to blossom and develop. She looked like a younger version of her mom.

One afternoon Jay was sitting out on his pool deck and drinking a cold Lemonade and reading the paper when Savanah came through the back gate wearing her cute black and white stripped bikini.

"Hi daddy" she said as she placed her towel down and quickly jumped into the pool. Jay watched her out the corner of his eye as she swam back and forth and dove in and out of the pool. After a little while Savanah got out and laid down on her Towel to work on her tan. She was already very nice and tan from her summer of swimming.

Jay looked at her carefully as she laid on her stomach with her head turned to the side. He had never noticed how beautiful she had become and he tried not to think about how sexy and hot she looked. Jay gave in and sinfully examined every inch of her body. He cute little toes and her nice tan muscular legs. Her butt was nice and round and her large chest was pressed against the pool deck with her hair laying across her back and neck.

"Did you put any sunscreen on Savanah?" Jay asked her. "No I couldn't find some" she replied and added "when mommy went out of town for the weekend and I think she took it with her". Jays mind begin to work overtime as he looked at her beautiful body and realized it was just the two of them at home for the weekend.

"I have some here if you want to use it" Jay offered as he walked over to her. "Thanks" she replied. Taking it from his hands. She put some on her hands and then Jay offered to help her out. "Can I help you and get your back." "Yes daddy" she replied.

Jay put some sunscreen in his hands and lowered his hands to Savanah's shoulders and begin to work in the lotion going down her back. Savanah felt his strong hands touch her back and his fingers kneed the lotion into her skin. Jay moved down slowly and went from the middle of her back to the sides. He fingers lightly touched her sides. Savanah felt him get closer and closer to her bikini top and the sides of her breasts. Jay knew what he was doing as he teased closer and closer to her heaving big breasts.

Jay then worked down to her lower back and closer to her bottoms. He was just an inch above her bikini bottoms and could feel the rise of her back to her sexy little bum. One time Jay intentionally slipped two fingers a inch deep under her bottoms as he was making circles on her back. Savanah felt a little confused when Jay touched her. At one point it didn't feel weird, but in a strange way it also felt good for Jay to have his nice strong hands rubbing lotion into her skin. Savanah had been talking with some of her girlfriends recently about their new sexual adventures with their boyfriends. Savanah wanted to know what it felt like to experience some of the things that they told her about.

"Mmm" Savanah let out a little moan and Jay knew she was enjoying her personal massage. Jay boldly asked "do you want me to get the backs of your legs too?" Savanah quickly responded "please!" Jay couldn't believe the fun he was having with his sexy step daughter as he looked down at her warm body that still had drops of pool water on it.

Jay started around her knees and went down first and got her calf muscles. Savanah gladly bended her knee and lifted her legs allowing Jay to take her foot and leg into his hands. Next Jay worked up on the back of her legs and over slowly up to her ass. Her legs were so perfect and toned nicely. Savanah felt his hands work closer to her crotch and get 6 inches away. His hands would dip in between her legs as he rubbed her inner thighs.

Jay wasn't going to stop now as he was just inches away from her pussy that was separated from his fingers by only a thin bathing suit. He intentionally made wide circles so that he would touch her bottoms more and more. Savanah felt his fingers brush against her pussy and imagined what it might be like for him to touch her pussy for real.

Jay begin to rub right next to her pussy and he went on top of the suit with his fingers. Savanah let out another moan, but this time more loudly. "Does that feel good" Jay innocently asked her. "Yes daddy, keep going" she said.

Jay now had all the permission he need to have some fun. He rubbed her sides of her ass and then quickly returned to her pussy. This time he put 3 fingers directly on her bikini bottoms directly over her pussy. He rubbed her pussy harder and up and down. Savanah opened her legs wider allowing Jay to work her pussy even better.

Next Savanah felt Jay's fingers slip under her bottoms and probed for her pussy hole. A tingle shot up her whole body as Jay explored her young pussy with his fingers.

Jay couldn't wait any longer. He wanted to see what her wet and warm pussy looked like. He grabbed the inside of it and pulled it over to the side to reveal her young tight pussy. He lips were pressed to her body from the tight swim suit. She had some curly hair coming out from her front, but her pussy was shaven clean.

Savanah felt Jay’s fingers touch her pussy again. And probe her deeper now that the bottoms were out of the way. Jay inserted two fingers inside her pussy and he began to work her pussy faster and deeper.

"Oh god, that feels great daddy" she announced, "don't stop!" "Turn over and I'll pleasure you even better" Jay instructed. Savanah flipped over and opened her legs wider for Jay. He pulled her swim suit bottoms to the side again but this time revealed more of her little bush that was just above her labia.

Savanah felt Jay's finger probe between her slits and locate her clit. Jay rubbed her clit for several minutes and took out his finger and tasted her pussy juice on his lips. "Mmm, you taste good" Jay replied as he smiled at her and licked her pussy juice from between his fingers. Savanah took his hand and guided his fingers into her mouth as she sucked on his fingers smiling.

Savanah lifted up her legs and quickly removed her bottoms completely off her and then unhooked her top and tossed it to the side. Jay grabbed her chest and pinched her nipples and leaned down to kiss and suck them a little. "Mmm, your tits are bigger and nicer than your moms" Jay complemented her.

Savanah had opened her legs wide and them said "now you can get a better taste and see if my pussy is better than mommies too" as she smiled. Jay's head turned down to fully enjoy the prize as he kissed down her belly and on top of her little bush. Savanah felt him run his tongue down between her bush and to her slit. She couldn't believe what she was experiencing with her step dad and even more how much she was enjoying it.

His tongue probed deeper into her fuck hole as he lapped up her wet tasty pussy. Savanah moved her hands to Jay's shorts and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She reached in and felt his hard dick with her hand. She pulled it out and it sprang from his shorts just inches away from her mouth.

Savanah began to stroke her step dad's dick as she turned sideways facing his cock with her legs still spread wide. She licked all around the tip of his Dick and them placed the head into her mouth and began to suck hard on it.

Jay moaned in pleasure as he felt the wet mouth of his step daughter take his dick in deeper and deeper. Savanah couldn't take the intense pleasure anymore and announced "I want you inside of me. I want to feel what's like to fuck". Are you sure baby that is what you want me to do" Jay questioned her. "Yes daddy, we don't have to tell mommy and it can be our secret" she suggested.

Jay took no further excuse and got up and Savanah laid on her back and opened her legs wide for Jay. Jay took his wet dick and rubbed it up and down on her wet pussy lips. The head of his cock would disappear inside her open wet pussy occasionally. "Mmm daddy, that feels so fucking good" and Jay took the hint to push his dick inside her further. Savanah felt her pussy expand to fit his fat cock inside her. She felt a tingle move up her spine as jay went deeper.

Jay felt her hymen stop his dick halfway inside her. "Just do it." She ordered him and Jay pushed forward leaning on top of her and kissing her mouth and helping to hold on her scream as he took her virginity away. Savanah felt the intense pain but it went away as soon as she felt the base of her daddy's cock rub against her clit. She could not believe how much of his dick that her young pussy took in.

Their chests rubbed together as Jay started to pump in and out of her stretching out her virgin fuck hole for the first time. Jay felt his balls slap against her ass and he could feel the wetness of her pussy leaking out from their making love.

Jay got faster and faster and Savanah was moaning out and holding Jay and feeling his chest as he pumped her pussy deeply. In a quick move Jay flipped over and grabbed Savanah and pulled her on top of himself.

Savanah found herself straddling her daddy and she sat up and started ridding him like a wild horse. Jay looked up at her and smiled as he watched her bouncing breasts bobble up and down with her motion. Jay followed her body and enjoyed watching his dick disappear in and out of her pussy.

Savanah slammed down on his dick and pressed down hard putting pressure on her clit. She began to rock her hips back and forth grinding her clit against Jay's body. The motion began to bring her to a climax and she became even more vocal as Jay reached up and pinched her nipples.

Jay reached around with a hand and squeezed her butt. He pulled her ass apart to allow her go a little deeper. Jay slid his fingers down her crack and felt her asshole. He began to finger it a knuckle deep and work it in a little circle. "Fuck, oh daddy!" She exclaimed as she felt her ass being toyed with. Jay took this cue to start going deeper and he began to finger her deeper and more quickly.

It wasn't long and Savanah couldn't hold in her cum any longer. She slammed down on his cock again and pressed down so hard to ride her climax good. Jay squeezed her ass more and in excitement for her he called out "cum for me baby, cum all over my dick."

Jay felt his cock flooded with her wet sticky mess. It was all he could take and announced "fuck I'm gonna cum too". Savanah jumped off his dick and laid right next to him leaning toward him. Jay aimed his dick at her stomach as he shot two big spurts of his cum all on her belly and even up on her tits. Jay could see some of his cum in her public hair and dripping down on her skin. He leaned over and they hugged together rubbing his cum all over their stomachs.

They collapsed next to each other for a minute and Jay gently rubbed her chest and body. Jay kissed Savanah and he held her for a while and ran his finger on her lips and face. They both jumped in the pool to clean up and then Savanah put her bikini back on and went inside with a smile on her face.

Jay watched her walk to the back door and he imagined the fun that he and his step daughter might have over the weekend and next years to cum.

(To be continued...)

Rating: 90%, Read 83252 times, Posted Sep 30, 2015

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Girl, Incest, Lesbian, Male, Old Male, Oral Sex, Teen, Teen Female, Young


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