Trophy Wife to Cum Slut by biggoxx

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Fiction | BDSM, Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Male, Old Female, Submission, Wife

Sally and her three best girlfriends sat around the large wrought iron table on the back patio of her six bedroom, 5500 square foot custom home that sat on a 3 acre lot with a view overlooking the infinity edge swimming pool to the Pacific Ocean. The home was one of about twenty similar custom homes in this hilly subdivision of San Diego. She and her friends Carol, Barbara and Peg sipped their wine spritzers they talked about the monthly get together that would happen that night.

The four women and their husbands were all in their early forties or late thirties, all were in very good shape. Sally had one daughter, Bridget. Carol had no children. Barbara had three kids and Peg one daughter.

There was one thing that bound the little group together. It was their love for sex with men other than their husbands. This had led them to the forming of the BC Club (Black cock Club) because they all had a curiosity about black cock, the husbands didn’t really give a shit what they did.

The BC Club started as a wife swapping club that formed a little over a year when at a cocktail party at Sue’s home one of the guests was a black couple. The man was very large he stood 6’7” weighted 285 the woman speculated on the size of his cock. They had discussed trying to get him to come over for a sex session with them.

Somehow that afternoon’s conversation came around to the large man at the party and the size of his big black cock. None of the women had ever been with a black man or a guy with a really big cock but they talked about ones they had seen in porn videos.

They heard there were ones that danced at the male strip club that they sometimes visited. Eventually they came to an agreement that if it could be arranged, they would invite a big cocked black guy to one of their homes for an afternoon of sucking and fucking they would do whatever them man wanted of them, but no-one was to tell her husband.

Sally said that for a while Bridget her daughter had dated a black guy she could tell from the bulge in his pants that he was very well equipped. He and Bridget had split up, but she knew how to get in touch with him. She said that she would drop a hint and see if he might enjoy a little mature female company.

A couple days later, Sally called Peggy for a phone number “Hi Peg, Sal here I need the number of the painter you guys used. Sal remember the conversation of the other day, yes why? Well I got his number the other night at the party, you did yup. His name is Walter, he’s 6’7” 295 lbs and if I’m any judge of men always horny for white pussy”. Sally thought for a moment, ”so now what? Well should I talk to him about the club or just ask him for a date. Fuck girl go out with him then give us the details”!

Sally and the three others chatted every day but Peg had not called for three days, finally Peg called. “Hi Sal, hi Sal my cunt what’s up girl”? Peg giggled “how about I come over in half an hour and give you details, great”! Exactly half an hour later Peg in the driveway.

As they sat in the den Sally couldn’t contain herself, “ok bitch lets have it, Peg gave a sly smile. “Ok yesterday he met me at Sam’s, I got in his car and we drove to the Oyster for a drink. We took a booth and made small talk for a couple of minutes. Then the conversation took a left,a left? Yup like what? Well he asked me if I wanted to get fucked by him! Wow direct, yup naturally I told him yes. He took me to his car, we got in, he unzipped his pants Sal the fucken thing was huge!

“It was almost as big around as a soda pop can and it must have been 10inches long. So what did you do? I opened my mouth and started sucking it it was wonderful, his precum was delicious. He was really enjoying the feeling of Peggy’s mouth and hands worshipping his black cock.

He told Peggy she was not the first married white woman that had enjoyed his big black cock. There had been several he enjoyed they were now part of his stable which he and his friends used regularly

He then put his hand behind her head he gently encouraged her to take more of him. Peggy’s jaw almost hurt as it stretched over Walt’s rock hard nine inches but gradually she managed to take more than half of it into her mouth. Now her hand was squeezing his balls her head was rapidly bobbing up and down and she gave she gave her best blowjob as his hand became more and more demanding.

Walt used both hands to firmly push this horny white bitch’s head deep to him. Her throat opened up as his cock went into it. Her nose went into his pubic hair she pressed firmly against his pubic bone as his cock entered. She felt the walls of her throat tightly rub the edges of his cockhead she felt her throat muscles constrict like she was trying to swallow him.

Peggy pushed against him she pulled her head back. She gagged and coughed and caught her breath. Peggy had done deepthroat many times before but never with a monster cock like this. Walt grabbed her hair and pulled her back down the full length of his meat. If she was going to blow him, she was going to do it the way he wanted.

Peggy’s throat started to adjust she timed her breathing as he rapidly pulled her up and down, fucking himself full depth with her face. While he did, he dug out Peggy’s tits and squeezed them and pinched her nipples hard. Peggy moaned in pain and pleasure around his prick. Peggy’s jaw started to ach her throat started to hurt. She started to wonder if he was ever going to stop. She thought about pulling away and giving up. It had been several minutes of hard fast face fucking before Walt finally held her still with just his cockhead in her mouth he blasted more cum into her mouth that any two man ever had. She swallowed but there was more cum than she could swallow and some leaked out around his shaft and ran down onto his balls.

After what seemed like he had fed her a gallon of cum, Walt released Peggy head he told her to lick him clean which she promptly did. Peggy licked her lips and smiled at Walt, “Wow, I’ve never experienced anything like that.” “I’m glad you liked it. So did I. Listen Peg if I’m correct your panties are soaking wet right, yup. Ok here’s the deal Maybe I’ll bring some friends to your house next week, you will be dressed like a complete slut. You will be referred to as a black cock cum dumpster got it! So what did you tell him I smiled and told him yes sir”.

Peggy told Walter about her three friends how they would like to join in on some hot fucking and sucking time. She told him they were all attractive, firm tits tight ass and very hot pussies all would be looking forward to some hot big black cock. Walter knew that it was a racial thing, that they all were just looking to experience having a big black cock in them but that was OK with him. He got a lot of white pussy because of that very reason. He did explain they would all be fucked stupid; they would become his property they would do exactly what he said when they were told. He told her as they continued to get fucked their pussy’s would be stretched as to accommodate large cocks so their husbands may be an issue He told her he would talk to several of his friends and let her know.

Walter made it sound like he did not have much interest, but he was actually getting hard again thinking about four older white women servicing and worshiping his fuck stick. He told Peggy she should call him the next day.

The next day Peggy called. She told Walter how much she had enjoyed sucking his cock how she wanted to do it again as well as get fucked by his wonderful cock. She asked if he had decided about getting together with the four women sometime soon. “I guess that might be fun. I’m up with it but remember that once we start, I’m the one fully in control. You will all do just what I say.” “Great, I’ll tell the girls. How about next Thursday afternoon at my place?” “OK”

Walter rang the doorbell Peg yelled for him to come in. As he walked into the large living room, accompanied by three other men Walter saw the four women standing in front of him in skimpy little negligees. Walt told Peg to go to the garage and open it as the rest of his group was about to arrive.

“I thought you four were it? Now way girls the crew will be here any minute”. They were all excited their nipples had hardened, small wet patches started appearing in their panties. “While were waiting we don’t want to know your names. But lets ask some questions, first how many kids do you have? Does everyone realize all your holes will be filled with cum and this will be videoed so if there are any issues tell us now and we will leave”.

He pointed to Peggy, “your answers? One kid up to now I’m a anal virgin but I’m ok with it and the video”. He pointed to Barbara, three kids I’m scared but excited so I’m up for both issues”. Carol was next, “no kids scared shitless but excited as well so yup”. Sally was last 1 kids I’m not sure” all three looked at her. “Ok ,ok I’m in for all of it”

“Good now what size tits do you have girls, Sally spoke “I’m 38d, 36f” was Carol, “40dd” was Barbara Peg was last, “I’m 38G”. The three men looked at each other just then his phone buzzed, he smiled rest of the crew is here. A dozen guys came in all smiling and learning at the women,

Walt spoke, “ok sluts we don’t want to know your names we will *********** you to go with several of us its 9:30 am Peg’s kid will be home at 3:30 so by 2:30 we’ll be ready to go the sluts will remain cum soaked except for Peg who will put street clothes on for her kids.

Sally, Peg and Carol were led off leaving Barbara with the three largest black men she’d ever seen. “Where can we go she thought about it for a couple of seconds, “in the basement there’s a spare room with a bed”. They headed for the basement once in the room the guys dropped their shorts “My god your cocks are huge, I’m not sure they will fit”.

One of the guys gave a laugh, “oh believe me they’ll fit all the way, do you know why we chose you? No why did you, you’ve had three kids, so your pussy has been stretched out the most of all the crew our cocks are the largest so your going to really get stretched out”. Before she could say another word they pushed her on the bed.

Her panties were slipped off by one of the guys who dropped to his knees and began eating her pussy. She had already been stimulated by the events, her pussy lips wet damp but quickly went to sopping wet. He was an expert as he licked her rock hard clit while stimulating her G spot, the other two men were sucking her rock hard nipples. Her body shuddered she came in a toe curling orgasm.

He stood up she moved up the bed where he was able to get between her leg, she felt a large cock head at her pussy entrance a gentle thrust in it went. He started his downward push, after several seconds she gasped, “my god honey give it a minute I need to adjust” he stopped she realized he was a deep in her as anyone had been including her husband.

Her body relaxed the look on her face was now pure lust, “I’m ready” she felt the cock continue sliding down, it paused at her cervix. She was moaning softly she looked into his eye’s. “You feel it don’t you? Yes and now your mine”. Then his cock went at least an inch deeper into her body, her body was responding “Oh fuck your cock feels wonderfulllllll her orgasm caused her to moan fuckkkkkkkkkk”. Her pussy was milking her cock is a vice like grip she had creamed on it, she saw his face he gave a final push. What she experienced now was cataclysmic she had never felt anything like this in her life. As cum flowed directly into her womb she continued to have one long orgasm.

After what felt like a quart of cum being pumped into her he rolled off she had a wild look in her eyes as he was replaced by the second guy, his cock slipped in, he was bigger and longer. “Oh my you feel great I hope you lie sloppy seconds I’ll try to give you a great fuck, don’t worry you will”. After several minutes another large load of cum was deposited in her womb, He rolled off and was replaced by the third.

As this cock went in she realized it was by far larger then the first two, “baby my god go slow but go deep uggggggg. For the next five minutes she experienced sexual feeling she could not have imagined, what she then experienced was a sexually incredible. As he rolled off she was in the middle is the bed leaking cum as the three men laid beside her

She realized the first guys cock was hard, they rolled her over she was dazed by the sex she had received she felt cold liquid on her ass, the a pressure as a cock head pushed in, “my god it too big your tearing me apart, shut up your ours as he pushed deep into her bowels, Soon the pain was replaced by a strange sensation, which each deep thrust into her bowels her pussy contracted is was unbelievably stimulating. My god I’m going to cum having my ass fucked, and she did.

Then what followed was equally incredible, as he came the feeling of hot cum being pumped into her bowels caused an almost continual orgasm. After receiving two more loads in her ass and sucking a large load out of each cock she realized all the cocks in the room were soft.

The stood up, “Barbara you better get on panties and we need to get back to the den, she giggled “I’m going to be leaking cum for a week, is that ok? God yes all I want is black cock. Well from now on you will be getting a lot of it, great and I’m really glad cum isn’t fattening”. They all laughed.

In the den all the women had a dazed look in their eyes the guys started to leave Walt looked at Peg “we will be back next week same time nothing but panties got it, yes master”!

They sat looking at each other all had large smiles, Peg went to her room to put on jeans and a t-shirt the other woman grabbed street close and were gone they all agreed to talk later.

After several phone call they all decided to meet at Barbara’s house the next day at noon. They all were sitting in the back yard with shit eating grins, Peg finally spoke. “Ok let talk girls I don’t know about the rest of you but I haven’t felt this good in years. My pussy is still leaking cum and I’m pooing white but I feel great. Well as long as were discussing this situation I’ve never had a man’s cock push into my womb, the feeling of a cock pumping a very large load in me was something I have every intention of doing over and over”.

Sally looked at Barbara, “well yes the sex was incredible but our pussy will shortly be stretched to accommodate our new men’s cock our asses will be much larger what about our husbands”?

Carol looked at the three-woman “girls where I admit the sex was incredible I have to admit the sex was incredible I don’t like being called Slut, Cum Slut, or black cock cum dumpster and calling anyone of them master?” The other three just sat looking at her, Barbara finally spoke.

“Carol just for the record we are all sluts the other day proved that beyond a doubt. Secondly it appears we all have developed a real liking for black cock and thirdly the rest of the names don’t mean shit its been a very log time since a man looked at me with pure lust in his eyes. There is not one of us who has complained about the sex in fact we all seem to agree it great, you want to stand on a lye your not a slut so be it. I want everyone to understand I am a cum slut! I like black and if they want to call me names I don’t care as long as there is a large black cock pumping hot cum in my womb!”

Peg and Sally nodded in agreement, Carol they will be here next week if you don’t want to be a black cum slut stay the fuck home watch our kids so we have more time for them to fuck us stupid” Sally and Barbara nodded in agreement.

Finally Carol signed, “ok I guess I’d rather be a black cock whore then watch all the kids while you guys get fucked stupid so I’ll in for next week. Now the real question I had never had anal sex but after the other day its one of the things I’m really looking forward to”. The rest of the women smiled at her, “you are not alone cum slut whore”! They all laughed.

Rating: 91%, Read 10863 times, Posted Feb 16, 2021

Fiction | BDSM, Black, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Male, Old Female, Submission, Wife


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