Becky's after school surprise (The full story) by Rebeca+Lewis

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Fantasy | Blowjob, First Time, Interracial, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Spanking, Teen Female, Virginity

"Oh god!" I yelped fearfully as Dr. Roberts pulled my white cotton panties down to my knees.

He had me bent over his desk with my little plaid skirt hiked up, so that my bare white ass was now fully visable. I tried to stand up, but he put a hand on my back, holding me down against the desk.

"No!" I cried, "Please!" as his other hand reached up, and started rubbing my virginal little pussy.

"What are you doing to me?" I wept, tears streaming down my face.

He suddenly let go of me, and opened his trousers, releasing his hard, black cock.

I stood up, and started reaching for my panties, but he grabbed a hold of my wrists, and pushed me back down, slapping my big breasts hard against his desk. He let go of my wrists, and grasped me by the back of the neck with one hand, while the other hand rubbed the tip of his hard penis against my tight little vagina.

"No," I whimpered, as I felt the tip of his thick meat moving up, and down my slit, "I'm only fifteen!"

I grunted, and hissed in pain as I felt the tip forcing it's way into me, splitting my little pink pussy open. I clenched tight so that only the tip could get in, and then I felt him pull back. The tears stung my eyes as I opened them, and tried to look behind me, my cheek pressed against the desk where he held me firmly. I saw him put his fingers to his mouth, and as he brought his hand back down, I could feel him rubbing his thick saliva into my little hole. Then, despite my attempts to keep him out, his bulbous head slid slowly into my tender young vagina.

"Oooohh goood nooo!" I cried as he slowly pushed his thick, black cock deeper into my tiny hole.

As he worked the head in, and out of me the pressure was almost unbearable.

"Please, Take it out." I begged between my clenched teeth, "It's too big."

"Oh I'm sorry." Dr. Roberts said with mock sympathy, slowly withdrawing the head of his throbbing manhood.

I was just about to heave a sigh of relief as the head of his penis was exiting my virginal pussy, when he suddenly shoved his cock into me hard, all the way up to the balls, breaking my hymen.

"Aaaaaahhhh!" I shrieked, and then started crying even harder. Dr. Roberts laid his chest across my back, his hard cock still all the way inside me as he whispered in my ear. "Shh, shh, shh, it's okay little girl. The hard parts over."

I could feel his hips rubbing against my ass, swirling his cock inside me, stretching my tight hole as he bit my ear, and said, "Now we can just have fun."

I could feel his hard dick slowly withdrawing from my tender little pussy until just the head was in.

"Ooo, ooo, ooo." I grunted as he thrust his cock halfway into me three times fast, and then as he slowly pushed all nine inches back into me, I tried pleading again.

"O-o-okay Dr. Roberts," I began pathetically, panting hard, "I-I learned my-my lesson. I-I-I won't-won't play-play with myself at-at scho-scho-school any mo-mooooore." My voice rising in pitch, and volume as the last few inches slid in.

He rolled his hips again, moving his hard cock around inside my tight little pussy. As he lay across my back, holding one of my wrists in each hand, pinning me firmly to the desk, he said, "I'll tell you when you've learned your lesson you little slut."

He pulled out until just the head was in again, and as he worked it in, and out of me, he said, "And now, I'm gonna pound your little pussy."

On the word "pussy" he thrust his hard black meat all the way in, splitting my wet, swollen vagina open. It felt so good, but I knew it was wrong. He was my 40 year old principal, and I was his 15 year old student. I still had pig tails, and braces, but in truth that was the only part of me that still looked like a little girl. I had really filled out over the summer. My 38 inch chest supported my hefty D cups, and my 22 inch waist curved smoothly into my 36 inch hips which were perfect for my round, firm ass.

I had also discovered masturbation over the summer, and I was sitting in a bathroom stall after school rubbing one out when the principal, Dr. Roberts, burst in. My legs were spread open wide. I had pulled the crotch of my panties aside with one hand, and was rubbing my pussy with the other.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" he demanded.

My eyes went wide, and my jaw dropped as I felt my cheeks flush hot. He grabbed my hand, and hauled me to my feet.

"You're coming with me young lady." He snapped, pulling me down the hall, and into his office. Everyone else was all ready gone, so when he locked the door, and told me to bend over, I started getting scared.

"Wh-What?" I stammered lamely.

"You heard me!" He bellowed, pushing my face onto his desk, "Bend over, and show me your ass!"

He pulled my skirt up, and started slapping my ass hard. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes as I cried out. "No Dr. Roberts! Please don't!" trying to move my ass out of range of his hand. He grasped me by my panties, pulling me back to where I was.

"Oh yeah," he said, pulling my panties up tight into my crotch, "You want me to tell your parents how I found you?"

I panicked, "NO! Please don't tell my parents." I pleaded.

"Well then," he said as he started spanking my ass again, "You lay your fat titties against my desk, and take your punishment."

There was a sharp pain, and a loud smack every time his hand made contact with my supple young ass. I tried not to cry out with each slap, but it hurt, and I was so scared that I could not help myself. Before I knew what was happening he had stopped spanking me, and had started rubbing, and squeezing my ass instead.

"What-what-wh-what are you doing?" I sobbed with a mixture of fear, and confusion.

"I'm giving you what you deserve you little slut." he growled, and that's when he pulled my panties down.


Dr. Roberts was rolling his hips again, swirling his hard cock around inside me.

"OOOO" I moaned as he licked, and bit my neck whispering in a breathy voice, "You dirty little girl, you like my hard cock up in your tight little pussy don'cha?"

He pulled out to the tip, and then slowly, inch by inch, he slid his thick meat back into me. He'd stop, pulling out then back in, working that inch four, or five times real good, before slowly going in another inch. I suddenly realized that I was moaning, and panting to the rhythm of his thrusts as he's hovering over the last few inches. When his cock stopped moving inside me, I had stopped breathing. After a few seconds a drew in a sharp breath, at that moment he pulled back out to the head, and repeated, "don'cha?" before slamming his thick, hard cock all the way into me, his stomach slapping hard against my firm round ass.

"YEEEESSS!" I screamed.

"Yes, yes, oh god,yes!" I sobbed, as he stood up, and grabbed my hips, burying his stiff rod even deeper into my tight hole.

My swollen little pussy got even wetter as he once again swirled around deep inside me.

"Oh god, it's wrong." I panted through my tears, as he rocked his hips back, and forth, really fucking me good, his hips slapping rhythmically against my ass.

my eyes rolled back into my head, and I started moaning loudly to the beat of his hard cock punishing my tight little teen-aged pussy.

I pulled my arms in close to me, sucking on my thumb.

"Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm." I hummed as his thick shaft thrust in, and out of my dripping vagina.

I gasped as he pulled his meat all the way out of me.

With one hand he grasped my ass cheek, spreading it, with the other, he held the shaft of his cock, rubbing the tip up, and down my creamy slit.

"Oh, you're right." he cooed, "This is wrong." Putting just the tip of his massive tool inside me.

"I should stop." he said, and started to pull back.

I rolled my hips, pushing my ass back.

"Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh." I begged, getting his head back into me, but he pushed me against the desk, popping the head back out.

"I don't know." he teased, swirling the tip of his cock at the entrance of my steamy hole.

"Should I stick my hard cock back into you sweet, young little pussy?"

"Yeth." I lisped over the thumb in my mouth.

"Yes?" he asked, still rubbing the head around inside the thick folds of my moist lips, sometimes poking the the tip in my hole. "Yes what?"

I pulled my thumb out of my mouth, and pleaded, "Yes, put your hard cock inside me."

Slowly he slid the full length of his throbbing manhood back into the velvet glove of my tight pussy.

"Oooo,ooo,ooo." I cooed as inch, after tantalising inch filled my pink little fuck hole.

He laid his chest across my back again, pulling my head up off the desk by my pig tails, licking, and sucking on my neck, and ear.

He whispered, once again swirling the full length of his manhood inside me, "Tell me what you want you little whore."

"Fuck me." I begged, "Fuck my little pussy."

The slap, slap, slap, as his thick, black cock pounded in, and out of me sent shivers trough my body.

As I felt the pressure of the orgasm building the Ecstasy was almost mind numbing.

"Oh god!" I cried, "I'm cumming!"

He stood up again, firmly grasping my hips, and pounding his cock into me harder, and faster.

"OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD!" I panted as waves of pleasure swept over me.

I rolled my hips, squeezing his hard thrusting shaft, and he growled, "Cum on my cock. Yeah little Becky, cum on your Principal's cock."

I came again, my whole body shaking with the force of my orgasm, as my pussy clenched rhythmically around his thick meat.

He pulled back out to the tip, and then once again slowly inserted the full length of his fuck muscle into my wet, pulsing vagina.

He was rubbing his hips against my ass, swirling around inside me as the last few pulses rippled through me.

I had spread my arms out across the desk, and Dr, Roberts bent over me, sliding his hands under my arms, grasping my shoulders.

"C'mer." he said as he pulled me up off the desk. He took a step back, and I was carried along by his hands on my shoulders, and his hard cock still buried deep inside my dripping little snatch.

"Uh." I grunted, as he sat down on the wooden chair opposite his desk, pushing his cock even deeper into me.

He stepped out of his trousers, which had fallen down around his ankles, and kicked them aside.

Then he reached out, and pulled my panties from my thighs to my calves. I closed my legs slightly, and as they fell to the floor, he grabbed my thighs, spreading my legs open wide.

I rolled my hips groaning lustfully as I felt his sweet meat moving around inside me.

I gasped deeply as he suddenly ripped open my white, short sleeve shirt, causing the buttons to fly everywhere, and exposing my heaving bosoms.

He grasped hold of my young, firm breasts, rubbing, and squeezing, as he kissed, and licked my neck, and shoulders.

His mouth felt hot against my creamy flesh, and his hands felt strong as he massaged my big titties.

I kept rolling my hips, trying to get his hard cock even deeper into my tender, young pussy.

"Oooo, Dr. Roberts," I moaned, "you feel so good up inside me."

While one hand continued to play with my ample breasts, the other slid down my belly, through my small dark pubic patch, and ended up rubbing my clitoris.

I panted, and moaned, bucking my hips to move his cock around inside me as he fondled my massive tits with one hand, while expertly working my yum button with the other.

I had thrown one arm behind me, tightly holding on to Dr. Roberts' neck while the other reached up, and joined him playing with my titties.

I had laid my head back, resting it on his shoulder when the hand that had been playing with my titties slid up my neck, gently guiding my face toward his.

As our lips met, and he thrust his tongue deep into my mouth, it was like a shiver of electricity ran through me. I tightened my grip on his neck, swirling my tongue in, and out of his mouth, and as I squeezed one of my titties, my head was spinning.

It was like the full reality of the situation came rushing into my mind.

'I'm sitting on my Principal's lap with his hard cock inside my pussy.' I'm thinkin' to myself, 'He's rubbing my clit. I'm holding his neck, and now he's holding mine as well. We're kissing passionately, and I'm squeezing my tittie.' I had just enough time to think two things simultaneously, 'This is so fucked up, and wrong.' and 'I'm so fucking turned on!' before the intense rush that had started in my pussy, hit my brain, wiping out all thought.

It was as if a light exploded behind my eyes, as my kagals rhythmically squeezed his cock.

A stream of saliva dropped onto my breast as I pulled my mouth away from our wet kissing, and threw my head back onto his shoulder hollering, "Oh shit! Oh god! Oh fuck!"

My whole body quivered, and writhed as the orgasm rocketed through me.

I slid my hand from my tittie to my tummy, and I could feel the pulse of my pleasure in my palm as I pressed it against my supple young flesh.

"Uh,uh,uh, uh, uh...uh....uh.......uh." I grunted to the now slowing pace of my ecstasy, and let out a moaning sigh, "Uuuuhhhhooooo." as it finished up with a final shudder that started at the center of my body, and ran trough me, all the way to the tips of my fingers, and toes.

As I released Dr. Roberts' neck, firmly planting my feet on the floor, I slid my hands down his thighs, grabbing him by the knees. Then I leaned forward, bracing for leverage, and his strong hands grasped my waist.

The only word on my mind was 'more', as I bucked up, and down, riding his cock, my ass slapping against his lap.

"Oooyeah," he cooed lecherously, "Fuck me little school girl, fuck me."

I tried to smile, and I would have laughed, but the only sound I could make was, "Ooo, ooo, aah, ooo, ooh." as I bounced up, and down on his throbbing manhood.

My pussy was still really sensetive from the intensity of the orgasm I'd just had, but I had also cum enough to really lube us up good, so every time his cock slid smoothly out, and then back into me, I almost came again.

Dr. Roberts grabbed my ass, and I reached out, and grasped the edge of his desk.

He was pushing my ass up on each stroke, and I was slapping it back down on his lap, grunting lustily every time I took him inside me.

Time seemed to stand still, and it was almost as if I couldn't remember, or foresee a time when I wasn't fucking.

Then he pushed my ass up. and held it, leaving only the head in me. I tried to push down harder, but he held me firm. I whimpered loudly as I rolled my hips, trying desperately to get his cock back inside me, but he just tightened his grip on my ass.

"Oh, you want something little girl?" he teased, and I felt like I was losing my mind.

I sat up, and grabbed my titties, as he slid his wrists, and forearms under my ass, grasping a thigh firmly in each hand. When he did this his cock slipped into me another couple of inches, and I let out a shuddering moan. He quickly lifted me up again, and his cock popped out, slapping against his belly.

I reached between my legs, grabbing a hold of his throbbing muscle, guiding it back to the entrance of my slick hole.

He let me down far enough to get the tip in, and the cooed teasingly, "What do you want?"

"Cock!" I burst out pleadingly, as I practically lifted my feet off the floor trying to get him back inside me.

"Beg for it." he insisted.

He was really doing a number on my head, because I began crying in frustration.

"Please!" I cried, "Please!" I wept, "Put your cock inside meeee!"

My sobs became interspersed with sighs of relief, as he slowly lowered me, spreading my ass cheeks with his forearms. As I reached his lap, his cock was penetrating my so deeply that I could feel his pubic hair tickling my taint.

Suddenly he lifted me back up until just the tip was in, and then let me back down 'til he was half way in me. He then lifted, and lowered me half way on to his cock real fast five, or six times, before he slowly lowered me all the way down, and I took his thick meat all the way back inside me.

Again, he lifted me, rhythmically lowering me half way onto his cock a few times.

I squealed with delight, and then squirmed with desire, as he let me down all the twice, quickly sliding his cock all the way in, and then lifting me back up to the tip, holding me there.

My thoughts, which had been scattered by lust ever since I'd given in to Dr. Roberts hard seduction, suddenly focused like a laser, and I realised that there was nothing I wanted more at that moment then to taste his sweet cock.

I had leaned forward again, gasping the edge of the desk, and since all I had been doing up to that point was pushing down, it relly caught him off guard when I jumped up off of his cock, and on to my feet, and spun around, quickly slipping out of my shirt, and dropping it to the floor.

"Sssssss." I hissed, as I ran my hands up my body, squeezing my breasts, my closed eyes turning upward.

"Aaaahh." I sighed, as I relaxing the grip on my tits slightly, turning my face toward him.

My eyes popped open, meeting Dr, Roberts' somewhat surprised expression with an evil grin.

"And now," I spat, "I'm taking that cock you fucker!"

I dropped to my knees,and I ran my fingernails up his thighs, licking my lips, as my face got closer, and closer to his juicy cock.

My hand slid easily up, and down the shaft, which was still slick with my pussy juice, as I cupped his sack in the other hand, and crouched down to lick, and suck his balls.

The slight hint of blood from my hymen mingled with the strong, musky flavor of my cum drove me wild with passion, as I lapped it up off his nut-sack, running my tongue up the length of his shaft, swirling it around on the head.

I was rubbing the underside with my tongue as I took the head into my mouth, then pulled it off with a sucking kiss.

I looked up at Dr. Roberts face as I licked up, and down the shaft, pumping the base of his cock with one hand, and fondling his balls with the other.

"Yeah, that's it." he cooed, smiling down at me with his hands behind his head. "Look at me while you suck my cock."

I pressed my tongue flat against the underside of his cock, rubbing hard as I slowly ran it up the length of his shaft.

"I know what you've been doing." he said suddenly, "I know about you bypassing the security filters so you can watch porn on the computer in the library."

Oh shit! I didn't think anybody knew about that.

My eyes widened in surprise as I looked up at him, the head of his penis in my mouth. his smile just got a little wider, so I thought, 'Fuck it, what's he gonna do about it now?' and went on licking up, and down the shaft, swirling my tongue around the head as I'd take it into my mouth, rubbing my tongue on the under side, as I pulled my mouth up, sucking hard, and finishing at the tip with a sharp kissing sound.

As I licked, and sucked he looked deep into my eyes, saying, "I saw the videos you watched. Young girls sucking older men's cocks."

He unclasped his hands, reached down, and grabbed my pigtails.

"Now, come on little girl," he growled lustily, "show the principal what you learned."

As fucked up as it might sound, my pussy tingled when he said that.

"Mmmmmmmmm." I moaned, as I sucked the head, pulling my lips off with a loud smack.

"Yes sir." I said with mock timidity, as I slid my hand up the length of his cock, squeezing hard.

When my fist reached the head a thick bead of precum emerged from the tip, so I licked it off, before taking half of his throbbing manhood into my mouth.

As I closed my lips around his shaft, sucking my cheeks in till they touched the sides, I put a thick patch a saliva, and cum between my tongue, and the under side of the head, so I could rub it furiously, as I bobbed my head up, and down, sucking hard.

"Ssssss, aaaahhh." Dr. Roberts hissed, then sighed, throwing his head back, and closing his eyes.

He let go of my pigtails, and grasped my head in his hands, and as he looked back down into my eyes, he whispered, "Yeah, yeah, that's it, suck that cock."

With one hand I was cupping his balls, rubbing his taint with my fingers, while the other just kept pumping the base, as I bobbed my head, making loud sucking sounds.

I pulled my mouth off his dick with a slurp, and smiled up at him, stroking the full length of his cock with my hand.

"How's that?" I panted, "Do I get an A?"

He chuckled. "Keep that up, and I'll give you an A " he said playfully.

I took his cock back into my mouth, bobbing fast, as I sucked hard.

"Oooohh yeah," he said breathlessly, "An A , and a gold star."

I turned my head to the side, rubbing his dick against the inside of my cheek 'til it popped out.

I looked back up into his eyes. "Nnnnggghhh." I groaned, as I slapped my tongue with the head of his cock, and then started licking the shaft again.

I was rubbing his little soldier right under the front of it's helmet with my tongue, as I slid my mouth around his cock, opening my lips to take in another inch, and then gripping his shaft with my mouth, giving it a nice suck, as I procceeded downward taking as much of his meat into my mouth as I could.

"GGGAAAHHH." I gagged, as the head of his penis touched the back of my throat.

"AAAGGHHH." I spat, as I pulled my mouth off, dripping trails of thick saliva all over his hard cock. I stroked all up, and down his thick, wet shaft with my hand, moaning with desire, before I proceeded to lick, and kiss the underside of his cock like it was my boyfriend. I swirled my tongue up, and around the head before I slowly took him back into my mouth.

The shape, and the taste of his hardness in my mouth was keeping my pussy moist, and excited, as I closed my lips around the shaft. Sucking hard, I bobbed my head like a demon, fucking him with my mouth.

"Aaaahh, sssss, oooo, fuck yeah," Dr. Roberts encouraged, "Suck that cock like a good little girl."

His voice was so sultry, so nasty, that it made my pussy get even wetter. I could feel a thick stream of juice run down my inner thigh, as I moaned with a pained, and ernest rhythm, "Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm." bobbing fast, and sucking hard on his juicy cock.

He rolled his hips slowly, keeping up a steady stream of dirty talk.

"Ooo yeah, your thick juicy lips feel so good around my cock." he cooed, cradling my head in his hands.

"Suck that fucking cock you little whore." he growled, as he my head down, and thrust his penis into the back of my throat. I gagged, and opened my mouth, trying to pull away, but he held my head down firmly. As he bucked his hips, repeatedly stabbing the back of my throat with the bulbous head of his hard, black cock, a steady, "Guh, guh, guh, guh," sound escaped from my mouth.

Copious amounts of thick saliva ran out of my open lips, bathing his bathing his hard cock, as he fucked my throat.

Finally, he let me pull my head away, and I gasped, falling back to sit on my feet, stroking his slick member, as I tried to recover my breath. I coughed a few times, and Dr. Roberts asked, "Are you all right?" smiling down at me wryly.

"Yeah," I said, still panting a little, "I just wasn't ready."

He stood up, and took my head in his hands, turning my face up to look at him, asking, "Have you ever been deep throated, like the girls in your videos?"

I shook my head, and said, "No, I've only ever sucked one cock, and that asshole blew his load almost as soon as I got it into my mouth."

He did a double take, and then said, "Really?" seeming genuinely surprised. "I've had grown women that couldn't suck a dick as good as you."

I blushed, feeling really flattered by his compliment.

"Open your mouth wide sweetie." he said, pulling me back up onto my knees. "I'm gonna fuck you in your pretty little face."

"Ah-huh." I agreed eagerly, opening my mouth.

I had watched a lot of deep-throating videos, and had always wanted to try it. I had even practiced suppressing my gag reflex by fucking my own mouth with a dildo. Now that I was finally getting the chance to do it with a real live penis, I almost couldn't believe it.

As I felt his smooth, hard flesh slide across my tongue, I took a deep breath in preparation.

He held my head firmly, as he began rapidly thrusting.

"Guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh, guh." I gurgled, as he repeatedly tapped the back of my throat with the bulbous head of his thick meat. I could feel my throat constrict around him every time the ridge of his cock rubbed my uvula.

He felt so big pounding in, and out of my mouth that it was really turning me on.

He pulled it out, and I took a deep breath, and then spit on his cock, stroking the shaft vigorously with my hand. After a second I caught my breath, and started sucking on the head, making yummy sounds.

Then I let go of his shaft, opened my mouth wide, and looked up at him saying, "Do it again." with my eyes. Taking his cue, he began fucking my mouth again.

"Guh, guh, guh, guh." was becoming a sweeter sound to me then the songs of the angels. The image of little cherubs flitting around going, "Guh, guh, guh, guh." suddenly popped into my head, and I almost chocked on my own saliva, as my mouth tried to laugh with his thick penis in it. He pulled it out again saying, "Oh shit, I almost came."

"Do it!" I insisted, "Cum on my face." as I looked up at him, my mouth open in anticipation of his hot jizz.

"No," he panted, "Not yet. First I have to reward my student for all her hard work."

"Your sperm in my mouth is all the reward I need Dr. Roberts." I said shyly, as he gently pulled on my head, prompting me to stand up.

"Well aren't you sweet." he said smiling, as I reached my feet, standing at eye level with his chest.

Still holding my face in his hands, he leaned down, and thrust his tongue in my mouth, giving me a wet, sloppy kiss.

Then he said, "Do you know how we reward little school girls who suck a good dick?"

I shook my head, as he backed me up against his desk. He slid his hands down around my waist, and as he lifted me up, I grasped the edge of the desk, and pushed, my firm, round ass landing with a plop on the cool, polished surface.

"Well Becky," he said, as his hands reached down, and opened my thighs, his head descending between them, "We lick their sweet little pussies."

I lay back, and moaned as I felt his tongue run up, and down my creamy slit. I grabbed my thighs, pulling mt legs open wider, as he flicked, and swirled his tongue over my hard little clit. I felt his fingers pull my thick outed lips open, exposing my tender, young pussy to his probbing tongue. He lick, and sucked my clitoris, and then slid down, thrusting his tongue into my little honey hole. He buried his face so deep in my pink, wet vagina so deep, that I could feel his nose rubbing against mt clit, as he fucked me with his thick, wet mouth organ. My hips bucked, and writhed, as I moaned in ecstasy, his smooth, wet tongue darting in, and out of my little fuckhole. He then licked back up to my clit, and inserted a finger into me. My hips, rolled faster, and my cries became louder, and more insistent, as he punished my tiny clit with his tongue, while finger fucking me. I could feel another orgasm building in my loins, as he inserted another finger, and I started screaming, "I'm gonna cum!"

This seemed to egg him on, and sudenly his fingers were flying in, and out of me, as his mouth pacticaly ate my clit.

"OOOOHHH SHHIIIIIT!" I called out in a shuddering holler as the cum pumped out of me, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

Suddenly, Dr. Roberts stood up, and thrust his cock into me, and started fucking me hard. As his thick, black meat pounded into me, my orgasm became even more intense. My body shook, and shuddered. I screamed, "FUUUUCK MEEEEE! FUUUUUCK MEEEE HAAAARRD!" to the sound of his balls slapping my ass, as his cock repeatedly split my wet, clenching pussy.

I didn't think that I could cum any harder, and then he thrust into me balls deep, and stopped, letting out a long low grunt.

As his cock twitched inside me, I could feel his hot sperm squirting deep into my little pussy, and it was as if a switch got flipped in my head. I started getting off so hard that I became completely unaware of anything except his pulsing cock thrusting it's hot seamen deep into my vaginal cavity. "UUUHH, UUUHH!" he grunted to the rhythm of his cum rocketing into me.

I was so lost in my orgasm, that at first I didn't hear him. Then clear as a bell, I heard Dr. Roberts say sternly, "I said, is ther somebody in here?"



I quickly wiped the cum from my pussy, and the pulled up my panties, as I flushed the toilet.

"it's just me Dr. Roberts." I said, trying to sound normal, as I stood up, and straightened my skirt.

I opened the door, and stepped out of the bathroom stall, hoping that I didn't look too sweaty.

"Becky?" he asked, "What are you still doing here?" regarding me dubiously, and then looking at his watch. "Schools been out for almost an hour."

Wow, had I really been sitting in that stall masturbating that long? I must have been.

I looked at the floor, and my cheeks flushed hot, as the weird irony of almost being caught by the very man I had been fantasizing about suddenly occurred to me.

"Everyone else is gone." he continued, "I was about to lock the doors and..."

Suddenly he stopped, and looked at me. I must have had a really guilty look on my face because he the asked, "What were you doing in there?"

"I was, well, nothing," I said quickly, stumbling over my words.

"Were you smoking pot, or something? Let me smell your hands?" he demanded.

"NO!" I said putting my hands behind my back.

"Becky!" he insisted, "Hands! NOW!"

He was much bigger, and stronger than me, so there was no way that I could really resist, so I held my hands up to him, trying not to make eye contact.

My cheeks felt even hotter, and I must have turned beet red, as he took a deep whiff of my fingers.

I ganced up to see his brow furrow, as if he didn't seem to recognise what he was smelling.

He sniffed again, long, and deep, and then his eyes popped open, and his jaw dropped.

NOW he recognised that scent.

"BECKY!" He shouted in a shocked tone.

I just looked at the floor, and my face got even hotter.

"Come with me young lady." he commanded, hauling me out of the bathroom by my hand.

As we headed for his office, I bit my bottom lip, and couldn't help thinking, 'Be careful what you wish for.'

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Fantasy | Blowjob, First Time, Interracial, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Spanking, Teen Female, Virginity


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