Young Love .. by Ron+Arthur

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True Story | First Time

Young Love

True Story. By Ron Arthur

Well we all know how it was growing up. Watching all the grown ups kiss and all. We thought oh yucky !!

Then one day we noticed our private parts, I think I started waking up of a morning with a heart on, when I was about fourteen. I would reach down and stroke him, I remember how good it felt.

Then I would start noticing how dogs would bread, and other animals, how fascinating I thought, I wonder how it feels to do that ?

But one day I was walking through the thick part of the woods in this park, every thing was very quiet, but I did hear a faint sound coming from the heavy brush off the trail a ways.

Being very quiet, I made my way, then I stopped. I saw two people naked. He would run his hand up and down her leg , then rub her pussy , and stick his finger inside. Now you know, I’m only fifteen, and had never seen a woman’s pussy, let alone see some one run his fingers inside it.

I was quivering from what the site was doing to me, my young cock immediately got hard. I reached in and an brought him outside my pants. And started working him up and down. Then I saw this guy get on top and stick his cock inside her pussy, you know what that did to me watching all of this.

Pretty soon the guy started speeding up , pounding her pussy with all his might. I speed up pounding my cock, all of a sudden a funny feeling came over me. My. Cock started jerking, and I shot my cum all over the bushes. I never had such a wonderful feeling in all my life. I know I made a groaning sound when I shot my seed, so I backed away silently, still holding my raging cock in my hand.

I remembered that for days, when ever I got the chance, I would pound my meat, didn’t have a girl friend to try it on, but I did know this sweet little chick that lived down the road a ways.

We had this swimming hole that me and the neighbor kids used to swim in. but I hadn’t been there lately.

There was a small bridge that was near by. I remember the boys used to change under the bridge and the girls would change on top, it was out in the country, so there were not many cars going by.

I know we used to tease them and tell them we were coming up to see them naked when they were changing their cloths. I know how excited they would get about that, screaming and yelling, don’t you dare come up here.

I thought one day I would go to the old swimming hole and take a swim, when I got there to my surprise, the cute little neighbor girl was there swimming by herself.

I peered over the side of the bridge, “What are you doing down here by yourself?”

“Oh I thought I would come down and take a swim, do you come down much any more?” She asked.

“No, this is the first time I’ve been down here for a long time.”

“Did you bring your suit?” ‘Yeah I’ve got it on under my pant’s, I’ll slip off my pats and join you if you don’t mind?”

“No come on in.”

‘I took off my pants, and hung them on the bridge railing, then walked down the bank, and jumped in. then I moved over to he, her name is Beth.

“What have you been up to Beth, I don’t see you much in school, just passing in the hall now and then, do you have a boy friend?”

“No I’ve so much to do, I don’t have time. I get asked a lot, but I have to turn them down.”

‘I’ll bet you do, you’re a nice looking girl, stacked real good,” her face turning red.

‘Do you have a girl friend Ben?”

“No I don’t, I’m afraid to ask, they probable would turn me down.”

“I don’t know why, you’re good looking , very well built in all the right places,” she said with her face turning red.

“you mean it shows?” “Yes very well,” she said blushing.

That’s the first time any girl had said anything about the size of my cock.

I can’t keep my eyes form her breasts, they are as large as melons, all I can think of how nice it would be if I could put one of those nipples in my mouth and suck on it

“Well I think I’m about read to go, “she said, “how about you?” She asked.

“Yeah I’m ready to, lets go.”

“Are we going to dress like we used to?” she asked grinning.

“Yeah throw my pants down, I’ll change down here.”

“And don’t you dare come up while I’m changing, remember how it used to be?

“Yeah I remember, but I won’t guarantee anything now since we’re older,” he said laughing.

“You promise!”

He was not going to keep his promise today, he had to see that naked young body this time.

He watches her takes her bating suit off in a crack in the bridge floor, they never did tell the girls they could see them., I take my suit off , now I am also naked. Caring his clothes, he climbs up the bank, when she sees him climbing up the bank naked, she yells, “you promised.”

And trying to cover herself. She sees Bens stiff heart on, her face turns red. He walks up to her, and pulls her clothes away, he sees her large tits, and a small patch of hair above her pussy. He reaches down and rubs the lips of her pussy. She starts quivering, and looks at Ben, “oh please don’t Ben, ,no one has touched me there before. Ben takes his other hand and starts rubbing her nipple. She starts whimpering, opens her legs wider for Ben to probe. Ben bends down and kisses her lips, they’re soft and pliable. He runs his tongue inside, and she start sucking his tongue.

Then she reaches down, takes Bens cock in her hand, and runs it up and down between the lips of her pussy. He can feel the softness and the warmth, he had not felt any ting this good before.

She is trying to hold up her leg higher for Ben, but she starts shaking

“Lets get the blanket and lay down ,” she said.

With my cock standing straight out, we make their way to some trees for cover. We laid down on the blanket. I run my fingers up and down her soft body. Stopping long enough to run up and down the lips of her pussy, squeezing her nipples, and kissing her soft lips she was on fire.

She rose her body to meet my fingers when I was probing her pussy.

She begs me, “Ben put it in, it won’t hurt will it,? I’ve never done this before?” I told her I had not done it either. But it must not hurt much, every one does it,” I told her.

She grabbed my cock and started working it up and down before I got on top.

She opened her legs for me so I could enter. She took my cock and guided it to her pussy, then worked it up and down a few times.

“Oh Ben that feels so good, and I don’t even have it in yet.

’Okay you can try to put it deeper now,” she said

I put the head of my cock between her pussy lips and pushed very slowly, going deeper and deeper. I think I finally ran into her hymen, I could feel it pop and then my cock started going in deeper. I felt her flinch a little when I went through, but she didn’t say it hurt or any thing.

She started raising and lowering her hips with my motion, I took that a signal to speed up, so I started to speed up and go deeper. Soon she was riding me hard, grabbing me around my head kissing me, pulling my hair. She was one hot little gal.

Since I was only fifteen, It didn’t take me long to shoot my wad. But I shot three or four times before it started getting soft. Every time she would have an orgasm , she would scream, and her pussy would clamp down on my cock and suck. I could feel it pull when ever she shot her load, she would lay there and rock and pull my hair, it’s a wonder I have any hair left.

We lay there spent, I got on my knees to watch when I pulled out my cock, sperm still streaming from my cock, and with her moister, it looked pretty wet. I never had such a feeling when my cock was inside her pussy, with the wetness and my cock sliding back and forth inside her pussy, there is no feeling like it.

We met several times at the old swimming hole that summer. Our sex kept getting better and better all the time as we experimented, finally she went away to collage. We would only see one another when she got home. Our jobs and school kept us apart for so long , she found another love. I was devastated.

But I to finally found another cute chick in collage that liked to take her clothes of. Part two later.

Rating: 81%, Read 28177 times, Posted Oct 30, 2010

True Story | First Time


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