Greastest Birthday Ever by sexwriter191

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The greatest gift I got was from my aunt Tiffany at my 10th birthday. It was something you can never expect to get, not at least you are few years older. I loved my aunt Tiff, she is beautiful, bit on the big side but that didn’t make her look bad. Instead she had an awesome ass and big breasts which bounced as she walked. She had a beautiful face but she wasn’t much tall that was my advantage; being ten and all I was about the same height she is.

“Come on sleepy head get up” called my aunt; she was already there which quite a surprise for me. “Get up and help us decorate the house me and your mom cannot do all of it you know?”

Mom had planned for this big birthday party for me, invited my friends and even took the day off…well she had to go to work at night but I heard that my aunt had taken up the job of looking after me for the night.

I got up from my bed I had quite evolved from a little boy that I was…I was now ten years of age and I was growing in areas that were quite private. I went down stairs after cleaning up and saw that my mom and my aunt are running around trying to decorate the place, “Kayleb come here and help me blow up these balloons please! I cannot do all of them alone” said my aunt.

I went to her and took some of them and sat down watching my aunt blow them up. After a while I started to do the same thing and in about half hour all of the balloons were done. Well after that mom and aunt went in the kitchen cooking and I sat in front of the TV watching whatever that came on.

That evening the party started and we were all having a lot of fun, got loads of gifts and my aunt got me a new digital camera. I took a lot of pictures of the party. Slowly the people were going home and it was almost time for my mother to go to her work. She started to get ready and tried to clean up as much she could rest was my aunt’s job as she was staying with me.

“I am out honey” said my mom as she kissed me on the cheek and went out for her job, so now it was me and my aunt all night long. I had thought about playing some kind of game with her tonight; I didn’t want to go to bed so early so I went to my room to look for something that we and both play with.

I looked for a game and found my old monopoly and suddenly had the urge to play that so I left with the game and sat down in the living room with waiting for my aunt to come. I took the camera and started to look at the pictures I took, time passed by but my aunt didn’t come so I got up and went to look where she might be.

First I checked the kitchen she wasn’t there, then I went to my room and then my mom’s but she wasn’t there either. As I was leaving my mom’s room I heard splash of water and went to check it out. As I reached the bathroom I could see light coming under the door and the door was ajar and from the crack I could see the inside and I could see the mirror. I saw my aunt naked wiping herself with the towel.

I slowly opened the door a little more and then started to take some pictures of her on the mirror, as I did that my dick started to get hard and it was paining in my pants. I went away to my room and sat down and fired the computer up and then linked the camera and started to masturbate to the pictures I just took.

“Kay where are you I am done come down and we can play…umm monopoly”

“Okay I am coming in while”

I closed down the computer and ran to the bathroom to finish what I had started. Took off my pants and jerked my dick as fast as I could and after I came I washed my hands and went to my room to get the camera.

As I entered my room I didn’t see the camera to be hooked onto the computer. I was sure I left it there but I couldn’t see it there. I got scared because I had taken all those pictures and now I couldn’t find where it was. I searched for it everywhere in my room but I couldn’t find it.

Then I went to the living room where my aunt is supposed to be, I slowly came in the room when I saw the camera was in her hands and she was looking through the pictures.

“Got some good pictures here huh Kay?”


“I what do you mean?” she turned around and looked right in my eyes.

I couldn’t understand if she was angry or furious, she had this no look on her face which scared me even more. “I am sorry aunt Tiff…I didn’t mean too…me…I just was passing and I…”

“What are you strutting about? Oh mean the pictures of me naked…ah yeah I was wondering how you got those too” she said as she put down the camera on the center table. “So how did you get them Kay?”

“I well was passing looking for you and umm I saw you in the bathroom and it were open and I peeked in and well I took them. I am sorry forgive me” I said all that in one breath and stood there looking at the floor.

“Oh so that is what had happened; so did you like what you saw Kay?” I was quite surprised about the question but I still answered, “Yeah aunt Tiff I did, loved it”

“Oh really you did now? So would you like to see more?” Either I was going crazy or I had lost my hearing.

She just asked me if I wanted to see more. “Yeah would love to see more” I had a big grin on my face.

She then stood up and then slowly took off her top and then unbuttoned her pants and slowly took them off and she stood in her bra and panties. She really looked beautiful, her big tight boobs were held in place which bounced each time she moved, her panties were pink and semi-see-through and I could see her camel toe.

“So what do you think Kay?” She asked me; me I rather watch than talk but still I managed to speak. “You look beautiful aunt Tiff; really smoking hot!”

“Oh thank you Kay and stop calling me aunt for now I am just Tiffany to you, why don’t you take more pictures? Won’t get another chance you know”

So I picked up the camera and started to take pictures of her, she posed for me and I snapped as many as I could. “Aunt Tiff could like take off your bra?” I asked.

“Oh getting excited I see, well okay as it is your birthday…” saying that she took off her bra and let her big boobs hang and jiggle to her movement. I kept on taking the pictures and I slowly started to move towards her. Then I don’t know what got into me but I touched her breast, I thought I was going to get slapped but she didn’t do anything instead she stood there.

Seeing that I got more confident and I put the camera down and started to feel her breasts. “So done with the pictures I see…do you like what your feeling there Kay?” she asked. “Yes aunt Tiff these are great…can I suck on them?”

“Yes sure do what you want but be gentle”

I started to kiss her tits and lick around the soft mounds; it was soft and warm and felt great in my hands. I softly massaged it as I licked around her nipple and then sucked them. Her nipples were getting hard so I flicked them with my tongue and softly bit them and pulled them a bit. “Mmmmm keep doing what you’re doing Kay!” Seemed she liked it and I did I played with her breasts for quite a while as I slowly started to feel her up.

I slid my hands down her back to her lovely butt and I started to feel them up. It was hot down there as I moved my hands more nearer to her pussy lips. I could feel her being wet down there as well, slowly slid my hands down her panty and softly forced my finger in her asshole. “That is not the right hole my dear…try the other one” and she French kissed me.

So I did, I took off her panties and let her naked totally to me and then I went to business; stuck my fingers in her sweet love hole and started to lick her there. She started to whimper and shake from all the pleasure. I poked in looking for the clit and when I found it I started to lick and suck on it. “OH MYYY! KAY!! Where did you learn all that?!” she asked me. “From the internet, they show it how to do it”

I kept on assaulting her pussy with my two fingers and my mouth, after a while she got all rigid and the she came in my face. It was hot love juice and I licked all of it and then I kissed her letting her taste her own juices.

After that she got up and took off my pants and I took off my shirt, “Yeah you were dressed improperly anyways” aunt Tiff said as she went for my dick. For a 10 year old my dick wasn’t that small it was 5 and half inch and it was quite thick, something you can do it with. First she just rubbed it, and then she licked the head of my dick like an ice cream. She was savoring the flavor of my pre-cum that was leaking out, I didn’t think I was going to hold it in much longer. But being young I can get hard again really fast.

She went on stroking it and licking it but she didn’t put it in her mouth. “Tiff can you give a blow job?” I asked. “Yeah honey I can…want one?” she replied and I nodded. She then took my dick and put it full in her mouth and started to deep throat me. As I was not too big it was not difficult for her and it felt great. After a while of my aunt bobbing on my shaft I couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Tiff I am going to cum!” I let loose of all the seeds in her mouth, which she didn’t throw away instead gulped it all in. “Delicious love your cum Kay, but I want you more come let’s get that hard again shall we?” And she started to suck me off again.

After I got hard she sat down on the couch and told me to come over her which I did. After that she placed my dick on her pussy and told me to go in slowly. I slowly pushed my dick in her, taking it out a bit and then pushing a bit more and with three tries I was totally in. “Now Kay slowly take it out and push it in and repeat”

I did, I took it out slowly and pushed it in and again but each time I did it a little bit faster. She was breathing heavily and groaning with pleasure. “Ahhh keep doing it like that Kay come on and don’t worry about coming in me I got pills.”

That was all that I needed to know and I pumped her even harder, as I did I held her boobs and gave them a good squeeze and sucked on the nipples. I loved them and I think she loved it too, after a while of pumping and pushing I came in her filling her up with my cum. “Ah that was too quick I need one more” she said, “lay down and I will do it this time”

I got on the couch this time and lay down as she sat over me and then held my dick near her pussy and started to rub it there and after a while it got hard. When it did she took it and put in her pussy and started to move, she was doing a cowboy on me. Which was awesome as I could see everything, she started to hop and thrust into my dick hard each time and then she started to grind on my dick; I just came so I didn’t think I was going to come again fast.

She kept on grinding and moving on my dick and it was getting really tight in there and it was clasping on my dick really hard. I was about to cum when she said, “No not yet don’t do it”

And I held on to it as if my life mattered, but I couldn’t keep it in much longer. She got off me and took my dick in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob, she wanted me to cum in her mouth again. She sucked me hard, moving on whole of my dick and rubbing my balls. I couldn’t keep it in any longer and I came in her mouth again which she drank again. Then she licked my dick clean.

“Well that was fun wasn’t it Kay?”

“Yes it was Tiffany”

“Well we will do it again sometime later alright, now it is time to go to bed”

And I left for bed as I fell down on the bed I fell asleep almost instantly; sex is a really tiring job. Next day there was a card by my bed said Happy Birthday hope you liked your present Aunt Tiffany.

Rating: 77%, Read 28319 times, Posted Jan 24, 2013

Fantasy | Female, Incest, Teen Male, Written by women, Young


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