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True Story | Bestiality, Cuckold

My wife and I met about 12 years ago on a bestiality message board. We realized we didn’t live that far from each other so meet up and hit it off. She had lost her virginity with a dog when she was a teenager. I had no experience with dogs but was really turned on by the idea. We were both in our mid 20s at the time.

We started dating, long distance at first (she lived “close”, but it was a few towns away), but I eventually got a job in her town and we rented a house together and got a dog. To this point we still hadn’t done anything with a dog yet, we had just talked about it and watched some porn together and had sex with each other.

She told me about her experiences. She grew-up in a rural area where everyone had a few acres, mostly with horses and such. They had two female dogs and one of their neighbors had a male yellow lab. None of them were fenced in, they all just kind of roamed. Both of her parents worked so she was often home alone after school, and the neighbor’s dog would come over a lot and she said she just started having a desire to have sex with him. They had an old barn in their back yard and one day she led him in there and just pulled her pants down and played with him and let him lick her. She did that with him a few times, building up the courage to try having sex. She said the first time she tried it, it hurt really bad and she stopped it and was thinking she wouldn’t try it anymore, but after a couple of months she wanted to try again. She had started fingering herself after their first attempt and thinking about him. It still hurt the second time, but not as bad and it lasted a little while. She tried against a few days later and that time she said it was good and he really fucked her hard and came in her, but didn’t knot. She said he was kind of cumming all over. She said after that she had sex with a boy for the first time and tried to stop thinking about sex with dogs, but she kept wanting it. She continued having sex with the neighbor’s dog in their barn after school from time to time until she graduated high school.

Then she went to college and wasn’t able to do that. She had boyfriends, but she never told them about her dog sex. She said she hooked up with one guy on-line who had a dog, but it was creepy, and she didn’t like the situation. And then we met. And now we had a dog.

We had gotten a year-old lab and he was definitely eager. As soon as we got him home she started taking off her clothes and letting him smell her. He got excited really fast but didn’t exactly know what to do. There was a lot of jumping around and licking and humping, but no real penetration at first. After a few days of trying and coaching him he finally mounted her good and started pounding her hard. Oh god she loved it and so did I. It was so fucking hot.

For a period after that she was fucking the dog multiple times a day every day and he got to where he was knotting with her every time. We still had sex too. I’d get so turned on I’d often fuck her after he had finished in her.

We started talking about getting married. I never really proposed, we just would lie in bed and talk about it and how it would be, what we would do, where we would live, and how much we loved each other and stuff. We decided that once we got married, she would only have sex with dogs for the rest of her life.

We planned out a wedding date and got everything set. About a week before the wedding we had sex together for the last time. It was slow passionate sex, intimate and gentle, not like the way dogs pounded her. For me it was the last time to have sex for the rest of my life. I came insider her, knowing it would be the last time, and we lay together and caressed for a long while after. That evening I moved out to my parent’s house for the reaming week until the wedding.

We had our wedding at an outdoor venue with family and a few friends. It was relatively small, about 40 people in all. After the party we went back to our house and, with her wedding dress still on, we exchanged private vows. She vowed only to engage in sexual relations with beasts and never to engage in intercourse with any human for far as long as she lived. I acknowledged that she was only to be used by beasts, that I would never penetrate her in any way, nor anyone else, and that I would support and encourage her bestial desires.

It was a huge rush and we kissed passionately following our vows. Our dog was there, and I led her into our bedroom as she called him along. She called him up onto the bed with her, with her bridal veil and dress still on. He licked her in a variety of positions, then I had to help her get ready for mounting, which was a bit of a challenge with her dress and veil on, but we got it all out of the way and he mounted her as he had so many times before.

I quickly stripped off my remaining clothes and masturbated as I watched her consummate our bestial marriage in our bed. He knotted insider her and stayed on top of her for several minutes, pumping her full of dog semen. I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. When he finally dismounted from her, I told her not to move. Her pussy was dripping with dog cum. I buried my face in her cum filled pussy and began licking her ravenously - swallowing his cum as if flowed into my mouth. I licked her to orgasm, then she collapsed onto the bed exhausted – happy as I and our dog both snuggled up to her. I felt so insanely in love in that moment.

We live out in the country with four dogs now: two Labs, a Coon Hound / Blood Hound mix (he has a massive cock), and a Rottweiler. She has taken thousands of loads of dog cum over the years. She has sex with at lest one of them practically every day. Right now our second lab is in his prime, so he fucks her a lot. They also like to gangbang her. When one starts fucking her it gets the others excited and they want to join in.

Our hound’s cock is huge. It took her a while to get used to him. His cock is 10 inches long, about as thick as my wrist and his knot is bigger than my fist. He’s 7 years old now so he doesn’t fuck her as often as he used to, but in his prime he devastated her pussy. It really took about a year before she could take him as often as he wanted but finally got to a point where he was fucking her daily for a while. He fucks her a couple times a week usually now.

She only has anal sex with our older lab, the others are too rough for it.

She treats them like her kids, and call herself their mommy, which is amusing because she says stuff like, “You wanna’ fuck your mommy?”, “Come lick mommy’s pussy,” etc.

I love watching her. I often lick her pussy or let her sit on my face after they’ve fucked her. I’ve taken to sucking dog cock myself now as well. I will sometimes suck them on my own or to get them ready for her. I masturbate pretty much every time I watch her, though sometimes not during her regular morning fucks. Practically every morning she gets fucked by at least one dog, but I’m often getting ready for work and can’t get into it, though on weekends I’ll play along.

When we’re feeling romantic, we’ll do a lot of kissing and I’ll get her going, then bring one or more of them in to fuck her while I caress her and wait to lick her filled pussy. I love cuddling with her after - especially when she’s exhausted from being gangbanged by all of them.

She works from home as a technical writer - contractor work. I’m in the medical field. We enjoy the lifestyle, but we keep it very secret, which is maybe why I’m writing this. We never take pictures, never talk about it with anyone, never invite others over to participate, etc. It’s just our secret.

Rating: 85%, Read 25968 times, Posted Jul 02, 2019

True Story | Bestiality, Cuckold


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