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True Story | Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian

Ann’s Confession’s

The true story of a once sexually deprived woman

My name is Ann; I am from Chicago and now live in Florida. In Chicago I had a perfect life with a decent man and my two daughters. We lived in a good upper middle class neighborhood and were happy. The only problem was my husbands sex drive; or the lack of is the way I should put it. I was a virgin when we married and refused to have sex for the first five days of our honeymoon. I finally gave in on the sixth day, my husband was well hung with a fat 8” cock and it hurt like hell when he entered me the first time. After that I begin to enjoy sex more each time we had intercourse. Our sex was always in the missionary position and there was little or no fore play. Bob did have staying power so our sessions weren’t quickies but they ended as soon as he ejaculated.

After our second child was born our irregular sex life became non existent. It turned out Bob didn’t want another child so we quit having sex.

A friend of mine talked me into joining a bowling league so we could get out one night a week. We would go bowling then hit a night spot or two. We were semi regulars at one spot and got to know several of the other people there. One night we both had a little too much to drink and Susan started flirting with a guy we knew. They got up to dance then disappeared; they were gone about 45 minuets. When they returned Susan’s lipstick was smeared all over her face and she was wearing a silly grin. Like the nerd that I am I asked what she had been doing. She leaned close to me and I could smell semen on her breath; she said that she gave John a blowjob in the alley. I was shocked but also fascinated by her words. Bob had talked me into sucking him once and I didn’t like it.

We left the lounge then and on the way home Susan told me how much she had enjoyed sucking John’s cock; that it was so degrading being in an alley on her knees and having his cock down her throat. She admitted that she even had an orgasm herself. Listening to her was making me horny so I started rubbing my pussy; Susan saw what I was doing and asked if I couldn’t wait and let Bob take care of that for me. That is when I told her that Bob and I hadn’t had sex since Marie was born.

When we pulled into her driveway Susan asked me what I did for relief. I admitted to masturbating a lot. Susan mover closer to me and put her arm around my neck and told me how sorry she was for me. I laid my head on her shoulder and started to cry; Susan pulled me even closer and started rubbing my arm. Before I realized what was happening we were locked in a passionate kiss. Susan was running her tongue in and around my mouth and had started fondling my breast. It didn’t take long until she had my panties off and was playing with my clitoris. She opened my blouse and started sucking my nipples. Soon she had gotten on the floor and had my legs over her shoulders and was licking my pussy. This sent me into a different world where I was totally out of control of my body. The feeling of her tongue on and inside my pussy was divine. I had the best orgasm of my life; flooding Susan’s mouth with pussy juice; my orgasm seemed to last forever. When I was able to speak I told Susan how great I felt. She licked the last of my juices off her lips and then gave me another of her wonderful kisses. I could taste myself on her tongue and lips, I tasted good.

After we both settled down we agreed that we would do this again and that I would be more active.

I didn’t see Susan until 3 days later when she stopped by. The girls were in school so I was alone; of coarse Susan knew that I would be. She was wearing a loose fitting halter top and a pair of cut off jeans so short you could see her pubic hair peeking out. She asked if I would like to do some exploring with her. I, acting dumb, asked what we were going to explore. Susan said she knew a couple or dark, wet caves that needed looking into. I couldn’t believe the tingling feeling that I was experiencing in my pussy from just talking with Susan. I reached out and took her hand and led her to the bedroom. As soon as we were in the bedroom I turned and put my hands on Susan’s ass and pulled her to me so that we were touching pussy to pussy. I kissed her as passionately as she had kissed me the other night, we spent quit a while exploring each others mouth.

We finally separated and undressed each other; Susan was only wearing her top and shorts. I had on a dress and panties but no bra so we were both nude quickly. Susan is a small woman; she is 5’ tall and weights 100 pounds she is a natural redhead, with perky 34C tits and a super cute ass. I am 5’4” tall and weight 120 pounds; I have dark brown hair and 34B tits with what I have been told, a fantastic ass. As soon as we were both nude we got on the bed and started fondling each other, I had never touched another woman’s vagina before so I was eager to do so. Susan lay down on the bed and let me explore her dark, wet cave; I spread her labia and got close so I could smell the fragrance of her pussy as I looked at her exposed clitoris and her urethra and the opening of her love cave.

I never thought that I would ever be excited by another woman’s vagina but I was. I was giddy from the aroma of her feminist opening and had to restrain my self from burying my face in her beautiful pussy. I gingerly probed her vagina with my tongue; the taste was a mixture of urine and something I couldn’t identify, turned out to be her husbands cum: she had fucked him just before coming to see me. I lost control of myself and started licking her vaginal opening and sticking my tongue into her urethra and sucking her clitoris. Susan responded by gushing a tremendous amount of vaginal juices into my mouth. This was the first time I ate another woman but it sure wasn’t the last. Susan managed to get me into a position where she was above me and sitting on my face; she was moving back and forth so that I was licking her pussy and then her asshole; she was a nasty woman and I loved it. I did manage to penetrate her asshole with my tongue and I was hooked on licking assholes.

Susan ground her pussy into my face until she finally reached her orgasm; after she calmed down she swapped places and started eating me. Susan does have a talented tongue and it wasn’t long before I was squirting my juices in her mouth. Susan directed her attention to my asshole and that was almost more than I could handle. If you have never had someone lick your asshole you have missed the most intense, gut wrenching feeling a human can experience. There is nothing else like it.

We continued our affair for another year before I moved to Florida. Bob and I agreed that since he wouldn’t give me the attention I wanted sexually that I should take some time away from him and the girls to decide what I really wanted. My mom lived in St. Petersburg so I made arrangements to spend some time with her. I left Chicago in January and flew to Florida. Here I was at the age of 33 running away from home so “I could find myself.” As I was going down the ramp from the plane I saw my mom waiting for me. Mom had me when she was 16 so now she was 49, she was always attractive but with her Florida tan she looked really good. Mom is my height and close to my weight with dark hair; which was just about down to her hips. She was wearing a low cut top that was showing a lot of cleavage and shorts that allowed a good look at her shapely legs. We could have passed for sisters. We gathered my things and headed to her cottage on the beach.

I couldn’t believe how sexy my mom looked; I had never even thought of her as anything but my mother and now thoughts were going thru my mind that a daughter is not supposed to have about her mother. I could tell that she was not wearing a bra and the shape of her tits was causing strange feelings in my vagina. I started some small talk to help me quit thinking these forbidden thoughts.

When we got to her house Mom suggested we get comfortable and sit on the deck to talk and catch some sun. Mom asked if I had brought a swim suit but I hadn’t so she loaned me one of hers. I went to put it on while she mixed a picture of Sangria. The suit she gave me was to say the least revealing; the top barely covered my nipples and the bottom covered even less. My pubic hair was visible and there was nothing I could do about it. I did make a mental note to shave it later.

I went out on the deck and there was my mother reclining on a lounge topless; as I got closer I saw that she was totally nude. As there were no tan lines she must have always gone nude on her deck. I sat on a chair next to her and tried not to stare at her sexy body. Mom handed me a glass of wine and said she hoped that I wasn’t upset about her being nude. I had that tingling feeling in my pussy and felt that I had to do something before I attacked my mother. Before I could move Mom sat up and put one leg off the lounge exposing her open vagina; I tried not to look but that was impossible. Mom asked if I liked what I saw and all I could do in response was to shake my head yes. She told me that when I was very young she would have me lick her pussy; that I called it my kitty. I was shocked; I could vaguely remember this but I always thought it was a wild dream.

Mom asked if I would like to play with “my kitty” again. With no hesitation I was on my knees with my face buried in my mother’s sweet pussy. Mom reached down and untied the top I was wearing and freed my tits so she could pinch my nipples. I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I had never wanted to do anything as much as I wanted to cause my mother to have an orgasm by me licking and sucking her pussy.

I was enthralled with the taste of her juices and the size of her clitoris; it is huge. The amount of fluid coming from her vagina was unreal; I know that it was part lubricating, part urine and I think part female ejaculate. Mom suddenly put her legs over my shoulders and pulled me closer to her; she pulled my face harder into her pussy and I could feel the contractions as she experienced a strong orgasm and filled my mouth with her juices. Mom held me so tight against her pussy I could hardly breathe. I continued licking her open vagina and inserted my tongue in her as far as I could. She finally released me so I could breathe again. I managed to crawl over to the table and get my glass of wine; I finished the glass and poured another.

Mom suggested we go inside as we had been in the sun longer than we should have. She didn’t want me to get sunburned the first day. I told Mom I was going to get dressed; she responded that she never wore anything in the house, that she enjoyed being naked. I thought what the hell so I removed the bottoms of the bikini. I immediately felt naughty and I liked it. Mom disappeared into the kitchen, when she returned she handed me a tall glass of orange juice. I thanked her and took a sip; it turned out to be a glass of vodka colored with orange juice. I accused her of trying to get me drunk; she agreed. We had dinner and I went to bed as this had been a very long day.

I woke up around 8; and remembering Mom’s rule about nudity I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and make myself presentable. I then headed for the kitchen for some coffee. I could see Mom on the deck so I poured a cup and went out to join her. Mom smiled when she saw that I was naked; she asked if it bothered me that we were being watched by the man who lived next door. This surprised me and I turned to see a man on the roof of his house. Mom told me that he had a small deck up there and that he watched her all the time. I looked at him again and he waved to me, then he stood up to show me he was also naked. Mom invited him to come over and meet her daughter. He disappeared from the roof and was soon coming thru the yard. Mom introduced Dave to me then offered him some coffee.

Dave said he was glad to meet me; especially after watching my performance with my mother yesterday. This shocked me; the fact that a stranger had seen me eating my mother’s pussy was very embarrassing. But to be honest it turned me on. I looked at Mom to see her reaction, there was none? Mom then told me that she called Dave and told him that we were going to be on the deck nude so he could see me. She claimed that she didn’t know that we would be engaged in an incestuous act. She also admitted that she and Dave had sex almost every day and that I could watch them to make things even.

My mother is a very perverted woman. I asked if there were any other surprises that I should know about; hoping that there would be. I think I am just as perverted as Mom.

I have no explanation for what happened next. I went over to Dave and dropped to my knees and took his soft cock in my mouth; I had never sucked a cock but now I wanted this stranger to fill my mouth with his cock. Dave started getting hard and soon I had all 7” of him in my mouth. I was cupping his balls in one hand and rubbing my pussy with the other. Since this was a first for me I didn’t really how to suck a cock, I was sucking as hard as I could when Dave took my head in his hands and started moving it back and forth. I realized that this was the motion I should be doing, as I caught on I liked it better. I must have been doing something right because it wasn’t long before Dave started shooting a thick load of cum in my mouth; I was swallowing my first cum. As soon as I realized that I was swallowing a mans cum I had a bone shaking orgasm. Dave was lucky that I didn’t bite his cock off. I held his cock in my mouth until it went soft.

I couldn’t believe that within the last 15 hours I had eaten my mother’s pussy while a stranger watched and I had sucked a cock and swallowed cum and I liked it.

Dave thanked me for a wonderful blowjob and offered his services for anything else I wanted. Mom asked when Jeff would be over again so we could have a foursome. Jeff is Dave’s 18 year old son. Dave said that he would be here Saturday; Mom told him to be sure to bring him over that it had been at least 2 months since he had fucked her. Dave agreed and left.

Mom asked how I liked sucking cock. I admitted that this was my first time and that I liked it. She said that she enjoyed sucking also and that her first time had been her father. She and her father had sex from the time she reached puberty until he died when she was 35. I asked why I had never met him and was told that I had; as a matter of fact his was the first cock I had sucked. I asked when and was told back when I played with her kitty.

It was getting hot on the deck so we went in the house. I asked my mother how many men she had been with; she said she really didn’t know but a guess would be over a hundred. I told her that I was going to do more than that. Mom laughed at that and wished me good luck; she got a serious look on her face and asked if I meant that. I said yes and I want to try any and every thing from multiple partners at the same time; either male or female and maybe even animals. Mom asked if I would like to get started today; I said yes. She told me to get some cloths on that we were going out.

I put on a sundress and a pair of sandals Mom was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. We went to a place on the beach that Mom knew. There were several cars in the parking lot but when we went inside there were only 5 or 6 people there. The woman behind the bar greeted Mom and asked what she wanted to drink; it was obvious that they knew each other. Mom introduced me to Laura and told her that I wanted to be gang fucked. Laura said that the guys were upstairs with Sara but that she wouldn’t mind some help. Sara was a nympho that hung around this bar. Mom took my hand and led me up a flight of stairs; there was a room there with about 12 or 13 guys and a girl; who looked about 18 there. This was Sara; she was kneeling on a cushion and sucking a guy’s cock. The other guys were waiting their turn.

Mom called for Jack; a black guy looked up and “hi” to my mother then he came over and gave her a big kiss. Mom introduced me to him and told him that I wanted to be used by as many of the guys as I could take. Jack stepped in front of me and felt my tits then took my dress off. He got a big smile on his face and told Mom that it would be a pleasure. He asked Mom if she wanted to be involved too and she told him yes.

There was a mattress on the floor that Jack told me lay on. He then undressed and called some of the other guys over. When he turned back to me I saw his cock for the first time it was huge; at least 10” and as big around as my wrist. Two more of the guys were naked and were waiting to see what we were going to do. I looked around to see where Mom was and saw her being fucked doggie style while she was sucking a cock.

Jack asked if I had ever had a black cock before; when I told him no; he grinned again and said that we should start with a good mouth fuck. He then put the head of that monster in my mouth. Jack was very gentile and careful not to hurt me as he worked his cock deeper in my mouth; as hard as we both tried I could only take about half of his cock. Jack removed his cock from my mouth and got between my legs. He put his cock against my willing and anxious pussy and was able to enter me with no resistance; in one push he had all 10” inside my belly. He felt wonderful as he started thrusting in and out using a slow even rhythm. Another guy was kneeling beside me offering his cock for my sucking pleasure; I managed to take his little cock in my mouth with no trouble.

Jack pulled his cock out of me and lay on his back and told me to get on top; I did as I was told and slid His cock back where it belonged. In this position it was easier to suck the other cock that was offered. I felt another pair of hands on my ass spreading my cheeks apart, then a wet tongue licking my asshole. This only lasted a short time and then there was a cock being inserted in my ass. This penetration hurt for a minuet then he was in me and trying to get in rhythm with Jack.

Here I was; the prim and proper mid-western wife and mother; in a strange attic in an even stranger club on Clearwater Beach being fucked by 3 strangers and one is as black as coal. If only my husband and children could see me now. And to make it even more strange my mother was there with me. Before we left the loft that day I was fucked by 8 different men and had sucked 9 and had my ass fucked 5 times and had eaten my Mom and a slut named Sara and had gallons of cum pumped into my mouth, pussy and ass. I had enjoyed every bit of it and would repeat this scene several times in the coming months.

Sara and I became good friends she moved in with Mom and me. I also spent a lot of time with Jack; not because he was black but because he was a good and caring lover and his cum was really tasty. I did learn how to deep throat him but it took some time.


Chapter two will start when I bring my daughters to Florida if I get a decent reaction to this episode.


Rating: 83%, Read 94578 times, Posted Jul 29, 2006

True Story | Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Incest, Interracial, Lesbian


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