Trapped Between Dad & Brother by Agalah

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Fiction | Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance

Introduction: Amanda is trapped between the incestuous love of her dad and her baby brother. If you love this shit, rate high, and I'll give you a sequel. =) "Mom, please don't leave?" Amanda begged, as her mother Ann, stood by the door with her suitcases.

"It's only for a few days, dear," Ann said. Then, upon noticing the look of distress on her daughter's face, she became concerned. "Why? Is something wrong?"

Amanda glanced at her dad, Aaron, and her brother, Alex. They had innocent looks on their faces, but she knew just what they would do to her for three whole days, without Ann around to catch them or even school to take up Alex's time since it was summer. They both stood there, looking as angelic as always, and it disgusted her.

"N-no. Nothing's wrong. I'll just miss you," Amanda said.

"Aw, I'll miss you, too, honey. But as soon as the conference is over, I'll be back."

Ann gave her a big warm hug and a kiss on the cheek, then she kissed and hugged Aaron and Alex before leaving the house. Aaron went along with her to help her to the car with her bags.

Amanda stood there, wishing the living room floor would just open up and swallow her whole. These next three days were going to be hell. Alex was standing there, leaning against the door looking at her, and he gave her a sly smile.

"Wow. Wonder what we can do to kill all this free time?" he asked, tapping his index finger against his lips as though perplexed and pondering.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do," Amanda said. "But I know what you can do."

"And what's that?" he asked, giving her a challenging look.

"Go fuck yourself," she snapped.

"Ah, but I'd rather fuck you," he said, with a mischievous glint in his aqua blue eyes. "So much more fun."

Amanda screwed up her face in disgust. Her luck was unbelievable. Hell, her life was unbelievable. She was her dad and brother's sex toy. And she hated it.

Alex was 16 - a year younger than herself. And he was the most good-looking boy at their school. All her friends wanted to fuck him. They'd told her as much. But she knew that if they ever got any real clue as to what Alex was really like, they would detest him as much as she did, if not more. It was a shame, though, that they were all snowed by his looks. They loved his honey-blond hair and his big pale blue eyes and his fake 'sweetness and light' persona. That's all she heard about from her friends. "Alex is such a sweetheart. Alex is just to die for. Alex's eyes are out of this world."

They all wanted to do him. But he didn't want to do any of her friends. And why would he? He got far too much joy out of doing her. And she knew that no matter what she said or how much she protested, their dad would always let him.

He would let him because it turned him on to watch.

And he would let him because he had to. If he expected Alex to keep it secret that Aaron himself was fucking her, that is.

It had just so happened that Alex had walked into the master bedroom without knocking one morning, as Aaron was screwing her into the mattress, having dressed her up in her mother's high heeled shoes and fishnet thigh-high pantyhose. Amanda had thought that she was saved. Alex had always been a bigmouth and he would surely tell. He would be horrified to know what Aaron had been doing to her and he'd immediately go to their mom. He would save her from the degradation she'd been suffering at her father's hands ever since their mom started working so goddamned much and he suddenly decided he needed...attention.

Alex had stood there for a second, frozen in the doorway. In fact, all three of them had frozen.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Alex cried.

"I'm just having some fun with your sister," Aaron quickly explained. "I'm not hurting her, she loves it! Right, Mandy?"

"Uh huh," she'd said, dryly.

"Oh my God, I'm telling mom -"

"No no no, you can't do that," Aaron had quickly said, jumping up and putting on his boxers. He took Alex aside and started talking to him in a hushed tone. Eventually Alex's look of shock and horror had faded into a smug look of calm. Then Aaron brought him over to the bed.

"Turns out you've got a new playmate," her dad told her. "Isn't this great?"

Her eyes went wide with disbelief, but Alex's eyes were full of lust.

It turned out that Aaron had told Alex he could have her whenever he wanted, so long as he kept this all a secret. And it turned out that the arrangement was right up Alex's alley, considering that the little pervert had been secretly jacking off with her panties for a year and had never thought he'd actually get the chance to hump her. Now here he was practically getting a handwritten invitation to do so? He was all for it.

The next thing she knew he had taken Aaron's place between her legs and was pumping her, moaning like he was in heaven. He was instantly addicted to her, just like their father was after the first time he'd had her. That day she had to please both of them over and over. And that's the way it had been ever since.

She was trapped between the both of them and had been for months now. And it was starting to wear her down.

She didn't understand how her dad could want to have sex with her. After all, she was the one that looked like him, having inherited his dark hair and bright green eyes, whereas her mother was blonde and blue. But Aaron had been touching her since she was 12 and had gradually moved up to full sex. The first time was shortly after her 17th birthday. He felt then that she was 'old enough.' He was in love with her, in some sick twisted way. Obsessed with her, even.

Alex, on the other hand, just liked fucking her because he knew she hated it and he knew she hated him. And he was a control freak, a fucking pervert, and a horny teenage boy who liked to get off as much and as hard as possible. And he had told her many times that nothing could beat being buried deep in her tight unwilling cunt.

"Why can't you just admit that you like it as much as I do?" Alex smirked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Cause I don't. You disgust me," she said.

"Yet you cum every time," he reminded her, unaffected.

She had no defense for that. It was true. And it was the very reason she could never tell anyone what either of them did to her. She always got off.

"Let's just face it - you're my slut," he concluded. "You know, I haven't seen your pretty pussy in a week. And now that mom's out of the way, I think I want you on the kitchen table, legs spread."

"No," she said. "Fuck you."

"Oh you will," he said, and snickered. "Whether you want to or not."

Aaron walked back in then.

He was a tall man, both he and Alex being 5'11, and he kept himself fit. He didn't look his age at all. He was forty but looked more like thirty. His dark hair and light-colored eyes made a stunning contrast, and he had a square jaw and a dimple in his chin. All her teachers got their panties in a twist over him when he came to the school. Everyone said that Alex had "gotten it from his dad" but Amanda didn't think that Alex had 'gotten' jack shit. She just wished he had 'gotten' lost.

"Well kids," Aaron said, with a smile. "Mom's gone. Looks like we're on our own."

"Amanda is being mean," Alex tattled to him. "I want her on the kitchen table and she said no."

"Amanda," Aaron said, and shook his head with disapproval. "Be nice. Alex is always nice to you."

She almost laughed at that statement. First of all, Aaron didn't know half the fucked up things Alex said when he wasn't around. Second, she didn't consider Alex getting her off an act of kindness. He did it because he liked to show her that he could control her, not because he wanted to please her. Alex didn't love her and he never would.

And the saddest thing of all, was that she actually wished he did. Maybe none of this would be so bad if she could just for once believe that he was doing this because he loved her.

"Why don't we all go into the kitchen?" Aaron asked, wrapping an arm around both kids' shoulders.

"I don't want to," she said, firmly, despite the fact that she knew it was futile.

"C'mon, now sweetie, you know how much we love you. You know what we need. Be a good girl, now."

She could do nothing but follow as he walked her and Alex to the kitchen.

Once inside the kitchen both of them were instantly on her. Touching, kissing, removing articles of clothing. She sighed and closed her eyes, sandwiched between them, giving in to her fate as moist lips pressed to her sensitive flesh and fingers probed beneath the lace of her panties and unhitched the clasp of her expensive bra. Aaron took her underwear shopping often. He loved to buy pretty underwear to take off of her when her mother was out of the picture.

"You're just so beautiful," Aaron breathed, cupping her breasts in his warm hands. "More beautiful than anyone."

She hated when he said that, because she felt her mother deserved more. But as his lips pressed to hers and his fingers stroked and grazed her nipples causing ripples of pleasure throughout her body, she just couldn't put any thought towards her mother. She had to make it through this. And making it through was very easy physically, but a nightmare emotionally. She had to make sure not to let her body confuse her mind...or her heart. She had to still know at the end of this that what they were doing to her was wrong and repulsive. No matter how good they made it feel.

Alex's lips were making a trail of kisses down her back to her bottom where he sunk his teeth in gently in a playful bite as he pulled her panties over her hips. He directed her to step out of them as Aaron kissed her deeply and massaged her breasts.

"Touch me," he murmured, between kisses.

She placed her hand on the bulge in his jeans, squeezing and massaging as his tongue continued to explore her mouth in a desperate kiss. Alex's hands were both squeezing her cheeks and he parted them, licking at her asshole with the tip of his tongue before moving a hand between her thighs to rub her clit.

Despite herself she began to rock her hips and moan into her father's mouth. The sensations were just hitting her all at once from the stimulation to all of her erogenous zones. Her hands made light work of her father's fly, and she took his cock in her hand, stroking it as she kissed back harder.

"Uggh God," he groaned, bucking his hips a little, thrusting himself into her hand. "Why would you ever want to give up what we have?"

Her legs had turned to jelly with what Alex was doing down there, his finger now sliding up inside her and making the most amazing sensation as it stroked in and out of her cunt. He continued licking and sucking at her asshole, feverishly, as his finger plundered her. She couldn't help herself, she started to convulse in orgasm. Aaron kissed his way down her neck to her breasts, taking a sensitive hard nipple into his mouth and sucking hard enough to keep her cumming.

"Ahhh!!....Unghh!!....Oh God!!..." she groaned, desperately, knowing that they had her right where they wanted her now.

"Put her on the table," Alex said, still fingering her. "She's soaking wet now."

Aaron picked her up and laid her out on the table, naked now, and as he undressed she caught sight of Alex sucking her juices off of his finger with relish. And she felt her insides clench tightly, involuntarily.

"I know what you want," he said, unfastening his pants and rubbing his dick gratuitously through his boxer briefs. "Don't worry, you'll get it."

She was still watching him undress when she felt her father spread her legs as far as they would go and begin to eat her pussy, licking at her slowly and running his tongue up and down her pink flesh, causing that bundle of nerves that throbbed with pleasure to swell and become even more sensitive. She was twitching now, as his tongue massaged her button. She watched Alex remove the final remnants of his clothing and take his erect cock in his hand, stroking it. She came again, under Aaron's skillful tongue.

"Oh, baby, you must really need time with us," Aaron said, stroking her soft thigh with his open hand. "It's been awhile, hasn't it?"

She couldn't reply, she was speechless as Alex walked up to the head of the table and ran the head of his dick across her lips.

Just then she felt Aaron's cock at her opening. She opened her mouth and gasped as a thrust pushed it inside her, the head pressed up against her g-spot maddeningly. Alex took advantage of her open mouth and pushed himself inside her mouth.

"Suck me," he said, wrapping his hand in her hair and pushing further into her mouth as Aaron pushed deeper inside her cunt with a deep groan.

"So tight and wet," he gasped. "You make Daddy feel so good, Princess."

Aaron started to pump himself in and out of her and it felt so good she started to eagerly suck on Alex's cock, running her tongue around and around the head before taking it as deep as she could.

"Ahh fuck," Alex swore, biting his lip as she sucked him. Aaron set up a steady rhythm inside her, pumping her young sopping cunt rhythmically. She spread her legs wider, desperate for the extreme pleasure he was causing in her. Alex's hand ran up and down her body, stopping to pinch and manipulate her nipples. It felt so good she popped Alex's prick from her mouth to let out a loud scream.

"AGHHH! OH GOD!" she screamed, as Aaron pumped her eagerly and Alex massaged her breasts one by one. "Oh GOD! Oh Daddy! Oh God!"

Alex guided her mouth back onto his cock and she continued to suck as Aaron held her thighs and pumped her.

She was going to lose it again, she knew, but she didn't want to. Because she knew how it would go. Aaron got her first, then when he came, it was Alex's turn. And when she came with Aaron inside her, it always set him off. He said her pussy gripped him hard like a vice when she came and it was phenomenal. But then when he was done it would be Alex's turn. And Alex wasn't like her dad. He was young and he had incredible stamina. He could cum and get hard again immediately. He always fucked her hard, fast and relentlessly. And at least twice. She hated the fact that he got so much enjoyment out of her. But he did. Every time.

"Oh God. Daddy's got a real big load for you baby," Aaron groaned, grinding her.

This wasn't surprising for her, both of them tended to cum a lot. And they never used condoms with her. Ann had convinced Aaron to get himself fixed years ago, and then when Alex got involved in their incestuous fun, Aaron had put Amanda on the pill.

Alex was getting very excited and started moaning loudly and outright fucking her mouth. Aaron was grasping her hips and shoving himself in her, fast. She lost all control and started to cum so hard she nearly blacked out, her entire body convulsing with pleasure as her inside walls tightened over and over on her father's probing prick. He let out a loud yell and tensed up. She knew he was cumming big time inside of her.

At the same time she felt a big gush in her mouth. It was so abundant it spilled out of her lips and almost choked her. She scrunched up her face, her mouth full of her brother's warm gooey fuck fluid.

"Swallow like a good girl," Aaron coaxed, as he stroked in and out of her, riding out his orgasm.

She closed her eyes and swallowed Alex's load, secretly wishing she could throw it up all over the smug bastard. He used his finger to scoop up some that had dribbled down her face and feed it to her, sliding his finger in and out of her mouth. All she could taste was him, there was no escape.

"You know you love it," he whispered in her ear. "You're mine, and you always will be. I can't wait to cum all inside your pussy next. I'm gonna fill you with cum til its running down your legs. And you're gonna love every second of it."

His words made her tremble, and when Aaron pulled out of her, spent and satisfied, she felt an all-too-familiar craving for more. She had always been that way. Orgasms just made her hornier. Her pussy didn't stop quivering and clenching until she was too exhausted for more. And Alex knew that.

Aaron sat in a nearby chair watching intently as Alex stroked himself hard and mounted his sister on the table, pushing his cock into her.

"You know why I love seconds, sis?" he whispered in her ear. "Because you can take it so much harder."

She glared at him but he just smirked and started to pump her. Despite herself, she moaned loudly in pleasure and her toes curled up.

"You fucking prick, I hate you," she hissed in his ear, through gritted teeth.

"Yeah?" he asked, fucking her harder. "Then why is your cunt squeezing my dick so hard right now?"

She had no answer, she was too overcome with pleasure.

"Ungggh!" she cried out, grinding her hips against his hungrily. "Fuck! Fuck, Alex! Shit! Fuck me?!"

She watched Aaron start to stroke himself as Alex fucked her harder, grabbing hold of her hips and slamming himself into her again and again. Her dad's cock was getting longer and harder as he stroked and watched, but he didn't interfere, he let Alex have his fun.

"God, gonna cum," Alex groaned, before letting go in her. He moaned obscenely as he pumped his cum into her, thrusting hard enough to make her squeak each time. But it felt so good all she could do was sweat and squirm. Aaron was fisting his erection furiously now, and she was sure he had to be close.

Alex pulled out of her and turned her over, pushing his cum-covered prick up her ass. She let out a yelp, as it burned like it always did at first, but it soon started to feel good as he pumped his long tool slowly in and out of her ass.

"Aghhhhhh God, that's so sexy," Aaron groaned as he lost it and came, his juices spurting out of him and running down his hand, onto the kitchen floor. "Fuck her ass, Alex."

That's exactly what he was doing, fucking her ass, harder and harder until she thought she was going to cum so hard she might die. She started to scream, unable to form coherent sentences, and then her ass began to clamp tight on Alex's invading prick, over and over and over, forcing loud screams from her.

"Oh fuck! Here I cum sis," Alex moaned, and filled her ass with his seed.

Amanda had cum so hard it hurt and when Alex pulled his slick dick out of her well-fucked ass, she could do no more than lay there on the table, limp.

"I love you, babe," Alex said, more mockingly than genuinely, and he gave her ass a firm smack before kissing her neck. Then he climbed off the table.

"You okay, honey?" Aaron asked, approaching the table and stroking her hair. She couldn't even answer. He turned her over and picked her up bridal style. "I'll put you to bed sweetie. You'll probably want to rest up for Round Two."

'Round Two?' she thought, hopelessly.

God, they were going to fuck her to death!

As Aaron carried her out of the kitchen she looked over his shoulder to see Alex blow a kiss at her. She rolled her eyes and let herself go limp in her father's arms, knowing soon she would pass out from exhaustion. And when she woke up, it would all start all

Rating: 92%, Read 120367 times, Posted Sep 19, 2013

Fiction | Female, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Non-consensual sex, Reluctance


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