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True Story | Anal, Latina, Male, Old Female, Young

I was a bag boy at my local super market when I was in High School. It was a pretty good deal since I made decent money for a kid my age and I got to carry groceries for all the hot moms in the neighbor hood. My favorite was Ms. Garcia. I thought she was just amazing. She was about 5' tall with small pointy tits, maybe a b-cup. Her ass was fantastic, big, wide and round. She had dark hair, a nice tan and never seemed to wear a bra. One of the things I liked the most about the place I worked was the air conditioning; it was always ice cold. In the summer time I would hover around the entrance and watch women's nipples get hard as they walked in and the air hit them. Ms. Garcia's tits were the best. Small, like I said, but pointy with great little nipples. In the summer time she would wear thin white t-shirts and I could see her big dark areolas. I fantasized constantly about this tiny woman and her big juicy ass. She was single and had two kids around 4 and 6. She was always really nice and we talked a lot when I carried her groceries to her car. I would always walk a step or two behind her so I could watch her ass moving up and down in her shorts.

This went on for a long time. On a particularly hot summer day I was carrying her groceries out and she was telling me how much handy work she had building up since her husband had left 2 years ago. Apparently she had a lot of painting and some minor repairs around the house. I had always been pretty good with that sort of thing and said that I would be happy to lend a hand if she wanted. Her eyes lit up and she smiled her beautiful smile at me. "Oh, would you really? You can't imagine how much I would appreciate it!" My cock stirred in my pants at her smile and I'm sure I looked away briefly as I imagined her showing me her appreciation. I was only working about 20 hours a week at the grocery store and school was out so I had plenty of time on my hands. Irene (we were on a first name basis at this point) said she was going to take a couple of days off from her job and we could work together. She offered to pay me and I said I was happy just to help her out. Graciously, she accepted this with a smile.

Irene worked a Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 job. I usually worked on the weekends so she decided to take Monday through Thursday off. I rode my bike to her house that Monday and she greeted me at the door in sweat pants and a t-shirt. She looked great to me and I had a hard time taking my eyes off of her as she took me on a tour of the house. The kids, she told me, were at day care so we wouldn't have to work around them. She wanted to paint the three bedrooms and the bathroom and there were a few problems with the plumbing in the bathroom.

We decided to start with her room since it was the biggest. Irene agreed that we should move everything to the center of the room and cover it with a drop cloth first. Irene was telling me about her job as we moved the bed toward the center of the room. We were going to put the lighter stuff on the bed with the dresser at the end of it. Irene was piling stuff on the bed when I picke up the night stand that went next to the bed. When I did this I found a pink rubber dildo that must have fallen underneath it. I froze for a minute staring at it. I knew what it was right away and Immediately I followed a line of logic that put that little dildo right in Irene's hot juicy cunt. Irene must have noticed me not moving because she came around the bed and saw the dildo also. "Oh, my god! I'm so embarrassed." she said. I turned away and put the end table on her bed. I mumbled something about it being no big deal as my heart pounded and I imagined her on the bed pumping it in and out of her dark little twat. I could feel my dick moving in my pants and I couldn't do anything about it. I was looking pretty much anywhere but at Irene. When I finally hazarded a glance at her it looked like she was having just as hard a time looking at me. "Hhey, It's no big deal." I stammered. She smiled and started talking. "I'm so embarrassed that you saw this. It's just that since my husband left .......and with two kids it's hard to find time to date........and with two kids it's hard to find someone who wants to date me......well...." I interrupted her and said "Hey, really, don't worry about it." I felt sorry for her because she looked pretty miserable. "You don't have to explain it at all really, there's nothing to be ashamed about." Irene sighed, "You're right I suppose, and I appreciate your being so kind, I guess I'm just embarrassed that you saw it." She smiled meekly and I smiled back. "Let's get this stuff covered up and start painting." I suggested.

Now I had said it was no big deal but I couldn't stop thinking about that dildo and while Irene was cutting in and I was rolling paint behind her I kept staring at her big round ass and her little titties pointing out. Once in a while she would catch me staring and smile at me. I asked her if she really hadn't had sex since her husband and she said yes. She seemed like she didn't want to talk about it at first but then she kind of opened up. Even before her husband had left she wasn't having much sex. He liked big tits and said her ass was too fat. I expressed my disbelief at this and she smiled appreciatively. Walking what I felt was a fine line, I told her I thought she was beautiful and had a wonderful body. Any man would have to be nuts to think otherwise. This opened her up a little more and the conversation evolved into a discussion of what we liked and didn't like about the opposite sex and stuff like that. I had been with a couple of girls from school and we talked vaguely some of the things we liked during sex. The whole time my dick was in a kind of semi-hard constantly leaking frenzy, and my eyes continued to eat up her sexy body as I continued to become more and more aroused. Suddenly, we were done with the room. "Let's go into the kitchen and grab something to eat." she told me.

In the kitchen, over sandwiches and pop, we continued our conversation. Somehow the conversation had gotten around to pubic hair and I was saying most of the girls I knew shaved and just had a small patch." She was quiet for a bit and asked how I felt about full bushes. Having seen a few old pornos and spent a lot of time looking at my dad's old playboys I answered that I loved them and often wished it weren't the current trend to shave. She smiled again and I suspected she was one with a full bush and my cock throbbed in my jeans. We talked about cleanliness and how some of the girls didn't smell so good. Irene looked shocked and kind of worried. "They smell bad?" she asked. "You've never smelled yourself?" I asked. "No, but I try to keep myself clean, I don't want to smell bad......" "Well, why don't you check right now? Just give yourself a little rub and smell your finger." I suggested. She blushed and said "no, way" but the air was thick between us and her nipples were poking out aggressively. "You know, If I was older I'd be asking you out all the time." I said boldly. She blushed again and said "If i were a little younger, I'd be taking you up on it."

We finished up and headed to the bathroom to see about fixing the sink and getting it ready to paint. I got under the sink where the faucet was leaking and she stood over me, handing me tools. I had a hard time concentrating as I stared at her pussy. Her sweat pants were stretched tight over her cunt and were riding up a little in the cleft. A couple of times she stood right over me and I thought I would die. My cock was throbbing at full attention and I shifted uncomfortably a few times until it was pointing straight up. Finally, after rewrapping a little teflon tape around some joints and retightening I figured the sink should work just fine. I stood up and we tried the water. Hot and cold worked just fine and when we peered under the basin nothing seemed to be leaking. She giggled excitedly and splashed some water on me. I laughed and did the same to her and she squealed like a little girl and ran away. I figured she was just hiding in the hall way but when I peaked she was gone. I walked through the house and in the kitchen I found her with a glass of ice cold water which she dumped on me and ran away again. We both ran to the sink and I found my own glass and filled it up. She beat me to it and threw another glass at me before she ran away. I chased after her with my full cup of water and got her right on the chest. What a wet t-shirt show! The thin fabric of her shirt plastered to her chest and her beautiful little tits pointed straight out at me. Her sexy brown nipples pointed slightly upward. I ran back to the kitchen and I could hear her in the bathroom filling up. I ran back and threw another glass at her and she was soaked. Even her sweatpants clung wetly to her body and I was thrilled. I ran back to the kitchen with Irene hot on my trail, yelling "You are in so much trouble!" As I rounded the corner, I turned abruptly and caught her as she came up behind me. The glass was held high as I caught her wrist to keep her from spilling it on me. We giggled and fought, trying to slosh the contents on each other. As I backed her into the living room she fell on the couch and I went down on top of her. I could feel my hard cock pressing against her pussy as she squirmed underneath me. Her breathing was ragged and so was mine as I spilled the rest of the glass on her chest. Irene shuddered and fought wildly against me until we rolled onto the floor. She straddled me, still rubbing her pussy against my bulging jeans. She looked great as I let her wrestle my arms to the floor. Her pointy little tits were just inches from my face as we grinned at each other. "Now what are you going to do?" she teased. "Nothing." I said, "I like it here it feels good." Irene stopped smiling then and leaned into me. Our lips met and it felt like my whole body was on fire. She let go of my wrists and I wrapped my arms around her waist. Her upper body was tiny. She had delicate little shoulders and small soft, fleshy arms. I kissed her deeply while she ground her pelvis against me and I slid my hands down to her soft wide hips. Irene pulled away and looked a little scared. I know I was technically under age but I wanted her and she obviously wanted me. She must have thought the same thing because she quoted a recent movie line, saying "What the fuck!" and she dove back into my mouth. I rubbed her wide hips a bit then moved up to remove her shirt. Her pointy little breast sprung out as I pulled it over her head and we quickly removed my shirt as well. Grinning, we pressed our bodies close again and I slid my hands under her sweat pants. Our skin was still wet and cold, but I was burning up inside. It felt wonderful as I slid her sweat pants down over her ass.

Irene stood up abruptly, standing over me with her wet pantied ass hanging over my face and told me to come with her. In a daze she led me back to her room where she realized everything was covered by a tarp. turning she peered in the other two rooms and, making a decision, led me into her older daughter's room. It was relatively tidy and the bed was made. "I'm sure I'll be going to hell for this." she muttered as she turned back into my arms and I bent down to kiss her soft lips. She was definately a hottie. Her long black hair was plastered to her tan cheeks and I brushed it out of the way. her beautiful tits pressed like two hot pokers against my abdomen. I kneeled down like I was worshipping her (and I was) and kissed her soft belly button as I finished pulling her sweat pants off. I marvelled at her body as I continued to kiss my way around her drenched panties. I could see the dark curls of her bush through the transparent fabric and a few poked out around the edges. I kneaded her big soft ass as I pulled her to me and kissed her thighs. She moaned and told me she wanted to see me naked. I stood up again and undid my pants while she pulled her panties off. My cock was rock hard, of course as we came back together to press it between us. There was so much I wanted to do to her but I was aching to be inside of her pussy. Apparently she had the same idea as she laid down on her daughter's bed and pulled me on top of her. It was like a dream as I squirmed around inside of her burning cunt. We stared into each others eyes as I thrust in and out of her. She had beautiful dark brown eyes, I could get lost in them. When I came I pulled out and shot it across her belly. She said I needn't have done that since she'd had her tubes tied. We talked and giggled and caressed each other until it was about 2 o'clock. Irene said she'd better get things cleaned up before the kids got home and we got dressed. I told her I'd clean up the painting supplies. I left her around 3. I had to work from 5 to 9 and ran home to get showered and eat.

The next day I showed up at Irene's house around 8:30. I was eager to get some work done and hopefully have time for some fun as well. Irene was wearing a thn tank top and some pretty short shorts. Her legs were short and thick but they were curvacious and tanned. We got to work on her Youngest daughter's room right away. It was a wonderful morning as we got a lot done but still played a little and talked. Every once in a while one of us would pause and draw the other into a deep kiss and a little touch and feel. We had the room painted by 11 o'clock and went into the kitchen for a 'snack'. The snack ended up being Irene's pussy. As she drank a diet soda and I a glass of orange juice I kissed her and pushed her up to the table. As she offered no resistance, I removed her pants and lifted her onto the table's edge. Irene laid back and moaned softly as I leaned in to taste her already moistening cunt. It was great and I told her so. Feeling more open, she reached down and fingered herself and sniffed and tasted it. She agreed that it wasn't bad at all as I began lapping up her wonderful juices. She had a fantastic pussy. Her hair was almost black and a lot straighter than any of the girls I had been with, and because of her mexican heritage her pussy was as tan as the rest of her. her outer lips parted easily with my tongue and inside her pussy swelled a dark purple. I licked at her for about 15 minutes while she squeezed me with her thighs and rubbed her fingers in my hair. Finally, she shuddered with a huge orgasm and told me breathlessly that she wanted to do the same to me. I scooted up on the table and she rested her pointy little tits on my thighs as she took my dick in her mouth. I loved watching her pretty face slide up and down my pole and she stared up at me as she did it. She knew how to suck a dick and I thought, not for the first time, what an idiot her ex husband must be for leaving her. His loss, my gain though. As I felt my cum boiling, Irene picked up the pace and told me she wanted me to cum on her tits. I agreed heartily as she started jerking me with her soft little hands until I shot a huge load on her sexy little tits. Irene rubbed it in and rubbed my wilting cock between them before scraping a little off and sucking it into her mouth. I kissed her and knew I was in love. We got cleaned up and Irene left her shirt off for me. We both worked topless as we painted her other daughter's room. By 4 we were done and rather than bother with cleaning up she said she wanted me inside of her once more before I had to go. So, bent over her other daughter's bed, I fucked her. Her big ass jiggled as I pounded furiously into her little hole. She loved it and moaned loudly as I reached around to cup her small breasts in my hands, pulling her into me as I did so. My orgasm lasted for 30 seconds or so as my cock continued to spasm long after my balls had drained themselves into her. She more than matched me in length and intensity. I helped her clean up a little before I left and went home for some much needed rest.

On Wednesday I showed up and Irene met me at the door in just a pair of pink panties. She led me directly into her room which she had put back together with the help of her daughters and pulled me onto the bed with her. There was an awkward frenzy as I fought to kiss her, feel her all over and get my clothes off all at once. She told me that today she just wanted to take a break and we could worry about the bathroom tomorrow. I agreed and we fucked slowly, takking pleasure in each other's bodies. For most of the morning we rolled around and played with each other. I adored every inch of her body and told her as much. As we sat naked eating lunch together, I brought up the subject of her dildo, telling her how I had been unable to stop thinking about her pleasuring herself when I first saw it. She giggled and I told her I'd love to see her using it on herself. Hesitantly she agreed that she would use the dildo if I masturbated in front of her also. We ran back into the bedroom and I pulled out the dildo. Irene laid down on her bed and I ran it between her legs. She took it from me and began to run her fingers in a circle over her clit. My dick was hardening as I watched her sexy swollen slit grow wet as she did so. I sat in a chair by the dresser and slowly stroked my growing cock. She eyed me passionately as she slid the dildo into her twat. I loved the show. I was seeing things from an angle I could never acheive if it was me pumping in and out of her and I was loving every minute of it. I watched as her cunt lips stretched around the thickness of the dildo and pulled out and pushed in with it. I wanted so bad to taste her and I moved in for a closer look. Irene had only been doing this for a minute and she was already panting heavily. I asked her if she would get on her knees and do it. She did and I told her what an incredible ass she had. I watched as she slid the pink dildo in and out of her sopping wet pussy. The little black hairs of her pussy trailed lightly all the way back to her asshole and as I stroked my cock I directed my attention to that puckered little brown hole. I could see it pulse lightly each time she shoved the dildo in and began salivating at the thought of putting my mouth over it. We had never talked about this and I was afraid of making her mad or grossing her out but I couldn't help myself. I leaned in as she continued with the dildo and gave her asshole a little kiss. She flinched a little and I froze with my face in her ass. When she didn't move I kissed her again, longer and let my tongue slide out across her sphincter. She groaned and resumed her dildo action. SCORE! I dove in with gusto. If anyone had said anything about eating ass before Irene, I would have been totally grossed out, but something about this little woman made me want to devour all of her. I licked, sucked and poked her butthole with my tongue as I roughly massaged her big brown ass cheeks. I moved them around in opposing circles as I continued my oral presence at her shithole. Irene never said a word but began shoving her ass into my face like she wanted me all the way in her ass. Her anus had grown warm and darkened in color as I continued my minstrations. In the bathroom I had seen some vaseline and I quickly ran to get it. As I returned to the bedroom she smiled at me and I dipped my finger in for a big glop. Behind her, I quickly greased up a couple of fingers and rubbed them around her asshole. She moaned in anticipation and kept pushing her ass back against me. I slid first one and then two fingers into her boiling ass and she groaned with pleasure. I could feel the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy through the thin bit of flesh between. Irene ground her hips against my hand and I felt her ass tighten on my fingers as she climaxed violently. I imagined how it would feel on my cock and told her I was going to fuck her ass. Now, she begged me, do it now. No argument from her I guess. I lubed up my raging cock and pushed it against her swollen ass. I had thought I would slide it in slowly but she just shoved her ass back onto my cock and began groaning as she started rocking back and forth on it. It felt incredible and I didn't imagine I would last long as I watched my cock disappearing between her beautiful ass cheeks. She was still using the dildo and I could feel her fingers tickling my balls as she slammed onto me. The bed was creaking and the head board was banging lightly against the new paint job. I pushed her down onto her stomach as I thrust my cock as deep into her as I could. She lay there with her big ass pointed up in the air and me slamming down into her for a couple of seconds before I shuddered and felt my dick explode inside of her. I continued to slide in and out of her asshole as I slowed down. I pulled my dick out of her ass and looked saw her sphincter closing slowly like an elevator door. I leaned in and slid my tongue into the slowly closing hole and her ass tried to clamp down on me. My tongue was pushed out slowly and I licked around the outer edge of her asshole for a minute before I gave up. Irene hadn't had an orgasm with my dick inside of her and she was kind of hoping for another I guess. She pulled the dildo out of her cunt and lubed it up with more of the vaseline. She asked me with a guilty look if I would shove it in her ass and eat her out at the same time. I was delighted and did just that. She took the dildo like a champ. It was thicker than my cock and she grunted a little but mostly sounded like it felt good. I licked at her pussy for about fifteen minutes while she rolled and bucked and pulled my head against her clit. Kind of the equivilent, I thought of a man fucking a woman's mouth. I was rewarded with what was fast becoming my favorite treat. As her legs tensed up her pussy flooded my mouth with cunt juice and I lapped it up. She kept rubbing her pussy against my mouth for a few minutes with progressively less intensity. We laid there and talked about the whole experience while I rubbed her soft pussy lips and sucked tenderly on her pointed nipples. We showered together and ended the afternoon in a slow 69.

On my way home I thought of nothing but her big sexy ass. Thrusday morning I showed up and Irene was wearing her regular sweat pants and t-shirt again. I was a little disappointed but we did have work to do and she couldn't very well walk around in panties all the time. We kissed frequently and groped each other as we painted the bathroom and talked a lot while we finished up. I was amazed at how easy she was to talk to. I think as much as anything else this was what turned me on about her. When we got done it wasn't even noon. Irene went to shower up and when she came out she had on the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. White garters, stockings and a push up corsette contrasted beautifully against her dark skin. Her breast were bare supported unnecessarily by the corsette so they pointed straight forward. She wore no panties and her pussy was shave bare. Just when I thought it could get no better..... Irene walked toward me and I gathered her in my arms. She took me to her bedroom and there was a camera set up facing the bed. She said she wanted to make a video tape for her own personal use and I was eager to oblige. I quickly stripped while she turned on the camera and focused in. She joined me on the bed where I lightly stroked her bald beaver. I loved the texture of her soft hairless lips. "What about me?" I asked her. she said there was an electric razor in the bathroom if I wanted to trim myself a bit. I did and I ran into the bathroom and just trimmed. I didn't want to shave but I wanted to take some off so I could feel her better. I ran back in with my new buzz cut and Irene was practically drooling as she said how much bigger it looked. I joined her again on the bed and we kissed passionately. I rubbed her ass and she tugged ugently on my cock. Paying careful attention to the camera, I knelt between her legs and began licking around her newly shorn pussy. It was soft and delicious as I savored her flowing juices. I licked avidly at her clit and she moaned how good it felt. Her stockinged thighs rubbed against my ears as she pushed her pelvis to my tongue. After a few minutes I rotated my body so we could lay on our sides and Irene took my cock into her mouth while I continued to lick her clit while sliding a finger in and out of her hugry hole. We went at this for a while and I could imagine myself jerking off viciously to a video like this and hoped Irene would let me have a copy. After a few minutes she told me to fuck her and I got between her legs and slid into her steamy box. It was incredible how much deeper I felt with all of that hair out of the way. Irene said pretty much the same thing as we ground our bare pubic bones together. After a few minutes of this extacy, she got on her knees with her ass to the camera and told me to fuck her hard. I didn't need to be asked twice. I threw my cock into her and started bucking hard against her as she backed into every thrust. She was talking pretty dirty and I knew it was for the camera but it made my balls boil. She orgasmed several times and you could see her ass shake when she did. "I want you to cum on my face." she told me. When the time came I withdrew quickly and she spun around and sat up. Looking up into my eyes she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out as she grabbed my pulsing dick and jerked it furiously. My cum shot out, hitting her in the eye and across the cheek before slowing down and dripping another tablespoon on her tongue. Irene swirled this around in her mouth, sticking her gooey tongue out for the camera before swallowing it. She took my cock and used it to rub the cum on her eye and cheek all around her face and then sucked my dick softly for a few more seconds. Man just like a real porno. I knew this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. After a few minutes of recovery, she said she wanted me to fuck her ass again for the camera. No problem. I spent a few minutes licking her puckered brown eye and slid a few greasy fingers in and out of her before she had me lie on my back and she lowered herself onto my dick. From somewhere she had produced her pink dildo and began to slide it in and out of her cunt. I was supporting her from behind and she just leaned against my hands and slid up and down my cock while playing with her sexy new pussy. I watched her big ass slide up and down up and down and my nuts tightened as I thought about the view from the other side. Irene place one small hand on my chest as she began slamming her ass down harder on my cock. There was a lot of slapping and panting and groaning as I helped guide her up and down while she still slid the dildo in and out with her left hand. finally I shot what felt like a tremendous load into her burning ass and that seemed to trigger her own orgasm. It must have been a big one, because her ass clamped tightly and I felt a warm, wet rush across my testicles. It was a real gusher, I later found out. She pulled off of me and I could see my cum leaking out of her slowly closing shithole. Irene asked me if I would clean her up for the camera and I agreed. She got on her knees with her ass to the camera again and I leaned in from the side and licked her still flowing pussy until I got every last drop. Then I worked my way up to her butt and licked my own cum from her asshole. She moaned with pleasure and I rimmed her lovingly and squeezed her cheeks together. We laid there afterwards and I was more in love than ever. We watched the video and it was great. I watched her pussy practically explode at the end. It was like a tiny tidal wave. She agreed that I could have a copy and we fell asleep in each others arms.

After a little nap I got up and went home. Irene and I remained good friends and lovers for another year. I was only 17 though and she 35 and we both agreed that we could just never have a legitimate public relationship even though we seemed made for each other. We both gained a lot of confidence and eventually she started dating men her age and I moved on to teaching girls closer to my age the things I had learned with Irene. Whenever I want to see some real fucking though, I just lock the door, turn out the lights and pull out my video of me and Ms. Garcia

Rating: 77%, Read 706815 times, Posted Jan 19, 2005

True Story | Anal, Latina, Male, Old Female, Young


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