Cousins at the Pool by SpecialEye22

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Diary | Anal, First Time, Gay

Day 1

I like to think I am an average 19-year-old man. I am majoring in Finance and Commercial Music at college, I go to the gym three times a week, I go out with friends and get shit face drunk on the weekends. I am happy with the amount of sex I get. I am on the intramural swim and dive team at my university. Nothing too exciting ever happens to me.

Today was the exception to that. It was a normal summer day in Florida, the sun was out and everyone was either at the beach or work. Today was my day off work, but I wasn’t at the beach. Too much temptation. So today I decided I would go for a swim at the local community pool. I got out of bed, took off what little clothing I had on and slid on my jammers, and readjusted my bulge. I have worked hard for my body, very toned, olive colored skin, with light black hair over my torso. My cock was something that freaked a lot of people out, it is just under 10 inches long with the girth of a small coke can. When totally soft, it was a solid 7 inches long with a trimmed bush to match the rest of my body hair. Every girl (and boy) marveled at my body and dreamed of the day they could get a piece of me. I threw on a light jacket, hopped on my bike and raced down to the pool. To my relief, no one else was there.

I was quick to rip off my shirt and start my laps in the pool, I wanted to get as many in before the little demons and their mom’s come here and essentially force me out. I must have swam for what seemed like 30 minutes before someone else showed up, and low and behold my cousin, Austin, showed up. Now Austin is about the last person I wanted to swim with. He is very awkward and we don’t really have a lot in common. He is 26 and has the beginning of a beer belly and too much acne. He always has a frown on his face and all of our interactions consist of words one learns in kindergarten.

“Hey Ryan” he calls out when I finally acknowledge his presence.

“Hey Austin, how’s it going?”

“Pretty good, just figured I’d come out and get some sun before the rain.” I don’t respond to him. I just nod my head and continue on with my swimming. He takes off his shirt to expose his hairless, pale torso. He spends what seems like forever lathering up with sunscreen. When he finally finishes, he is whiter than when he started. He walks to the deeper end of the pool and dives into the pool and as soon as his hips hit the water, his American flag swim trunk slide right off, exposing his entire naked body to me and anyone watching the security cameras.

I’m going to tell you a secret, seeing him naked did not phase me like one might expect. I had seen him naked before, but he had not known it. When I was like 13, I learned his Kik username and my friend, Sarah, and I convinced him to send us nudes of himself, I still have them saved on my old iPod. His cock, much like I had expected, was nothing to write home about. It was, at best, 4 inches long and not very thick, balls that were basically non-existent, and a big brown bush of pubic hair. Now I will say, his ass was nicer than I had expected. I always imagined what it would feel like to be inside him. Now was my chance! I cannot let this pass by.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” Austin attempted to say as he is frantically looking for his trunks. I didn’t say anything as I swam over to him. I swam up behind him, squeezed his ass and pressed my bulge against his body. He didn’t flinch like every other straight boy I had tried to get with did. I reached around and placed my hand on his miniscule cock. Again nothing. By now, he had his swim trunks in his hands. Using my free hand, I inserted my middle finger into his tight, presumably virgin, hole. Nothing. It was then that I knew he wanted me.

I knew that I would never fit into him at his current tightness, so I eventually got 3 fingers inside him, loosing him up for the main event. Right as I was about release the beast that had grown inside my jammers, a family with small children had parked their car. I quickly readjusted my cock while he threw on his swim trunks and we made a beeline for the shower hut. Fortunatly for us, I have a key to the shower hut, so once we were both in there I was able to lock the door so we wouldn’t have any intruders. The shower hut is basically one big communal shower with benches in the middle and toilet stalls along one wall.

I didn’t waste any time pulling his trunks off and ramming my face into his sweet hairless ass. I teased his hole by licking around it before sticking my tongue deep into his tight, wet hole. It still tasted like chlorine from the pool. He was moaning and groaning at my tongue deep inside his virgin hole. After I had his sweet hole good and wet, I bent him over the bench in the middle of the shower, unleashed the beast that was inside my jammers and slowly inched my way inside his hole. He screamed and moaned but I kept going, deeper and deeper into his tight virgin hole. I knew he wanted me. Once I had all 10 inches inside him, I retracted until only a half an inch was left inside, then I rammed myself back in, he cried out in pain.

With each ram back into him, my rhythm increased and pretty soon I had him screaming non-stop. It wasn’t long before the tightness of his hole made me release the load I had been building up for 3 days deep into his hole. Once I was sure I had my entire load inside him, I slowly inched my cock out of him and with each inch, more and more cum cam spewing out until my cock was all the way out of him and his hole was ejecting cum like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh fuck!” He said as I smacked his ass so hard it left a hand print.

Again, I said nothing. I went over to a shower head and quickly rinsed off. Slid my jammers back on, smacked his other ass cheek, and walked toward the door.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said as I unlocked the door and walked out. When I left, he was still bent over the bench in a puddle of my cum.

Day 2

I spent much of the night thinking about how I had just fucked my cousin. The next morning, around 10am I get a text message that says “im outside if u wanna fuk agn”.

I get out of bed, brush my hair, and walk downstairs. By this time my parents had gone to work. Wearing only the white briefs I went to sleep in, I open the door, on the other side is Austin. We walk inside and I notice a difference in the way he walks, he still must be in pain from yesterday.

When we get to my room, he tells me that he wants to get even and fuck me. At this point I’m still half asleep and not really caring, so I slide my briefs off, letting my 7-inch flaccid cock just hang there and lean on the bed. “I’m ready when you are.”

He slides down his jeans and boxers and positions himself behind me. When he inserts his 4-inch cock, it takes me a minute to realize that he is actually inside me. He doesn’t provide me the sensation that other boys with bigger cocks have given me.

I can tell he is trying to be rough to me, like I was to him yesterday, but I don’t feel anything other than his body slamming against mine. After about five minutes, I hear him moaning and screaming, I figure he had just cum. But I don’t feel anything dripping out when he pulls out, so it obviously wasn’t a big load. Why am I not surprised? “Are you done now?” I ask him.

“Yes I am. You didn’t seem that into it.” He said as he pulled his boxers and jeans up.

“Well I couldn’t feel anything, half the time I wasn’t even sure if you were even inside me.”

He scoffs at me and walks out. After that, our relationship does not change. We still barely talk to each other, when we do it is in very simple sentences. We never talk about these two days again to each other. When I tell this story to people, I often change him to a neighbor instead of my cousin, so people don’t think I am a freak.

Rating: 72%, Read 12470 times, Posted Feb 14, 2018

Diary | Anal, First Time, Gay


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