Andrea and Claire's holiiday adventure by mobile+lust

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Andrea and Claire’s holiday

Day one

Andrea and Claire had been holidaying together for years. Neither of their long term partners enjoyed the heat, so to please everyone the girls holidayed together.

Andrea is in her late thirties, 5’4”, petite but rounded with boobs about 36DD and fair. Claire is early thirties 5’7” , olive skinned and dark hair with boobs about 40F. Both had short hair.

Claire had been thinking about their holidays together and realised how close they had come as friends. They discussed everything in the past, talked about sex with their partners, how they orgasmed, there wasn’t a lot they didn’t talk about. They always put each others sunscream on before going to the beach to ensure no body parts got missed. Claire realised that Andrea had demonstrated this ritual from day one of their holidays together and she suddenly wondered if Andrea was wanting something more than just massaging cream into one another. Claire decided that this holiday she was going to encourage this further.

A fortnight before the holiday Andrea had badly strained her wrist and had a support dressing from her thumb to just before her elbow, it hindered her to dress but she assured Claire with her help, she still wanted to go on their holiday together.

Claire picked up Andrea from her home and they drove to the airport, very excited as instead of their normal Mediterranean holiday they had decided to go to the Maldives. The flight was non eventful and they arrived at their destination late in the evening.

The apartment was beautiful, they had a large living area, kitchenette, very spacious and luxurious bathroom and a massive bed in the bedroom, they didn’t mind that it wasn’t two single beds, this type of thing happened all the time with two girls travelling together. They’d cope, in more ways than one Claire thought.

It was a very warm evening so they stripped to their underwear to unpack their cases. Claire helped Andrea undo her fastenings so she could undress. Claire had on a black set, an under-wired mesh bra which left very little to the imagination showing off her large boobs and pert nipples. She had a matching thong but as she shaved her pussy it showed a very clear view of it, leaving very little to the imagination. Andrea wore a white matching set, again a mesh bra which made her pale tits look fantastic with her nipples showing through the mesh. She wore short shorts type panties which kept her pert bottom nicely contained.

As they started to unpack, they developed a system, Andrea would pass the hangers over and Claire would put the garments on them and return them to Andrea to place in the wardrobes with her good hand. Some times Claire would ‘accidentally’ brush Andrea’s boobs with her arm which caused them to stiffen into pretty substantial bumps in her bra. Claire struggled to take her eyes off them, wanted desperately to pull them out of their covering and tantalise them with her tongue. Her nipples also tightened and stiffened at the thought. Once all the clothes and stuff had been put away, they decided to freshen up and call it a night.

Claire suggested Andrea take the bathroom first, so Andrea asked if Claire could unfasten her bra. Claire stood behind her in the bathroom in front of the mirrored sink area and unclasped her bra, she then pulled the straps off of her shoulders, slid her hands around the front of her ribcage and lifted the wired part of the bra away from her beautiful tits. Claire could not resist ‘accidentally’ stroking her nipples with the palm of her hands as she pulled the bra off of Andrea. Andrea moaned very softly and Claire could not resist kissing her neck before she walked away. As she left Andrea in private to freshen up Claire pulled the door slightly closed but left it open enough so that when Claire laid on the bed she could see straight into the bathroom and had a good view of Andrea and of the whole of the bathroom via the large mirrored area.

Andrea stood motionless in front of the mirror, then almost repeated the stroking effect that Claire had just done to her tits minutes previously. Then she fondled her breasts and pinched her nipples, as Claire watched the tingling in her pussy continued to remind her how turned on she had been by her friend that night and was starting to ache, demanding attention. As she continued to watch Andrea, Claire stroked her tingling crotch, Andrea pulled off her panties and moved to sit on the toilet seat with her legs apart and proceeded to massage her clit which was aching too. She had been so turned on by Claire that she needed to satisfy the aching between her legs. She stroked her slit lightly once, then pushed her fingers inside her lips and felt the wetness between and oh yes she was wet. She stroked up and down her slit, gently probing her cunt and back up to circle her clit. She moaned softly to herself so as Claire would not hear but also wishing Claire would hear and catch her diddling herself whilst thinking of her friend. Little did she know that Claire could see her and was doing just the same, she had her hand inside her panties and massaging her clit with her fingers. Ironically they both brought themselves together to orgasm at the same time but sadly rooms apart.

Andrea cooled herself down by washing her body with cool water paying particular attention to her pussy making sure it was clean, just in case Claire wanted to pay attention to it, oh how she wished she would. When she came out of the bathroom Claire lay on the bed flicking through a magazine, Andrea had no idea what Claire had been up to whilst she had been busy!

Claire got up off the bed and went into the bathroom, she had a pee and washed herself off and cleaned her teeth. Before she left she picked up Andrea’s panties out of the laundry basket and checked them, yes the crotch was soaking wet, Claire sniffed them and inhaled that wonderful musky smell that she so craved, needing to satisfy a need she licked the damp fabric and tasted that intoxicating juice. She so wanted to bury her head in Andrea’s pussy there and then but she knew she had to wait and play this out slowly. Little did she know Andrea would have happily spread her legs for her there and then!

When she returned to the bedroom Andrea lay with her back to her covered in a sheet and seemed to be asleep. Claire laid on the top of the bed listening to her breathing softly, oh how she wanted to spoon up beside her and stroke those pale breasts, she pulled the sheet over and eventually she dozed off.

Day two

Morning came and Andrea awoke first, she got out of bed quietly and looked at her friend. Claire lay on her front, the sheet had been moved as she slept restlessly in the heat of the night. Her back was covered to just above her buttocks, one leg was straight out and other bent right up at the knee giving Andrea a full view of her pussy. It was shaved and wet, Andrea so wanted to sneak up and taste it but just wasn’t brave enough.

She went to the bathroom and when she returned Claire was awake and sitting up in bed, the sheet was covering her legs and waist but her tits were uncovered and Andrea could not help but stare at them longingly, she’d seen them numerous times before but the aching in her pussy just made her want to stare at then. Claire suggested that once she had been to the bathroom that they should breakfast on their patio and then cream up for the day’s sunbathing.

They both put on their silk bathrobes, both were short just covering their bottoms and both enjoyed the feeling of cool silk against their bodies. Andrea telephoned hotel reception to tell them they were ready for breakfast. Claire opened the curtains to the French windows to reveal a beautiful private area to sunbathe complete with luxurious sunbeds, plunge pool and dining area. She screamed with delight and said they wouldn’t be slumming it on the Med again, Andrea came to look and screamed also.

Breakfast was delivered by the staff. A tray of fruit all prepared, some different types of breads complete with butters and jams a pot of coffee and some juice. The girls settled into the comfortable dining chairs and ate breakfast alfresco. The area was incredibly private and neither girls noticed or cared that their robes had slipped open revealing copious amounts of boobed flesh. The sun shone down and kissed their bare skin warmingly. Claire and Andrea both gazed at each others tits and felt the itchey stirring in their cunts. Andrea adjusted herself in her chair so that her cunt was clearly exposed to Claire, sadly she didn’t think Claire had noticed, little did she realise that Claire was squirming her hot burning cunt against the linen of the cushion trying to calm that delicious itch in her cunt.

Claire suggested it was time to cream up before they caught the sun and Andrea followed her inside to the bathroom. Claire volunteered to do Andrea first, and proceeded to cream her back, buttocks and backs of her legs, Andrea ached for her to cream right at the top of the inside of her legs but Claire teasingly did not go near. Then Claire told Andrea to turn around and face her so she could do the front. First Claire creamed her arms and told Andrea to hold each of her arms outstretched, Claire creamed each arm and kept making Andrea’s arm accidentally brush against Claire’s tits. This caused both Claire’s and Andrea’s nipples to harden as Claire enjoyed making Andrea come into contact with her and Andrea enjoyed the contact. Then Claire creamed Andrea’s tits, she took particular attention to her nipples, when she went to move on, Andrea in a slightly quivering voice suggested she might have missed some and asked her to do them again as she did not want to burn there. This time having been given full permission, Claire spent ages massaging the cream into Andrea’s breasts, enjoying her nipples, pinching and rubbing the cream around. By this time Andrea was breathing heavily and closing her eyes to enjoy the intensity of Claire’s attention.

Claire then creamed her stomach to where her thin fair pubes started. Again Andrea sighed frustratingly that Claire had not touched her where she wanted her to. Claire smiled to herself thinking all good things come to those who wait! She started at Andrea’s feet and worked her way up, when she drew level with Andrea’s bush, she carefully rubbed cream on the inside of her thigh ensuring the tops of her legs had been creamed, first time she lightly grazed Andrea’s plump lips with her index finger, the second time of massaging the cream she grazed her more firmly with her upright thumb probing into her puffy lips. She was soaking wet. Andrea let out a big moan and Claire looked up at her and Andrea reciprocated her gaze willing her to delve further. Claire then stood up and Andrea anxiously asked her not to stop, Claire replied that she did not want to taste suncream and needed to wash her hands! Andrea’s heart nearly stopped when she heard that. Claire kissed her fully on her lips and turned to wash her hands in the basin.

Andrea stood behind her and rubbed her hard and sensitive nipples against Claire’s back, she snaked her hands round to Claire’s large tits and rubbed her hands all over them enjoying the soft bouncy flesh, her palms rubbed in circles all over her nipples and Claire gasped in delight at the tingling feeling that shot to her crotch. Claire dried her hands and turned to Andrea and told her to hop up and sit on the vanity unit and pushed her back to lean on the mirror. Claire kissed her again, this time gently probing her feminine mouth and Andrea furtively returned with her tongue. Claire broke again and kissed her neck and shoulders, she didn’t kiss her nipples as they were covered in cream, but she squeezed and massaged her tits, pinching her nipples hungrily causing Andrea to moan again and again.

Claire’s hands then drifted down to Andrea’s special place which by now was on fire. Her hands lightly stroked down her slit towards her arse but stopping short, Andrea was so wet it had leaked past her lips and Claire probed further opening her lips with her other hand, this time she circled her clit button and slid her fingers down to her cunt gently pushing a finger in. Her finger slipped in so easily, she wasn’t surprised as she was so wet, she brought her finger out and pushed in two, at the same time she massaged her clit with her thumb. She started a rhythm with her fingers and continued to circle and massage her clit too, Andrea was delirious with the pleasure this was giving her and was moaning. Claire wanted to taste this beautiful person who was in front of her, so bringing out her fingers she licked Andrea’s juices off while Andrea sat watching her breathing heavily, enjoying the erotic sight but wanting Claire to continue finger fucking her aching cunt.

Claire then crouched down so her face was level with Andrea’s cunt, Andrea could feel Claire’s hot breath on her pussy, Claire leaned forward and took a delicate lick, it was too much for both of them, Andrea grabbed her head and pulled Claire’s face towards her cunt and Claire opened her mouth and licked, sucked and tongue fucked her sloppy wet snatch. Andrea was watching her intently and Claire buried her face into her. Then Claire plunged her two longest fingers into her cunt and clamped her mouth on Andrea’s clit. She pumped her hand furiously in and out of Andrea and at the same time massaged her clit with her tongue, flicking her tongue backwards and forwards over Andrea’s hard clit. Andrea’s moans increased as Claire felt her cunt start to tighten and spasming against her fingers, Andrea started to buck her hips further towards Claire’s face as she screamed she was about to come. Andrea had the most mind blowing orgasm, her body shook, the nerves tingled everywhere and she thought her heart would stop. She was a gusher, and delicious musky fluid was pumped into Claire’s waiting mouth, Claire continued to pump her finger in and out of Andrea’s pulsing cunt enabling her to drag out the orgasm as long as possible. As Andrea’s orgasm subsided Claire licked her gently and cleaned her pussy, Andrea laid against the mirror spent, breathing softly.

She stood up and Andrea pulled her to her, kissed her mouth, probing with her tongue so she could taste herself, Claire’s face was covered in her cum and Andrea gratefully licked it all off, she then looked at Claire and said it’s your turn now and I have waited so long for this!

She led her to the bed and laid her down. She kissed her all over her face, her neck and her shoulders. She stroked her tits causing her nipples to harden, she kissed her tits and then took each nipple in her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue and biting down gently on them causing Claire to arch her back in pleasure pushing her nipples further into Andrea’s mouth. Andrea then kissed and licked her way down to Claire’s soft, smooth and recently shaved bald. Andrea pushed Claire’s legs apart and gazed at her pussy in all it’s glory.

She gently stroked Claire’s pussy lips, parting them and stroking each side, her fingers were met by Claire’s wetness. Andrea opened Claire’s lips and touched her clit, Claire shuddered at the intense feeling it gave her. Andrea then moved her fingers down to her cunt and inserted a finger and stroked the sleek inner walls. She started to massage Claire’s clit with her thumb and pushed three fingers into her cunt enjoying the tightness of it and Claire’s moans, as she enjoyed what Andrea was doing to her and she started to plunge her fingers knuckle deep into her wet snatch!

Andrea suddenly stopped and grabbing one of her own tits, pushed her large hard nipple into Claire’s cunt and massage both her own nipple and Claire’s clit. Claire found it to be so erotic she could not believe the sensations it created, Andrea’s large hard nipple stroked and caressed her aching cunt. Then Andrea came up on the bed and told Claire to lay on her back further up the bed, Claire scooched up immediately, her friend then positioned her pussy against Claire’s in a scissor position. Andrea massaged her clit against Claire’s, they were both so wet, as their buttons of flesh rubbed together making a lovely slurping noise. Neither girls had ever experienced this before and were both getting into a good rhythm, enjoying the delicious feelings it created, their clits banging and grinding against one another. Andrea realised they were both close to cumming and increased her rubbing against Claire, Claire started to come just before Andrea, Andrea felt Claire’s clit seem to grow and harden and felt the muscles in her legs tighten, Claire’s moans increased and Andrea immediately started to gush cum juice all over Claire’s cunt and they rubbed themselves together slowly until their orgasms had subsided, gently massaging their sticky cum covered cunts against one another.

They lay in each others arms and dozed off from all their exertions both with cunts soaked in cum! They woke in the early evening and realised they had missed a whole day. They showered together lathering each other’s bodies, massaging soap around and over each others nipples.

They were quickly becoming turned on and fingered each other, massaging each other’s clits until they orgasmed and held each other as the intensity subsided.

They dried off and dressed, deciding lazily to call room service and eat on the patio again. The food again was delicious and once fully feasted they decided to crash and burn. Naked they got into bed together and fell asleep, Claire laid behind Andrea with one arm under Andrea’s head and the other holding Andrea’s breast. Andrea wiggled her arse against Claire’s naked cunt enjoying the closeness of her dear friend.

Day three

The girls woke quite early and as it was already a warm day, decided to have a dip in the plunge pool. As the patio area was so private they skinny dipped, the water lapped and caressed their naked bodies, the water was cool and the sensation hardened both their sensitive peaks, the girls wrestled with one another, enjoying the feel of their bodies touching, grabbing nipples and probing fingers into each others cunts. As Claire leaned her back against the side of the pool to catch her breath Andrea swam up to her and brought her body on top of Claire’s. Their tits bobbed against one another causing both their cunts to stir and send those messages demanding attention.

Claire debated fingering Andrea and decided against it saying come on, we’ve paid a fortune for this holiday and we haven’t set foot out of our apartment yet! So they got out of the pool, showered off the chlorine water and dressed in bikinis and sundresses. Once at reception they got directions to the beach but Claire had to wait for Andrea because she had forgotten something, a mysterious beach bag.

When they arrived it was very secluded, there was about five large round shaped huts each looking out to the sea each was open topped with no roof. The back of them was completely closed in, a member of staff showed them to their hut which was for their sole use during their stay. At the sea front part of the hut was a large white curtain, the beach attendant pulled it open to reveal that half of the hut was a large bed covered in towels in a raised sunbathing area and the other area a dining area. He explained if the girls needed service to ring the phone installed in the hut and an attendant would come at their call.

After the attendant had left the girls looked at each other and grinned in delight, this was turning out to be a fantastic holiday in all respects! They stripped off to their bikinis and sprawled out on the bed looking out to sea. They snoozed for a little while but were awakened by the phone ringing, it was the attendant asking if they needed anything. They politely declined and said they would call if they needed anything.

Andrea suggested that they sunbathe naked so Claire got up and closed the curtain, this made their little hut totally secluded. They stripped off their bikinis and returned to the towelled bed area to bask in the warm sunshine, they lay side by side naked enjoying the heat. Andrea turned to Claire and started to stroke her tits, she pinched and pulled at her nipples telling Claire she felt horny and needed her attention. Claire turned to face her and kissed her full on the mouth circling her tongue round her mouth. Andrea moaned into her mouth as she felt Claire’s hands start to massage her pussy, she was already wet and Claire starting to finger her with two fingers. Andrea pulled away and moved to crouch over Claire’s face. She immediately got the message and started to lick her out, flicking her tongue over Andrea’s clit and then snaking down to her cunt and lapping at the juices coming from her dripping into her awaiting mouth. Claire lent forward and put her hands either side of Andrea’s hips and started to eat her out too. She licked her pussy like it was an icelolly, she stroked her tongue up and down her slit, she took her time to rub her chin on her clit whilst putting her tongue as far in her cunt at she could go.

Andrea told her to stop as she had something special for them, she rummaged in her mysterious beach bag and produced a double ended vibrator, Claire was pleasantly surprised and realised all her horny thoughts about deflowering Andrea had been totally reciprocated all this time. The vibrator wasn’t very thick and only about 14-16 inches long, but Andrea explained that she had selected it because it wasn’t too big so they could both take a good length but be able to massage each others clits once the vibrator was all the way in both of them.

Andrea switched it on and it pulsed quite strongly, Claire watched Andrea insert it in her cunt, disappearing deeper into her wet folds and then she scooted towards Claire’s already open and waiting legs. Claire wriggled herself onto the vibrator and scissored her legs around Andrea’s. Andrea was right, both cunts accommodated this vibrator and allowed them to bang and massage their clits together at the same time. The vibrator started to do it’s work and the girls lubricating juices were soon leaking out of each of the cunts surrounding the vibrator both girls reached down and grabbed some and massaged it into each other’s tits and then proceeded to lick it off. They pulled each others legs close to them and ground their clits against each other, as the waves crashed on the beach the noise covered their moans of pleasure. Both started to tense their legs and they started to cum, the orgasms were out of this world, the vibrator pulsing away in their cunts, massaging their already well creamed holes, together with them banging their clits against one another. As their orgasms subsided they both withdrew from the vibrator as it was too sensitive to stand any more and they lay on the bed panting together.

They lay together naked and spent in the sunshine. Once they had napped and recharged their batteries, they slipped on their sun-dresses over their naked bodies and ordered some drinks. When the waiter boy arrived the girls decided to have some fun, they stripped off in front of him and asked if he could rub sun-cream on their bodies. Of course he was nervous but happily obliged and the girls allowed him to rub cream onto both of their tits, the girls both stood facing him and he slowly massage the cream into their skin and nipples taking his time and pinching both pairs of tits. Watching each other being attended to was a huge turn on and their lubricating juices started to seep out of their pussies. When it came to their arses and legs Claire and Andrea asking him to pay particular attention to the tops of their legs. His large hands felt wonderful as he applied cream on them, he was very attentive as he applied the cream to the tops of their legs, his hands continually went far enough up their legs to allow his hands to make several strokes of their wet cunts. His hardon started to show in his shorts and the girls rubbed against him at every opportunity. He was desperate to fuck both of them but knew he had to be asked before he obliged, unspoken staff rules. Once the girls had finished toying with him they told him they had had enough and asked him to leave, he disappeared up the beach trying to hide his hardon behind the drinks tray sulking that they had teased him so.

The girls were bored then, so they looked through the price list and noticed that the hotel offered a massage service. So they booked a massage for both of them later in the afternoon.They arrived at the beauty suite to be greeted by the beauticians. Both beauticians who were going to do the massages were almost Amazonian, tall heavy boned strong woman, Claire and Andrea had been hoping for men but weren’t disappointed.

The masseurs showed Claire and Andrea to a double massage tabled room asking them to strip off and lay face down on the beds and cover their bottoms with the towels provided. Ten minutes later the masseurs returned and commenced our massage. They massaged the girls shoulders and backs, their hands were very strong and the girls both enjoyed having their muscles manipulated. They set to work on their legs and slowly worked their way towards the girls arses, their hands massaged their arse cheeks and slipped their oily hands between their cheeks and rubbed downwards towards their cunts. Both Claire and Andrea were being massaged identically at the same time, both girls realised that this just wasn’t going to be an ordinary massage as the masseurs rubbed their cunts, probing their fingers into their wet sticky holes, both girls moaned in appreciative delight.

They asked the girls to roll over and started massaging their tits, they pulled, pinched and rubbed Claire and Andrea’s nipples until they hurt but it was a pleasurable hurt. The masseurs then worked down to their pussies, the massage tables split just below the bottom area which allowed the girls legs to be opened up, this enabled the masseurs to work on the tops of their thighs but also this gave them easy access to their now spread open pussies. They fingered both girls, pumping their big strong hands in the girls cunts, one finger plunged in and withdrew then two fingers and finally three, at the same time massaging their clits, by now the girls were delirious with delight enjoying total strangers feeling their bodies. They then stopped and went to a cupboard on the wall at the side of the room, they removed there skirts and panties and strapped on cocks, they also had a hand held battery powered bulb like massaging device each which when switched on vibrated and pulsed.

They put some lubricating fluid on their strap ons, not that the girls needed it, they were dripping in anticipation waiting. The masseurs plunged their strap ons into Claire and Andrea’s cunts and started to pump them, they also switched on and applied their hand held massage machines and held them to the girls clits. Claire and Andrea could not believe the sensations, these strong women where fucking their cunts with such force, plunging in and out of their hungry cunts, the massage machine was working on their clits and causing them to build to orgasm rapidly, their bodies twitched, their hips bucked up to the strap on cocks and they grabbed the straps holding the cocks in place and pulled the masseurs into their cunts as far as they could go. As they orgasmed they had to scream at the masseurs to stop massaging their clits and withdraw their cocks as the feelings were so sensitive. Claire and Andrea’s cunts dripped fluid on the floor, they told the masseurs that they would not pay them until they are cleaned them up and they didn’t mean washing them off they meant to lick them clean.

The masseurs dutifully licked their cunts clean enjoying the musky flavour, Claire and Andrea watched the girls being turned on more and more by licking their wet cunts, so they ordered one of the beauticians to remove the strap on and told the other to fuck her. Claire and Andrea watched as the beauticians fucked each other, leaving them to it they decided to return to their apartments sexually spent once again, leaving a very large tip for their services!

They wondered what tomorrow would bring…..

Day four

The girls awoke late and dressed in their skimpy bath robes and ordered breakfast. They sat out on the patio eating and enjoying the sunshine on their semi naked bodies no longer self conscious of keeping their bodies covered. There was a knock on the door and the maid entered.

She was a pretty looking thing, about sixteen, 5’6”, very petite with small tits and slender legs, she wore a little maids outfit which was a little too short for her with a zip up the front, it was also a little tight and seemed to push her small tits together. She explained to the girls that her name was Maria and she was here to clean the room and do any other chores they needed. She couldn’t help but notice Claire and Andrea’s half exposed breasts and barely covered crotches and stood transfixed looking at them. Claire could not resist moving her legs around to show off more of her pussy. Maria’s nipples perked up and pushed against the material of her dress, Claire licked her lips in anticipation of ideas what Maria could do for them.

Maria disappeared into the apartment to tidy and clean, she changed the bed taking time to inspect the patches where the girls had dripped their cum, she couldn’t help but sniff at their muskiness and licked the sheet to taste them. She started to feel her pussy itch and rubbed her crotch against the corner of the bed as she changed the bed linen, she was starting to feel really horny but couldn’t do anything about it. She went into the bathroom and retrieved the laundry from the basket, she picked up both girls panties and sniffed and licked where they had once been soaking wet. She pushed the door slightly too and putting her leg up on the toilet she pulled her knickers to one side and rubbed the already soiled panties on her itchy cunt. She couldn’t help herself and stuffed a pair of the knickers up her cunt and started to pull them out slowing enjoying the fabric sliding out of her hole, just then Claire walked in and saw the whole thing and was excited to see her panties partially sticking out of Maria’s cunt.

Rather than shout at her, she walked behind her and gently stroked her little breasts over the top of her dress. Claire then unzipped her dress and put her hand inside the fabric, she wore no bra and Claire instantly touched her flesh and pinched her nipple, Maria moaned loudly. Claire undid the zip all the way and pulled the dress off of her, dropping it to the floor, young Maria stood near naked in front of her apart from her white panties, pulled to one side and the scrap Claire’s panties stuffed up Maria’s cunt. Claire knelt down and pulled Maria’s pants down, with her teeth she grasped the piece of material and slowly pulled her panties out of Maria’s cunt.

Maria opened her legs and moaned as the fabric scratched at her cunt walls, once Claire had removed them she licked at Maria’s young cunt, it had a very small amount of fuzz on it and Claire soon found her little clit bud and hungrily chewed on it. The young girl’s legs were nearly buckling under the intense feeling as Claire licked her cunt so she told her to sit over the sink on the vanity unit. Craving the site of a young girl's naked pussy, she ran some water in the sink and got some hair conditioner out of the cabinet and a razor, she explained to Maria that conditioner worked well to shave with as it moisturised the area and allowed the razor to glide over her skin and shave it without leaving it sore. She shaved Maria’s pubes off of her mound and then held each of her lips apart to ensure all the hair was removed, Maria enjoyed the feel of the razor stroking her lips, Claire washed off the excess conditioner and couldn’t help rubbing Maria’s pussy as she washed her off, she didn’t worry about washing off too much of Maria’s cunt juice as she just kept producing juices the more Claire paid attention to it and once against was dripping wet.

Claire then told her to move to the side of the basin but Maria said she needed a pee, so Claire told her to do it over the sink, she watched as Maria pissed a long stream of urine down the sink, once she had finished Claire grabbed some toilet paper and dabbed the piss off her bald little pussy. Once done Maria moved to the side and lifted her legs up and placed her feet on the worktop completely exposing her cunt to Claire, to Maria’s surprise Claire kissed her full on her mouth probing her orifice with her tongue, Maria started to respond and kissed her back. Claire worked her way down her neck and kissed and sucked her small rounded tits and dark nipples, rolling them around in her mouth and occasionally biting down on the hard pert flesh.

Claire worked her way down to the bald pussy she had shaved and shivered in delight at inspecting it at such close range. She opened Maria’s young unstretched lips and slowly licked up and down her exposed pussy. She spent time lapping up the juices which oozed from her cunt, sucking as hard as she could to drink in the musky sweet cream, then she worked on her clit, teasing it with her tongue, circling the button and flicked her tongue backwards and forwards over it. Maria moaned in delight and caressed Claire’s short hair pulling Claire’s face deeper into her cunt. Claire continued to chew on her clit enjoying such a young barely developed pussy, she gently inserted a finger into her cunt which was so tight, she gently pulled it out and then in and out a little faster, then she inserted two fingers and whilst inside she made a beckoning motion with her fingers which hit her g spot and the young girl came almost immediately, Maria’s cunt grabbing and massaging Claire’s fingers which were now buried knuckle deep dragging the orgasm out as long as she could. As she looked up at Maria who now had her eyes closed she caught sight in the mirror of Andrea, standing in the doorway, rubbing her clit with her fingers at the horny sight of Claire eating young Maria’s cunt.

Once Maria had come down from her first real mind blowing orgasm, they all went and sat on the bed together. Maria although willing was very naïve as to what to do, so Claire and Andrea where very excited about having a new innocent student to show how to please and be pleased. Claire laid down on the bed and told Maria to come between her legs and lick her cunt just like Claire had done to her. Andrea stood on the bed and stood over Claire’s face and squatted down using the headboard to support herself and lowered herself onto Claire’s face. Maria stroked Claire’s pussy lips with her fingers, opening her out with her other hand, she delved further into her lapping at her wet snatch. Her tongue stuck in her cunt and her lips surrounded it and she sucked loudly drawing juice down from her hole. The slurping caused a vibrating sensation on Claire’s cunt which caused Claire to shudder violently, Maria brought her finger up to Claire’s clit and slowly started to massage it in a circular motion.

In the meantime Claire licked Andrea’s snatch hungrily, she was turned on by the young girl eating her out down below and the gooey wet state of her friend’s cunt as she also watched Maria on fulll view eating her friend. Andrea couldn’t wait to come and whilst Claire tongue fucked and sucked at her cunt so she massaged her clit with her fingers, she rubbed at her button furiously as she noticed Claire’s legs tense as Maria was bringing her to orgasm too. Andrea felt her legs start to buckle and she got off Claire’s face and laid down next to Claire with her legs apart gently rubbing her button enjoying the after effects of her climax. Maria gently licked both their pussies clean as both friends lay there in a dazed state.

Both Claire and Andrea kissed Maria full on the lips and tipped her for her trouble before she left their apartment. Exhausted both girls collapsed on the bed and drifted off to sleep wasting another few hours of their holiday.

Later in the day they showered and dressed in shorts and blouses and made their way to the restaurant/bar area, it was very quiet with only two other couples in the room. As they made their way to the bar they noticed one of the couples at the other end of the bar whispering to one another and staring at Claire and Andrea. When the girls ordered their drinks and the barman went to the top of the bar to prepare them, whilst there the woman passed a comment to him that she didn’t realise the hotel accommodated lesbians. The barman and the woman’s husband laughed a dirty laugh to one another at the private joke and said they didn’t mind as long as they could watch. The wife snorted in disgust and continued to look the girls up and down.

The girls shrugged the incident off and went to sit down in the dining area, Claire whispered to Andrea that she’d love to teach the wife a thing or two given the opportunity, Andrea agreed giggling. During dinner the girls continued to be subjected to the woman’s glares, after dinner both parties moved to the bar area and Andrea and Claire started to play cards. Continuing to be subjected to the woman’s stares and the continued sniping about their sexuality, the girls decided to play a little game and invited the couple to join them for a drink. Her name was Debbie and he was Mark, she was tall with long red hair, small tits and a shapely arse, he was handsome and tanned, fair and muscular both early fourties.

The drink flowed and Debbie and Mark became more and more drunk as the evening wore on, the bar closed and the girls, disappointed to have their fun curtailed suggested they go to their apartment and enjoy their mini bar. The couple agreed and they made their way to the girls suite. Claire suggested they have some fun and play strip poker and Debbie and Mark agreed. They sat at the small table and Claire dealt the cards, unbeknown to Debbie and Mark, Claire was a dab hand and continued to win hands, causing Andrea, Debbie and Mark to strip off. Claire lost some of the games and removed some clothing but kept lacing Debbie and Mark’s drinks with vodka to ensure they became quite drunk. Mark was down to his underpants and Debbie to her brief bra and thong by this time Mark was really quite drunk and with Andrea’s help they tied him to his chair, tying his wrists to the arms of the chair and his ankles to the legs of the chair, Debbie was too drunk to even notice. Andrea and Claire then guided Debbie to the bed and tied her spread eagled to the four corners of the bed, tying her wrists tightly to the corners and her ankles on a lose line to the corners of the bottom of the bed which gave her enough binding to be able to move her legs slightly.

Leaving them to sober up a while Claire and Andrea disappeared onto the patio area to discuss their plans. Returning to the bedroom a couple of hours later both Debbie and Mark were slightly more sober and aware that they had been tied up. Andrea explained to them both that she did not take kindly to being joked about as being a lesbian and herself and Claire had decided to teach them both a lesson. Claire proceeded to cut Mark’s underpants off of him revealing a well endowed limp cock, she then cut Debbie’s bra and thong off, Debbie’s tits were nice if a little small and her pussy covered in a red down which she obviously trimmed quite short. Debbie’s eyes widened with shock realising that both she and her husband were naked and on full view to the two women whom she had earlier ridiculed.

Claire and Andrea stripped naked and sat on the bed either side of Debbie. Both girls each caressed one of Debbie’s tits and leaned over and took each one in their mouths, Debbie widened her eyes in fear and tried to wriggle away from them, but as the girls lay either side of her she had nowhere to go. They stroked her nipples with their tongues and gently bit down on the hardening tit, Debbie shrieked in shock at the sensation trying to pull at her bindings. Claire moved lower down the bed and pushed Debbie’s legs open, she asked Andrea to help her open Debbie’s pussy lips so she could get to her slit. Andrea obliged and opened Debbie’s legs and leaned over to push open her pussy lips with her fingers, Debbie wriggled slightly but was curious as to what the girls would do to her as these feelings she was getting did not imply she was repulsed after all and started to be turned on by the situation.

Where Mark sat, he had full view of Claire and Andrea’s naked cunts and also his wife’s. He watched as Claire lightly stroked Debbie’s slit up towards her clit and circled her button and back down towards her arse. Claire inserted a finger slowly into Debbie’s cunt and she moaned loudly in response, she moaned even more when Claire started to finger her slowly in and out and massaged her clit with her thumb. Mark’s cock started to grow at the erotic sight of two naked women working over his wife. Claire continued to finger fuck Debbie whilst Andrea leaned over further and clamped her mouth over Debbie’s clit and sucked it hard into her mouth. Debbie screamed at the wonderful sensation of being fingered and having her clit chewed at the same time, by now she was so turned on that she had no intention of moving. Claire’s finger fucking pace increased and by now she was pumping three fingers in and out of Debbie whilst Andrea chewed furiously on her clit. Debbie was so completely turned on by the sight and feelings of two girls working her over and started to buck her hips as a huge orgasm started to build. The girls continued to pump fingers and chew on her cunt as she orgasmed with a low animal type scream, Claire kept pumping slowly four fingers knuckle deep to drag her orgasm out as long as possible and Andrea lightly stroked her clit with her flat tongue as Debbie’s spasm’s subsided.

By now Mark’s cock was fully erect and bobbing around with excitement with precum starting to ooze from the tip. Andrea and Claire left Debbie to recover from her orgasm and went over to where Mark sat. Andrea kneeled down and took his cock in her hands and lightly stroked him from bottom to tip, massaging his balls gently with her other hand. She closed her hand around his cock and in a circular motion started to massage and squeeze his erection. Mark moaned in delight and Andrea leant over and closed her lips around the tip of his cock and sucked his precum out of the tip, dipping her tongue into the little hole at the top. She then took his hard cock deep into her mouth gagging slightly as he reached the back of her throat and then further in as her gag reflex subsided. She continued to massage his cock with her mouth and her tongue and gently stroked his balls as she slid her mouth up and down on his cock. Mark stared at the horny sight of another woman deep throating his man hood, he was turned on further to see his wife speadeagled on the bed wide eyed watching.

Claire not wanting to miss out on an opportunity climbed onto the chair and placed her feet facing forward either side of Mark’s hips on the seat and lowered her aching cunt towards his face. Mark did not need encouragement, he put his face back and hungrily slurped into her pussy which was well slicked since finger fucking Debbie to her first female induced orgasm. As Andrea sucked harder on his cock, he lapped furiously into Claire’s cunt, sucking out her juices and intermittently tonguing her clit. Claire could barely stand the intense feeling and realised she could not physically keep this position up for long and climbed off the chair feeling frustrated. Andrea started to feel Mark’s orgasm building as his cock swelled and rather than suck it she pulled her mouth away and started to pump his big member with her hand. Mark grunted and bucked hard into her hand as he felt his come travelling through his cock and watched spurts of his come squirting into her mouth, he had never seen so much come from his cock and Andrea’s mouth was full and he still managed to squirt more on her face.

Getting up from her position between Mark’s legs, Andrea climbed on the bed and leaned over Debbie’s face and slowly emptied her cum filled mouth into Debbie’s. Debbie opened her mouth and swallowed hungrily her husband’s cum and proceeded to lick the rest from Andrea’s face and then stuck her tongue into Andrea’s mouth to taste the final remaining spunk left of her husband and kissed Andrea passionately. Andrea untied Debbie’s hands realising that Debbie was so turned on by their little games that she had no intention of running away, she also untied her ankles, Debbie did not attempt to get up she just laid on the bed enjoying the sensations coursing through her body.

Claire was still feeling frustrated and turned on further watching Andrea and Debbie transferring Mark’s spunk and positioned herself astride the arm of the chair, Mark upturned his hand and she lowered her pussy towards his hand and impaled her aching cunt on his two longest upturned fingers. She slowly started to manouver her body up and down pumping Mark’s fingers into her cunt. By now Mark’s cock was recovered and erect again at the erotic sight of his wife with Andrea and Claire fucking his fingers, Claire noticed his new erection and wanted her cunt full of cock instead of just a few fingers. She stood up and untied Mark’s wrists and turned with her back to Mark and impaled her love hole straight onto his cock burying it to the hilt. She started to move up and down his shaft slowly but couldn’t stand the teasing sensation of her cunt walls stroking the full length of his substantial cock and started to pump up and down on his tool, the slap, slap of her thighs against his echoing around the room.

Mark enjoying the feeling of his cock buried in Claire’s wet cunt, could not resist grabbing her tits and pinching and twisting her nipples. Andrea and Debbie sat on the bed watching Claire grinding herself on Mark’s cock. Claire slid her hands across her belly and down to her snatch and starting to massage her clit, the feeling of Mark’s cock deep in her cunt and her stroking her clit was slowly starting to build to orgasm. Across the room Andrea and Debbie started stroking each other’s clits, turned on yet again watching others. Mark felt his balls tighten and at the same time felt Claire’s cunt grip his manhood, Mark grabbed her by the hips and bounced her up and down on his cock impaling her harder and harder onto his manhood.

Mark growled deep in his throat as he felt cum squirt from his cock deep into her cunt, her orgasm gripped his cock and her muscles tightened around his shaft, milking him as she gushed her cum, there was so much cum juice that it started to seep from her cunt lips. They both slowed their pumping and grinding as nerves jangled and their orgasms subsided. Claire got up and walked unsteadily to the bed and pushed Debbie back to lie on her back. Claire climbed onto Debbie’s chest and crawled up until she was astride her face, leaving behind a slug trail of cunt and cock cum across Debbie’s breasts, Claire unclenched her cunt muscles and a large dribble of juices slid into Debbie’s open and waiting mouth. Debbie greedily guzzled her husband’s cum mingled with Claire’s, as the dribble subsided Debbie clamped her mouth around Claire’s cunt and sucked and slurped the remaining fluid from her. Andrea untied Mark’s ankles from the chair and the girls lay exhausted on the bed and everyone drifted off to sleep exhausted from their antics.

Later Claire and Andrea’s sleep was disturbed and they awoke to the sounds of Mark and Debbie grunting and moaning, they saw Mark kneeling at the foot of the bed fucking Debbie as hard as he could. He had pushed Debbie’s legs up and her knees were by her shoulders so he could bury his cock deep into her cunt. As he rammed her as hard as he could her tits bounced up and down and he lent over and bit down on each nipple hard causing Debbie to scream in delight. Debbie came instantly, shuddering and clenching her cunt on his cock, he was determined not to come just yet and slowed his fucking down to allow her climax to subside. Once she was calm again, he speeded up his cock in her and just before he came he withdrew his member from her and grasped himself and wanked his cock to orgasm spattering her cunt, belly and tits with his cum. Satisfied and knackered he sat back on his heels and Claire and Andrea proceeded to lick his seed from Debbie’s body ensuring every spot of cum was lapped up.

Exhausted but happy Debbie and Mark dressed minus their ruined underwear and kissing both girls full on the lips returned to their own apartment to recover, promising never again to comment on lesbians. Claire and Andrea laid on the bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about another exciting day.

Day five

The girls exhausted from their antics slept late. Andrea awoke first and not being able to resist the sight of her friend resting with her ample tits laying in front of her started to stroke them, she lightly caressed each bosom working her way towards the nipples, the skin around the aureoles started to tighten and Claire’s nipples transformed into hard aching buds. Andrea bent her head down and licked the tight buds lightly, Claire now fully awake opened her eyes and lovingly watched her friend working on her tits, she reached out and grasped Andrea’s tits and pulled on her large nipples playfully. The girls were now fully turned on by their attentions and moved around the bed so that they were in the scissor position, their wet cunts touching, feeling the heat and wetness of each other. They slowly grasped one of each other’s knees and pulled each other closer, forcing clit to clit and started to gyrate against each other. The slurping of their wet pussies together with the erotic site as each girl looked down to watch their clits kissing, rubbing and banging against one another, pretty quickly brought them to orgasm. They hugged each other’s knees and slowed down their grinding as their panting subsided.

They showered dressed and breakfasted determined to enjoy some more time at the beach in their special hut which they had not seen much of since their arrival. The set up of the hut not having a roof and enclosed privacy of it when they closed the front curtain enabled them to sunbathe naked all the time, and they lay on the raised half circle bed area soaking up the warm sunshine. After a couple of hours, Andrea became restless and started to look for her book in her beach bag, unable to find it she gently woke Claire and told her she was going back to the apartment to fetch it. Andrea put her bikini thong on and put on her beach sarong and fastened it around her neck, it was made from a very sheer white gauze and although it showed her tits off quite clearly it was almost respectable to wear to return to the apartment. Put it this way it was risqué enough for the men to get a clear view of her breasts and gaze longingly at but also for the women to cast green eyed monster stares at her also.

About five minutes after she’d left the intercom buzzed in the beach hut, Claire answered it thinking it was Andrea but was pleasantly surprised that is was their other playmate Maria the maid from the apartment. She had a day off today and was wondering if Andrea and Claire would mind if she and a friend came and visited.

When Maria arrived she introduced her friend Claudia to Claire. Claudia was 16 like Maria similar dark skin, long dark straight her and petite body, the girls were almost identical, they both wore shorts and halter neck bikini tops. Claire did not bother covering herself before they arrived as she and Andrea had already played and explored with Maria and didn’t want things to be any different, if Claudia was treated the same things could get quite exciting.

Maria and Claudia chattered to Claire about their school work and their part time jobs at the hotel, divulging some of the antics they’d seen during their first season there, it became quite clear to Claire that Claudia was more worldly than Maria in the sexual department implying that she much preferred the female clientèle to the male. Claire asked her to elaborate further and Claudia explained that the men could sometimes be quite rough whereas the women were always gentle and had such beautiful bodies.

Claire asked Claudia what she thought to her body, Claudia gazed at Claire’s large tits and bald snatch and said she was just what she liked. Claire suggested both girls strip off and stand either side of her. Talk about twins both Claudia and Maria both had lovely straight hair, small pert little titties and naked little slits clearly on show. Claire reached up with both her hands and caressed each of Claudia and Maria’s tits at the same time, both girls little nipples stiffened at Claire’s touch as she continued to stroke each of the girls breasts. Her hands travelled across their flat tanned tummies and touched their little slits, stroking downwards, both young girls immediately shuffled their feet further apart so as not to hinder Claire’s exploring. Claire’s fingers softly probed further into their lips and she smiled with delight feeling how moist they both were, Claire bent her knees a little so that she could reach further into the girls pussies to tickle and rub their clits. Both Maria and Claudia moaned softly and pushed their hips forward as Claire’s probing increased, Claire could not believe her luck to have two young, eager to please students allowing her to fondle and grope their little pussies.

By now Maria and Claudia were well turned on by Claire’s attentions and started to stroke Claire’s ample tits. They both leaned forward and latched onto each nipple suckling like babies onto their mothers, Claire withdrew her fingers from their wet little snatches and put her juice covered fingers into opposite girl’s mouths so they could each taste each other juices. Claudia and Maria hungrily sucked at her fingers, surprisingly although having serviced clients they had never had the opportunity to taste one another.

Claire guided both girls to the bed and ordered Claudia and Maria to assume the '69' position. What a sight two young girls eating one another out in front of Claire, she wished Andrea would return to enjoy the spectacle too. Claire sat at the foot of the bed watching the girls and verbally guiding them to finger and suck one another, Claire needing something to satisfy her own lust, reached into Andrea’s beach bag to find one of her ‘toys’ to use. She didn’t care what, as Andrea had a large selection with her and blindly pulled out the first one she felt with her fingers. This was a vibrator 8 inches long, quite thick but it had an additional flexible ‘finger’ 3 inches on the end which not only vibrated but made circular motions too. When she switched it on it also had a volume type sliding switch which increased or decreased the speed of both the vibration and circular motion.

Claudia and Maria by now were well into pleasing one another and Claire could hear moaning through their mouthfuls of clit showing their enjoyment. Claire turned on the vibrator and held it to her clit enjoying the movement and heightening her senses, she fingered her cunt at the same time feeling her cunt walls stroking her fingers and sucking them in to her wet hole. Feeling the need for something thicker and longer in her cunt she slowly slid the tool into her love hole, once she had it buried to the hilt she slowly slid it in and out. As she slid the movement button higher there was less need to pull the vibrator in and out and the massaging tool did it’s job, Claire was so wet she was having to hold onto the bottom of the vibrator quite tightly to stop her cunt sucking it in further. With her spare hand she pulled and pinched her nipples as the 'finger' on the bottom of the vibrator, buzzed and rubbed her clit, as she realised both her young apprentices were fast approaching orgasm. Maria and Claudia were tonguing each other’s clits and furiously finger fucking their cunts and screaming in ecstasy as they both started to come.

Claire increased the pulsing switch. massaging her clit faster and faster as her cunt walls gripped and stroked the fuck machine between her legs as she brought herself to orgasm spurting her cum out of either side of the vibrator all over her lips and thighs. By now Maria and Claudia’s orgasms had subsided and they lay watching Claire gasp and pant at her own climax. Between gasps she asked both girls to come and lick her cum covered pussy and remove the vibrator, Maria and Claudia lept at the opportunity and Marie gently withdrew the vibrator, Maria couldn’t help bring the machine to her lips and lick it clean, sucking off Claire’s juices. Claudia leaned over Claire’s snatch and gently licked her cum from around her cunt and closing her mouth over Claire’s love hole sucking any more cum from there, once done and not being able to resist, she couldn’t help but lick her clit softly.

Claire immediately focussed on Claudia’s attentions and couldn’t help starting to feel horny again. She motioned for them all to come up on the bed and Claudia crouched between Claire’s open legs and continued to explore her pussy with her young mouth. Maria laid next to Claire and Claire kissed her softly on the mouth, probing with her tongue to part Maria’s mouth seeking her tongue. Maria responded and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths exploring one another. Claire and Maria caressed each other’s tits playing with their nipples as they did so. Claudia lapped at Claire’s pussy, sucking each side of her lips into her mouth and then letting them go. Her tongue stroked inside each lip and circled Claire’s clit button and then stroked back down and darted into her cunt. Claudia flattened her tongue and stroked full up the length of her pussy several times licking it clean of juice like a dog. The more Claudia attended to her the more juice slowly trickled from Claire’s cunt. Claudia tightened the shape of her tongue and with the pointed end flicked her clit back and forth.

Claire pulled Maria up to a kneeling position and told her to kneel either side of her face facing Claudia. Claire looked into Maria’s pussy, her lips already parted, a bead of pussy juice dripped from her cunt and Claire quickly caught it with her tongue tasting the young musky flavour of her young cunt. Claire told Maria she was going to mimic Claudia’s actions on her pussy and told her to watch Claudia eating Claire’s snatch closely. Claire flattened her tongue as Claudia did and then flicked the sharp end of her tongue hard over Maria’s clit. Maria squealed at the sensation, as both Maria and Claire tensed closer and closer to orgasm. Claire felt her muscles tighten, pins and needles darting from her pussy to her tits and her toes, she spurted her cum into Claudia’s shocked but accommodating mouth as she bucked her hips into Claudia’s face forcing her to bury her mouth further into her pussy. Claire felt Maria’s legs tighten either side of her face and she increased the speed of her licking, sucking harder onto Maria’s clit and cunt, Maria pushed down on Claire’s face almost suffocating her as her body juddered her to a mind blowing orgasm the likes of which she had never felt before. Maria didn’t know she was a gusher too and flooded Claire’s mouth and face with cum juice which a delighted Claire hungrily swallowed up.

All three girls laid on the bed in the sunshine exhausted, Claire’s mind drifted back to Andrea and wondered where she was,.

Meanwhile, Andrea had arrived at the apartment and was looking for her book, as she found it she heard a knock on the door. She went to the door and opened it, in the doorway stood Debbie looking very pretty in a yellow button through short sun-dress showing off her pert little tits and long legs, Andrea invited her in and asked it she would like a drink which she accepted.

They chatted away and Andrea could not help but notice Debbie staring at her tits which were on full show through the fabric of her sarong dress, Andrea’s nipples stiffened as if on cue at Debbie’s stares. Andrea turned her back on Debbie to start fixing the drinks, the conversation suddenly changed from pleasantries to Debbie thanking her for the wonderful evening last night and how much she had very much enjoyed it. Andrea asked her if she would like to do it again sometime and with that Debbie had stepped up behind Andrea and snaking her hands round to the front of Andrea’s chest she planted kisses on Andrea’s neck and shoulders answering yes please the sooner the better. With that Andrea leaned back into Debbie’s arms and Debbie played with Andrea’s tits through the soft sheer fabric stroking and pulling at her nipples.

Andrea moaned softly at Debbie’s attentions, closing her eyes and enjoying her stroking her as she started to feel that familiar warm itching down there in that special place. Not wanting to stop her but needing to turn around, Andrea faced Debbie and Debbie instantly kissed her full on the mouth which she reciprocated as they explored tongues and mouths. Andrea reached out and blindly groped for Debbie tits but finding the fabric in her way hurriedly undid the buttons all the way down the front or her dress which then fell to the floor, to her surprise and delight she was naked underneath. Andrea gently cupped one of Debbie’s breasts in her hand and with her thumb rubbed over the nipple, Debbie sighed in response. Andrea then lightly stroked the palms of her hands over Debbie’s hardened nipples which created a delightful sensation for both Debbie and Andrea’s palms.

Unable to control themselves any more, Debbie quickly undid the sarong knotted behind Andrea’s neck and flung it to the floor, her hands quickly stroked Andrea’s tits as she slid her hands down her rib cage and to her hips inserting her fingers into the bikini thong straps she pulled the garment to the floor. On the way back up from her crouching position Debbie could not help but bury her head into Andrea’s down covered crotch and sniff the muskiness of her pussy in huge deep breaths. For some time both girls kissed hungrily and passionately exploring each others mouths, neck and shoulders with animal like urgency.

Finally needing to take things further and not wanting to wait any longer Andrea grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom but it was Debbie who pushed her onto the bed and grabbed her legs and roughly pulled them to the edge of the bed and opened them wide. Debbie fell to her knees and covered Andrea’s pubic area in soft kisses, stroking her thighs teasingly. Andrea’s cunt ached, she didn’t want kisses she wanted this girl to bury her face into her demanding pussy, it didn’t take much for Debbie to take the hint as Andrea breathlessly asked her to eat her aching cunt. Debbie’s thumbs slid either side of Andrea’s pussy lips and rubbing her already soaking snatch massaging her juices onto her lips, the thumbs delved further and parted her labia to show how desperately Andrea wanted her. Her cunt and clit glistened with juices and Debbie stroked her up and down, tantalising her clit with her thumb. Andrea closed her eyes and relished in the sensations ripping through her body, she then felt Debbie’s hot breath on her thigh and tilted her pelvis towards what she hoped would be her mouth.

She was right, Debbie’s tongue touched her clit and Andrea jumped in excitement. Debbie proceeded to work her tongue up and down her pussy, Andrea’s senses were in overdrive as she pinched her own nipples to heighten the feelings. Debbie parted her pussy lips with her finger and thumb and slurped hungrily at her flowing juices, she darted her tongue in and out of her love hole swallowing the juices off of her tongue as she went. Her thumb circled and wiggled back and forth over her already exposed clit causing Andrea to moan loudly encouraging her. Andrea told her to stop in between gasps and go to the drawer by the bed, Debbie did as she was told and found and vibrator with straps attached. Debbie did not know what it was but soon realised it was a strap-on, Andrea explained and helped Debbie put it on. The strap-on was about 7 inches long and not too wide and where the strap went between Debbie’s legs was a raised plastic stud which when the straps pulled tight fitted very snugly to her clit, Andrea explained if Debbie fucked her correctly the stud would massage her clit and help her to orgasm too.

Returning to the bed, Andrea laid down in the same position but raised her legs up and apart so her knees where near her shoulders, Debbie kneeled down between her legs and rubbed the strap on cock up and down Andrea’s very wet cunt. She then placed the ‘cock’ in the opening of her cunt hole and slid the head in, Andrea took a deep breath and exhaled, with that Debbie applied pressure and slowly inserted the cock all the way into her. She stayed still for a moment, allowing Andrea time to accommodate the phallus and gently massaged Andrea’s clit with her thumb, giving Andrea time to adjust to the cock and release more lubricating juices.

Debbie withdrew the cock almost out bar the tip and with a buck of her hips plunged the cock deep back into Andrea. Andrea gasped as the cock slid in and out of her cunt as Debbie slowly sped up her thrusts and massaged Andrea’s clit with her thumb, at the same time the stud on the inside was rubbing against Debbie’s clit encouraging her to fuck Andrea harder to increase her own sensations. By now Debbie was fucking Andrea hard with her strap on, burying it to the hilt at every thrust, Debbie felt Andrea’s muscles start to tighten but rather than let her cum she slowed her pumping right down and stopped massaging her clit with her thumb. Andrea screamed in frustration as being so close to cumming, Debbie continued to slowly bring her cock in and out but she was missing the little stud on the inside bumping on her clit and wanted to cum herself so she started to pump the ‘cock’ in and out, rubbing on Andrea’s clit hard with her thumb. Debbie started to orgasm rubbing on the stud so she pumped as hard as she could into Andrea’s gaping cunt and rubbed her thumb on her clit so fast she started to get cramp in her hand! Andrea howled as she came, her cunt clutching and stroking against the rubber cock inside her.

Debbie sunk to the floor exhausted from fucking Andrea and cumming herself, she rubbed her hand up and down the ‘cock’ and bringing the hand to her mouth licking Andrea’s juices off. Eventually she crawled onto the bed and lay next to Andrea, both girls covered in sweat from their lovemaking. As their breathing subsided they kissed once again exploring each others mouths, Andrea could still taste her juices in Debbie’s mouth as their tongues danced together. They hugged each other, rubbing their nipples against each others enjoying the soft skin and the delightful sensations that the feelings gave them.

They hadn’t finished, both wanted more and both had more to give. Andrea wanted to scissor fuck her, she found the act so erotic and wanted to share the intimacy with Debbie.They continued to stroke one another’s bodies, pinching nipples and exploring wet pussies with their fingers. Andrea knelt between Debbie’s legs and pulled her hips towards her face causing Debbie to roll her back off of the bed until just her shoulders and head remained on the bed and her back and hips pointed up in the air upside down with her legs open. This gave Andrea full view and access to Debbie’s cunt. She explored her roughly with her tongue, licking her pussy-hole and her arse-hole, biting and pinching her clit with her fingers. She fingered Debbie’s cunt with two fingers and remembering something she had seen on one of her partner’s porn flicks slowly inserted a finger in Debbie’s anus, Then Andrea pumped both sets of digits in an out, she could feel each set of fingers rubbing against one another through the membrane of skin between arse and cunt. It blew Debbie’s mind, the sensation was unbelievable and she came instantly squirting her cum all over Andrea. Andrea withdrew her fingers and slowly licked Debbie’s arse and cunt allowing Debbie’s orgasm to subside then she laid her back down on the bed and put one of her legs underneath Debbie’s so that their cunts were touching in her favourite scissor position, she held onto Debbie’s leg and ground her cunt into her own. Debbie’s cum together with the wet excitement of Andrea’s slurped together, the lubrication allowed both clits to slip against one another. Their grindings increased in speed and pressure as they both built to climax and both girls shuddered and flooded their clits with cum once again.

Finally exhausted they both dressed, kissed, hugged and Debbie departed to find her husband promising to see Andrea really soon. As Andrea closed the apartment door and returned to look for her book, she stopped to wonder what Claire had been up to all afternoon. Needless to say she needn't have worried!

Day Six

A pretty boring day passed, both girls exhausted from their antics, spent most of the day in their hut naked, sleeping and basking in the sunshine.

In the evening they decided to go to the bar to enjoy some drinks and watch the entertainment laid on by the hotel. During the night. Andrea received some persistent attention from a tall, dark skinned guy called Roman, although very dark he had almost green eyes which both girls found attractive. Claire was quite jealous when Amanda finally ensnared her prize and announced she was off to their apartment, Claire agreed to delay returning for a couple of hours so that Andrea could get to know her conquest.

Some time later Claire returned to the apartment, neither Andrea or Roman were anywhere to be seen but she could hear both of them in the bedroom. Claire had already agreed to sleep on the couch and slipped naked onto the couch under a sheet as it was so warm. It was very hard for Claire to ignore the groans from next door and she started to feel turned on, picturing what her friend and this handsome man were up to. To quieten the itchy tingley sensations in her cunt, she threw the sheet back and started to massage her clit. Whilst pinching her hard nipples with one hand she massage her clit button with her finger, slowing increasing speed and pressure the more turned on she became.

She was instantly stopped from her ministrations when she heard Andrea calling asking if Claire was there and could she come and help. Claire grabbed her thin silk robe and wrapped it around her and entered the room. Andrea was naked standing next to a chair with one leg up on the chair seat and her other standing on the floor, Roman also naked stood behind her, his hard black cock buried in her cunt. She complained that her clit was a little dry causing Roman’s cock to chaffe against her cunt and asked if Claire could help. To Roman’s surprise Claire came and stood in front of Andrea and started to lick her tits. She slowly started to suck and bite on each nipple, in response Andrea started to moan softly. Roman obviously started to feel Andrea’s cunt moisten and started to continue pumping his cock into her hole. Claire dropped to her knees to face Andrea’s cunt and watched Roman’s cock slide in and out of her friend’s cunt. Claire moistened her thumb and brought it to Andrea’s clit and started to rub it in circular motions, Andrea’s soft moans now increased by Roman’s pumping member soon started to become louder, Claire stopped what she was doing, anxious to be more involved and knelt down, brought her lips to Andrea’s pussy and clamped onto her clit, sucking it between her lips and then rubbing it with her tongue. By now Andrea was having no problem with a dry clit, Roman’s cock was pumping furiously into her cunt, obviously enhanced by Roman being aware of what was happening down below, as he came to orgasm so did Andrea and as his seed spurting into her cunt, Andrea came at the same time and both their juices seeped out of her cunt and a combination of cum was lapped up by Claire.

Roman was so turned on by the act that his cock soon became hard and he wanted desperately to fuck Andrea’s mate. Claire lay on the bed and readily opened her legs to reveal a very wet and dripping cunt gagging for his long hard cock. He lifted her legs up and pointed his cock head at her love hole secreting her juices, no gently easing in was required so he slammed his hot rod straight into Claire’s waiting hole. Claire gasped with pleasure taking the length into her. Andrea still turned on by it all, clambered onto the bed and squatted over Claire’s face and Roman watched as his sperm and Andrea’s cum oozed from her cunt into Claire’s open mouth. Claire savoured the mixture of flavours once again and pulled Andrea’s clit closer to her mouth so she could suck and drink the juices from her. As she sucked and lapped at her friend’s already ravaged cunt, Roman pumped his cock into Claire’s vagina, in awe of the erotic site in front of him, it didn’t take him too long to cum as he witnessed Andrea quickly came and flooded Claire’s face with her juices. After they had all finished cumming, the girls licked each other clean and then shared the cleaning of Roman’s cock, licking his shaft from one end to the other and his ball sack where their juices had ran down.

Never in his life had Roman experienced such a night and as he left their apartment he wondered if his mates would believe him or that he would ever experience such a thing again!

The girls also realised that their lives were now so intertwined that they really could not do without one another. Tomorrow their holiday would come to an end and they would fly home, returning to their respective partners but safe in the knowledge that other holidays would soon be around the corner.

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