As Good As It Gets II by sbksbk

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Hey Guys, This is Anand Back with the story.

Now, Coming back to my story,,

I read all the objectives and rules. I was not able to understand what really was happening.

I kept on reading it several times. and I looked at Rani’s face.

Me:(expressionless) What is this??

Rani: Now, Don’t get angry at me Anand, I am doing it for good reason. I meant everything that I texted and talked to you over phone. In fact, I was more excited than you were. But, think of both of us having sex all 7 days . It will lose our interest on each other and this seemed to be a better plan. Moreover, as I told you, this would help increase your self control, attitude to sex and everything.

Me: But Baby. These objectives are very tough. and you put a rule that If I lose in one. I lose the sex.

Rani: Yeah. It is to make you sincere to what you do. Or else you will do this for my sake.

Me: Come on sweetheart. You really think I can pass all these with a sex bomb like you near me. .???

Rani: You must. Because I look forward to that 7th day more than you can ever imagine.

There was no choice for me. Finally, I had to give in. .And she gave me a warm kiss on my cheek.

Purposefully I told her, Me: I need to go to bathroom to masturbate.

Rani: (smiling) Ok. Go ahead and come downstairs for dinner.

We didn’t talk much later. She served me dinner and we both had a beer. Then call came form her husband and she went on with the talk while I watched TV.

It was somewhat 12 when she called me to come to bed for objective 1.

Objective 1: Sleep in my bed without even touching me.

I knew this was going to be hard and lazily walked to her bedroom.

Bedroom was big . about the same size of mine.

Lying beside the angel of beauty without even touching her. What a wild and cruel thought. Death is better than this.

I reached the door to the room.

Me: May I?

Rani was turned to her mirror by the side of her bed and was applying some sort of moisturising cream on her hands. .I knew she was trying to seduce me. I noticed the tattoo she made on right side of her back. .It was two red chillies shaped like lips in kissing way. I just stood there open mouthe by her posture and action.

I checked for attached bathroom which I may need to use several times that night. I saw the makeup set and items she uses. It was a an almara full.

Rani: You may use the right end of the bed. It is nearer to bathroom.

And she smiled.

I never took my eye off her but slowly walked to my side of bed and sat on it.

Me: The tattoo is good. Told you it would suit you. .

Rani: I know. am I sexier now?

Me: You become more sexy each day.

She thanked me with her killer smile.

Rani: Wait till I finish with the cream. I will turn the lights off soon.

And she sat on her bed side and kept her legs on the bed for applying the cream. She pulled her nighty to her upper part of thighs and slowly applied the cream on her milky white sexy legs. .

Now this was killing me. .I just told her “excuse me” and ran to the bathroom. It was a huge load out. I thought this would complete today but I knew it was Rani sitting there and this would never be enough.

She was in the same pose when I returned and I bit myself to get control. She had nail polished all her nails with black and it was really attractive.

Rani(seeing me back): Got it off?? Time for bed.

And she turned off the lights and layed on her side.

She turned to me and said “good night , My love”. and I returned with a flying kiss.

The room was filled with her fragrance and I just could not take my eyes of her body.

It was very cold outside and multiplied by the air conditioner. She covered her body to her stomach and layed facing me.

I could see her big juicy boobs pressed to one another. and her uncovered hand was outside.

I knew all things she does was intentional to arouse me to the maximum. But, I resisted with all my powers to have the golden day of sex together. I will make her pay at that day.

She slept off fast But I had problems. I went to bathroom every 15 minutes even if I cum very little. I even stood up and faced her and seeing her boobs, masturbated. I even tried to remove her blanket slowly but resisted it.

And after two or three hours, I dozed off. It was not because I was sleepy. It was the long process of lengthy masturbation that took my energy off.

Rani woke me up at about 9 in the morning with a kiss and whispered in my ear, Rani: Congratulations cowboy, You passed your first objective with an A++. She kept a cup of cappuccino on the table next to the bed and was in saree.

Me: (in sleepy tone) You going somewhere sweetheart?

Rani: Yep, I going to school for some work and will be back by 3. This is your home. Do whatever you want. I suggest you keep thinking about me (giggles).

She was wearing an orange colours saree and she did expose her tattoo. I looked at her navel and said, Me: You didn’t stud it?

Rani: No, I didn’t get time. Don’t worry. .I will do it today or tomorrow. .I will be totally ready for our Love day.

She sat beside me on the bed and informed me to just ask the maiden if you need anything and kissed me on my head. Her aroma was killing me. She waved my bye and left in her car.

I pushed the day. God, It was a long day. I watched some of her porn movies and masturbated.

Then I started thinking about the next objective.

Objective 2: Watch a video in which I strip without touching your cock. .

Now how was this to be done. I naturally masturbate even watching her cleavage and now, I am going to see her full naked, though in TV.I don’t think I can succeed in this one. I started masturbating a lot in order to lessen my arousal.

The car came at 3.30 and I went to greet her. But the devilish maiden was behind me, So I called her by ma’am.

Me: How was your day, babe. I mean ma’am??

Rani: (smiling in understanding way) It was good Anand, Did you revise the topics I told you to??

Me: Of course I did.

Rani: Good. .

She went upstairs and I followed her to her room. I laid on the bed hoping to see her undress.

Rani: Now, What’s this?

Me: Nothing.

Rani: Out. .(duplicating seriousness) . now. .

And pushed me out of the room herself.

Rani: Wait down you naughty boy.

And closed the door after me giving me a smile.

I waited about half an hour and she came down.

This time It was tight outfit. She had a sleeveless banyan which clearly indicated the size of her boobs and the banyan was short enough to view her navel. Oh. .I will be fucked. She studded it. .A silver ring and 2 cm long chain hanging on it.

She wore this purposefully to expose it to me. She wore a short trouser for her under. It was too short that it looked like next level panties. She wore this about 7 cm below her navel . My cock would tear my trouser any moment. Her ass was bulging like a football towards outside.

Her hair was dried and untied after her bath. She looked like a 19 year old girl. .

I stared at her and I noticed I was holding my penis hard with my hand. She saw this and smiled naughtily and called me back to real world. .

Rani: How is it??(mentioning her navel stud).

Me: Amazing. You are woman born to arouse any man.The maiden left at 7.We both watched tv and had our dinner.

She asked at 10 pm: U ready?

I was very tensed but I died to see her naked, So I shook my head in approval.

Rani: Come.

I followed her to the “painting room”.

Rani: Okay Anand, I know this will be a harder task than yesterday. .This is a one hour video. and I need you to watch it full without even touching your tool. .

Me: Better you tie it with some strong rope or something.

Rani: that’s the point. No barriers. you need to control yourself. .Okay. are you ready. baby? I know you will make this. trust me.

She played the video and sat behind me on another couch and told me not to look for her.

The Video:

Video fixed on the bed. It was Rani’s bed.

Rani comes from side and enters the scene. She was wearing a red saree and black sleeveless blouse. She was looking ravishingly beautiful and sexy.

(My Cock was already erect)

She gives a flying kiss to the screen and waves hi just like porn stars do in their single videos.

She slowly removes her saree cloth from her shoulder. 40 percent of her breasts was already visible. She does everything with a sexy smile and occasional bites on her lips.

She slowly removes saree from her navel and unpin the saree completely. Her navel hole was very big and perfect round.

(I held my hands tightly).

She said in the video “You need more??I will give it to you my love”. and started unbuttoning her blouse looking at the screen.

Her pink bra was clearly visible and she slowly threw away the unhooked blouse.

(now, Iam in trouble).

Oh My god. How big was her boobs. a few more cms and she would be Namitha in her breast size. Before she went to unhook her bra, she softly held her boobs. Her hands could only cover 50 percent of the breasts.

She started shaking them with her hands and laughing simultaneously. Then She unhooks her bra and throws it away.(My trousers were all wet with pre-cum that invaded my boxers).

There it was. nice, fleshy, milky, big shaped boobs with darker nipples which protruded like cherries.She started playing with them and kissing them and even licking them. . Each action was done in a span of over 5 minutes.

Then she stands up. Goes for the ultimate move. She slowly unhooks her petticoat and lets it go. .Her panty too was pink. God. I loved that colour. She slowly rubs her fingers on her cunt area.

(I held my hands strongly on the couch hands).

She asked “shall I”. to the screen.

Absentmindedly I screamed , “Yes Baby. Come on”.

She moved her panty in a sensual way rubbing it up and down to her thighs and as she reached her kneels, releases it.

There it was. cleanly shaved. dark and most lovely thing in the world. .the vagina.

She lies back and rubs it and lubricate it with her sweet saliva. .

She also turns her back and shows off her big and round butts. She was indian kim kardashian.

Then she takes the camera and lies down . She moves it to her cunt and opens it up. and after that she turns the camera off with a warm and sexy kiss on the screen.

Any time now. I did it. Yes. .I made it.

Lights on and there she comes. Before she could say a word . I told her “1 minute” and ran for the bathroom.

It was a heavy downpour and I became extremely relieved and tired.

I returned to her.

Rani: heavy load . .huh. seems like you have passed. good boy. .and without any delay we went to our own rooms for a good night sleep.

Objective 3: Select a sexy outfit for me including bras and panties.

I thought thoroughly of how I was going to achieve this task. I am just 18 years old and I have to go to a piblic textile shop and get her sexy outfit. Not just that I needed to buy bras and panty for her.

Rani came down having got ready. She was wearing casuals. Tight top and Jeans.

Me: Now, where are you headed today??

Rani: I have to go to beauty parlour. I will drop you by the textile shop. So get ready fast.

Now this was fast. I did not have any idea how to accomplish this one. .

Me: (noticing the maiden in kitchen) Ma’am how am I supposed to do this?? I am not aged for this. .

Rani: That’s up to you. I want to check whether you reach up to my tastes and I want to check your boldness. Ready???

Me: Just give me 30 minutes. .I will be back. .

And I went in to get a bath and dressed up. I was thinking amd thinking how I was going to achieve this.

We started ride in her car. . I sat in the friend passenger seat. .

I wished she had been wearing saree so that I could see her hip while she drove.

Me: What colour do you like??

Rani: I won’t say that. You buy any dress I want you to make me like it. .Here is 30000 Rs and spend it completely. .

She dropped me at the Kalyan silks showroom and told me she would be back within 2 hours. .Wait for her inside. I went in like a small boy entering jail. I enquired where saree section was and went. It was a boy of 20 standing to deal so I was more confident.

I told him openly to get a sexy pink saree and blouse and told him it was for my girlfriend. .

He lead me to a section full of pink sarees. I got the most beautiful and hence most costly one of them and selected a sexy blouse which had amber colour with too much embroidery and revealingly transparent. Her whole backside would be revealed is she wears this and the blouse was so designed for modelsto show off their big boobs.

Thats 25000 and I slowly told him for bras.

He gave an understanding smile and took me there.

I explained to him, Me: You know. One which holds it loosely and give bigger size to it. and panties too. It should be beautiful and should get to inside of the butts. revealing the lady’s two butts.

After about an hour and a half of selection, I went for the couch on waiting room and waited for Rani.

After about 15 minutes Rani came in. I could see all eyes in the room was fixed on this beautiful lady.

Rani: So soon, You ready ??

We rode home. and We didnot do any talking.

As soon as she got there, She jumped out of the car and took the dress and ran inside to change.

I waited impatiently and tensely. I haven’t felt this much tensed even for my exams.

I heard a clap. and as I turned my head . There she was . Th true goddess just inches away from me. You can imagine her to Priyanka Chopra in Dostana song. Only this lady was way too beautiful and had bigger assets. This saree was made for her. The cleavage part was bigger than I calculated and her beautiful studded navel. .The lower part was miles down her hip.

75 percent of her body was completely exposed and she turned her back to show me her tattoo and turned again to smile. I just couldn’t balance and I fell on my kneels absentmindedly, Me: Will You marry me, My beaut.

She smiled sensually and came towards me and gave me hot and wet kiss on my forehead.

Rani: Thanks for this. This is the most beautiful saree I have ever worn. And She kissed again. Her fragrance made me eat her all the way. I could barely walk to bathroom because of my hardened tool and cummed 3 times. And without any further happenings, the day ended.

Objective 4: Arouse me by giving me an oil massage.

This will be a big day. And I Like this objective too. This will be very sensual. .I thought. .

Rani was home full day.

Still, Nothing happened. We just chitchatted in her bedroom.

She was in one of her casuals which was not one of her bests.

Suddenly, in between our chat, I asked her, Me: D You wanna see my cock??

Rani: (surprised of my question), No. keep it a surprise. .

Me: (after silence): Baby. Can I kiss you for one time. I can’t control my desire seeing your beautyful lips.

Rani: No. that will lead to second stage.

Me: No . I can control it. Please . .just a small one.

Rani: But.

Me: oh. comeon. I am a human . I will die soon of hunger for that sexy lips.

Rani:(smiling). .Ok . make it short. .

Wow. Jackpot. first kiss.

I leaned towards her. .I held her soft plummy cheeks and moved my lips towards her. .

And we did it. herrose soft lips with mine. She tasted just like strawberries. We made our tongues touch one another andstartedplaying with them. I just couldnot resist and slowly I preesed her boobs. She kind off got herself into it but suddenly pushed me back.

Rani: Now. thats what I have been talking about

And leaned backwards angrily.

Me: I’m sorry baby. I just couldnot control. I am extremely sorry.

Rani: Ok. forget it.

She left me there and went to her “painting Room” and closed the door. You can imagine why she went there then.

The day just went.

We had our dinner together and at about 10, she asked, Rani: you ready. ??

Me:Shit. .I almost forgot. Yeah I am ready. where??

Rani: Painting room. .(She gave me the oil) . Wait there for me. .

I took the oil and went there and started thinking how could I make it very sensual. not just sensual. I need too arouse her.

After about fifteen minutes she came in. .

I nearly had a heart attack seeing her. SHe was in her bikini panties with just a thread runnug through her ass. .She held a towel close to her breats to not let me see it. Naughty girl.

Her hair was tied to expose her full back. and she had that sexy smile on her angel face.

Everything was ready. She had already set a mattress. She came and laid to her back trying her level best not exposing her nipples. She laid and removed her towel.

Rani:(in a husky tone) You ready. ???

Me: Hell yeah.

And she closed her eyes to enjoy this encounter.

I took the oil in my hand and I poured it on her back. Her side boobs were clearly visible. I was full erect then.

Her ass was protruding outside.

I slowly kept my hands on her back and started massaging it softly.

I did it for about 5 minutes. Rani occasionaly lifted her head in a sensual way enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. I gave her neck and shoulders immense pleasure. Then I went for sideboobs and armpits. I carefully got hold on her milky big breasts. I could feel it was big and erect.

I had purposefully not worn my boxers so that she gets a chance to see my elongated cock.

Imassaged her side region for about 1 minutes. She gave sensual sounds. I was happy to know that she was enjoying this and getting aroused.

Then, I went for her buttocks. I carefully removed my shirts to let her see my six pack body. I got more oil and poured it on her butts. I just beat her butts and then spread it. While massaging , I slowly slid my fongers into her asshole and hungrily I licked my fingers.

Now, I went for the most sensual part- The thigh and her vagina region.

I slowly and carefully massaged her thighs and her legs> I just slid my fingers through her middle region making sure I don’t touch her vagina. She would expect me to rub my fingers on her pussy but I didn’t give it away. The idea was to madly arouse her. The feeling I got was inexplicable.

The world’s most beautiful woman’s most sacred part under my palms. It was an awesome feeling. I then got the idea of making her feel ho I felt about her. I moved forward and made my cock touch her ass.

Massaging her underarms, I just mimicked ass fucking her. She was terribly enjoying my move and was panting for breath.

She could not take it any longer and pushed me down and started kissing me deeply. I was prepared for this, So without any amazement, I returned her kiss. We were exchanging our saliva licking each others’ tongues. She tasted just like chocolate. But when I realized she was moving her hand to my cock I pushed her off remembering her fist fucking rule.

I ran to the bathroom and masturbated it off. .The I felt the guilt of insulting my girl like that and thought she would be mad at me. She had changed herself to a towel for bath when I met her.

Me: Sorry darling, I just remembered the first rule. I know you are feeling bad.

Rani:(smiling) You did right baby. The objective was to arouse me and I was aroused. . I you continued to get lead on me you would have failed. .I am so proud of you. And guess what. .U successfully passed the test. Go get sleep now. I have some work to do (rubbing her pussy region).

I just walked but suddenly I turned back and told, Me: Sweety, I think I fell in love with U.

Now, this shocked her. I don’t know why or how I said that.

Rani: No Anand, Its not love. Its lust. You are strongly in love with my body- My breasts, my face, my lips, my fragrance, my butts, my navel. and I am lustful to u too. I desire your body, I so much love to suck your cock and your lips to explore my body. That’s it. Lust, good night baby.

Me: I did not say anything else and moved to my bedroom realizing what she told was very much true.

I did not masturbate again. I just need my cum for the next day.

Rating: 70%, Read 15102 times, Posted Oct 13, 2013

Fiction | Asian, At work, Hardcore, Young


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