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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest, Masturbation

“Where was Katya?”


David finished scanning all the documents and pictures to a jump drive and carried the fireproof box and key back to his parent’s bedroom. The morning was already warm, and the sun had not even full rose in the eastern ski. Walking to an outbuilding his mom was hard a work. “Gonna be a hot one darling,” she said with a smile. In long strides, he walked to the barn and saddled his well-rested Appaloosa. Riding along a large stand of ponderosa pine, David’s sharp eyes scanned the area for Katya. They had often meet in this area where both their properties butted together. Instructing his horse to stop, his ears listen for any sound, all he heard was the sound of nature. Birds sang, squirrels chirped, a fox ambled along a deer trail, birds sang, as eagles gracefully soared above. He was unaccompanied in the vast land he called home. Nudging his horse into a slow trot, horse and rider drifted north. The suns position told him the day had passed its mid-day point. Dismounting near a small stream, David let his horse have rein and he sat under a mountain willow, seeking its shade from the heat. Stomping its foot, the Appaloosa, snapped him from his cap nap that danger was anear. Removing the Remington from its scabbard, he knelt to one knee and listened. Studying his horse ear movement, he spotted the eight-hundred female grizzle that had stepped into the clearing, followed by two cubs. Within minutes the family had vanished into the depths of the forest. The Appaloosa calmed himself, rifle returned, horse and rider rode to the northeast. Following the Yaak River south, they headed home. Cooler now that the sun had set, David was guided home by the stars and moonlight. Closing the barn door, his mom met him half-way to the house. Her arms tighten around him, and her soft, moist lips met his. “darling I was worried about you,” she said, clutching his hand they walked into the house. Eleven-forty-five the clock read, “darling sit,” I kept the soup warm for you. David was famished, finishing two bowls in a blink of an eye.

Stripping and sitting in a tub of hot water, she washed his back as they softly spoke. “I called Katya’s mom tonight,” upon asking about Katya, I heard about the price of hay, pork, and the county fair this fall. “She never answered your question, did she?” Seeing the reflection of his mom’s head in the mirror shake no, he laid back in the tub of hot water. “Where was Katya?”

An hour had passed as he lay in bed wondering what went so wrong at the dance just a few days prior. Movement on his bed alerted him he was not alone. Warm breath, followed by moist lips applying tiny kisses on his mushroom head, made him wish his Katya were in bed beside him. Lifting her by the shoulder he lifted her and rolled her onto her back in one slow but muscular movement. Sucking on one nipple, and lightly pinching the other a slight moan filled his bedroom. After switching tongue and hand to her other breast, applying a string of soft kisses between her A-cup firm perky tits, moving downward. Soft moans still echoed off the walls. Dipping his hot moist tongue into her navel, he allowed it to dance around before moving even lower. Her body twitched, and the small soft-landing strip of hair met his tongue as her hips genteelly lift off the sheets. The nether region was close, and the smell of blooming roses drifted into his brain. Slow warm moist kisses went down one thigh and up the other, as her body was twitching to his loving kisses. Legs gently opened; lips damp she could not wait any longer. In total darkness her cunt was seeking contact with his loving mouth. Strong arms came up from the underneath of each hip, resting on her pelvic area. The warmth of his breath could be felt on her pussy. Hips raised high in the air, she grabbed behind each knee drawing her knees towards her ears, allowing her legs to part exposing her pussy to what she knew would soon follow. “Please, oh please, I want it, I am so wet, stop teasing me, oh my God, eat my pussy now,” was spoken softly, yet with force! His right hand moved, fingers opening the V to expose her clit and unfold her pussy lips. The left hand slithered back around her hips, and a single finger entered her wet cunt to its full depth in one firm strong push. Pulling stronger under her knees, lifting her pussy higher in the air. “Oh fuck, oh yes like that,” as his tongue dated around her tiny nub. Another digit was added into her wet cunt. Simultaneous movement met her most inner soul, “oh my god, oh fuck, yes oh yes, I am cummmmming,” she yelled into the darkness. Her cunt jerking rapidly into his mouth, her fluids pouring out of her pussy, onto the palm of his hand, then the sheets. Another loud moan and scream followed as a rush of her cum, squirted out of her cum, onto his arm flooding the sheets. Panting relentlessly, her body still gyrating from a earth-shattering orgasm, David placed one leg over each shoulder and with one hard deep thrust, rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Lifting his body off the bed supported only by his toes, he leaned forward, pushing her knees onto the pillow beside her ears. Forearms on the bed and each hand tightly grapping the side of the pillow he ‘fucked’ her hard, deep, and just as fast as his hips could move. A long hard gasp surfaced deep with body, followed by long moans. Her body stiffened, with all her might her pussy muscles tried to grasp and slow his cock but could not! The sound of his balls slapping against her pussy and ass could be heard by both. Tension started to fill his balls, and David allowed himself to focus on something else. Heart pounding a million miles an hour, sweat dripping from his body, he realized he was forcibly ‘fucking’ with great built-up anger and emotions. Slowing his pace, he released each leg, lower his mouth he gave her long warm loving kisses. His hands softly found her firm soft perky boobs and elegantly twisted her nipple between his thumb and fore figures. Her hands on his ass and hips lifting to meet his pace. “Cum with me, darling, oh yes, oh yes I am going to cum again, cum with mmmmmeeeee.” “tell me when,” and she yelled N n n n n --- o o o o o ww!” Hot thick jizz jetted out of his cock, as her pussy muscles milked his cock for every last drop of cum he had. Crumpling on to her chest, each could fill their hearts racing and trying to pound their way out of their chests. Aware of his weight, David rolled off his mom, ontohis side facing her, still panting. She wanted to say: “what the fuck was that” or “who the hell are you pissed at” but didn’t. The room smelled of sex, the sheet was soaked, and two bodies rested still trying to lower their heart rate and breathing. Placing an arm over her chest, he rolled her onto her side facing him. “Mom I am …..” her finger moved to his lips to stop the words he was about to speak. He drew her near him, and kissed her on the forehead, ‘I love you mom” drifting off to sleep.

Loud clap of thunder followed instantly by a bolt of lightning propelled them both from bed. “Oh my God,” was shouted by each. Running downstairs, body hair tingling, and out to the barn, checking and calming the livestock. “Thank God for lightning rods,” David said. Rain pounding now hard on the roof drowned out the words spoken by his mother. Four o’clock read the wall clock. Soft strokes of their hands clamed the animals, checking on food and water, both walked toward the door. “Wow, now that’s a gully washer,” his mom said, as a stream of water flowed across the yard between the barn and house. Like two small children playing in the rain, both hand and hand, prancing in the puddles, walked back to the house. Hurrying into the bathroom, each dried off, then went into his mother’s bedroom.

Last week of school, and junior sports. Three nights he went to the school. Swim team was short their best female swimmer. One cheerleader short at the last football game. Gymnastics cancelled, the one girl on the team was a no show! He got a lot of shoulder shrugs for other girls, as they too were dumbfounded. Mary, Katya’s best friend, came up to him and whispered softly in his ear, “she hasn’t been to school all!” Feet on the floor, rest of him on the bed, sideways, the cool night air drifted across his nude body. His mom and dad were still talking, glancing at the clock on his nightstand, he read: 3:15 a.m.

“Lettering in sports, final exams, and picking up her yearbook,” as well as a million other things danced around in his head.

“Where was Katya?”

Five o’clock and still awake David went downstairs to use the bathroom. Doors were open and lights still on, sitting to pee, not to be heard, he could see his parent’s reflection in the mirror. Both nude, mom face down, her tight firm ass glowing in the bedroom lights. His dad face-up, legs apart, arms folded across his chest. He had to smile; it was the first time he really noticed how small his cock was! Not flushing, David walked back to his room, laying on his side, a pillow between his legs, he gave into his drowsiness, and allowed sleep to take over. Tractor in the distance, lawnmower up close; stretching and squinting, damn the day was half over. Eating the cold eggs and sausage David’s mind was still clouded in judgement.

“Darling your up,” his mom said walking into the house. Eyes locked to the floor, “its Katya, isn’t it?” “I did nothing wrong, she hasn’t been at school all week,” he said softly to his mom. “I love her so much” he said. “Why hasn’t anyone heard from her?” Kneeling on the floor beside his chair, his mother lifted his head, turning to look at her with tears in his eyes, she said: “I do not know but maybe your father and I can find out.”

Let’s drive the flatbed trailer out where your dad is bailing hay. The noon day sun was hot as hell, but farm work never ended and there was money to be made! Stacking the last bail, eight bails high, mother and son headed to the barn. As mom turned on the hay bail elevator, a loud voice shouted, “stack or unstack” speaking over the engine nose of the tractor pulling into the barn. “Stack I guess,” David said to his dad as the tractor’s engine was turned off. Okay! Grabbing a pair of hay bail hooks, he rode the elevating ramp to the loft. “Damn,” if it was 98 in the field, it had to be over 120 in the loft. Muscles acing, and sweating like a waterfall, David tried to keep time with his dad, tossing hay bails to his mom, who placed them on the conveyor. Then no more were sent up. “come on you old people, I have done twice the work as you, and I aren’t resting,” wiping the sweat from his face with his t-shirt. “Na these here three rows are sold,” his dad called up. Turning off the conveyor, David climbed down the raggedy old ladder. “To whom,” he asked his dad, walking across the barn. “Your girlfriend’s dad, he bought these 50 bails just this morning.” Hurrying to shower, “wait honey, your father will drive them over.” Tractor running the hay combine was detached and the trailer was being hooked up. “But mom,” its best this way, watching the tractor pull out of the barn. His dad was heading to the lower-forty, then would head east to the joining farms. In unison mother and son stripped and showered in the barn. Picking up their dirty sweaty clothes, his mom walked swiftly to the house, her tight little ass swaying in turn with each step. Drying himself, David felt his cock twitching and growing to his full manhood. “Fuck,” that’s all I need.

Like a mountain lion stocking its prey, David went to his room, without making a sound. The golden orange sun was slipping behind the mountains, gazing off into empty space like a man asleep with his eyes open, Incapable of distinguishing sound or movement, as if in a vegetative state, David was frozen in thought and time. Moist warm wet lips met his, slowly he parted his lips lengthening his tongue into the venting heat between her lips. Both individuals let out a deep soft loving reverbing moan. Short yet thick and rigid his cock stood allowing the tip of her tongue to dance across the slit, slurping his pre-cum as it flowed out of his inner shaft. Within moments, mouth-grinding hips reacted opposite each other, male and female cum exploded into gulping mouths. Yielding to extreme fatigue both bodies went limp. The room was now in total darkness, both sexes drifted into sleep. Softly giggling, snores were muffled into her pussy lips that rested on his mouth. The warmth and fluttering jolted her cunt back to life, which now thrived for a thick teenage cock. Ever so slowly rising, she turned her body, lowering her damp, hot twitching cunt onto his deflated cock. Hard up-turned tiny A-cup boobs pressed into his chested as her soft moist motherly lips met his. Both strong callused reached up and firmly grabbed an ass check and started to massage them. Pushing down, pulling outward, then pressing each one together, made her moan softly into his lips. His index fingers pressed against the tiny brown circle, help tightly closed. Growing beneath her she reached down and repositioned his manhood, so her damp pussy could slip across the hid of his cock, in rhythm with her ass massage. A deep manly moan, “oh mom,” echoed off the bedroom walls, as he lifted his hips off the bead adding wanted pressure from her damp moist pussy. In doing so, one digit depressed to the first knuckle as the dark rimmed circle slowly gave way by relaxing. Now hard as a branch from an ironwood tree, small soft hand, grasped his cock, lifting her hips guiding his teenage cock into the entrance of her cunt, already flowing with lubricated juices. His index finger was buried to its middle joint, pulling out and pressing back in, as tight muscles strongly grasped his digit. His fat pre-cum dripping member has now fully engulfed deep within side her. Lifting and lowering at a slow pace, he kept in rhythm with her movement. Totally in control, relaxed, setting the pace, making love o her son. Unclamped, his finger softly moved in and out of her ass.

“FUCK!” In the distance, one could hear the tractor engine, followed by headlights gyrating on his far bedroom wall. One quick deep kiss, and she was running down the steps to the bathroom. One long strid, fasting the button on his jeans, pulling up his zipper, David was at the barn opening the door for tractor and trailer. Parking the trailer, David unhood the tongue, and his father repositioned the tractor for tomorrow’s chores. Each walked to the sink washing their hands, and when his father turned to greet his wife, David washed his face, and gargled his mouth. Handing Renee some folded hundred-dollar bills, Dad smiled and said here “milk money.” Laughing the trio walked to the house. Mid-distance, “did you see Katya” David asked, his voice crackling when he spoke. “Sit down son,” his dad said pulling out a kitchen chair. All three seated, his dad said: “Katya has been sent to stay the summer with her mother’s people.” Fuck, that isn’t fare, I didn’t do nothing wrong, nor did she… storming out of the kitchen to his room. “Let him go, we will talk to him in the morning,” Renee said. After cold beers, they too departed to bed. The old guy was pissed, he threw the money at me and stormed into the house. Moments later Katya’s mom came out and said: “please forgive him.” One by one the kids filed out of the house and unloaded the trailer. Only his wife looked at me, not one other person would look at me! “What the fuck” is right” her hubby said, turning off the lights.

Five o’clock, the smell of fresh coffee, and bacon cooking woke David from a well-deserved sleep. Greeting everyone he announced, “if its alright with you both, I thinks I am going to accept the sign-on bonus from the Armed Forces, joining the military.” “But what about…” Dad cutting her off. “son it is fine with us, and we can and will manage without you.” Go today and talk to them and see if the offer to be assigned in our beautiful state is still part of the deal. A little pass noon David asked to barrow the truck, within an hour he was sitting face to face with the recruiter.



Rating: 89%, Read 8409 times, Posted Aug 18, 2020

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Incest, Masturbation


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