Assholes like ATM's by M.+A.++Dvorak

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Fiction | Anal, Boy, Enema, Incest, Interracial, Pissing, Teen Female, Water Sports

Her pussy had a tuft of hair above the used and falppy pussy lips. Hobart took some KY jelly out

of his pocket and squezzed it on his hard cock. Then slid it in her well used pussy. Her lips were pink

red and delicious looking.

He slid his cock in her feeling her cunt suck and hug his dick. He slid it in and out

pumping her pussy furiously on Washington and Decauter outside the local wells fargo. Lifting her

legs up he licked a finger and slid it in her tight red asshole. He started finger her asshole furiously.

After that he hooked his finger and pulled on her dark little starfish causeing her little pain.

He reached over the fondled the next pair of legs sticking out from the side of the

bank wall, two pussy's down from the ATM. This one was bald and black, her cunt lips were like

chocalate and her clit was huge, at least an inch long. He pinched and pulled the fleshy little button.

The girl whom his cock was in, start flexing her PC muscles inside her pussy,

which gripped his cock, it felt incredible. She was enjoying this, her pussy juices made his thick shaft

look wet and shiny in street light. He pumped faster, fucking her little whores cunt harder, aiming for

her G-spot. He continued to diddle the bald black pussy next to him. He reached down and felt the

black girls asshole. Her bumhole was nice and taught, the little ring of muscle pushed and gave only

slightly when he thumbed it. He fingered it hard, then put in two fingers, then three. While fucking the

white girl , took out some Ky and squeeze it all on his right hand, and reached back toward the black

girl and shoved his fingers into her rectum. Slowly at first only three fingers then four and then his

whole hand was caught on and in her asshole. He spread his hands making it wider, and felt her the

walls of her intestines, they were smooth, slick and wet. He took more Ky and spread it all over her

asshole. Each time he shoved his fist in, her nubian starfish at would pop a little. He was fist fucking

her asshole when he noticed al little blood drip onto the sidewalk.

The girl he was fucking came and squirted piss all over his crotch, he felt the warm liquid

turning cold as it ran down his leg. He took his cock out, squirted more KY on it and lifted the white

pair of legs upward, tilting the hips more toward him. He put his dick head against her white ruby

asshole noticebly pinker than the black girls, and pushed hard. Her asshole gave and his cock slid in

the tight, warm and watery bowls of the A.S.G (automatic sex girl) He pumped her asshole quckly

enjoying the tightness, and pain he knew he must be causeing her.Her heard moans on the other side

of the bank wall where the top half of the A.S.G's lay waiting for some cock to come and fill there

holes while they read cosmo's or do their makeup or nals. She pissed on him again and the smell was

evident and a little sweet.

He continued slamming her asshole, more moans were coming from behind the wall. He

thrust into her shithole hard and deep. He could feel her butt cheek taught against his stomach. A yelp

of pain came from behind the wall, he spurted his cum deep inside her bowls. When he pulled out; her

asshole leaked some liquid on the sidewalk..

He zipped up his pants and put ten bucks through slot in the wall above where her legs

jutted out from the wall. He started walking up the street and away form the five pairs of legs that

hung there next to the A.T.M when he heard a plopping sound. The farthest pair of legs from theA.T.M

lifted her knee's and shat on the sidewalk. These A.S.G's were kind of like elephants in s street

procession in that respect as they just shitted whenever whereever they pleased, a janitor would be

along shortly to clean it up and probably wipe down the girls. Bill stopped, and walked back towards

the pussies. He picked up a hand full of shit and slapped it on the girls pubis and rubbed it around. Her

cute twat had tiny lips which hid behind fat outer lips, it created the pictereque tight little pussy. Bill

wasn't into that he liked whores with wide holes you could keep your groceries in. But none the less

he smeared the girls shit on her cunt. The Flat TV screen snappped on above the girls legs, it showed

her face laying down on some blankets on the other side of the wall.

"Hey come on mister, I was just trying to take a shit", she said shakying her red curls

and cute freckled nose,"You gonna pay for that"

"ah come one you know you liike it", billy said slipping a shit covered finger in her pussy

and fingering her.

"That does fell nice mister but", she stopped a

box slid out form the wall," give me something for it come on. . I'm jsut a working girl. Bill took acouple of

packs of ciggarettes out of his coat pockets and threw them in the box.

" Thanks mister. HEY! ARE you Hobart Hamilton the famous sex star king of the sex

circus, You are aren't you. Hey girls", she turned her head to the side, " Hobart Hamilton is finger my

shit covered puss, how about that?"

"Ya, I'm fucking Hobart Hamilton", Hobart said and slapped the pussy frustratingly.

Fucking fame, he hated how everyone was thought they knew who he was. The TV

screen shut off. That's it, he was pissed. He took the lid off his Ky poured the rest on the girls

crotch. He punched the girls pussy, his fist popped complelety into her womb. He took a dildo out of

his coat jacket and shoved it in her ass hole, turned it on vibrate then slid his cock in it as well. Thegirls

asshole stretched like an oval to accomodate. Her pussy lips stretched, it was tiight around his fist. He

pumped her asshole, quickly hard again at fisting the stupid bitch. He fisted her pussy, in and out the

lips spreading wide with every pump. Her asshole pushed against his dick. Quckly his large fist

jumped in and oout of her tight little cunt, she was moaning and screaming behind the wall. He took his

other hand and laid it falt against the fist already in the girls pussy. He forced his other hand in the girls

cunt and move as much as he could. He laid his hands palm to palm and double fisted her pussy, she

cryed out cuming to the two fist in her pussy, % Her pussy was tight and unrelenting around his fists,

they could barely move. Her feet were kicking in to his back pushing him into her , he coudl smell the

shit stink rise up from her body. He turend his head away, it stunk. Just as she was orgasming he

pulled his fist out, took his cock and slammed it tinto her pussy. Pumping the cunt for all it was worth.

His gyrations quicken as he pumped he twat. Reached into his pocket and took out a plastic clear

speculum. Disengageing from her cunt, he slid the speculum in to her pussy and spread it open. He

jacked off into the opening made by the speculum.

"Hope your on birth control", Hobart yelled at the wall then said under his breath, "Bitch"

He stood there panting. He walked away and left the speculum and vibrating dildo in

her ass for her to deal with.

It was 3 a.m. the only time the A.S.G's didn't have a line around the block for them.

They were a police measure to lower crime rates.

He walked up the street, and hailed a cab hoping the driver would be female. He

hoped this because he lived in last vegas the city with no cash only smokes, goods, and sexual

favors to pay and trade with. The end of the world was here, and last vegas was equipped & ready

to usher it in with style.

The cab pulled up, the driver was male.

"Fuck!" Hobart Said

He got in and sat down in the back seat but when he did so something poked him in the

ass. He moved to the next seat, he looked down at the seat next to him. What poked him in ass was

a didlo that came directly up out of the right rear seat. Hobart had seen these things before, they

moved in sync with teh enging at varied paces. Attached to the back of the front passenger seat was

a camera.

"Look, dude. I don't have much, half smoked pac of smokes, and...shit I leftmy dildo in the

A.S.G. Just take me to 14 durango street. And I'll get you something from the house."

The cabby driver strated up the car and looked in the rear view mirror then spoke,"Hey are you-"

Hobart sighed. "Yes, I'm Hobart Hamilton, king of the sex circus", Hobart said with an

annoyed drawl

"Hey, good to meet you sir. This cab rides on me Mr. Hamilton. I loved your last


"Thanks Me too", Hobart said wishing the cabby would shut up. He didn't know why he

hated fame so much.

When the cabby dropped him off, Hobart signed a napkin for him and headed inside.

He lived with his brother and sister. When he walked in Tom (the brother) was naked and shouting.

His sister was naked as well, and stood with a frown on her face.

"Come on! Those are the rules of the game. We both approved! I would be doing it now

with out a hint displeasure", Tom shouted, he stood his frame was muscular but lean and blonde.

"Fine Whatever. Hey, Hobart", Jenny (the sister) said. She had long brown hair , B sized

breasts, a plump little ass and was grogeous. Her hips were small and had lines the traced to a dark

tirangular patch of hair between her legs.

"Hey", Hobart said and walked to his door but before he got there. Jenny ,who was

already lubed up, bent over, spread her ass cheeks and walked backwards into his door knob. The

door knob expanded her asshole and snapped in to her butt.

"Umm, I need to get into my room", Hobart said

"just a sec", Toms said smilling," the rule was loser has to open a door with there asshole"

"Fuck it's cold", Said Jenny referring to the door knob. Hobart watched her.

Expressions formed on her face that showed she was having a little difficulty, she turned her body to

the side, leaning to the left, and gripped with her asshole . The door knob turned slightly, and gave

way. The door opened a crack, and Jenny With herky Jerky movements slowly walked the door open

hitting her heals on it several times.

"There you go H", Jenny said with a smile. She often called him H instead of Hobart.

"Hmmm, that's a good one guys, I'll remember that for the circus", H said


"Ya", H said and leaned in to kiss his sister on the mouth. He rubbed her hairy

pussy for a couple of seconds while he kissed her.

"Thanks Bro", she said again with a smile., and he walked around her into his bedroom.

"Ooh, Hobart just turned me on. Let's fuck"

"Man, you always want to fuck when Hobart touches you", Tom whined

"So what's the big fucking deal so what", Jenny whined back

"You totally want to Marry him"

"No, I don't he's my fucking borther you douche bag, jesus what do I have to do get laid arou-"

Hobart shut his bedroom door on his whinning siblings. He fell onto his bed , glad to be

falling asleep. His door opened again, it was his sister.

"H wll you fuck me, Tom's being a whiney bitch"

"NO!, I'm tired leave me alone"

"Jeez, fine", Jeeny said indignantly

Finally some peace and quiet. The phone rang. Someone else picked it up. Thank God.. He

close his eye's , fealing his the weigh of his tired body press against the bed. HIs door opened again.

"Sarah's on he phone for you", Tom said and shut the door quickly.

Miss Sarah Ponsonby was his co-ringmaster at the sex circus. She had Black hair and

dark thick nipples which had no tit behind them .

"Hey", H said in to the phone

"Hey I found a Hermaphrodite who'll be in the next show", a sultry voice came through the phone


"You o.k. you sound sad"

"I'm just tired and off kilter", Hobart said with sigh

"well, I'm having a little boy eat me out right now, his little tongue is so

delicate against my pussy. Does that help"


"Right, well anyway, see tomorrow for rehearsel", Miss Sarah Ponsonby said eager to

get off the phone. It was apparent that Hobart's melancholly was bringing her down.

"See ya tomorrow", Hobart said and hung up the phone. FInally sleep took him.

Rating: 54%, Read 65505 times, Posted Oct 20, 2005

Fiction | Anal, Boy, Enema, Incest, Interracial, Pissing, Teen Female, Water Sports


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