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I love to show off my beautiful wife. Even after 10 years of marriage at a age of 40 she is a stunner. No extra fat (except on her ample breasts), muscular and toned legs, and a fantastic set of ass to die for. She has flowing long hair which she never ties and they frame her face like a miasma of seduction.

I always encourage her to wear low cut blouses and sarees tied way below the navel. When she wears those tightly wrapped around sarees she looks like the ancient statues posing for kamasutra positions. I also encourage her to wear short skirts and tank tops especially when we are out of town and away from her prying friends and relatives.

Sometimes when we go out for a dinner or a drive, I ask her not to wear any bra and panty and at any given chance I finger her pussy and massage her breast to make her nipples hard. When her nipples are hard they stick out obscenely. And if I tweak her nipples long enough she gets so horny that she would agree to do anything I say.

Once I made her wear a white saree without any bra and panties and when we were strolling in a garden it started pour rain and in minutes she was drenched to the skin and her almost bare boobs were visible for anyone who care to see through her now transparent white blouse. She was dripping wet. Fortunately we were very close to the exit and ran out. However by the time we found a bus shelter we were both drenched. It was October, so the wind was slightly cold and it was already like close to midnight and she started shivering in cold. There was no one at the rather large bus shelter at this time of the night and our car was parked at the other end of the garden.

There were three wooden benches and as we moved to one of the seats I realized that there were two beggars sleeping behind the seats. The bus shelter had a wall towards the back so it was still dry and warm. Since the rain didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon, we moved to the back on one of the benches away from the splattering of rain and cuddled together for warmth.

I smoked a cigarette and though my wife doesn't smoke, she took a few drags just to keep warm. Just then we saw one of the beggars peek from under his blanket. In normal circumstances this would be worst sight for us but in the shivering cold, even his raggedly blanket appeared super comfortable and cosy. But I don't think we wanted to share his blanket. Instead, he extended his hand out and offered as a sip of his rum which he had been drinking straight from the bottle.

I was a bit hesitant as the beggar looked...well... like a beggar. He was about 60 years old and his hair was unkempt and matted with unwashed dirt. He looked like he hadn't had a shower in ages. He stank of sweat and urine. His teeth were stained and there were dried drool marks on his cheeks. But his blanket still looked like a warm heaven. I was lost in these thoughts when my wet and shivering wife extended her shaking hand and took the beggars offering. She gulped two big sips of the dark rum and I could see some colour return to her cheeks. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and passed the bottle to me.

I imagined all the bacteria-infested saliva of the beggar around the bottle's cap but took a swig. The golden liquid rushed through my throat burning the insides and bringing some warmth to my cold body. My wife was shivering uncontrollably again a few minutes later after the effects of the rum started to die.

"Do you want to come inside the blanket," the beggar asked my wife, his tongue slurring with the effect of alcohol. My wife looked at me for approval and what was I to say in this condition so I nodded and took another gulp of rum. My wife started towards the beggar, when he almost screamed, "hey, hey woman what are you doing? You are dripping wet and if you come inside my blanket you will wet the entire thing and then even I will have nothing to warm up."

He was absolutely right there and my wife stopped. She looked really miserable standing in the very unlit bus shelter in the middle of the night. The only sound was the incessant splattering of rain. She sighed and started taking her saree off. What was she doing I thought as suddenly it flashed to me that she was not wearing any panty or bra under the saree but I was too cold to do or say anything.

Slowly my wife took off her saree and her petticoat which was still dripping wet. Then she slowly took off her small blouse and her big breasts swung freely. With all the cold, her nipples had hardened and were sticking out like small dark brown pencils. Then covering her bare pussy with one hand and whatever she could cover of her breast, she moved to the beggar. He opened the blanket slightly to let her in and she sank in besides him. Although he opened it only slightly, it was enough to let me see that he was lying bare naked inside his blanket.

My wife took another large swig from the bottle and passed it to the beggar who also drank some more rum. Then he covered both of their bodies snugly inside the warm blanket. I was quite taken aback when I realized that there were two beggars inside the blanket. The other one was coiled almost under the bench and that is why we couldn't see him before. But now, he peeked outside to see the commotion as he had been sleeping. He was almost a true copy of the earlier one except the fact that he was younger maybe around 35. But his matted beard and hair made him look older and dirtier. As he flung his side of the blanket aside, I saw that he too was completely naked.

Either he didn't see me or he didn't care because he just got out of the blanket and stood where I was sitting and let go of a healthy stream of piss. His eyes were half closed and he didn't see that he was pissing directly on me. I was appalled being the recipient of his piss but it was hot liquid pouring on my cold skin and that was a welcome feeling. Then he noticed me as I moved slightly and with a knowing smile, he directed his stream of piss to my face. My mouth was open in shock and all his piss started sliding down my throat. It was really pungent tasting urine and before I could spit it out he very cleverly shoved his uncut half hard piece of cock meat inside my mouth and it momentarily stopped me from breathing and forced me to drink his raw piss.

Then his cock started getting hard inside my mouth. After the piss had all been swallowed by me, I could taste his cock. The heady taste of stale urine and dried sweat and dirt hit my head like a cannon. And I felt a stirring in my cock. The beggar had now started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth slowly. He would pull out completely leaving my parted mouth gapping and then plunge in again till his smelly and dirty pubes tickled my nostrils.

Soon we got into a rhythm and I even started enjoying his warm veiny cock sliding in my cold mouth and started sucking his cock with pleasure. His warm and salty precum was coating my entire mouth and making me feel like a homosexual slut. I was lost in my own horny thoughts when I heard a grunt - a sound my wife makes when I thrust my cock in her dry pussy. I turned to the other beggar and saw that he was definitely sticking his cock in her pussy. With all their forceful fucking the blanket had come off them and it was a very erotic sight to see my pretty wife being fucked earnestly by a raggedly old beggar.

After 10 minutes of fucking he got up and I saw his gigantic cock wavering like a sword in the air. He slurred to his partner, "Ballu, come here and fuck this pussy while I get some action in the cocksucker's mouth." Ballu pulled his cock from my mouth reluctantly and impaled my wife on his cock in one super fast thrust.

The older beggar slapped me with his dirty but really fat cock and I smelled my wife's pussy juice mixed with his sweat and urine. It was incredibly sexy as my wife's pussy got the pounding of her life by a 35-year-old dirty smelly beggar's fat cock and I, her husband, sat drenched in smelly piss of a smelly stranger as a 60-year-old virile beggar fucked my mouth with his 10-inch long and 6-inch thick beggar cock.

His cock was reeking of a stale unwashed smell and that excited me even more. He fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes and joined Ballu who was being fucked by my wife who was astride him. The older beggar lined his cock along Ballu's dirty cock and pushed it in my wife's pussy. She screamed in pleasure and pain as she realized that two beggar cocks were rammed in her tight pussy. They stopped for a minute while she adjusted to the new cock in her pussy and then started fucking her relentlessly. In and out, in and out, they fucked her in a nice steady rhythm. She screamed loudly as her orgasm hit her pussy and waved out to her toes. And just then Ballu screamed as he unloaded deep inside her pussy. His cock dropped out with a plop as the older beggar continued his onslaught of my wife's pussy.

My wife came three more times before the beggar cried in pain and released his 60-year-old baby-making sperm inside my fertile wife's anticipating pussy. She shuddered as she must have felt the jets of the blast of his sperm inside hitting the pussy walls and came again, impaled on his big black dirty and smelly cock.

I had already cum without even touching myself.

The beggars got up and inspected my wife spread all over their dirty blanket.

"What nonsense? She dirtied the entire blanket," they said in unison and looked at me smiling at each other. Then Ballu, pulled me up by my hair and wiped his smelly cock on my lips. As I engulfed his still big cockhead and milked the remaining drops of cum from him, he pushed me down on my wife's pussy full of their mixed dirty loads of sperm and asked me to clean up. I lapped at her cock-creamed pussy with my tongue like a hungry dog and felt very very satisfied.

Rating: 66%, Read 80685 times, Posted Oct 17, 2012

Fantasy | Asian, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Extreme, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Mature, Old Male, Oral Sex, Pissing, Water Sports, Wife


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