The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze Chapter 3: Serpentine Passion by mypenname3000

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The Triad and the Gorgon's Hypnotic Gaze

Chapter Three: Serpentine Passion

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2016

Fiona – Dev-Lek, The Kingdom of Haz

Euryale hissed at my rejection of her love. Her serpent-like hair writhed about her, their tongues flicking as she loomed over me. Her golden eyes caught mine. They were slitted like a snake and almost seemed to glow as she worked her magic on me.

I love Euryale.

The voice drifted out of my mind. I could almost hear the sibilant hiss of the gorgon as she worked her magic on me. “I don't love you. I love Seamus and Aoifa.”

“Even after they betrayed you.” The gorgon seized my shoulders with her fingers, my small breasts jiggling as she shook me.

“Yes,” I answered her. My spouses had to know I was missing by now. They would come and find me. They were skilled fighters, even without my magic. “I can't change how my heart feels.”

“But Euryale loves you.” The gorgon's serpents nuzzled into my cheek, soft as a kiss. “Why don't you love Euryale back?”

“Because I am a twinborn witch,” I declared. “And you're magic isn't strong enough to overcome my innate sense of self. I have powers, too. If you took down your runes, you would be at my mercy.”

The snakes undulated and hissed. “You will love Euryale.”

Her eyes swallowed up my universe. I wanted to pull away, but I couldn't. They were hypnotic. All I could do was focus on my memories of Seamus and Aoifa. I held onto the day Seamus declared his love and won me. I remembered how excited and scared I was, my heart beating with love, as the three of us knelt before the marriage bonfire. Flutes and fiddles played around us. Ancient songs were song as we were married before fire and heather.

United as a Triad and charged to fight monsters like Euryale.


The golden eyes retreated. Euryale's green skin molted with red. Her lips curled, revealing sharp fangs. There wasn't love in her eyes now, but frustrated anger. She didn't love me. She just wanted to own me, like she owned the statues of the petrified men surrounding her bed or the whores whose minds she enslaved.

The silk curtain that led out of this cave parted and one of those naked whores dashed in and whispered urgently in Euryale's ear. A smile crossed the gorgon's lips. Her serpents agitated undulations calmed.

“Good, good. Euryale will win your heart,” hissed the gorgon. “You cannot love a statue.”

“You will find my husband harder to defeat than you think.”

The gorgon's smile grew. “Euryale knows exactly how to defeat Seamus.”



I held the lantern up and peered into the dark mouth of the mine shaft. It was narrower than I thought, barely taller than Seamus and only as wide as two men. The sides were uneven, pitted by tool marks. Wooden beams spanned every ten feet, bracing the ceiling.

My stomach clenched. I did not like how tight it appeared. Fiona was lucky I loved her.

“Gewin, bless my sword with your strength,” Seamus prayed to the God of War. “Let it cleave through the flesh of my enemies and bring glorious victory on this day.”

His sword glowed with an angry, reddish hue, enchanted to cleave through protective spells and tough hide. Even stout armor would have difficulty staving off his blade. His eyes were fixed, his shoulders tense.

Seamus was rarely scared. He went into battle laughing, enjoying the sport.

“We'll save her,” I whispered.

“And carve up the Las-damned thing that has her,” he growled. “We'll send this gorgon's soul to Dauthaz.”

I shuddered at the name of the Shrouded God. I hope he hadn't collected Fiona's soul and taken her to the afterlife. Seamus and I were supposed to protect her. That was our role in the Triad. Were we spending too much time in revelry and not taking our duty seriously?

“Let's go,” I said, drawing my dagger. My eyes scanned the ground for any signs. I was a thief and tracker. My eyes were keen. “Let's find our wife.”

I strode into the mines and Seamus followed, his armor clinking. We would bring death to Euryale and rescue Fiona.



Euryale and the whore left. I was alone. My eyes scanned about. My robes lay on the floor, discarded by the gorgon, along with the clothing of the other women she brainwashed. I stood up and slipped by the statue of the petrified man, his face twisted in passion. His cock still gleamed with Euryale's pussy juices. The gorgon had fucked the statue only minutes ago.

I bent down and picked up my robe, pulling the white fabric across my body. I felt better as the cloth settled on me. It wasn't cold in the cave but, even though I was alone, I didn't like being naked. The place for nudity was in bed with my spouses.

I tied the belt and brushed dirt off one sleeve. I glanced at the curtain. Had she really left me alone? I ghosted up to the curtain. The silk undulated, stirred by whatever vagary of air drifted through the mines. I reached for it.

Agony consumed me.

I fell to the cave floor, twitching as my bones burned. I screamed. Tears burned hot down my face. My flesh was consumed with agony. I twitched and spasmed. My entire body was molten fire. I wanted to die.

The pain faded. My body wasn't on fire. My bones hadn't burned me to cinder. I crawled backwards on my hands and feet, scuttling to the bed and glared at the arcane symbols on the wall. They did more than keep out my spirits. They were triggered to give me pain. I doubt I could touch them and break their magic.

The same pain would inflict me if I tried.

I climbed onto the bed. I sucked in deep breaths. My entire body still ached. I trembled as I stared at my freedom. I would just have to wait. Seamus and Aoifa were coming for me. They would have to defeat the gorgon on their own.

“Holy Mother,” I prayed, “Goddess of Mothers and Wives, watch over my husband and wife. Holy Slata, intercede with your husband. Beg for Holy Pater himself to shelter my spouses in the darkness of the mines.”

I huddled on the bed. I was so helpless. All my spirits had been taken from me. I couldn't help my spouses. They were on there own.



My skin crawled as Aoifa led us deeper into the mines.

There was so much mountain above us. The weight seemed to press down on me. I wiggled my shoulders beneath my armor, trying to stave off the fear. I had to save Fiona. It didn't matter how tight the tunnels were or how deep we had to go.

The lamp formed a small bubble of flickering light around us, pushing back the darkness. Aoifa scanned the floors, noting small signs that guided us through the passages. Sometimes the shafts had short spurs that ended abruptly after a few paces, spots where the miners excavated out veins of ores.

The pockets were rare.

The lamp flickered in Aoifa's hand. A breeze eddied through the cave. I froze. Should there be breezes below ground? My hand tightened on my sword. Aoifa paused, cocking her head. I held still as she listened.

Aoifa relaxed.

“What caused the breeze?” I asked.

“I think the mine broke into a natural cavern ahead. The air is growing damper.”

“That's where the gorgon is?”

She pointed at something glinting on the rock. I bent down. It was a snake's scale.

“Good enough. Let's keep going.”

The ground grew uneven, the walls even more irregular. No more tool marks marred them. They were smooth and undulating, like the bed of a dried river. Water had carved these passages. We had entered the cave system.

Water dripped, echoing down the tunnel. The walls grew farther apart as we headed down. The footing was treacherous. The ground rippled and was pocketed with depressions. The tunnel rose in height. Milky deposits grew from the ceiling, glistening wet.

The cave widened into a large room.

“There are multiple shafts coming off of here,” Aoifa whispered as she knelt in the center. “Feel the air.”

“It's moving.”

“From more than one direction. And listen to the echoes.”

I shook my head. I didn't gather any information out of them.

“Which one?”

Aoifa straightened and opened her mouth. Then she frowned and mouthed, “Movement.”

Slowly, Aoifa set the lantern down and drew her daggers. I swallowed and turned my back to her. I scanned the darkness. Echoing slaps, like bare feet padding on stone, came from around us. A woman cursed.

“The missing prostitutes,” Aoifa muttered.

I sheathed my sword. The room grew darker. “Let's try not to hurt them.”

Aoifa snorted, “Yeah, then they wouldn't fuck you.”


The women appeared out of the darkness, swarming us from three directions. They were naked, their dusky breasts bouncing as they leaped at us. Their screams echoed through the tight caves, slamming back into us, the sound growing louder and louder.

I caught the first woman that leaped at me, holding her wrist up. Her breasts bounced and she heaved against my armor. I fought my desire as her nipples scraped up my armor and her lush lips leaned in for a kiss.

“You know you want us, warrior,” she purred.

“We just want to love you,” another woman purred, leaping on my side. She wrapped her arms around my neck. Her mouth was hot as she tried to kiss my lips.

“Get off me, skank,” Aoifa shouted as she wrestled a pair of women to the ground.

My cock grew harder as I twisted the woman's arm wrapped around my neck. She let out an orgasmic moan as I shoved her away. She fell on the ground, her legs parting wantonly. The flickering lamplight reflected on the dew drenching her pussy.

“Come and take me,” she moaned.

“No, he's mine,” purred another woman. She leaped on my back. Her arms were tight about me, her lips nibbling at my ear.

I spun about and threw her off, my eyes scanning for Aoifa. The cave blurred with movement. The women seemed to come from every direction. “Aoifa?”

“Dammit,” her voice echoed from far away. “I have one tied up with my rope. Where are you, Seamus?”

“By the lamp,” I cried out.

“This lamp,” purred a whore. She lifted up the lamp. It shattered on the ground. The flames guttered out, plunging the room into darkness.

“Dammit,” I groaned, thrashing about in the darkness.

The women grabbed me. It was like they could see through the solid night. The darkness had weight. It pressed down on me. My lungs burned as I struggled to breath. I didn't like it down here. I wanted to get away.

I needed light.

“Dammit, let go of me, bitch,” Aoifa shouted, her voice echoing through the cave.

“Where are you?” I asked, stumbling in one direction.

“No idea.”

“Don't run away.” A woman clutched me, her hand slipping beneath my chainmail armor and rubbed at the front of my pants. I grabbed at her and found her breast. She let out a pleased chortle. “Mmm, now you're getting it.”

“Yes, he is.” A second woman cooed. A pair of breasts pressed against my face and a hard nipple brushed my lips.

The hand rubbed harder at my cock. I throbbed beneath the touch. I couldn't give into these women. I had to keep fighting. I pushed the boobs from my face and took a step back. My boot turned on the uneven ground, and I fell with a loud crash.

“Damn,” I groaned.

“Ooh, now we got you, big boy,” the woman purred and pressed her breasts to my face again. They were so soft and pillowy.

Hands pushed my my mail skirt. Women giggled around me in the dark. My lacings of my leather pants came undone. A hot hand reached in and seized my dick. I groaned. I should be fighting, but that hand felt so wonderful on my cock.

“Aoifa,” I shouted, my words partly muffled by the tits on my face. “Where are you?”

She didn't answer.

“No Aoifa here,” laughed a woman. “Ooh, my. He's big.”

A tongue ran up my cock to the tip and circled the crown. I groaned and bucked. I had to fight this. I was stronger than these women. My hands reached out. One found a pair of thighs, slipping up to rub hot, wet pussy.

“Oooh, naughty boy,” the woman chortled. “Mmm, keep fingering me.”

“Feel this cock,” moaned the woman licking my dick. “He's thick and hard.”

Her wet mouth engulfed me. I groaned into the pair of tits. The woman shifted, her hard nipple popping into my lips. The blood rushed through me. I was too horny. Something was wrong. I had the willpower to fight this.


The mouth sucked harder. I moaned about the nipple and then sucked hard. My tongue played with it. My fingers pushed into the other whore's wet pussy. Moans echoed around me. My other hand was seized. Wet lips surrounded my fingers, sucking as hard as the lips on my cock.

“Pater's cock,” I groaned, releasing the whore's nipple.

“Indeed,” laughed a woman. “This is a cock that needs to be ridden.”

The mouth popped off my dick. I groaned in disappointment. I needed to cum. My balls churned with my seed. My dick throbbed in the air.

“Do you want to be ridden?” asked a woman.

“Yes,” I groaned.


Hot pussy engulfed my cock. I shuddered in relief. The other women seemed to back off, letting the slut on my dick enjoy me. She leaned over me, her breasts rubbing against my chest. She moaned and hissed.

More hisses joined her.

“What?” I groaned.

“Such strength,” the woman riding me hissed, her voice different than a human's.

It was the gorgon's.

Golden eyes glowed above me. Her pussy worked up and down my shaft. Snakes writhed about her head as she leaned down. I had to look away. I had to get her off of me. Her pussy clenched about my dick.

Pleasure burst through me. My balls erupted.

“Pater's cock!” I cursed as my cum flooded her pussy and her eyes burned even brighter and—



I had a moment's warning, the air stirring in front of me, before the woman crashed into me. I turned and raised my hands to block her. I couldn't see her. There was no light in the caves. The women had been enchanted to see in the dark.

The gorgon had powers beyond what she should.

The woman hit me. She hissed, almost like a serpent. Her fingernails tried to scratched at my face. My hand caught her beneath the chin, prying her back as I stumbled back. My foot caught in the crevasse. I groaned and fell back, the woman on top of me.

“Slata's cunt,” I grunted as I landed on my back.

The woman hissed on top of me. I leveraged my leg, planting my foot beneath her stomach. I kicked and heaved her over my head. She somehow snagged my foot as she flipped over me. I gasped as I tumbled with her.

We rolled down a slope, gasping and cursing. My head cracked against a rock. Light flared across my vision in the darkness, the brightness stabbing into my mind. I landed on my back. I stared up into darkness. The world seemed to spin about me. My stomach twisted. My hands went limp, letting the woman go.

Barefoot steps slapped away.

I think the woman fled. It was hard to be sure. Thinking...hurt. Everything felt fuzzy. I rolled over onto my hands and knees. Sounds echoed around me. I had no idea where I was. Where I should go? Something wet dripped down my forehead.


“Las's cum,” I groaned as I crawled forward down the slope. I had to keep moving. I needed to find Seamus or Fiona.

I tried to stand, but that proved more difficult. I collapsed back on my hands and knees. The darkness spun around me. I clenched my teeth, my head bursting with pain. I gripped the stony floor, anchoring myself as I waited for the world to stop spinning.

“Las's putrid cum,” I cursed when the world finally stopped spinng. “Jerk off on someone else.”

I doubt the God of Lust cared where his jizz fell. I kept crawling on. The orgasmic moans of women and Seamus's grunts dwindled. Was I going in the wrong direction? I squeezed my eyebrows, struggling to think.


Should I go back?

Before I could make up my mind, I noticed the faintest glow. It had a pink hue about it. Was I hallucinating? Did I hit my head harder, or was there really light ahead of me. I bit my lip as my head ached.

Thinking hurt. I crawled forward.

“Find the other one,” hissed an almost woman's voice. It echoed down the caves. “Find her. She'll make a great slave for Euryale.”

“Yes, Mistress,” a chorus of women answered.

I didn't care what it meant. I crawled faster towards the pink glow.

The light seemed to come around a corner. The soft illumination lit up the sides of the cave. The scent of jasmine tickled my nose. I crawled faster, emboldened by the light. It was safety and help. I needed to reach it.

The light shone through a pink curtain made of silk. I didn't care why it was in the middle of the cave. I passed through the soft silk into a bedroom. Stone statues stood around a bed. A woman in a white robe, loose, dark-red hair falling about her shoulders, sat on the bed.

“Aoifa?” the woman asked.

I should know her. She was familiar. “Fiona?”

It was my sister-wife. She slid off the bed and seized my head. “You're hurt. What happened to you?”

“Not sure,” I answered. Thinking hurt too much. “Where am I?”

“Euryale's lair.”

I should know that name. I winced.

“I can't leave here,” Fiona continued. “And I can't heal you. The room is warded.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, pillowing my head on her lap. Her robe turned red. How did that happen?

“I need you to break one of the runes on the wall.”


Fiona pointed at the wall. There were pretty pictures carved into it.

“They need to be broken.”

“Okay.” I closed my eyes.


“Yes?” I groaned.

“You need to break them. Please. I can't heal you until you do.”

“Break what?”

“The runes.” Fiona lifted my head.

“Las's cum,” I groaned as the room spun about me. “That hurts.”

“I'm sorry, sister.” Fiona put my arm around her shoulders. I gasped as she stood up, bringing me along with her. My stomach twisted as the world spun faster.

“You're killing me,” I moaned.

“You need to focus, Aoifa,” Fiona begged as she moved. “You need to break the rune.”


“Draw your dagger.”

I had a dagger? My hand moved down and instinctively drew something. The blade gleamed before me. I did have a dagger.

“Now just scrape the rune,” Fiona urged. “Reach out and disrupt it.”

The spin slowed to a drunken slant. I felt like I was falling but I never hit the ground. The rune was before me. I just had to reach out. I raised the blade. It was hard to find the rune. The world refused to stay steal. My dagger scraped across the wall. I adjusted my aim, pulling it to the rune.

It broke it.

“Thank you, Holy Mother,” whispered Fiona. “Spirits, come and heal my sister-wife.”

My vision burned green. Sensations rushed through my body. The painful fuzz sticking to my mind fell away. I staggered, supported by my twin. I clung to her. I let out a moan.

The green vanished.

“Fiona,” I gasped. “You're safe.”

“So are you,” she beamed, tears beading her blue eyes. She cupped my face. “And you freed me.”

I stared at my sister. I licked my lips. Guilt filled me. It was partly my fault she was out here. I was so eager to fuck that barguest last night. I angered Fiona.

“I'm sorry,” I blurted out as Fiona gasped, “I need to apologize.”

We both froze, smiles cracking out lips. At the same time, we asked, “Why are you sorry?”

“Are we twinning?” I asked her. “We haven't done that since we were kids.”

“Maybe,” Fiona shrugged. “So, who should go first?”

“Me.” I took a deep breath. “Seamus and I haven't been taking this...heroing as seriously as you. Last night, we were just looking to have fun instead of getting ready for today. You and our purpose are more important than fun.”

“Are you saying you'll never break our marriage vows?” Fiona cocked an eyebrow.

“No. I'm saying I'll put our quest ahead of my desires.” I shook my head. “I'm not turning into an old maid like you.”

Fiona blushed. “Well, I shouldn't have run out. I was angry. I'm not really sure at whom. Eoshia, maybe. I thought she loved her husband and then I found her in bed with ours. I handled it badly. I knew it was dangerous and I still ran outside. I put our entire quest in trouble.”

“Sex and love are not the same,” I sighed. “You need to understand that. When Seamus and I cheat on you, it's not because we don't love you. It's because we're horny and looking to have fun. We'll always love you.”

“I know,” Fiona smiled. “It's just...”

“We can tone it down. For you.” I stroked her cheek.

“Maybe...I can get a little wild.” Color suffused her cheeks.

“You slept with Euryale,” I blurted out.

“How did you know?”

I gave her a mysterious grin. “I have my ways.”

“I did. She...seduced me and tried to brainwash me.” Fiona looked around, biting her lip. “She's a mage. Her old lover trained her. She's crazy. She thinks we're in love.”

“Wait, she's a lesbian gorgon?” I cocked my head. “But don't they need to fuck statues of men for sustenance.” I pointed at the statues around the bed, their cocks thrusting out before them. One even was stained with streaks of juices.

“Yeah.” Fiona glanced at the silk. “We need to go. Where's Seamus?”

“We were attacked by her skanks and got separated.” I put on a big smile. “It was all part of my plan to rescue you.”

Fiona giggled. “You were hit on the head and barely conscious when you found me.

“All part of the plan,” I nodded.

“Well, let's go find Seamus and put a stop to her.” Fiona sighed. “She isn't too bad. She's grieving.”

“Well, she's also a monster,” I pointed at the statues.

“Yeah. Let's put her down.” Fiona straightened. “It's our duty.”



Aoifa led the way, an orange evocation spirit bobbing before her, shining with a soft hue. The rock walls of the cave were painted in fiery hues. A trail of Aoifa's blood dried on the cave, leading us up a tunnel and towards where she was separated from Seamus.

Women's voices echoed around us. They seemed to come from in front and behind us all at the same time. My skin tightened as we crept up the tunnel. I was ready with my spells. Spirits zipped around me.

It was wonderful to see them again.

“Here!” a woman shouted.

“Here! Here! ...ere... ...e...” echoed over and over back at us.

The naked woman appeared out of the darkness, rushing at Aoifa.

“Spirits, bind her.” I pointed and a blue abjuration spirit zipped forward and then spun about the woman, leaving behind blue cords that tightened about her body. The woman gave a shriek and fell forward into Aoifa's arms.

“Pater's cock,” grunted Aoifa as she stumbled back.

The woman thrashed and screamed. Aoifa shoved a rag into her mouth and lowered her onto the cave floor. She glanced at me and I understood; we needed to move faster.

Aoifa jogged up the cave, stepping with grace. I lifted the hem of my robe and followed after. The evocation spirit kept dancing happily before Aoifa. It was eager to help me out and light the way before us.

The spirit entered a larger cave.

“This is it,” Aoifa whispered, pointing at broken glass on the ground. “The lantern.”

“Seamus?” I called.

A woman answered with a roar. Aoifa snagged her as the woman leaped, twisted, and the woman landed on her back with a gasp. I sent the abjuration spirit to bind her with a quick command, then looked around for Seamus.

“Where is he?” I asked. “Spirit, grow brighter.”

The evocation spirit swelled in brightness. Harsh, orange light painted across the cave. I scanned the uneven ground, looking for some sign of my husband. My heart tightened. What if he was dead? It would be all my fault if he was.

Why did I run?

“Seamus,” Aoifa gasped and rushed across the cave.

My heart froze. He lay on the ground unmoving. His armor was so dull in the light, almost like...

“She petrified him,” I shouted for joy, rushing to join him. “He's only petrified.”

Aoifa fell to her knees beside Seamus. Everything about him, including his armor, was gray stone. His chainmail had been lifted up and his cock thrust hard before him. His face was twisted in passion. He had been cumming when she transformed him.

“That horny idiot,” Aoifa groaned.

“I can fix him,” I beamed. “It's simple. I just need to break her spell. Spirits, break the enchantment on my husband's body. Return stone to flesh.”

Blue abjuration spirits zipped around me and poured into Seamus's body. I beamed as more and more appeared, zooming down from the ceiling and rising from the floor. I was a twinborn witch, beloved by the spirits.

They healed my husband.

His entire body glowed blue. Stone grated and crumbled. The spirits rose out of him, zooming off to their preferred haunts. The glow faded, revealing pink skin. Seamus suddenly gasped, his hands jerking and his hips rising.

“What?” he gasped, sucking in deep breaths.

“Put your cock away, husband of mine,” Aoifa laughed, “we have a gorgon to kill.”

“Pater's cock,” he groaned. “Where is she?”

“Here,” a voice hissed.

Out of the darkness, a piece of stone hurtled at Aoifa.



Aoifa ducked the hurtling rock. The ground rumbled beneath me. I pulled up my trousers as I rolled to my feet, my fingers fumbling at the lacings.

Another rock streaked out of the darkness and crashed against my chainmail. I grunted and coughed as I stumbled back two steps. My chest ached like I had been punched hard. Fiona let out a scream as the ground flowed like water around her feet and seized her.

“Fiona is Euryale's,” hissed the gorgon.

“She's a mage,” Aoifa hissed to me.

“Great,” I snarled and dodged to the right as another stone streaked by. I ripped out my sword. The enchantment still held and my blade glowed a dull red. “Stay behind me.”

I charged in the direction of the hurtling stones and the hissing voice. Fiona's light burned brighter and brighter. The spirit flooded the room in harsh, orange light. The gorgon appeared. Her serpents undulated about her head, a snarl curling on her lips.

“She is Euryale's!” she screamed at me.

“Fiona is her own woman,” I growled.

A stone ripped out of the cave's floor. It floated before the gorgon for a split second and then shot at me. A blue shield sprang before me. The stone shattered into dust. Fiona protected me. Her spirits were around me.

I raised my sword.

My foot stepped down but didn't land on stone. I stumbled forward as my leg up to my knee was engulfed by thick, liquid stone. I pitched forward and landed on my left knee. The stone flowed around me and hardened around my legs.

I lunged with my sword, thrusting for the gorgon's belly. I fell short by inches.

Aoifa was right behind me. She leaped, stepping once on my back and threw herself at the gorgon.

A powerful wind seized her and wrapped her in air. Aoifa kicked and struggled as she hovered. She snarled like a wild warg, fierce, passionate. Her dagger flicked out of the gale that trapped her, clipping the gorgon's shoulder.

Euryale hissed in pain.

“Fiona!” I shouted, throwing a look over my shoulder.

Fiona was still trapped in the stone. “I can't do much about the stone. It's not an enchantment. She reshaped it.”

“Why did you betray Euryale?” the gorgon asked. She walked around the reach of my sword, staring at my wife.

“How could I betray you?” Fiona demanded. “You kidnapped me. You tried to control me.”

“Euryale revealed who you loved!”



Euryale stalked towards me. Her snakes were agitated, hissing as they writhed about her head. Her golden eyes were fixed on me. Her lips curled, her sharp teeth glinting in the light of my spirit. She stopped before me, her hips undulating.

“You did reveal who I love,” I said, my eyes flicking to my husband. He turned his sword and slammed the enchanted blade into the stone. A normal sword would only crack and shatter. No sword could cut stone.

Unless it was blessed by Gewin.

A chunk of stone broke free around his leg.

“You reminded me why I loved Seamus and Aoifa,” I told her.

“How?” Euryale stopped before me. Her eyes were angry. “How did Euryale do this? Your husband is false. He ruts with other women. He violates your love.”

“And what did you do?” I demanded, my heart thudding in my chest. Seamus swung again. His left burst free, and he turned his attention to his right half-sunk into the ground. He slammed his sword point down to dig himself out. “You kidnapped me. You tried to seduce me from my loves.”

“Because Euryale loves you.” Her serpents caressed my face, their tongues flicked out and brushed my lips, my eyes, my ears. Her breasts rose and fell, her nipples brushing the front of my robes. Her hands touched my hips. “Euryale loves you. You are hers.”

“Do you know how Seamus won my heart?”

“He tricked you with his perfect looks and duplicitous smile.”

I shook my head. “He didn't try to win me. He didn't try to prove that he was best for me. All he did was tell me that he loved me. All my other suitors saw me as a witch.”

“You have power,” Euryale smiled. “You are perfect for Euryale. You can teach her to be a witch. You can love her and be with her. Together, you and Euryale will have no enemies.”

“See,” I said. “You want a witch, not a woman.”

Seamus pulled himself out of the stone and turned.

“Seamus has always wanted me as a woman.”

My husband stalked towards us, his sword raised.

“I'm sorry, Euryale,” I whispered.

The gorgon's serpents straightened. She whirled around. Seamus's sword flashed. The gorgon fell at my feet. She stared into my eyes as she died. A tear burned in my eyes. She was such a sad, confused, lonely thing.

“You almost convinced me. If I hadn't met Seamus, if I didn't love Aoifa, I might have loved you.”

Euryale's hand touched my foot. The stone melted away and freed me. She shuddered and went stiff.

Seamus's arms went around me. I clung to my husband, crying into his armor. A moment later, Aoifa joined us, pressing against the other side. I grieved for my lover. We had shared passion last night. I would remember Euryale.



The bar was boisterous. The rescued miners and prostitutes drank and reveled. I sipped at the beer in my hand. We won, but I wasn't in the mood to join the festivities. It was so strange. Sex and drinking were everywhere. Virile men took the prostitutes hard.

Normally, I would want to be taken as hard.

“You're quiet,” Seamus said, pulling me down into his lap as he sat, his drink untouched.

“And there's no whore sitting on your lap, husband of mine,” I said, leaning on his shoulder.

“Maybe we shouldn't...have as much fun.”

I sighed. “I've been thinking the same thing. We drove Fiona out into the darkness. She could have died or been Euryale's slave for eternity.”

Seamus nodded. “Where is Fiona?”

“Our room.” I looked around. “Can you blame her? Look at this place. Fiona would hate this. Too loud. Too licentious.”

Seamus gave a laugh, his eyes tracking to a pair of prostitutes on a table, their legs scissored together, their hips humping. Men poured beer on their tits and licked up the foam while the women moaned and shuddered.

“Yes, it's too much fun for her.”

“Too much,” I sighed. Part of me wanted to be one of those women.

Eoshia bustled through the crowd. She didn't look at Seamus, but kept her eyes firmly fixed on me. “Fiona wants to speak with you.”

Seamus sighed. “Let's go, Aoifa. I don't think I'm in a festive mood.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

We pressed through the celebrating crowd and reached quiet of the hallway that lead to the rooms. We found ours and opened the door. I don't think any of us were prepared for what we saw. Fiona was on our bed, naked, the barguest between her thighs licking.

“Fiona?” croaked Seamus.

Fiona's cheeks blushed even as she shuddered on the barguest's tongue. The black, hound-like monster feasted on her pussy. One of Fiona's hands stroked its leathery, furless head. A smile crossed my lips as I remembered how delicious the barguest's tongue felt on my pussy.

“What is this?” Seamus asked.

“I...I thought I would try to be...more fun,” Fiona admitted. “Not where others can see me. But...with my spouses. And certainly not all the time. But, sometimes...” Her cheeks were so red.

She was so cute.

“Are you going to fuck a barguest?” I asked, my pussy growing hot.

“Yes,” she moaned. “I, um, borrowed him.”

“My owner is presently busy with one of the establishments fine slatterns,” the barguest said in those proper words of his. Then he buried his tongue back in Fiona's pussy.

“Will you help me, Aoifa?” Fiona moaned.

“I would love to,” I grinned.

“This is so hot, Fiona,” Seamus grinned, his cock swelling his pants.

“I know how much you like to watch,” Fiona groaned, her face scrunching. “Oh, Gods, yes.”

I sank on the couch beside her and nuzzled to my twin's ears. “Are you about to cum on his tongue?”

“So hard,” she groaned. “Oh, yes. Oh, wow.”

Her small breasts jiggled as she shook on the bed. Her eyes squeezed shut and she threw her head back as her orgasm burst through her. I kissed her on the lips, muffling her moans and savoring her passion as she willingly came on a monster's tongue.

“This is hot,” I whispered in her ear. “Now let's get you fucked.”



I knelt on my hands and knees before the bed. Seamus sat naked on the edge, his cock already hard. He held onto my auburn braid and pulled my lips to his cock. I engulfed him. He groaned as I sucked on his cock.

“Mmm, that's hot,” purred Aoifa as she lay beneath me. Her tongue flicked at my pussy lips. “Nice and juicy. Have at her boy.”

“Oh, yes, I have been waiting a taste of this sweet angel's snatch ever since I smelled her. Madam, you have a delicious perfume.”

I moaned a thanks around my husband's cock.

I gasped, sucking hard as the barguest mounted me. His body was heavy and his skin rough on my back and ass. His cock nudged at my thighs as his hips fucked. He searched for my hole, eager to be buried in me.

I couldn't believe I was doing this. It was so nasty. I was actually eager for his cock. I had never been with another male of any species besides my husband. But it was okay, once in a while, to have fun and share it with my spouses.

“Fuck her,” Seamus groaned, his hand holding my hair. “Fuck my wife hard.”

“You'll love it,” Aoifa promised.

She seized the barguest's dick and guided him to my pussy. Her tongue licked at my clit as the monster thrust into me. I groaned around Seamus's cock as the barguest hammered my pussy. His dick thrust in and out so fast. I had never felt the like before. My pussy was on fire from the rapid hammering.

“That's it,” groaned Seamus. His hips thrust up into my mouth. “Damn, fuck her.”

“This is the best view,” gasped Aoifa. “Her pussy lips are clenching about his red cock. And he's hammering into her. She must be loving it.”

I was.

Pleasure raced through my body. I shuddered and shivered. I let the barguest use me hard. I savored every one of his thrusts. I sucked harder and harder on my husband's dick as the barguest cock flew in and out of my pussy.

Aoifa licked and nuzzled at my pussy. Both my spouses were enjoying the sight. I was being watched by them. I was sharing this exciting moment with the two people I loved. There was a difference between sex and love.

Euryale taught me that. I did love our night together. I would remember her always.

Just like the barguest.

My pussy exploded around his cock. I moaned, muffled by Seamus's dick, as the pleasure shot through my body. Aoifa's tongue and the barguest's cock added wave after wave of bliss shuddering through my body. I bucked and shuddered beneath the monster. My fingers curled as the pleasure rippled through me.

Aoifa giggled. “Get ready.”

For what?

“He's about to knot you.”

“Yes,” groaned Seamus. He forced more and more of his cock into my mouth, brushing the back of my throat. I didn't fight against him and swallowed his cock. “Knot my wife. Stretch her pussy out.”

Stretch my pussy out?

Something thick hammered at the entrance to my pussy. My eyes widened around my husband's cock. My lips were buried in her flaming pubic hair. Every inch of his cock was in my mouth and throat. I gasped as the thick base of the barguest's cock forced into my pussy.

My lips stretched. Pain and pleasure mixed together. I shuddered. Another orgasm rippled through me as the thick base of his cock filled my pussy. My cunt spasmed about his cock, squeezing down on the base.

“He's knotted you,” groaned Aoifa between licks. “Oh, it's so hot.”

“Gods, yes,” groaned Seamus. He pulled my head up, sliding my mouth along his shaft until only the tip remained between my lips. I swirled my tongue around it and sucked, eager for his cum to flood my lips.

Seamus and the barguest erupted at the same time. Hot cum flood my mouth and blast after blast of monster jizz squirted into my pussy. The barguest growled as his cock ejaculated into me. He shuddered on top of me. I drank down my husband's cum as my pussy milked the barguest dick dry.

“Very good show, madam,” the barguest panted. Then he pivoted, his cock twisting inside me, and he dismounted me. His butt pressed into mine.

Seamus let my head go. “Wow, that was hot.”

“Uh-huh,” Aoifa grinned, wiggling out from beneath me. “You have any cock for me?”

“Fiona?” Seamus grinned at me.

I stared at my spouses. “The barguest's dick is stuck in me.”

My stomach knotted. My pussy, still burning from my orgasm, clenched down on the round base of his cock plugging up the entrance.

“He's knotted you,” Aoifa laughed. “You get to enjoy his cock until it shrinks.”

“ long is that.” I glanced over my shoulder. The barguest seemed completely disinterested in us. I tried to pull away, but my pussy was clamped tight about that base.

“Oh, quarter of an hour.” Aoifa rubbed her naked pussy on Seamus's thing and grasped his soft cock. “Mind helping me out and restoring life to our husband's dick. It was so hot watching you be fucked.”

“I guess.”

I summoned the enhancement spirits to give Seamus a second wind. The bed groaned as Aoifa vigorously rode our husband, her breasts bouncing, her iron nipple piercings glinting in the lamp light. I looked over my shoulder again at the monster tied to me.

I guess this was the cost of having a little fun.

It wasn't so bad. I licked my lips and watched Aoifa's pussy slide up and down Seamus's cock. When they finished, I would get to lick her clean and she would lick me clean of all the barguest's jizz. Then Seamus would get to fuck me.

I smiled, rested my head on the mattress, and waited. Seamus and Aoifa reached out and took my hand, squeezing them. I felt so close to them right now. We had shared something—

“They are a rather noisy couple,” sighed the barguest.

“You are ruining the moment,” I groaned. “Hurry up and soften.”

“In good time, madam.”


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