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DOWN ON THE FARM (Continued)

As stated before, all involved are 21 and over.

Travis (me) 25, single 6’, 175 lbs

Jackie, 3rd cousin 42, 5’4, 100 lbs, blond, C cup breasts

Allison (Alli) 21, 5’5 150 lbs, blond, C cup breasts

Nicole (Nikki, my mom) 43, 5’6, dirty blond,

130 lbs C cup breasts

Julie (my sister) 21, 5’5 110 lbs, dirty blond, C cup breasts

As stated in the before, I got out of the Navy after 6 years. I was a SeaBee (Construction Battalion). When I got out, I came back home to Oklahoma, where jobs were scarce. One day, after a few weeks home, my mom was talking to her cousin Jackie. Jackie needed some things repaired on the farm she owned, and asked my mom if I would be interested in coming down to her place, which was a couple hour drive away, to do this work.

Jackie’s husband, Bruce, was working in the barn one day, up in the loft, where he slipped and fell, breaking his neck, which he died from. That was 3 years ago, and ever since, Jackie has relied on farm hands, who aren’t the most reliable, to take care of the dairy aspect of the farm. But no one was taking care of the house, that needed some major repairs done to it.

After talking it over with my mom, I decided what he hell, and said yes. I remembered back to my younger years and the fun my sister and I would have with Alli, even though they were both a few years younger than me. Julie, my sister, and Alli, our cousin, were thick as thieves too. I guess after I went into the service, they became even closer. My mom, Nikki, would go down almost every other weekend to be with Jackie, and of course Julie went along too.

I remember too, when I was still not in the service, where the three of us would go down on weekends. Most of those times, Juli, Alli, and I would be out playing, swimming, or just staying out of the house until almost 10 or 11 at night. Little did we know what the adults were doing, until Jackie spilled the beans to me, after she and I just had sex for our first time. And now, Mom and my sister have arrived for a visit, and my life will never be the same.

Chapter 1

After arriving back with Alli and Julie, my sister, I went and took a shower. The girls did too, but I think they showered together. Wish they would have asked me to help luffa their backs. I came into the kitchen then and mom and Jackie were cleaning some fruit to have with dinner tonight. Jackie asked if I would grill steaks for us and we’d eat at the big picnic table under the large oak tree, out back.

Mom broke away from what she was doing and came up and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the lips. As she hugged me, I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a polo style top, with no bra, since I saw her nipples protruding through the material. Mom was never one to wear bras, only when going out to public places, or work at the doctor office she was employed at.

“Hi Sweetie…. How have you been?” she asked.

She was still in my arms as she asked questions. Her and Jackie must of showered after their afternoon romp in bed, because she smelled of the honeysuckle soap that Jackie likes to use.

“I’m doing good mom. Better now that I get to see you.” I said.

“Awe.. You know just what to say to make an old lady smile.” she said.

“You are hardly old mom. You look damn good and put to shame many women half your age.” I said as I kissed her cheek, but still held on to her. Our pelvises were sort of grinding into each other, with her making most of the motion. If she kept that up, I was surely going to pop a hard on.

“You know flattery will get you everywhere Sweetie. But right now, we have to get dinner going… Has my cousin been taking good care of you?” she asked.

Jackie laughed and answered for me, “Of course I have, as has Alli. We try not to overwork him, too much.” she said and winked at me. Jackie had on a t-shirt and I guess they are called booty shorts, which barely cover her ass. I’d bet they have no undies under them either. Of course my mind went right to the gutter and wondered if she brought out toys, which she has a drawer full of.

The girls finally made it down, just as we were setting the food on the table. Both were wearing cut off jean shorts, frayed a great deal on the hem. These weren’t to short though, coming a few inches past their butt cheeks. Each was wearing a v neck style blouse, Julie’s was pink and Alli’s was a soft green color, and I was shocked that they both had bras on. They must be going out tonight.

During dinner, both my mom and sister complimented me on all the work I had done so far. They both said they liked the decision I had made to move down here for good, and staying at the farm.

“Maybe, with some luck, Julie and I can find jobs around here and move down as well. We love it down here.” NIkki said, then winked at Jackie.

Alli smiled and said, “God. That would be so great. All of us here together as one big, happy family.” as her hand moved over to Julie’s bare thigh and rubbed it. I could see that because I was sitting on the other side of Julie.

The girls then asked if I wanted to come with them to the Boot Scootin Saloon, a couple towns over. It was a country bar, with dancing. I told them sure, if they didn’t mind me tagging along. Plus, I could watch over them. Two single girls, out at a bar can sometimes ask for trouble from some dumb, drunk asshole.

Jackie then spoke, “Honey, I may need you in the morning. Juan’s mother was taken to the hospital and he isn’t sure if he and his brother will make it in time tomorrow morning for milking. That only leaves John and Ramon to do it, and you know it takes at least 4 hands to get it done in time.”

“We’ll just go for a little while then and be back by 10, at the latest. Trav?, you mind helping in the morning?” Alli asked.

“Nah. Not a problem. Maybe we’ll roust Jules out of bed too. Get done quicker” I said.

“Just have coffee ready. I need the caffeine in the morning. Is it even light out then?” Julie asked, and we all laughed.

After clearing up everything, I went down and changed. Just some jeans and a polo shirt, and my boots. As I came up into the kitchen, Jackie and Nikki were locked in a hot kiss. Nikki showed no apprehension with me viewing their kiss. If I had to bet, I’d say they were naked and going at it once the truck was in drive.

Once we arrived, it wasn’t to busy and found a booth, near the dance floor. Tonight they had a Cover Band, who played a lot of the hits out on the radio at the time. They were actually pretty good. We shared a pitcher of beer, which I was nursing due to the fact I was driving tonight.

Julie told me how hard it was to get a job doing anything up by home, which I knew first hand. Her degree was in marketing, but she was willing to do most anything. Her minor was business. She asked about 5 times if I was good with her, for sure, and mom, coming down here for good, which I stated over and over that I was.

The girls also got up and danced a couple of times, and even dragged me to the floor. When a slow song came on, Alli and I danced about half of it, then Julie took over. During the last song we danced, Julie said she was bummed I didn’t make it to the river. She said she had a surprise for me. When I asked what it was, she giggled and whispered in my ear, “A Blow Job”. I whispered back, “Oh Yeah. As long as I can eat you.”

Chapter 2

It was a little past 9, when Alli said we better get going. “We have to get some sleep tonight, but first, we need to have some fun” as she looked at Julie and licked her lips. Julie reciprocated by licking her lips too. Had we been alone, I know for sure I would have gotten hard.

On the drive back, the girls were a little more amorous with each other. They were kissing quite a lot and feeling each other’s boobs, as I drove. I think the beer help lower their guard and let me view this between them. At one point, while locked in a hot kiss, Alli reached back and squeezed by cock through my jeans. It wouldn’t take much for me to explode right now, hearing these two moan and Alli playing with my dick.

After exiting the truck, then watching the girls walk up the stairs, holding hands, I felt a little disappointment, when they headed upstairs to Alli’s room, without saying a thing to me. So I just headed down to my room. After peeing, and then plugging my phone in to the charger, I set the alarm on it for 4:30am. That should be enough time to wake up and make coffee before working.

After stripping down, I got under the sheet and turned off the light. I was almost out of it, when I heard someone coming down the stairs, and then heard giggles. The door then opened and Alli asked if I was awake. “Of course. You made enough noise to wake the dead silly.”

Alli turned on the table light and I saw that she, along with my sister, were naked. This was the first time in many years that I had seen my sister totally naked, and what a sight. She was absolutely gorgeous in my eyes. Her breasts stood out proud and firm, and her nipples were hard as rocks. She too, was a C cup like Alli, except her whole body had a very deep tan going.

I also noticed she had a bellybutton ring and a clit ring, and a small tat to the right of her shaved mound. It was a girl holding a pitch fork, pointing to her pussy. The girl was nude except for these red leggings. “Fuck” I thought.

Alli went to the other side of the bed, and pulled the sheet back, exposing my now, raising cock to them. She got in next to me, and Julie did the same, on the other side of me. Alli giggled then asked, “Did you think we forgot about you Sexy?... We need a good fucking tonight Baby”

Alli started kissing me then. Her tongue attacked my mouth. Then I felt a hand grab my hard cock and start stroking it. I knew it wasn’t Alli’s since her one arm was pinned under her body and her other hand was caressing my face as we kiss. Then I felt a warm sensation on the head of my dick, as Julie wrapped her lips around it and started sucking and licking it.

When I moaned, Alli broke the kiss and looked down at her lover, smiled then asked, “Isn’t his cock nice Sweetie? So fat and hard…..Suck that cock Jules”

Alli moved to where my bedside drawer was and opened it and removed a cock ring. She came back over and stopped Julie for a second, then rolled it down my cock, very slowly, almost seductively. Once all the way to the base, she kissed the head of my dick, then offered it to Julie again.

“He’ll need this for later. Helps control his orgasms……. Oh Yeah Trav… We don’t have to get up. Mom left a note for us saying Juan will be here in the morning. Hope you are ready to pleasure two very horny women tonight.”

Jules positioned herself so her ass was near my head. Not close enough for me to lick, but easily I could finger both holes and rub her clit. The girls took turns sucking and licking me for the next 10 minutes or so. Taking little breaks to kiss, at the top of my cock head.

Alli then stopped and got a pillow and lifted my head and placed it under my head, then straddled my face, lowering herself just enough for my tongue to make contact with her engorged pussy lips. Once my tongue made contact, her body shuddered some and I heard her moan and say, “Oh Yeah….. God Jules, wait to you feel his tongue….. He can eat pussy”

But a minute later, Jules stopped, and i looked down to see her swing her leg over my body, then grab my dick, and guided it to her wet hole. At this point, I wasn’t looking at Julie as a sister, but now a woman I am enjoying carnal knowledge with. She slowly descended the shaft, moaning as she went down.

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkk Alli. God, he feels so fucking good.” Julie said.

“Oh I know Jules…. His cock is built for fucking us… Feels so good…. Besides your strappy, his is the only cock I want in me.”

“God does it…. Oh Fuck Trav.” Jules moaned out to us.

I could easily cum right now, but I busied myself with my girlfriends pussy as Julie rode my cock. The two girls were also keeping their mouths busy with either kissing or sucking each others’ nipples

Alli then moved off of me and laid next to us and watched, as she buried her fingers deep inside her pussy. Julie leaned down and started kissing me, as my hands went to her ass and held each wonderful cheek. Her pussy was so tight, and yet, so wet. I let her do most of the work as she lifted her body up and down on me. I was in heaven.

“Oh God Jules… You feel amazing.” I said

“Oh Trav… Oh My God, this feels wonderful.. Alli.. You were so right…. All I have thought about these last couple of weeks is fucking you Trav.” Julie said

“I told ya Cuz. Love watching you two fuck as well. So So Hot.” Alli said. Right after she said that, Julie came. As she came, she let out a loud moan, that I am sure mom and Jackie should have heard.

I pulled her into me tighter now, and flipped us over, so I was on top. I heard Alli tell Jules, “to hang on. You’re about to be fucked good now”

Jules giggled then said, “Oh Good… Come on Bro, Fuck my tight little pussy”

I pushed her legs back and started slamming into her pussy. You could hear the skin slapping together, with each thrust. Julie was then moaning with each thrust or saying Oh God. I was picking up speed, because I needed to release my seed deep within her. I knew she was on the pill, so need to pull out.

“Harder Babe… Fuck Me Harderrrrrrrrr” she yelled out.

I was like a jackhammer in her pussy, and the sight of Alli masturbating got me to the point of no return. My balls felt so heavy and ready to release my own creamy delight inside her. My body stiffened then as I plunged one last time, deep inside her and grunted loud as I started releasing shot after shot of cum deep within her.

Jules then lifted her ass off the bed as I did this and then started cumming again. As we were cumming, Alli let loose a loud screech, as she started another orgasm. If I died right now, I know this is heaven. Even though it is cool down here, we were both sweating. As our orgasms subsided, we kissed a very long passionate kiss.

After the kiss, I rolled off of her to give us both air. Alli, not one to rest, immediately crawled between Jules legs and started licking her pussy. After a couple of minutes, Julie was cumming again. All I could do then was watch. My dick was at half mast, but I knew I’d be up in a bit for some more action.

I let Jules and Alli rest some, while I started stroking my cock. I did remove the ring from it. It’s great for prolonging an orgasm, but the next one I wanted to be natural. As we all lay there, I had to ask Jules about her piercings.

“So Jules.. When did you get the piercings?”

After a few seconds, she finally answered, “About two years ago...Those and the tat. One of my friends up home got it done and said how amazing sex is now, with it pierced. God was she right. I cum so easy now, and all of them are strong.” she said then giggled, and said,

“Yeah. Old chicken shit here, won’t get it done.”

Alli frowned some, then said, “I said I will. But I want you with me.”

“Good” Julie said, “Since I am here all week, we’ll take a trip up north to the shop I got it done at. Just remember, you will be out of commission for a few weeks. But, it’s worth it.”

After the banter stopped, and I was fully engorged, I got between Alli’s legs and sunk my dick inside her. “MMMMMM Good. Time to fuck. You just lay back and watch how your brother fucks me now” Alli said

We fucked for almost 15 minutes. Using three different positions. Julie helped by kissing her a great deal, or sucking her nipples. One time when Alli was in reverse cowgirl, Jules got between our legs and licked us both as we fucked, which made Alli cum hard. The final position was doggie, which Alli loves a lot. It did not take long in that position for us to cum, once again.

After about 10 minutes of resting, the girls both gave me a long kiss, then said goodnight to me. They were going to sleep up in Alli’s bed, since it was bigger. They did invite me as well, but I said I was too drained to move then.

As they were walking out, Jules turned around and said, “Thanks Trav.. I hope you know this is not the last time we fuck.” as I watched her walk out the door.

Chapter 3

I awoke around 6:30 and had to piss. After relieving myself, I came back to bed. No sense getting up so early, when I don’t have too.

I had no idea what time it was, but for some reason I felt like someone was in the room with me. My eyes opened and I saw the clock say 9:45. Then I rolled over and saw my mom sitting on the edge of the bed. The sheet wasn’t on me, covering my naked body, like earlier. I just never pulled it up after pissing earlier.

I looked at mom and thought, “Shit. I’m naked, and half hard.” Apparently, she did not mind and was smiling at me.

“Good Morning sleepy head. Hope you slept well!” she said.

“Morning. I did sleep well.” I answered.

I was looking at mom now, with clearer eyes. She had on a short black robe, and it wasn’t cinched tight, because I could easily see her one breast and nipple. Mom or no mom, she is a fine looking, and sexy woman. If given the chance, I do it with her, no remorse whatsoever.

Mom looked at me and smiled. For some reason I did not feel self conscience about being naked with her. Neither did she, apparently, as her eyes moved from my face to my semi erect prick.

“Sweetie” she said. “Can we talk?” “Sure mom. No need to ask” I said.

“For one thing. Thank you for taking good care of Jackie and Alli. They needed a man around here.” she said, then collected her thoughts.

“I know, to most, what we do is not right, or normal. But we have a long history of this. I know you never knew this, but…….. My parents were cousins…… So were Jackie’s. Jackie and I kind of broke from the mold when we married outside the family. Your dad, well he never knew about that. Only Jackie and me, and now you three kids.” she said somberly.

“Mom. It’s cool. It really is. What goes on in this family is nobody’s business but ours.”

“After your dad left, Jackie and I would get together. Her fearing I needed someone to talk with. But then we reignited our playing that we used to do as teens. I did date a couple of times, but only once did I have sex with one of them. It sucked. Then one weekend, we all came down. You kids were out somewhere and the three of us, Jackie and Bruce and I were drinking. Bruce knew about Jackie and I. So it was kind of natural for us to start playing. From that moment on, Bruce was the only man in my life, sexually.”

“I know. Jackie told me. I think that is great.”

“Then you know that I fell in love with both of them, and they with me. And now it is just Jackie and me…….. Baby, I love her. I know that sounds weird, but I do.” she said. She shifted on the bed some, so her one leg was bent, but on the bed next to me. Her one hand then rested on my thigh, as I sat up, against the backboard.

“It’s not weird mom, or at least, for this family. If it is, then I guess I weird to…… Think about what I have been doing with those two these last few weeks.” I said. As I said this, I made a bold move and place my hand on her bare thigh, and lightly rubbed it as we continued to talk.

“I know.. I know Baby. I did ask you to take care of their needs, and from all indications, you are doing a great job of it.” she said, as she had a glint in her eye, and her hand was inching up my thigh to my now erect cock. So I let mine inch its way up her thigh as well.

“When did you and Jules start playing?” I asked

“The night of her birthday, just before she graduated. We were drinking wine and got a little tipsy. Next thing I know, we started kissing, which led us to getting naked and went to the bedroom and made love. She told me how her and Alli had been exploring girl on girl, and she knew about Jackie and I. We’ve been lovers ever since.” she said, as my hand found the sash to her robe and untied it, which made her sigh lightly.

I gently pushed the robe open, exposing her breasts to me. She didn’t say anything, but was starting to breath heavier now. My hand started caressing her one breast. Her nipples responded by growing hard, begging to be touched, licked and sucked.

I pushed the robe off of her shoulders, and she let it fall from her arms, removing the one from my thigh. But as soon as the robe was off, her hand came back to my upper thigh, mere inches from my cock.

I looked her in the eye and smiled, as I pinched her one nipple lightly, which made her moan. I took my other hand and laid it on hers, which was right near my dick and guided it to my aching member. When she wrapped her fingers around it, my cock twitched from her loving touch.

“Oh God baby.. You are so hard, and so big.” she cooed.

“I want you mom?” I said. “Oh God… Nikki. Call me Nikki for now on, unless we are in public.” she moaned out.

I pulled her up on the bed and laid her next to me. We started kissing passionately. All sense of moral, and what is right or wrong, went right out the window. As we kissed, my hand wandered from one breast, to the other, then down her smooth belly, to her mound, which was like my sisters, baby smooth. Then my fingers started rubbing her slit, and that’s when I felt her clit ring too. First my sister, and now mom too. That is so hot, I thought.

Her hand was pumping my cock now, as I finger slipped inside her. Her slit was so wet. When I slipped two fingers in she let out “Oh Fuck Baby”. I could have came right then and there, but somehow managed not too.

Enough of this. I needed to feast on her body. But first I asked, “Where are the others?”

Through pants she said, “They went to go shopping and won't be back for a while”

I moved on top of her and started kissing her again. Her tongue played in my mouth as I ground my hard cock against her mound and clit. Then I started moving down on her. First her breasts. Paying equal attention to each. Each time I would lightly bite down on her nipple, she would raise her ass up and grind into me. I kept my assault on her nipples, seeing it drove her wild. When I bit just a tad harder, she moaned out and came. Her whole body shook, and ass was way off the bed.

Then I started kissing my way down to her treasure. I pushed her legs far apart and started licking. I noticed the silver ball, just above her protruding clit. Her clit was bigger than the other three girls. When my tongue made contact with her swollen lips, she moaned out, “Oh Yessssssssss. Fuckkkkkkkkkk”

I stayed down there and feasted on her sweet tasting pussy. I licked and sucked, and blew on her pussy. Her hips were moving so much, like she hadn’t had sex in ages. Then I pushed her legs way up, so they were by her head, now exposing both holes to me. My tongue found her anal opening and my tongue dove in.

“Oh Fuck Baby.. That’s it.. Tongue my ass” she cried out.

Her dirty talk was making me so hot now. I ate her ass, then her pussy more, then back to her ass. I could sense she was going to cum again soon. When I went back to her pussy, which was now oozing her juices, my lips wrapped around that big clit and sucked. That’s all it took, to take her over the top,

“Oh Fuckkkkkkkkk… Cumminggggggggggggg” she cried out loudly.

My mouth covered her hole and drank whatever she would give me. Though she didn’t squirt, she did produce a lot of cum for me to taste. Her ass was bouncing up and down, as she came. Her moans were loud, as her hand pushed my head hard into her mound. My face was drenched with her juices.

When her ass rested back on the bed, I moved up so I was kneeling between her legs, and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her slit. She looked up at me and smiled, then placed her hands behind her knees and spread her legs wide.

“You sure?” I asked. “Never more sure Baby… Fuck me”

I slowly slid inside her hot pussy. She was super wet and very hot, and tight. I slowly pulled out and stayed there a few seconds, then slowly plunged back in. I did this a few times until she said,

“Enough… Fuck me Trav… Fuck me like you fucked Jules last night.” she commanded me. I looked down at her with a surprised look. It was a non verbal look of, “you saw us?”

“That’s right Honey. Jackie and I watched you three last night for a bit. Now fuck me like that. Pound that cock inside me.”

I pushed her legs way back and sunk back in and started fucking her hard now. With each thrust, I heard her say, “Yes” or “Oh God Yes” Not a couple of minutes into this, that she started cumming again. Maybe that banging of the clit ring makes her cum easily. Thoughts ran through my head, like how could I be doing this to this woman. But I was beyond reasoning now, it felt to damn good, and Nikki was on fire for me, as much as I was for her.

“My God your cock feels so good Baby. Fuckkkkkkkkkk” she cried out again.

Maybe it was a lack of sex with a man for a long time, but she started another orgasm. I could feel her muscles clamp down around my shaft like a vise. But I didn’t stop, or slow down, I just kept slamming into her.

“Oh God… So So Good” she whimpered now, trying to say something through her orgasm. I stopped for a second, and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. Then rocked us a couple of times, until I could flip us over, so she was on top now.

She straightened up and rested for a second, then looked down at me and smiled, licked her lips, and said. “MMMMMMMMM I love on top…. You rest a bit while I do the work now Sexy. You are one Sexy Man Trav.”

And move she did. First, grinding back and forth on my cock, then swiveling her hips in a circular motion. As she did this, I reached up and started squeezing her C cup breasts, and playing with her half inch long, hard nipples.

“Pinch them harder Baby….. I love my nipples pinched hard.” she said

Who was I to argue. I started pinching them, and as I did, her movements increased. Then I sat up and started sucking and biting them, which made her arm come to the back of my head and push it into her tit.

I then lifted off of her nipple and kissed her hard. Our tongues played tagged as we kissed, as my hands found her ass cheeks and squeezed them. We continued to kiss, as I fell back, so I was lying flat on the bed, with Nikki following me down. Our mouths never parted from each other during this process, and my hands stayed glued to her ass.

But now, my hands started moving towards her crack. “I wonder if she likes anal play at all”, I thought, as my fingers found the crack, and then her anal opening. As I started rubbing her hole, she moaned deeply into my mouth. I let one finger drift to her pussy and got it wet with her juices, as she was pumping up and down on my cock now.

When I slipped that finger in to her ass, she broke the kiss. I thought that maybe I overstepped my boundaries then, but she sat back up and pushed hard down on me, driving my finger deeper inside her.

“OHHHHHHHH Trav… I love anal play. Fuck this feels so good” she cried out loudly.

So I wet a finger from my other hand and then slipped it in too. She then started fucking me harder and faster. At this rate, I would not hold out to much longer, and judging from Nikki’s action, she was about to cum again.

“Oh Fuck Baby…. Cummingggggggggggggggggg”

Nikki’s whole body shook as she started cumming. Since her up and down motion stopped, as she came, I started pumping inside her. I too, wanted to release my own cum. It didn’t take long either, as I felt my balls started to constrict. I saw Nikki’s eyes get wide, when she felt my cock get harder, letting her know I was about to cum.

I don’t know where she found the strength, but she jumped off of me and put her mouth over the head of my dick and started stroking me with one hand. I watched in wonder as she brought me to orgasm then. I was shooting rope after rope of my seed into her mouth, which was clamped tight around the head.

I was surprised at all the cum I was shooting then. I mean, I fucked those girls just 9 or so hours previous, and came twice with them. Had they stayed down her longer, I probably could have gone two more times.

When I was done, Nikki raised her mouth off of me, then crawled up my body, until her face was over mine. She opened her mouth to show me a good portion of my seed still in her hot little mouth. She then started to kiss me. I think she was surprised when I opened my mouth and accepted her cum coated tongue. As we kissed, my hand moved behind her ass and I found my cock still hard and placed at the entrance of her tunnel, and pushed up with my hips, slipping back in.

She lifted her head and smiled, then said, “Oh God….. I’ve wanted this for years, but never had the nerve to act...But, we should go shower before they get back.”

I nodded but asked, “You sure?”, then shot her a wicked grin.

“Yes… But, are you sure you are okay with all of this?.... I mean most mom’s and kids don't fuck Travis…. I want this to continue, but only if you do.” Nikki said.

I smiled and told her, “Like you said, you are Nikki in the house. My gorgeous, sexy lover. Outside, you are my mom, both of you, whom I love and adore.”

“Aweeeeee. You sweet talker. Saying things like that will get you between my legs all the time.” she cooed.

During the shower, we kissed and fondled, and I did let it slip inside her one more time. “Damn Trav….. I’m going to get addicted to this dick.” she said. Then she told me that I was to join her and Jackie tonight in bed. She made me laugh when she said the girl’s had me last night, so tonight was their turn. But, if the other two wanted to join us, the more the merrier.

Chapter 4

Nikki and I were sitting at the dining room table, eating bagels and drinking coffee. She was telling me how Julie was going to try and land a job down here, and so was she. In fact, a week from Monday, she has a job interview with the local clinic. If all goes well, and she lands the job, she will put the house on the market, and move down here.

She made me laugh when she said Julie would shovel shit, just to stay down here. But I knew she was smart enough and had very good grades, that she could find something in the nearby communities.

She really floored me when she told me that Jackie really doesn’t need to work or keep the dairy aspect going around here. Between what her parents left her, and the huge insurance that Bruce had, she is set for life, as is Alli.

Then she told me, like it was some sort of news, “Trav.. Alli is in love with you. I don’t mean some infatuation love. But the real thing. But then again, all of us women love you. So if you don’t feel anything can happen between you two, it’s best to let her know soon. But trust me Baby, we girls know how to share our love. Just don’t lead her on is all I ask.”

Later that afternoon, I was out in the barn still getting my work area the way I wanted it. The girls were back from shopping and doing, god knows what, in the house. I just needed some alone time from them. Let’s face it, what has gone on here since I got down here is not normal. But, I am also not complaining. Seriously, who needs a girlfriend, when you have four attractive women taking care of your needs.

Two of them are distant cousins and insatiable, sexually. Throw into the mix a sister and mother that have the same genes, and are just as insatiable. Thinking back to what Jules and I did the day before makes me want her even more now, and knowing she wants me just the same, makes the taboo part of this a non starter.

Then this morning, having sex with Nikki, or mom, was the ultimate for me. Since I started getting hard on’s, I have always fantasized about her. But seeing her naked body, on top of me, riding me to orgasms, made me forget who she really is. I’m getting hard just thinking about her now.

I guess the biggest fear I have is making sure all of them have equal time with me, especially Alli and Jules. Nikki and Jackie, I think, or they lead me to believe, just want me on occasion when they feel the need for a man. I guess time will only tell, how this all plays out. I do know that Alli has very strong feelings for me, and I am starting to grow them myself, for her. If this was a normal household, and I was just a hand here, I would do my best to date her and see if it develops into something a lot more.

My inner thoughts were interrupted by one of the ranch hands, Dave. Dave’s about 35, hard worker, and I guess good looking. I know he would love to go out with Jackie. But Jackie has said on many occasions she would never date one of the hands. Dave had with him, a guy who hired on a couple weeks back, named Carl.

Now Carl, I could tell, is a loud mouth and could be trouble for anyone. Seen many of his type in the Navy. Likes to talk big, but has the brains of a Billy goat. I had seen him, on a couple of occasions, leering at Alli, which did bother me. I know she would never want anything from him, especially what he has between his legs.

Dave just stopped in to see what I was up too in here. So we sat and shot the shit for a bit. Dave is always complimentary towards Jackie and would do just about anything for her, if she asked. We had worked on something together, last week, and he seemed like a good guy. He even asked if Jackie ever dated, which I said no, and to save you time, she doesn’t date hands.

Carl then asked “Who is the hot looking babe with the great ass I’d seen this weekend?.... Man that looks like it would be fun to plow all night long.”

The hair on the back of my neck started to stand up. I really never go looking for a fight, but I do know how. I know many people think when you are in the Navy, you don’t know how to fight, man to man. But see, SeaBee’s are first trained by the Marines, once you leave boot camp and are assigned to that group. So we are taught hand to hand, small arms fire, and can shoot M16’s with the best of them. If we are attacked while working, we are to drop our tools and pick up the gun and kill.

Now my last three years in, I was assigned to the NSW group (Naval Special Warfare), Seal Teams, in Virginia. A few times we had to go to Afghanistan and set up a base for them to operate out of. That some scary shit, but we did it and always made sure we got them the best stuff. Those guys did shit, not many others would ever think of doing, so you took care of them.

But now Carl was talking about my sister, and that rankled me to no end. I shot Dave a look, which said, make him stop, or I will.

“Carl. Shut the fuck up, will ya!” Dave said.

Carl looked at me and asked, “What, you guys eyes for her ass too? Then laughed.

“No Shitbird. That’s my sister… Talk about her, or any of the women here again, and I will make sure you can’t talk for a good long time. So if you want to keep your job, I’d advise you to keep your pie hole shut” I belted out

“Fuck You Asswipe.. Who’d you think you are, threatening me. I’ll kick your ass all around this barn.” he retorted.

I didn’t even wait for him to make a move, I moved right in and punched him in the gut, which made him double over. Then brought my knee to his head, and judging from the sickening sound, I broke his nose. When he flopped on the ground holding his nose, with blood gushing out, he yelled, “You broke my nose, you fuck. You’re dead now.”

I put my boot to his throat and looked down on him, and quietly told him, “You know Carl, Never let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. Now get your ass out of here, and don’t come back until Monday. And you better have a better attitude when you do, or you will be gone.”

Dave apologized for the whole scene, then grabbed Carl and took him out of there. I told myself to keep an eye on Carl, for he is the type to seek revenge, or at least try. After they left, I was so hyped up, and pissed off, I found one of the 4 wheelers, and took off. I eventually found myself at the river, near the spot Alli and I first had our tryst.

As I sat there and listened to the water rolling by, my thoughts returned to what was happening in my life at this point. My job was fairly simple, repair the house and any other maintenance Jackie could dream up. She pays well, besides the fringe benefits they offered. My hope is that I could start my own Handyman like type of work, for others in the surrounding area. It would get me away from the farm during the day, and not be tempted by these women all the time.

Then there is the fringe benefits offered to me by Jackie and Alli. Christ, what man wouldn’t be in heaven to have two attractive women allowing you all the sex you can handle. But at the same token, I am starting to grow fonder of Alli, and would like to explore where it may go with her. I know she has said that she would always want to be active with Jackie and Jules, but does she really mean that? That was a question only she can answer, let alone allow me into that world on a full time basis.

Then there is Nikki and Julie. These are two women that I know I love deeply. I never really thought of Jules in a sexual way, until recently. And now that we have “done it”, I crave her as well. But one day, she will meet that man she wants to grow old with, and I hope what we have done, doesn’t play with her head in the future.

As for Nikki, well that one can honestly be said that in normal society, it should not have happened. But it did, and neither of us regret it. My dad was a total idiot for leaving her. She was always loving and never bitchy, and if she enjoyed sex with him like she did with me, hell, she should be rated a 10. Both her and my sister have voracious sexual appetites. If offered again to me, you can bet I will take it, and do my best to satisfy their every need in that department.

I was then awoken from my thoughts by the sound of the other 4 wheeler. “Great” I thought. I really didn’t want to talk or explain what happened up in the barn, earlier, to Jackie or Alli. Then I saw it was just my sister, Julie. She was wearing a red bikini top and a pair of cut off jeans. When she got off of the machine, I saw that those shorts didn’t cover too much of her lovely ass. Carl was right, I though, she does have a great ass.

“Hey Bro. You okay?” she asked. I told her I was fine and just needed some “Me time” is all.

Then she asked what happened to Carl. I chuckled and said that he tripped in the barn and fell on his face. I could see she didn’t buy that, but I said nothing.

“Well, judging by how he was holding his nose and the blood, he must be one clumsy son of a bitch. I don’t like him at all. He gives me the creeps. Always leering at me. I mean, I like when guys eye me up, but there is something creepy when he does it.”

I didn’t say anything, so I didn’t confirm what she just said, but I knew now how she felt, and what I did justified why I did it. No one would ever hurt my sister, or any of the other women at this place.

“Listen” she said, “Can we talk?” she asked.

“Always Sis.” I responded.

“Good… I’m sure this isn’t a news flash to you, but Alli is falling for you big time, and I hope you are falling for her too.” she said, and I just nodded.

“Well, the four of us were talking about this whole situation, and we don’t think it is fair to you to try and please us all sexually. I mean we really like what we have started and hope you do too. But, we also want you to concentrate more on Alli.”

“Okay. So no more sex with you other three then?” I asked, not knowing how she would respond.

“Oh hell no. We’ll still want you on occasion, but not having you fuck us all, like you have been starting to do. Christ, we keep doing that, and your dick will fall off.” she said and giggled.

“Oh and by the way, you made Nikki’s day today. Trav, she has wanted that for ages, and from what she told us, you were very receptive and definitely scratch an itch she has had for years. I love that the three of us can share love with each other like that.” she spoke as she started removing her top.

She looked at me, then my crotch and saw I was getting hard now. “Cool your jets Bro. I just want to go swimming in a bit here.“ she laughed as she said it.

“Seriously, Jackie, Nikki and I came up with a plan. For now on, Alli is your priority, if you want to be a couple with her, which we hope you do.” I nodded in agreement.

“Okay then. Now once or twice a week, we are going to put our names in a het, and you pull a name out. That is the person you devote all your energy too. The rest of the week, you and Alli spend together. And that means dating and all, and sleeping together.”

I then asked, “Well, what about you and Alli? You two are lovers and have been a long time.”

“After we told Alli of this plan, we both said we’d make time for each other too. We may even invite you into our fun and games too. I love threesomes. And those times it is just you too, then I can join in with Jackie and Nikki, or get some much needed rest.” she chuckled as she finished that statement.

“Well maybe I would want you to be with us, even if we are just sleeping. I mean I do love you, and don’t want you left out.” I said. As I talked, her shorts dropped from her waist, revealing her sexy naked ass and pussy. I was now rock hard taking in her beauty.

She bit her lips as she looked at my crotch, once again. “Awee Trav, that’s so nice of you, and I may do that, but not every night. You two need alone time too. So tonight, why don’t you take Alli out somewhere. Dinner and a movie. You know, a real date.”

“Sure.. I can do that. We might as well start and see if we are compatible as a couple, doing normal things. In bed, I already know we are there. But what will you three be doing?” I asked

“Oh. I’m pretty sure we will find something fun to occupy our time. Maybe when you get home, come on up and join us, or not. Maybe have your own little party in your room.” she said with a wicked laugh.

She started walking to the bank of the river. Just before entering, she turned and saw that I was removing my shorts, and as my cock sprang free, she gasped, then giggled. I caught up to her and from behind, wrapped my arms around her, as my cock lay against her ass crack. She, in turn, wiggled her ass.

“Fuck Trav. I love the feel of your cock there. You know, I do enjoy anal. Maybe one night. me , you, and Alli have a DP with me. God that is such a great feeling.”

Once we were in the water, I turned her around and picked her up. Her legs went around my waist and somehow, my dick found its way inside her. As I entered her, her mouth sought mine and we began to kiss. Her arms were around my neck, and my hands were squeezing those lovely ass cheeks, as we started to fuck.

After a couple of minutes, she was cumming. It wasn’t a real hard one, like she had the other day, but it still felt good to make her cum. As she settled back down and I was still pumping away in her, she had me stop.

“Oh God. This feels so good. But don’t now. Save it for Alli tonight. Just let me rest like this.” she cooed in my ear.

“Trav. Promise me something.” she said. “Anything Sweetie” i said back to her.

“In five years, if I haven’t met the man of my dreams. And I mean the guy I love totally, but also can accept our crazy ass family and what we do. If I haven’t met him by then, promise me you and I can make a baby. I don’t care how many you and Alli have by then, if you do. But having one with you would be special. I know that is a weird request. But I really want at least one, and still be young enough to enjoy life, once it goes away to college.” she asked.

That caught me off guard, as I released her ass from my hands as she then slid off of me. “Wow” is all I could think. That’s dangerous for siblings to have kids.

“Wow!” I said. “Are you sure of this?”

“Absolutely. Alli already knows this. She wants one too, even if you two don’t pan out as a couple.”

“Let me think on that one Sis. But as of now, I would say, Probably”

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