Daddy Urges by rdwriter

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Tom was looking at the vacation pictures his wife had sent him. Scrolling down the email screen he saw one with his daughter at a beach in South Florida. Jenna was wearing a hot pink two piece bikini. He found himself staring at the picture scrutinizing every inch of his daughter's body, he had not seen her with so little clothes on in a long time.

Tom rarely had any sexual thoughts about Jenna but now realized she had blossomed into a very attractive 17 year old teenager with a ripe body that is a visual feast. He marveled at how big her breasts looked and wondered what was the real size, since it seems more prominent on her five feet four inches slender frame. In another picture he noticed her small waist gives way to curvy hips that supported the magnificent bouncy ass cheeks. His eyes meandered on her fleshy thighs traveling up to the 'V' shaped crotch area. Tom felt a stirring in his loins.

Jenna is a confident, funny and outgoing girl still having that aura of innocence. She is aware of sexuality and her beauty has not gone to her head. Tom has a great dad and daughter relationship, however since getting turned on looking at her beach photos a couple of months ago. He found his love for her was now mixed with lust, at times he is conflicted with disgust and sexual arousal, as he watch the movements of her juicy ass and jiggling breasts.

Lately, her hugs has also decreased and usually Tom would say "Where is my hug today?" She would turn her back towards him for a hug in that position, Jenna was conscious of her breast touching him. She did not realized he liked feeling her ass so close to his crotch. One time he got an instant erection and she felt his cock poking her ass as she was only wearing a light fabric pajama. She pulled away instantly staring at his bulge. Tom quickly changed her attention to something else as he felt ashamed of losing control of his cock.

At times Jenna felt uneasy around her dad sensing the extra attention his eyes was paying to her body but she was also was drawn to it . She liked being a little naughty, teasing her dad as she walked around the house wearing tight short shorts and low cut tops without any bra. Knowing her dad loved her, she felt it was safe and harmless fun.Tom realized that he looked forward to see his daughter in her shorts and tops, pretending not to be looking at her luscious ass or big supple breasts.

Jenna could feel her dad eyes glancing down her blouse as she is on the computer, he would come close to her and be interested in what was on the screen. She could feel his eyes trying to penetrate between her visible cleavage. Tom would leave hard and frustrated at himself, trying to get rid of the lust and attraction he felt. During sex with his wife he would get an image of Jenna lying beneath him that drove him to really pound his wife's hot pussy. He hoped that she did not sense any of his thoughts he was having.

As time went on he still managed to steal a little hug and brush up to Jenna, just to get a feel of her soft warm flesh. Jenna was aware of what her dad was doing, she was conflicted because her mind and body betrayed her with sexual arousal. She was sexually active having had sex twice with her current boy friend but felt her appetite for sex becoming more hungry as the days goes by. While she is masturbating fingering her pussy or using her vibrator she had thoughts on how her dad's cock will feel in her.

When Tom's mother-in-law visited for a couple of days Jenna had to give up her room for her grandmother. Due to limited space Jenna had to sleep on a spare mattress placed in the floor of her parents room. She complained to her mother that her back was hurting from sleeping on the thin mattress, her mom indicated to her that it will only be for a couple nights before Grandma leaves. One night her 6 year old brother got sick and her mother decided to stay with him, she told Jenna she could sleep in her bed for that night.

Tom could not believe that his wife would even suggest something like that even though he was excited and conflicted. Jenna indicated to her mom that she will sleep on the couch instead but her mom told her that it is more uncomfortable than the mattress, Jenna reluctantly agreed. Jenna is a deep sleeper and since she had soccer practice that evening she would be out soon. This only fuel Tom's growing lust and felt his cock stirring in anticipation. He pushed aside these thoughts as Jenna got on the other side of the bed, as he said to her "now don't be taking all the covers" as to feign discouragement why she had to sleep in his bed.

Jenna fell asleep quickly but Tom was in turmoil as he managed the will power to overcome those nasty sexual thoughts and he eventually fell asleep. He became semi-conscious in a couple of hours, his hard 8 inch cock was at its extended length and pulsing against his daughter's ass. She was lying on her side, her back towards him, Tom could almost feel her soft warm flesh as he position himself in the 'spoon' position. Jenna was wearing a short nightie and he was in his boxers. Tom in his dream like state moved closer pressing his erection even more into her while his thoughts are "what are you doing?".

He began to slowly lift the back of her nightie up to her waist, trembling with fear and excitement Tom released his cock from his underwear. He has not felt his cock this fat in a long time, the sensation was intense as he slowly rubbed his cock on her pantie covered cheeks. Jenna did not move as his strokes increased , he slowly put his hand on her fleshy thigh and waited with urgency, she did not stir.

Tom continued to move his hand up to her pantie line and then rested for a minute. Then ever so slowly he glided his fingers over her pussy, Jenna inhaled deeply but he kept his hand. Tom started to massage her pubic mound as he quickly pull his cock away from her ass because the forbidden sensation was so great that he thought he would cum.

He continued to massage her pantie covered pussy and heard her starting to groan without waking, maybe she was in some sexual fantasy of her own. He desperately wanted to feel her flesh on his raging hard cock, so he maneuvered himself and now with one of leg over her with his cock on her naked thigh, his body shook for a brief second. Jenna did not move as she let out soft moans as he continued with his pussy stroking.Tom humped her leg with his cock although he would have preferred her fleshy ass cheeks.

Suddenly Jenna woke up and said "What! What are you doing dad?"

Tom quickly stammered the most obvious excuse, "I am sorry I thought it was your mother."

"Dad get off me!" An angry Jenna demanded.

Even though those words were spoken harshly she was conflicted. Jenna still craved the sensation of his fingers on her moist pussy and the hard cock on her body, but she still felt that it was wrong to let her dad do this.

"I am sorry honey." Tom said as he slowly moved of his daughter's body.

Not intent on giving up so easily due to his throbbing lust and desire, he whispered to her in a seductive tone.

"Tell me, did daddy's fingers felt good on your pussy, I am sure it is getting wet?"

"Dad, I... I can't. I am your daughter." Jenna responded

Tom reached up, his hand running through her soft smooth hair in the dark, suddenly leaning down as his lips meet Jenna's, kissing her deep. His other hand moves up, cupping her young breasts. Jenna found herself not resisting his kiss as her dad's tongue began to run across her lips. He moaned against her mouth as he tasted her. His moan broke her.

Jenna opened her mouth and returned the pressure between their lips. This was the man who truly loved her and will do nothing to hurt her, these thoughts floated in her head as her tongue danced together with his. Her heart beating rapidly with the excitement she felt coursing through her body, her nipples hardening and her pussy begin to get wet.

"Turn the light on and closed the door." Jenna asked breaking the kiss.

Tom was surprised by Jenna's response because of her earlier objection.

"Okay honey." It was turning out to be a better night than he thought.

Jenna lay on her back with great anticipation an arousal as her dad unbuttoned her top revealing her naked breasts. Tom brought his quivering mouth to her right breast and proceeded to suck on this succulent flesh. Jenna let out an exotic moan while she momentarily heaved her chest. He no longer had to imagine the size of her breasts, it was more than he expected.

Tom alternated sucking between both breasts from time to time tongue flicking the nipples back and forth. He licked the space between them lightly touching her hot skin with his tongue all way down to her lower stomach.

"Raise your hips so I can take off your panties," Tom said as he slowly peeled the clothing off her body.

Spreading her legs bringing his head to her crotch rubbing his mouth on her shaved pubic mound.

Tom licked her outside and inside pussy lips first, with broad, flat tongue strokes. Licking around the inside of her sweet small vagina then using his stiffened tongue like a mini penis, sticking it in and out of his daughter's hole.

Then he move his tongue up to her wet spongy clit , toying with it, licking around the clit in circles. Licking over the top, around the bottom then sucking her clit into his mouth stretching the tender tissue.

"Oh Daddy! That feels so good." Jenna moaned as she felt the overwhelming sensation as her body trembled in deep pleasure.

Tom's hard cock needed attention and relief as well, he then position himself between her spread legs nd began to rub her pussy mound with his rigid cock. He nibbled on her neck with a little teeth pressure, then sucked on her tender ear lobes, she was twisting her head from side to side and uttering "OH, OH, Ahh!"

At this point Jenna was really turned on as her dad whispered in her ear.

"I want to go inside you. Do you want daddy's cock in your sweet pussy?"

Her response seems to take an eternity as she replied.

"I don't know, I am scared."

"Are you a virgin Jenna?" he asked.

"No Dad" she said.

"Then what is it?" he asked.

"Your cock is really big and I feel it will hurt, you are the biggest so far," she replied.

Tom did not want to force her, he wanted her to ask to put his cock in her. He had an idea, as he moved down her body resting his knees between her legs again and then held his cock in one hand and lean into her to move the engorged pulsing cockhead between her small tight pussy lips. Teasing her running it around her pussy lips…teasing her opening….letting the tip of the cock slip slightly into her wet opening for just a second….then pulled it out.

"Aaahhhh!" Jenna moaned, she even starts to make a little “cooing” sound. He kept this up for a couple of minutes and then heard what he was hoping for.

"Oh that is so good put it in me Dad."

Tom continued to stroke his cockhead between her pussy lips more vigorously, her pussy was now secreting more of her juices.

"Why are you teasing me? Put it in I want it!" Jenna moaned.

"Put what in?" he said.

"Put your fat cock" she replied.

"Where should I put my fat cock?"

"In my pussy" she said impatiently and annoyed.

Daddy was going to fuck his daughter. He aimed his mushroom shaped cockhead at her pouting pussy lips , Jenna stared into her dad's eyes as their flesh touched. Her eyes drifted shut. As Tom pushed his cock it met resistance, Jenna gasped out loud and her hand moved down to her pussy as a defense, her hole was much tighter than expected.

“It’s too big!” she protested.

"It's okay, I will not hurt you" he said to assure her.

Tom pushed forward gently, he could feel her tensed body, her pussy muscles clamping even tighter on his cock.

"Relax honey, don't tighten up that will only make it more difficult."

He stopped for a minute for her to adjust as she started to relax, another inch went into her.

Jenna felt her pussy stretched some more, and more of his thick cock forced its way into her pulsing hole.

The sensation of his cock along her pussy cavity was mind blowing, Tom had to muster control of not coming to soon. Little by little his cock slid into her, "that's it baby keep swallowing daddy's cock with that sweet pussy" he said in total lust.

Dad and daughter moaned together as his cock continue to fill her. Jenna felt more than half of her daddy’s huge cock fuck into her pussy. She flexed her body, still squeezing her pussy even tighter around his cock. Tom leaned closer to her and told her how beautiful and sexy she is, as he pushed another inch into her velvety hole. Jenna's eyes were rolling in the back of her head and her mouth slightly open a she moaned.

Jenna moaned long and loud as her body shivered, gripped her daddy’s cock in her pussy, the lips like a glove tightly around it as she started to fuck back.

“ Ohh Daddy it’s so big!" She whined, unsure that she could fit all of his cock in her pussy.

Tom pushed his cock hard and pushed again, stretching his daughter's pussy walls, letting his cockhead fuck tightly into her hot channel. He pushed again and Jenna cried out as her dad rammed more and more of his wet slippery cock far up into her. Then he pulled his cock out, fast as Jenna wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails in his back.

"OH MY GOSH! I can't believe I have this whole big cock in me," Jenna wailed when she realized it had bottomed out in this once tight hole.

“Oh, Daddy! It feels so good! So fucking good!"

His big plunging cock was throbbing the pleasure so intense that Tom was no longer in control of his own actions. Her horny father was fucking his prick in and out at a blinding speed.

“Ooooooh Daddy, she whimpered feeling his cock ripping into her steaming pussy." “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me good! Ooooooooh , it’s so good… so good!”

She then dropped her legs flat on the bed and started swiveling her hips and ass, stroking his cock with her little pussy. It was enough for him to cum with his cock buried in her tightness. Her mom did the same thing so Tom had lots of experience with this body movement. He matched her gyrating hips with his own hips turning in clockwise motion with cock buried all the way in her.

Her moans got louder and louder as she arched her back, pressing herself tightly into him with both their hips moving in unison. Tom pulled his enraged cock all out of her, Jenna then held it and put the tip back into her very moist pussy. He pushed his hips forward to finish the thrust she had started and the tightness of her pussy was still there. Her dad drove his hard cock into her pussy until he could not push it in any more.

Jenna let out a shriek, "OH DADDY FUCK ME! OH YES. PLEASE DO IT HARD."

Tom thrust his cock into her pussy, harder and faster with each vigorous stroke.

After about five minutes of piston like fucking strokes their bodies were making slapping sounds, her body began to stiffen and he felt her orgasm coming.

“I am gonna cum, Daddy, I’m going to Cummmmm!” she cried out, her voice coming in staccato rhythm.

Cum for daddy he whispered in her ear. Her body stiffened and then shook with the force of the orgasm tearing through her. She threw her head back and screamed in that he had to quickly stick his tongue in her mouth to muffle her sounds so she would not be heard.

Her body bucking beneath him, her back arching and the walls of her pussy tightening around his cock, clamping down on him as she came. Tom felt her legs squeeze his waist once more and her nails dig into his back.

He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders as he leaned forward folding her body a little at the waist, with outstretched legs pivoted himself on his toes. In this position Tom had more leverage to pound her with deep powerful trust, he felt his load begin to blow. He thrust his cock as deep into her pussy as he could and released his cum inside of her, "OH Jennaaaa. I'M CUMMING," Tom grunted.

"DO IT DADDY! DEEP INSIDE ME! I WANT IT!" Jenna cried out as she knew she was on the pill.

It was more than he could bear, his impending climax was replaced with the explosion of an intense orgasm. His own body stiffened as he erupted, firing off what felt like a load of cum into his daughter’s hot tight pussy.

Dad and daughter drifted off to blissful sleep.

Rating: 93%, Read 170295 times, Posted Sep 05, 2010

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