Family Therapy III by darklord9895

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Susan stood and just stared, she could feel the ache between her legs getting worse as she watched the drama in front of her. Being a Doctor for over twenty years allowed her to step back and detach herself from her patients; here too she looked on as an objective spectator enjoying the thrill of watching a young couple having sex right in front of her. The fact they were her daughter and son only heightened the tension.

She knew the game they were playing; it was simply seduction and wearing her down. The fact that it was working and she knew exactly what and how they were doing it, only added to her excitement.

Sandy sensed her mother's presence and spread herself wide open as Tommy fucked her harder and harder. Both of them loved the thrill of doing something so taboo and knowing they were exciting her all at the same time.

"I'm goanna cum." Tommy moaned.

Tommy pulled Sandy down as he fucked her faster and faster, he knew he was close and the fact he knew his mother was going to watch him cum only excited him more. He spread Sandy wide open so Susan could see every detail.

"Shoot it in me." Sandy moaned as her pussy was stretched wide open with each thrust.

"Here I cum." He moaned as he began to shoot inside her.

Sandy lifted up and just let the head of his cock stay in her as he shot into her. Slowly moving up and down, Tommy's shaft glistened with the white cream giving Susan the perfect view of their little game they were playing. She felt the ache between her legs and knew she couldn't hold out much longer.

"OH, Hi Mom." Sandy said as she acknowledged her mother’s presence. Both she and Tommy immediately noticed the short white T-shirt Susan was wearing. It barely covered her thighs and both her nipples were sticking straight out of the material. It only made them want to put on a show for her as they teased her without mercy.

Susan watched as Sandy boldly spread her ass wide open, and then lifted up so Tommy's cock just came out of her. Slowly, the white semen oozed out of her and down onto the still rigid cock under her.

"My God, he's still hard." Susan whispered softly.

"He's wearing me out; he can still go for more. At least Ash has her mother to help with Mark, what is it with guys at this age anyway?" Sandy asks.

"The survival of the species, young men can have sex three times a day. Guess its nature's way of making sure we move forward and not become extinct." Susan replied in her typical doctor's explanation.

"You mean they can fuck all day.” Sandy says.

"That's pretty much true." Susan softly replies.

She just can't take her eyes off Tommy's cock, which was still rigid, and his white semen slowly trickling down his shaft reminded her more and more of an ice cream cone as it slowly melts, leaving a trail of white oozing down its side. She could feel her knees becoming weak as she tried to take her eyes off that beautiful dick just a few feet away.

Sandy could see the affect they were having on her, laid down next to Tommy, spread her wide open, and began rubbing her clit furiously. She knew it wouldn't take much and could already feel herself getting close.

"Make yourself cum." Susan said almost in a whisper.

"I can't believe how wet I am, he fucks me so good. I bet you like watching us fuck, don't you?" Sandy moaned as she felt her climax over taking her. For the next minute, she just lies still with her eyes closed and then opens them and looks at her mother staring at Tommy.

"Can you believe it, he's still hard." Sandy says. She can see the affect it is having on her mother and senses now is the time to act.

Tommy starts stroking himself up and down slowly, him can see the state that his mother is in and capitalizes on her weakness as he teases her. His cock has full control of Susan, it's as though she has no will of her own. She just stands there with her own fluid dripping down her legs.

"We're going to a party at the Gates house on Saturday, Mark and I are going to take turns fucking all the girls-especially Mrs Gates." He says.

"We're goanna have an orgy and I know both Tommy and Mark want you to come too." Sandy adds.

"OH, I'm sure they want me to cum." Susan adds without hesitation. Both Sandy and Tommy hear the way

she pronounces cum and know she is close to surrendering.

Susan turns and picks up the phone on the coffee table; Sandy looks at Tommy, both unsure what is happening.

"Hi, I hear there is going to be a party Saturday night." Susan says to Jane.

"Yea, I was going to talk to you about it tomorrow over lunch." Jane says.

Susan bends down and straddles Tommy; slowly she slides his cock all the way inside her. She feels his hands spread her wide open as Sandy pulls her T-shirt over her head.

"OH MY God." Is all she can say into the phone? She hands the phone to Sandy as Tommy starts fucking her furiously. She feels the finger probing her ass, which only drives her wilder.

Sandy takes the phone out of her hand, "Hi Mrs Gates, Mom can't talk right now because Tommy is fucking her brains out."

"You guys finally wore her down; I knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Ask her if she wants me to send Mark over so they can fuck her at the same time." Jane says.

Sandy is both surprised and excited with what Jane just said to her. She realizes there is a completely new side to both women she never even knew existed. Telling her mother what Jane said just unleashes more repressed passion from Susan.

Lifting herself up, she pulls Tommy's cock out of her and slowly slides it into her quivering asshole. In all her time being married, this is the one sexual pleasure she had to do without because Bob was too squeamish about doing it.

"I can't believe it; he's fucking her in her ass now." Sandy says into the phone. She watches as her brother's cock glides in and out of the tight lips of the asshole he is impaling.

"Honey, hand the phone to your mother." Jane says.

"I haven't had this in twenty years; I can't wait to feel him shoot in me." Susan moans into the phone.

"Wait till their both fucking you at the same time.” Jane says.

"I wish Mark was her right now, I'd fuck both of them at once." Susan moans.

Tommy cannot believe what he is hearing, the words and the tight grip his mother's asshole has on his cock make it impossible to last any longer.

"I'm cummimg." He moans.

Susan feels the hot semen shooting into her, it's been so long and she almost gave up hope of ever feeling it again. Savoring every millisecond, she just closes her eyes and lets her ass be filled with the white hot cum Tommy just shot into her.

"I can't believe how good it feels, he just shot inside me. It's been too long to go without. Remember how we were like rabbits in college and squealed as we were being fucked by both of them." Susan told Jane.

Sandy and Tommy just look at each other. There was a whole new side to both Mrs Gates and their mother that they never knew existed. Waiting four days until Saturday would be a cruel torture now knowing just some of what the two older women had in store for them.

Susan looked at Sandy and then Tommy, "You two started this with me, and I hope you can handle it. Especially you and Ash, when both boys see how good it feels fucking me and Jane at the same time, they're going to want you two as well." Susan says.

"He fucks me in the ass now; I want to have both of them in me." Sandy replies.

"I can't wait." Susan says as she stands up with the cum still trickling out of her.

[I know you are also cant wait for the Saturday]

{Yours Darklord}

Rating: 89%, Read 40286 times, Posted May 30, 2010

Fiction | Anal, Ass to pussy, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Oral Sex, Threesome


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