New girl next door 3 by Austiman

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Teen Female, Teen Male

Sam looked out the window and saw Dave get into his Jeep. Goddamn that Jeep was awesome.

"Important family thing, maybe?" He muttered. He shook his head. 'Probably some kind of performance. His little brother always has shit going on' he thought.

He walked over to the big black chair in Daves' room and began playing his guitar. He liked it, but regretted not bringing his with him. Daves' was red and was a fender. Sams' was a fender too but it was a dark forest green. It matched his eyes. His eyes always looked good when he wore that dark green.

He put the guitar down and relaxed in the chair and thought about the past few days. Especially the day he got completely out of his mind with Dave and Ariana. No other sex had been like that. But still, he liked being with Ariana. He really liked her personality and humor and her soft, but strong voice. God what a woman. He was going to miss her about as much as he was going to miss Dave when he had to leave in about 2 and a half months.

As he was thinking about her he heard the doorbell ring downstairs. He went down and looked through the eyehole. It was Ariana!

He opened the door a crack. He heard Ariana say "Hey, Sam!"

"Hey," He said not opening the door.

"Where's, Dave?" She asked trying to open the door.

"Dave's not here man" He said laughing. He loved quoting that album.

She giggled, "I know let me in!"

"Fine. Be that way" He said, and opened the door.

Sam got out some tortillas and some of that other taco stuff. He asked her earlier if she was hungry and she said yes. He whipped up a couple of homemade burritos.

"So where did he go really?"

"I dunno" Sam replied. He wiped his mouth. "I think his brother had some performance or something. That little shit is always got something to do" He said in a bitter fashion.

"Oh.. Well shit, I wanted to see his silly ass" She said with a smile.

"What? Sam-I-Am not good enough for you?"

"Your fine. Just to cool for me. I need someone to fuck-up with. Your too cool for that" She said with a wry smile.

Sam shook his head with a laugh. "I am pretty coo-ffuuuck!" He was cutoff. In mid-sentance he decided to lean back in his chair. He went too far and fell over hitting himself in the melon on the way down.

"Oh, my head... What was that you were saying about me being cool?" He asked in his chair still. His feet sprawled across the legs of the chair.

Ariana laughed hard and for a long time. Through the breaths and giggles she managed a "You'll do" and kept laughing. Sam got up, both red from the pain and he was blushing. He picked up the chair and washed his face with cool water to try to ease the pain.

After Ariana quit laughing he took her up to Daves' room. They sat down on the couch and curled up together.

They had boring regular chit-chat. Then Ariana asked a peculiar question. "Sammy?" She asked. Sam looked down at her resting in his arms.

"Hmm?" Sam began taking a drink of soda that he filled up and brought upstairs.

"What do you think of these?" She asked and pulled out handcuffs.

He spit out his drink in the cup and coughed.

Ariana laughed at him again as he embarassed himself the second time today.

He put his now ruined drink on the floor. "They're fucking awesome!" He said happily. "Where the hell'd you find these?" He asked sounding astonished. He closed them and then reopened them with the lever on the side of each cuff.

"Dollar store. Where else?" She asked.

He was fascinated by this girl. She was about the coolest girl he had ever met.

"I've never done bondage before.. Have you?" He asked.

"Always wanted to, never have though. I hope you want to too." She said looking up at him.

"Hell yeah!" He said with a smile. He leaned down and kissed her. Ariana giggled in between kisses.

They began kissing more and more forcefully. He grabbed her head and pulled her closer to him. He slipped his hand into her jeans and felt through her thong. He rubbed her now enflamed clit and pulled out a few seconds later.

He pulled her up and stood and walked her to the bathroom. He took off his clothes as fast as he could when Ariana teased his eyes. She did a slow striptease and took off her shirt. She slowly unlatched her bra and when she got it off covered her nipples. Sam leaned on the door and began rubbing his cock.

"I like watching you rub yourself" Ariana said dropping her hands. "Just don't cum."

Sam rolled his head up towards the ceiling. He laughed and replied "I won't" he said. He looked up at her again. "Yet."

She quickened the strip as she got hornier, looking at Sam stroking his cock. Her jeans were off and called Sam over with her finger.

Sam let go of his now aching cock and went on all fours.

He went to her and used his teeth to pull her thong down when he got up she stepped out of it and smiled.

He kissed Ariana slowly and pushed her into the shower. Before she got in she dropped the cuffs and went with Sam.

He pulled away and used his right hand to keep his balance and his now outstretched left hand to turn on the water. He shielded Ariana from the cold water. She kissed him gently as thanks. "Cold doesn't bother me" He said with a smile.

He let the water heat up before he let it get to her. She smiled in the warm water and liked hot warm it was and how ward the pressure was. She closed her eyes and rubbed her neck. Sam took advantage of her eyes being closed and went to his knees. He used his hands to keep his balance and leaned forward into her pussy. He licked up her slit.

"Oh shit!" She jolted. The sudden pleasure startled her. "Keep going!"

He kept licking up and down her pussy and eventually took a hand off the wall. He used that free hand to rub her clit quickly and licked harder. He heard her moan louder and looked up with his eyes to see her rubbing her nipples. He rubbed faster and licked as quick as he could. Soon he heard what he was listening for.

"Oh shit!! Oh fuck yes!!" She screamed out. "You wanna see me quirt? Huhh?? Ohh Yesss!! Ohh ahhh!!!" She moaned at an extremely high pitch. She came hard into his face. He opened his mouth and let it in. He noticed that she began to fall so he used the hand on the wall to catch her and swallow as much of her cum as he could.

Soon her moans slowed and her orgasm was over. "Your fucking good at that" She said in between breaths.

He tried to get up but she stopped him. "Stay down" She said. She got down with him. "Put your back on the wall, and spread your legs.. and close your eyes."

He did as he was told. His cock that was standing tall was taken into her throat quickly. "Oh, fuck!" He moaned. He opened his eyes and saw her taking it all in and then coming out with hardly any effort. She took her time and went down all the way. When she came up to his head she swirled her tongue around it. This made Sam moan ever more and after a few minutes couldn't hold back.

"Oh shit... Here it comes!! Oh fuuuck" He cried it. His cum shot out and into her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could before another shot came out. When his squirts were over she came off of him and sucked the tip of his cock again which made him twitch.

Ariana opened the door and got the cuffs. She put her hands behind her back. "Arrest me officer! I've been a naughty girl!"

Sam laughed. He grabbed her hands and cuffed each one. His cock got harder when she leaned forward. "I'll be fine on the floor" She said. Her face leaning on the floor her ass up. Sam was ready for this in so many ways.

He took his cock and stroked it. He used his hand to guide his dick to her pussy lips and slowly pushed in stretching her. He heard her moan when he got in and waited for a few seconds. After he heard her exhale he pulled out and began to thrust slowly.

"Oh, fuck yes" Ariana moaned. "That's my spot!!"

Sam kept going, but now he went faster, pummeling her cunt. He kept hitting her spot he knew. He hear her moan with every thrust. He liked making her moan like that. He reached forward and grabbed her tits. He twisted her nipples and kept pumping. The combined plasures sent her off the edge and squirted again.

"Fuck yeah. I love squirters" Sam moaned. He started fucking her again when her orgasm faded.

Soon after minutes of feeling her pussy around his thick shaft he felt it boiling in him. Ariana began to moan louder now.

"Fuck, Im gonna cum!" Sam moaned.

Ariana just mumbled things in a frenzy of pleasure. Sam came after a few more thrusts. Ariana felt his hot sticky goo in her pussy and came too. Soon both leaned back. Sam on the wall, Ariana on his chest, arms still behind her back.

After they caught their breath Sam freed her wrists. Ariana kissed him and they stood. Sam began soaping himself up and Ariana too. He got all of his cracks and Arianas. They were squeaky clean and put their clothes back on.

When they got out they went back to Daves' room and lay out on the couch and began to kiss eachother. They continued making out until Dave and his family pulled into the driveway. Sam was definately going to brag about this one!

Rating: 73%, Read 18911 times, Posted Jun 11, 2007

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Teen Female, Teen Male


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