A Rapist gets Raped by Passionfruit78

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Fiction | Cruelty, Gay, Group Sex, Rape, Torture, Written by women, Young

Introduction: A Rapist gets Raped

I will be telling this through the first person Character Janet.


My name is Janet and 11 years ago I was raped by a guy named Mark. Me and my ex husband at the time lived with him and his wife Gina in their Mobile Home just outside of Atlanta, Ga because we have no where to go.

One night while everyone else was asleep, he grabbed me pushed me down and shoved his dick into my mouth. He made me gag so badly and then he tore my clothes off and forced himself into my pussy raping me. I was numb, I didn't know how to feel or what to do. He was my best friends husband, I didn't want her mad at me so I kept quiet about it. Months later I found out that I was pregnant.

I told my then husband that it was his, although I had my doubts. His penis was so small that we rarely had sex. He bought it to it for a month until I couldn't stand living with them anymore and couldn't stand my self centered husband, so I called my mom and she came to get me and got a divorce from my husband, a paternity test proved my baby boy wasn't his.

When my son was 4 months old someone whom I had liked for years came in to my life. He was the man of my dreams, but there was one draw back, he was also the uncle of Mark. But since I had saw Mark often ,due to his wife being my best friend, I didn't see as how it would make any difference. I would just try to avoid him.

I went on to marry his Uncle Joe, who was only 5 years older than Mark and me. I had told him what had happened and he was pissed, but he let it go because he didn't want in the middle of a family feud with his sister and brother in law. Although he kept a close eye on him from that point on out.

Joe came to me one day and told me about when him and Mark worked at this retail store together. He told me about how one of the girls claimed that is her car during lunch, that he talked her into sucking him but then started fucking her mouth violently and then came down her throat. Joe said that he noticed that she was startled that day and that her throat hurt her for a few days, but didn't know what had happened till she told him after she quit a month later.

Joe didn't know what to think at the time, but after I told him my story is was adding up that his nephew was a rapist. But both incidents had happened so long ago that there was little to be done now and Joe didn't even know that other girls last name.

Years past and 2010 was upon us. For the most part we had all put the past behind us, even me. Mark and Gina had moved to another town around Atlanta in a mobile home park and some of Joes other family also lived there. We were living out of town until we decided to move back home. We found a home inside that same park and all was well for awhile. Mark and Gina though weren't doing well and they got a divorce. Mark though already had one on the side that seemed to be in as soon as Gina left, her name was Rebecca.

Mark and Rebecca lived in the park for awhile but then they bought a house and moved out.

But one Saturday in May 2010 we found out that Mark had apparently not put his ways behind him. Apparently the day before on that Friday he struck again, raping someone who we knew. Actually it was my best friend over the past few years. Her name is Heather and she was a friend to Mark since they had moved in, which was before I had met her. She says that he had come on to her and tried to get her in the bed, but he was married to Gina at the time and she doesn't play with married men. But she did admit to one time with him after Gina left before Rebecca moved in, but it had been consensual.

One Friday in May, the rapist came out again. She would tell me the next day.

" I got to tell you something. Mark raped me yesterday."

" Oh shit, when, what he do?"

" He called me and asked me to come over to his place to help him unpack and straighten up everything. So I went over there and he decided to show me the house, so he gave me a tour. He made sure that his bedroom was last room he showed me and told me that me might as well straighten up in here first. So we started picking up stuff and straightening when he pushed me down on the bed and pulled my shorts off. He then lowered his while holding me down with one arm and he raped me till he came in me."

" What are you going to do? You need to call the Police and make a report."

" I am leaving in over a week to go to New York to be with Tom, I can't stick around for a trial. Plus I don't know if I want to tell the world and a lot of people like that prick."

" So you are going to just do nothing? He has raped me, you, and Joe told me of another girl. That makes three that we know about, No telling how many we don't know about."

" Ya I know but I am not going to put my life on hold."

When Joe found out he was pissed. He always saw Heather as a sister and this just wasn't going to happen with out any sort of recourse. After 3 days he got me and Heather together. He had a plan and it was time to put it in to action.

" So you know that I work with two gay guys, Thomas and Bill. Well they are both built big-time, body builders and they both have boyfriends. I talked to both of them and they have agreed to teach our little rapist a lesson on forcing someone to do what they don't want to do." (Joe)

" You mean that they are going to rape him." (Janet)

" Yep. All four of them. We just have to figure out how and when. We have to do it in a way that they won't get caught, but we can't all ask questions either." (Joe)

" Well we know that he is off on Fridays now that they have cut his hours. Rebecca has to work Fridays so that is probably the best day. OMG I don't believe that I am helping plan this." Heather said. " But this bitch deserves it."

" We can't tell no one !!!!, If anyone finds out we could all go to jail. I am going to spend the next week figuring it out. " Joe said.

Over the next week Joe had it all figured out. Joe's sister, Mark's mom, was needing some help at her house. She could never get him inspired to help and had told Joe a few weeks back that she needed to get some stuff moved around. Joe talked to her and told her he could come over the next Friday and they could get it done.

" Sis I think it is going to take more than just me though, some of that stuff is heavy. You know anyone else that is off that could help us that day?" (Joe)

" Ya I think Mark is off, don't know if he would come help or not though." (Joe sister)

" Tell him I am coming to help you and I need help moving a few things, it shouldn't take us but about an

hour or so. I can be there at 8:00 after I take my kids to school, just see what time he could be there." (Joe)

She got with him and set it up for us to meet at 8:30 at her house that next Friday. Joe also set it up with the guys, and boy did they have plans for him.

Joe met him over his sisters house that morning and we went to work on the place. He got a text while there saying that Thomas and Bill was in his house waiting for him to come home. As luck would have it they were done 30 minutes later and Mark commented that he had a lot to do at his house today and had to go get it done. He asked Joe before he left if he would come over to help him move a few things. Joe said ya but he couldn't come till two because he had errands to run. They agreed.....

He left and Joe left to the restroom, giving Thomas and Bill a heads up that Mark was coming home. Joe then went back in the livingroom and talked to his sis for awhile. Joe got a text 45 minutes later telling him that they had him blindfolded and tied to a bed ass up. Joe left came and got me and Heather and we went over to his house in one of my friends cars that I asked to borrow due to mine "Having an issue".

"Listen guys, this will fun and rewarding but neither of you can talk or even laugh aloud, neither can I. He will recognize our voices and we will all go to jail. These are gloves, keep them on the whole time. Keep your hair in these hair nets, if he calls the Police and they come out, you don't need them finding proof that you were there. Stay in the corner and away from him. Just watch and enjoy. If it gets to gruesome then leave, but do not try to stop it, cause it won't happen." Joe said to us

We agreed and we put on the hairnets and baseball caps and sunglasses and gloves and we got to his house and pull down his driveway that went down to a 2 car garage under the house. We didn't pull in though, just got the car out of sight. We then entered through the back door that they kicked in and went up the steps to the top floor. We then went to the roo, he was in. Joe nodded at Thomas and Bill who were both naked that they could start. mark was talking to them pleading for them to let him go when Bill's man Justin started up the video camera. He was told to keep it super close and avoid any faces or anyone standing around.

"Mark. You haven't been acting right. Actually I have heard that you have raped a few people that I know and care about. Personally I hate worthless rapist who want advantage of people who are weaker than them. But for you me and my 3 friends are going to make an exception. We are going to teach you that raping someone isn't a casual thing that it can hurt them emotionally even more than physically. Today we are all going to fuck your ass hole, we will fuck you till you are bleeding and we plan to damage your colon, if we are lucky you will never shit the same again. We are then going to feed you our cum, if you don't swallow it all, you will be punished severely, I may even kill you. Do you understand." Thomas Said

" Please don't do this. I never raped anyone, you have the wrong person." He said with a horrified voice.

" Don't insult me boy, I have a good mind to fuck you with no lube and tear your insides to shred's with my 9 inch hard dick for even trying to lie to me. I know you have raped and you are going to admit it or I promise I will kill you. NOW !!!!"

" Ok, Ok, I did it. I raped four girls."

" Tell me the names of the ones you raped. NOW !!!!!"

" Heather, Carol, Janet, and Kim."

" As I promised I won't kill you now. But you have ruined the lives of four girls who must live with what you did to them. You raped four girls and there are four of us, one of us to represent each of the four girls you violated. We are going to teach you the word rape and violation and you will participate or be severely punished."

Thomas grabbed a thick red permanent marker and wrote "RAPIST" across his back.

With that they loosened all his ties just enough for his to not take off his blindfold and Bill moved to the head of the bed that had no headboard and they pulled the bed out some. Bill got in front of him and put two pillows under his chest.

" Open your mouth bitch. I said open." He told him smacking the back of his head really hard. Mark did as he was told and opened wide. With that Bill with one push forced his seven inch dick all the way down his throat and throat fucked him for 10 seconds before he pulled out. As soon as he caught his breath Bill forced in again fucking his throat pushing his entire dick in.

Then he pulled out and told him to suck it. Mark was crying by now knowing that it had just began for him. We all watched with satisfaction. But is was going to get better.

Thomas grabbed a little lube, just enough to coat the head of his cock. He then aimed at his ass. Bill took his dick out of his mouth, everyone wanted to hear that bitch scream. Thomas aimed, grabbed him forcefully and rammed all 9 inches of his dick into his ass.

" OhHHHHHH FUUCCCKCKKKKKKKKKKKK" Mark screamed out in pain and agony through tears in his eyes. He continued to scream and cry for the next five minutes as Thomas fucked his ass vigorously and deep. Bill them shoved his dick back into his mouth and throat fucked him again. Then him and Thomas changed places.

" Open your fucking mouth slut" Thomas yelled.

He did and Thomas shoved all 9 inches down his throat. Mark gagged horribly as he forced all 9 inches in till his nut sack bottomed out on his chin. Then he released him with him gasping for air. He then told him to suck it. He put it into his mouth and moved in and out fucking his mouth.

" I am about to cum down your throat, you had better swallow it all. Oh Yes ohhhhhhhh....."

With that Mark swallowed what was thought to be his first load of cum.

Once Thomas was done he sat off to the side as his man Chris came up to his mouth and started fucking his mouth, then he switched with Bill and bill dumped a huge load down his throat. Then Thomas grabbed the camera and he let Justin get in the mix.

Justin got in front of Mark and he started fucking his ass. He fucked him for about 10 minutes and then they swapped and Justin came in his mouth. Then Chris finished up cumming in his mouth as well.

Then they all did something we didn't expect. They all gathered around him and they pissed all over his face, hair, body, everywhere, until they had emptied there bladders on to him.

"Now you have been raped like the little bitch you are. We thought about breaking your dick or cutting it off, but we aren't that heartless. But I warn you of one thing, if you ever rape another girl, I will come back and cut that dick off and make you eat it. Another thing, we video taped this whole thing, including you admitting that you raped these girls, if you call Police or cause any issues for these girls I will find out and I will publish your confession and your rape on to the internet on to multiple sites."

" By the way I took the $300 out of your pocket and we found $500 more in your desk table with your bills. That is now ours for teaching you your lesson, nothings free....Hahahahahahaha."

" I will just keep you tied up, hopefully your wife will come in and see you." Hahahahahaha.

With that we all left. It was only 12 noon. Thomas gave half the money to Joe as agreed, and they left. Me, Joe, and Heather all went to eat at Long Horn Steakhouse till he had to go back at two.

Joe arrived back at Mark's house right before 2pm. He knocked on the front door 3-4 times for dramatic effect, then after no answer he went to the garage and it was locked, he walked around back to the door that he knew had already been kicked in. He walked in and hollered for Mark. He then preceded upstairs

"Mark, Mark....."

" Joe I am back here."

"Holy fuck !!!!!! Joe acted surprised. "What the Hell"

"Please untie me he cried."

Joe untied him and took off his blindfold and he could hardly move. Blood was ass over his ass hole and down his thigh. When he got up a small amount had got all over his sheets and bed.

" Please help me to the shower. He cried."

"We need to call the Police and make a report."

"No I can't they videoed it and told me that they will know if Police get called and they will broadcast it all over the internet. There was four of them and they all have a copy, if one goes to jail they all will download it. They raped me and there is nothing I can do."

" Damn, Okay. That is really fucked up. You know who they were? Did you see any of them?"

"No they attacked me from behind, I don't know how they got in."

" Well they kicked in the door downstairs, the one in the back of the garage. That was how I got in, I thought you might be out back. Okay lets get you into the shower."

Joe got him to the shower and he was in there for 45 minutes. He came out cause the water was cold. But the words rapist was still on his back. He had some acetone and Joe used it to get half of it off, but if you looked close you could still see it. Joe got him settled and then left, leaving Mark with a lot of explaining and cleanup to do before 5:30, when his wife got home. I bet his ass sure hurt the whole time.

Heather was set to leave in two days. So we all went out again that night at Applebee’s and got tipsy and then back to my place where we got even more drunk and then the night led to me and Heather thanking Joe is a special way. I have the best husband ever.............

Rating: 86%, Read 36313 times, Posted May 12, 2013

Fiction | Cruelty, Gay, Group Sex, Rape, Torture, Written by women, Young


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