A Family Betrayal Chapter 2 by Hawkrider

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Fiction | Asian, Black, Interracial, Non-Erotic, Pregnant, Romance, Violence

Two weeks as gone by since I left not telling anyone why or where I was going. Making my way east was very interesting as I slept in the back of my truck after getting a shell for the back. I bought a air bed to put in the back and pillows. It wasn’t the Holiday Inn or a Super 8, but it was my makeshift home. I did this as to not leave a trail in case my ' Family’ tried to search for me. I used that word family loosely as of how my old way of thinking had changed to a new way. After all the promises had been broken, and the way those around me changed so did my heart. That first week my heart was surrounded by a wall made of pain mixed with hurt. I felt alone as I still do. First my Sister and Brother changed, then my mother distanced herself, but three people I thought that would never in 20 years betray me did. Every moment I drove away from the west coast the more I harden my heart. The more my blood toward them turned to ice. I sworn a vow to never go west again as it would only bring hurt. I hardly slept as nightmares haunted me. I would maybe get two to three hours of sleep at rest stops or parking lots that I parked in at night.

On my way I also ran into bikers on the road. Seeing different groups ride from all over. I guess since it was summer they were taking trips. In Tennessee that was when I noticed one gang or club whatever they were called. These bikers acted like family as I watched them intently while refueling my truck. The patches they wore was a eagle carrying a flag flying through the air. They were named the Souls of Freedom and what the bottom patch stated from Alabama. I thought of why they would be in Tennessee, then it hit me probably on a road trip. I shook my head as to not stare at the women that was amongst the men. I don’t know who the guy was, but he had a beautiful African American woman and a blonde woman with him. They all three looked to be in their 40's. I watched as him and the ebony lady got on a trike as the blonde woman got on her own bike. I tried to see what was written on the trike. What I could see was two words wit the letter S on each. Once my truck was full I went in to pay. After I paid walking out I noticed the guy looking at me with shaded eyes. I ignore his facial expression going to my truck to get back on the road. Once in the driver seat starting my ranger I take another look at the patches to make sure I don’t run into them again.

That was over a week ago as it’s the third week of June. Being the early morning on a Friday I again sit in my spot that I have taken as a relaxing place. I have made it a point to watch the sunrise as a new beginning for me. Growing up in California I would see the sunset, but never rise. As I watch the horizon where the open ocean meets the sky. I ponder if my family ever seen a sunrise. I shake the thought from my mind as the pain stabs into my heart. Each time I think of those that I was close to my feelings draw more and more into a darkness they have never been. I see a glow start to show on the dark waters of the ocean. Colors of dark yellow, red, and a hint of purple. I splay my legs out with my hands to my sides outward feeling the sand between my fingers. As the sun starts to wake up I feel a smile come upon my face. It’s like a new friend coming to say hello to me with out words. The dark colors become bright as the waves clash against the rocks not far away. I let my mind empty of my conflicts and pain to be filled with this beautiful sight. It’s at that moment though that I see a figure upon the water. He is wearing jeans, a dress shirt. His eyes are blue with hair short of red strains. His face is hidden as the sun brightens behind him. I don’t know who he is as he starts getting closer. Once he is at the sandy shore I notice his frown hidden behind his small smile. I see his face as my eyes grow wide. It can’t be, but it is. The man I knew as a kid was standing not far in front of me. I looked into his eyes and all I could see was concern, worry, and above all love. I shook my head not believing what my eyes were seeing. As I looked again the man was gone to only be replaced by what was real. I looked around and saw no one. As the sun rose with just the bottom touching the ocean I let out a sigh only to be replaced by words that spoke soft in the ocean wind that hit upon my face.

“ Dad I know you can’t hear me, but I need a ear to talk to.” As I say those words a voice comes from behind me sounding almost angelic, but yet beautiful just the same

“ Hey sonny your on private property.” The voice tells me as turn my head to see a older woman standing just steps away from me with a sweet smile upon her lips

“ Oh sorry ma’am as I didn’t know. I’ll leave as I don’t want to cause any trouble.” I tell her making my way to my feet

I get to my feet only to stumble taking a step in front of me. Before I can get my balance the woman takes my left arm into her hands to help me keep my balance.

“ You ok sonny you look pale as your eyes have bags under your eyes?” She asks taking my arm around her neck then placing a arm around my back

“ No ma’am as I haven’t really slept or ate for three days. Just been staying awake to keep the nightmares at bay.” I answer getting a shook head

“ Well my name is May and this is my property. Look you can sleep in one of my guest room for the day.” She tells me as I get some strength to stand

“ No ma’am I couldn’t impose as my truck is over there I will be just fine.” I say as May shakes her head again

“ No sonny it’s ok really, and please call me May. Now let me help you to my home.” May tells me not taking no for a answer

I just let out a sigh and nod accepting the nice offer for a normal bed to sleep in. May helps me up the stairs that are behind her house. It’s a nice home being a two story house. The windows are like bay windows with light brown curtains. The outer trim is off white making the brown stand out of the house. Once up the stairs to her back yard I notice a in ground pool covered up making me guess she doesn’t use it any more. May helps me inside past the double back doors. I notice the living room has that old time decor which makes it homely. She helps me up the stairs to which I take the guest room is up past. The walls of the hallway have pictures cascading down the way to bedroom doors. May helps me into the first room on the right. Once in I am helped to the bed. It’s a big bed with red covers with red covered pillows. May helped me upon the soft bed. As I was about to lean over to take off my sand covered shoes May stopped me just to kneel down and do it herself. After May took off my shoes she stood up. She told me to lay down with a smile. I did as she placed a cover over me. I watched as she stood there for a few seconds before making her way out the door. I closed my eyes only to fall into a deep sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept as the nightmares that were my dreams never woke me. When I did wake it was hours later. I sat up being confused until the mornings events rushed through my mind. I noticed there was still light out as the curtains of red at a glow to them. I glanced at the watch upon my wrist to see it was 6 p.m. I had slept 11 hours to my shock. I put my shoes on only to make my way out of the room that kept me safe. Once past the hallway and down the old, but yet railing on each side of the stairs. I stumbled past the living room to find the kitchen that smelled of soup being made. I stood to see May with her back to me stirring the contents of the pot that was on the stove. I looked around the kitchen to see familiar things my grandparents use to have when they were alive when I was a little boy. The memories of them came to me as those were happy times in my life. I cleared my throat as to not startle her. As May turned she had a smile. To me she looked to be in her 60's. She had long black hair with gray streaks mixed in. She stood 5'8 and looked to me 123 lbs. Her eyes were a light brown that sparkled in the light.

“ So your up sonny take a seat.” May tells me turning back to the stove

I made my way over to a seat that I noticed was hardly sat in. Once in the wooden chair I watched as May brought me a bowl filled with soup. She then went to only pour a glass with what I guessed was ice tea. She poured another glass for her bring both over. One in front of me as the other she placed across from me. I waited for her to get her bowl as I didn’t want to be rude to her hospitality. Once May was seated across from me she smiled telling me to eat. May and I started eating the soup she made. I found it very good as it was chicken with noodles. It was about 3 minutes later May looked up at me with a quizzical look.

“ Sonny, I don’t want to be rude, but what is your name as you didn’t tell me it this morning.” May asks as I look up with wide eyes

“ Sorry guess my manners have been missing as of late. My name is Heath.” I answer getting a warm smile

“ No harm done Heath as I suppose my voice caught you off guard.” She tells me as I nod

“ Yeah, if I knew the spot I was sitting was private property I might of never sat there this whole week.” I inform her getting a nod

“ Oh you have, but why is that Heath?” She asks me as I take a bite of the soup in front of me

“ Well I have been watching the sun rise in the mornings since I reached the east coast.” I tell her only to get a smile

“ Yes the sunrise is so beautiful as it rises up the ocean, but what brought you here. I don’t mean to pry, but don’t you have a family to be with in the morning’s?” May asks me as I try to find the words to answer her

“ Well that is a very hard question to ask.” I inform her as she takes a drink from her glass

“ Heath I am not going anywhere, and as I am feeding you after sleeping in the guest room. I want a story to hear so please give a 57 year old woman a idea of why a handsome young man was on my property.” May tells me as I nod not to be rude

I take a drink from the glass before telling her my reason for showing up on the sand. I tell her of the closeness of my family. The closeness of my siblings and parents. Then of when I was 13 years old my life started to change in a blink of eye with the death of my father. May listens intently as I get to my mother sending me to private school with my best friends, and the sadness it brought to my family. I tell her of the summer my siblings started to change of distance from me as my mother stayed close to me. Then that next summer the change of my mother as also my 16th birthday. May shakes her head as she couldn’t believe my family would treat me in such a way. I tell her of the day I came home of my 17th summer to find a empty house then watched a video the same day that was left with a neighbor for me. May sat there with a disapproving expression. After I tell her of the letter my mother wrote she shook her head with widen eyes. I tell her of my god parents taking me in as their own. As my other best friends parents accepted me as a son all those years. I take a drink again from my glass as she takes a bite from her bowl. I pause for a few minutes to calm myself as my mind remembers the scene of those that were my friends as well my girlfriend. As I tell her of another betrayal May gives me a sympathetic look that show caring. May scooted her chair back only to come around to where I sat. She placed her arms around my neck hugging me. I had a few tears that came at that moment. I told her before i left I switched colleges so none of my supposed family could find me. May broke the hug going back to her seat. We sat in silence for a few moments until she smiled at me speaking.

“ Heath I will let you stay if you don’t mind doing some work around here. Say like a handy man so to speak.” May says to me as I think of her offer

“ May you have a deal and thank you.” In a very appreciated tone I tell her

“ Your very welcome, now finish eating so we can talk more, and get to know each other.” May says as I smile nodding

That evening goes after dinner as I help May wash the few dishes. She shows me around the house with what all she wants done. She also wants the backyard fixed up with a private fence in place. I make a list on my phone that I had gotten a week ago. Around 9 p.m. May and I sit on the couch talking as we watch some movie she likes. I find myself for once in two weeks relaxing in a place I can call home for that moment. Two hours later May goes to bed for the night. I follow not long after knowing I had a long day before me. Sleeping in a strange place is different, but something to get use too.


Tiffany’s POV: Saturday morning 9 a.m.

I am in the bathroom crying as the stick on the counter shows me why I have been so snippy at everyone. The past two weeks have been hell as my parents haven’t let things go. My father is very animate about showing his hurt. He slams doors and walks with heavy feet. My mother expresses herself with scriptures from the bible on cheating and betrayal. I get the picture from them both. As I cry looking at the pink stick I think of what to do. How was I so careless as to do what I had done. My pacing back and forth in the bathroom is not helping matters. There comes a knock on the door then a voice behind it.

“ Tiffany honey are you ok? You have been in there for such a long time your making me worried.” My mother tells me as I pocket the stick going to the door

I unlock the door opening it to see my mothers face show concern.

“ Hey mom I am ok just my you know what.” I tell my mother only to see her eyes show she doesn’t believe me

“ Ok Tiffany now get your purse as were going to Mike and Ellie’s.” My mother tells me as I get worried

“ Mom why...why are we going over there?’ I ask as she turns to look at me sternly

“ Mike called and wants to discuss a few things that’s why.” Mom says only to turn walking away

I stand there for a moment worried as to what my god father wanted. I go to my room to get my purse. I reach into my jean pocket to pull the stick out to only place it in my purse. Afterward I make my way down to the living room to find my parents waiting for me. My father tells us to head to the car while he locks the house up. I follow my mother out the door, and to my fathers car. Once in the back seat I can’t help, but worry as to what is going on. My dad finally gets in only to slam his driver door once again to show his hurt.

The drive to Chris’s parents is a quiet one except the soft music on the radio. I take out my phone to see no new messages. The last two weeks I have kept a eye out for a message from the man I love, but there has not been one word. As my father turned down the street that led to our destination I see Selena’s parents car in front. My mind comes to the thought this isn’t going to be good. Once my father pulls up in front of the house and parks we all get out. Walking up to the door I notice it open to see Ellie standing there waiting for us. She gives mom a hug and kiss on the right cheek then just a hug to dad. With me she gives a nod as I walk in. Once in their living room I am asked to take a seat on the couch next to Selena. I notice her eyes are red and puffy from crying. Chris has a sad look as he is over in a chair away from Selena. I guess they are still trying to work through all that happened two weeks ago. After the parents have a discussion amongst themselves Mike steps up with a very stern look.

“ Ok you three after two weeks of very hard thinking and trying to rationalize with everything that was said.” He paused giving each of us a glance before resuming “ We all love you, but you did something to hurt another that was so much part of this family. So with that said.” Mike again paused turning to Chris continuing “ Chris your going to move out of this house.”

Selena and I look at Chris who has wide eyes while looking at his father.

“ Dad what do you mean move out? I know I goofed up, but why are you kicking me out?” Chris states as I see a tear fall off his right cheek

“ Because Chris you need to man up to responsibility. What you three did can’t be forgiven just like that. Heath hasn’t contacted us since you returned.” Ellie says as I lower my head

“ The same goes for you Selena. Your mother and I have been talking it over and since you were all apart of this it’s only fair.” Nate says as I look to see Selena crying

“ Dad please don’t do this. Chris and I were just helping a friend.” Selena says responding to her father

I place my hand on my belly worried of what I was going to do. I couldn’t raise the baby alone and work at the same time. What was I going to do if I was kicked out.

“ Tiffany honey are you ok? Is your tummy bothering you?” My mother asks as I look up to see her standing in front of me

I look up to see her eyes as I feel mine about to water up.

“ Please mom don’t throw me out. I don’t know what to do.” I tell her with tears coming as she sits by me

“ Tiffany what...what do you mean you don’t know what to do?’ She asks looking at me concerned

I take in her question then out of reaction reach in my purse handing her the stick. She takes it only to look at it with eyes growing wide. I see her look at me then at Chris. Before I can stop my mother she gets up and starts for Chris. I watch as my mother starts hitting on him.

“ YOU SON OF A BITCH HOW DARE YOU GET MY DAUGHTER PREGNANT.” My mother yells as the other parents look on

“ PREGNANT!” Ellie screams going over to stop my mother who does to only hand the stick to Ellie

I watch as Ellie looks at me then at her son. Before anyone knows it Ellie starts wailing on her son.

“ HOW DARE YOU CHRIS YOU FUCKER.” Ellie says as the others try to calm mom and Ellie down

“ It wasn’t Chris.” I say getting them to stop

“ What do you mean it wasn’t Chris?” My dad asks with a hint of anger

I look at them all with tears as I hold my belly.

“ The baby is Heath’s as he is the only man that came in me.” I tell them as I cry

“ But the way you three told us you three were together before.” My mother says confused

“ We...we were mom. Look I am sorry for our stupidity, but since Heath started studying a lot more I was feeling lonely. I asked Selena if her and Chris could um help me with some of my needs. Selena was going to give herself to Heath in return, but before we could explain Heath caught us and well.” I explained until Selena cut me off

“ And that was when he took me anyway. I am also sorry for what we did. I guess we three didn’t think of the consequences of our actions.” Selena says as all the parents look at us

“ Dad, mom I am so sorry I hurt my bro, but I was just trying to help Tiffany. I was ok with Selena giving her virginity to Heath at the time, but when.” Chris tried to finish but was cut off

“ But when you saw Heath with Selena. You saw what he did with you and Tiffany. Chris you three didn’t think of the backwash. Yes you and Selena thought you were helping her with a one night thing. but that one night cane turn ugly later as it did.” Nate says telling a truth we didn’t think of

Our parent’s talk as Selena leans over placing her head on my shoulder. Her hand goes to my belly. and slowly rubs it.

“ So this will make me a aunt?” She asks getting a nod

“ Yes and Chris a Uncle.” I respond getting a small smile

I see Chris looking over at me with also a small smile as our parents turn facing us. Each one as a calm look which I hope is good.

“ Chris, Selena, and Tiffany honey. You three are going to get a apartment together. And the reason why is because my daughter is going to need help when the baby is born,and also you three need to get use to each other again. As friends for when Heath.” Mom pauses trying to hold back tears before continuing” For when Heath returns or visits he can see the three he saw before all this mess happened. We will also help with the baby as he did leave us a bundle of joy to raise.”

My mothers words make me cry so hard. She comes over to my side to hold me tight.

“ Tiffany why are you crying honey was it something I said?” She asked me as I nodded against her chest

“ I love him so much why did I be so selfish.” I say as Selena joins hugging me

“ Aww because you got horny and needed to be humped.” Selena says getting laughs from everyone

“ Ok that was a bit much. I just want to state Tiffany if you want to be true to you and Heath then from now on take care of your own needs in your own room alone. I don’t think you want to cheat anymore do you?” Ellie says getting a no

“ Mom you don’t have to worry I don’t think I could be with her anymore anyway.” Chris says as I nod in agreement

“ Of course not as you already have someone that needs you through all this. Son love is tough, but it’s how you stay together through good and bad that means more then words.” Mike says as the parents nod in agreement

After Chris took in those words he went over to Selena and held her close.

“ Sorry Selena for being so distant.” Chris told her as she looked in his eyes

“ No baby I am also sorry. We all three wasn’t thinking right. I love you Chris and am sorry you saw Heath take me.” Selena says to someone I see as a brother

“ Selena it was what we decided, but seeing you with another hurt me. As your father said I saw what Heath saw and now I understand why Heath did what he felt.” Chris says holding Selena

After some calmness my father spoke up with a smile.

“ Well since all this is all out in the open. How about we find these three a apartment together.” Dad says as we all three smile

“ Can it be three bedroom with one being a nursery?” Selena asks getting looks from our parents

“ Why three bedroom honey?” Kiko asks finally speaking

“ Well if Chris and I can get past this I...I want to have his baby. To show him he is the only man I want in my arms and heart as Tiffany wants my brother.” Selena says looking up in Chris’s eyes

All three sets of parents look at them with smiles.

“ Ok then three bedroom it is. Everyone up and at them we have apartment hunting to do.” Mike says as we stand up and leave taking a new step in life

As I get to the car I place my hands on my belly and speak to Heath and my under born baby in a soft voice.

“ I promise to love you as your father would and that one day you will see him......I promise.” I say as I feel the car move following my god parents that are in front of us


The day has gone by not so bad as I have been working on the back yard. I have one side of the yard fenced in as May wanted. I look to see it’s around two in the afternoon. May steps up behind me tapping my left arm. I turn to see a smile on her face.

“ Dang Heath you been working pretty hard.” She tells me as I nod

“ Yes, but it’s what you asked of me May for letting me stay here until I get ready for college in August.” I exclaim seeing her nod

“ That’s very true, but I don’t want you to over do it either. So lets go down to the beach so you can relax.” May tells me as I nod needing the break

May had two glasses of tea not far on the table waiting. I took off my gloves and safety glasses as also the tool belt I bought that morning. I followed her accepting one of the glasses she gave me. Making our way to the beach I help her down the stairs to a spot she chooses. We sit in the sand watching the surfers as well as the waves. May and I talk of what to do tonight. She suggest a movie in which I nod saying it sounds like a plan. I love her smile as it reminds me of someone I once felt close to. The day becomes evening as I finish a side and a half. I figure the backyard will be done by tomorrow evening. May fixes us dinner which is pork chops, fried potatoes, and squash. Her cooking is very good as I haven’t ate like this in a long time. That night was like last night I helped wash the dishes before we relax for the rest of the night. The movie we watch is a comedy that makes us both laughing. As the night before May went to bed around 11 p.m., but not before giving me a hug this time. It shocked me at first, but I returned it with a hug of my own. I followed a bit later making sure the house was locked and all the lights were off. I went to bed feeling some weight lifted off my shoulders, but the wall around my heart was still up making me feel some conflict still.

The days turned into weeks and after all the work I have done the house was looking like new. May was beside herself seeing the home her and her husband Lonny had built. May was all alone in the world losing her sons Benjiman and Keith overseas defending this country and her husband 4 years ago. She told me one day about them. May also told me the day she took me in was the best day as I helped her be needed again. I smiled telling her if it wasn’t for her I would still be living out of my truck. She smiled as we hugged each other. We stood out front admiring all the work I had done one day. She was very pleased at all that I had done.

The day before my birthday I had a idea of giving May a thank you gift. It was around 9:30 a.m. on a Monday. May came down telling me she had a doctor’s appointment. I gave her a look of concern in which I think she noticed.

“ Don’t worry Heath I am alright it’s just a regular check up so get that look of your face.” May told me getting a nod

“ Ok just don’t want to lose my best friend that’s all.” I tell her seeing a smile

May walked over to me as I sat in one of the living room chairs. She had me stand up to give me a hug looking up at me.

“ Heath you are not going to lose me as a best friend or grandmother. It’s been a month honey since you came into my life. You have been like a grandson to me. I will never leave you sweetie.” May tells me with a smile

“ Ok grandma May so how long is your um appointment?” I ask trying to find out

“ About two hours why do you ask?” May answers asking me in return

“ Oh no reason I just have something I want to um do for you as a thank you.” I say getting a puzzled expression

“ Oh may I ask to what it is?” may asks as I shake my head

“ Sorry it’s a surprise just go see the doctor, and I will see you later ok.” I say answering getting a giggle

“ Ok see you later grandson.” May tells me breaking the hug

I watched as she picked up her purse and her truck keys. As she walked out the door I stayed stood. I waited until I heard her truck start up before I made my way to a certain picture that hung on the wall down stairs. I smiled as my idea was going to work. I took the frame off the wall placing it on the couch carefully. Removing the back I took the picture out. I smiled making my way to the front door. I made sure to leave the back door unlocked so I could get back in. I locked the front door making my way to my truck. I had the location of a jewelry store and a photo place. I decided the jewelry store was first. I still hand plenty of money making sure of that.

I made my way to the jewelry store in no time at all. I went in to look for the perfect gift. I was approached by a sales clerk. She looked to be in her mid 30‘s, 5‘10, long blonde hair with red streaks and blue eyes.

“ May I help you sir?” She asked me as I looked at her name tag

“ Yes Sandra I want a locket that says thank you, but yet says love from a grandson.” I explained seeing her smile

“ Right this way hun I think I have what you want.” Sandra tells me as I follow her

Once we get to a counter she goes behind it to open the sliding door. I watch as Sandra pulls out a necklace with a gold heart locket. With my eyes wide I notice it has a red rose on the front. She hands it to me so I can look at it closely. I am in awe with how it shines in the indoor light. I begin to think of how it will do in the sun. I open it up to see it can hold two small pictures. I am sold right then to buy the perfect gift.

“ Can you inscribe something on the back for me?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes, but what do you want to be said?” Sandra asks as I smile

I take the pen near by as Sandra hands me a piece of paper. I write down something that comes from the heart. I hand it to Sandra who reads it after and smiles. She takes the necklace and takes it to the back. I stand waiting just looking at all they have for future reference. I see promise rings, engagement rings, keepsake pins, and wedding rings. I just think to myself ‘ Yeah right’ to the rings. Sandra comes back with the necklace letting me read the back. I smile as it looks great handing it back to her. She places it in a small box then takes me over to checkout. It cost a little bit, but May was worth it. Once out Sandra tells me if I ever need anything else to come back. I give her a smile thanking her as I leave. I make my way to the photo shop to get a 11 by 8 to a little picture. I smile looking at the picture of the three men when they were young. I begin to get another idea and smile at that thought. The ride is nice as I try to make this day nice.

I made my way back before May. I replaced the picture in the frame, and put it back on the wall. I went in the kitchen with the two small picture and necklace. I sat in the chair putting the pictures in the necklace. I had a smile on my face as they fit just right. It was about 12 p.m. when May came home humming.

“ Heath honey I’m home where are you sweetie?” May says as I come out of the kitchen with the necklace in my hand

“ Right her grandma May is everything ok?” I ask getting a nod

“ Yes honey like I told you just a regular checkup so how was your day?” May answers as I smile

“ Oh it was good as I got something nice for you.” I answer as her right eye brow raised

“ Heath you know you don’t have to get me anything. You just being here is enough as you bring me happiness by caring for me.” She tells me as I nod

“ I know Grandma May, but this is what I wanted to do. So do me a favor and meet me on the beach while I get us some tea.” I tell her getting a smile

I watch as she goes for the double back doors. I smile returning to the kitchen to get two glasses of tea. I also get the necklace making my way out the back. I try and keep a straight face making my way to the beach to find May sitting where we met that first day. Once to her I hand her the glass she normally uses as I sit down by her. We both watch the surfers riding the high waves that form. Sipping on the tea that are in the glasses. May turns to look at me with a smile before she speaks.

“ So what was it you wanted to talk about Heath?” May asks me as I chuckle

“ May since I have been here you have helped me know there are those I can trust even after a month. You have cared for me by being a good, wonderful friend. You are like a grandmother to me and I love you for that. So the past two weeks I have been racking my brain deciding on the perfect gift and I found it today.” I exclaim to her by reaching in the right pocket of my jeans

I pulled out the small box handing it to her. She looked at it with confusion by taking it from me.

“ Heath what is this for as it’s not my birthday?’ May asked me with quizzical eyes

“ Grandma May think of it as a token of a grandson’s thanks for being in his life.” I answered her with a warm smile

Grandma opened it just to gasp with a hand over her mouth for a moment.

“ Heath oh god sweetie it’s so beautiful.” May says as I nod

She reaches in pulling the chain out followed by the heart. I was right as it shined in the sunlight. May dropped the box to only open it. The next thing I see is tears coming to fall down her cheeks. I watch her trace the picture of her husband and sons. May cries as she does with me guessing the memories flowing through her mind. She then traces the one of her and I that was taken last week. May turns looking at me with tears of happiness as I see a smile.

“ Thank you Heath honey as this means so much to me.” May tells me as I nod

“ Read the back Grandma May I just hope the words are appropriate.” I tell her seeing her do as I suggested

“ From your Grandson Heath with love. Awww Heath I love you to baby boy.” May tells me scooting over to give me a hug

After we break the hug May hands me the necklace to put around her neck. I do just that for her. Once it’s around her neck I sit back down as May admires the rose on the heart. May places her head on my right shoulder looking at the waves. As the waves hit the sand May is quiet for a few minutes until after she lets out a sigh.

“ Heath have you ever wondered what heaven looks like?” May asks me out of the blue

“ Yes, I have as of late why do you ask grandma?” I answer with some concern asking her

“ Just curious honey that’s all. Heath I feel so relaxed here by the ocean. I guess that’s why I talked my husband to move here.” May tells me as I feel worried all the sudden

“ May what...what is going on your scaring me.” I say with a tear for some reason

May turns to look up in my eyes and sees them. She gets up kneeling by me placing her arms around my neck and left cheek to my right looking at the ocean.

“ Sorry Heath for scaring you just talking that’s all. Your not losing me honey I am right here so calm down grandson. I love you so much.” May tells me as I sigh holding her in my arms

We watched the the waves a bit longer until going in to watch some t.v. until dinner. That evening was filled with May spending time with me. That night was one of a grandmother holding her grandson with nurturing love towards his soul.

The next few weeks May and I were inseparable. I didn’t celebrate my birthday as I felt there was no reason to. I did spend the day with the woman in my life who was like a grandmother to me. She helped me get ready for college those next weeks. As the day got a day away May led me down to the spot we always sat on the beach. She handed me a small jewelry box. I accepted it as to not be rude. I opened it up and then my eyes went wide. In the box was a ring of gold with a black onyx with a lion on it. I turned to look at May who had a smile on her face.

“ May this is very nice.” I tell her as she nods sweetly

“ Yes that is what Lonny said also.” She tells me catching me off guard

“ Wait this was grandpa’s? I can’t accept this grandma you should keep this.” I tell her as she shakes her head

“ No I want you to have it hun. I am sure Lonny would agree with me on this from up above. Look Heath you have made a old woman feel happy and Joy the past two months so don’t reject this gift.” May tells me as I nod then resumes “ Thank you now put it on, and wear it with pride as Lonny did.”

I do as she asks placing it on my right ring finger. I am actually surprised that it fits. May smiles with tears as I have my own. We hug each other as I thank her with a kiss on the cheek. We spend that day enjoying each others company. She evens holds me that night as we sleep as a grandmother to a grandson. That night we both slept with no worries, concerns, or nightmares that use to haunt me. I knew that night I was loved by a woman that took me in as her grandson that second day I was here.

It was the third week of August on a Monday morning that I was to start orientation. May walked me out to my truck as I was putting my duffle bag in the passenger seat from the drivers side that May had me turn towards her. May had tears in her eyes as she didn’t want me to leave.

“ Heath I want to give you something that will show your always welcomed here.” She tells me taking my right hand

May places a key in my hand. I look to see it’s a house key as I look up to see her sweet smile.

“ I’ll be back on weekends grandma as college is just 20 minutes away.” I tell her with a smile

“ Honey you don’t have to I will be ok. You just go be a college man and make me proud of you.” Grandma tells me with a smile

“ Ok, but I will me back on weekends to get peace and quiet.” I tell her as we laugh

With hugs shared and kisses on the cheek I left making my way to college. I looked in the rear view mirror to see May in tears smiling as I had tears just the same. It was tough for me to leave someone that showed me care, compassion, and more important love.

After making my way to college I found the auditorium to attend the orientation. It was about 10 a.m. when I took my seat. There were quite a a lot of new students. I already decided to stay to myself as it would be better that way. After a morning of paper work and rules of behavior we were let go for lunch around 12:30 p.m. I made my way to what was their version of a cafeteria. I was about to sit at a empty table when I look across the way to see a guy I guessed my age. He looked 6‘1, 224 lbs, shoulder length mousy black hair with shades on. I made my way over to his table to find him alone. Once to the table he occupied I stood with a grin as he noticed me.

“ Mind if I sit here man?” I asked him to get a nod

I sat placing my bag pack by my chair extending my hand after towards him.

“ My names Heath and yours?” I introduce asking after

“ Adam, nice to meet you Heath.” He answers taking my hand to shake

We start some light conversation getting to know one another. I find out he wants to be a person to help people like rescue or medic. I tell him I want to be a good, successful business man like my father was. He is friendly, but quiet like I am at times. It’s about 30 minutes later that we hear a wild voice coming to us. Adam and I look to see a guy standing 6‘2, 234 lbs, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He comes over smiling to the table Adam and I occupy.

“ Hey bro’s hows it hanging?” He asks making Adam and I feel put off by his statement

“ It’s hanging how about you?” Adam replies as the guy turns the chair around and sits

“ To the right searching for the one. Names Jack and you two?” Jack says extending his hand

“ Heath, and this is Adam.” I say as Adam and I each shake his right hand

“ Heath, Adam nice to meet you. So excited about College I hear the dorm rooms are good here.” Jack says to us as we nod

We talk the rest of the time learning of one another. Adam and I find out Jack is from California in which I go cautious as to not talk so much. He starts talking about being a bully when he was younger, but changed when he was 15 years of age after seeing he was no better then others. He changed his life around wanting to go on the right path of life. After he told Adam and I about his life I started to feel at ease around him. By the end of the day after that I found my way to the dorm’s for the guys. I made my way up the stairs to the second for then down the hall. I came to the room on my paperwork. I turned the doorknob to open. Once I did I walked in to find two familiar faces.

“ Holy Shit no way bro your our third roommate sweet. Here have a beer we can celebrate. Adam and I already chose our rooms. You have the one in the middle man.” Jack tells me as I see Adam with one on the couch

I drop my bag on the floor by the couch. I accept the beer as to not be rude. I sit a bit from Adam as he is listening to his Ipod until he sees me then grins nodding his head.

“ Hey how about a toast guys?” Jack says asking as Adam and I shrug our shoulders standing up

“ So what’s the toast?” I ask as Adam nods in agreeing

Jack stands there thinking then smiles lifting his beer in his right hand.

“ To new friends, new path in life, and to all the ladies that are here.” Jack says as Adam and I just grin clanking our bottles together then take swig to drink the toast

Adam and I return seated as Jack sat in a chair. We all talked about college and what we each wanted from our classes. As I sat there listening to the two new friends I had a thought. Maybe being in college wasn’t going to be so bad. I knew it wouldn’t be boring with these two especially Jack he was the joker type and horn dog. While Adam was the quiet type until you start a good conversation. As they talked I looked at my ring that Grandma May gave me and smiled knowing I would be just fine on this new life of mine.

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