Raped for fun by richief

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Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Rape

I watched her for a few weeks learning her routine and getting more frustrated by the hour I needed to rape this bitch. She was a hot blonde with long legs nice tits and a peachy ass. She worked Monday to Friday for a large law firm and lived in a secluded house in its own grounds on the edge of town. Her weekends were routine also she went out on Friday and Saturday nights; Sunday afternoons she sunbathed in her garden usually wearing a two piece suit.

I wanted this bitch, I wanted her badly; I needed her screaming for me as I fucked all her holes. After the fourth week I made my move. She was laying face down on her lounger when I approached her I grabbed her hair and pressed a chloroform soaked cloth to her face. As she collapsed I carried her indoors and into her bedroom.

Thirty minutes later I was ready, naked with a mask on when she woke on the bed naked, gagged and tied up ready for my pleasure.

I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard making her scream into the ball gag. I told her I would remove the gag but if she made too much noise she would feel even more pain I slapped her hard across the face to reinforce this point and she lay there quietly as I removed the gag.

Whimpering she said. “Please don't hurt me, please I will do anything just don't hurt me”.

I knelt next to her and ran my hand up her leg and cupped her pussy as she stiffened up then told her.

“Slut you will do everything I tell you first time or you will feel so much pain. Now can you guess what I'm going to do to you”?

She nodded her head and said. “You're going to rape me aren’t you”?

I laughed and said. “Oh yes all of your holes are going to feel my cock today you fucking bitch”.

I pulled her by the hair to the edge of the bed and hung her head over the side, kneeling I began to rub my hard cock across her face then slowly forced it into her mouth. I held it there and told her to give me the best blowjob she could. Her tongue began to move over my cock as I pumped in and out of her mouth. I pushed in till I reached the back of her throat, her eyes went wide in fear and panic as she found it more difficult to breath, watching the tears in her eyes made me harder and hornier so grabbing her head I pushed deep into her throat forcing her to gag and retch; as her saliva ran on to my ball I began to fuck her face hard and fast with long deep strokes her moans and gagging were having a good effect on my cock and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer so I cruelly gripped her nipples hard and pinching and twisting them I made her mouth widen further in a silent scream letting me slide another inch into her throat as I came. Jeez it was good watching her back arch as she began to choke on my cum. I pulled my cock out and rubbed my mess all over her face as she choked down all the mess I had just pumped into her throat.

I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her after me down the stairs she stumbled and fell to her knees as her bound ankles gave her no room to move but being a harsh bastard I just dragged her along behind me into her lounge. I tossed her onto the couch and looked at her laying there in total fear of me my cum and tears had destroyed her perfect make up and red marks were on her tits where I had abused them.

I got myself a drink and sat and watched her for a few minutes letting her contemplate what was next. I moved over and loosened the rope between her ankles and told her to spread her legs. She hesitated which annoyed me so I grabbed her hair and slapped her face hard and fast making her scream out begging me to stop.

“Next time you disobey me I punch you bitch so do as you are fucking well told”.

Her legs opened wide for me exposing her shaven pussy. I ran my fingers over her lips making her shudder and begin to cry again as she realised what my next intention was.

My fingers suddenly delved deep into her cunt making her cries louder as I roughly began to finger fuck her; despite my cruel treatment and the fact I was raping her she began to get wet and loosen up, when she was a little slicker I moved up and forced my cock straight into her in one fast hard thrust. Watching her eyes go wide as I began to fuck in and out of her made me feel oh so good, as her tears rolled down her cheeks I told her how much I was enjoying raping her, how much it was tuning me on and how her tears were going to make me cum that much better. She was moaning in total revulsion as I picked the pace up and began to slam in and out of her hot cunt.

I looked at her eyes as I prepared to cum. “Oh shit you fucking whore, do you want my cum on your face or in your cunt”?

She shook her head and began to beg me. “Please don't cum in my pussy, please do it on my face”.

I smiled at her cruelly and began to fire a massive load deep into her pussy as she began to sob louder and louder.

I left her laying there as I went off in search of food. I returned and sat watching the tears running down her face as she sobbed. I moved over and knelt by her head, gripping her hair I looked at her tear streaked face. “Well slut looks like just the one hole left now, and I think this is going to really hurt you”.

She looked up at me with a puzzled look on her face and said. “What do you mean”?

I laughed at her and then said. “Oh you little slut I'm gonna fuck your tight little arse now”.

The look of complete horror and fear on her face made my cock jump she tried to pull away but I held her hair tight.

“Oh god no please, no, please not there I've never had anything in there”!

I laughed even louder as I replied. “Oh yes even better a virgin ass, oh fuck I'm gonna really enjoy ripping you up”!

She began to struggle as hard as she could so I hit her with the chloroform again and dragged her to the dining table; I lashed her wrists to two of the legs then positioned ass at the edge of the table then pulled her legs up and lashed them the same legs as her wrists leaving her arse open for my pleasure before she woke I began to loosen her ass with my fingers.

She woke and shook her head groggily then realised where she was and what was about to happen to her tightest of holes and began to sob loudly and pull at her bindings. I told her the more she struggled the more I would enjoy raping her ass, then shoved my cock into her mouth telling her the slicker she got it the easier it would be for her.

I moved to her ass and placed the tip of my cock on her ring she began to struggle again so I leant forward and punched her in the face splitting her lip, I then put my cock on her ring again and began to push in, jeez her virgin ass was so tight I only managed to get about an inch into her. I strolled off to the kitchen and returned with some olive oil, coating my cock I again began to push it into her ass; with one harsh lunge I surged deep into her rectum as she screamed out so loud, her eyes went wide in pain as I lodged deep in her ass. I held still for a while savouring the feel of her tight ass around my cock and listening to her sob.

“Oh shit you slut I'm gonna sodomise you and rip this ass up so good you won’t be able to walk for a week”!

I pulled back and surged right back into her ass and began to fuck her with nice long strokes as she howled in pain and sobbed, the tears dripping off her face and her howls of pain were making my pleasure so much greater. Her ass began to loosen up as I sodomised her she began to scream louder as I began to fuck her harder.

I pulled out watching her ass gape wide for me then moved to her head and tried to push into her mouth but again she struggled and move her mouth away saying. “Oh no that’s too dirty it’s been in my bum, please don't make me.

I punched her in the face again this time making her nose bleed and shoved my cock into her mouth telling her to suck it and taste her own ass on my cock.

I felt my cock twitching but I wasn’t ready to cum yet so I pulled out and strolled to the kitchen and found a nice sized carrot. I pushed it into her mouth and made her suck it like a cock then pushed it into her pussy and began to fuck her with it; once again the look of disgust on her face was priceless which got worse when I shoved the carrot into her ass and my cock into her cunt giving her a first taste of a double penetration. I fucked her cunt for a while but then switched back to her ass and began to fuck her furiously as she screamed louder and louder her ass was so loose no I could fuck it nice and fast, pounding in and out of her with one last thrust I pushed deep and began to unload my seed into her ass as my nuts tightened.

I pulled out and wiped my cock across her face and lips leaving her with a taste of her ass on her lips.

I then smiled at her and told her how much I had enjoyed using her body and left her sobbing.

Rating: 73%, Read 37940 times, Posted Sep 01, 2009

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Rape


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