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True Story | Gay

the next day i woke up in a determed mood i was going to get my hustband back i got dressed styled my hair and had something to eat after four days i got my cheque book and drove over to harveys moms house

i knocked on the door and bella answer i said "how much do you owe?" bella looked at me and said "i dont owe anything leon" i looked at her and said "harvey said your family owe money" bella nodded her head and said "his dad owe some money sweatheart" i got my cheque book out and wrote harveys dad a cheque for $20,000 i handed it to bella and said "please give this to harvey"

when i drove off i had the idea to go to harveys dads house so i did when he answered the door he said "hi leonardo how are you" i said "spare me the pleasantries im trying to save my marriage" harveys dad said "okay" i said "how much do you owe" he looked at me and said "$45,000" i said "okay" and walked away

i drove to my parents house and said "mom dad i need to talk to you please" so my parents followed me into the living room we all sat down and i said "okay here goes....i need $50,000 from my trust fund to pay harveys dads money problems off and save my marrage" my parents looked at me and after a few minutes my dad said "that is a very large amount of money son" i looked at my dad and said "i know it is but im prepared to pay it for my hustband back" my mom said "we will have to think about this son and let you know" i smiled at my mom and said "all im asking you to do is consider it please" i went into my room annd watched some tv about a hour or two later my mom shouted "leon you have a vistor" so i went down stairs and harvey was at the door my mom walked way to give us some privacy harvey handed me my cheque back and said "i told you babe i dont need your hand outs but thank you for trying to help" i looked at harvey and said "come in babe" when harvey did i closed the door and turned to him and said "how else are you going to pay of your dads $45,000 debts babe do you know how long your have to work for that kind of money without any money for your self" harvey sank to the floor and i got down and hugged him he said "all i wanted to do is help my family out i didnt want to leave you but i thought you wouldnt wait for me"

me and harvey both stood up and i told harvey to go wait for me in my old room when harvey walked off and closed my bedroom door i said "mom dad you can come out now i know you was listening" true to what i had just said my parents opened the living room door and came out my dad said "you can have the money son but understand this is coming out of your trust fund and i know it isnt alot of money compared to how much your trust fund is but this is your personal money you are handing over i pray that your hustband is worth it" i looked at my mom and said "do you agree with dad?" she smiled at me and said "i do and im damn proud of the way we brought you up" i hugged my parents and walked into my room

harvey was on the bed and i said "i can write your dad a cheque for $50,000 this isnt a hand out harvey its my way of showing how much i love you" harvey walked upto me and kissed me he said "ooo baby i love you" he hugged me really tight i started crying into harvey body and said "you dont know how much i love you" harvey kissed me and i kissed him back he laid on my bed and we undressed each other harvey shoved his dick in me and we had sex for about a hour when we was done we laid in each others arms and i said "you dont know how much i missed you" harvey kissed me again and said "trust me i do because i missed you more" harvey smiled at me and said "do you still want to be my hustband?" i looked at him and said "more than anything in the world" harvey smiled and said "good becuase it killed me inside when you said about getting a divorce"

me and harvey got dressed and went down stairs holding hands my parent started laughing i said "whats so funny" my dad said "we umm heard you making up" i went so red i said "sorry" my mom said "its okay now got home and be happy" when me and harvey left we got into are cars and drove to are apartment

when we got in harvey said "babe when did you last eat?" i said "i had something to eat this morning" harvey looked at me and said "and before that?" i looked to the floor and said "four days ago" harvey said "then your going to sit down and im going to make you a big dinner and your going to eat it" knowing harvey was kinda upset with me not eatting i said "okay babe" so we ate and damn i was so full me and harvey went to bed and we talked i said "baby you have to tell me when thing like this happen because this a partnership and we are ment to work thing out together" "i know babe but he is my dad and $45,000 is a hell of a lot of money" "i know it is babe but im always willing to help because i love you so much it hurts" me and harvey kissed and turned out are lights and laid down and just kept looking into each other eyes until we fell asleep for the night

((there is someone i love more in the world than my hustband))

Rating: 80%, Read 9004 times, Posted Dec 13, 2011

True Story | Gay


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