Who says three's a crowd... by polka.dot

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It was my birthday and we had just finished a delicious meal cooked by my gorgeous girlfriend, Tonnina. She had said over dinner that she had a surprise for me and she had just gone to freshen up. I was just pouring us another glass of wine when the doorbell rang.

I opened the door to find a stunning blonde on my door step and I was completely speechless. Tonnina approached from behind and said "Darling let her in then..."

"Who is she?"

" Her name is Sophie and she is the surprise for this evening"

"I don't understand"

"All will become clear, now be a gent and pour Sophie a glass of wine"

I finished pouring the wine and it wasn't until then that I realised that Tonnina hadn't just freshened up, she had also got changed. She was standing in the middle of the lounge looking absolutely heavenly in a white satin basque that accentuated her fine figure and voluptuous boobs perfectly. Accompanying this she wore a sheer white thong and suspender set that left very little to the imagination. I could see that she had shaved completely bare for the occasion which made me want her luscious lips even more.

I gave each of the girls a glass of wine and offered to take Sophie’s coat. Under the coat she was wearing a little black dress that hugged her figure in all the right places and showed off her curves fantastically. She was of similar build and shape to Tonnina, with smaller boobs, I’d guess about a D cup but equally pert.

I returned from hanging Sophie’s coat in absolute shock, both girls were sitting relaxed on the sofa but now Sophie had removed her dress and now wore a similar basque to Tonnina, only in black. At the sight of them both sitting there totally comfortable, although practically naked looking sexy as hell my mind started to wander and my cock sprang to life.

Let the fun begin....

Tonnina noticed me standing there and invited me to join them. The girls moved over to make room in between them.

After a few minutes Tonnina went to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine. As she left Sophie began nuzzling my neck and stroking the ever growing bulge in my trousers. As good as this felt I was a little reserved as I was still a bit unsure of the whole set-up.

Tonnina returned and said “ Don’t hold back darling, Sophie’s staying the night”.

On her saying this Sophie straddled me and began kissing me passionately, I returned the passion, it was so strange kissing someone other than Tonnina but at the same time it felt so dam nice.

Tonnina came over and joined us on the sofa. As I was kissing Sophie Tonnina was undoing my trousers to release my cock, she began stroking it and released one of Sophie’s boobs from her basque and began licking and nibbling her nipple. Sophie was enjoying this and so parted her lips from mine and hungrily found Tonnina’s. As my cock was being stroked and the two beauties were making out just in front of me, the view was so hot it was fucking unbelievable.

After a few minutes of this the girls broke apart and Tonnina’s hand was replaced with Sophie’s mouth, she was licking, nibbling and sucking on my cock and balls. Tonnina Stood over me on the sofa and waved her sweet, shaved pussy in my face, I couldn’t resist any longer I started licking her pussy lips and I could tell by how wet she was getting she was loving thing as much as I was. I was flicking her clit with my tongue just the way I know she loves it and she started moaning loudly. Hearing Tonnina’s moans seemed to spur Sophie on and she started sucking my cock with renewed vigour, right into her throat, it was fucking amazing. I was so close to coming I had to Pull Sophie’s head away. Thinking that I would then be given a rest I breathed a sigh of relief.

Before I had even finished the breath Tonnina was bent over on the couch next to me and both girls were giving me the best head I’d ever had in my life, sucking my cock and rubbing by balls simultaneously, just as I felt close to coming Tonnina ( not wanting to waste it) straddled my lap and began bouncing up and down on my cock , slowly at first and then started to pick up pace. I released her boobs from her basque so I could see them bouncing about as I was fucking her. Sophie took this as an invitation and began licking Tonnina’s nipples and playing with her clit as it was bouncing around on my cock.

Tonnina’s pussy was getting tighter and tighter around my cock and I knew this meant she was close to climax so I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and fast. With this she couldn’t hold back and was soon squirting all over my cock and stomach, seeing the pure ecstasy in her face drove me wild and I pumped my load deep in her pussy.

Tonnina perched herself on the back of the sofa with he legs open and Sophie bent over on the sofa and began licking and sucking all of my come and Tonnina’s pussy juices out of her pussy. Just watching another girl clean my come off my girlfriends gorgeous pussy had my cock twinging again. I knelt down behind Sophie and began licking and fingering her pussy. The combination of licking out another gorgeous pussy and hearing Sophie’s moans muffled by my girlfriend’s pussy had me hard again and I stood behind Sophie, parted her lips with my cock and slowly entered into the second tight pussy of the night.

It is as I am fucking her from behind that I realise that there is nothing hotter than fucking a beautiful girl from behind while she’s cleaning your come out of your very own beauty‘s pussy. When I came I came hard.

Unbelievably, Tonnina then started cleaning my come off of Sophie’s pussy and soon they were in a 69 on the sofa both fingering and licking each others pussy. Needing some recovery time I went and got myself a cold beer from the fridge and settled down on the sofa opposite them to enjoy the show. In time both girls were squirting and then were totally spent and soon needed a rest.


We finished our drinks and moved to the bedroom to continue the night. Sophie emptied her bag onto the bed and what fell out was a total surprise, there was a total plethora of sex toys.

The girls led me to the chair we have in our bedroom, sat me down and then preceded to tie my hands and feet to the chair. They both took it in turns sucking on my cock and licking my nipples until I was almost sure I would come again. They stopped and attached a double ring vibrator around my already throbbing cock and balls.

I Said “Now what?” Both girls giggled and Sophie replied “ we’re gonna put on a little show for you”.

They got onto the bed and started fucking themselves with a double-ended dildo that came from the bag. They were kissing and playing with each others boobs as they were fucking the dildo and looked and sounded like they were having a great time. watching them and being completely unable to do anything or relieve my throbbing cock that was pulsating so much I felt like it was gonna explode. The girls then got two vibrators and began using them on each others clits, all while still fucking with that double ended dildo. Soon they were both coming and screaming out in orgasm. At this point I was ready to fuck them both like they’ve never been fucked before, it had been complete torture having to watch and not being able to join in.

They got up to release me, to my relief they weren’t planning on working their way through the entire collection on toys in that bag.

as soon as they released me I grabbed Tonnina, lifted her over to the bed, bent her over and took her forcefully from behind. It wasn’t long before I was ready so I pulled out and shot my load all over her back and then stuffed my still-solid cock back into her pussy and carried on my manic thrusting. Knowing from an earlier conversation that Sophie like a bit of rough play and deciding it was my turn to be in control I grabbed a fistful of hair and forced her face onto Tonnina’s back and made her lick up every drop of my come.

When she had finished I bent her over Tonnina and slammed my cock into her dripping pussy after fucking her in the same forceful way I’d been fucking Tonnina. After a few minutes of this I stuffed it back into Tonnina’s tight pussy and continued fucking her , I them each a turn of a few forceful thrusts before moving back to the other. Their pussies both got wetter and wetter and I could tell they were loving the excitement. I was soon ready to come again so pulled them both to their knees on the floor in front of me and covered both their faces in my come.

As the girls went to clean up I noticed a strap-on among the toys from the bag, I would find out the use for that later on.

Back door fun

I went downstairs to get us all another drink and when I returned the girls were back in the 69 position again but I soon realised they were actually licking and fingering each others assholes that I would love to get my cock into. I doubted I would succeed with Tonnina’s as we had never done it before but I thought i might have a chance with Sophie’s.

I sat and watched for a while and determined to have my way with at least one back door I took two anal plugs (considerably larger than a finger but not as big as my cock which was now already starting to grow), lubed them up and slowly inserted them into each of the girls. The girls then started working on each others pussies and were soon screaming with pleasure- even Tonnina who had never had something that big up her ass before.

The girls stopped and came at me again both sucking the hell out of my cock and then Tonnina broke away and said “ I want you in my ass I need something bigger”

“ WOW” I said in amazement, “are you sure?”

“ I just said so didn’t I?”

Well I didn’t need telling twice, I removed the butt plug and made sure she was still lubed enough, I lubed my cock and then wanting to be gentle as it was her first time I lay down behind her in the spoons position and slowly pushed my cock into her ass inch by inch. She was a bit hesitant at first but was soon moaning with pleasure, and fuck me it was amazing, it was so fucking tight I knew probably wasn’t gonna last that long. Sophie lay down in front of Tonnina and began sucking her boobs and playing with Tonnina’s clit. Thinking Tonnina was ready for a bit more I quickened my pace and I was right, she was fucking loving it. In fact, she was loving it so much she climbed on top of me in the cowgirl position and began bouncing herself up and down my pole.

Sophie then crawled up until her ass was positioned over my face so I spread her cheeks and started getting her ass ready for what was to come next cos’ fuck if I was having one ass i was definitely having both. Sophie was enjoying this so much she started rocking over my face so i was alternating between licking her clit and tonguing her arsehole.

I didn’t last much longer and for the first time I was filling Tonnina’s bowels with my hot juice.

No sooner had I pulled out Sophie was on my cock cleaning off the mix of juices and Tonnina came up for a kiss. As we lay there watching Sophie cleaning our mix of juices off my cock I said to Tonnina “ Fuck baby, you’ve gotta let me do that again sometime” I thought to myself ‘maybe she will in a few months’ and to my absolute astonishment she replied “ well let Sophie have a go first and then you can”.

Once my cock was hard again, which to my extreme surprise didn’t take long I bent Sophie over into the doggy-style position and pushed my cock into here arsehole, guessing she’d had it before because it went in a bit easier than it did Tonnina’s I didn’t really go slow . Tonnina then got on her hands and knees in front of Sophie and doing what she seemed to do best Sophie sucked and licked the come that was now dripping from Tonnina’s arsehole while she was doing this she was fucking her dripping pussy with a vibrating dildo.

With all three of us moaning on joined pleasure I thought to myself ‘Fuck, I am one lucky guy...’. With Sophie bucking away with my cock up her arse it wasn’t long before I was releasing my load for the god knows how many times that night.

While me and Tonnina were sharing another kiss, Sophie was inserting the double ended dildo into both her own holes and then attached the strap-on to herself. At this point, and wanting to give the girls no ideas, I went and got another round of drinks. When I returned Tonnina had straddled Sophie on the bed and was being pussy-fucked by Sophie with the strap-on. I noticed that Sophie still had the double ender in both holes while fucking Tonnina. I said “Darling, you know what you saying earlier...” thinking she wasn’t gonna want both holes filled at the same time, but she replied “ Go for it baby, let my ass feel that luscious cock of yours”. I wasn’t hard before but I sure was now.

I lubed up my cock and climbed onto the bed behind her, leant her forward more and pushed my cock into that forbidden hole for the second time that night. I Wasn’t planning on going gently and it was a good job because no sooner was I in, Tonnina screamed “ Fuck my arse like you fucked my pussy earlier baby”. Me and Sophie found a rhythm and we were both fucking Tonnina to orgasm, I’ve never seen her like that before or heard her scream that loudly. Sophie was soon screaming though her own orgasm and I couldn’t hold back any longer, I pulled out and Tonnina started sucking my cock until she’d tasted every last drop of what would hopefully be the last come of the evening as I was now shattered.

We all got into bed, me in between the beautiful, well-fucked girls and settled down to some much needed sleep. The last thought in my mind was ‘What an amazing night... and a fantastic girlfriend I have... This’ll be one birthday I won’t forget in a while...’

The morning after

I woke up, with an erection, no thanks to Tonnina’s arse rubbing up against it. I thought ‘hell, why waste it?’ so I crawled down between her legs and began licking her pussy I was paying special attention to her clit and her lips which I know she loves and soon she was stirring awake and opened her legs further. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and began massaging her G-spot which with the clit licking soon bought her to orgasm. It was at this point that I noticed we were alone in the bed I figured Sophie had maybe left early. I carried on and soon I was making sweet passionate love to my beautiful girlfriend. Morning sex is great, and in this case, especially after the night before. As we finished I settled down into bed next to Tonnina and smelled cooking . Sophie, freshly showered, was soon entering the bedroom with breakfast and coffee for the three of us. Sophie insisted on finishing breakfast off with a blowjob, who was I to refuse a beautiful woman so for the final time that weekend Sophie sucked my cock of every last drop of come I had left in me.

With promises of repeats we all said our goodbyes and Sophie left, Me and Tonnina retired to the bedroom and decided to spend the day in bed reliving memories of the night before.

Rating: 73%, Read 19173 times, Posted Sep 06, 2011

Fantastic | Group Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome, Toys


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