The Beach_(4) by SMXena

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Diary | BDSM, Domination, Female, Male, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Submission, Written by women

It's the break we have been waiting for... one that does not involve us taking any off days at work.

You get done with your shopping trips and breakfast duties with your folks and finally have some you time. And of course, you have month end work to look into.

I wait, impatiently maybe... but I know you would be able to spare some time and that's what matters.

Well, since I do not have anything else to do, I am free to sleep and possibly dream of you. I snuggle up in my fluffy blanket... just the blanket and nothing else.

I wake up on something soft...sand... soft, pristine sand filters through my fingers. It is weirdly dark, with points of light peeking through. I realise that I have a straw hat covering my face. I take the hat off and sit up...the evening sun is softly glowing above the horizon (or is it dawn?). I remember sleeping naked, but I am now wearing a summer dress... navy... flowy, sexily silky to the touch. A beach. I am on a beach. Doesn't seem like Kuwait... the sand's too clean, like champagne coloured sugar.

I stand up and dust myself... A cool breeze blows, being naughty with the hem of my dress. I look around, it is dusk after all.. the sun's going down. No sign of anyone. No sign of you. If this is a dream which I now honestly believe it is, where the hell are you? The beach seems isolated, just the murmur of the sea... an occasional gull squawking. Inland, there seems to be nothing much… no sign of human life at least, darkening trees, not tropical. No tell-tale pin points of light, no music nothing.

It is beautiful, serene and a little scary. I am expectant of my dream to turn the usual route… some monster, some beast to show up… maybe a savage or a group of savage men… I look all dressed for a chase!

I walk along the beach, trying to maintain an equal distance to the shoreline and the treeline. I do not want to stay out in the open when night falls and I do not want to wander into the trees (they look menacing). Maybe I will find some rocks, a cove, a cave… don’t know how that will be any less scary… but maybe I will find one with lights, big fluorescent lights that line the cave walls and lead me to a room with a nice bed and maybe you. Hey, it is a dream, I should be able to wish for it and make it appear. Isn’t that how dreams work? Apparently not, as I seem to have been walking quite a while now with no sign of anything, not even monsters. I am exhausted now. Maybe it is time to wake up, for real.

I guess that’s not an option here. I am still walking on the beach, it is now dark and the sea is sparkling silver with the moonlight… thank heavens for the moon. The waves are agitated now. I look back along the way I’ve walked, the sea is much calmer there. It could be a dream anomaly or I am nearing some rocky part of the beach. I might actually find the cave. The beach also seems to be narrowing, the treeline steadily gaining on me, the sea pushing me towards the trees. Adjusting my eyes to only natural light feels strange, I can barely make out the rocks poking through the sand. The moon is just risen and it throws odd shadows but I am now almost on what seems to be a rock bed, on an incline. The treeline is too close for comfort and seems to be rushing towards me as I climb the incline. Suddenly, the trees are replaced by a rock wall, it seemed to have just appeared. Exhausted mind playing tricks. I decide to walk along the wall, something to lean against in my dream that is now turning into a nightmare, almost. I am barely paying attention to anything except the feel of the rock wall and don’t even realise when the murmur of the sea recedes and when the darkness gets inky.

My hand hits something and it clangs. A metallic clang. A manmade sound. I grope around the wall and feel the source of the noise… a chain. It feels like a chain. Wait… is that a shackle. Finding the cuff of the shackle coincides with my realisation that I am now in some sort of chamber or cave or passage and that what little I can see is by some miracle of the dream. Almost nightmare to full blown nightmare, I guess. I grope my way around the walls, fingers touching more metal chains (or shackles). Something sharp pricks my finger, tracing down they feel like a row of spikes, naah… a matrix of spikes. My mind tries to recreate the room in light… and it is not a nice sight… it is forming a nice torture chamber in my head. I stumble on something wooden, a plank… I try to move it, but it seems fixed. I have a feeling that the walls are ever so slightly turning my direction of movement and that I might actually be in a circular chamber. The feeling is reinforced when I trip again on a wooden plank after stumbling around a while. It is either a really long torture chamber or a round room! I gingerly try to place my bum on the wooden plank, hoping it won’t see-saw on me. It does not. Phew! Sitting down on what I want to reimagine as an innocent bench in the dark, releases the pent up exhaustion in me. I slip into an almost unconscious sleep.

I wake up again, sore, from the walk, from the unforgiving wooden bench…and still in my dream! It is still dark. I try to hold up my hand in front of my face to check the extent of visibility. Metal clangs. Oh goodness! I am in shackles. This is not an improvement. Besides, I am feeling cold… and the cold is creeping into my ‘secret’ places… Jeez! I am naked, spread-eagled and shackled… and as good as blind-folded. What now?

Strangely, my body is tingling… not sure if it is fear or anticipation. In my head, horrific images of creepy crawlies attacking is interspersed with those of many hands touching, groping, caressing my naked body. Something grazes my left nipple. I gasp. What feels like many butterfly feet trace down my belly, and back up to my breast. I know my feet are tied apart, but on instinct I try to clench my knees and I realise that my knees are tied apart. I am wide open to whoever (or whatever) is in there with me.

I close my eyes (though it doesn’t matter if they are open… it’s just too dark) and I imagine you in there with me. And that pinching of my nipples… I imagine it is you. It hurts… I want to scream… but it is just a whimper that comes out. The ‘fingers’ stop twisting my nipples, the rush of blood back to them makes me gasp and before I can arrange my senses, a barrage of stings land on me down there. I think I just got pussy whipped! That burns like hell… and not surprisingly, I am turned on AND in a lot of pain. I can sense a presence… it’s just the air that feels so… ‘you’ make no sound at all.

The cat-o-nine tails (it has to be that) lands on my right breast. And even though I know that I could be whipped anytime, not knowing where and what interval is unnerving. As if to ease the hurt a bit, a finger or fingers caress my pussy lips… parting them, probing the entry softly… causing my breath to tighten and every other muscle to loosen. The frequencies of blows and caresses increase, some are simultaneous that I am no longer sure if there is just one tormentor in there with me.

I can feel my body burn and sting to the point of numbness. I can picture welts crisscrossing my breasts and thighs. My face is wet with tears and my pussy is wet and dripping.

Whatever platform I am shackled to is tipped up, vertically… causing my bum to slide lower. The picture I would present with the position I am in… sheesh! I am glad for the inky blackness of the room. I feel arms under my thighs… thank goodness they feel like arms… I had almost lost hope of the tormentor(s) being human, let alone you. I think I know what is coming... something hard, yet soft… parts my pussy lips and it is definitely not a finger. I half whisper, half cry asking ‘you’ to be gentle. Fingers wrap around my throat… stopping my pleading immediately… reducing me to gasping for air while ‘your’ cock slams into me. Nothing gentle about that. ‘You’ piston in and out. I am fighting to breathe. I feel like I am being torn apart down under. Damn! I wanted to be fucked… but this is painful… and yet it feels good… feels damn good. A tongue parts my lips... the ones on my face… and I taste ‘you’ for the first time. Yes… it is you. No one else (even with my lack of comparables) tastes and smells that combination… tobacco and midnight teakwood. Everything about this fucking is fucking aggressive… nothing gentle about the kiss… my lips are bruised, I am aching and hurting all over but with the knowledge that I am safe in your arms I want more.

I feel the muscles inside me tightening… both yours and mine. I squeeze as hard as I can, trying to hold you tight inside me… of course it is just in my head. Being tied up like that all my squeezing is mental.

I am on the verge of what I know will be a shamefully, shatteringly awesome orgasm when I hear the first words since I woke up… A gruff, throaty whisper… powerful in spite of the low volume, “You will not dare cum before I let you.” I want to hold back… I can’t. I am worried about the consequences… my arms are aching hung the way I am. Every inch of me is sore… and I want to stand on my feet. Yet… when you flood me with your cum, I cannot stop myself… I try to hide my orgasm in the shudders of your body. But I know that you know. Even as my body reels from the waves of shock coursing through me, a slap lands on my right cheek… stunning me but not stopping the waves washing over me. And the only gentle act, a kiss on the smarting cheek is underlined with an angry “You will pay for that!”

Despite the pain and the awkward hanging posture, I am so tired from being so thoroughly fucked that I can barely keep my eyes open. I must have dozed off, because what wakes me is being doused with icy cold water. They feel like splinters of ice cutting me. I am instantly awake. And aware that I am no longer tied up, I was lying down on something hard, which has currently pooled up with freezing water. I sit up and now there is the faintest of glows in the room… like the room is lit up by a single firefly.

You push me down on to the bed/bench/whatever… face down, my belly and breasts touching the freezing water that still stings like crazy. My arms are pulled up behind me and what feels like a loop of rope slips on to my wrists. All I can say is “Oh No!, Please no” and all I get back from you is “Time for your punishment”…

Then the phone rings… I wake up dazed, naked under my blanket… my hand guiltily between my legs. “Hello”

“Hello… How are you?”

“I… I am… I am glowingly fine, I guess?”

“Er… why?”

“I na… I had this dream…”

“There you go!”

“Arre… you want the short version or the long one?”

“The short version”

“Well… huh ok… in that case… I just got thoroughly fucked!”

“Ahemm… Inappropriate!”

“I believe my pussy disagrees”

“Besharam… I think I will pass by, if you are ok with it.”

“I’ll be waiting… hey… do you by any chance have those handcuffs?”

“Byeeee… see ya soon.”

*Besharam is a Hindi word, it means 'shameless'.

Rating: 76%, Read 7023 times, Posted Mar 21, 2018

Diary | BDSM, Domination, Female, Male, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance, Submission, Written by women


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