Road Trip part 5 by P.O.I.

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I was sitting quietly listening to Kori, word being was. Now there is a small army of women consisting of Loretta, my girls and Natsuko attempting to calm me down. Better luck convincing a starving dog to not eat a hunk of meat. I am in the main foyer of the house pacing like a mad man barking out orders.

“We need the rest of the crew back here now. Get Jun up and running on where the homeless camps are in town and we start there. I want Ben and Devin in one car and the rest of you girls need to split up so we can cover more ground,” I’m yelling at everyone assembled.

“Guy you need to calm down it’s not that simple,” Katy says trying to get me to slow down.

“No it’s is that fucking simple now get on your shit and let’s get this going now,” I tell them as they stare at me in shock,” What are you waiting for?”

“Guy, honey, you need to listen to your girls, there is nothing we can do. Jackie left on her own and that’s been done for weeks now,” Loretta tells me in a quiet tone.

“Yes it’s been for weeks and nobody bothered to tell me my friend was in trouble because I couldn’t do anything weeks ago but guess fucking what!? I’m here and we got shit to fucking do,” I scream loud enough to be heard outside.

Kori steps front and center and takes my head in her hands, I resist but she doesn’t take no for an answer as she tries her hand at talking me down.

“Guy you need to stop screaming at us and blaming Loretta for what happened. She can’t do any more than she did or she’ll get removed and a lot of girls will need her help in the future,” Kori says trying to reason with me.

“I don’t blame Mom for this, it’s not her fault this happened,” I tell the women taking Kori’s hands off my head,” It’s Mine and it’s Steven’s and when I get a hold of his ass I’m gonna kill him.”

I step past the women and grab my coat out of the TV room and beeline it for the garage. I grab my helmet and start to search for my key to my bike in the pockets of my coat to find they’re not there. I scramble for a moment emptying each one when it dawns on me they took them. I was enraged before with them not helping me but now I am about to explode as I head back in and find them almost right where I left them in the foyer.

“Who took my keys,” I ask shaking with rage.

“Guy you need to calm down and we’ll help you find them,” Katy says quietly.

“Don’t mess with me,” I growl,” I want my keys back and I want them now.”

“No,” Imelda says showing me my keys before closing her hand around them.

“Do you really want to do this with me now,” I say getting less than a foot away from her face with my own.

“No Guy, are you gonna to do this with me now? I have the keys and we both know what it’ll take for you to get them back and that’s not going to happen and we both know it,” Imelda tells me with a cold resolve.

I won’t fight her for them, hell I won’t even try to grab them and she knows it. I’ve got plenty of control to keep from doing anything to women and especially all the women present. I drop my coat off my shoulders and see all the girls back up a bit including Imelda before I turn towards the back door and stomp my way over to it. It’s a nice big door made of some deep stained wood with all these little glass windows in it to let plenty of light in. I barely notice all of that as I swing the door open hard and watch as it pops back in front of me, mocking me by trying to close on me.

I officially lose what little control I have and grab the frame of the door tightly before slamming it against the wall it’s connected to hard. I don’t let go after the first slam, I keep smashing it and even feel my knuckles contact the wall hard but it doesn’t faze me as I repeat my slamming till I see barely any glass in the door as it’s mostly broken on the ground at my feet. I storm out into the back having conquered the mocking door and am so pissed that my stomping past the pool leaves me confused as I hit water and am drowning in shock till I pull my head out and start screaming and thrashing. I want to know who pushed me and I finally pull myself out of the pool to see nobody was even close to me as all the girls are still by what’s left of the back door. I continue my now soaking wet walk and when I get to the first tree I find I slam my shoulder against it and try to push it out of the ground. Granted it’s almost as big around as I am and it doesn’t move but I throw everything I have at it to not avail before finally walking past it and collapsing on the far side away from the house.

I don’t know how long I’m staring off into the distance but it was late afternoon when I got home and I can feel my wet clothes getting cold against my skin as night starts to take over. I can hear people approaching me from behind but right now I don’t care who it is.

“Guy honey, we’re all inside eating dinner,” I hear Loretta say from behind the tree,” did you want to come in and get some food?”

“Nope,” I reply barely loud enough to be heard.

“Honey it’s getting cold outside and I think you should come in and at least get warm,” Loretta says again this time with a little more concern.

“Nope,” I say again to her still not moving.

I can hear her start to head back to the house and some talking behind me but as much as I would normally want to know what is being said about me right now I couldn’t care less. The sun finally goes down and my wet clothes are mostly dry but cold as hell as I continue my vigil of impotent rage. I can’t go help my friend, my own family won’t help me and not a single person in my crew is coming out to back me up and help me get this started. More footsteps, multiple people this time and I hear male voices this time.

“Guy you want to come inside and try to get started with finding your friend,” I hear Jun say like he’s waking me from a sleep.

“Nope,” I tell him almost dead panned from my spot.

“Guy we’re here to back you up like always man. Come on and get out of the cold,” Devin calls to me.

“Nope,” my new vocabulary is doing me wonders right now.

“What did you all do to him,” I hear Ben ask the other’s present.

“We tried to get him to calm down but he just wouldn’t stop, then he broke the door,” I can hear Kori trying to explain it desperately,” And fell in the pool before trying to knock down the tree. Now he’s been sitting her for over four hours.”

“I think we should just pick him up and carry him inside,” Devin says as the rest of the crew gets silent.

I can hear footsteps stomping up to me and see Imelda as she steps into my view. I watch as she squats down in front of my face and just stares at me.

“Come on babe it’s time to get up now,” Imelda says pulling my shoulder.

“Don’t,” I reply shifting my gaze from the space she occupies to her face.

“No I said come on and that means get up and start moving,” Imelda orders me again trying to pull me up.

“I said no, now leave me be,” I tell her brushing her hand off my arm.

“Good you can use more than one word at a time babe now get up,” Imelda says trying to pull me from my spot.

I’m dead weight and in the struggle to pull me Imelda loses her grip and slips falling on her ass. Normally everyone would laugh but given the moods her and I are in nobody even makes a sound until I see Rachael step into view to help Imelda up. Rachael has on what would normally be a nice full length cotton skirt and a light colored top but right now it’s just clothing to me. Imelda is seething from her fall and Rachael is right in front of her as Imelda starts barking orders at the crew.

“Alright Devin, Ben and Masha I need your help getting him up and inside, he doesn’t want to listen then we just carry his ass,” Imelda says ready to burst.

“No,” Rachael says getting a look of confusion from Imelda,” You need to cool off and everyone needs to go inside now. I’ll take care of this.”

“You are going to pick him up and carry him in by yourself,” Jun asks confused.

Imelda wants to do it her way but Rachael is standing her ground with a calm peaceful expression. It takes a few moments and I hear the crew heading back save for Rachael who is still in front of me watching the others leave. I see her looking me over for a moment before she crawls into my lap and curls up against my cold damp chest. She’s light and a little warmer than the rest of the world as we sit in my sulk.

I don’t know how long it takes for a sun to go down but the chill sets in outside and I can feel Rachael shiver against me trying to keep warm. I don’t get why she’s still in my lap like this, usually one of the girls would be trying to talk to me or even just tell me the obvious about the cold or dark. Rachael isn’t and I can tell she’s awake.

“Rachael go inside,” I tell her quietly.

“Nope,” I hear her say but not mockingly.

“Rachael you’re cold and shaking, you need to go in and get warm,” I tell her trying to get her up.

“No, you want me to go inside you go first. You want to sit out here in the cold fine, but I’m not going anywhere without you,” Rachael says looking up to me with her pretty hazel eyes.

“Don’t do this to me okay, just go inside please,” I ask her now almost pleading for her to abandon me.

Instead of answering me she just curls up and hunkers down trying to stave off the cold. Damn girl is going to freeze out here and while I’m fine doing it myself it’s her I’m worried about as I start to nudge her to get her up. Finally after a few moments of shifting we get up, both of us gingerly from the cold ground and start to walk back up to the house. I am moving slowly since all my joints are cold and my muscles tired but Rachael is like a helpless little ball as she nearly loses her balance after only a few steps from the tree. I sigh and turn around to get her; she’s almost not wanting the help but after scooping her up in my arms she tucks her head against my chest as I carry her up to the house. Rachael doesn’t weigh much but as sore and cold as I am it’s a bit of a strain as I get to the doors and pull one open and step inside. I can hear Loretta talking with Mr. Delauter and she sounds concerned, I figure they’re talking about me as I pass their room and get silence from inside. I can hear him tell her ‘see he came in and he’s carrying her, they’re fine’ but Loretta doesn’t sound convinced as I head up the stairs to our room. I pass my friends rooms and hear quiet as though they’re sleeping which is fine because I don’t want a conversation as I get to mine and the girls room and push the door open. I see some stirring and Kori is the first one up try to help.

“Jesus it’s like eleven thirty, you two are freezing,” Kori says as I lay Rachael down on the bed.

“He brought me in so I wouldn’t be cold,” Rachael says sounding a little too happy for someone so cold.

I get Rachael’s shoes off while Kori helps strip her out of her clothes and more of the girls are stirring at the movement save for Natsuko on the couch. Imelda sits up and stares at me with a more than a little grumpiness.

“Finally decided to come in and use your brain,” Imelda says trying to resume our war.

“No, you stop that now Immie,” Rachael says shortening Imelda’s name to sound like ‘Immie’,” You help him out of his clothes and you two cuddle with each other tonight.”

Imelda just stares at Rachael with a level of disbelief but my innocent little Rachael shows us both something we’ve never seen before, her stubborn side. Calmly Imelda gets up from the bed and starts to pull me out of my cold stiff clothing. It’s a chore when it comes to wet jeans as zipper doesn’t budge and she resorts to yanking them all the way off taking my underwear with them. I’m naked in front of my pissed off Latina girlfriend as I watch her get back into bed emphasizing her grumpiness as she throws the blanket back and crawls back inside. I get a pair of boxer briefs on and see Rachael in a small pile of girlfriends getting warm where as on the other side of the bed my Latina fire goddess has decided to burn alone. I crawl in the bed and slide under the covers, I could try to just cuddle up with the larger group but Rachael sees that and I’m going to be in trouble with her and I’m not sure I want to see what that leads to right now. I roll over and face Imelda who has her back to me and see she’s got on a simple white tank top and athletic shorts. I move over and do as I was told spooning up against her which gets me a ‘cold’ reception.

“You’re cold,” Imelda tells me as I press against her.

“You’re warm,” I reply cuddling in.

“You’re stubborn,” She retorts grumpy.

“So are you,” I reply moving my head behind hers, I can smell her shampoo and it’s like fruit.

“You’re an asshole and I’m mad at you,” Imelda tells me as I pull her in closer against me.

“You’re a bitch and I love you,” I tell her leaning in and nibbling on her ear.

“No you don’t get to do that now,” Imelda says grinding against me.

I start to rub her breast through her tank top continuing my nibbling on her ear and the whole while Imelda is grinding her ass in to my pelvis. I don’t know if I’m warming up or not but I’m getting hard as hell and she’s not letting up against me. I move my hand down from her shirt to inside the waist band of her shorts as she separates her legs giving me access to her warm folds. My fingers find her clit easily enough and I use my middle finger making circles around it slowly as Imelda moans under my touch. I feel her free hand snake down my hip and into my shorts taking hold of me and griping me tightly start to jerk me. I groan at the hard treatment I’m getting and start to flick Imelda’s clit faster and move my mouth to her neck biting her lightly. Imelda is groaning and writhing as I seem to be winning in the ‘who gets to make who cum first’ race that we’ve been having to establish dominance. Suddenly Imelda’s hand moves out of my shorts and onto my hand in hers and holds me in place as I feel her stiffen at a smaller orgasm takes over. I can’t see her face but as she pulls my hand out of her shorts I can feel her mood change back to grumpy and watch as she up from the bed and out of the room. I’m raging hard right now and not in the mood for games as I stagger out of bed after her.

I get to the first bathroom on the second floor and open the door since it’s the only one with a light on and see Imelda standing in front of the sink washing her hands.

“I told you no,” Imelda says glaring at me a little in the mirror.

I don’t say a word as I enter the bathroom and close the door behind me and lock it before turning back and see she’s turned to face me. She’s got that ‘not happy with you’ look on her face as I move up next to her. Her fists are balled up like we’re going to fight and I’m not happy with being left hanging when we’re in the process of what I thought was making up. I start to pull Imelda’s shorts down off her hips and she stalls me for a little bit but I get them off and see she’s without panties as I sit her ass on the counter by the sink.

“I’m still mad at you and I said….,” is only as far as Imelda gets as I pull my shorts down and push the head of my cock into her pussy.

It’s a weird stalemate as I’m inside her and she says she doesn’t want me there but her hand grabbing my shoulder isn’t pushing me away. I press forward slowly inching myself deeper as Imelda groans. I feel her leg shaking and she tenses up as I take her ass in my hands and finish pressing in all the way. We’re face to face and eye to eye staring at each other as I feel her soften to me inside her. I slowly back out half way and press back in with a little extra push at the end making us both groan. She’s wet around me and as I repeat the process I can see her brace herself for the jolt at the end but it’s no use as Imelda groans again.

“I’m still mad at you,” Imelda tells me as I get buried inside her,” And you’re being an asshole.”

“You’re being a bitch and I still love you,” I tell her backing up and sliding back in.

I keep taking short slow thrusts in and out of Imelda and she’s holding onto me like she’s undecided as to whether she wants to push me away or pull me in harder. I’m getting a little upset and she’s not helping with her absent consent.

“Do you love me or not,” I ask her stopping all the way inside her.

“I don’t like you right now, you’re not listening and you’re being an asshole,” Imelda tells me grinding her hips against mine.

“I am listening as much as you do and you didn’t answer the question,” I tell her squeezing her ass.

“I said I don’t like you right now asshole,” Imelda tells me defiantly,” think whatever you want.”

Little bitch is the next words to run through my brain as I force my mouth against hers. It’s an awkward kiss and when she finally pushes my face back I am greeted with a slap across the face. My blood is boiling and I back out and jam myself deep inside taking to time to let her enjoy the invasion as I kiss her again. I feel her struggle to push me off and if I were at a hundred percent she’d be in trouble but my sore muscles and cold limbs let her push me back as I get slapped again. My adrenaline is pumping hard and I lunge in with my mouth latching onto the base of Imelda’s neck with my teeth biting down hard. I feel her tense up and she struggles against me as I keep my cock fucking her. I take my teeth out and see some minor bruising from the bite before Imelda moves my face away from her again and I’m ready for the slap this time. It doesn’t come as I am pulled hard into a kiss and we war our mouths against each other. I can hear her getting wetter as my balls slap her ass. There is no rhythm in what is happening right now, I’m fucking Imelda and she’s being fucked by me. The simplicity is a nice change from the romance and softness that I normally get, even the regular sex feels a little too clingy sometimes and the animal is out to play right now as Imelda breaks the kiss.

“Goddammit you are a fucking asshole,” Imelda tells me as our foreheads rest against each other.

“And you’re a fucking bitch,” I tell her pounding her pussy harder and faster,” But you’re MY fucking bitch and I love you for it.”

“Yeah asshole, prove it that I’m your bitch,” Imelda says groaning at the fierceness of the pounding her pussy is getting,” and let me love you for it.”

If the sink and counter weren’t built into the floor I’d be slamming it against the wall and with Imelda clinging to me like a horny bitch she’d be hitting it too. I feel myself rushing and the tingle in my cock hits me hard as I start to cum. I don’t slam in and let it rest like I would normally, I keep fucking and grunting as Imelda’s body starts pawing at mine as I’m filling her up. I can feel some nails digging into my skin as we come down from our orgasmic high. I am being kissed again and while it’s not soft and sweet it’s not a raging war either. I back out and we both start to clean up with Imelda taking the time to make sure she gets me all out of her before pulling her shorts back on and we exit the bathroom. We get back into our bedroom and crawl back into bed. We both can tell that the other girls are awake with anticipation of a million questions but we are done talking for the evening having had our fight and makeup all at once in the bathroom. I cuddle up next to my fire goddess, my Latina biker bitch, god I love her and fall asleep.

Next morning to say that I’m sore would be an understatement. I’m mostly alone in the room save for Natsuko who is sitting on the couch looking at her phone as I start to get up. As soon as I’m moving I hear her get up and watch as she goes running out the door. I’m confused and getting dressed hurts as I must have been bleeding is a few spots but I get a black metal t shirt on and a fresh pair of jeans just in time for the girls to come up the stairs at me.

“How are you feeling this morning,” Katy asks with a wicked grin.

“Hell with that what happened with you and Immie last night? We all see her get up with a couple bruises and a bite mark on her neck before she leaves taking your bike,” Rachael tells me very upset.

“Wait a minute, she took my bike,” I ask ignoring the first part of Rachael’s question.

“Yeah she was all quiet as she got up and left today didn’t even stop for breakfast. Which by the way is waiting for you down stairs with the rest of the house,” Katy says as I step past all my girls.

I get stopped by Korinna and Mathilda who are blocking my path. I know what Kori is doing as she takes my head in her hands and stares me down. I can feel her soul gazing when she kind of shakes off something and goes in again more intently. Finally I figure she sees what she needs to see and leads me down to the kitchen where everyone is either there or the dining room and I get a plate from Rosa who is smiling big as she sees me. Apparently I’ve still got a friend in her down here as I take the plate and sit with squeeze in with everyone including Mr. Delauter at the table and start eating like it’ll go bad.

“So Guy I can get everything up and running so we can start to find your friend today, I’ve even worked out the teams to maximize their effectiveness for covering a search area,” Jun tells me starting to go down his list as Lilly stops him.

Everyone is looking at me as I stare at Jun like he just said that I was queer save for Mr. Delauter who is reading his paper intently. I put my fork down and make my new orders known.

“None of you are going to help me with this. I will find Jackie on my own or I won’t, either way I’m doing this solo and that’s it,” I tell everyone getting a wide eyed response.

The cacophony of voices arguing with me are coming from all angles except Loretta and Mr. Delauter as my crew tries to reassure, explain, question and outright demand that they help. I slam my fist down on the table and the force causes everyone to stop, I’m not close to the rage I had yesterday but all eyes are on me and Mr. Delauter has looked away from his paper to pay attention.

“I will do this alone, I fucked up and left her with Steven without even bothering to figure out what kind of guy he was. Now she’s pregnant and alone on the streets, I left my friend to the whim of a sorry ass excuse for a man and I will find her myself,” I tell everyone with a cold tone.

“Done,” I hear from Mr. Delauter at the other end as he tries to resume is reading.

“But honey this isn’t some small town where he could just wander for an hour and have her magically appear,” Loretta says starting to give her two cents.

“Sir with all due respect your wife is right, this isn’t an MMO where you just click quest tracker and get an instant guide line to where she is,” Jun says immersing us in his gamer knowledge.

“I won’t even pretend to know what that is but let me explain it from MY point of view. I have a lot of money, so much that I can casually spend several hundred dollars on a couple large transportation vehicles so my loving wife can have her son come down here with his girlfriends and bring their entire accompaniment of friends with them while they eat food I pay for and sleep under my roof. I do this because I love the woman and seeing her this happy lets me know that I’m doing something right in my marriage,” Mr. Delauter says happily before turning his tone stern,” But when her son has a legitimate concern and is trying to do the right thing by his friend and rescue them he gets told the no, this angers him so much that in a rage he breaks half of a pair of Mahogany Shinda styled doors that cost no less than twelve hundred dollars but more here because I needed them to be bigger. So since I’m the gracious host and loving husband I am going to say that since he’s able to cause that much damage you all are going to leave the subject of helping him find his friend alone or the next thing he breaks will be worked off to the very last penny and if you think house work pays horribly unless you are a professional like Rosa then I implore you to imagine what I can have you do at my office for minimum wage at sixty plus hours a week to make it back before the end of the summer.”

The whole table is silent at Mr. Delauter’s words and I can see not one person wants to argue with him about letting me handle my own task of finding Jackie. It’s Lilly who finally breaks the silence for the table.

“Excuse me sir but I’ve done some research on your firm and cases,” Lilly says turning her attention to Mr. Delauter,” I would like to be able to learn a bit firsthand about how your practice operates if that is alright?”

“Yes but not today, I have a partners meeting and a firing to handle,” Mr. Delauter tells her getting up from the table,” However I will check my schedule and we’ll get you and anyone else into the office that wants to come by and see what I do for a living.”

I hear Mr. Delauter’s own kids groan but Lilly seems really interested and Jun is even perked up a little bit at the thought of seeing our host’s workplace. Mr. Delauter leaves and the rest of us start to bring the dishes into the kitchen where Rosa starts to try to take over the task of cleaning up after us but it’s to no avail as the girl’s assembly line clearing and cleaning plates before handing them to her to be put in the dish washer. Everyone thanks Loretta for the breakfast and we start to mill about the house aimlessly. I’d go get started on my search but I have all my girls and my crew looking bored as I pass Mark in the Foyer.

“Everything okay man,” Mark asks checking up.

“Not really man, I mean yesterday you seemed really down and honestly I think you’re getting soft on us. I mean you hugged me and I didn’t feel a single thing pop,” I joke leading him to an idea.

“Dude you are fucking on,” Mark says before bellowing,” Get your shit bitches its GYM TIME!”

The shouting has everyone confused but I’ve bolted up the stairs and Mark is heading to his room as the girls attempt to catch me on my way to change into better clothing. A pair of green basketball shorts and a black sleeveless t shirt later along with some tennis shoes as my girls start to change and get their stuff together to join us. I can hear Mark getting his sisters in on it too help out with transport. Now to describe my girls in work out clothing I’m in two departments. With Katy and Mathilda I am looking at sports bras covered by tight athletic tops and longs shorts where as Kori and Rachael are decked out in Yoga pants and tight short tank tops that leave nothing to the imagination. God bless Wallace Carothers.

Abigail and Bethany help us out with transport but even then piling all of us except Natsuko in two cars and a truck isn’t easy but we get it done and we head out with Mark leading the drive. All of us get to the gym that Mark uses which leaves a few people struggling for words at the sheer level of space and equipment and Mathilda nearly drooling at the options for what to do. Mark gets us all in and starts to set people up on machines as I head off to the combat room to relax. I’m still sore from yesterday and more than a little stiff but this gets the aggression out almost as much as Imelda did last night. I am a little confused by her taking my bike but I figure her own isn’t fully repaired yet. I get a little bit of alone time in when Katy comes in and decides she wants to brush up on her technique.

I’m in the middle of blocking a round house when Rachael bursts into the room with overly hyper news.

“Guy they have a Yoga class, Kori says all the girls need to go right now,” Rachael says rushing onto the mat and grabbing Katy by the wrist.

“I had him Rachael,” Katy groans as they head out of the room.

I find that the guys are all working on weights while Mark helps out Jun who looks desperate as he’s trying to get the bar up off his chest.

“Come on kid this is more than you weigh, you’re girlfriend is heavier than this,” Mark says trying to motivate Jun.

“I don’t try to carry Lilly around though,” Jun gasps finally getting the bar up and rested on the safety slot.

“Okay big man, you’re up,” Mark says turning to Devin.

“I think I’m okay,” Devin replies casually.

We watch as Devin walks over to a bar with weights on it, it’s pretty heavy by the size of the weights but Devin bends down and picks the whole thing up with both hands before walking it over to Mark.

“Dude what the hell are you on, that is three hundred pounds,” Mark asks laughing.

“It has a handle, you think this is tough try lifting this much but there is no handle and have to walk it twenty feet to the truck,” Devin says smiling before putting the whole thing over his head and throwing it to an empty spot of floor where it slams down scaring everyone in the area,” then you have to throw it up and on the truck which is about six to seven feet up sometimes.”

The people working at the Gym come over and start berating Mark and the rest of us until Mark heads off to talk to their boss. I take over helping Jun and start with smaller weights and more reps to help him feel worked out and not half dead. Devin wanders off to find something better than weights to do and I see him talking with one of the trainers about his ‘training’ regimen. Ben on the other hand is nowhere to be found as I continue to work with Jun. Devin comes back with Ben who is excited about something.

“No seriously they really have to see this,” Ben says too excited for his own good.

“Okay guys you gotta come see this or Ben will start peeing down his leg or something,” Devin says shaking his head.

We follow our two friends off to some of the private rooms and see a few classes for aerobics and tandem stationary biking, which looks as ridiculous as it sounds. We get to a middle door in the hallway and Ben starts to give us the ‘shhhh’ face as he cracks the door open. I’m greeted with the sound of moaning and it doesn’t sound like the kind that comes from working out. I peer inside past Ben and see women all over the floor in teams of two doing poses, ones that make sex look more complicated than it should be. I’m really wondering what is going on with this class when I hear a heavily accented woman speaking.

“Sexual Yoga is about working all your muscles to achieve an orgasm with your lover that leaves him no question that you are his goddess of love,” the woman says before I see her step into view.

She is obviously of Indian decent with hips that show me that she’s had at least one child and breasts that confirm it however it’s the toning of her legs and arms that catch my eye as she walks around coaching all the pairs. I can’t see my girls but I can see Lilly struggling with Masha in some sort of reverse cowgirl.

“Hey guy’s what are you doing over here,” Mark says loud enough to get the attention of the every female in the room.

To say that the instructor was a calm and peaceful Indian woman is a flat out lie. As soon as Mark gave us away she came flying out of the room and started to read us the riot act.

“This is a female only class, men are not allowed here nor is this a class where I allow spectators,” Deepa, her name by the way, says to us with authority,” What do you have to say for yourselves.”

“I’m sorry ma’am and my girlfriend is in there,” Devin says first apologizing.

“Mine too and I’m sorry ma’am,” Jun adds as the attention turns to Ben and me.

“What about you two, what do you have to say for yourselves,” Deepa says with some fire.

“Honestly ma’am I came here because I heard you were beautiful,” Ben says making me want to drop him with an elbow to the face.

“And you boy,” Deepa says softening only for a moment at Ben’s compliment before turning her attention to me.

“You have four of my girlfriends in there and you might want to be careful when you leave them alone or they will start to play around,” I hear a moan from Rachael somewhere in the room and chuckle,” Like that.”

I watch as she returns to her class and looks back at us one last time, especially Ben and I, before closing the door. We drag Ben back to the weight section and I have Devin and Mark keep an eye on him as I head to the track on the roof with Jun. I keep him at a decent pace and we get a good run in when I notice we’ve been at the gym for a couple hours already and head inside to see our fellow men folk are watching as Mark talks to an attractive blonde on a weight machine.

“Dude he’s gonna hook up with her,” Ben says to Devin.

“Yeah probably I think it was the excessively low cut top and her nearly falling out of it that gave that away,” Devin replies turning to see Jun and I.

“She’s got no chance in hell,” tell them smirking.

“Dude I think you’re losing your mind in the sun,” Ben says poking fun at me.

We sit and watch as the woman keeps throwing herself at Mark for the next ten minutes but he keeps playing it off till I decide to save him by interrupting. I quickly tell him that his girlfriend needs him to call her and we both head off leaving her confused. We finally watch as the girls get out of their ‘class’ but I can’t seem to find my girls as Lilly, Masha, Abigail, Bethany and Hanna rejoin our group. I head down to the class room and see Deepa speaking with them at length about me.

“So you say he’s more than adept at lovemaking and in various forms,” Deepa asks plainly to my girls.

“Well Katy and I have been around the longest and when he’s sweet and loving it’s an honestly made me want to cry tears of joy,” Kori explains softly.

“And when he goes all out on you it’s like the devil himself created him in a factory built solely for the purpose of leaving women completely decimated sexually,” Katy counters grinning wickedly.

“He was my first and honestly it was what you want, I needed him at the end and I wasn’t disappointed,” Matty tells her almost blushing.

“My previous boyfriend was a soft lover, he wasn’t bad but with Guy it’s like he doesn’t even ask you what you want he feels you out and then does it,” Rachael tells her wistfully.

“Wow if I ever meet this guy I think I’m going to have to ask him for advice,” I say startling the females.

“What did I tell you about my classroom,” Deepa says with her authority.

“That your class is for women only and that there were no spectators,” I reply smiling,” But you’re not holding class and I’m checking in on my girls.”

The girls leave with me and we rejoin the group but I can see that some are bored and most tired from the amount of working out they’ve been doing. Most want to head home but Matty is insistent on staying when Kori decides for us to head home with the rest of the group.

“I haven’t done all my working out today and I’m going to hang around,” Matty says determined.

“But you’ll be here all alone,” Kori says confused.

“Guy is going to stay right,” Matty says with a smile.

“Wait I’m doing what,” I ask confused as to what I’m being roped into.

“I’ll hang around too if that’s cool,” Ben chimes in happily.

“Guy if you want to stay it’s okay we’ll be at home and let everyone know where you are,” Kori says giving me a hug and a kiss.

I get one from each girl before the rest of our group leaves leaving just Mathilda, Ben and I at the gym. Ben is gone in about three seconds saying he’s off to work on his cardio leaving my Amazon and me to our own workouts. I’ve worked out with Matty before but now we’re in public and it’s like she’s trying to get me to sweat, which is easy, but she’s determined about something as we spend another hour just keeping ourselves busy when I get off a machine and get a towel in my face.

“Come on honey, we need to relax,” Matty says as I carry the towel and follow her.

We head past the pool and into a changing room where Matty tells me towels only before stepping into the women’s side. I get all my stuff in the locker provided and lock it for safety before wrapping a towel around my waist and heading out the other side. I figure out what Matty is up to as I see her talking to an attendant and I approach as the attendant passes me with a smile.

“Okay Ms. Smug, what did you do,” I ask smirking.

“I am getting what you owe me sexy,” Matty replies opening a door and leading me into a sauna unit.

We get inside and I watch as my Amazon closes it after us before securing a small bolt to lock it behind her. I take a seat on a bench and watch as Mathilda sits on a shorter bench in front of me and starts rubbing her shoulder.

“Babe could you give me a shoulder rub,” Matty asks without turning.

I might be a little tired and very sore but I’m definitely strong enough to give her a rub down and I move my tough girlfriend up onto a higher bench before removing her towel and laying her down on her stomach and taking the time work over every sore spot in her shoulders and back. She really is a muscled marvel, all tight and thankfully not super bulky to make people think she’s a guy at the wrong angle. I feel my cock nudging the side of the bench as I continue to work on Matty. I notice her hand move from under her head to my towel pulling it off so that we’re both naked in the sauna. I keep working the muscles in Matty’s back and after a few more minutes before she sits up showing me her very womanly breasts. I start to move in when Matty stops me with a hand on my chest, again with my girl playing hard to get I think till she takes one of my hands and places it on her trimmed pussy.

I don’t need instructions but something is up with Matty as I slowly trail my finger up and down her slit, taking my time to run the length slowly and watching her reactions. She’s interested and enjoying herself but I’m seeing Kori’s level of planning here as I find her clit and start rubbing it with my thumb as I spread Matty’s legs wide. Once apart I have better access and keeping my thumb on her clit I start to press my middle finger into her wet hole. Matty doesn’t lock up at the intrusion but she’s watching me intently and moaning lightly as I keep my pace slow and let her feel my work. I can feel Matty’s pussy trying to pull more of my finger in and I start to try and add a second when she places her hand on my wrist stopping me. I’m a little confused and watch as she puts her legs together before standing up.

I get sat down in her place with my back against the highest bench and the middle bench under my ass as Matty rubs her pussy a little making my cock twitch unconsciously. I see her smile and sit patiently as she climbs on top of my lap keeping me outside her. I can see she’s got an idea forming and wait to hear my instructions.

“I am going to use you now. Please just relax and enjoy me,” Matty asks quietly.

I remain still and lean back as Matty get’s her feet next to my hips and latches her hands on the bench behind my head. I watch as she frees her hand for a moment and lines me up with her pussy and slowly pushes me inside her. I thought Matty could be hot before but now she’s a furnace and I’m almost melting inside her as she starts to take long slow strokes with her pussy fucking my cock. It’s maddening to just lay there and take it but what the lady wants the lady gets as she focuses her pale blue eyes onto mine and keeps her steady pace. I see very little expression on her face and her normally wavy and in her words ‘pain in the ass’ hair is wet with sweat and water from the steam. I marvel as her breasts sway with every thrust onto my cock and finally I see her why she’s so focused. She’s trying to pleasure me, I didn’t catch in when she said it but I take my mind of holding onto my orgasm and relax like a piece of metal being plunged into a furnace.

I roll my head back and groan at the sensation of my Amazon claiming her territory, it’s a different experience as she starts to speed up a little and I can feel her clamping down on me. I want to move, I want to take her hips in my hands and start slamming myself up into her but I’m being ‘used’ as she said and while I’m relaxing I can see that Matty is almost cumming a little for me. I take a small risk and tighten my abdominal muscles making my hips shift slightly and roll my head back again as the small change start to set me off a little. Matty can feel it and instead of going faster she slows down.

“Just relax baby, I want to do this please,” Matty says keeping her pace steady.

“I want to kiss you,” I tell her getting an odd look.

“Soon I will kiss you all you want but let me do this first,” Matty asks regaining her composure.

I nod and feel her speed up again, I can feel her struggling with something when instead of tightening my Amazon relaxes her muscles and I can feel myself hitting her in her deepest parts. We both groan as she finally hits her stride for thrusts and I can honestly say that this is getting me closer to cumming than I thought possible when Matty feels me swell and shakes her head emphatically at me. She doesn’t want me to finish, now I’m confused and that helps a little but I focus on the last time I was in the dentist and the fact that no matter how much I brush my teeth the tear and pull at my teeth and gums leaving me sore and bleeding. It’s these thoughts and a dozen more unpleasant ones that keep me hard until I lose my focus and hear Matty hissing.

“Almost… almost there… just a little more,” Matty gasps quietly.

I feel her harden her thrusts onto my cock and at one time she bottoms her hips out against my own and burying me inside her. I see her mouth open and instead of groaning she kisses me hard and with an intensity that makes what I have been feeling pale. It’s a great kiss as I feel her shake a little from either her balance and fatigue or her riding out her orgasm. Finally she breaks the kiss and slides off my member smiling contentedly. I don’t say anything and after a few moments she turns her smile to me and moves up to sit on the top bench with her back against the wall.

“Sit right here and spread your legs,” my Amazon tells me as she separates her own and pats the bench space in between her thighs.

I am unsure of what is happening but comply as this is about her and less about me. I get my legs separated and feel Matty take my arms and place them on the outside of her thighs resting my hands on her skin. She leans me back against her and while I’m tall she’s still a little taller than I am as her arms snake around me rubbing my chest with her strong hands. I close my eyes and lean my head back till it’s next to hers as she leans forward and I feel her breath on my ear. Slowly one of her hands reaches my erect cock and starts to stroke the length of it with long purposeful strokes. I groan as my body starts to tense up at her working me over with her hand.

“You are such a good man to me. I never feel left out, you make sure I’m treated just as good as the other girls and you praise my differences like I never thought a man would,” Matty tells me in a sexy tone,” Now I want to make my man cum all over this room. I want you to tell me when you are cumming.”

I groan as she ends her request by nibbling my ear lightly. One hand is on my chest rubbing lightly while the other is stroking me harder and I’m tense all over. I start to buck my hips uncontrollably which causes Matty to moan an ‘Unh uh’ to me in admonishment. I try to relax as I feel my orgasm building and it’s becoming difficult to even focus on anything but being wrapped up in her strong embrace.

“Oh fuck Matty I’m cumming… oh shit oh shit oh shit….,” are the last intelligible words coming out my mouth before my climax.

I don’t watch much of what happens with my body as every muscle in me tenses up and I press back into Matty as she jerks me faster causing my orgasm to take over hard. My head rush is amazing and I can see briefly that I’m shooting cum out past the bottom bench and onto the steam stones in the middle of the room. I’m writhing as my Amazon doesn’t stop until I start to flag and groan against her hand’s touch. Finally she takes her hand off my flagging member and continues to hold me until my senses come back.

“Did I do okay,” Matty asks tentatively.

“I don’t know what you did but it was painful,” I tell her as I feel her tense up,” But it was worth it. I lost all control at the end there.”

I can feel her smile as she kisses my neck and we sit in an embrace for a little longer when she finally pats me to get up and we get our towels wrapped around us. I unlock the door and check to see that there is nobody else in the hall as we head back to the locker room to wash the sweat off. I’m standing in the cold water when I hear to men talking from the bench.

“Did you see those teenagers in here earlier,” man number one asks.

“Yeah, those girls are a bunch of little sluts walking around with no underwear on and tight pants like that. I should spank one and see if she likes it,” the second one jokes.

I hear them laughing but I’m not even remotely amused as I step out of the shower unit and dry off. I pass the two men and get dressed as they continue their degradation.

“That pudgy Asian girl could probably suck a mean piece of meat,” number two says looking like a guy who sells used cars in a bad polo shirt and khakis.

“Maybe but you like them big like that, personally I think busting open the ass of the little red head girl would be a highlight for my night. I’d tape that shit,” man number one says putting on his bad stripped button up shirt and slacks.

“I don’t think either of you could sleep with them on your greatest day unless you drugged them or paid them way more money than your worth,” I finally say biting down on my rage.

“Fuck you say kid? I make more money in a day than you will asking me if I’d like fries with that,” the striped shirt says hot.

“Fine, I’ll prove it,” I tell them walking out of the locker room.

I wait for a moment and sure enough Mathilda joins us standing tallest in the group but I’m still eye level with both men. She looks confused as I start to explain.

“Honey these two ‘gentlemen’ believe that they could sleep with any of the girls in our group,” I tell her smirking at them.

“Really, two grown men hitting on teenage girls? Okay well let’s see them,” Matty asks looking bored.

“See what,” The car sales man asks confused.

“Take your cocks out of your pants and let me see them,” Matty says standing beside me.

I can see both men are struggling to comprehend what she is asking and I’m smiling big when she turns her attention to me.

“Honey pull it out and show them what I mean,” Matty says using her body to block other’s from viewing.

I shrug and lower my shorts enough in the front enough to let my cock out and it’s pointing at the two assholes feet as I get the waist band of it under my balls.

“Now sirs, this is what ends up fucking most of the girls in the group you were talking about. It performs regularly and,” Matty looks down an smiles wide,” And even after I just got done making him cum like a fire hose he’s starting to get hard again. So I’m telling you ‘gentlemen’ take it out and prove it.”

Both men are floored and after a few seconds they walk away mutter to themselves. We don’t laugh right away as I put my member back in my shorts. We get back to the main lobby and have a good laugh as we I take out my phone and text Loretta asking if she’s free to pick us up. I get a very happy response and am told to have everyone ready when she gets there. I realize I have no clue where Ben is and we start to walk the halls looking for our wayward Native. It takes about ten minutes before Matty finds him back in the Yoga class she was in but from the sounds of it and the look on her face she’s not too pleased.

I peek in and there is Ben perched on his feet with nothing on as I see Deepa, the ‘sexual yoga’ instructor, with her pants pulled down bearing what I can only say is magnificent ass. Her expression however is more of a questioning nature as she seems like she’s giving her class to a student of one. My phone is out and I snap a few pics of Ben and a little of Deepa keeping her face out of the shots.

“Keep your abdominals tight Ben,” She instructs.

“I am Deepa, god your ass is so beautiful,” Ben replies struggling.

“Ben I haven’t started flexing yet and you’re swelling. It’s been fifteen minutes and you reaching orgasm too soon,” Deepa admonishes.

“I’m sorry but you are doing so much I can’t help it,” Ben says as Deepa pulls herself off of him.

I watch as she pushes him over and pulls the condom off him before taking him in her mouth and working him fast and hard. We back away from the door as we can hear Ben groaning as he reaches his apparent orgasm. I head back to the beginning of the corridor with Matty and start to call out like we’re looking for Ben. We only get half way down the hall when we see him come out of the Yoga class flushed and surprised.

“Hey guys, I was talking to your instructor Matty,” Ben says scrambling,” Apparently she doesn’t have much to teach me.”

Matty just stares at him and walks past and into the classroom as Ben turns to me. He looks so smug about it and I wanna punch him but I’m doing what Liz asked as he starts talking.

“She actually said that there wasn’t much she could teach me considering how fruitless her experience was with me,” Ben tells me as I stare at him confused.

It takes me a second to figure out that he doesn’t realize that she was insulting him and that he thinks it’s because he didn’t cum inside her. I wanna laugh but I’ll save the laugh for Liz later and when Matty comes back she has a bit softer of an expression on her face. We meet Loretta out front and start the drive home with Ben in the front and Matty and I in the back as Matty talks about how nice the gym was to Loretta. We get home around three thirty and I settle in to relax in the TV room with the rest of my crew who are less sore than I am as we veg out.

It’s about an hour from dinner when the door to the garage opens and I watch a determined Imelda come flying through it and head up the stairs. My girls look at me curiously and I nod at them to go get her. I watch them leave and ask for the room from my family and crew which they give me warily as I move to a chair facing the door. It’s only a few moments before I can see Imelda less leading the pack and more having the rest chase her as she heads straight for me. I can see she’s all fire but it’s twinged with something else as she moves to stand in front of me in a tight pair of jeans that have white paint spots on them and her white racing jacket is opened showing me a kind of loose and dirty shirt.

“Get up,” Imelda says quickly.

“Excuse me but you want to try that again,” I reply to her obviously not in a mood for shit.

“Please get up,” Imelda asks again this time with less fire and more nervousness.

I stand up and follow her to the garage where she has what I think is my bike under a blanket. I stand there with my girls behind me and watch her pull the blanket off to see that my bike has had a few panels replace to look a bit more menacing and there is a patch of white paper over the engine case. Imelda waves me over to her and I move closer to look. I watch as she pulls it off and see my all black bike with its first hint of color a silver decal with the words ‘Black Sunshine’. It’s wonderful and I love it but I’m confused as I straighten up and address my Latina girlfriend.

“Why do all this,” I ask and I can feel tension from all my girls in the room as I do.

“We fought alright. I was a bitch and you were an asshole but I just thought that I should try to apologize and since I was being more of a bitch than you were an asshole I wanted to do something big and now I’m standing here looking like a perra emocional que parece más tonto de lo que…,” Imelda says frustrated turning to Spanish which is where I lose her.

“Baby stop, baby really just stop,” I tell her as she freezes at my words,” Apologize for what, being stubborn? Angry at me for not listening? Or about taking my bike? I don’t care about the bike and you being stubborn and angry is why we got along so well the first time we met,” I explain taking her hands,” You wanna know why who I’m mad at babe, I’m mad at me.”

“But why are you mad with you,” Imelda asks starting to cry a little.

“Because I let Jackie down. She is in trouble because I left her with someone that I wasn’t sure if I could trust him and now she’s hurting because I didn’t do the right thing,” I explain pulling her in for a hug.

I get a little bit of sniffling from Imelda and my girls add themselves to the hug as we all stand in the garage. It’s a warm moment when Imelda puts the brakes on and gets her tough face on. I let the girls head back in and check my bike out a bit, she really did a number on it but it looks awesome. Like a panther in bike form. I smile and head back inside and nod to the crew that things are cool.

We ride out Thursday well and Friday is spent by me mostly recovering from all the activity of the previous days. All my rage, workouts, epic sex and emotional draining from fixing problems left me pretty much bed ridden but I had five nurses who were content to fawn over me in bed and make sure I was warm and fed. Katy got a little weird about being the one to take me to the bathroom, not like she didn’t want to but she wanted me to stand to pee the whole time and even wanted to hold it till I got on her about how weird it felt. We both laughed at it afterwards with the other girls and heading into Saturday we are all happy and prepping for Imelda’s return to the races. I texted Vicki to see if she would be there and bring Mark but she said they wouldn’t because she wanted some alone time with her boyfriend. I tell her about the Gym and the woman hitting on him and how he reacted, she replied that he was already getting rewarded and not to make him out to be better than she wanted tonight. I didn’t get the last bit till Katy said ‘bad boy’ to me and it makes a lot more sense.

At about six I get a text from Carlos who is there to pick us up and when he and Imelda see each other it’s a family hug and a lot of talking in Spanish. I go to shake Carlos’s hand and get a hug of my own in return.

“Man it’s good to see you back down here, I was telling my boys about you for a while now and they’re excited to meet you,” Carlos tells me happily.

“I met some of them the other day when Hector helped me out,” I reply as we wait for the girls.

I introduce Carlos to the men in my crew and its Jun that has him laughing. I’m dressed in my camo cargo pants and a black t shirt with my hooded leather jacket. Ben is almost matching a metal shirt and a sleeveless hoodie and cargo shorts and Devin has on Jeans and what I can only guess is a military vest from his grandpa’s days that leaves his arms exposed for the world to see. Then we turn to Jun who is wearing slacks and a white button up dress shirt with sneakers. I watch as Carlos turns to his boys and starts talking in Spanish, I think he’s insulting Jun for a moment till Carlos sees my face and gives me an it’s okay look. A low whistle lets me know the women are here and my gaze follows showing me every man's dreams. Save for Mathilda, Katy and Imelda every girl in the group is wearing tight tops, short skirts or shorts, stockings. It’s like a rap video just showed up and the only thing I can think of is a song that just repeated ‘ass and titties, ass and titties’ over and over. Imelda has on her racing leathers in white with the yellow stripe, Katy is leathered up as well but she’s got more spikes and patches with her hood up and finally Mathilda is decked out in cargo pants like mine with a sports bra and her hands wrapped in tape.

I can hear one of the guys talking to his boys in Spanish and Imelda’s face sours and I watch as she starts cussing him out in two languages and pointing at Matty. Matty on the other hand calmly walks over to the ‘gentleman’ and stares his 5’8” ass down before taking him by his shirt and lifting him up her eye level.

“You have something to say,” Matty asks getting a enthusiastic head shake from the guy,” I hear one comment about me in Spanish tonight you will tell me exactly what was said in English or I will personally fuck your whole world up.”

“Man you’re girl there is one hard woman,” Hector says as we watch Carlos’s crew fall in line.

“I know, God I love her,” I say smiling as we mount up.

I get Kori on my bike with everyone else piling into the cars, Carlos and Hector only brought a few guys and Hector is taking most of the girls in his car and Carlos has Abigail and Bethany in his. The rest just file into what’s left save for Rachael who is on Imelda’s bike and Natsuko who is nowhere to be found. I want to stop and look for her but if she isn’t ready by now we can’t afford to wait as we head off. It takes about an hour to get to the meet but it’s a little bigger and a lot louder than last year and I find Carlos sent people ahead to make sure we were close but not too close as we park up. I remember that Hector brought a large group of people around when he helped me out Wednesday but apparently that was the tip of the iceberg as Carlos is rolling about fifty strong and I end up getting introduced around by him to his crew. It only takes about ten minutes without me before the girls wander off to dance and mingle and while I like the happy atmosphere I’m feeling a little bored and decide to walk around. I can see a few racers from last year, a lot of new ones, A couple new factions and finally I get to my friends the Union. The Old Man is having a big turnout tonight and I can see another group in leathers with a slightly younger leader talking up the Old Man when I come around.

“You heard about my Pariah over here,” the Old Man says waving me over.

I get introduced to Sid, leader of a roaming group called ‘The Devil’s Best’. They drive around the country as opposed to the Union who has chapter houses on the west coast. I let them talk and play dutiful and quiet as they go over me as the Old Man’s new hand. I get some praise and the Old Man even mentions how I ‘helped’ conceal their half of the tradeoff for them when I came down. I get released and shake hands with Smitty who offers me a beer which I shake off and rejoin the chaos.

“Hey Guy,” I hear someone female say and I start to look around when I’m standing face to face with a familiar face.

“Holy shit Marta,” I exclaim startled at Carlos’s little sister,” I didn’t know you came out to these things.”

She’s a little taller than last year when she was dating Romeo but now in front of me she’s every bit as pretty. About 5’7” and sporting a tight black dress, low cut with the skirt stopping at her mid thigh, her hair is down past her shoulders and wavy with a little jewelry on her ears and neck. I get a big hug hello and can feel her soft c cup breast pressed against me.

“It’s so good to see you again, where is everybody else,” Marta asks breaking the hug.

“They’re wandering around having fun,” I explain as we head back towards the vehicles.

We get in and for some reason I have some of Carlos’s people staring at me. I soon find out why when Carlos heads back over with Imelda and they both see me talking with Marta. The conversation turns to Spanish which makes me wonder what the problem is. I get pulled aside by Carlos and he’s got a pissed look on his face.

“Do you know where she came from,” Carlos asks as I shake my head no in response,” She’s supposed to be at home.”

“Dude why? She’s a big girl and she’s got people around,” I ask not understanding.

“After Romeo’s shit last year I’ve been keeping an eye on her and guys away. Too many people wanting to pick up the pieces and help her if you get my meaning,” Carlos tells me in a serious tone.

I head back and see that Marta doesn’t look like she’s having as much fun as she was when we got reintroduced. Normally I’d like to help her but I don’t wanna get in between Carlos and his family business. I rejoin the festivities and make sure all my girls are having fun, Kori and Rachael are busy dancing while Matty is chatting up a few gym monkeys, and Katy is shit talking with a few muscle car enthusiasts. I make my rounds over the next couple hours and find Imelda talking to a bet taker and being turned down till her bike can get inspected fairly, apparently there are some rules to the races now and while she can accept it she’s not happy about it.

“Babe it’s fine, we wait a week and your back taking money from chumps foolish enough to take on the fastest Latina in the state,” I tell her calming her down.

“I need the money now, if I can get enough I can help mom by paying rent for a few months and she can stop working so many doubles,” Imelda tells me frustrated before stopping and staring onto the dance floor.

I find what she’s looking at and see that it’s Jun standing in between Lilly and some racer punk in bright neon blue and black. The guy is nearly glowing in the dark and he’s speaking something in another language at Jun and Jun is replying in Japanese back at him with more anger than I’ve seen in him well ever. I step up and see that the Union has as well by sending over Smitty.

“What the fuck is going on here,” Smitty bellows causing the music to get turned down.

“This fucking shit walks in here and thinks he can tell me who I can’t dance with,” the little glowstick spits out staring at Jun.

“My girlfriend said no, maybe if you stayed in school you’d have learned that she says no you should walk away,” Jun replies coldly.

“Well either you can walk away or we can settle this the old fashioned way,” glowstick says taking off his coat and showing a few tattoos on his arms and chest covered by an equally neon tank top.

“We got a challenge,” Smitty says as bikers start to make a ring around Jun and the glowstick,” terms to be set for?”

“I win I get his girl,” glowstick says cocky.

“And you kid,” Smitty asks Jun.

“Ummm…,” Jun is confused and I step forward and when he sees me and finds his nerve again,” I want his clothes.”

Everyone freezes at the terms and even Smitty has a weird look on his face but the terms are even and people start placing bets. I am scrambling around and get Carlos and everybody I can to start placing money on Jun, they’re giving him five to one and those odds are perfect if you ask me. Jun takes off his shoes and socks before Lilly helps him with his shirt and belt. Imelda and the girls are around me and wondering what I’m doing putting money down on Jun.

“Baby you do realize this is Jun we’re betting on,” Katy says skeptically.

“Yep, little Jun and light weight work out and almost no real fighting experience,” I say smiling and turning back to the fight.

The glowstick is still in his clothes but Jun is down to his slacks as Smitty takes the center to get everything started. The girls are expecting a beating by the comments I’m hearing behind me and so am I but I know more than most about my crew and apparently I’m not the only one as Lilly is standing patiently holding her mans clothes.

The kid looks like he’s going to box but I watch as Jun places both of his palms together in front of his lightly muscled chest and bows his head before turning sideways and pulling up his pant legs a little for movement. Both look ready and Smitty raises his hand and steps back quickly, the first shot happens fast enough that even Smitty is startled a little bit as Jun does a quick sidestep and plants his foot in glowstick's chest knocking him on his ass. Jun steps back moving his feet in a slow and bouncing shuffle before settling down and bringing his hands up keeping them closed but not tightly and waiting. Glowstick gets up and stagger a little before finding his composure and you can hear the crowd is stunned as he starts to approach Jun again. Glowstick swings wide at Jun and he barely gets out of the way from the first shot but a second one catches my computer expert flush and he staggers a bit. Ever have that moment in the movies where the good guy sees his own blood and the rage boils over, this is one of those moments and I could never feel more proud of Jun than right now.

“Jun, tear him a new asshole,” I yell loud enough to hear over everyone.

Glowstick starts to move in again but Jun is faster this time and instead of sidestepping Jun puts a straight right into glowstick’s gut hard, then a standing back fist to the face followed by a palm shot to the chest winding him. I watch as glowstick staggers to catch his breath and by that time it’s too late as Jun takes flight and does a full extension kick right into glowstick’s face ending the fight in an overly dramatic fashion. You could hear a pin drop for just a moment before the crowd erupts and while I’m grinning like the Cheshire cat I turn and see my girls are stunned. I head around and collect the bet that I placed which at only three hundred dollars with five to one odds I’m sitting pretty looking at fifteen hundred dollars and as I walk back over to my girls I’m being demanded for an explanation. I continue smiling as I head over to Jun who has Lilly fawning and fussing over him in equal measure and I gesture to my women behind me and lean against Carlos’s car.

“Okay explain to me how the guy who can’t even punch like a man does that shit,” Katy asks confused.

“After what happened last year, with the moralists you said that I couldn’t fight. I’ve been doing training at a school four times a week every week since then,” Jun says smiling.

“And it cut into our personal time like crazy,” Lilly says before smiling,” But after that it was worth it baby.”

I let the lovebirds have their moment and Carlos’s crew are loving their winnings as I step over to Imelda and hand her my wad of cash. She looks like I just gave her a ring and I’m being rewarded with affection from all my girls and watch as things start to return back to normal with dancing and people having a good time. I watch as Jun gets handed a pile of clothing and a pair of tighty whitey underpants by Smitty who just chuckles as he hands them off and steps away. We’re still hanging around for another couple hours and I lost track of the girls taking care of a few things for the Old Man when I get back to the crew I see something that makes me sink with memory and regret. Most of my people save for Rachael and to a lesser extent Imelda have been drinking. When I approach all of them see me and start laughing at some joke that I didn’t hear. The disappointment must be all over my face as Kori and Katy are the first to pick up on why I’m so upset, I hate drinking. Loretta used to drink and gave me a shitty childhood, now everyone I care about is drinking or drunk damn near and while Carlos is confused I’m pissed.

“Oh shit baby we’re so sorry,” Kori says getting up and almost stumbling into me in her heels.

“Guy we were just having a few drinks,” Katy says staggering.

“And a few shots,” Imelda adds chuckling.

“Carlos get your people together and take them home,” I tell Carlos as I start to walk Kori to one of the cars.

“Baby you’re not coming with us,” Kori asks as I start to put her inside.

“I will try to but I have to go tell the Old Man that I have to leave because my girls have been drinking and need to be scolded,” I say with no hint of playfulness.

“I’ll take care of them Guy, you just meet us back home,” Rachael says giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I watch as my crew piles into the cars and Imelda gets on her bike before I turn and head back to the Old Man and get asked to stay even further as he needs my non Union hands and I head back to tell Carlos before they leave. I am however stunned to see that not only has everyone left but my bike is missing too. I am scrambling around to see if anyone took it when a hand grabs my sleeve and I turn sharply to see Marta holding on to me.

“What happened,” She asks concerned.

“My whole group left with your brother and his people and I hope they took my bike,” I say frustrated,” Everyone was drinking and I thought my friends knew how I felt about that.”

“Maybe they just forgot,” Marta says trying to calm me down,” people just want to relax and be free sometimes.”

“Then talk to me about it dammit, don’t just do shit I hate and expect me to be cool about it later,” I tell Marta fuming,” To make matters worse my bike is gone.”

“No it’s not; one of Carlos’s boys took it back. I thought I heard Imelda say they wanted it back safely,” Marta tells me trying to improve my mood.

“Well now all I have to do is find a ride home,” I say frustrated.

“I have my car,” Marta says with a helpful smile,” I’ll wait to go home till you’re done and then I can get you home safely. But I want something?”

“Oh crap what do I have to do to get a ride home,” I ask in a deadpanned tone.

“I want to talk to someone. I have been dealing with every one of my brother’s friends for the past year. I can’t talk to new guys and can’t date anyone and I’m going a little stir crazy. I had to go with my mother to buy this dress. The only reason Carlos knew I was here tonight is because I saw you and thought ‘what is the worst that can happen’,” Marta says with a little desperation in her voice.

“You just want to talk, that’s it,” I ask feeling a little better and a bit confused.

“Yeah, but you have to be honest with me and no holding back,” She says with a little firmness in her voice.

“Same to you beautiful,” I say complimenting her.

I get her to blush a little and head back around to the Old Man and Smitty who have more light work and talking to people on their behalf for me to do. I check my phone and see it’s almost midnight and I have several messages on my phone from the girls apologizing and asking me to come home. I do a reply all saying that I’ll be home when I’m done and that I’m not happy before putting my phone away. I start to look for Marta to leave and as luck would have it she’s been keeping an eye on me and is ready immediately. I find her small car a bit familiar as I hop in the passenger side and we head back towards home.

“Okay so here we are finally getting the date you wanted,” Marta says smiling big.

“Carlos told you,” I ask watching her as she drives.

“No I figured it out when I was still with Romeo,” She says before patting the steering wheel,” And this is all that was left that I wanted so Carlos and the boys fixed it up and now Gremmie is all mine.”

The car did seem familiar, it’s the car Romeo had when I chained him up in the desert. I almost wonder if there is any blood on the front but I keep it to myself. We stop at an intersection and I watch as Marta digs around in the backseat giving me a near faceful of her cleavage before coming back with two bottles and twists the top off. I take it and stare at her for a moment as she takes a pull off hers.

“It’s a sports drink, I don’t like alcohol either,” Marta says smiling.

I nod and smile, it’s nice to sit and talk and I get through about half of the drink in the next few lights realizing that I’m really thirsty from all the walking and talking I had to do. I’m feeling nice as I can see Marta has some thoughts running through her mind.

“So would you have made me one of your girls instead of Imelda if I was single back then,” Marta asks going for the big questions.

“I don’t know, I thought you were pretty and at the time I just thought about getting to know who you were. What happened with me and Imelda was just fate,” I tell her getting an accepting nod.

“Yeah but I look at how happy she is now and I kind of wonder,” Marta says a little down.

“I’ll do you a favor,” I tell her as we get to another stop light,” I’ll talk to Carlos and tell him he needs to back off and let you breathe. Deal?”

She nods again and I can see something is bothering her as we continue down the street. We’re not on the freeway and it’s got me a bit confused and then I am starting to feel a little goofy as I finish my drink. I’m kind of tired and very much enjoying myself when I should be an angry about my girls getting drunk and fucking around but I honestly don’t care right now. I’m a little warm and my clothing feels wonderful, so much so that I’m sporting a bit of an erection as we head down the road.

“I’m really happy right now,” I say chuckling,” I shouldn’t be this happy with everyone screwing around with me tonight but I am.”

“Maybe it’s me,” Marta says smiling.

“I wish I had gotten to know you sooner,” I say resting my head on the head rest behind me.

“I wish we could have hooked up a year ago, maybe even before you had girlfriends,” Marta says in a serious tone.

“I like you Marta. I think I should take you out on a real date. I mean that way we can get to know each other and maybe we’ll enjoy ourselves,” I tell her rolling my head to look at her.

Her hair is wavy and all the lights are brighter but it just shows off on her jewelry as sparkly. I am staring hard at her body in the tight black dress and remember that my girls are home and I should focus on that. I shake my head and roll the window down a bit to get some cool air in.

“Guy are you feeling okay,” Marta asks glancing over to me.

“I don’t know, I just feel really funny right now. Like everything is just, I don’t know, just more,” I say trying to explain.

“You could be tired,” Marta says checking me at a stop light,” Look at me.”

I do and god she is pretty, I didn’t feel this way before but now with me being running around and taking care of everything at the meet but now I’m really into her. I can see she’s got no bra on and it just makes things more difficult to focus as she puts my head back and continues driving. We get to the gate and I tell her the code and she gets it open before bringing the car slowly inside. Once stopped I stagger out of the car and Marta catches up to me in her heels, I fumble around and remember my door key is on my bike keys.

“Okay so let’s get you in this,” Marta says guiding me to the tour bus.

We hop inside and the whole thing is dark and from where I stand empty as Marta leads me to the back and sits me down on the bed. I fumble getting my boots off and finish crawling up the bed when I realize that Marta is on the bed still in her dress and laying on her side looking at me. I smile and she looks really pretty but I feel really off but in a good way if that’s possible.

“Guy what if I don’t want a date with you,” Marta tells me in a sultry tone,” Maybe I just want what some of what every other girl seems to get from you.”

“You want me to fix a problem for you,” I ask confused.

Slowly Marta crawls over to me and straddles my body before leaning down and kissing me deeply. She tastes a little salty and she’s so soft I can’t help but reach up and place my hands on her hips. I’m still in my full clothing save for my boots as Marta presses her soft warm body against mine. We grind against each other for a moment when she bolts upright and grabbing the bottom of her dress proceeds to pull the whole thing up over her head and I’m marveling at a pair of soft Latina breasts and a sexy black thong covering Marta’s untouched in over a year pussy. I grind against her again and I can see her smile in the little light coming through the windows on the bus. Marta leans back down and we kiss again but this time she’s more intense and I feel her shift upward giving me the chance to kiss her breasts. Two large c cup breast in my face and I’m taking my time kissing them and rubbing my face on them as they feel so soft and wonderful before I figure out she’s doing something above my head with her hands. I stop and she comes back down to my face and kisses me lightly before righting herself above me again.

“I wanna do something a little kinky,” Marta says with a smile,” Is that okay Guy, I promise it’ll be worth it.”

I nod in agreement before Marta closes my eyes and takes my hands and puts my arms over my head. I feel furry things around my hands and wrists and when I’m kissed again I open my eyes and see Marta smiling as she kisses me. I feel her break her kiss and I wanna touch her but I can’t because my hands are in furry cuffs and connected to the tour bus.

“What is this,” I ask feeling more worried than I should a very confused.

“Guy I want to have you once myself first then I’ll take the cuffs off and let you do everything to me,” Marta says rubbing her body with her hands.

I calm down a bit but last time I was bound like this it hurt but Marta isn’t Imelda and Kori so I should be okay, right? Sensing my apprehension Marta hops off my lap and methodically takes her time undoing and taking off my pants and slowly pulls my boxer briefs down exposing my the ‘hardest’ part of my body right now. I can see her get a little shocked and finally smile before looking at me happily.

“So much bigger than Romeo,” Marta says before leaning down and kissing the head.

I groan as I feel like I’m on fire as she touches me, I can only look down and watch as she slowly takes less than half of my cock in her mouth and I can feel her gently working my balls with her hand. She doesn’t go out of her comfort zone but I swear she’s better than Katy right now as I am feeling so hot and bothered I start grunting which makes Marta stop and look at me.

“I want to have you inside me, think we can go that far,” Marta says but doesn’t really ask as I feel her pull my underwear all the way off.

I see her fumble around for a minute on the bed and she comes back with a pair of big scissors. Now I’m panicking and Marta is quick to calm me down.

“Baby baby baby, it’s for your shirt. I don’t want to hurt you or this beautiful body you have. I wanna worship it,” Marta tells me seductively.

I watch as she gently takes the bottom of my shirt and cuts up my body before slowly and carefully making sure my neck is safe and cut the collar. A few more cuts at my shoulders and Marta pulls my now destroyed shirt off of me and throws the scissors to the floor at the foot of the bed. I’m smiling again now that I don’t think she’s going to cut parts of me off and we kiss briefly as she straddles me again and pulls her panties to the side. I marvel as she presses her exceptionally hot pussy against the shaft of my cock and starts to grind against me. We’re both moaning as she grinds against me and I can feel how wet she is before she stops and lifts her hips up. I can only observe since my hands are cuffed as she takes me in her hand and puts the head of my member up to her entrance and pushes just enough inside her to let go. All I feel is warm soft flesh adjusting to my size as Marta slowly slides down my cock till I’m buried inside her. I can barely move but Marta is on that task slowly moving her hips up and down letting feel every texture of her pussy.

We both lay there groaning and Marta leans down to kiss me lightly before resting her hands on my chest and starts to fuck me faster. I can hear the wetness of Marta’s folds as every time her hips connect with mine there’s a light wet slapping noise. I feel wonderful and I can tell for Marta it’s been a while as he face is contorted into a pleasure filled shape. I want to get my hands out of these cuffs but she’ll let me do more later. I gently buck my hips up with every down thrust of Marta’s hips and I can feel her tighten up around me as her orgasm hits. Suddenly she’s in my face kissing me and speaking in Spanish as I feel her pussy throb around my cock. Marta rights herself with her hands on my chest and smiles happily.

“This is how I want to feel when I get pregnant,” Marta tells me smiling.

“Wait, you’re on birth control right,” My warning bells finally kick in for the first time tonight.

I start to panic and Marta puts a hand over my mouth and slams her body against mine with me still inside her. I am straining against the cuffs as Marta keeps whispering ‘shhhh’ to me. I am staring at her and I can see softness in her face as she starts speaking again.

“Guy I need you. I can’t get out of here, they won’t let me. I’m going to be stuck here wasting away till someone can rescue me and I don’t want to wait for that to happen. I knew you’d be here and I’m sorry it has to be like this but once we have the baby the other girls will understand,” Marta tells me starting to fuck me again this time more intense.

I don’t want to feel this, she feels so good and I was getting close before but with her grinding hard and fast against me I don’t know how much I can hold out and start to jerk on the cuffs hard. It hurts my wrists but the damn things don’t budge and I’m wide eyed as I feel the end coming. Kori will be destroyed, Imelda will leave me, I don’t even know what the rest of the girls are going to do and I want to cry or beg or do something to make her stop but I’m cuffed and my body is betraying me right now.

“Don’t worry baby, give your new girlfriend a nice healthy baby. Cum for Marta and cum deep so I can have your baby,” Marta purrs righting herself and taking the hand off my mouth.

“Please don’t do this Marta, I don’t want this. You’re going to ruin my life,” I plead trying to move out from under her.

“Shhhh, I’m going to make it all better and after the first one you’ll want to do it again and again and again….,” Marta growls as she speeds up and I start to swell inside her.

I’m freaking out and scared shitless for the first time in forever as Marta’s head rolls back and she continues to moan as she starts to bring me to orgasm. I’m done, she’s won and I let her, I am going to fail my girls and they will leave me. I’m starting to get the tingle in my cock when I watch an arm come into view and grab Marta around the neck and pull her hard and fast off of me. I’m exposed to the air and I instinctively curl up in case Marta comes back but what I hear is a small fight and then high pitched angry Japanese before hear more of a struggle and see a shadow taking items from the room and throwing them out the door. I can hear the door to the tour bus open and close followed by a car engine starting and peeling out away from the bus. I’m pressed against the back wall of the bus by the top of the bed and my wrists hurt but I’m curled up as my savior shadow comes into view.

“Oh my god Guy what did she do to you,” Natsuko says trying to come closer to me on the bed.

“Don’t touch me, not you. You are hurting everyone and you can’t be here now,” I say panicked and desperate.

“Guy it’s okay I’m just going to help you get out of the cuffs,” Natsuko says starting to reach but stops seeing my eyes and I can see she’s about to cry,” Oh god she messed you up. I’ll go get Rachael okay, I’m coming back.”

And with that Natsuko in her pajama shorts and tank top runs out the tour bus and out of my sight. I’m scared and shaking but I know I didn’t finish and everything will be okay. It has to be okay, I can’t lose my girls. I don’t have any way to judge the time but I can hear panicked voices approaching the bus and I cringe at whatever may come through the door.

“What do you mean she was raping him,” I hear Rachael say as she enters the bus.

“Just go look at him, he won’t let me touch him,” Natsuko says concerned.

As soon as Rachael comes into view and turns the light on I’m crying and begging for forgiveness. I can’t tell what she’s doing until I feel her hands on my wrists and struggling to get the cuffs off.

“Dammit why don’t these things come off,” Rachael says straining against my cuffs.

“There’s a release on them by the top part,” Natsuko instructs but Rachael is still having trouble.

“Get up here and help me,” Rachael orders her before turning her attention to me,” Guy look at me Natsuko is our friend, she is going to help you and then we can make sure you’re alright.”

My sweet Rachael is so calm and peaceful that I barely notice Natsuko undo the cuffs until Rachael moves my arms for me. I wrap her up in me still crying, begging and pleading for forgiveness. The whole time Rachael just holds me and hums lightly till I’m calm down mostly. I sit covering myself with my coat as the girls talk.

“I don’t know what happened but I was sleeping then I heard him with some girl, Marta I think. They were talking and having a good time when she started going on about being girlfriend number six and getting pregnant,” Natsuko explains trying to dispel the awkwardness of me nude and shaking.

“I don’t know enough to understand the whole thing down here but do you have any proof,” Rachael asks looking around,” I mean are her panties here or something so when we tell the other girls they will believe you?”

“I will tell them that she raped me,” I say quietly as Rachael takes my hand and squeezes it lightly.

“I recorded them,” Natsuko says embarrassed.

“You what,” I respond quickly.

“I have been watching you and the other girls when I can and I play with myself when you’re not around. Hard, soft, mean, and loving I’m so damn lonely that I recoded it just to play with myself later while listening to it,” Natsuko admits ashamed.

“You’re a little slut but you’re also a lifesaver for all us girls,” Rachael says hugging Natsuko who warms to the affection.

“Rachael I want you,” I tell Rachael still feeling aggressive now that I’m able move.

“Holy crap baby are you sure you don’t want to…,” Rachael asks before moving my leather jacket and stops,” Oh yeah he needs attention stat and I have just the girl to

help me.”

Both Natsuko and I are staring at her before our gaze turns to each other and I can see she’s nervous but moves closer to me. I watch as she takes her pajama shorts off followed by her tank top, she starts to reach for me but something else just takes over and I grab Natsuko around her waist and jam our mouths together. She freezes and panics a little but I’m being taken over as I move my hands down to her ass then to the backs of her thighs spreading her legs around me as I sit upright on my knees. Natsuko isn’t so much as warming up to my kiss as she is relenting to my onslaught, I get her legs wrapped around my hips and feel a hand guide me up into Natsuko’s waiting pussy. She was wet from earlier and that helps me as I force the whole length of my cock deep inside her I feel Natsuko lock up and she breaks the kiss to whimper as I start to pound her pussy hard. I’m kissing aggressively down her tight Japanese/American body and nibbling at her skin as she cries and yelps at my invasion.

“Guy you need to go easier on her,” Rachael tries to tell me.

“NO, I want this I want him to fuck me,” Natsuko says desperately.

I need no prodding but the encouragement has me pounding Natsuko’s pussy hard and deep. Each thrust gets a yelp from her and a grunt from me as I feel my blood boiling in my veins. I’m thrusting up into Natsuko, slamming her hips down against mine, grinding my teeth against her lithe body any where I can. The whole while Natsuko is just clinging to me for dear life and I feel her get wetter which makes me speed up when I feel my orgasm finally surge through my body. It’s not spurts of an orgasm it’s me flooding Natsuko’s pussy as she cries out with me buried inside her. I feel her kissing me and she’s starting to go limp as I let her down and lay her on the bed.

I see Rachael move towards me when she stops and sees what I already know, I’m still raging hard. For the first time I can see some fear in her face but slowly she holds up her hand before moving onto her back and pulling her panties off. The only thing on her left is a thin cotton tank top but I don’t care about that as I grab Rachael’s ankles and drag her hips towards me. She is startled and a little nervous as I move over her; it’s like an animal stalking his mate while hungry and horny. I move my hips towards Rachael’s and like it knows where to go my cock lines right up with her entrance. I can feel her reach down to either touch me or spread her legs, I don’t wait to see what it is she is doing as I press inside her and bury myself in different pussy for the third time tonight. Rachael isn’t as wet as Natsuko but she’s been with me more recently and that is helping as she tries rolling her hips against mine. I don’t know what is possessing me but I grab Rachael’s legs under the knees and pull them up giving me a much deeper access to her pussy and start to pound away like I never stopped in Natsuko. After the shock of the first few thrusts Rachael is staring at me with her eyes wide and covering her mouth to keep from making noise. It doesn’t faze me that this harder than we’ve ever been before as I’m taking the full length of my cock and slamming it in till my balls slap Rachael’s cute little ass.

“Guy you need to slow down, this is too much for me right now,” Rachael start to say as I watch her eyes roll to the back of her head,” oh fuck me, fuck fuck fuck fuck.”

No commands needed here as I let her legs down and start fucking Rachael fast and deep like a rabbit on speed. I must be on something at this point because I can feel another orgasm building up and it’s edgier than the first as Rachael grabs my hips and I can see tears starting to come down her face but she doesn’t look sad. I’m pounding her deep and hard when I grunt and erupt a second time in Rachael’s now hard fucked pussy. She’s gasping for breath or life as I fill her full and groan as my body relaxes a little from the strain of the orgasm. I’m throbbing inside Rachael and I start to move again feeling more alive now than the first two times but Rachael is trying to stop me.

“Guy please…. I can’t take anymore,” Rachael gasps as I am moving again.

“Guy look at me,” Natsuko says gaining my attention.

I turn my head and see Natsuko on her stomach with a pillow under her hips and her ass in the air slightly. She spreads her asscheeks and I back out of Rachael getting a sigh of relief from my innocent little redhead.

“You don’t want to fuck her pussy again, you want something new. Come over here and break my ass with your cock,” Natsuko says with a little fear in her face,” I want you to fuck till I die happy or you can’t fuck anymore.”

“Natty he’s gonna hurt you like that,” Rachael says rolling onto her side and facing us.

I move over Natsuko’s ass and wedge the head of my cock against her other hole. I’m covered in three types of cum and that helps a lot as I get the head up Natsuko’s ass. I watch her go rigid and start panting for breath as the next inch goes in. I can see she’s having trouble taking it and for the first time since I started I hesitate.

“Fuck me, make me your good little Asian girl again,” Natsuko growls at me trying to push her ass up onto more of my cock.

I feel alive again and slide the whole of my cock down till my balls are resting on Natsuko’s ass. She’s panting heavy and hard but her asshole is so tight that I don’t know if I can hold out when I feel Natsuko let go of her cheeks and move her hands up by her head. I place my hands on top of hers and interlock our fingers before backing half of me out of her ass and plunging it back in. We’re going hard against each other and I’m starting to feel my exhaustion creep in but I’m shaking it off as Natsuko arches her back changing the angle of my penetration slightly and as sending a shiver up my spine. It’s keeping me going when she turns her head to face me and I see she’s desperate for something and breaks our grip on each other with her hand and reaches up to me as much as possible. I lower my head down to hers and she latches on to me with her hand and pulls me in for a soft kiss and I’m boiling once more and hopefully for the last time.

“I love feeling you inside me. I love it when you cum and I will only ever let you take me like this. Now please cum for me,” Natsuko begs quietly in between kisses.

Despite the softness of our kissing our bodies are slamming into each other and my cock is plowing the way for an orgasm like I haven’t had in over a week since Kori.

“Fuck I’m cumming,” I groan loudly and empty the last of my cum into Natsuko’s willing ass.

I am buried inside my sweet Asian sidekick’s ass and I’m spent. I can feel her grind up against me trying to get the last of my cum out before I collapse onto her. I’m tired, all sorts of messed up in the head and I’ve literally fucked two girls so hard my balls ache. Rachael helps me roll off Natsuko and as I lie there on my back feel Natsuko curl up next to me as the lights kick off. With Rachael on one side and Natsuko on the other I lie on my back and sleep takes me quickly.

I am blinded by sunlight in my eyes and turn away from it to find Natsuko still lying in the bed next to me. She’s not asleep just lying next to me staring, I see her smile and get a quick kiss before putting my arm around her and letting her cuddle my chest. I can hear two voices talking and they are getting closer when I make out Kori talking over Rachael.

“He’s home safe but I need to see him now before he gets mad,” Kori says barging into the bus,” Guy I’m really sorry about last night, we were just having fun and I forgot about everything. I mean it wasn’t needed but we’re away from all our parents…..,” is about as far as Kori’s explanation goes as she sees Natsuko and I sit up.

Oh my god I know that expression, I’ve never seen myself in the mirror before but I’m guessing that is what I look like before I go into a complete homicidal rage. Kori is staring at me and Natsuko. In the same bed. Naked, and she doesn’t know what happened and I don’t think I will have time to explain it to her before she explodes. Girlfriend number one meltdown in 3…. 2…. 1….

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