Billionaire's Future Daughter - in law by horny+fox

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John Malone is a self made man, Billionaire many times over, and semi- retired from the hectic world of running my International Conglomerate to manage my ex-wives investments. My six ex-wives, have used their trust money for spas, resorts, charities and other businesses. My sixith ex-wife Mina is involved with a World Charity and her "friend" Ann. It is an open lesbian relationship but it didn't matter to me as me and Mina drifted apart after she gave birth to our daughter and my sexual demands continued. Ihad two sons, Luke, the oldest, and John with Tracy my fourth wife. John my youngest son has been engaged to KT for about 3 years while in college and I'm of the opinion that the engagement is one of convenience and fortune building rather than love. I have always admired KT as a shrewd business woman using her degree and her tenacity as a stepping stone toward her goal of becoming CEO of her own modeling agency and dance studio. Looking at that I knew why there will be no children of the marriage as kids will impede climbing the ladder of success. I admired more than her mind, I'm taken by her looks and her body. A dark haired beauty with hazel eyes, standing about 5' 6" with a body that looked as if it has been created by Greek artists. Legs long and slender, a firm round ass, breasts that are the perfect size for her frame, and lips that seem to call out for a cock to suck.

I have dreamed of fucking my future daughter-in-law but the opportunity has never presented itself. I wonder if her naked body matched the beauty of her dressed form and if her pussy is sweet and tight. She has often used her feminine charm and looks to tease some of the corporate big wigs and I have wondered if she has fucked any of them. I'm staring out the window of my study when the phone rang to bring me back to reality. The voice on the other end is a long time friend, Eric, a senior member of the bank board of directors where KT is employed. The call begins friendly but soon my friend's voice became distant and tentative. " John, I'm calling to, well, oh shit this is hard. We, I, think KT; no I know KT has embezzled money from one of the bank's accounts. I have kept this under wraps for now as I wanted to talk to you. If, if the money, and it is a substantial sum, is repaid I will have her transferred to another division of the bank, same salary, but with much less responsibility. I, I'm sorry to have to drop this on you my friend, but I felt our friendship deserved it."

I talked more with my friend, learning more including how much money, when it is needed, and that Eric would do nothing until he heard from me. When I hung up the phone I'm worried, but I knew for some time that KT was developing her modeling agency and

dance studio to fast for start up businesses but I didn't know her problem had gotten this big. This is my opportunity, my moment to get what I wanted from her. " KT? It's dad, John. I need to see you today. No, today, right now, as soon as you can get to my house. I've arranged it with your VP so you won't have to worry and won't have to rush back downtown. I'll tell you when you get here. OK, see you in 30 minutes." I'm anxious with anticipation. My mind is whirling with devious plans. KT wore a simple but elegant dress and her high heels clicked against the marble floor. I usher her into my study as I had given my housekeeper and her husband the rest of the day off so I could be alone. " KT, I received a call from Eric. You know Eric?" She nods as she sat in a large leather chair. " He told me something that concerns me, and you, and I have no reason to doubt him. KT, he knows about the money you have embezzled from the bank; all of it. Was it for your businesses again?"

Her mouth drops, the color evaporates from her face, and her hands are clasped in her lap. "I don't, um; I don't know what to say." " I do. We have a couple of options honey; first I can let him notify the authorities and you will be charged with a felony and serve an extended period of time in prison, or, I can repay the money, you will be transferred in the bank, stay out of prison, and you will owe me your very existence." She sat up; looking at me, she has known for 2 years. " You, you would bail me out? But my existence? I don't understand." "I will keep your secret, the embezzlement, even your indiscretion at Las Vegas and I will cover your debt, make things right with Eric, and keep things from John jr, but you will belong to me from now on. By belong to me I mean you will be my sexual servant pleasing me any time I want, any way I want, any where I want. Do you understand now?" " I, I can't, you wouldn't, I mean it ----" " Yes, I can and will. As I said honey you have two options and if you don't like my offer I'll tell Eric to notify the ---"

"No! No! I'll agree." She drops her head into her hands as she knew there is nothing for her but accepting my proposition. She cannot deal with the idea of being in prison knowing it would be worse than fucking her future father-in-law, a man she had come to love like a surrogate father. " What, when, oh damn, what do you want from me?" I walk behind my desk, press numbers on my phone then spoke. " Eric, it is done. I'll have a wire transfer for you tomorrow. Please let me know as soon as you can. Yes, yes, thank you my friend. I am now in your debt. Please tell your lovely wife Celeste I said hello. We should get together soon." He looked across at KT as she sat on the edge of the chair. " Stand up!" " What?" " Stand up dear; right where you are. That's good. Now take off your dress." " But Dad, you can't ---" " This isn't up for discussion. Take off your dress, now." KT reached behind pulling the zipper down then slid the dress over her legs, and stepped from it. She laid it on the back of the chair and turned again to face me. Her face showed a mix of anger, shame, and resentment but she feels no choice but to comply. She has on a white nylon slip that kept her covered from my eyes.

" Now the shoes." She stepped out of her heels and slid them aside. " Now the slip." She didn't react as quickly as she had with the dress but slowly reached for the hem of the nylon garment pulling it over her head. Her white bra is quite alluring as her breasts spill over the cups; her legs are encased in panty hose that appear to include built in panties. " The bra," I said enjoying the depravity of my actions. " I want to see those lovely breasts. I assume they are lovely. Let me see them KT." She reaches behind her and unhooks the elastic band slipping the bra down her arms and off. Yes, her breasts are as lovely as I had imagined. There pert tits soft roundness, nipples that are already erect, and areola that seem to rise from the breast just to hold the supple nipple. " Oh yes my darling. They are lovely; so very lovely." She moves to hold her arms over them, to shield them from my view. " Don't do that. They are so enticing. Now the rest; I need to see the rest of you."

She put her fingers in the waistband of the panty hose sliding them down her legs. She sat back in the chair to finish removing the hosiery and remained there. " Open your legs. Let me see what you're hiding." She can't believe what I'm asking and looks at me with her mouth open. She has always been the one in charge, the one giving orders and having others follow her lead but now she is subservient and it scares her. " I want to see your pussy KT. The same pussy you shared with that gambler in Las Vegas when you lost your bet. That pussy KT! Let me see it now!" She opens her legs and begins crying. Her hands are griping the arms of the chair. " How, how did you know about that. I ---" " I know lots of things KT, lots of things about you and what you do or what you've done. It's my job to know things particularly things that involve members of my family." I gaze at the lips of her pussy as they seem to fold inward to hide her tunnel. " Stand up."

I move around my desk as KT stood then I took her in my arms pulling her naked body against me. I nuzzle her neck with kisses then move my mouth to hers in a full open kiss sending my tongue in search of hers. She keeps her arms to her side as I continue kissing letting my hands roam over her body, my hands caressing and squeezing her breasts, gently pinching her hard nipples, then moving down until I feel the small patch of hair above her pussy. Then suddenly Ipush her hard against the wall. KT feels the heat of my body next to her. My hands are strong grasping tightly at her hips. I turn her face towards me kissing her firmly on the mouth again, teasing her tongue with mine, while lightly biting on her lower lip. I have wanted KT for a long time. I gently twine one hand in her hair pulling it so her neck is exposed. The feel of my lips on her cheek, her earlobes and her neck relaxes her. Her breathing changes and her heart begins to race, as she feels my fingers graze over mound, the static energy sends a shock down the length of her body. My hand lingers for a second, taking in the moisture and heat spilling out from her pussy, as I kiss her.

KT starts to say something, but my lips engulf her and bring her back to silence. I force her hand to my belt buckle and she unbuckles my belt and then my jeans. I shrug out of my shirt pressing my hips against her. My weight pins her against the wall and she hooks one leg around my waist. KT feels how hard my cock is, only separated from her pussy by the thin fabric of my underwear. KT pushes her hips into me, grinding her pussy against my cock, wanting it to thrust deep inside her, to fuck her hard but I do not. KT feels my hands firmly grab her ass feeling my fingers dig painfully into her skin, bringing a gasp to her lips.I push her leg down and pull away from her. No words. The silence, palatable in the air, intensifies the anticipation. I turn her to face the wall pushing her hands and face against it as I roughly reach a hand around grabbing her mound. I use my leg to widen her stance so that she is fully exposed. One hand is on her hip while she feels the other hand come back rubbing her ass. The cool air is a contrast against her heated skin. KT knows whats coming next and it makes her start to shake. Suddenly, she feels the smack of my hand and hears the loud slap ring across the room. KT closes her eyes as I rub her ass.

Suddenly she feels my fingers touch her pussy, beginning to move back and forth across her lips, feeling her wetness. KT wants to turn and face me but I wont let her. I pull my hands away, reaching up grasping her breasts, softly pinching her nipples feeling them harden at my touch. KT moans as I press myself against her, pulling her arms behind her. I roughly kiss her shoulders, lightly nipping her skin. KT feels my hot breath on her neck again. KT presses back against me feeling my rock hard cock press into her ass. I push her back against the wall, her breasts feeling the coolness of it. I leave one hand pulling her arms back, as the other begins to play with her pussy again. I playfully bite her shoulder again as I push two fingers deep inside her and start to fuck her with them. KT feels the pace increase and moans of pleasure escape her lips. That only encourages me to get more aggressive with how I finger fuck her, reaching all the way inside to stroke her g-spot as she starts to cum on my hand. The orgasm so intense that I feel her pussy contracting around my fingers and her body is shaking. KT feels her juices gush down her thigh as the final waves of orgasm overtakes her. I turn her to face me. I gently kiss her lips. KT is so aroused as she looks over at the king size bed. My gentle kiss turns hard and ravenous.

Having just cum, her desire does not come close to what now stirs inside me. I pull her in closer. My lips mere inches away. KT leans forward for another kiss but I pull back. She tries again, but I jerk her away. KT suddenly realizes that one of my hands has grabbed her hair. Rough and Painful. I jerk her head back further away from me. With closed eyes, she finally gives in and only then does she feel the heat of my mouth as I roughly kiss her. Another kiss, this one harder. My fingers again find my way up her leg. I push my body against her as she feels my cock throbbing. My fingers move further up and she feels them parting the lips of her pussy. By now a familiar feeling but the tenderness she sensed seems gone. My fingers are now rough against her tender clit. They slide deep inside her cunt. I work two fingers in and out like a piston, while my thumb continues to roughly stroke her clit. KT cries out. Too much and so soon after the last orgasm, her pain has excited me even more as I again jerk back on her hair. Surprised she finds herself cumming. The pain only intensifying the wet orgasm that shutters her body.

The look in my eyes changes to one of deep thirst. KT previously felt safe with me but the intensity in my eyes is scaring her. I pull on her hair again, now even harder. My fingers leave her dripping pussy and move to her breast, finding her nipple again. What was before a gentle caress is now a painful pinch that makes her cry out again. KT starts to say something but feels the palm of my hand slap her cheek. The surprise takes her words away as my fingers slide through her lips, while the other hand forces her head forward. She tastes her juices as I fuck her mouth with the same fingers that just a minute ago were deep inside her. All of a sudden she feels my hand slide down her cheek and my fingers wrap around her neck. Scary images run through her head. KT struggles wanting to say stop.

With my hand tight around her throat, I forcefully push her down on her knees. My cock now painfully hard, she feels it brush her lips and tastes the pre-cum which glistens on the tip. I pull on her hair forcing her to look up. KT has never seen this look before in my eyes. Again she tries to voice something to make me stop but can't as I slam my cock past her lips. Both of my hands now firmly gripping the back of her head, my cock fucks her mouth with abandonment. KT finds herself out of breath. Gagging. I pull out and force it back in as she tries to get a full breath. All of a sudden she feels me tense up. I jerk her head toward me as my cock explodes with cum slamming hard into the back of her throat. The forceful orgasm makes my legs go weak and my cock slips out of her mouth, sending a stream of cum across her face and breasts.

Finally, coming to her senses, she pushes me back. Our eyes meet, her face betraying the anger at the fear of what she just felt. But once again I am smiling with a satisfied look. Shocked, she realizes that despite all, it is still just a game and she is safe.I tell her it's time for her to hold my cum deep up inside her pussy, waiting up in her womb for some fertile egg to receive my sperm.KT complies but can't believe this is happening, thinking to herself, " Pregnant? By him?!?!?! How to explain THAT to his son?" I mount KT from behind, sliding my engorged cock up into her tight pussy canal, my knees in-between hers so I can hold her hips and slam into her. I reach up grabbing her hair pulling back roughly. Now I'm riding her like a bucking bronco, smacking the side of her ass every once in awhile. " I'm gonna shoot my baby juice way up into her womb, you little fuck doll. I'm gonna keep raping you for weeks until I know for sure that you're pregnant from my bastard seed." The thought has me so turned on that I quickly reach orgasm, shooting spurt after spurt deep up into her body, convulsion after convulsion. KT feels it spurting into her, as my cock swells and expands and jumps as it cums.

KT starts to move away, but I mount her again, my chest against her back, my hot breath in her ear. KT feels me pressing foeward with my cock until I find where I wanted to be and thrusts hard, embedding myself again in her cunt. KT whimpers, my cock feels huge stretching her again. I slam into her five or six times, then I stop, breathing hard. KT wonders if I'm going to cum again, then she feels me pull my hips back and lift up some. KT isn't sure what is happening until the sudden blinding pain as I thrust again, this time finding my mark in her tight virgin asshole. KT has never allowed anyone to touch her there, she screams in surprise and pain, causing me to growl softly a warning. KT feels me growing bigger until I explode within her, my cock causing her to feel like her anus is on fire. I stop moving and just rest on her back until the swelling subsides, and my limp cock slips out of her ass, and move back.

KT collapsed to her elbows, sobbing softly with confusion, pain, and pleasure, as well as fear. KT is surprised when she feels my tongue against her pussy again, licking her clit again and again. I press harder, KT moans. She feels the tightening, as a climax approaches. I feel it too, my licking becomes rougher and more feverish. Then an intense climax over whelms her and she collapses. She feels blood trickling down her thighs from her ass. She didn't care.

Rating: 81%, Read 16693 times, Posted Nov 28, 2014

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