Japanese Houseboy Serves by Bryan+Price

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by Bryan Price

In 1945, shortly after World War 2 ended, and Japan was under occupation I was stationed there as part of the occupying US forces. I had seen the war through as a Colonel and was finishing up my term of service. In those days of occupation, one could live in Japan in luxury, on only a small amount of money. I had procured a very spacious native home and employed a housekeeper..

I was out one evening, got lost in the city, and along came, a well educated, but ragged lad, who rescued me. As his reward, he became employed as my houseboy. I pretty much let him set his own duties as he seemed to know exactly what I needed and when, through some sixth sense. He was constantly at my side, awakening me in the mornings with tea, and a light breakfast, served at bedside. He helped me with my grooming for the day and than proceeded to drive me to the office. After work he was again there to drive me home and serve my dinner.

I was 50 years old at the time, 6-foot, 200 pounds. My houseboy was 5 foot 2 inches, and weighed about 130 pounds. Unsure of his age, I guessed it to be around 19. He was kind of on the effeminate side. Long graceful muscular legs and arms, smooth, and free of hair, a rather plump ass, heavy thighs, and small chest. Wan was his name and he was very attentive to my needs, as we shall soon see. He had big beautiful almond shaped dark brown eyes and black hair.

One night, several months after he had started working for me, I was having problems sleeping. It was a Hot and Humid night, at around 2 am; I awoke from a bad dream. I must have cried out, for there was Wan at my bedside, speaking softly to me, reassuring me that all was well. I slowly set up on the side of the bed, and reassured Wan I was quite well, and only had had a bad dream. I padded to the bathroom, urinated and came back to bed and laid down. Unable to sleep, tossing and turning, Wan came back to my bedside, and offered to help me go back to sleep. Not knowing what he had in mind, but expecting possibly a cup of special tea or other like remedy, I agreed. To my surprise though it was something quite different, and was about to introduce me to a whole new area of life, of which I knew nothing.

Let me at this point state that I am heterosexual. Always have been. Never have had any experience with the same sex, sexually. I believed in the 3 F’s, “find them, fuck them and forget them.” Pussy around military bases is always plentiful. I had been involved in many long-term relationships, but when my tour of duty at that area was over with so was the relationship.

Wan left, and came back shortly, with a bottle of lotion and clothed only in his skivvies. He instructed me to turn onto my belly, which I did. Wan than proceed to mount me, straddling my ass and proceeded to apply lotion to my back. He forthwith began to massage deeply my neck, shoulders and back. It felt wonderful, and deeply relaxing. I vaguely was aware of his balls and cock resting loosely on my ass, but choose to ignore it since the massage felt so good. After awhile he swung his leg over and was kneeling at my side and began to massage my ass, running his hands under the waistband of my skivvies and kneading into my ass cheeks. It felt wonderfully good, and I became aware of a growing stiffness in my cock. He proceeded from there to massaging my thighs, running his hands up on the inside of them and fondling my balls, and the stiffness in my cock grew into a full hard erection.

Wan, instructed me to turn over, onto my back, which I did reluctantly, embarrassed because of my hard, erect cock. He than proceeded to apply lotion and massage my chest, belly and finally reached my cock, still very hard. Pulling down my skivvies, he leaned over and took my cock deeply into his mouth, and began to slowly slide it in and out, while massaging my balls. I was so relaxed by this time and so in his control that he could have done anything to me. He sucked on my cock deep and hard; I instinctly grabbed his head on each side and began to force my cock deeper and harder into his mouth, fucking his face, as I would pussy. Shoving it hard in and pulling it back out. He gagged a few times, but than seem to adjust himself to the 8 inches that was forcing its way down his throat. Soon the cum began to rise in my cock and the head of it seem to expand, and I continued to pump my cock in and out of his mouth. Than I gave one last thrust into his mouth, my body stiffened, and my cock exploded sending streams of cum down his throat. He gulped swallowing cum as fast as it was shooting out of my cock. OH what a Glorious feeling. After a while, I pulled him up off of my cock and took him in my arms and held him close to me and we both fell into a deep sleep.

The next night, came early for me, for I was anxious to continue from the previous night, experimenting with this new form of lovemaking. Wan turned down my bed, I undressed, he brushed and hung up my uniform. I invited Wan to spend the night in my bed and he agreed. Lying down, I watched as Wan undressed and got into bed next to me, a growing excitement arose in my groin. Wan and I moved close together and embraced. Our bodies touching all the way down and our lips meeting we kissed passionately, our tongues exploring each other mouths, I felt my cock harden and slide between his heavy thighs, just underneath his balls. A few thrusts and I felt precum dripping from the end of my penis. Wan broke our embrace and turned and went down to kiss and fondle my cock. He had turned so that his cock and balls were with in my reach. I extended my hand and with some hesitancy touched his hard, full, short fat cock. It looked to be about 5inches long but was large around. His balls were small and didn’t hang as low as mine. Timidly, I kissed his cock on the end. Hmmm it had a pleasant taste, so I took the end of it in my mouth, and began to suck on it. Wan pushed forward, and his cock slid into my mouth and I sucked it all down, resting my nose in his pubic hairs. MMMM what a pleasant taste and feeling it was to suck on this sweet young thing. I continued to suck on his cock in and out taking it all in each time. Wan sucked away on mine and I soon felt the cum rising up into my cock from the balls, and Wan’s cock seem to grow larger in my mouth. We both stiffened about the same time our backs arching forcing the cocks into each other mouths deep and began to shoot out our cum. It tasted so sweet and good and I gulped it down. We moaned and groaned in complete ecstasy and as our cocks soften we with drew from each other’s mouths and fell back exhausted. Again we slept the sleep of sexual exhaustion in each others arms.

I was out of the city doing inspections the next several days, but couldn’t get Wan and our sexual experiences out of my mind. I needed him and wanted him. I needed to feel him and taste him. I found myself masturbating to the memories of my sexual experiences with him, instead of fantasies about fucking women.

Upon returning home, Wan came to me at bedtime to welcome me home. We made no pretenses. He came to me and together we went to bed. We embraced as long lost loves and kissed passionately. Our cocks stiffened with full erections immediately, and I expressed my need for him. My cock slipped in under his balls and I began the in and out motion of fucking him, but Wan wanted more of me than this. He turned to his left side and slid his ass into by crotch, and my cock probed at his ass crack. He reached around and spread his cheeks apart, and my dick found its way to his asshole.It rested there a moment till Wan pressed back and I forward and my cock head popped into his asshole. He moaned as my cocked rested inside of him. I began to slowly fuck him, in and out each time going in deeper till all eight inches of my hot, hard cock was in him. His ass hole was so tight like nothing I had ever experienced. I reached around and stroked Wan’s cock as I continued to fuck him. As my cum rose so did the ferocity of my fucking. Deeper and harder as I continued to stroke his cock, our cum rising up out of our balls threatening to shoot forth. I thrust my cock deep into Wan’s ass one last time and exploded as Wan shot his cum out into my hand. I shot forth great streams of cum deep into Wan bathing his battered ass shoot.. We both moaned with sounds of pleasure. My cock softened slowly and pulled out of his ass. Wan turned to face me and we embraced tenderly as lovers and kissed. We fell into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Needless to say, Wan never slept alone again while I was in Japan and our love affair lasted the endurance of my tour of duty there.

Rating: 78%, Read 39377 times, Posted Jan 22, 2005

Fantasy | Anal, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Interracial, Oral Sex


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